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Kissing Cousins

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(Erza POV)
I couldn’t remember if we met before I remember meeting him, but I met Jellal at my grandpa Gajeel's funeral. I was so sad because grandpa was the only person who was a father figure in my life, and despite how rough he looked on the outside he was always kind and gentle to me.

It was after the ceremony when my mother and grandma had to attend the guests and receive condolences, that other children who were from my school who had parents attending the service ambushed me and started bullying me. I was used to being bullied because of my funny red hair, that and probably because my mother never gave me a last name. It was a painful reminder that I didn’t have a family, not really.

Grandpa was gone now and Grandma was always off on missions. Mother...she gave me sweets and toys when she saw me but I could tell she didn’t have time for me. I knew she loved me more than anything but it seemed she had to become a different person just for me.

While the children were bullying me, I heard one shout out and run off crying. I looked around to see a boy with blue hair and a strange pattern on his face in a fighting stance trying to break up the group. He had to beat up a few more kids, one was even a seven-year-old!

He came to me and asked if I was ok. That was so sweet of him! I told him I was fine and that my name was Erza.

"I'm Jellal Fernandez." He said to me, "You’re Erza what? I didn’t hear your last name?" I looked down. Surely now he would also bully me. But I knew I had to tell him anyways because I couldn’t repay his kindness with rudeness.

"I don’t have a last name. My mother didn’t want me to have hers for some reason and I haven’t met my dad yet." He looked shocked, and then thoughtful.

"Well you've got to have a last name!" He walked closer to me and started touching my hair. I thought he was going to hurt me and pull it so I shoved him away and pulled my hair behind my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, trying to scare him off so that I can sulk in my own sadness.

"I'm sorry! Your hair is so pretty, I couldn’t help it!" What? Petty? My hair? I didn’t know what to say to him so I just looked down at my lap.

"Why don’t you use the name Scarlet? You know, for your last name?" He asked, sounding pleased with himself at his genius idea. I liked it, it just fit me.

"O-ok. I will suggest it to my social worker when she comes to see me again next week. Erza...Scarlet..." I trailed off, liking the sound of my new name. I felt more complete. I felt healed in some way.

"That’s perfect! Now I will never forget you, I just need to think of your pretty hair!" He announced jubilantly. He was serious! He really liked this hair of mine. And now, I think I’m starting to like it too.

"Uhm...I hope you don’t mind but can I please give you a blessing?" He asked shyly. His face was turning red and he stopped looking at me. A blessing? Sure, why not. So far in life I’ve had precious few of those. He has already been a blessing to me but if he wants to give me one more I don’t mind.

"Sure." I said and stood up. What is the blessing he was talking about anyways? He walked closer to me and kissed me on the lips without hesitation. What. Is. He. Doing?!

"H-hey! Don’t do that you will give me cooties! You tricked me!" I was starting to feel embarrassed as he just smiled as if nothing was wrong.

"Nah! Cooties isn't a real thing! I've seen mom and dad do it tons of times, and now my mom is having a baby!" He told me proudly, impressed that he knew something more than I did.

"A-a baby?! But then won’t I also have a baby? I don’t wanna!" He tricked me! Now im going to get big and fat and pop out a baby!

"Ah no..." He trailed off, trying to decide if he should tell me more or not. He decided to tell me.

"See we look the same now but down there our private parts...they are different. My one is supposed to gone inside your one and then a baby is made." He sounded perfectly reasonable but I have never seen a boy down there so I wouldn’t know if he was telling the truth or not.

"I don’t know. I haven’t ever seen a boy’s private, so I wouldn’t know if that is how it’s supposed to work. But you kissed me! How is that a blessing?" He blushed a bit and bit his lip.

"Well my mom says different kisses mean different things. Like a kiss between her and me and her and dad is different. Also, my mom said it was a blessing on my first day at play school. I was nervous and she said its good luck. I guess I’m just wish you happiness is all." He said looking down shyly.

"O-oh...thank you then I guess.” I smiled at him to break the tension.

"Y-you know..." he scratched behind his head. "I’ve never really seen a girls private before either so...until we both see the difference we won’t know for sure if it is the truth or not." He said looking at me.

"So, there is one thing that you don’t know." I jokingly shoved him. "Haha know," he looked at me curiously. "I like you so I don’t mind showing you mine...I mean if you are curious to see it..." He trailed off unsure.

"Well ok but then I have to show you mine as well or else it won’t be fair." I crossed my arms in determination.

"Ok it’s a deal then!" He said happily. "Let’s hide under a table so people won’t see us." He suggested. Probably for the best, I don’t want just anyone to see my private! We crawled under a buffet table together and crouched on our knees to avoid hitting the table with our heads. He started pulling down his pants but stopped, blushing embarrassingly.

"Um...lets show each other at the same time?" He asked cutely. "Ok! I said and pulled my white panties with a red bow down to my knees, getting ready to pull up my dress and show him my private. He pulled his pants down and I pulled my dress up. Oh. It was different alright! It looked like a tiny elephant trunk with a small soft looking bag behind it.

"Wow! You really don’t have one!" He said in amazement.

"I guess...yours looks funny." I said trying to hold in my giggles at his indignant face.

"Says you! I will have you know that size is everything to a boy and mine is bigger than all my friends!" He said trying to defend his pride. I wanted to touch it. I’m shy but if I asked him if I could touch it would he be mad?

"Is there really nothing there?" He asked sort of amazed. "Can I get a better look? I-I m-might need to touch it...if that’s ok with you?" He asked and his face couldn’t have been redder. He was obviously afraid to ask and also afraid of us being found out but he was brave and asked anyways. He is so handsome!

"S-sure it’s fine. C-can I also look at yours?" I asked shyly.

"Yeah sure!" He said as he beamed at me. I lay down on my back and spread my legs wide enough for his face to get really close to my private to see it clearly. His fingers were cold and I closed my legs a little bit.

"It’s so soft." He said in wonder and amazement "And so cute!" He added as an afterthought. I was so embarrassed that I pushed myself further back and closed my legs together shyly.

"Aw don’t be like that! It was just an observation..." He clearly wanted to see more of it and it was kind of exciting showing him my private place so I scooted closer to him and spread my legs for him. He ran his finger down the line of my private and opened the folds with both hands to see inside properly.

"So, this is where the pee comes out." he touched me somewhere inside and I shivered.

"This is your butt hole." he said as he gently placed his finger on it making it tingle. I squirmed where I lay.

"And this is your special place." He said touching a newly found place on my body.

"It's the hole that my private is supposed to go into." He affirmed confidently.

"Erza can I try to touch inside it?" He asked me. Why not. It would be any different than it is now.

"Sure." He licked his finger and tried to put it inside of me. It was ok really it just felt strange. Until it started hurting a bit.

"Wait stop!" I told him and he quickly took back his finger and sucked on it.

"It hurts when you do that..." I whimpered.

"Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t think it would hurt come look at mine!" He told me and crouched on his knees. I found my panties and put them back on. It was a little sore there now but not sore enough to stop my curiosity! I touched his private and he shivered.

"Are you cold?" It wasn’t a warm day today and while it was certainly getting warmer under the table there was still a chill in the air.

"N-no, it just feels...strange...not bad but different." He told me in the most informative way he could. His legs shook a little bit when I touched the soft sack behind it and he jerked a bit when I touched his butt hole.

"So, what do you think?" He asked me. I knew I was supposed to say something to make him proud of it but I didn’t know what I should say.

"It’s still strange." I told him and let him pull up his pants.

"Maybe that’s your fault though. It feels weird since you touched it, like its stiff and weird." He explained.

"Oh...sorry..." I said. I didn’t want to upset my new friend. My first friend. I really liked him. It was strange.

"Uhm...hey Erza?" He asked me for the first time looking like he really didn’t know how to ask me something.
"Can we make a promise together?" He asked and tried to hide his face behind his bangs.

"Of course!" I told him happily, I knew I would always cherish a promise between us.

"I mean... I’m not saying I think you would but uhm...can you promise me to never show your private to anyone else? I also won’t show anyone else my private! It’s our secret only!" He said embarrassedly but serious.

"Sure, ok...I don’t know who else I would ever show anyways." He looked relieved but also dissatisfied.

"I mean it though Erza. Your private is really special, I don’t want anyone else ever to ever see it! …Only me." He said more embarrassed and hugged his legs.

"Special? Me?" I asked happily and confused. Only my mother, and grandparents ever called me ‘special’ in a good way. I really liked this boy and I knew I would be loyal to him.

"O-ok I promise!" I told him. "Good because I... because I love you." He said and kissed my cheek making me blush.

"We should try to find our parents. Maybe we can see each other more often after today!" He told me excitedly. We crawled out from under the table and started looking for our parents. We heard shouting in the memorial hall and we definitely wouldn’t have gone towards it...if we hadn’t recognised the voices.

"Mom?!" We bother gasped in shock and looked to each other in more shock. We raced towards the voices and watched in fright. A blonde woman who was pregnant was shouting at my mother, and a man I recognised as my uncle Acnologia, who I only met once was trying to break up their argument complaining how it’s bad for the blonde lady’s health as well as the baby. Jellal ran past me and hugged the blonde lady’s belly from below.

"Mommy?" He said and the blonde lady who my mother called 'Anna' looked down and smiled at him. She pet his head and said that they were leaving. That made me sad, but I wasn’t going to let him leave without hugging him goodbye! I ran up to them and hugged him.

"Get off of my son!" Anna growled out at me making me flinch backwards. Adults weren’t ever this outright cruel to me. My mother came towards me and picked me up, carrying me on her hip.

"How dare you speak to my daughter like that! They are cousins, they should be allowed to play together!" My mother hissed out.

"Cousins?!" Jellal and I shouted in surprise as everyone looked at us. The emotions in our eyes reflected each other and at the end of our mental battles we both still looked undecided, since we couldn’t talk at the moment, I lay my head down on my mother’s shoulder and linked my arms around her neck. This sudden revelation left me exhausted.

Anna left in a huff to get to the car, Acnologia stayed a while longer to offer my grandma support and told her he would check in on her and come down for visits more often. Grandma looked at me and smiled.

"It would make me very happy if you brought Jellal along with you, then Erza and I would feel less lonely." She asked kindly. Yes, that would be nice. He smiled at me though it was difficult to see any kindness or approval in his eyes.

People always said bad stuff about my mother that wasn’t true. At least I have never seen it. Then they looked at me. It was if I was a walking plague the way they kept me at a distance and wouldn’t let me play with their children.

The next morning after the funeral we had a surprise visit from my Social worker, miss Layla. She was always very sweet and she always brought me a toy or some sweets. I once heard mother say she didn’t need to work, that she only wanted to get away from her husband for a little while. She was also one of my mother’s few friends.

I was also friends with Lucy, Layla's daughter. We often played together and bathed together. I couldn’t wait to tell her about Jellal! But she wasn’t here now. Layla said that she and Lucy were coming over for dinner since her husband was working tonight.

I knew she wanted to talk to me about what happened yesterday but I had a feeling that I shouldn’t tell her about Jellal or the argument mother had. Layla is probably the only reason that I am allowed to be with my mother, even if we all lived with my grandma. She knew my mother was a good lady even if people said bad things about her.

"So Erza," She asked me sweetly after I finished my strawberry cake that she brought for me. "I know how hard it is to lose someone you love so much. How do you feel after yesterday?" She asked me caringly.

"Actually, I don’t feel sad at all anymore." I told her honestly. "I miss grandpa but I feel like he just left for a long mission and won’t be home for a long time. Mother says that’s somewhat true and that one day if I am a good girl, I will see him again." Layla smiled at that.

"Yes, your mother is right. And im so happy that you aren’t sad anymore." She told me and gave me a hug.

"Actually, aunty Layla?" I asked her, and I knew she always paid special attention to me when I called her 'aunty' because then I would usually say something important.

"I found a last name that I want to use!" She looked shocked at first and then curious.

"Oh? And what is it? You know I wouldn’t mind if you shared my last name either." She said kindly. I know that Lucy's father mister Jude wasn’t very fond of me but Layla and mother sometimes talked about her adopting me as Lucy's sister. Mother said she didn’t want to cause more problems to Layla's married life and said as long as she would always be there that that was enough. But we were talking about it more lately. I needed a proper identity to start at the play school for wizard children. A full name.

"I know and I like the name 'Heartfillia' but it just sounds more special for Lucy. I want to call myself Erza...Scarlet..." I said playing with my hair.

"Oh, that is a really good idea! That way no one could ever forget your name!" She smiled and me.

"I like it as well." My mother said and she came to sit next to me. "How did you think of it?" She asked. Instinct told me not to mention Jellal. So, I said,

"Because it’s the colour of our hair."

My mother smiled at that. She knows how sad I have always been, because it made other kids pick on me. Seeing me acknowledge it so proudly made her happy. It meant I didn’t hate myself as much anymore, and that I didn’t hate her for our red hair.

"We will finalize the documents then." Layla said. "I have to go. Sadly, I must return home to fetch Lucy, she told me she wanted to spent time today playing with the Straus children as it’s Mira-Jane’s 5th birthday today."

I was sad that I couldn’t play with them or that Mira had stolen my best friend for a few hours. We had a complicated relationship. We always stood up for each other when we were bullied and we were friends but we challenged each other a lot and often agued and fought.

Later when Lucy and I were bathing together I told her that her private looked different to mine, like something was coming out of her folds. She told me no one is the same down there, not even girls. I told her about Jellal. Not about out private touching, but about how nice he was, how he saved me, about my new name, and about him being my cousin.

She said in nobility it was more common for cousins to marry than it is now. I adamantly refused that I wanted to marry him. I liked him a lot! A whole lot! But I don’t think he even feels the same way. There is no way that it would ever happen.

She told me that sometimes Anna visits Layla, and that they were twin sisters! I don’t think they look that much alike to be honest. Layla is the nice one and Anna is the ugly one. But. She told me she also met Jellal before. And. Even if we weren’t related by blood Lucy said that if Jellal was both of our cousins and that Layla and Anna were sisters that it meant we were family. Lucy is always so sweet. She even said that blood doesn’t matter and that even if we didn’t have relations close to each other that we would always be family.

Once a friend of hers called Natsu, who her mother helped be adopted by a man called Igneel after his parent died, told her that he loved his adoptive dad as much as his real dad and that 'blood ties don’t matter!'.

She told me that she would ask her mom often when they would see Jellal again and that she would make sure that I was there so that I can see him again! Lucy was the best! She also promised not to tell anyone, not even her goldfish, that I loved Jellal.

Our bath was soon ruined. I asked Lucy to show me how strong she has become with her magic. The silver keys were easy to open but the gold keys used to be impossible. Layla used to have all 12 of them but after she got married her husband forbid her from wizarding quests and soon after there was a robbery in their mansion.

Not all of the keys were stolen but more than half were. Lucy was given the remaining keys because she told her mother she wanted to be a wizard with Erza when she grew up. Her father wasn’t happy about it and fought with her mother many times, telling her that Lucy needed to become a proper lady. Lucy said she heard her mother say that if he wanted her to stay in the household as a 'lady' and his wife that he will let Lucy choose her own future.

Her parents had terrible arguments and sometimes Layla would come to us crying and ask if she and Lucy could stay the night. Lucy recently opened the crab key and she was so proud she wanted to show me the others. Since we were in the bath, she opened the gate of the mermaid...she wasn’t a very nice mermaid.

And our mothers weren’t very nice either when they ran into the bathroom after the commotion. The spirit looked embarrassed to Layla, apologised and disappeared. Lucy and her mom went home and mother used a special magic of hers to make all the water that messed after the accident to drop outside in a loud 'splash' on the lawn, making a cat hiss in fright. She could never stay mad at me for long.

She made me requip into my pyjamas and get into bed. I requipped a story book from my requip space, but when mother tried to take it so that she could read it to me I quickly snatched it up.

"No mother, I will read you the story." My mother let out a rare laugh and played with my hair while I read. She would sometimes correct me but otherwise it was nice. I must be getting better because mother didn’t correct me often like she used to.

She told me she would try to teach me some magic in the morning if wanted to learn. Of course, I did! I wasn’t too good with dragon slayer magic or heaven magic but I was really good at requip magic and enchantment already. Mother said there was nothing wrong because even she couldn’t use more advanced magic until she was at least 10years old, that’s almost 6years older than me! She said she only wanted to teach me now in case she couldn’t in the future. She didn’t say anything else but I was too tired to listen anyways.

My friends say that I’ve changed after the last few months, that I’m more confident now. I don’t get bullied anymore because I started standing up to my bullies. I am also prouder of my appearance and I don’t try to hide behind my friends.

I haven’t seen Jellal in a long time but I did receive a surprise birthday gift from him on my birthday. It was a bracelet made out of meteorite, in the shapes of stars. Who knows how he got the rock but he said he made it himself for me. I haven’t taken it off since. No one asked me about it, it was just accepted as part of my appearance.

This Christmas we are spending a few days at the Heartfillia mansion. Lucy said that the Straus siblings would be there since they lived on the Heartfillia property and their parents were once trusted servants of their household.

Natsu's family would be there because it was rare for Natsu to keep friends and since we are close like family Layla invited them.

Another good friend of our named Gray would also be there. Gray used to bully me but he stopped after Jellal beat him up. And he said he didn’t like seeing me cry. Gray changed a lot back then. He explained that he was just really sad and he knew it wasn’t right but he took it out on me. Gray’s mother died a while before Grandpa's funeral.

Recently though his dad, Silver, remarried a woman named Ur. Gray said she was more like an aunt really since he grew up with her being around, and that her and his dad were more good friends. She however had two children. A girl named Ultear who was a year older than all of us and a son named Lyon who was Gray’s age.

Lyon was actually adopted by Ur because they didn’t know who his father was and his mother named her his godmother before he was born. Sadly, she died a few weeks after he was born and he never got to know her. But he loved Ur all the same. He and Ultear never had a father either so in a way their mother and Gray’s dad getting together was a good thing for their family.

This would be the second time meeting Jellal. I don’t think he would forget me but apart from my birthday gift I haven’t had contact with him since we first met, maybe he doesn’t like me much anymore. The thought really hurt me. But then I remembered something Lucy told me. Jellal’s birthday was on Christmas day!

I only get five days to find him a present! No. I wouldn’t be able to explain buying something because I would need my mother’s help with that. I had to try to make him something. My enchantment is much stronger now and I can use it with my telekinesis to weld weapons and armor. I looked at my bracelet and had a brilliant idea! But where would I find a piece of meteorite rock?

I went to mothers training ground to try and find some of the meteor rock she might have left there. Usually if she summons any while training, she puts them in her requip space and sells them later for a high price or she uses the refined rock to make armor for herself or for me. I have some rock left at home but not enough of the good type.

After scouring the site for about an hour, I found a piece of something glinting out from under the dirt. It wasn’t really a piece. It was almost the size of a big dog! I used my magic to put it in my requip space.

When I got home, I took it out and put it in mother’s workshop. I used my magic to refine and filter the metal out of the rock. Only the shiny silver metal was good for making weapons and armor. The greyish brown metal wasn’t really useful except to maybe make tools out of.

There was enough metal here after I finished making Jellal’s gift to make my very first armor. I made the breastplate, stomach guard, gauntlets, cuffs and bracers, a skirt, helm (it looked more like a crown) and footwear. I enchanted it as well as Jellal’s gift only to make it even stronger and more impenetrable and scratch resistant.

I knew mother said not to touch her jewel collection but I also knew that she would be so proud of this that I took a few out anyways. I used the smallest ones to avoid her temporary future fury. If they were small, she wouldn’t be angry.

Each stone had a unique property, it added resistance or damage or something special. I completely encrusted the edges on my armor in those tiny gems until I had almost one hundred percent additional damage and resistance for almost every magic and element, and to make it better, those gems made my armor even lighter and increased the speed of the user.

I decided to show my friends on Christmas eve. Maybe we can make a mini tournament! Unfortunately, even if the armor wasn’t a destroyer of space in my requip space, each of the gems added to the total space of the armor. I had to take out a lot of my toys in order to pack it in safely. We were all ready and packed to go to Lucy's house. We would be the first guests since we were so much closer to her house. Jellal and the others wouldn’t be there till later that night or tomorrow morning.

I was very surprised to hear that Gray and his family were already staying at the Heartfillia mansion. Not that I minded, I really missed Gray! Apart from Jellal the only boy I could really get along with was Gray. Natsu and I were good friends sure, but he spent so much more time fighting with Gray and Lyon or annoying Lucy that we don’t really have a strong relationship as friends yet.

That night we played house! Lucy was my bride’s maid, I was the bride, Ultear was the priestess marrying us, Lyon was the best man and a blushing red Gray was my future husband. Ultear asked her mom who was chaperoning us all to take pictures of the wedding with her lacrama.

Because Ultear was older and sometimes went on missions with Ur or Silver she needed to have her own lacrama. The whole house was very stylishly decorated, they didn’t spare any expense for Christmas. They even made an indoor winter wonderland that kept the snow from melting and also kept the room warm at the same time.

As usual I slept in Lucy's room with her, my mother stayed in a guest room and so did the Fullbuster’s. Each guest room was almost the size of a small house. I don’t quiet remember how we all got to bed because later that night Igneel arrived with Natsu and even though Gray will deny it I
know he was happy to see him.

It lasted about as long as it took us all to get back to Lucy's room for Natsu and Gray to start a fight over who would win the ice-skating contest. I was never all that good with ice skating so I would just skate in circles with Lucy. Our parents were fine with that because it meant less chances for us to get lost or hurt.

After disciplining Natsu and Gray we all just talked about the fun activities we had planned for the next few days, some of them said they heard their parents debating if they should accept Jude Heartfillia’s proposal to stay until New Years. I wish we all would.

Sometime during our talking we all fell asleep in front of Lucy’s bedroom fireplace. In the morning we all went down to the dining hall for breakfast. Everyone was seated and we were all surprised to see a cute baby in a baby chair at the table. Where did she come from? She had big hazel eyes and pale blue hair and pink cheeks.

We all took our seats and started talking again. Breakfast was always only served once Jude Heartfillia sat at the table. Lucy sat next to her father’s left side where he sat at the head of the table and I sat next to her, Gray sat next to me and Lyon sat next to Gray and Ultear sat next to Lyon and there was one more seat prepared next to the baby chair.

On the other side on Jude’s right sat Layla, then mother, then Ur, then Silver, then Igneel, and two set places next to him. I guess that means that Jellal's family arrived late last night after we all fell asleep. I wish he would have woken us up. Oh! That means...

"Hey guys!" I said trying not to sound too excited, "I'm sure that the baby is Levy, Jellal's little sister!"

Everyone 'ooohed' and 'aaahed' and almost just after I said that the doors to the dining room opened and Layla, Jude, Anna, Acnologia and Jellal walked in and were seated. I caught Jellal’s eye and smiled at him. He frowned and looked down, taking his seat next to Ultear who seemed all too happy to be so close to Jellal.

"Everyone, I would like to start our holiday together with some wonderful news!" Jude exclaimed, although the newest members of the table didn’t seem too surprised, I’m guessing they knew what it was already.

Jellal looked my way again and I pretended not to see him because I knew if I looked at him that he would look away, I let the light gleam off of my bracelet and started playing with the biggest star that had Jellal’s name carved into it. Once I was sure that he had seen it I looked at him and this time he smiled back at me when I smiled at him.

"Layla and I are expecting a new addition to our family!" All of us who weren’t aware of the surprise either cheered for Jude and Layla or like us kids, were quiet. Lucy seemed the most surprised of all.

"Mommy?!" she squeaked. "I’m going to have a baby brother or sister?"

Layla smiled at her. "Yes sweetie, but everyone will only find out after the revealing party in a few months if it’s a boy or a girl."

"But mommy I want a little sister!" At that everyone laughed. "We'll see" Said Layla.

After breakfast we kids were told to go and play while the adults talked. Anna took Levi with them since she was too young to stay with the older kids. Natsu and Gray said that they wanted to fight so I took the initiative to suggest a friendly sparring match between us all.

First was Ultear vs Lucy. I haven’t seen Ultear’s magic before but I knew it was seriously powerful already. It didn’t help her though. Lucy summoned Taurus’s her bull spirit and left Ultear with a bump on her head.

Next was Natsu vs Lyon, before the fight could start the Straus siblings ran over to us. I almost forgot they would be with us because they still lived at their own house and weren’t staying with us. Natsu won, if only because he fought dirty. Lyon tried to keep him at a distance but at the end of the fight Natsu burnt off Lyons pants making him squeak and run to their room for new pants.

Next was Gray vs Jellal. I have always liked Gray’s magic because it was so pretty and I didn’t know what magic Jellal used yet, we were all between 4 and 6years old so it shouldn’t be too powerful. Though for some reason Jellal had been giving death glares to Gray all morning making the young ice wizard shiver.

"Gray your clothes!" I shouted seeing him about to take off his underwear next.

"Eeep!" He squeaked like a mouse. "Erza, have you see my clothes anywhere?!" For some reason Jellal's voice became darker.

"And why," he narrowed his eyes at Gray "Would Erza know where your clothes are?" Gray gulped.

"B-because I picked up a stripping habit from my mo- from Ur!" Gray squeaked out. I was happy that he was beginning to see Ur as a mother figure.
"A-and Erza and I spend a lot of time together so if I don’t notice what I’m doing she collects my clothes for me!" He finished more confidently.

"I don't like you." Jellal said to Gray and most of us grew quiet.

"Well I don’t like you either!" Spat Gray, insulted but still a bit worried for his fight. By that point Lyon had returned and their fight could start.

"On the count of three!" shouted Ultear, "1" Gray made his hand pose, "2" Jellal crouched on the ground, "3!" and before anyone could register what happened Gray went flying through the air and broke through a tree only to be indented into the tree behind it. Gray was out...cold.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" Everyone asked in unison. Jellal just put his arms behind his head nonchalantly and grinned at us all, widening it a bit when his gaze landed on me.

"What do you think?" He asked merrily. "I really shouldn’t have agreed to spar with you guys, my magic power is already off the chart." He said trying to act cool.

"Fight me!" Yelled Natsu. "Natsu no!" Yelled Lucy. But it was too late. Natsu tried to land a fire fist to Jellal's face. Jellal ‘hmphed’ and kicked Natsu's gut right in the air. We all watched in amazement as Natsu went up...and before he could even start falling Jellal was glowing in the air above him, kicking him down creating a small crater. All the commotion alerted the adults and they all came to see what on earth had happened.

"Oops." Jellal said and scratched the back of his head. He looked to me and the smile fell ofF his face and he bit his lip. We both knew he went overboard. On purpose. It wasn’t fair. Our parents all got to the scene and we told them what happened. Technically Jellal didn’t do anything wrong and neither of the boys were too badly beat up. The adults told us all to go inside but they were rewarded with, "WAIT NOT YET!" By all of us there.

"We still haven’t seen Mira vs Erza!" Ultear said. "May as well let them finish their game so that all is fair." my mother said. "Agreed, it would be interesting to see if your brat has any real potential at all." Anna agreed with her, but made me sound useless all at the same time.

The other kids all went to the side lines where our parents watched. Mira usually beat me in fights because she wasn’t good at holding back and because I didn’t have any strong armor or weapons.

Things will be different now. I let Mira transform before the battle began. Everyone bet on Mira winning. My mother bet on me and I could see Jellal wanted me to win as well he just couldn’t show it properly. I knew Mira's speed by heart so I let them count till 3.

On three I let my requip golden light surround me as I twirled in the sky, Mira jumped for me but I was already in my armor. I moved out of her way and punched her in the stomach with one fist. There weren’t any tree's behind her but she still went flying.

She transformed in the air to a different demon soul with wings and charged at me. I lifted my hand up and 10 beautiful lavish swords appeared behind me. I threw my hand towards her and all ten swords charged at her. She evaded almost all of them but one pieced her wing and she screeched. I couldn’t hit her properly from the ground so it was time to unleash my armors secret technique.

"Im not going to let you win Er-chan! I have an advantage over you!" She taunted. I put one foot forward, smiled up at her and added the last unit to my armor. My wings. I drew one of my swords towards me and held it. The others I brought to surround me.

"Heavens wheel! Sacred Petals!" Each sword was directed by the sword I held, it gave me better precision. Each sword cut as many times as ten swords. Mira was on the ground and lifted her hand in defeat. I retrieved all swords to my requip space before looking to our audience.

"My God! She is on the same level as Mira-Jane, Ultear and Jellal!" Jude exclaimed. My mother had tears streaming down her face and a very happy smile. It would be one of the last times I would ever see her smile that way. Anna and Acnologia looked shocked. They certainly hadn’t expected this. I was only too happy to prove them wrong. Jellal looked almost awed, like he was looking at something...amazing. I blushed and ran to my mother.

"Mother! I’m sorry I didn’t show you before! And I promise that all these gems are the smallest ones I could find, I didn’t waste any! And the metal I got for the armor was salvaged from your training ground...the wings I made with the baby Wyvrn scales that I have been collecting and each scale has at least 5 small aerial magic gems! No risks of falling, at even a higher altitude and also both my armor and wings are strong enough to endure elements and winds as strong as a level 7 tornado!" I hardly ever boasted but I wanted her to know that I researched properly and I welded properly.

"Well done, Love." She said to me and embraced me. My mother wasn’t one for affection. Especially public affection but this way I knew she wasn’t at all mad at me. She was very proud, and she wasn’t afraid to show how happy she was with me. I requipped back into my clothes. Mira was being treated by her siblings. They too could transform but they weren’t too suited for combat so rather became healers so that they could support her. I ran over to her.

"Mira!" She looked up at me blankly first I thought she would be upset but she smiled at me after a few seconds.

"Erza! Now finally we can spar properly together!"

"Yeah!" I agreed. I felt eyes on me and saw Jellal grinning at me. Our parents had already gone inside so he sprinted over to me and hugged me.

"That was amazing! You looked just like an angel!" He said and laughed. Some of our friends who were still outside stared at us in surprise. Ultear came up to us.

"Jell-kun I didn’t know you were so friendly with Erza?" She asked and I could feel that she instantly became colder towards me. "Besides Gray and Erza got married yesterday, you can’t steal my brother’s wife!" She joked. So that was it. He probably asked her last night or this morning before breakfast if she had seen me and she must have shown him the pictures of last night.

"It wasn’t like that!" I denied with red cheeks and pouted. "Also, Gray stole her first kiss, see?" Ultear showed him. He was upset that Gray kissed me but then he said with all the bravado a 5year old could muster, "Actually Ultear,"

He looked me in the eyes. "Gray was not her first kiss, and who is was only few people will ever know." He turned to see how Mira was doing. Ultear just stared blankly at him. "Monsters." We heard the other kids mutter as Natsu and Gray re-joined them. They took one look at Jellal and ran the other way.

"Aw come on don’t be like that! I was just playing with you! We were 'sparring' weren’t we?" He asked in such a reasonable tone that he could’ve persuaded the devil to take a vacation in heaven.

"Sure..." They said and stopped moving away. It didn’t take long until all was forgiven and forgotten and everyone headed inside. Jellal hung back and waited for me since I was the last one inside. He walked up to me...and kissed me!

"Wh-what?" I stuttered.

"It’s a holiday tradition." He explained.

"See if two people who love each other walk under the mistletoe they are supposed to kiss..." And he pointed up to the mistletoe about the front door of the mansion.

"Also, I guess I can forgive Gray for kissing was just a game...BUT!" He became serious.

"Only I am allowed to kiss you from now on! Even under the mistletoe, no one else!" And his cheeks became pink. It was cute. But I had to know something.

"Uhm Jellal?" "Hm?" "Do you like me? I mean like how a mom and dad like each other?"

"Yes." He said it so seriously. "And one day I am going to marry you!" He exclaimed before turning his face away.

"Jellal...we are cousins. Our families don’t support that kind of thing, we would look very, very bad..." I tried to explain.

"You know I thought about that. And, I. Don't. Care." He grinned.

"Who has the right to tell us what to do? Besides until we are older, we can be together in secret." He seemed so pleased with his plan.

"I don’t know. But please don’t be mean to the other boys? They are only my friends." I explained. We had been following the others but he stopped.

"Erza. I don’t know if you can see it or not but I think Gray likes you. And im not ok with that." He frowned.

"Jellal, we are just kids...I’m sure you won’t even like me that much when we are older. You might even wish to forget liking me." I said sadly looking down at my feet. He pulled me by my arm to stop me and then pulled me closer to him to hug me.

"Erza don’t be silly! I will always love you, who wouldn’t? So, what if things get harder when we are older, who cares what others say! We could always run away together and join a wizard guild! I’m going to work very hard so that when we are bigger, I will be able to fight for us! I promise I will never leave you!" He said earnestly. No blushing and no stuttering. Who wouldn’t want to believe him after that?
"But we can’t let anyone know how we feel ok? Its better this way." And he kissed my cheek.

"Ok." I agreed. I would try my best not to believe him so that when he turns around one day with embarrassment and regret, we can laugh it off, even if it hurts me, I will do that for him. One day he will make someone really happy.
It was Christmas Eve today and we were all really excited. We were all going ice skating. That excitement lasted only until we were actually there and then it quickly diminished.

Natsu got motion sickness on the ice and puked in a few places that we all now avoided. Gray, Lyon and Ultear were showing off their ice maker magic and Ultear wore a very cute very short white dress with white leggings and snow boots and skates made with her maker magic. Gray and Lyon were in their underwear on the ice.

The Straus siblings joined us after making snow angels. They could all skate really well. Lucy and I couldn’t skate well and we always fell down on the ice, sometimes indignantly. So, we stayed close to our parents and skated in circles, spinning each other and laughing, while Natsu puked his guts out and everyone else played tag-on-ice.

After a while Jellal came up to us and asked us to join the game. He offered to teach us. Lucy actually learnt really quickly. I however did not. All our parents were watching Jellal teach us and laughed as he tried to pull me forward to skate towards him. My legs felt like jelly sticks. But we held onto each other’s arms tightly as he pulled me forward.

I almost fell a few times but Jellal or Lucy caught me. The adults watching us all laughed and 'awwwed' on occasion. One person didn’t seem amused at all. Anna. I knew she didn’t like me but I didn’t do anything wrong to make her dislike me.

"Erza, while we are here do you want to see a new spell I learnt? I don’t have much magical power so it can’t be used as an attack yet, but it’s really pretty!" Lucy asked me, and well why not?

"Sure." I smiled and tried to steady myself to stand a bit away from Jellal. The other kids came to watch as well, our parents seeing something was going on decided to watch us intently. Lucy spoke loudly and clearly and I felt that maybe, she would be stronger than she thought.

"Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens...All the stars, far and wide...Show me thy appearance...With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos...I am the ruler of the stars...Aspect become complete...Open thy malevolent gate. Oh 88 Stars of the heaven...Shine! Urano Metria!" Lucy cried, as tones of colourful balls of light surrounded her. She sent them up to the sky and they exploded in giant bursts of light, like fireworks.

"Wow!" Everyone exclaimed. Even all of the adults were amazed. Lucy blushed and enjoyed everyone’s praise.

"Hey Lucy, can I please have your permission to use that spell?" Jellal asked in all seriousness.

"Sure, but you might not have an affinity for it, you see it’s a type of celestial magic..."

"No, it’s not." Jellal said in all confidence. Layla came to us and asked Lucy how she felt. She said she felt very tired and sore.

"If you don’t mind could I please try casting that spell?" Jellal asked Layla and Lucy.

"Sweetie you could but it’s a very complicated spell, you will need to learn it properly first." Layla said softly.

"Let him do it. If he fails, he will be punished, he knows the rules in this family." Acnologia said from his position.

"Jellal has an amazing gift for learning almost any spell after seeing it just once." Added Anna after the other parents tensed, fearing what Acnologia would do to his son as punishment.

"Don’t worry aunty Layla, I will be fine besides...Lucy didn’t cast the spell properly, I could see the cracks in the spell as she cast it. Also, it wasn’t meant for celestial wizards...not really." Jellal tried to comfort her, but we could all see how nervous he was. Just what was Jellal’s life like back at home?

It didn’t seem like he was treated very kindly by either of his parents. Jellal took a different stance than Lucy did. He stretched his arms out in front of his body and laced his fingers together, he lifted his face to the sky and a giant heaven magical circle appeared in the sky. "Urano Metria!" He yelled.

Usually incantations are there to strengthen the structure of spells but Jellal didn’t bother using one. Did he forget Lucy's incantation? Impossible if he could cast the spell. Giant planet like rocks fell from the magical portal in the sky in rapid succession. Hitting the ground and the ice behind Jellal in 88 giant explosions. Only after 20minutes when the dust and snow settled was the damage properly assessed.

It was catastrophic. Horror filled the adult’s eyes at when an almost 5year old little boy was capable of. Jellal was obviously exhausted, splayed out on the ground and shivering from pain.

"Oow..." he whimpered and a few tears escaped his eyes before he moved his face into the snow to hide them, even risking frostbite. At least 5miles of the terrain behind him was destroyed. Huge craters that went kilometres deep now lay where the levelled ground and frozen river once stood. I didn’t think before I rushed to see if Jellal was alright.

"Jellal! Are you ok? Say something?!" Jellal made a barely audible sound and Acnologia put a hand on her shoulder.

"Ok that’s enough." He leaned down and picked up Jellal, throwing him over his shoulder. Jellal screamed out in pain.

"You will be rewarded for an excellent display of that spell. You've made me proud." Jellal just shivered and bit his lip. Acnologia and Anna said he would be punishment for not knowing what his magical limitations were, and that he wasn’t to be healed.

I knew it was Jellal's birthday tomorrow. As well as Christmas. How could they do that to their own son, when he just did something absolutely unbelievable? Luckily for Jellal, Jude persuaded them to let his healers heal him because if he didn’t it would tarnish his name and reputation. How could he let his guest’s child, his brother in laws child be injured in his own home? And on Christmas eve to boot.

Jellal was mostly healed when he came into Lucy’s playroom, never the less he was still exhausted so until he fell asleep listening to stories the other kids were telling about when they cast spells horribly wrong and even after he woke up in the afternoon, they were still laughing at each other and arguing who did the stupidest thing.

I saw Jellal come back to the group with messy bed hair and squinty eyes. He obviously still felt horrible but he decided to join us. He inconspicuously plopped down next to me. Gray asked him how he felt and he just groaned and everyone laughed.

“I guess it’s my turn to tell you guys a story of a time I royally messed up, other than today, you know?" Jellal said through a yawn.

"When I was learning a spell called 'Meteor' I got stuck in the sky and I was falling too fast to recast it. It’s a spell that gives you the speed and strength of a meteor. I had to break my fall somehow or else I was going to die. My parents don’t watch me train or help me, so I knew I was on my own and I was so far out no one would hear me if I cried for help. I tried to use fire magic to turn the sharp rocks to dust and then wind magic you slow my fall. However, the fire magic made a bit of lava and the wind created a fire just below me. I tried using water magic but all the condensation in the air made it rain. That would’ve been good if there wasn’t lightning heading my way. Just in time another kid who was drawn out to train because of the lightning, ATE the lightning that was going to hit me and I fell splat! Face down in the mud! I slowed my fall enough to not die or break anything but Im telling you nothing is worse than getting a face for of mud in front of a kid who’s laughing at you. And I couldn’t attack him because I was all wet and he used lightning magic and by then I was just about out of magic power. I headed home in shame." All the kids were in silent awe and fascination of Jellal’s tale. I was feeling worse for the poor guy.

I used to be bullied relentlessly but I did have friends and family to lean on. Jellal had no one. He was completely alone. He must have been very sad, but still he keeps trying his best. I want to be like you Jellal! I will also try my best and I will never give up! Needless to say, even if Jellal slept through all of our stories his won the game.

Since we were all awake and all of us were slightly sore and tired, we decided to play a low stamina game of hide and seek. No one was allowed to hide in guest rooms, private offices, the kitchen, the library or outside. Everywhere else was fair game and Lucy’s family mansion was huge!

We all agreed on no magic allowed. Enough damage for one day. I didn’t really feel like playing so when everyone ran away waiting for Elfman, Mira's brother to find us, I snuck into the library. I decided on trying to see if there were any spells that I could learn in this library. The thing is. I didn’t know where to look.

My goal became void as I changed my objective. Instead I found a useful book on Eco life and Gem's that I decided to study. I learnt all about different creatures’ weaknesses and how to find and value different kinds of gems. I learnt of what wild plants could be used at medicine and of what wild mushrooms, and fruit were edible or not.

The tome was huge and extensive. I’m not like Jellal who can see something once and remember it forever. I brought out my enchanted quill and parchment and it started copying the books contents word for word.

"Im surprised you didn’t try to read the spell books instead." I looked up, shocked at hearing Jellal’s voice over my shoulder.

"Jellal! I uhm er..." I forgot that I was ditching him as well when I left the others.

"Don’t worry about it. I followed you here right from the start." He grinned naughtily. I blushed.

"Oh. But why didn’t you say anything till now?" If he followed me, he should’ve talked to me.

"I wanted to see what you were interested in, without interrupting you." He shrugged.
" are right, I was interested in the spells but I wasn’t sure where they were or what I was looking for anyways...and this book looked useful, you know for when we join guilds and need to go on solo missions." I tried to explain.

"Hmm, Im not disagreeing with you. But I checked, the spell books are over there." He pointed to a really high shelf about three stories up on the ladder. I gulped and looked up at it with trepidation. Jellal smirked at me.

"Want me to get a book for you?" I pinched my lips together.

"No thanks." He looked disappointed.

"Jellal?" "Hmm?" "Why are your parents so hard on you?" He looked taken aback. He really wasn’t expecting that question.

"I don’t know what you mean." He said to me with his arms behind his head. I felt so sad for him. "Jellal?" "...Hmm?" "Im your friend, right? If you need to talk to someone, you can talk to me alright? Please trust me." Now he looked really sad.

"Yeah of course we are friends. We will be more than friends one day. And it’s not that I
Don’t trust you. It’s just...I don’t know. I can’t explain something I don’t understand. I remember a while ago when my mother and father cared about me. And Im sure some how they still do. At least that’s what I hope. Most people would say it’s ridiculous that a parent couldn’t love their child but honestly… I know they are proud of me. They push me because I am their legacy. Im trying. Really, Really, hard but I don’t think it will ever be enough. I know that If I want to be happy, I have to find my happiness with the people I choose to spend time with, and by doing magic that I feel relates to me. I waited to feel cared for and loved Im never going to be. I would rather find it on my own, and set a path for a future for myself by myself. They push me. Too hard. But I won’t have to be bound to them forever. I can be free when I am old enough or when I am powerful enough." He told me. So that’s how he feels...
"I wish I could help you somehow..." I said it softly half hoping he wouldn’t hear me because I didn’t want him to take it the wrong way. He only smiled at me.
"It's ok, I’ll be fine!" I knew he was strong but really. Would anyone believe that?
Later after dinner we all exchanged Christmas presents. Because Christmas was the next day, the Straus siblings were allowed to stay with us for the night. I didn’t remember shopping with mother for presents but she had one for each of my friends, even one for Jellal. I know we were all wondering what we got but I felt more panicked thinking of what my mom got Jellal than excited for what I would be getting from my friends.
Most of the kids who haven’t met Jellal before didn’t get him a birthday gift and no one talked about it except Lucy and me. On Christmas morning no one was allowed to touch the presents until all the adults were there to take pictures. I managed to talk to Jellal before breakfast and ask him if we could talk quickly in private before we opened presents. He just smiled and said 'sure' and headed for the dining hall. He actually seemed really sad today. After breakfast I dragged Jellal into Lucy's play room before the other kids came in and started opening presents.
"Happy Birthday Jellal!" He looked void of all emotion. He wasn’t even happy that I wished him.
"I-I have a present for you...close your eyes!" I tried to keep the smile from dropping off my face and watched him close his eyes. I reached into my requip space and took out his gift. I opened his hand and dropped the cold piece of meteorite metal in his hand.
"You can open them now!" He looked at it in curiosity.
"A bracelet?" He asked, looking it over. "It's really well made, thank you Erza." He gave me a sad but grateful smile.
"That's not all," I told him. "See this? I took off my bracelet That he made me and fitted it into his perfectly. Now that surprised him. "See I thought that since we don’t see each other often that I could make us something special to remind us of our we are two separate parts of a whole! And also, I engraved our names inside your bracelet." I told him. It made me so happy to see his face light up like that. I was so happy that I could give him a gift that really make him happy, and that I made it myself.
"Wow that’s perfect! Thank you Erza!" He hugged me and we laughed. We put our bracelets on and went to get the others so that we could open our presents. The Straus siblings got mostly clothes and sweets as well as a few stuffed teddies. Neither Mira or Elfman liked the teddies much so those were basically what made Lisanna's Christmas so special, because at the end of the day she had tons of new toys and sweets.
Gray and Lyon each got a cool necklace that would amplify their icemaker magic as they got older, but they were told to always wear them because they would grow in use as they grew in power. Everyone got a lot of clothes though, including me. All of us got toy guns from Natsu's family and everyone got a ton of sweets and magical toys from Gray’s family.
Ultear got a box full of really expensive looking lacrama orbs for her training and a grimoire full of rare spells that some people called 'lost magic'. My mother got everyone clothes that suited them, even Jellal who put his on right away. It was a comfy looking sweater the same colour as my hair. Mother said the clothes she got each of them were enchanted to become the colour each of them liked best as soon as their owner touched them.
Anna looked at my mother in distaste and then drew her eyes to glare at me in dislike. I would try my best to stay away from her. If looks could kill, I would've died by now. My sweater was white with shiny light blue and light gold patterns all over it with silver butterflies, and Lucy's to everyone’s surprise wasn’t pink and frilly but blue and filly with differently sized white hearts all over the underlayer material. Natsu's sweater was red with black at the waistline, neckline and cuffs and was designed to endure heat. Gray, Lyon and Ultear weren’t too interested in their clothes because they all stripped them off too often to care much what it looked like, but Ultear's was a light lilac in colour and seemed to have a silver tree pattern with bright pale green leaves that shone. I could see she liked it a lot, as the enchantment magic my mother used made it so that it had to be liked by the owner.
We all also got more candy from the Straus siblings as it was probably better on their budget. Jellal’s family got us all communicational lacrama, that we spent a lot of time getting set up with all of our friends’ numbers, and linking their locations. Something told me it must have been Jellal’s idea. He didn’t get one because he already had one but he shared some photos with us from his time with us, instead from his parents Jellal got different equipment. Parchment, quills, scrolls, grimoires, lacrama and many objects that we couldn’t identify but looked at in awe.
Somewhere during our present openings though Jellal had removed his sweater. He said it made him too hot, but we all saw his mother said something to him before he took it off. He assured me that he kept it safe though and stored all of his gifts in his own requip space. When I asked him how he uses his requip space he said 'for storage and preservation' he said he would be too uncomfortable in armors and he didn’t feel right using weapons and that his magic was strong enough to not need weapons anyways, and that like that book I copied from the library that he also read up on important plants and herbs a while back and decided to find them and store them in case he ever needed something specific in the future.
He really was amazing, but sort of in a sad way. I knew how all the others felt about him. He intimidated us because he didn’t act like a child anymore. He didn’t really fit in with us but he still tried to, so even if we didn’t have much in common, we all tried to do things everyone would enjoy, even Jellal.
It was almost time for Christmas lunch and everyone was excitedly heading to the dining hall. Jellal stopped me and kissed me on my mouth. It was so weird but I didn’t move. Until his mother ripped him away from me and told him to go to the dining hall now, and that he had a punishment waiting for him when they went home. He looked at his mother cautiously and back at me and gulped. He ran out and left me with his mother.
When she was sure that Jellal was gone she grabbed me around my shoulders and squeezed me harshly.
"I do not like you, do you understand me?! Stay away from my son! You are tainted and dirty and you will only embarrass this family! Don’t you know that you are related?! You cannot act in such a way! To try whoring around at such a young age, you are just like your slut of a mother! This will be the last time I ever let you anywhere near my son!" She shouted at me and pushed me back so that I fell to the ground. She walked out and towards the dining room. I wanted to go home now.
I knew that whatever was between Jellal and I wasn’t really right but I didn’t see any harm in our actions. I didn’t want to see my friends now and I was so scared of Anna telling the other adults what happened. I couldn’t just not go to the dining hall because then everyone would know something was wrong. I had a horrible feeling in my tummy. I haven’t started eating my sweets yet but Jellal gave me all of his since his mother already took it and planned on throwing them away. He said he wanted some but his mother wouldn’t allow him sweets.
I went straight to my mother and I tried not to cry. I told her the sweets made my stomach hurt and that I felt really sick. Jude was thankfully a very understanding man lately and allowed my mother to take me to Lucy's room to try and sleep. I felt like throwing up but I knew it wouldn’t help. What kind of adult says such awful things to a child? I took out some of my books and started reading about Peter Rabbit.
When I heard the children coming, I put away my book and turned towards the wall pretending to sleep. Lucy came to see if I was awake though and I told her I was trying to sleep. She knew I was crying before and didn’t want to say anything because then the others would make a big deal of it.
She said that Natsu heard me crying because of his enhanced hearing and that’s how she knew I was awake but that Natsu wouldn’t tell anyone, he knows how bad stomach aches can be. I smiled at that. Natsu was a really good friend to me after all. Lucy told me Jellal’s parents were retiring for the afternoon and said that he should stay with them but Jellal told her to tell me that he was really sorry.
She wanted to know what he was sorry about but I didn’t want to tell her yet with so many people around. To our surprise in about an hours’ time Jellal walked through the door and made us all promise not to tell his parents or anyone that he was there. He said his real body was in his room 'sleeping' but that he came here as a thought projection.
Everyone was in awe at his advanced magic once again. He said he was tired though and sat on the bed I was 'sleeping' on under the covers with me. No one thought it was weird even though Ultear looked rather jealous. He grabbed my hand under the blanket and played with my fingers. I smiled a little bit. I still felt sick but I didn’t feel as terrible as before.
Then I heard a voice in my head. Jellal?
'Erza are you ok?' I didn’t know how to respond so I just nodded my head slowly. 'Im really sorry about my mother...she didn’t do anything to you did she?' I didn’t want to worry him so I held back my tears and bit my lip, shaking my head 'no'. However, since he was communicating telepathically with me, he knew that it wasn’t true.
I could tell he was nervous but since the other kids weren’t looking, he slid under the blankets and pulled the covers over our heads. He shifted closer to me slowly so that he could wrap his arm around me. I was nice and warm.
I know I have slept with Gray before like this and it was how friends our age sometimes slept together. He tensed behind me and squeezed me harder against him. I felt panicked and trapped because he was misunderstanding my relationship with Gray and worse that he was still sieving through my thoughts against my will and I couldn’t keep him out. I felt tears prick my eyes.
I felt him leave my head slowly and shamefully. He rubbed my sided softly and comfortingly. His hand came to my chest and he hugged me. His hand rested on my thigh and he left it there tracing patterns. His breathing was hot and warm against my neck.
He moved his hand to rest between my thighs and against my private part and stroked it gently with his thumb. I tightened my thighs a bit because it felt weird and I knew that it was wrong. We both knew he wasn’t supposed to touch me like this. But it wasn’t really uncomfortable and I relaxed after a few minutes.
"Erza...I cast a sound proof spell over the bed. We can talk until I lift it." He whispered into my ear breathing heavily. I moved my leg up a bit making it hard for him to touch me.
"Erza...does anyone touch you like this? Or Gray? When you sleep together?" I turned around slowly to my other side to face him. He was breathing through his mouth trying to stay quiet and his cheeks were flushed like mine. He took his hand back and put it between us.
"No." I confessed. "Only you." The anger and possession in his eyes disappeared and he smiled.
"I’m sorry I asked. It’s just that I don’t want someone else to touch you like that." He told me.
"Jellal. Even you shouldn’t touch me like that." I told him and he stilled. He looked panicked and frightened and sad.
"But I don’t mind if it’s you." I told him. It wasn’t completely truthful but I really didn’t mind being close to him. He smiled hesitantly.
"You are right I guess." He whispered as he leaned closer and kissed me.
"Can I show you how grownups kiss?" He asked me and I nodded.
"See you have to press your lips together and play with the other persons tongue." He explained, leaning in closer to me. I felt his lips brush mine and he slowly licked my lips. His tongue felt so warm and soft. He gently flicked his tongue into my mouth and licked my tongue. I was too shy to move much but I tried to play with his tongue now and then when he initiated. While we were kissing, he slipped his hand into mine.
"Do you want to touch my private? It’s alright if you do." I knew I shouldn’t but he guided my hand into his pants and I wrapped my hand around it. I think it felt a bit bigger than when I last saw it. He gasped and bit his lip when I stroked it softly with my thumb. He kissed me again and slipped his hand back in between my thighs to stroke the line between my folds. It felt nice but strange.
I lost interest touching him and pulled my hand out of his pants. It smelt funny now. And he removed his hand and placed a leg in between my own. It wasn’t touching my private but it felt nice. He pulled me into a hug and ended our 'kissing'. I peeked around his shoulder but no one was watching us. Jellal kissed my forehead and hugged me.
"Try to sleep Erza. I might need to leave soon though to avoid suspicion..." He told me. I slept in his arms for about two hours before I felt better and we both got up. Jellal had to go soon.
"Hey uhm…" Natsu started. "You two smell really strange." He told us. No one knew what he meant but Jellal blushed slightly.
"I have to go now." he told us "I don’t know why exactly but my parents are mad with me and grounded me. I won’t be able to play with you until New Year’s probably. My dad said to start studying my books..." He smiled at us but I could tell it was a practiced fake smile. He left and the only times we ever saw him were when we had our meals.
He really wasn’t allowed to spend time with any of us and I knew it was all my fault. The days passed slowly and all happiness about the holiday slowly vanished from me because I missed Jellal, I was too afraid to try and find him though.
I kept thinking about how he touched me. Was I really ok with it? I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but he seemed to be very possessive and got angry very easily. Also, I knew that we were related and that even if it was wrong usually that between us it was super wrong. I knew his parents would never like me and everyone would shun us if they found out. Maybe what Anna said to me was true and I am a little whore.
I know this isn’t how children should act. But what would Jellal do if I told him to stop? I think I want him to stop but I don’t know if it’s worth losing him. And we haven’t really done anything bad have we? Not yet anyways.
New Year’s Eve came by and Jellal's family left early. Something about him meeting a magic tutor from the magic council, it was supposed to be some big deal that had all the adults excited. Jellal just looked indifferent. He and his family didn’t even look at me before they left. Is that really how we are going to say goodbye? By not saying anything at all? By no goodbye hug...or kiss? I felt sadder than I should’ve felt and I tried to enjoy New Year’s.
None of us were awake through New Year’s and all the adults were sleeping in, that meant it was a rare day that the kitchens asked us what we wanted and prepared us something special for breakfast. Most kids wanted ice-cream and junk foods. I myself ordered a big Strawberry cake. I took a picture of it and sent a message to Jellal’s lacrama, 'Thinking of you, Happy New Year’s!'. I didn’t get a reply.
It was my sixth birthday party and I haven’t seen or heard from Jellal since last Christmas. Maybe he is trying to distance us because he understands better that we shouldn’t...couldn’t be together. I felt disappointed and sad, even if I was honest, I felt a tiny bit relieved. I didn’t think he meant all those things he said, it was easier this way.

Mira, Lucy, Natsu and Gray came over. Layla couldn’t because she still wasn’t feeling well after having Lucy's baby brother, Sting. I didn’t feel like opening presents really but I knew I had to or else my friends would feel sad.

Mira bought me a book about different types of armor and weapons, it would be useful since I did plan on being a weapons master, not just a swordsmanship master. I have made a few more armors over the months and weapons to go along with them.

Lucy got me a pretty hair piece full of diamond-like jewels. My mother almost choked when she saw it which makes me think that perhaps those gems were in fact real diamonds. Natsu and Gray said that they put their money together and bought be a voucher. They weren’t sure what to get me and after bumping into each other at a clothing store trying to get me something girly that they agreed the best gift they could get me would be letting me choose it myself. I was truly grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Today we were heading to Animeland! It was a really cool amusement park and this year could be the last year some of us would be allowed on some of the rides. I thought I saw blue hair in the crowd and thought of Jellal. He wouldn’t be here. I sent him an invitation but he plainly ignored it, just like all the others. Besides quit a few people actually had blue hair.

My suspicions were proven correct though when he came to sit with us when we were getting lunch. He barely looked at me and mostly caught up with everyone else. That made me really sad. But he held my hand under the table while he was talking and put a wrapped box in my hand before he left us. I heard him say 'happy birthday Erza' in my head while he walked away.

He told us he was supposed to be training but decided to some down here for some lunch. We invited him to the kiddie pool with us and he accepted. While we were playing by the pool Gray stole my bikini top and ran away laughing with it. I covered my chest and squeaked making everyone around us blush and look anywhere but at me.

"Gray, im going to kill you!" I yelled and chased him around the pool. Gray’s laugher soon died as he ran for his life around the pool. Out of nowhere a giant wave from the pool crushed down on us and made Gray trip and fall on his face, allowing me to catch him and punch him on the head.

"Oooow..." He groaned out. In all of my fury I stopped covering myself and forgot about my bikini top.

"So cute and pink." Natsu blushed and pointed at my flat chest. Jellal wacked him on the head and jumped off his floaty to retrieve my bikini top.

"Aw come on Erza, its nothing we haven’t seen before!" Gray tried to reason. Jellal stared blankly at him giving him the shivers. He held out my bikini in front of my chest and tied the string by my neck and pulled it down a bit to tie the string by my back. I knew I was blushing and that there was no way to make it go away.

"Th-thank you." I stuttered lowly. He just flashed me a cheeky grin, picked me up and threw me in the pool. Everyone laughed and I coughed a bit when I came up for air, only to be dosed in water again when Jellal dived in right in front of me. Everything went back to normal quickly.

Gray and Natsu fought over an inflatable toy. Mira and Lucy were practicing 'modelling' for the future since they both wanted to be in Sorcerer Weekly Magazine one day. And they left Jellal and me. I knew to keep the peace I shouldn’t bring up the past but I needed to know why he ignored me. It hurt me each time I saw that he didn’t even open my messages.

"Jellal...why wouldn’t you ever talk to me on your communication lacrama?" I asked him softly.

"I was busy." He said and shrugged his shoulders.

"For ten months? So busy you couldn’t read messages?" I asked him. I tried not to sound angry or hurt but I knew how observant he was so I probably failed. He just sighed.

"I’m sorry but I really was busy" He said but we both knew it was a lame lie. I looked down at my bikini under the water.

"Was it because of your parents? Was it a part of your punishment?" I asked him.

"I guess" he said and shrugged his shoulders.

"It’s probably better if they don’t see us together anymore, unless it can’t be helped." That hurt me. I guess he did regret everything. I would probably just embarrass him in front of his parents. I tried to visit him once but his dad must have known about the kiss because he told me Jellal wasn’t home, and I was pretty sure he was. I wasn’t welcome anywhere near him.

Even his own friends gave me weird looks whenever I tried to talk to him. It only happened twice but I shied out before I could talk to him. I didn’t realise that I was crying until Jellal started wiping away my tears.

"Uh, sorry! Its fine, I don’t know what made me cry!" I laughed and dunked my face under the water and swam away from him a bit. He followed he even though I wished he didn’t and especially since we were far enough away from the others for them not to see or hear us properly.

"Nothing has changed between us Erza...I didn’t mean that I didn’t like you anymore, I just meant that we shouldn’t be together like that around other people because we will definitely get in big trouble now. Staying away from each other at a distance is safer..." He tried to tell me these things but it didn’t matter to me.

Maybe we should just stop. Then the guilt and shame would slowly go away. He tried to touch my hip but I floated away from him.

"Maybe we should just be friends then Jellal." I told him and after the shock wore off, he looked very angry.

"And that?" He asked lowly.

"Well like you said, we can’t be seen together and I don’t want us to be embarrassed about each other..." I tried to explain.

"And honestly you aren’t how you used to seem kind of mean..." I trailed off and he gulped.

"Please don’t say that Erza..." He said looking at me with sad eyes.

"You have to know I would never hurt you, and I only meant we should stay away from each other until we are older, not forever." He explained and swam to me trying to touch me. He was making a strange feeling in my tummy grow. I moved away so he couldn’t touch me and I swam under the shelter and privacy of the bridge above the pool.

He followed me and pressed his body up against mine trapping me and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly. I was shocked so I hugged him back but when he leaned away a little bit and loosely placed his hands on my hip’s I tried to push him away a little bit to make some distance between us. His relief turned into panic again and grabbed my hand.

"Erza please…" He said with tears pricking his eyes.

"You know I really care about you, and I know you like me back. Please wait for me? Can I touch you...?" He asked trying to find some sort of way to keep me close to him. Of course, I wanted to stay close to him, but I was honestly scared of the way he felt about me and wanted to touch me. It wasn’t right. I could wait for him, but I wouldn’t let myself believe that this thing between us would ever become something. I felt like crying again. All the confusion and mixed feelings was making me really upset.

"Jellal I don’t really know how you feel about me. I don’t know if I feel for you the way you feel for me. I really do care about you more than anyone but...we shouldn’t feel this way. It’s not right to touch each other like this. We can’t ever really be together when we are older." I told him trying to reason with him and end this thing now. He clenched his jaw and ground his teeth. I knew my words must have hurt him but he needed to know that I felt it wasn’t right. That when he once said he wanted to marry me, that it wouldn’t, couldn’t ever happen, that I truly didn’t understand what all of the things he talked about was.

Jellal started shivering, his breathing became strange and his cheeks became wet. He refused to make a sound and kept his face down. I didn’t want to see him like that so I tried to hug him but he violently pulled away from me. I backed away from him and pressed myself to the wall under the bridge.

I wasn’t like Jellal, when I cried, I couldn’t keep completely quiet. I regretted everything I just said and my head hurt too much. I hiccupped and trembled through my tears. I nibbled at my lip trying to make the tears stop.

Jellal stopped crying and came to hug me I didn’t reject him, but squeezed him to me and cried into his shoulder. He rubbed my back soothingly and told me that it was alright.

"Erza, can we please just forget this even happened and try again?” He asked me. “You were right about a lot of stuff I guess but I never intended to value anything anyone said that was bad about us being together when we are older. When we are older if you really don’t want to be together anymore then we can try to be apart. But let’s try to stay close until we both understand more when we are older, alright? Doesn’t that sound fair?" He asked me and smiled kindly when I nodded against his chest. I wiped my eyes and tried to smile at him.

"Can I kiss you now?" He asked looking into my eyes. 'Yes' I nodded to him. He pressed me into the wall and kissed me. He licked my lips and parted them with his tongue. It felt different than the first kiss, it seemed less experimental. He told me to try to wrap my legs around him, he promised he wouldn’t drop me. I complied. I didn’t really know what we were doing but I was just glad he wasn’t mad at me anymore, or crying.

He asked me if he could touch me. I knew what he meant. I looked him deep in the eye and told him he could and that I trust him.

"Please don’t hurt me though." I whimpered into his neck.

"Shuuush..." He comforted me nuzzling into my neck. One hand sneaked into my bikini top to rub my titty and the other hands thumb slid up and down my folds. This time it actually felt kind of nice. A teasing sort of feeling and now and then when he touched my folds, he trailed a finger between them and touched my most private parts. I shivered and clenched my legs around him a little.

He gasped and asked me to touch him back. I did. It felt a bit bigger again. And it felt more solid than soft like it did when we first met. Jellal says that it is proof that he likes me and only me. He pulled his shorts down a bit and rubbed his private against mine. It really felt good. Even Jellal’s breathing changed and his legs shook a little bit, but we got tired soon and stopped even though we both liked it.

"D-does that feel wrong to you?" Jellal gasped out looking at me. I squeezed my legs together tightly trying to fight a nice throbbing feeling.

"It felt nice but you know we shouldn’t..." I tried to explain that family aren’t supposed to do that with family.

"Did it feel good?" He asked me.

"Yes." I squeaked and looked down.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked again, smiling at me fondly.
"Y-yes." I stammered and gulped.

"I am glad. It felt so special and good. I only want to feel this way with you Erza. Don’t you feel the same?"

"I do..." I admitted.

“So, then we will always be together, stop worrying about other people ok? They don’t matter and if they don’t accept us then they aren’t real friends anyways!" He told me confidently.

"Alright." I said.

"Will we live together when we are older?" I asked him. I was starting to care less and less about distance between us. About the restrictions between us. They were only there if we let them be.

"Yeah of course! And we can be together all the time, we won’t need permission!" He ginned out at me. We went to find the others who said they looked everywhere for us but couldn’t find us. We said we were racing at the deeper pools for adults. They all seemed sad that they didn’t get to play with us.

Jellal said he stayed much longer than he should have and that he had to go. He said he was actually training in the mountains with sensei Brain and Ultear, but he hid away and used a projection to come and find us. It hurt knowing that the whole time he was with me he was only a projection. But it was still him. We bid goodbye to each other and when we got home grandma said she needed to talk to me.

She said she wasn’t too sure where my mother went but that she left a letter saying she wouldn’t be coming back, but that she loved us both so much. She said anything she left behind should be considered mine and that she left a letter with grandma for me to receive when I turned 18years old.

It would be 12 whole years until I get to hear the reason why she left me. I didn’t truly believe that she was gone. She surely would have said goodbye. But her warehouse was completely empty except for the untouched workshop filled with different materials, gems, metals and some unfinished weapons and armor. The only armor left in her warehouse was the one she called 'Nakagami Armor' one of her best armors that took enormous amounts of magic to use.

There was a note on it that said, 'Yours for when you are old enough and powerful enough'. That’s all. There were no traces left of her in the house except pictures. Her room, her bathroom had no personal touches they had before. Her bed didn’t even smell like her. Grandma said she left me a birthday gift on my bed.

I couldn’t open it yet. I couldn’t open Jellal's gift yet either. I knew mother wouldn’t leave me if she could help it and that’s what scared me. She left either to protect me or for a very good reason and either way it was because she loved me. I cried myself to sleep that night.

When I woke up it was 3am in the morning. My eye's felt dry and my throat felt sore. I looked at my two gifts and decided I would open them. I decided on starting with my mothers. It was a big box. I pulled the ribbon at the top and cut the paper carefully with a dagger. The paper fell to the floor like silk.

Inside the box were various strange items. I saw a few before and my mother said that they were 'heirlooms'. Many forbidden spells and lost magics. Many rare items, and priceless artefacts. There were different grimoires in there and I knew it would take time to learn their magic.

I was better at hand to hand combat and weaponry combat, I never really trained my magic, I only used my increased magical power for my requip mostly. Knowing that these items were ancient and powerful and not to be seen by anyone who wasn’t me I requipped them into my storage safely.

Any energy I had gained with my sleep now seemed completely depleted. I went back to my bed and decided to open Jellal’s present there. It wasn’t heavy. It was small and when I shook it something knocked against the top. I removed the paper that revealed a red velvet box. It was so soft and pretty, it was the colour of my hair.

Inside was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I have seen all of my mother, grandma and Layla's jewellery before but none of it looked like this. It was a gold ring made up of tiny miniscule curves and curls of gold. It looked so mesmerising and so passionate. So, in love. It looked like each of the coils were desperately embracing the others and trying to feel each other deeply in any way they could. It looked too elegant for a girl like me to wear.

There was white sparling, glimmering, twinkling diamonds carefully embedded into the ring. They looked like a teardrop that splattered and formed many tiny diamonds. In the middle was a bright red ruby in the shape of a heart, so delicately crafted that it felt perfectly smooth under my finger. I could almost feel the love inside of this ring.

I kissed the ruby and thought of Jellal. I thought I saw it flash for a moment, but it must have been my imagination, my eyes were blurred by tears after all. I will never understand how Jellal loved me so much. My heart felt lighter when I fell asleep again, the note inside the box playing through my head one last time.

'Erza, I really hope you like your present. I made it myself for you. It took a lot of practice and patience but I think I created it perfectly. I put all of my thoughts of you and my feelings for you inside this ring. I will be gone for a long time; training and I won’t be able to keep in contact with anyone. At least Ultear and my new friend Laxus are with me. I know the ring seems too big now but every year that it’s your birthday I want you to try it on until it does fit you. It may be years till we see each other again but if you miss me and you think about me, wear this ring on your wedding finger when you are older. Don’t worry it isn’t an engagement ring exactly, it’s what’s called a 'promise' ring. I think it fits our feelings well enough. One day when I return if you still care about me, I will make you a real engagement ring. Please stay safe and be happy, and grow into a powerful wizard! Yours forever and Always, Jellal.'

My eyes closed as I stored my perfect ring in its perfect box in my storage. This was his way of being with me on my birthday when he couldn’t be. Good night Jellal...I really do love you I whispered and slept.
Years had passed and I had created quiet the name for myself as a Fairy Tail wizard. Almost all of our friends joined the guild as well, Lyon wanted to be rivals with Gray so he joined a guild called Lamia Scale instead.

Mira and I had already become S-class wizards when we were 14years old. I don’t think any of us changed much really. I always wore default armor now and a usual get up of black knee-high boots, a white blouse and a blue skirt.

My requipping speed was unmatched, I had over 100 armors created to suit my different battle techniques, against different opponents. The guild was my family now since my grandma passed away a few years ago.

Im 16years old now and I spent most of my time on missions. I also haven’t seen Jellal since my 6th birthday.

10years ago.

My doubt grew and grew and now I didn’t know if I could ever face Jellal again. I understood everything now. What we were doing, what it meant, what he meant. It was a lot to take in. Still, I wore my bracelet and his ring on my finger. It fit perfectly.

From what I have heard about him over the years he had become a part of the magic council. They said he was a genius, wise beyond years and monstrously powerful. In fact, there was a rumour circulating that recently he joined The Ten Wizard Saints. I believed in him but that was a stretch.

He was only 16years old and the amount of power needed to even challenge the 10th ranked saint called Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale would be absurd. Master Makarov the guild master of Fairy Tail was also one of the wizard saints ranked 7th in power. There was also master Jose of Phantom Lord who was a rank 8th saint and Ur, Grays mother who was ranked 9th. Acnologia my uncle was ranked 6th as far as I know and the top 4 saints were so monstrous they weren’t even biologically human anymore.

That just left the 5th saint but the order was defined by battles so that person had to have beaten Acnologia. And he was a real monster, a true master dragon slayer. My mother was once a wizard saint but when she disappeared and was presumed dead, she was removed from the list.

I knew she was alive. Someone as resourceful as her wouldn’t just bite the dust. I walked into the guild hall and turned in my completed job to be filed away later by Mira. Mira doesn’t fight anymore. A year ago, when we were 15, she took Elfman who was 13 and Lisanna who was 12 with her on a mission.

Elfman had been trying to learn takeover magic to be more useful to her than just a healer but the mission became more complicated and Mira got hurt and while they had to heal her that didn’t stop the bandits from trying to kill them all. Elfman succeeded in his takeover beast soul, however he couldn’t control the spirit and ended up killing all the bandits and rampaging for the nearby village.

Lisanna healed Mira enough to save her from permanent damage but she had to try and stop Elfman because Mira was out cold. Elfman said from what he could remember he heard Lisanna's voice. She stood in his way of the village and believed with all her heart that he wouldn’t hurt her. She had said, 'I know you would never hurt me. The job it finished now, please let’s go home now big brother Elf?' And then he attacked her and sliced his clawed hand through her body and tossed her into the nearby cliff.

Mira had woken by then and rushed to the village to find out what was happening. All she found was Elfman holding Lisanna's bloody clothes. Howling that he didn’t mean to hurt her, begging the sky to please give her back. There wasn’t even a body left to bring home. Mira lost all her fight that day.

She once confessed to me that her demon souls had whispered in her ears to avenge her innocent baby sister. She told me once she was about to rip out his heart when he turned his back to her. The thought horrified her. It was entirely true that he wasn’t truly responsible for Lisanna's death but he did kill her. And many in the guild won’t even talk to him anymore.

It took Natsu forever to forgive him as well. Natsu understood that Elfman was being controlled by the beast spirit but he still couldn’t accept Elfman after what he did. One day a few months ago Natsu requested Elfman use his beast soul again so than he can punish it for hurting Lisanna. We all knew that the only one he would be hurting would be Elfman but Elfman said something that touched his heart, he said, 'If you want to beat me then beat me, if you want me to die then kill me but I could never risk hurting another person I care about ever again! Lisanna is gone and it’s my fault. That will always stay with me and I promise you, no one could ever hate me more that I hate myself!' For once, Natsu shut his trap, sat down quietly by Elfman and asked him if there was anything, he could do to help him, and if he could forgive him for making it so much harder for Elfman. They made up and are close friends again but Natsu sometimes visits Lisanna's grave and stays there for hours talking to her about everything that’s happened since last he spoke to her. It was his way of coping.

Even before that, Natsu's father Igneel passed away. Natsu became really sick when we were 10 and the only thing that could have saved him was the lacrama inside of Igneel’s body. He gave it up to save Natsu and left a will for Natsu's inheritance. Igneel passed away two years later.

Lucy joined Fairy Tail with me on the same day. She moved into my house after my grandma died and we have been living together since, we were always as close as sisters anyway. Lucy didn’t want to live in a house alone with her father and brother. She would visit Sting and bring him toys but she moved out because she couldn’t deal with the expectations her father had of her.

Layla died a few months after Sting was born. Lucy says the doctors told them that she just couldn’t recover and instead of becoming better she slowly declined. Everyone loved Layla and at her funeral I cried even more than I did for my grandpa. I told Lucy what my mother told me and what her mother said was true, I told her to think of it as if she had only gone on a long mission and that one day if she lived a good life that she would definitely see her again.

Lucy smiled and took my words to heart as she always did. She write's many letters to her mother and store's them in a box in her writing desk. I did what my mother and Jellal told me to do, I got stronger. To protect myself and my friends. The world is a completely different place to me now than it was when we were children.

This is the only world Jellal ever knew. I pitied him for it. I couldn’t help but lament the childhood he sacrificed for power, for the strength to defy his family. I took a seat at the bar and asked Mira if we had any strawberry cake. My love for the treat only grew over the years, and now I can eat as much of it as I like. I work out enough for it to have no effect of weight gain on me. She placed a plate with two large pieces of cake in front of me and handed me a fork.

"Thank you" I told her.

"Erza master said he wanted to see you as soon as you got back, he said he had a new recruit that wanted to join the guild but he wanted to meet you first so that you could mark him with the guild emblem." Mira said with a smile that clearly meant she was withholding information from me.

"Who is it? A fan?”

“I’m not sure but I think we have met him before." She said cheerily.

"Eat your cake first, you must be starving. Master needed to have a talk with this person first, to go over important rules and the guilds conduct." She told me and touched my hand in a friendly way, letting me know it wasn’t someone that I didn’t like.

"Oh, and while you are eating have a look at this!" She placed this week’s special edition of Sorcerer Weekly in front of me. I almost spat out my cake. Jellal!? It was an interview about him and his recent achievements. Apparently, he was going by a different name, calling himself 'Siegrain'. He said that his personal name is still the same but to the public and to co-workers he would prefer to just be known as 'Seigrain', when asked if 'Seigrain' had a last name he said he once met a girl who didn’t have a last name and that with or without one didn’t change the fact that she was a person.

He meant me, didn’t he? He was asked how he feels about becoming the youngest ever wizard saint. What? The rumours were true? My thoughts were all over and I decided to finish reading the article before letting my thoughts run wild. Apparently, he challenged his father Acnologia to an official title claiming match and won. Making him the 5th ranked wizard saint. Impossible. Not my Jellal. He always had a lot of promise as a mage but the amount of power he would need to possess would be tremendous!

The article went on to ask how his relationship with his father was. 'Seigrain' told him, 'Father? I don’t ever remember having one of those. Acnologia is my mentor, my adviser if I should need one and my sire. He however lacks any positive qualities as a father, he was never kind to me and any morals or beliefs I have are my own.' he stated. Oh Jellal. I knew his parents weren’t good to him but this was terribly sad.

The reporter also seemed to sympathise with him, after all the entirety of Fiore had heard rumours about Acnologia over the years, and none were pleasant. He asked 'Seigrain' about his relationship with his mother. He replied, 'I did once have one of those, before I learnt to walk. She had never shown me kindness or done anything for me to help me in life as most mothers would. My father left me to learn his magic but my mother wouldn’t even give me that much. I was to cook my own food or starve, wash my own clothes and bedding or live in filth. Of course, a child wouldn’t be able to do any of these things properly so I resorted to my magic to fill the gaping holes in myself that my parents created inside of me. It would have been physically impossible for me to have done all those things back then but using my inherent magic and spells to do the jobs made it possible for me to live decently. Of course, instead of rewarding me for my resourceful solution they only created more problems for me. However, since those days have past, I am now a decent cook, and laundry is a minor task for me.' 'Seigrain' shared. 'Hmm.' The reporter pondered, is there a lucky lady in your life master 'Seigrain?’.

I almost choked on my last piece of cake. Jellal has changed so much over the years that it is entirely possible that he could have found someone better suited for himself, after all, all of his accomplishments put mine to shame.

'Well,' considered 'Seigrain', 'My parents tried to set me up with my co-worker on the council, Ultear, but she and I have ever only had a friendly relationship, also many years ago I promised myself to someone else. I don’t know how she would feel for me now, or if perhaps her morals and the challenges of society would turn her away from me. I believe in soul mates, that one and only special person. I loved her since we were children and I knew she owned my heart from the moment I first saw her. I believe in true love, love at first sight, real love that should stand above all else in the world for those who are able to find such a rare treasure.' ‘That is very heart-warming.’ Said the reporter, and he thanked 'Seigrain' for the interview and said that he might have a question or two for him at the upcoming guild master’s ball where the guild masters of all registered guilds, and each member of both the magic council and the wizard saints were to attend.

The centre piece was Jellal. I shut the magazine before I could see it properly, all I saw was a lot of skin. I would look at it later. In private, where I wouldn’t be disturbed and where I could take my sweet time admiring how much he has changed.
I made my way to the master’s office on the top floor and heard laughing. The masters gruff laugh and the clear, deep and sexy laugh of a young man. I got a strange shiver up my spine and a sense of wariness. I knocked at the door and master magically opened the door. The man who was sat in front of master stood up and looked at me. We both froze. I wasn’t prepared for this.

This is not how I should feel for him.

Though over the years I have researched about relations courting. We are distanced enough to have a legalized marriage but it would still be frowned upon by the majority. His eyes seemed more angled and so, so green, where I remember them being somewhat more hazel.

Gone were the soft chubby cheeks replaced with smooth well-defined cheekbones and a strong jaw and pointed chin. His lips looked full and healthy and his nose was perfectly straight and upturned. His bangs fell over the front of his face cutely as they did when we were kids and his hair was still as messy as ever, and looked soft and silky. His 'tattoo' really suited him as well, it added to his unique beauty.

I shook myself out of my daze and felt my eyes water in happiness ever so slightly. I couldn’t keep the wide grin off of my face as I smiled at him. I was pretty sure the embarrassment of staring at him was painted all over my cheeks as it was for him.

"J-Jellal! How have you been?" I asked him. He smiled a charming smile complete with dimples, walked up to me and drew me in a hug. Oh. My. Gods. He was obviously bigger than me now but he was so well built in all of the right places! I felt my face redden even more and I laughed at his childishness as he swayed us side to side before master cleared his throat.

We both jumped apart and I licked my suddenly very dry lips, smiling like an idiot. I couldn’t look either of them in the eye. It wasn’t that embarrassing of a situation. At least it would not have been if Jellal wasn’t the elephant in the room!

"I-I’m sorry master, you wanted to see me?" I asked looking at the master behind my bangs and trying but failing to keep the stupid smile off my face. Master just smiled and gave me a look. This is the first time he has ever seen me like this but it probably wasn’t the first time seeing a girl act the way I was, after all, Bisca was just the same around Alzac.
"Erza, I trust you know who our new recruit is? He insisted on letting you mark him up." Master told me. I nodded and tried to hide my embarrassed smile with my left hand. Jellal bushed my finger with the ring on it and grinned at me. I swatted his hand away and looked up at the ceiling to my right. He then caught my right bang and started playing with in between his fingers.

I could barely form words but I managed to ask him where he wanted his mark.

"Wherever yours is." He told me and master shoed us both out of his office so that he could get back to work. The guild stamp is on the bottom floor next to the bar, usually Mira marks the new recruits. We walked to the stamp station and many people’s jaws dropped.

It wasn’t custom for celebs to grace our halls. Mira came up to us and greeted Jellal like it was no big deal seeing him.

"Uhm… you will need to remove your jacket and your shirt; my mark is on my left bicep." I told him quietly. He finally dropped my hair to do as he was told. I heard many female intakes of breaths including my own which I failed terribly to disguise as a cough. He smirked at me.

"Like what you see?" I just smiled and asked him what colour he wanted.

"The colour of your hair." He said loud enough for a good many eavesdropper to hear. Mira looked like she was in her seventh heaven. I was getting the stamp colour charged up for him and while we waited, I opted to stare at the ground. I noticed he still wore the bracelet I made for his 5th birthday. It was modified to fit his larger wrist but it was the same one. I reached out and touched it.

He touched the star bracelet on my wrist with his other hand and grinned at me. I couldn’t hold his gaze I smiled shyly and looked away. I refused to look at his body. The would lead to more embarrassment. When the stamp was ready, I pressed it over his bicep for 10seconds. 10Seconds I had to touch his firm warm skin.

He seemed very pleased with his mark and suggested keeping his shirt off to flaunt it around town later, to which I refused by throwing his shirt in his face, yelling at him to put his damn shirt on, and racing up the stairs to the more private S-class floor. As expected, part of his special conditions with the master were to accept that he was far above S-class and that to even test him could be dangerous.

I felt the bench next to me move and an arm encircle my waist.

"How have you been? I've missed you." He said in his unfairly sexy voice. I licked my lips and tried to answer. It was easier with his shirt and jacket on.

"Fine I guess, a lot has changed these last 10years. I-I missed you." I looked down and gulped down my embarrassment.

"You are so beautiful. You were when we were kids, but now you're just unbelievable." He said to me, admiring me from his sideview.

"T-thank you." I mumbled. "You look really different" I spared a glance at him, looking into his eyes.

"All grown up. You...filled out nicely."
He laughed and pressed my body a little closer to his.

"Well thanks for the compliment, I hope...that I please you?" He left the question hanging in the air.

"And if we are talking about how we've look more different than I do, trust me. There is no longer a 'girl' in this 'woman’s' body that I see." My cheeks burnt and they hurt. I couldn’t deny it now. We were definitely attracted to each other. The sexual tension around us couldn’t be cut with a knife. But I felt more confident now that I knew the feeling wasn’t one sided.

"See something you like?" I teased him, throwing his words back at him. I could hear and feel a growl like rumble in his chest.

"Always." Dear Gods have mercy. I have never once been attracted to anyone, male or female but now...We heard giggling from the bar and coughing from master’s office. They were listening to us very closely. I covered my mouth with my hand out of embarrassment.

"I think we should catch up somewhere more private..." I suggested as the giggles from down stairs heightened in pitch. He slid his hand from my waist to my hips and squeezed. It felt good. He wasn’t even doing anything but it felt so good. I gasped and he breathed in shakily. How could something so wrong feel so right?

"Well, I am yet to find residence in Magnolia and I heard through the grapevine that you and Lucy now stay together, so if it would be alright with you, we could catch up at mine? I can teleport us to my apartment in Era, and back if you wish?" He said lowly so only the most trained ears would hear.

"S-sure." I told him and smiled shyly. He beckoned for me to stand closely to him, he embraced me and held my head to his neck. And cast the spell. It was incredible disorientating. If he wasn’t holding me securely to him, I think I would have collapsed. I couldn’t stop the groan. We definitely couldn’t do that often. We were just going to talk and catch up. No... touching each other.

I wouldn’t deny his kisses though. He brought me over to his couch and offered me beverages.

"Y-yeah, can I have some water...please?" I asked timidly.

"Sure." He smiled at me. He placed his shoes by the mat and his jacket oh the hanger. It was rude to keep my boots and armor on in his home...wasn’t it?

"Requip!" I changed into running pants, sneaker socks and a tight-fitting workout shirt. I was well aware that I could have simply sent my armor and boots away but I wanted him to see me how I saw him at the moment, in nothing but his vest, training pants and socks. His eyes were glued to me before he snapped out of it and brought me the water.

"You are tempting me." He said sitting down closer to me than was normal with friends.

"I," I took a sip of water, watching him watch me drink "Assumed you would want me comfortable in your home, besides it would’ve been rude to wear my armor and boots in your house." I said trying to sound ever so reasonable.

"True." He smiled ruefully. He started brushing his fingers through my hair and sighing.

"I have much to tell you on account of the last decade but none of it comes to mind with you sitting near me. Perhaps we should talk you now feel about me? If you don’t want to be with me because of our situation I will understand. If you need time to adjust to my presence in your life before you make your choice, you may have it. But to be more honest than I probably should be, I wish you would say you would be mine..." Jellal trailed off. His cheeks betrayed his confident words. Rejecting him would rip his heart out. Time would only lead to the inevitable.

"Are you sure...that we can actually be together...?" I asked him folding my hands between my thighs.

"I am sure. Even if there are obstacles and publicity problems, I am sure we can overcome them together. Give me a chance...?" He looked at me earnestly. I Love Jellal. This, makes me feel such complicated emotions.

"Well...I did wait for you." I kissed his ring to make my point. He smiled.

"Hmm...may I kiss you?" He asked and gulped. He trailed his fingers through my hair up to my skull. His other hand traced my neck and his thumb run under my bottom lip.

"Yes." I almost panted.

"I love you." He told me and pressed his lips to mine, tracing his with mine. He licked my lips asking for entrance that I granted him, my arms linked around his neck and my finger ran up his sculp and massaged tufts of his soft blue hair. In between breaths I gasped and moaned to both of our surprise.

I tried to move away out of embarrassment and started moving my hand out of his hair, but he held my hand where it was and pulled me closer to him again so that he could kiss me some more. It felt like heaven. What does heaven feel like? This would be it.

One of his hands always stayed in my hair. The other trailed down the back of my neck gently, slowly, carefully. He released me for air again making me gasp and pant. He can certainly hold his breath longer than I can, but he was also panting. He kissed the side of my mouth and trailed dry and wet kisses down my jaw and up to my ear, where he kissed and sucked.

I wanted him to touch me more. Im surprised he didn’t ask me to touch him like he used to.

"Touch me..." I surprised us both with my plea. I looked away. I couldn’t stand how shy he makes me. He inhaled deeply into my neck.

"You smell so nice." He told me. He was in his own little heaven.

"Hmm can I take you t-to my bed?" He looked at me shyly.

"Sure." I blushed and tried to look up at his eyes but I got as far as his kiss bruised mouth before I smiled and shyly looked down again. I could’ve walked. I though he meant 'lead me' to his bedroom but he picked me up gently below my arm at my back and around my thighs and carried me to his room. It was a decent size, with a custom-made bed on the podium in the back of the room, nearest to a bathroom.

It occurred to me that even though we love each other we don’t know anything about each other at all. It worried me a little but I didn’t think he had anything scary in his background. He placed me in the centre of his bed and took off his shirt again. This time it was appropriate for me to admire his form. I licked my lips and tried to reach up and touch him but I felt intimidated.

He took my hand and kissed my palm. He lay down on his back and pulled me down for a kiss. He placed my hand on his chest and covered it with his own, letting me know the only way he can think of that I had the power. That I shouldn’t be frightened of him, that he is mine to touch. He was the boy I fell in love with again. Gentle and curiously, exploring each other’s bodies.

I rewarded him by exchanging my top and pants into my requip space for pretty lacey underwear. His breath hitched and he froze. I leaned over him, put one leg between his and formed a comfortable position above him. I gulped, I moved the hand he held over mine on his chest to my waist. He gasped as he touched my skin. He slowly explored my back and my stomach. He cupped my butt and ran his hands down my legs. Otherwise he kept still and let me explore his body.

He sighed as I traced each of his muscles on his ab's and pectorals. I touched his arms and squeezed his muscles. I leaned more across him until I was properly straddling him. He gasped and looked up at me with wide eyes. He looked at me as if I were a goddess. I have never felt more wanted and loved in my life.

I decided that from now on I would see him as the man that I love. Not a relative who I should be ashamed to have feelings for. What did anyone else’s opinions matter anyways.

I could feel something underneath my core I moved a little bit and he sat up to try and halt my movements. I took the opportunity to feel how the muscles in his back moved. I kissed his neck and bit him gently drawing moans and groans out of him. He seemed shyer than I was, because he didn’t try to touch my private places and he didn’t look at my chest if he could help it.

"Jellal..." I moaned trying to make him be more assertive. I requipped my bra back into my storage space and shivered as the cold air hit my chest. Almost immediately his hands circled under my breasts. I moved a little in his lap but he growled and rolled us on the bed with him on top of me.

He took his time taking in my current appearance. My face felt hotter each second he looked at me and stared at my nipples. I started feeling insecure and grabbed a handful of the sheet to pull it over my chest, but he stopped me and told me how beautiful I was. He leaned down and gave me a
scorching kiss.

He trailed kisses down my neck to my collarbone and gently massaged my breasts. The air around us seemed to heat up with our progress. He kneaded my breasts and sucked my nipples until I was in bliss. He told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me, how long he wanted me all through his ministrations.

I decided to have a little fun with him. Here I was naked except my panties and he still had his pants on. I tugged the hem of his pants and requipped them off of him and dropped them to the floor beside us. He shot bolt upright. I pressed my head down further into the pillowed and arched my back to lift my breasts closer to his face.

"It’s not fair if I’m the only one getting naked." I pouted at him in embarrassment. He grinned at me.

"Oh? Well then..." He crawled lower on the bed and ran his hand down my sides until he had each hand on the sides of my panties. He pressed his face to my stomach and nuzzled me, he trailed kisses from my bellybutton to the top of my panties. He looked up at me and grabbed them with his teeth making me squeak in surprise. He grinned at pulled them off of me.

I don’t shave so the patch of red pubic hair down there made me blush and I tried to embarrassedly cover it. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"It’s ok, I like it." He said to me and nuzzled his face in the hair above my vulva. I couldn’t help the moan I made and I pulled the sheets with my hands. He sniffed my hair and told me that I smelled nice.

I jolted upwards when I felt something warm and wet slide up my folds.

"Shush its ok." He told me.

"Erza...can I look at you...properly?" He asked me. I really wanted to say no. This was too embarrassing. Instead I nodded at him and lay back down. I let him part my legs because I wanted him to touch me. He kneeled between my legs and opened my folds. I shivered as he breathed out onto me.

I felt his mouth on me again and I whimpered. He licked all of my most private parts. His tongue circled my anus, it licked up to the top of my folds and back down again to lick in my private hole. I gasped and moved my legs up and down on the bed.

"You taste really nice Erza." He said while between my legs. I covered my face with my hands.

"Oh, don’t say that, its embarrassing!" He chuckled and the vibrations sent shivers through to my core making me moan. He rubbed the bud at the top of my folds and I bucked and gasped.

"Oh God!" I squeaked out. He really liked that.

"Oh...hmm." He said as he bent his face back down to my crotch. With one arm he kept my legs apart and with the other he tried to hold my hips down so that my bucking wouldn’t jar him off me. He kept licking and a certain place and let go of my leg. He traced my vagina with his thumb and gently pushed a finger inside me. I squeaked an unrecognizable sound and bucked up. I was panting.

"So, you are the noisy type..." He laughed after retrieving his finger.

"Ah...I’m sorry..." I mumbled embarrassed and humiliated into his pillow.

"I like it..." He said, while sucked on my folds. "It lets me know if you are happy or not..." He bit my fold making me yelp. He laughed it off and kissed my inner thigh. I sighed. In some ways he was still such a boy. He continued driving me crazing with his mouth. Every now and then I got a strange tingling in my nether regions and sometimes when his finger was inside me it touched something that made me cry out.

He added a second finger and spread them inside of me trying to widen me out. When he added a third finger he thrust too deeply and I yelped and pulled my leg up a bit.

"Im sorry!" He exclaimed and held both hands up for me to see.

"I-it's fine." I said and called him up to me with my hands. When he was close enough, I tugged the hem on his boxers. He grabbed my wrist.

"Uh…are you sure you want to look at it now? It’s nothing like it used to be you know. I don’t want to scare you..." He said trying to halt my actions.

"It’s going to happen, one way or another...and I didn’t think it would stay...tiny...forever." I fluttered my lashes at him while he looked flabbergasted.

"Tiny?! I was a kid! It was supposed to be small!" His whole face lit up like a cherry. I just sat up and eased his boxers to his knees.

"Oh." Was all I could say when his erection eagerly popped out at me. It was long and it was thick. I gulped and looked up at him.

"I-is it really going to fit?" I asked him. He took off his boxers and lay down on his back again.

"It’s alright if you take a better look..." He said but turned his face away. He was clearly as embarrassed as I was. I leaned over and trailed my hand over it. He shivered and it twitched. I tried to wrap my hand around it but my fingers wouldn’t touch. I bit my lip, dreading something this huge going into me.

"It’s so big...I can’t wrap my hand around it…" He let out a guttural groan. I decided to do something daring. There is no way this monster is going in my mouth but...I licked the slit, it tasted salty.

"Oh God!" He exclaimed and bucked forward. I used both my hands to massage his flesh but licked and sucked at the tip.

"Damnit Erza you have to stop now or else I won’t last!" Hearing him say that made me pause. I gave him one more teasing lick before I lay down next to him. It didn’t scare me as much anymore after touching it, and seeing how weak I could make him using it.

"I’m not afraid." I said looking up to him. "I know that it will hurt."

He kissed me and leaned on top of me, coving my body with his own. He massaged my breasts and sucked them. He moved his hips in a motion making friction between our genitals and I wrapped my legs around him. He squeezed my breasts and my hips and my butt cheeks and groaned while he gently sucked and nibbled my tender nipples. When I was panting and shivering under him, he asked,

"Im going to enter you now...are you sure you want to do this? There is no going back after this. No matter what happens we stay together and our one true home will always only be each other. You will me mine, and I will never let you be alone again. I will always be with you. Every day, everywhere." I didn’t know what to say to such romantic words.

"Yes, im sure. Please don’t ever leave me again." He kissed me and positioned himself at my core. He watched me as he entered me at first slowly until he reached my barrier.

"I’m going to go in quickly ok? Once I’m inside you, you can take your time adjusting." He told me and I nodded. He thrust himself inside of me and I cried out in pain and clenched his to me tightly. He didn’t stop until I took all of him inside me. I was happy to be this close to him but the pain was terrible. I bit my lip and looked into his beautiful green eyes as tears slid down my cheeks, he kissed them away.

I couldn’t hold my legs up around him anymore because of the pain so I dropped them down to the bed. He stroked my sides trying to relieve my tension, he kissed me and nuzzled me breasts and kneaded my flesh until the pain dulled to a throb.

"Im sorry," He said looking down at me sadly. "I didn’t want to hurt you..." He sighed.

"You are so delicate," He took one of my hands in his and kissed it. "And much smaller than me." All the love and awe in his voice made me feel so safe in his arms. I was strong. I could fight. But I knew that I wasn’t the strongest person out there. Having Jellal with made me feel proud and confident, and reassured that I wasn’t alone.

"Well...I have you to protect me..." I took his face in my hands and kissed his lips. "I am alright now, we can start over." I smiled at him. I let him continue his minstrels on me until my body started feeling hot with need. He moved his finger gingerly over my bundle of nerves, causing me to buck and further sheath him inside myself. I cried out. That was all he needed to start moving again.

He removed himself from me making me shiver at the hollow feeling he left behind. He decided to start thrusting shallowly to get me used to the motion. He touched my clit and squeezed my hip and sucked my breasts.

"More." I whimpered beneath him. He growled in pleasure and began thrusting into me faster and more deeply. We moaned and cried out, and more than one time I felt myself clench around him. He kissed me passionately and whispered promises into my neck. To love me forever, to be only mine, to protect me from everyone and everything, to stay by my side forever, to make me the happiest woman in the world, to always make sweet love to me, to give me all of his power and wealth, to give me the family be both deserve.

Each declaration made tears fall from my eyes. He meant them all. And I couldn’t love him more for them. Finally, he released himself inside of me. I squeezed him closer to me with my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me closer against him until he was pressed flush against me. When he tried to pull out of me, I used what little energy I had left to pull him back down.

"Stay..." With me, inside me, beside me. I didn’t know what so say but he simply used his magic to cover us with blankets. He stayed inside me. He lifted his head to look at my face between my cleavage. He lovingly fondled my breasts and cast chaste kisses on them and smiled brilliantly at me.

"I love you." I told him as I massaged his sculp and played with his soft, fluffy hair.

"I know, but I love you more." He told me and I smiled. It wasn’t true, not to me anyways. I was pretty sure I loved him more but I was too tired to argue. We fell asleep like this. In the thick atmosphere of our love, and our dreams for the future. A future together.
The next morning, I felt sore, sticky and smelly. I woke up first and I couldn’t move because Jellal was still asleep on top of me, as per my request. I took the time to admire his peacefully sleeping face nuzzled against my neck. If he hadn’t covered us, I would’ve gotten a good look at his butt. I bit my cheek at my sudden dirty thoughts. I haven’t ever shown interest in anyone before or had any bad thought about anyone but when it came to Jellal...It was like a hidden part of me awaken.
I became a different person. More natural person. I could see that I might grow dependant on him. I hated the feeling of relying on someone else but I felt safe with Jellal in that respect as well. I played with is hair, traced the unique pattern of his ears and traced his 'tattoo'. He once told me that It was actually a birthmark. I didn’t believe him because it seemed so intricate, but looking at it up close like could be. He hummed softly into my chest.
"Good morning." He leaned himself up to kiss me. I could feel him growing hard inside me, pulsing to life. Most of him had slipped out of me, but there was enough of him inside me to make my core throb.
"Good morning indeed." I teased as I clenched my vagina muscles around him teasingly. He moaned into my neck in his husky morning voice.
"I want you again" He told me but looked at me to see my response. I wasn’t going to say no to him. Not when he tried so hard last night. But I was still really sensitive.
"I want you." I told him and wrapped my legs around him.
"I’m a little sore and sensitive from last night though...I can feel you growing inside me." I pressed myself closer to him. He shivered and kneaded my breasts.
"Alright, we won’t take long then, and afterwards perhaps a bath?" He suggested.
"Will we bath together?" I asked innocently. "We can if you don’t mind me touching you a little bit? I don’t think I will be able to keep my hands off of you for a while." He said as he thrust into my sensitive core. I shivered and I cried out.
"Not at all." I told him making him shiver in anticipation. Once we were done, he covered me with the blanket and said he would come back for me after running us a bath. I soaked up the warmth and enjoyed his scent all around me. This was us. Somehow, we would have always ended up this way no matter what happened. I sat up and requipped my brush to get out and knots and tangles I found in my hair. I was done by the time Jellal came back to me.
I shyly lifted the covers and was about to move to the edge of the bed to get up when the bent down and scooped me up. I couldn’t protest. My bottom half hurt. He lowered me into the tub and climbed in behind me pulling me closer to him, between his thighs. He helped me wash my hair and he lathered my body while I just sat there and enjoyed.
I didn’t even know that I was humming softly until he was done washing me and started washing himself. I moved forward and turned around giving him a face full of my breasts.
"Turn around, I will wash your back." I told him. He complied if only for the fact that he knew I wasn’t ready to go again any time soon. I bled quiet a lot on his sheets. He said he wouldn’t wash them ever to keep them as a testimony of our first time. I told him that, that was creepy, he just grinned and told me it was one of his treasures now and requipped the sheet off of the bed.
I washed his back slowly and gently. He didn’t have many scar's but there were a few big ones.

"You look stronger and more experienced with your scars but mine probably look horrible." I told him from beside him.
"Nonsense you are gorgeous. But if they trouble you, I could remove them for you. You will just have to forget how each one of them made you stronger." He told be sincerely.
"I don’t personally mind them but I care about how I look to you." I told him after I washed him off and hung up his louver. He turned around again and leaned to the back of the bath, he beckoned me to come closer so I lay my chest to his belly.
"To me you will always be 'Erza' no matter what, I promise I will always love you. You are honestly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life! What’s a few scars? They are a testimony of your triumphs, you should wear them with pride, but try to receive as few as possible so that you know, when you get them it is because your opponent was truly a worthy foe. However, anyone who scar's your body and lives will have to deal with me, I certainly will not let anyone get away with hurting you." He told me. It made me smile.
"Thank you." I told him. He kissed the top of my head affectionately.
"You have to be hungry, what do you want to eat?" He asked me.
"Hmm…strawberry cake. Lots of it. Don’t worry, I don’t get fat." I joked with him. He just smiled and summoned his communication lacrama. He ordered a strawberry cake and a batch of chocolate brownies from a bakery in Era to be delivered to his apartment shortly.
"Regrettably, I have to work a bit today, usually I’m not so busy, which is one of the reasons I joined Fairy Tail instead of just seeking you out." He told me.
"I am in charge of magical records and keys in the council so I don’t need to do much unless something is added or changed or needs to be approved or rejected." He told me. “I would still like to keep up my power and I am pretty sure I am capable of achieving even higher power as I am still young and learning, but my power is enough for me for now, and I hardly care for reputation."
We got out the bath and he towel dried me. I was trying to dry my hair as much as possible when he used his magic to draw in all the left-over moisture into his hand over to the bath. I requipped into my blue pyjama’s with stars. He just rose an eye brow.
"You said you needed to work so you do that, I am going to sleep in your lovely comfy bed that smells like you." I told him and puffed my cheeks out. He laughed and came to hug me. He tucked me in his bed and smoothed out my hair over the pillowslip.
"I will leave the cake in the fridge for when you want it. I will be in my office down the hall if you need me, feel free to explore around." He told me. I smiled at him and pulled his face closer to mine for another kiss, before I closed my eyes and let sleep claim me.
I woke up being snuggled. Jellal was sleeping behind me, cuddling up and wrapped his arm over me tightly. I definitely felt more recovered after a longer sleep but now I had a dilemma. I needed to pee and Jellal was keeping me in my place. I couldn’t try to move his arm because his hand was wrapped in my hair and it would be impossible to untangle the strands from his fingers. For that same reason I was unable to try and turn around. Wasn’t he supposed to be working?
"Jellal?" I whispered out. Why am I whispering? I just couldn’t make my voice louder for some reason. Dammit this is serious, I have to go! I held his hand and wiggled to the best of my capability trying to free myself.
"...Mine..." He huffed out and squeezed me tighter to himself.
"Jellal, I really need to go to the bathroom, if you are awake let me up." He didn’t change. Breathing was the same and his hold was even tighter. At least I managed to face him before he pulled me in but now one of my arms were pressed between us and the other was squished under me.
"Jellal!" I whispered more loudly. I thought about trying to grab his crotch to wake him up but I was too shy to be that forward with him. He was strong. His hold was like an iron grip. I started kissing him, hoping that it would wake him up. He kissed me back just a bit was he was still clearly out cold. That’s it. I bit his nose.
"Eeep!" He yelped awake and jumped back.
"Why?!" He asked me rubbing his nose. I couldn’t stop the blush.
"I really need to go the bathroom and as much as I was enjoying laying with you, you were trapping me in your hold!" I told him before I almost ran to the bathroom hearing him laugh behind me. Jerk! It’s not funny! I refreshed myself, requipped my necessities and requipped into form fitting black leggings and a long-sleeved black dress. When I walked out of the bathroom he said,
"How, do you always look so good?" I looked down at myself, I wasn’t wearing anything special.
"I don’t know what you mean, this is casual wear." I told him.
"I guess you always look sexy to me." He said seductively.
"S-sexy?!" I squeaked. He laughed and came to hold me.
"Of course. Let’s go eat? When you were asleep, I could hear your stomach growling." I gasped and tried to pull away in indignation, he just grinned and kept a firm hold on me. We went to the kitchen and he took out our treat boxes. He took out two plates and handed a fork to me. He showed me where everything in the kitchen was in case I needed to find something.
"I thought you had work to do?" I asked. I didn’t want to be alone here but I knew that one shouldn’t shirk their job.
"I’m doing it." He told me and I raised an eyebrow. He didn’t look like he was working to me.
"I needed to get a few things from my office at the council and I might have needed to check records there as well, and I didn’t want to leave you so I sent my projection to take care of it for me, while I stayed here with you." He told me. I couldn’t help the shy smile I gave him. He told me to enjoy my cake while he decides what we were going to do for the remainder of the day.
"Erza?" "Hm?" "In about a week I have to go to a meeting for the guild masters and the council, I don’t know if you would want to go, I mean it’s mostly old geezers and too much alcohol, and we don’t exactly have a public relationship yet, but we are allowed to bring dates if we desire to...would you accompany me? I underst-"
"Of course." I cut him off and gave him a kiss. He smiled but continued,
"They will most definitely ask us personal questions and I would prefer to be honest, but would you really be alright if people knew? About Our family?" He asked me. He knew it was important to me before and wanted to make sure I understood that this was serious.
"I love my friend and as my partner. I don’t think we have ever really seen each other as relations, and we are distantly related enough for it not to really matter unless people try to blow it out of proportion." I told him. He considered my words and smiled.
"So, I could announce our relationship? It wouldn’t be a problem for you?" He asked me.
"I don’t mind" I smiled at him "It won’t change anything between us."
Tonight, is the guild masters and council’s gathering. The last week has been filled with awkwardness for multiple reasons, and the guild reacted in different ways. Gray said he wanted me to be happy but seemed a bit sad. Natsu wanted to fight Jellal, he didn’t care about or realise the change in our relationship or our predicament.

"Natsu!? Don’t you remember what happened the last time you challenged him!?" Screeched Lucy, trying to pull Natsu back. That’s right. We were kids and Jellal wiped the floor with poor Natsu.

"Knock it off!" I growled out at him.

"Aye!" Natsu squeaked and hid behind Lucy. Beside me Jellal laughed. So embarrassing!

"Natsu stop over reacting I am not that scary!?" I yelled at him.

"Help someone, she is planning to kill me! Trying to lure me into a false sense of security!? Ahhh!" And Natsu bolted out of the guild running for his life.

"You can be scary sometimes Erza..." Lucy told me and Jellal was on the floor laughing. I decided to ignore Jellal because he was making my embarrassment worse. Lucy sat down to eat some cake with me, while Jellal was laughing about something with Mira.

"So, I know it’s...seen as wrong, but Jellal and I have started a relationship with each other. You know that I used to like him..." I trailed off trying to seek Lucy's approval.

"Well I want you both to be happy. I don’t see a problem really but there are things to think about Erza." I’m pretty sure that I thought of everything at this point.

"Erza don’t you want to have children?" Lucy asked and the question hit me like a ton of bricks. Children? Not any time soon, but one day yes, of course I wanted to start a family with the man I loved.

"Im not saying it’s impossible, but you need to be very careful Erza. Children between relations often end up deformed or disabled. You could adopt! Or perhaps get someone else to be the other parent? Like if you had a child with Gray or if Jellal had a child with Ultear, the child would still be yours...sort of. Maybe you will be lucky and carry a healthy baby yourself you know! I guess my mind just sort of blew things out of whack! I’m sorry Erza! I shouldn’t have brought it up!"

"Lucy!" Natsu interrupted her turret of apologies "We have to get going or we will be late for our job!"
"Crap! I totally forgot! Erza I’m sorry about what I said please forgive me? Pretend it never happened! You know I support you want me to stay here with you? The job is easy, Natsu can do it himself..."

"No way did you forget the reward was a gate key?!" Yelled Natsu from the guild doors.

"It’s fine Lucy, I’m supposed to go to the guild masters meeting with Jellal tonight." My lips felt dry anticipating similar conversations in the near future.

"You go with Natsu, and don’t worry about it, I’m not upset, honestly I haven’t even thought about things like that. Just trying to adapt to the current situation before thinking of the future implications..." I reassured her. She hesitantly left with Natsu and I finished my strawberry cake. Jellal came up behind me and hugged me. Some onlookers 'awed' and some just thinned their lips. I knew Fairy Tail would support us but it still wouldn’t change the abnormality of our relationship.

Most of the guild were intimated by Jellal but a few members overlooked the discomfort to try and make him feel welcomed. They said things like 'Good luck taming that tiger!', 'Their kids could destroy the world!', 'Got you 'round 'er 'lil finger?', 'Here drink with me! hic No better way to celebrate! hic', 'Who would’ve thought that Titania could be so timid! Whoever you are wherever you came from, please don’t ever leave!', 'Another saint in the guild?! Fairy Tail will rule the world!', 'I don’t care who you are, if you make Erza cry I will beat ya to a pulp!', and my personal worst, 'When's the wedding?!'. I wanted to get married. I did love Jellal but getting married in front of so many judging eyes?

And no priest who knew of our relation would marry us. This type of relationship is highly taboo to the religious. Slowly people opened up around Jellal and now a week later they don’t care who he is anymore because he is one of us. I did fear that Fairy Tail would be looked down on now because of us. I needed to take a job soon. I have a lot on money saved but jobs are the only ways that I let off steam and gain a sense of tranquillity.

Master had already left the guild by the time we came back and announced our relationship. It was my idea since I knew I couldn’t hide things from them and also to see how the news affected them for the future.

Jellal has been spending a lot of time in his office doing something that he says is work related, but perhaps he is trying to find answers to any questions thrown our way. What I dread most is that both of his parents will be there to belittle us.

Jellal has worked so hard to build a name for himself, to see it torn to pieces just for loving me? It would rip my heart out. I tried to ask him about his parent but he just said 'they don’t matter'. Not to us perhaps but to the media and associates it will. He gave me the option of keeping it secret but there isn’t a point if we know we will be together for the rest of our lives.

It was almost time to leave. Jellal was already dressed in his body suit, covered by his formal tunic with his crest of the council in the front and the saints on the back. The saints and the council members were obligated to wear the crests of their organisation for legal reasons, and just in case a serious fight broke out, it was safer for him to wear his battle gear. Though it didn’t make me feel any more confident.

My 17th birthday was coming up and that would also make some news. I was older than him. It was only three months but even if it were a day it would create gossip. I requipped into an ankle length dark blue satin dress that slit up both sides till the hips but frilled out in soft lace around the waistline. The chest was anointed with crystals making it shine, the back was bare, as well as my arms and the soft satin wrapped around my neck. Jellal said it was more beautiful than the night sky. I wore my white furred overcoat that looked like fluffy clouds. Jellal said I had pretty feet and that I should wear open sandals, so I chose glass slippers and painted my nails on my hands and feet a deep scarlet.

I felt wonderful knowing that he approved. I wanted to wear my hair up but Jellal pouted childishly and complained that he couldn’t touch it then. That wasn’t really the point but it would make me feel less nervous so I left my hair down and used a diamond diadem on my head since a necklace wouldn’t fit my outfit, and I kept on my bracelet and my ring from Jellal. I never removed those if I could help it. We needed to stay the night there and we would leave in the morning. I couldn’t help but feel nauseous for the events about to unfold.
Here we are at the Clover meeting hall. Our guild mates told us they would watch the thirty-minute broadcast to support us from afar. Jellal led me to the room by wrapping an arm around my waist. If I were simply a 'date' or some lady of the evening it was etiquette for him to only lend me his arm.

Our closeness was the first thing those who noticed us enter saw. I had once attended the guild masters meeting on behalf of master because he had to be away at the time, Mira was ill and Laxus was out on a mission with The Thunder Legion, so I was the last resort. I knew relatively where it was safe to sit.

The last time I was here I was mercilessly harassed by male and female guild masters, obsessed over my 'cuteness' or my 'appeal'. Master was one of the people to first notice us and it would be polite to greet him and explain why I was here. We joined masters table and immediately I felt sick in my stomach and shivers ran my spine.

'Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff.' "Ah my honey Erza, your parfum is as lovely as ever!" I 'kyaa'd’ in alarm and Jellal brought his fist down to Ichiya's face.

"Back off!" Growled Jellal as Ichiya hit a pillar and slid to the floor. So much for discretion. Everyone’s eyes slid to us. Jellal narrowed his eyes at Ichiya and shook in fury.

"Is this the parfum of rejection, maaaan?!" We ignored him and took our seats at masters table. Obviously Ichiya was here in master Bob's stead.

"Hello master." I smiled shyly. Masters mouth hung open in horror and surprise, and he poured his ale all over the table.

"Good evening Jura, Gildarts, master Warred." I politely greeted.

"Erza, why are you here?" Master asked me finally finding his voice.

"I," Jellal began in order to direct the attention from me to him. "Invited her as my plus one."

Everyone looked at him then at me and he sipped his champagne proudly.

"I see." Jura recovered first. "It is always a pleasure miss Scarlet." He gave me a friendly smile.

Yes, sitting with our allies was definitely a good choice. Many people were still watching us so Jellal linked his pinkie with mine under the table. We had both seen his parents in the furthest corner of the room stare at us, their eyes bore into us, as many others did, but Jellal insisted that it was better to ignore them for as long as we could. He seemed more nervous than me and that was saying something.

"If you don’t mind my asking," Began Ichiya. "What exactly is your relationship with my honey?"

"We are officially together, miss Scarlet," Jellal brushed my cheek affectionately "Is my girlfriend, and we have known each other for a very long time." I blushed and smiled at Jellal.

"No. She. Is. Not." I bit my lip. Our table turned to look behind us. Anna was walking up to us. "At the most she is only a distant relative of ours."

At the mention of our relation the room grew still. Oh no, the rest of the evening would definitely be hell. Tears pricked my eyes but I willed them away.

"Hahahaha!" Master laughed out. "Often times cousins are betrothed to each other, and their relations aren’t strong enough to cause any serious harm." Master concluded and stroked his beard.

"Surely their love for each other is what’s most important." Jura added hesitantly.

"Of course not. There is no real love between them, this little tramp has been trying to seduce him since they were very young and it was necessary to separate them for their own good."

"How dare you speak that way to Erza!" Jellal stood up to look down at his mother with animosity.

"And how dare you raise your voice to your mother!" She all but snarled out at him.

"My 'mother'?! You are no family of mine!" Jellal all but hissed out to her. Anna lifted her hand to her mouth and let fake tears fall from her eyes. She tried to reach out and touch Jellal’s face but he grabbed her wrist and threw her arm away from his person.

"Erza is the only reason I know how to love in the first place! Now leave, surely Acnologia is company enough for you." Jellal took his seat and turned his back to her, effectively ending their conversation. I could see his cheek taut and his jaws clenching. I moved my chair closer to his and grabbed his hand under the table. I stroked his hand till he stopped shivering and his fist became lax. I laced my fingers through his.

"I am terribly sorry about that." Jellal apologized to our table, through the silence of the room. His eyes were downcast and we felt the judgement of the entire hall. Things remained quiet. But our table quickly became livelier as more of our friends joined it.

"You are one lucky maaan, Jellal-sama." Said Ichiya trying to lighten the mood. Jellal laughed lightly and scratched the back of his neck.

"Indeed I am. I’ve loved Erza since we were very young." He looked at me and smiled fondly.

"Yes, stealing kisses under the mistletoe and getting me in trouble." I added and the table burst out laughing.
"H-hey! They were innocent kisses! We were kids! You can’t honestly still be mad about that!?" He asked in false afront. I laughed at him when his cheeks lit up like flames and he blabbered on about how it wasn’t really a big deal.

"Don’t worry I still love you" I joked trying to reduce his tension. He grinned stupidly and drew my chin closer to him.

"You're such a tease! Kiss me then." I gasped as his lips met mine and his eyes closed. There were a few gasps around the room, and a 'Jellal!' was heard somewhere in the room. After a moment I kissed him back and closed my eyes. Forget about them, just forget that they are here. We'll be ok.

That’s what our kiss said. We broke apart and he grinned at me.

"Aw look, your cheeks are all red! You are so adorable!" He chided me and the table erupted in laughter again. Later when the reporters came to interview us, we were more relaxed and explained that we were in a relationship.

'But' started the reporter who had interviewed Jellal for his wizard saint promotion 'You told us just a few weeks ago that you had promised your heart to someone a very long time ago, what about her?' I showed them my left hand and told them that it was a promise ring Jellal had given me on my sixth birthday.

Jellal tried to shield me from most of the reporters. 'At your 6th birthday?!' The reporter had exclaimed 'Wow kids grow up quickly these days! Talk about young love.'

"About that, Jellal grabbed the attention of every reporter when he kneeled down on one knee and looked up at me through his bangs. I honestly didn’t know what was going on. Some excited chattering and screeching could be heard in the distance.

"Do you remember when we were 4years old and we met at Grandpa Redfox's funeral, the promise I made to you under the table?" I honestly couldn’t remember. I felt my cheeks grow hot out of embarrassment.

"I told you," He brought a navy-blue velvet box out of his pants pocket "That when we were older...I was going to marry you." He held the box out in front of me and opened the lid. Inside was the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen.

I felt overwhelmed because of all the people around us. I would’ve said yes if he asked me in private but all of their judging eyes on us...and for heaven’s sake we haven’t even talked about this! The ring was the finest silver, it was crafted to look thin and silky like pools of satin and lace. Small dark blue stones and light blue stones that I didn’t know the names of and diamonds were glittered around the ring elegantly like water droplets. In the centre of the ring were delicately crafted tiny hands holding out a beautiful heart shaped diamond. I needed more time to think about this but I couldn’t reject him.

"And," He continued, oblivious to my mental breakdown, "When we were six and you accepted my promise ring, I told you that if you still wanted me when we were older that I would craft you a special engagement ring..." He looked up at me for approval. "This is our life, who says we are too young to love? Or that we are wrong in any way, when we have found that love that those who would judge us won’t ever find because they don’t even know what love is. Will you marry me Erza? I promise to make you the happiest woman in the universe. Everything that’s mine is already yours, including my heart. Please accept it?" He looked at me and silent, hopeful, desperate tears ran down his cheeks and he earnestly looked up at me.

"Of course, I will marry you, you idiot. I love y-you." Tears ran down my face in torrents and I sniffled loudly.

"Oh, Gods thank you!" He placed the ring on the same finger as my promise ring, pushing it further down my finger so that both cold fit comfortable. He kissed me and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Now wait just a minute." We broke apart, both staring at master. Our entire table and some places in the hall cheered merrily for us. Everyone seemed shocked at the master’s serious tone.

"As the master of Fairy Tail I view each of you as my children. You were supposed to ask my permission to propose to Erza." Some people laughed at the horrified look on Jellal's face.

"I'll let you get away with it this time, scoundrel, but you better believe that when the time comes, I am the one walking her down the aisle! You hear me brat?" Some people, like me just gaped at the master, while Jellal was nodding his head to all of the masters demands, none of which he hadn’t promised me himself already but at least everyone was enjoying themselves. Elsewhere other reporter swarmed Acnologia and Anna with questions about us and how they felt about everything.

We didn’t see Jellal’s parents again before we left, thankfully, but at the end of the week we would see what his parents and some select few saints and council members said in the magazine. We were too tired to do much of anything so when we arrived back at Magnolia, we collapsed on my bed exhausted and burnt out.

We were going to look for a new apartment for Jellal here in Magnolia but Jellal insisted on designing our house himself, so basically all we had to look for was a nice plot to have it built on. Jellal insisted on adding 'new technology' to our house’s designs, such as a solar powered lift instead of stairs. He also said that we would need to take in all of our needs before drawing blue prints, as I personally needed storage for my armors and also a spacious workshop to work in.

Jellal needed a training room, we both did, but he required some special limitations for his own because the room needed to be magic proof and it had to be able to withstand damage. A lot of thought was to go into the design but Jellal insisted that he would complete it himself as an engagement present.

My thoughts twisted and turned until my head thought it was going to explode. I decided to freshen up before bed in case I woke up in another iron grip. Tomorrow we would go to a doctor to place temporary infertility spells on us both. We agreed that it was too soon and we didn’t truly know if it would be safe for us to have children later in life.

I went to sleep thinking...things weren’t as bad as we thought they were.
Miss Polyusica has been a physician for Fairy Tail for many years and since we didn’t want any more privacy of our lives being exploited, we had made an appointment with her for our infertility spells.
She would do me first since she already knew my medical condition. We stepped into her office and Jellal started filling in forms with his information for miss Polyusica to look over before casting her spell on him. I decided to go to the private room with her while Jellal was busy.
She decided to do a complete body check-up before we started because of her ethics. She wanted to make sure all of my past injuries had properly healed. Once she was satisfied with my condition, she asked me to disrobe so that she could give my sexual health a check-up and record it in my file before she cast her spell.
My breasts were healthy, no damage from my many battles. My vulva was a healthy colour inside, perfect pink. And now to check my ovaries and cervix. She 'hmm'd’ and narrowed her eyes looking closely at the screen.
"Your cervix shouldn’t be this closed together, it causes problems during the menstrual cycle. When last was your period?" She asked me.
"A few months ago, honestly. I don’t know if it’s the stress of my job but I often skip periods." I told her. It wasn’t anything new. I only had my first period when I was almost 15 and not even a handful till now and Im only almost 17.
"I see. And your ovaries seem healthy. Alright I can cast the spell now. It won’t affect your menstrual cycle but it will make your eggs infertile until it wears off. This spell should last for about 5years but you should come back to see me every six months in order to check up on the strength of the spell." She said, and once I was redressed, she placed her palm over where my uterus should be.
She thinned her lips and asked me to come back into her office to see if Jellal was finished with his forms yet. I took a seat next to Jellal and miss Polyusica picked up his file to take a look through it.
"You have never been tested for STD's or had a prostate examination?" She quarried Jellal.
"I have never had a sexual partner before so I didn’t think an STD check-up was important and no... I didn’t think it was necessary to have a prostate or scrotum examination..." He told her.
"Some STD's are inheritory. I would insist that you go into that room and fill each of these tubes with a sample of your urine and semen." Jellal’s face lit up like a cherry.
"O-ok..." He stuttered taking the vials and entering the room I had just come out from.
"And boy," She began. "Prepare yourself for a full examination." The implications weren’t missed as he gulped and almost ran from the room. She got up to follow him when he shouted from the other room that he was done.
"That was awfully fast." Exclaimed miss Polyusica making me blush.
"I heard that!" yelled Jellal from the other room. My face must have been as red as a tomato by the time that they returned and Jellal looked most uncomfortable. I heard yelps and curses from the other room that made me pity Jellal.
"Well miss Scarlet you certainly are a lucky woman, he," She looked at me. "Is a specimen to be proud of." My face could’ve exploded from embarrassment. How could she say it so casually?!
"And he is of excellent health." She said as Jellal hesitantly seated himself. "Weren't we supposed to both get an infertility spell though?" He reminded her.

"There will be no need for that." She told us and she put away our files. "Fertilization has already taken place, Erza should be about a week along." Her words. That wasn’t English was it? Not one of her words made any sense to me.
"I tried to cast my spell on Erza but I couldn’t because she has only recently been impregnated. And at 16 as well. You really should have waited until you were at least in your mid-twenties until starting a family, the irresponsibility of kids today!" Her words slowly sunk in and I let my hair fall over my face.
I didn’t know what my expression would look like or what Jellal’s face would look like but this definitely wasn’t in either of our recent plans. Would Jellal be angry? He hasn’t shown me his temper yet but I remember him having quiet the explosive temper. Would the child be deformed or disabled? I knew miss Polyusica was against abortion but perhaps that is what’s best. I couldn’t be a mother yet.
And then it hit me like a cold bucket of water. I was a mother. And I was thinking of killing my baby. The child of the person I loved.
"If you don’t mind," Sighed miss Polyusica. "I have another appointment soon. Should I schedule appointments for you for every 4weeks to see how the baby comes along? Erza?" She asked me but I felt like if I opened my mouth the only thing that would come out would be my stomach contents.
"That...would be fine..." Jellal spoke for us. He got up slowly like he expected the floor to give way beneath his feet. He stroked my arms and patted my head affectionately.
"Come Erza, lets walk home and make something to eat. We will feel better once we've eaten." I slowly got up and followed him out of miss Polyusica’s house. My thoughts felt empty and my whole body felt numb. Jellal took my hand and linked our fingers together. He brushed his lips over my knuckles and gave them a soft kiss.
"Do you maybe want to get some cake on the way home?" He asked me trying to cheer me up. I’m not sad or upset. At the moment I’m not anything. I feel nothing. I managed to shake my head 'no'. No, I did not want cake right now. I didn’t know I was crying until Jellal locked my bedroom door behind me and came up to me to wipe my tears away.
" are scaring me." He said as he pulled my face to his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around me.
"Im sorry." I whispered into his chest.
"Nothing to be sorry for, nothing’s wrong and nothing’s changed." He tried to sound so reasonable. I cried louder. Everything was going to be different now. Didn’t he understand? We were having a baby. And everything about our situation was wrong or difficult. We were basically still kids. And, come to think of it. The public will believe that this baby is why Jellal wanted to marry me.
My heart broke in a thousand pieces. I didn’t notice because I was too distracted but Jellal ran his fingers through my hair, his body was shaking and my head was becoming damp from his tears. He must be just as scared as I am.
"We." I gasped out and clenched my fingers in his tunic. "Are having a baby." I sniffed and whispered "...Jellal." His grip on me tightened.
He let me go and pushed me down onto my bed. He took off our shoes and climbed up my body and pulled me further up the bed. He cupped my face and kissed me until I gasped for breath, until I started kissing him back.
He removed his jacket, then mine. He kicked off his pants and threw his shirt to a corner in my room. He unzipped my dress and pulled my arms out of it, and pulled it past my hips and threw it on the floor. He trailed his hand up my leg and positioned one of his knees at my core. His hand gently caressed my torso and came up to grasp one of my breasts.
I gasped out and he claimed my mouth. I couldn’t stop crying, but I didn’t feel numb anymore, finally I felt the sadness. He unclasped my bra and gently removed it and dropped it on the floor. He nuzzled his face into my breasts and massaged my breasts with his large hands. He removed my panties and stroked my womanhood lovingly.
"We," He started after removing his underwear and climbing over me between my legs. "Will love our baby no matter what." And he kissed me, thrusting his erection against my clitoris. I cried out and he swallowed my cries with his kisses. When he felt that I was ready he pressed himself against my opening and entered me slowly and sensually. Once he was fully sheathed inside me, he pulled out a little to thrust back into me.
"We aren’t ready to be parents." I whimpered into his ear. He kissed me and sped up his thrusts and ministrations on my clit.
"We will be the best parents ever." He told me as he nibbled one of my nipples in his mouth. We cried out as he thrust out our release. He leaned his forehead against mine and the tears ran down my face as I told him what I truly felt above all else.
"Im so scared." His eyes widened and tears filled his eyes. He pulled himself out of me and covered us under the duvet cover, He pulled me over to his chest.
"If you don’t want to have a baby now, we do have options." I felt cold as I thought that he was also considering abortion.
"We could simply enchant the baby to remain as it is inside your womb until we are ready to become parents..." He trailed off.
"We could neutralize it before it really becomes a baby..." He meant kill it.
"Or..." He trailed off and held me tightly to his body. "We can do this together. We could prepare ourselves for the baby while we wait for the birthing day. By then our new home should be completed and a nursery will be set up. At least we found out early enough to make proper preparations, right?" He started playing with my hair.
"Also, we have to take into account that your work is dangerous and we might lose the baby...we shouldn’t tell anyone for as long as possible." He ran his hands down my back to grab a handful of my rear.
"We, will need to get married soon. I don’t care for society but I think we should be married before the baby is born if we do have the baby. It would make early upbringing easier for us both." It was pretty obvious that he wanted to have the baby.
"Who would marry us?" I asked. I was listening to him very closely but my silence must have been a bit discerning. And it was a valid question. No church would marry us.

"I have a few ideas." He told me. "I will need to look into them."
My tears stopped but I couldn’t stop feeling sad. And honestly, I resented Jellal a little bit. We both grew up so quickly. It wasn’t his fault on his part, but he heavily influenced my thoughts and choices in life since I was a child, and now I was having a child. And I wasn’t ready. I really wanted to castrate Jellal. We would try to make this work.
Jellal held my hair out of my face as I heaved into the toilet bowl. Warred Sequin officially married us a two weeks ago. Master and Ultear came as witnesses. Wizard saints were considered as good as ministers so we did have a few options, Jellal said that when we were settled, we could renew our vows and have a more public wedding.

We had a few friends come by as well. Mostly guild members. They were the only family we really had now. Surprisingly Gray and Jellal got along really well and Jellal surprised us even more when he and Laxus reunited as long-lost friends.

Laxus had become somewhat of a bully over the years but he seemed to be becoming his true self now. I recalled a story Jellal shared with us once, about him almost getting struck by lightning and some kid ate the lightning and laughed at him. So that was when they met.

Honestly our small wedding was all I needed. It was actually perfect as it was. Private and out of the public eye where we could be ourselves. The media was currently all about us. Our marriage was announced by master and he shared a few pictures of it.

Jellal made our wedding rings. They were beautiful. Every one of our friends cried behind they story. At first everyone was confused when Gray brought out the 'rings' and only one ring sat on the cushion. Natsu and Gray got into a fight because Natsu thought Gray lost one of the rings.

They stopped when I asked them If they wanted to ruin my wedding and Gray swore he didn’t even open the box. Jellal just laughed at everyone and beckoned for Gray to bring him the box. My finger was smaller than Jellal’s so he had to magically resize it but our wedding rings fit into each other just like our bracelets.

My ring wasn’t round and circular but it was shaped as seven stars linked together, each star was perfectly embedded with a smoothly cut star shaped diamonds. Jellal's ring looked like the stencil to mine only the shapes of the stars that were removed were left open exposing a small amount of skin and smooth diamond finely outlined each of the stars. Each ring actually looked like the crown of a king and a queen.

Jellal told everyone that when we were 4years old he wasn’t allowed to see me so he used his magic to create a birthday present for me out of the pure metal from one of the meteors he brought to Earthland while training, and shaped it as stars because it was what he liked the most about his magic. He sent it to me when I was home in my room on my 5th birthday.

And on his 5th birthday, Christmas day, when we were lucky enough to see each other again I gave him the bracelet that I made him from a salvaged meteorite my mother had left there after her training. That the bracelet he made me fit perfectly inside of the one I made him and that I told him, we were two halves of a whole and that even if we were apart, that we would always be together.

Our wedding rings were supposed to embody that belief so it only felt right to him, like we had come full circle to create grander versions of our promise, that we would wear until the day we died, and hope that the stars let us have eternity together, which was the symbolism for the 7 stars.

I couldn’t even form words through the happy tears I shed and all of our friends were crying as well. Jellal said that one day we will give our bracelets to our future child and give them the hope of finding a true love as well. Perhaps that would be our family tradition.

None of that mattered to me in the present however, as my throat burnt from vomiting. Morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks some days after our wedding. I was barely showing but this child wanted itself to be known.

"I really don’t want you to watch me throw up my guts, it’s very un-sexy." I told Jellal who handed me a glass of water to wash my mouth out with and rubbed circles on my back. I barely had time to wipe my mouth when his lips were on mine. I tried to push him off because let’s be real. That was disgusting!

"I don’t care how unsexy you think you look, you will always be drop dead gorgeous to me, even if you spent a week with diarrhea." He joked. He was never not cute.

"Did my mouth taste nice?" I asked him and I rose an eyebrow. I knew it was impossible since I was reaching for the mouth wash for a reason.

"Horrible, terrible but still, your kisses are worth it." He told me and kissed my nose. Jellal finished our new houses blue prints and hired the best constructors to build it. He said he intended to build the house himself at first but now he just wants to stay with me.

Though using long distance magic in order to live two lives was really starting to drain him and he slept a lot these days. 'Seigrain' would be at work and Jellal would be with me but even if it seemed that simple and that the projection was easy to maintain, it wasn’t. Every second that his projection existed split his consciousness and drained his energy.

I seemed tired lately because of this baby so we have taken to midday naps together, but even still, as long as his projection was around draining his energy no amount of 'rest' would help him recover. I convinced him to work in person because of that reason. Long distance permanent projection was costing him and I wasn’t allowed to be in his office at the council so he opted to work from his apartment in Era.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust me or that he truly thought something might happen to me while he was away, I think he just enjoys my company and misses me too much now when we are apart. I feel the same. And sadly, it was because of this agreement we have that I agreed to leave missions until after the baby is born. For his health, for my safety and for the baby's sake.

I felt horrible letting Jellal look after me. I wanted to earn my own money and have my own flexibility. I know he wanted to look after me and that he certainly earned enough that it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t work but it just felt so cliché and made me feel weak and depressed.

We had two more check-ups at miss Polyusica’s and well we can’t see much at the moment. She said the baby was healthy though so I suppose that’s enough for now. Jellal says his father came to his office once to talk to him about us. He didn’t say anything too horrible or positive but he said he would like to have a place in Jellal's life. That he wasn’t dead yet and even if the only reason Jellal will let him remain in his life is my teaching him more magic then that is what he will do. Jellal said he awkwardly tried to hug his dad and told him that he can forgive him but he needs some time before they can form any kind of bond. After all, Jellal wanted to focus more on being a father, not bonding as a son.

Jellal often touched my stomach when we lay in bed talking. I miss the guild already. We decided that if the fifth month of the pregnancy is smooth that we will share the news with them, as well as the public.

There was another guild master meeting coming up and Jellal said he didn’t really want to go and that I shouldn’t go if he does end up going. I told him that he had to go because, well he just does, it’s part of his job, and I will go with him.

I needed to search my requip for a dress that’s relatively loose hanging. I sat on his bed and requipped my brush but before I could start brushing my hair, it was stolen out of my hand by Jellal who started gently brushing my hair. He really was too sweet. He lay with me in bed until I was feeling better then we went to his office so that he could work.

I took to polishing my weapons and armor while he worked most days, but lately I have been interested in reading. At first, I started with books about adventures, I loved those the most. But then I started wishing for the characters to get together and my wishes were usually unanswered and I had to take out my sexual frustration on poor Jellal, although he always seemed oddly happy about me dominating him.

I have moved onto adult novels. As long as the story is good and its loaded with smut I am satisfied. Sex also feels so much better now! It could be because of the pregnancy hormones or maybe im just getting used to the way our lives are going to be now. And for some reason I have a craving to eat meat lately. It’s not like I don’t eat meat, but I want it more often now and my strawberry cake just doesn’t taste right anymore.

Jellal bought me one to cheer me up but I couldn’t get away from it fast enough! The sweet smell of the strawberries turned my stomach 180 and I had to wrench my guts. We read about pregnancies having effects like these on woman but to different severities. Mine was probably the worst type of consequence imaginable. Who could imagine being repulsed by your most favourite treat? Inconceivable!

Every morning Jellal makes us both a huge breakfast. At first, I thought he was trying to make me fat. But after tossing my cookies day after day I saw that his motives were to force my body to accept some of the food. And speaking of fat. My firm toned body hasn’t become fat or flabby but it has become softer and squishier. Years of hard work on my muscles lost.

Jellal says he likes me being extra soft as much and he likes me fit. He left the room with at least three new bumps on his head. How dare he imply I am unfit just because I can’t do many activities now. I snuck into his training room and used his equipment. He tried to drag me out saying he didn’t mean I wasn’t fit but that I needed to be soft and squishy during the pregnancy.

I don’t know what I looked like to him but he opted to leave me to my own devices and ran out the room covering the bumps on his head. I would like to think I am a happy person but this pregnancy has made me depressed for many reasons. Jellal assumes the child will be fine like any other child but I can’t help but fear what would happen if it came out wrong. All this damage to my body for a child that would be an abomination? I hated thinking that way about our baby but what if it was like that? Could I really endure that? What would happen to my relationship with Jellal? I couldn’t nurture a child like that, even if it was ours it still would never have a proper life and it would just make us look so much worse to the rest of the world.

It would say loud and clear that they were all right and we were wrong. I don’t think I could deal with holding my baby knowing I had forced the consequences of a horrible fate on it. Things would be slow until the next guild masters meeting. I can’t even imagine the questions they will ask us. And we needed to see miss Polyusica for our 13th week check-up the day after.

The first time I attended the meeting with Jellal we didn’t stay the night for the meeting the next morning, he had taken us back to his apartment and sent his projection for the meeting. I
know that he probably had to deal with a lot of criticism for the happenings of the previous night, but when he came home, he just smiled and told me the congratulations from other people who supported us. That’s just like him. He wants to comfort me when I am sad but won’t ask for my comfort. I just hope that being close to him all the time is somehow a comfort to him.
The guild masters meeting this time was at the port or Hargeon, so I wore a white bikini under a loose fitting pale blue dress and wore my hair in a loose braid over my shoulder. I wore my engagement ring above my wedding ring on my wedding finger and my promise ring on my right hand on the same finger.

I know men don’t usually wear jewellery but I wanted to make Jellal a special ring or a necklace that he can always wear.

Lately we have been thinking of getting a kitten. Well I suggested it. As practice for the baby. Jellal looked a bit unhappy about it, saying you can’t treat a cat like a new-born baby. It wouldn’t give us any experience, it would just be a pet. I couldn’t disagree with him but I did sometimes feel sad because Jellal was my only company most days.

I used to be surrounded by people but now I felt so isolated. I told him I was starting to feel unsocial and that I really hated it. I want us to go back to Magnolia. He told me our house should be basically finished in a months’ time so if I wanted to announce the baby at our fourth month instead of the fifth, we can.

I know he wasn’t isolating me on purpose. If he did agree to work in Era and leave me in Magnolia, we would both be unhappy, and our previous solution obviously didn’t work for a reason.

We arrived at the meeting earlier this time. Come early, retire early, get business done in the morning and leave. The only problem with this is that we had to greet more people as they came, instead of coming later and just going to where we knew we were accepted.

Gran Domma of the magic council was already here and while we haven’t met on pleasant terms in the past because of Fairy Tail’s destructive tendencies, he smiled and welcomed us, congratulated us on our marriage and left us to find our seats.

So far only we knew about the baby but somehow, we just felt like everyone knew even though we know we haven’t told anyone. We knew some people who had enhanced hearing or sense of smell could uncover our secret if they paid closer attention to us.

Thankfully people tended to stay away from the Fairy Tail table because we were notorious for breaking out into fights for no reason at all. That worried me, but I cast and enhancement and reinforcement spell on my womb to protect the child from any physical force.

Master came early and asked us how we were doing, after a while of talking and making sure we were doing well he left us to go and find Mr. Yajima, one of his old friends and a council member.

Master Bob was here this time thankfully, instead of Ichiya. Jellal seemed relieved and horrified at the same time. Master Bob enveloped us both in a giant hug and nuzzled his face into ours. I was used to this treatment so I just accepted his strange affection but Jellal was losing more and more colour the longer this continued.

When he finally withdrew from us, he said, 'You certainly are a lucky girl Erza!' And winked at me. Jellal forced a smile but I could tell that he was highly uncomfortable, and I swear I saw master Bob grab his butt during that hug...

The master of Lamia Scale was absent and Jura already had business there that he couldn’t shirk so she sent Lyon in her place. Lyon and Jellal eagerly caught up and rekindled their friendship. He was beyond surprised to know we were married, though he didn’t care about the touchy details, only why he wasn’t invited to the wedding.

We apologised and told him that because of our situation we tried to keep things as private as possible, but that we did record our wedding if he wanted to watch it, and thus Jellal transferred the video to Lyons lacrama. This would be one of our future regrets of the evening.

Lyon said he liked a girl from Phantom Lord but was too shy to talk to her, so he sent her anonymous gifts now and then. We thought it was sweet and to save his embarrassment he said not everyone jumped straight to marriage like us, although we were invited to his future wedding if things worked out.

Next to greet us to our surprise was Ultear and a little girl she adopted after the child’s village was destroyed by the dark guild Grimoire Heart. The girls name was Meredy, and since we got along quiet well Ultear joined our table.

We also rekindled our friendship and since they lived in Era as well, we all agreed to have dinner together at least twice a week before we moved into our new house in Magnolia. Ultear said she also wanted to join a guild but sadly she wasn’t able to because she had trouble making new friends. I assured her that both she and Meredy could join Fairy Tail because she had a lot of old friends there and Sting and Levy were Meredy's age so she could also have playmates more her ages if she wanted, although sting only came to visit the guild if Jude came to visit Lucy, which was rare.

Ultear laughed when we told her we were married. She congratulated us and said she won the bet she and Mira made as kids. She said we would be married at 16 which at the time seemed old but it really wasn’t, and it also wasn’t likely but Mira said we would marry when we were 18.


We stared at her in shock. 'How did you guys know?!' We yelled through whispers. She told us it was obvious that Jellal only wanted to spend time with me and he was easily jealous when I was involved in something with someone else. Our faces were redder than tomatoes.

She admitted to having a crush on both Jellal and Gray but lost interest in Jellal after spending years training with him, but she lost contact with Gray. I felt better knowing Jellal truly had been too busy to communicate with me and that it hadn’t been an excuse.

It was nice getting along with old friends. Ultear also had a problem similar to ours. By law Gray was her brother, and even if they haven’t seen each other in 10years that would remain the same and we all knew how oblivious Gray was to romance. Ultear said that Gray had a crush on me when we were little and that’s why when we played house, she made us marry.

"Oh yeah, Erza who was your first kiss? We never found out back then." I almost choked on my juice and laughed nervously.

"This one." I nudged Jellal next to me and he pretended that I had hurt him. Ultear burst out laughing.

"Yay I won a bet again!" She screeched merrily. We just gaped at her. "Another one?!" We shouted unable to hush our surprise. Ultear nodded proudly.

"Mira said is must have been Gray, that’s why you sent him flying through tree's the next day. I said you looked too proud and pompous for it not to have been you." She grinned slyly. Jellal didn’t seem the least bit offended and held his head high grinning like a cat.

"Oh wow, there’s a baby in here mommy!" Meredy said from my lap as she pressed her head to my belly. She didn’t say it loud enough for anyone but the people currently at our table to hear. Jellal spat out his drink. Looks of shock and awe shone on everyone’s faces around us.

"Shush! It’s a secret!" I told her and looked to everyone who heard her with a look that said, 'Speak at your own risk.'.

"How did you know that though Meredy?" I asked the happy, oblivious child on my lap who was telling the baby she was going to 'shush' and not tell anyone.

"This is how." She brought my hand to my lap and I saw a pink bracelet around my wrist.

"Ah. That is an inherited magical ability Meredy has called sensory link. She can make others feel her feelings and she in turn can feel theirs. It’s supposed to be something about the heart beat..." Ultear told me and they whispered 'congratulations' to us and we tried to smile at them.

We knew they had questions but now wasn’t the time. Master however burst into tears at my right.

" weren’t even going to tell this old man?" He sniffled. I placed my finger to my lips enforcing the need for secrecy.

"I guess this means you really are getting old now, huh gramps?" That made him cry all the more.

"Am I ever going to be able to retire?!" And the whole table laughed. Master told Ultear and Meredy that they were more than welcome to drop by at Fairy Tail whenever they wanted to.
Over an hour passed by quickly and now the hall was filled with people. So far things were going well. Of course, that meant that trouble was around the corner and indeed it was.

Some of our friends faces froze in place of fake friendliness as they stared behind us. Anna was coming our way and Acnologia followed her begrudgingly. If that wasn’t horrible enough the media sensing drama started making their way to our table.

Lyon and Ultear tried to divert their attention from us to his lacrama so they and other surrounding friends who weren’t at our wedding could watch the recording. We refused to acknowledge his mother standing behind us. The reporters were recording information about our wedding that they could gather, some were trying to get good photos of our rings, but most were waiting eagerly for the drama about to unfold.

Acnologia was watching the lacrama closely, trying to hear everything everyone had said that day, including Jellal’s speech. Many people either looked at us with smiles and offered silent congratulations and many more were crying over the recording saying how beautiful it was, someone from the council said that he wouldn’t have guessed that Warred Sequin would’ve married us, since they rarely ever hear from him now days because he prefers plants to people.

Master was the first one to try and ease the situation behind us.

"Anna, what brings you to our table? All the seats here are already occupied, the table over there would be glad to have you." Master said as diplomatically as he could that he would like her to leave. I sent a thin smile his way and hoped that she would take the hint.

"I only came to tell my son that I am very disappointed in him. Incest is against the law for a reason and he will regret marrying a slut as time progresses. His father and I are the reason, the drive he needed to be where he is today, and this is how he repays us? By disgracing us and renouncing us?" She chided condescendingly.

I flinched at her harsh words to the master about us. I swallowed and bit my lip. I wanted to lash out and tell her what I really felt but instead I forced myself to relax and I took another sip of my juice. My magic however let out an angry pulsation for all nearby to feel. I wasn’t a wizard saint, but I was almost powerful enough to be.

"I don’t know why you are surprised," Began master Jose. "These fairy stains were never taught morals and principals. Bedding your family, how vulgar. Imagine the abominations miss Titania would birth. What these children say is love is merely uncontrollable lust that will lead to lifelong consequences."

Master Jose’s snide remarks hit deep. Our biggest fears at the moment were about the life growing inside of me at the moment. It would kill us both if our baby is born...wrong. Master Makarov's temper hit the roof.

"Jose?! How dare you talk that way about two of my kids?!" Master grew in size until our table collapsed and everyone sitting here was forced to stand up and find a safe place to stand. Jellal’s fists shook in fury.

"How dare you insult my wife?!" And he threw the first punch. Oh, Jellal what have you started. Sensing I wasn’t quiet safe anymore I requipped my Heart Kruse chest plate, my shoulder guard, gauntlets and my waist guard over my dress. I backed away from the fight to stand away from the aggressors.

"You! This is your fault you whoring little bitch! My son’s whole life, his future is ruined because of you! You are a homewrecker just like your whore of a mother, may she rot in hell!" Anna moved to me getting ready to slap me. I was stronger than her now, I could easily block her attack.

The entire room was in an uproar and Jellal seeing his mother about to strike me made his way over to us and prepared to strike her with a blast of energy. Before either of us could form a stance Acnologia stepped in front of me and caught her wrist.

"Shush, that’s enough. She is with child. We should go. I have enough of my reputation tarnished for one evening." He said and Anna drew her hand to her mouth.

"You would defend this unworthy whore?! With child? Disgusting! That hideous creature will be an abomination! It would be better if it never has the chance to be born!" A blast of light struck her back and I only had just enough time to move away from behind Acnologia as Anna was lurched forward onto him and across the room, indenting the wall.

"What," Jellal snarled like an animal. "Did you just say about my child?! If I heard you correctly, you intend harming Erza and my unborn child. Unspeakable! I have the right to kill you for threatening my family! And publicly as well, so that all may bear witness to your judgement! Leave! Before I take your life in retribution for the lives you claim to want ended! You are henceforth unwelcome at any and all gatherings of politics and leisure, as a respected member of the council and as wizard saint I decree this and enforce it in my name!" Jellal roared. Mr. Yajima seconded the notion, Ultear was the third, master Makarov was the fourth, Jura was the fifth and Acnologia...was the sixth.

"You shame me. We lost custody of our daughter because you were an unfit mother and we have already lost our son. Now you seek to destroy our reputation. We are leaving and I will remain by your side no longer." Acnologia said as he dusted himself off, removed his wedding band and placed it on the table. He bowed to the room in apology and headed for the exit with his head held high.

'Thank you for protecting me.' I said below my breath so that only he would hear. He turned an eye my way and nodded slowly before leaving. Knowing that her life was now in danger and that Acnologia wasn’t here to protect her, Anna picked up his ring and raced out of the hall after him.

Jellal’s power was tremendous! And what was even more terrifying was knowing this was only a tiny brush of his power on the surface.

"Jose. You have made a foe out of me. You would best be wary." Everyone in the room, saints, the council, the media and the guild masters finally saw Jellal for the man he was instead of the kind, naive boy he looked.

Jellal looked up to the ceiling, closed his eyes and took a deep steadying breath, calming himself and dissipating his angry magical energy that bit out in the air. He looked back at me and smiled, I’m sorry about that. He walked towards me and lifted his arms up for me to come closer to him. I did but I couldn’t help being wary of him now. He could really hurt me if he ever turned that fury on me. Out of the corner of my eyes I caught camera flashes.

I gulped and tried to calm the tension I felt. Jellal stroked my unguarded arms gently with his big warm hands and kissed my head. He pulled me to his side and said, "How about we find our room, have a nice warm bath to relax and have an early night?"

He sounded so innocent I couldn’t help smiling.

"Yeah. Just a sec." I placed my hand on his and went over to our friends to hug them good night and promised everyone that we would see them soon. Now that our secret was out at only 3months along. We had to be very careful. Especially since Jellal may have made himself a threat to some very important people tonight.

When we reached our room, he took off his shoes and jacket, flopped on the bed and groaned. I requipped mine away and went straight to the bathroom to run our bath with funny shaped fruity fragranced bubble bath. We needed something not serious in our lives at the moment.

"I didn’t mean to scare you back there." He told me with his face down on the bed. I sat next to him and gulped, I ruffled my hand through his soft hair.

"You are...quick to temper. And that amount of weren’t even trying..." I didn’t want him to feel bad but I couldn’t play dumb or pretend nothing happened.

"Erza..." He said and gulped. He watched me closely, as my hand slowly reached his hand to my abdomen. He was afraid that I was scared of him. No normal person would not be afraid of him. I reached out and took his hand and placed it over our baby.

"Would you ever hurt me? Or our child?" I asked him and his eyes teared.

"No! Never! Erza please..." "Exactly." I took him by surprise and he gulped. He really expected me to be upset with him.

"So why on earth wouldn’t I want you to touch me? I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I am wary of your temper but I trust that you won’t ever take it out on your friends or family. I’m not afraid of you...I was shocked...surprised." He looked down absorbing everything I said.

"You are just my Jellal to me. I don’t see your titles or your power when I look at you." He breathed out a sigh that sounded like he was carrying the world on his shoulders.

"Yeah I know." He smiled at me and started removing his clothes for our bath. I requipped my armor away as well as what clothes I had left adorned. He entered the bathroom and snickered, then burst out laughing.

"What?" I asked and came to see what he thought was so funny. The entire bathroom was filled with funny shaped bubbles and some that took the forms of animals moved as if they were alive.

“I did this too the first time I used one of these rooms. These old guys have a weird sense of humour.” He said as we got into the bath and began scrubbing each other. And throwing bubbles at each other. Jellal got a few scratches on his face when I threw a cat buddle at him. Obviously even bubble cats didn’t like bathes. They only left red marks though, no actual damage.

Once the madness and laughter died down, we made love passionately in the bathtub. We reassured each other with our touches. After drying ourselves off I got into the bed naked, watching his eyes widen and his mouth widen cutely.

"Come on! Sleeping in the nude gets cold without a partner. Or perhaps I should clothe myself." I teased him. He snapped out of it quickly and joined me in bed. He always enjoyed touching me. The touches didn’t always lead to sex, sometimes we just wanted to touch each other’s bodies.

Jellal pulled me closer to his chest and I lay my head down on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his torso and lifted my leg over his groin, between his legs.

"Everyone will know about the baby now. They will probably say terrible things as well." I said it without feeling but each word resounded through my body with morbidity.

"They will talk, it’s inevitable. It’s our choice if we listen and believe them though. I thought about it myself, what if our child was disabled and somehow incomplete. I decided that our love would be enough to complete anything the child lacked. Also, with medicine and science I’m sure if something is wrong there will be a way to fix it." He always said what I needed to hear.

"I love you." I told him. "I love you more." He said.

"No ways. I love you more. Proofs in all my squishy muscles, see?" I joked with him.

"Well then I will just need to find a way to prove to you how much more I love you when I spend sleepless nights with our new-born." He told me.

"What’s a little sleep deprivation? You are in charge of diapers my friend." He gulped and looked at me.

"You are cruel. You know I have an enhanced sense of smell, right?" He asked me.

"You know how this baby is going to make it into this world right? I know, we can switch bodies and you can deliver the baby. Deal." I told him. He almost choked on air.

"No deal! No deal! You win! Diapers, no problem!" I laughed at his easy submission.

"Tomorrow we can see what gender that baby is. Do you want to know?" I asked him. "Na, we need some surprises in life. We need to prepare for a baby, not a specific gender." He told me.

"Well then you can wait outside while miss Polyusica tells me, because I really want to know." I told him.

"Very well." He grumbled and squeezed my butt. I traced his hip and moved my hand down to cup his balls and squeeze gently. His hand tightened on my rear and I heard him take a sharp intake of breath. I released him and slip my hand up his body, turning my face further into his body, getting ready for sleep.

"Tease." He told me. I knew he was hard.

"Goodnight." I told him and refused to let him get up to take care of it.
"Urge..." he groaned out in tortured defeat. A night of blue balls was nothing compared to what was install for me when the due date came. Our baby was due in early December, same month as their daddy.
Waiting for miss Polyusica had never been so torturous. I was hoping for a boy and Jellal was hoping for a girl but he made me promise not to tell him or anyone else who might let it slip. So basically, it was my little secret.
Jellal waited for me in the office while I lay on the bed.
"Alright. Let’s see if everything is going well." She squeezed some gel on my bump and rolled a lacrama over it to see the baby through my body.
"Oh..." She said, and after a while she asked me if I was sure about unveiling the gender. She told me it was male. I almost felt sorry for Jellal. He would’ve looked adorable picking out 'Daddy’s little girl.' baby clothes. On the walk to the guild I smiled slowly at him.
"Sure, you don’t want to know how it went?" I asked him.
"Positive." My grin grew and I looked forward. "What’s that look? I’m almost afraid." He asked cautiously.
"What look?" I gave him the most innocent face he would’ve ever seen. He blushed and gave me a wary side wards glance, be for putting his arm around me.
"You wanted a surprise, so you will get one." He seemed to carefully weigh my words in his head. Now he was curious and there’s no way in hell I will tell him anything. He had his chance. I needed to get some joy out of this as well.
We entered the guild hall and were bombarded with 'CONGRATULATIONS!'. We thanked everyone and walked to the bar to order food.
"Oh, here Erza, I made it specially for you." Mira said as she placed a whole beautiful strawberry cake in front of me. I stared at it for a few minutes before I bolted to the woman’s bathrooms and shut the door in poor Jellal’s face.
"Are you ok? Want me to come in?" He yelled from outside. I felt like throwing things at him. No, I was not ok. And no, he wasn’t allowed in the woman’s bathroom. Outside I heard Mira balling her eyes out. 'Why does Erza hate me? I thought she loved strawberry cake?!'
Jellal explained to her that the pregnancy was making me act differently and that my tastes in food were more medium rare these days. I wasted my mouth out at the basin and placed a breath freshener on my tongue. I opened the door hesitantly.
"Is it gone?" I asked. "Ye-sh." I heard Jellal say and peeked at him. I almost wet myself laughing. He didn’t know what to do with it so he almost swallowed the whole cake whole. He looked almost green from oxygen deprivation and an overdose of cake. He looked like he was going to throw up. He ran to Cana's Beer canteens and gulped some down.
First, he looked relieved then he started banging his head against the barrel before sprinting to the men’s bathroom wrenching loudly. Those who hadn’t gotten over their amusement yet burst out laughing. I made my way to the bar, where Mira placed a plate of steak, onion rings and fries in front of me.
"Im sorry about earlier Erza." She said and put down a cola soda for me.
"It alright, I take it, the baby takes after its father. The love of strawberries is mine alone. And thank you Mira, for the cake and more the meal." I said to her.
"You're welcome." Jellal slinked out of the bathroom cheeks red and silently sat next to me.
"Water please." He said to Mira. He still had some tears in his eyes. I rubbed his back and he collapsed against the counter and groaned. Mira placed the glass of water and a jug of iced water in front of him. He chugged glass after glass until he regained his colour and vitality.
And then when everyone calmed down, we heard a loud 'HIC' I paused holding the fork to my mouth and glanced to Jellal with a hand over his mouth with eyes the size of saucers. And then another 'HIC' and the guild erupted once more. Jellal just folded his arms on the counter and rested his head face down on them.
Today is my 17th birthday and I’m a good 5months along. We decided to have a birthday/baby shower party today. I didn’t like being the centre of attention but I could endure a party and gift giving if it was my baby receiving the gifts.

Our house was built and Jellal said he just needed to 'finish off' some things like furnishing and unpacking our few things. He said it wouldn’t matter to me but the baby might be affected by my strenuous activity so he wanted to start setting things up himself. He decided to keep his apartment in case of work emergencies and I decided to sign over my house to Lucy.

Ultear and Meredy joined the guild and Meredy met Levy and Sting. Sting seemed to be more interested in his magic than his family fortune and their father was not happy. He forbade Sting from going back to Fairy Tail or leaving the estate but a few weeks ago Sting showed up at Lucy’s front door and begged her to let him stay with her and join Fairy Tail.

It was his decision and she had room for him so she let him, and now the guild received threats every other day from Jude’s angry letters saying he wanted his son to returned or else he would take action to retrieve him. Naturally, Fairy Tail was powerful enough that any threats were dismissed as non-important.

Jellal wanted to walk with me to the guild for my own safety, since I had grown quite large and sometimes the media would find us and try to get personal information out of us or harass us. I wasn’t that pregnant that I couldn’t deal with things myself and I wasn’t a stranger to the media even before we were reunited. So, I would meet him at the guild.

I didn’t want to give away any clues about the pregnancy so I had to try and dress in a way that didn’t give anyone any clues. I decided on a bright red dress, with long sleeves that flailed around with lace at the slits by my inner sleeve and the lace that covered the sides of my dress as well as a tear drop shape of lace that started at my cleavage and encircled my baby bump. I decided on wearing tight black tights and dark red pumps. I found a nice thigh length black coat to wear around my dress before I arrived to the warmth of the guild.

I was already running late and I had to get moving. I almost left without locking the door to Lucy’s house, then I dropped my keys. I sighed and bent down to pick them up but before I could touch them a clothed hand wrapped around my face. And an arm was keeping me bent down so I couldn’t see my assailant.

This is chloroform! I had to try and hold my breath. I can attack them when they think they have won. He held me there longer than I thought he would. I kept my eyes closed, waiting for him to release me.

When his grip slackened and he moved his position to try and carry me I sent my elbow to his face hearing a satisfying crunch.

"Who are you!" I growled out at him summoning a sword that I held to his throat, drawing a few drops of blood.

"I told you, you were too soft Gajeel." Another voice said behind me. He must have used sleep magic because I dropped my sword and I felt my consciousness fade.

"I told you I didn’t want to do this! Promise me that we can leave after this!" This Gajeel person begged. That’s the last thing I remember before there was blackness.
My wrists and ankles hurt. From what I can tell, I am currently tied to a four-post bed. Nothing I can’t break with brute force. I couldn’t hear anyone nearby. By the chill in the air I assume I have only been out a few hours. The guild must be in a panic by now. I opened my eyes slowly.

So, there is a person sitting in a chair away from the bed writing something at a desk. I couldn’t tell who he was from his back but I knew he would pray for death soon. I looked at my restraints. Rubber? An odd choice for a restraint but easier for me to break through.

I tried to rip my hand out of it but it barely moved. Nothing a sword can’t cut. I tried to summon a sword, a dagger anything. Nothing. These rubber ropes sealed away magic. I wished with all my heart that Jellal would find me soon. I’m not that scared yet, but I’m getting there.

"I would appreciate your patience a while longer, miss Scarlet." Was that master Jose's voice?

"That’s Mrs. Fernandez. Am I correct that you are master Jose?" His writing stopped for a brief moment only to continue at a faster pace. He finished it off, sealed it with wax and sent it away somewhere with magic.

"Forgive my rudeness for lack of proper invitation. You will keep me company until this job is completed, you see I am being paid an awful lot of money to retrieve the Heartfillia boy. You are simply my negotiation piece. They drop the boy off at a designated location, and we drop you off safe and sound at the guild." He told me.

"I am hardly helpless. Fairy Tail will punish you for this I can assure you, and you are delusional to believe they would give away one of their own for any reason." I spat at him.

"You didn’t let me finish my dear. They do not know where we are and they would be awfully desperate to retrieve one of their...pregnant members. It would be awful if the strain caused you to miscarry." He leered at me. He bent down over the bed and cupped my breast.

"I’m sure I can find ways to keep myself busy while I wait for an acceptable answer. Titania being defiled would hardly sit well with them. And even when they comply, they are in no position to go against me. If I choose to keep you or sell you to someone else, I’m sure I could get away scot-free." He said as he pinched my nipple painfully.

"And I can erase any memory of me you have, should I let you go thanks to Aria who helped in your capture." It suddenly dawned on me. Anyone who could hear my cries for help wouldn’t help me. I couldn’t use my physical strength and I couldn’t use my magic, and worse, my baby and I were at the mercy of an obviously mad man.

He rose and retrieved a dagger on the desk. I gulped. If he wanted to kill me, he could. I was trying my hardest not to cry and give him the satisfaction of seeing me unravel in helplessness. Jellal...please anyone come find me!

Jose climbed up the bed between my legs and cut the leggings off of me by slicing down the centre where they joined. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t rape me. I’m pregnant. He wouldn’t.

"W-what are you doing?" I tried to ask confidently but the breath got trapped in my throat.

"I am disrobing you." He said as he cut away the material on each side of my thigh removing my panties.

"You would defile me?" I asked him. He cut my dress from between my breasts till the bottom of the dress and cut my arms free of the material so that he could remove it. He looked at my almost bare body. There it was. The fear I didn’t allow myself to feel before. I tried to close my legs as much as the restraints allowed.

"But Im pregnant!" I all but screeched at him.

"I can see that." He muttered, leaning forward to cut my bra off of me. I had to try. I brought my knee up high between his legs and he cursed out. I pulled against my restraints with every ounce of strength I had and screamed and kicked out in frustration. Jose growled at me.

"Oh, you will pay for that you wench!" He threw his coat off of himself, he removed his gloves and his shoes and socks, he stripped off his shirt and his trousers. All of the time I screamed at the top of my lungs, I didn’t care who helped me as long as someone saved me. Pride be damned! Jose stuck his hand in his briefs and started stroking himself. Someone knocked at the door. Jose opened the door.

"Sir, there seem to be some Fairy Tail wizards here, I don’t know how they tracked us but they are destroying the bottom base. We should move the prisoner Sir." A man said from the door way.

"JELLAL! SOMEONE!" I screeched at the top of my lungs.

"We need no more hostages, gather the element four and Gajeel and kill them all!" Jose commanded.

"JELL-" I started screaming when a hand slapped me through the face. It really hurt. I coughed out the blood that started running down my throat. I hesitantly looked over to Jose. He locked the door with a powerful spell and removed his briefs. He continued to stroke himself.

"I’m going to destroy your spirit. You need to be taught a lesson. Even if he does find you, he won’t want you when I’m done with you." He climbed on the bed between my legs and I tried to shut them with all my strength but he opened my legs effortlessly. I screeched in frustration. He was just so strong! I never realised how weak and helpless a woman could be without magic before…

Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I gave in and begged him to please stop. He took no notice of my tears or my pleas. He sat on my chest and tried to force himself into my mouth.

"I will kill your baby if you do not comply." He threatened. Fairy Tail was near. Hopefully at least Natsu heard me. I had to protect my baby at all costs. He wasn’t raping me yet so this was a way to buy myself time.

"I don’t know how. Jellal and I haven’t even done anything like this." I told him. "Your lies won’t help you. You whored around and got pregnant, obviously you do know how, now if you waste more of my time, I won’t hesitate to gut that abomination from your belly." He told me. I wasn’t really lying. I used my hands to pleasure Jellal and I only sucked the head for him. Still I couldn’t risk my baby.

I opened my mouth and choked as he pulled my head forward and slammed himself down my throat.

"Now no biting. Just be a good little fairy whore." He said as he thrust himself down my throat again. I could feel my bile raising. He grabbed my hair and pulled it harshly. His nails dug into my skull. I almost coked again when his thrust became faster.

I was getting ready to bite his dick hard before he could ejaculate in my mouth but then he pulled himself out yanked my head up and ejaculated all over my face. It was putrid and smelt horrible. He threw my head down and I leaned as far to my side as I could and wrenched. I coughed and I gagged.

He sat himself between my legs and leaned forward to harshly squeeze my breasts. If it would have hurt before I certainly hurt a thousand times more now. The pregnancy made them more sensitive and most days they hurt without even being touched. I could hardly scream; my throat was too raw and too sore.

"Please stop." I begged him. "You are hurting me!" I whimpered out. I doubted he would care but maybe he would be a bit more cautious. He leaned over me and wrapped both hands around my throat.

"Just do as I say and who knows, you might enjoy it." He told me.

"No! Let me go!" I screeched through my bleeding throat.

"I told you to shut up!" He yelled at me and squeezed my throat. It hurt so much and breathing was becoming difficult. Please. Please. Please. Someone. I tried to yell out but I only gurgled and squeaked out strangled cries and keens.

"Im recording our time together for my personal collection, so I can defile you over and over again. When I’m done with you, I will remove myself from your memory. After I rip this abomination from your womb that is." He said and let go of my throat to align himself to my core.


I felt so weak all of a sudden like I would just pass out. I should’ve bitten his dick off when I had the chance. He always intended to kill my baby, didn’t he? Tears leaked from my eyes. The protective spell I placed on my womb should be disabled because of these restraints. I continued to move my hips to refuse him entrance.

"I will fight till the end. I won’t let you have me." I mumbled out and glared at him. He struck my breasts and my belly harshly. I cried out and drowned in my tears. I continued to twist my body and move my hips out of his control so that he couldn’t penetrate me. With one rough movement he pulled my body forward and the head of his length penetrated my anus.

The pain was so incredible that new screams of pure agony tore through my throat without mercy and blood ran down my throat. He was about to push himself further inside me when the door and large parts of the wall and ceiling blasted wide open and a golden glow burst through the room, pinning Jose to the bed beside me and started choking the life out of him. I cried out in alarm and surprise.

Jose yelled and attempted to rip the body of the person above him off of him with his magic but the golden lights fist tore down at him like a billion shooting stars. Jose's fingers where broken and his hands were almost ripped apart from the force of the attackers throws. Bones snapped and screams decorated the room.

I relished in them as my tears continued to wet my hair beneath me. The figure stopped his assault. Jose didn’t look like he was going to make it out of this room alive.

"This is for you. Enjoy." Jose gurgled. The figure pocketed the lacrama. He pulled Jose off the bed and shot searing hot white light at Jose burning him to ashes. Even while he began falling to pieces, he screamed. His cries of absolute agony still tore through the room after all that remained of him were dissipating ashes.

The figure leaned on the bed and gently brushed his fingers over my swollen, bleeding cheek.

"Erza." Jellal. His voice sounded so broken and defeated. I barely caught his eye when I remembered that my face, my neck and some of my hair was covered in Jose’s rotten drying semen.

I whimpered and tried to push my face into the opposite side of the bed, to hide my face from Jellal. Violent sobs racked my body.

"I’m so sorry. Erza I’m so sorry." He cried over me. He tried to wipe off some of the filth on my face. I pressed my eyes shut and pressed my lips together.

"Jellal did you find Erza?!" We heard Natsu and Gray shout from the hall way. Jellal moved over me more, to shield me from their sight. He removed his tunic and placed it over me.

"Yes, I found her. Would you please head down stairs and tell the others? Also, please tell them not to come up, and that we are heading to miss Polyusica, its urgent." Jellal told them. Natsu tried to come closer to see how badly hurt I was but Jellal shot a blast of energy at his feet.

"I said it’s urgent go now! Erza isn’t in a condition to be seen at the moment. Leave!" He yelled and his voice broke in a sob. He pressed his face to my chest and cried. We heard them leave and he got up and untied my feet. I pulled my legs together and pulled my feel up to my body. He untied my hands and immediately I buried my forehead against my knees and wrapped my arms over my head.

Jellal was crying brokenly. He crawled up to me and tried to see my face, he tugged gently on my arms and touched my sides where he could just barely feel my baby bump. Oh God. Our baby! I lifted my head touched my stomach gently. Was the baby even alive after he hit me like that?

"I want to die." The words barely registered with me before they were out my lips.

"No! No! Please No! Erza! You can’t do this to me, please? Let me help you. I’m sure the baby is fine. I can’t change the past but I promise I won’t ever leave you again! I will help you recover I promise! Please don’t say something so terrible! I love you, do you hear me? This doesn’t change anything between us." He was frenzied, panicked and wild.

"Come let me clean you up as much as I can then we will get you checked out by miss Polyusica. Come let’s go." He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine and I jerked away and covered my mouth.

"I-I am F-fil-lthy-y." I told him. He just pulled me closer to him and kissed my bleeding mouth. He kissed my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, my chin, my forehead, my crown, my jaws and my neck. He pressed his forehead to mine, and stroked my torn cheek tenderly.

"No, no you are not. You are not filthy. That man was sick. You are innocent and pure, and he hurt you. Am I wrong? It’s not your fault. Now please let’s get you cleaned up so we can get you checked out. I’m sure you need a healer. Please don’t make me lose you. Even if we lose our baby, nothing would hurt me more than losing you. I refuse to live in a world where you don’t exist. I can’t do it. I don’t care if it’s the coward’s way out, I will take my life in the most painful way possible." He told me and nuzzled his face into my dirty hair.

"O-ok, b-but I can’t m-move. It hu-rts." His face pinched in agony. He went to the other side of the bed closer to me and carefully tried to pick me up. It hurt so much that it took a few tries for him to pick me up with minimal pain. He carried me to the bathroom and gently placed me on the toilet. A pain from my anus tore up my spine and I cried out and scrunched my face in pain.

Jellal ran some hot water and took a towel off the rack and gently bathed my body of sweat, blood and firth. He picked off the semen in my hair with his fingers and massaged my sculp. By the time he deemed me cleaned enough to be examined he wrapped me in his tunic and teleported us to miss Polyusica.
I could hear miss Polyusica talking to Jellal and master Makarov lowly, further down the room. She was telling them of my condition. She told me to first get some rest before she tells me everything. She assured me that the pregnancy was fine. I heard her telling them a mixture of what she had found out from examining me and also what I told her when she asked me questions.

'Erza has been severely beaten and is suffering internal bleeding in many areas of her body. She has been sodomized, just barely. He must have entered her at the moment you found her, Jellal. Her anus tissue is torn and there is internal bleeding in her rectum area, she should stick to liquid diets for at least a week to be safe. She has been orally raped and the back of her throat was ripped open slightly. There is also major damage to her vocal cords, she obviously did a lot of screaming. Her left cheek is torn both inside and out, she must have been struck while she was screaming. Her sculp shows many signs of tearing and bleeding. Her neck must have been severely strangled...I will need to treat her immediately for STDs and infections. Her breasts, as delicate as they are now, were horribly abused and she needs urgent healing before we have to remove them. And lastly the pregnancy. This part actually surprised me. The infant protected its self from inside the womb. It’s not completely uncommon to hear of a child showing magical abilities this early, but it’s rare for the child to sense true danger from the womb. Erza must have been absolutely terrified for the foetus to protect its self like that. The pregnancy isn’t completely safe however. The infant was protected but not Erza, so any damage she had done to her abdomen and her uterus can still be fatal to her and the pregnancy. I need to keep her for tests and to start healing her. I don’t suppose you know healing magic? I will call Lamia Scale and ask them if we can borrow Shelia Blendy. I will need her healing powers to heal Erza from her injuries. I can try to heal Erza's head and the injuries inside her mouth and throat, as well as disinfect all her wounds and heal the tear in her anus, but more than that I can’t really do. There is only so much magic an Edolas citizen such as myself can use, even in Earthland. When I am done with her you may stay by her side if you wish, Jellal. Or you may take her home. I’m sure you are capable of caring for her yourself and her own bed might bring her more comfort.’ She said solemnly.

I heard a strangled noise that could only have come from Jellal.

‘Dry your tears child. What happened is horrible but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Be thankful that she will recover, be thankful that the genes between you didn’t cause her to miscarry the pregnancy. Although, I would advise you to sort out your business with the council while she rests. I am going to give her a good dose or morphine. She should be out for around 6hours.'' She added thoughtfully.

‘...I understand...It’s just’s her birthday today as well. I am grateful to still have her but I would give up anything to erase her pain, and the shame she feels.’ He said in torment.

'You are a good man Jellal. Come, let us show our proof to the council. What you did to Jose was Justice, but some would call it murder, regardless. We need to sort this out before she wakes up.' Master said, trying to comfort him and take his mind off of me for a moment.

‘Yes, you are right master Makarov. I show the recording in front of the council...who don’t even know her or care for her...I can’t watch how she was abused. It will kill me. I deserve it, I suppose. It is my punishment for failing to protect her.’ He said in self-loathing.

‘No one deserves to see the person the love they love brutally abused. You didn’t fail her. You are only human as we all are.' And the door closed.

I heard miss Polyusica come back.

"The baby is really ok?" I asked her. I was too exhausted to think of the conversation. The pain was excruciating. She sighed,

"I had a feeling you were too stubborn to sleep. Both you and the baby need rest. The baby is not in any danger at the moment...the pregnancy is still healthy as far as I can tell." She told me. She injected something into me and I felt the world go black. And my pain faded into roses.
I felt too hot. Clammy and suffocating. Sore. My mouth felt dry and my throat burnt. My nose and my eyes felt sore and raw. I struggled to open them, but I forced myself to when I heard a pained yell and loud crashes coming from somewhere outside of the room, I was in. The room I was in. I didn’t recognize it.

I panicked, fearing I had only imagined my rescue and that instead I was just moved to another base. Only my limbs weren’t restrained. And the room was too beautiful to possibly be a prison. Perhaps it could have belonged to a queen.

The room its self was perfectly circular, painted dark blue with flecks of glowing objects glittering the upper walls. The ceiling was a large dome. The ceiling...was moving. It seemed so deep. Like you could get sucked into it if you looked too long. The view was from a distance. but you could see all different kinds of coloured lights, floating around as if everything was under water.

Sometimes lights would shoot around. Patterns of strange cloud like objects floated around the ceiling like giant gas bubbles. The even changed colour every now and then. The artist who made it was truly gifted to create something so wonderous and unbelievable, that basically came to life.

I heard loud sobbing and grunting come from behind the door. I didn’t know if I was in fact a prisoner because the door had no handle. I got up even though everything hurt. I know that voice. What happened to him? Why is Jellal in such anguish? I touched the door trying to find some way out...and then the door disappeared! I jumped back startled, and clasped my hands in front of my chest.

I felt slightly spooked but the sounds were getting louder so I walked through the hall to an open room, a living space. It had soft poufy looking velvet couches, all pure white like snow, even in the blue light of the room.

Then I heard it. My screams. My blood ran cold. Jose...had given the recorded lacrama to Jellal. Jellal was watching me be abused and defiled. He was hunched behind a couch, sitting on the floor. He held the lacrama in the palms of his hands and watched the pained moment where Jose penetrated my anus. He saw it all. He got up in a flash of light and threw the lacrama against the wall. The wall was fine, obviously built to endure wreckage. But the lacrama exploded and crushed a nearby lamp and a few photo frames.

I wanted to comfort Jellal but I was scared when he was like this. How does one comfort Jellal? He always seemed so strong. I would have offered him my body but... I silently made my way towards him, behind his back. Should I really be here with him? Would he prefer to be alone? Could I even face him after knowing he watched everything happen to me? I felt like I couldn’t breath. I was standing right behind him. My legs gave out and I wrapped my arms around his middle. He froze.

"Im sorry." I told him. Before he could do anything, I pressed my face into his back and held him there with me. After a moment, he gulped and raised his hand. Magic burst from his hand and repaired all the damage around the room. He took a deep shuddering breath and tried to face me. I buried my face deeper into his back.

"E-Erza? I didn’t know you were awake. I’m sorry for the noise. Let’s go back to bed, you need rest." He said to me and loosen my arms around himself. I bolted for the lacrama no matter how much pain I was in. He tried to grab me but I unlocked it and deleted the recording.


"I don’t want any reminders. Stop torturing yourself by watching this. It’s not your fault." I said as I deleted remaining traces of the data from the device. I dropped the lacrama on the couch, where it sunk.

I still couldn’t look him in the eye. I knew I looked terrible. My neck was bruised and swollen, as well as the left side of my face. Most of it was bandaged up but it was still impossible to miss. The skin around my wrists and ankles had also recently been healed, it still had a light pink look to it. With any luck Shelia would come around today or tomorrow.

Jellal touched the lacrama and it disappeared. He walked cautiously over to me.

"Why did you watch that!?" I croaked out and I could feel the tears run down my face. It hurt me to know he saw me being disgraced and violated. It hurt me more to know that it was his disgrace now as well. He shouldn’t have seen those things happen to me.

"I... I had to show the recording to the council to justify the punishment I dealt to Jose. He didn’t suffer nearly enough but I just wanted to...kill him. I have been pardoned. I am on leave. Till after the baby is born. It is their condolences for what happened." He told me softly.

"But you didn’t need to watch it." I choked out to him.

"I had to!" He yelled at me making me flinch. "It’s my responsibility to protect you! That is one of my only goals in life! I failed! I want to hurt with you Erza! To share your pain! It’s the least I can do..." His voice broke and his mouth moved to make words but none came out. He covered his face with his hands.

"I was too late. We were there. We were making our way up the tower. No one is faster than me. I didn’t NEED to fight his lackeys. I CHOSE to because I was angry! If my first action was to find you as it should have been...none of that would have happened! This is my shame! I DID fail you! It WAS my fault! I failed to think clearly and that cost you! It could have killed our baby! I’m not fit to be a father or your husband!" He yelled out at me. He...he was hurting more than I could, more than I did.

He carried my pain and his own in a way I couldn’t understand. I wanted to comfort him. A loud sound resonated through the room. My hand was in the air and Jellal’s face was to the side. His eyes widened and his mouth gasped out. I had struck him.

"Do it." He told me. "I will accept any punishment you wish to deal me, even death. Do it...please." I shook my head as tears ran down my face. I fell to the floor and cried like I haven’t cried since I was a child. Every sound was the despair felt deep in my heart. I held my stomach and smoothed my hands over it as I rocked myself back and forth. Jellal crouched down in front of me.

"Hey..." He 'shush'd’ me and tried to calm me down. I was calm. I was also horrified that he hated himself so much.

"How could you say that to me?" I whined at him.

"These injuries can be healed. But your words will hurt me forever! You say that my pain is your own but do you even realize what your pain is doing to me? That your pain and self-hatred is mine as well? Do you think that you are the only one to shoulder all of our pain? We are too parts of one whole. Have your punishment! It won’t change what happened! It won’t heal anyone! All it will do it hurt us more! I forgive you! I know you would never choose to hurt me or let me be hurt, but what happened, happened and hurting yourself like that is killing me!" I screamed out at him and punched his chest with my fists until my belly and grief made me stop. I collapsed on him and screamed out my grief. Stop just please stop.

"You're right. You're always right. I’m an idiot. I can’t forget and I don’t think I could forgive myself, but right now, your recovery and the baby are all that matters. I could never hate myself if it meant hurting you. I promise I will try to be better in the future, ok? Please stop crying...lets go to bed. Did you see our room?" He asked me and rubbed circles on my back.

"Ok...I’m tired. I didn’t look at it properly... Jellal. Please don’t make me ever have to hit you again..." I said and he pulled us both up and supported me, while we walked to our room.

"I will try not to upset you." He laughed lowly. "I don’t mind you hitting me though." He told me cheekily.

"Jellal that’s not funny. Relationships shouldn’t be like that. But. If you hurt yourself again, I won’t forgive you." I told him.

"I know..." He told me. He tucked me in bed and walked to the other side. He hung his tunic over a chair and got into bed with me. He was about to pull me to him but thought better of it in case he irritates my injuries. He tried to lay as close as possible though. I shifted and hissed. The duvet wasn’t that heavy but it brushed my breasts and it hurt a lot.

"Erza?" Jellal asked.

"It nothing, I’m fine. Or I will be when Shelia gets here." I told him.

"They must hurt really badly..." He trailed off.

"What is that?" I asked pointing to the ceiling.

"...the roof?" He asked playfully with a tiny smirk on his face.

"I would have smacked you for that if I wasn’t so sore." I told hm with a pout. He sighed a bit and turned to face the ceiling.

"It’s a dome lacrama, it shows whatever its designed to show. It can also show other places. Have you ever seen this before?" He asked me. I shook my head. It looked too strange, like a complete fantasy.

"This is space. Or 'heaven' as some call it. See those sparkling lights? Those are stars, ah see there? That was a shooting star. And that big one over there? It’s our sun. This is our planet over here... That cluster over there makes up the milky way... Those rocks moving aimlessly are meteorites, there are an abundance of them in the universe. Some of these are other planets like our own, but they aren’t safe and cannot contain life. Maybe some do, we may never know. We know that Edolas exists. But we aren’t sure if it is another realm or perhaps a parallel world in this vast universe. See that constellation? That’s Aries. You know Lucy’s spirit? That is her true form. She lives there." My eyes widened at all of this new information.

I haven’t ever even thought about other worlds, or what really lies beyond the sky, what our sun was or how it really looked. It was amazing. Jellal knew all about it. How does he always know so much?
"I never tire looking into the stars and learning from them. Did you know that each living creature also has a star? When something dies a star falls from the heavens. That’s what most call 'shooting stars'. Its actually very sad, but still never the less amazing." He told me. I gasped.

"You mean we have stars out there that are apart of us? Like the embodiment of us?" I asked him.

"Yes, in a sense. They are our greater 'souls'. Would you like you see yours?" He asked me.

"That’s impossible, how could you know which one is mine?" I asked in disbelief.

"Because I could find you anywhere, we are always drawn to each other. See here?" He showed me a beautiful red glowing star. This is you. It’s still a very young star but it must have existed for billions of years." He showed me. It was amazing. Something was forming around it though, like clusters of blue and red dust mixing together.

"Where is yours?" I asked him and looked at him.

"Can’t you tell?" He laughed out loud. I pouted. This is the first glimpse into a completely different world for me, how on Earthland was I supposed to know! I wasn’t omnipotent like him!

"Here," He took my hand and raised it up to point out something. "You see this dust storm circling the red star? This is our baby. When our baby finally comes into this world, that dust will form a baby star. Right now, it’s still developing, but later it will be a perfectly sphere-shaped ball of light. However, for a brand-new star to be created it needs parent stars. See the two orbits around the red star? Each star only had one orbit once, but now it you look closely...the red star is sharing its space with mine." Inside two orbits sat two stars. the other was pale blue and about the same size as the red one. They were trapped together inside the orbits. It was so beautiful.

"It’s amazing..." I said and reached up with my other hand. I wished I could touch it. Jellal coughed awkwardly.

"Thanks’, you're pretty amazing yourself." He told me and grinned boyishly. Oh. My. God. I forgot about that he said earlier about them being us in our purest forms.

"See these stars are bound together. They both gravitate perfectly around each other. The dust that’s created from both of them joins together to form a new star. The new star isn’t strong enough to endure the ruptures in space so it gravitates the parents orbit until its big and strong enough to leave them. Sometimes they drift off aimlessly and other times they are drawn to a specific constellation of stars or finds a partner. Stars are naturally resilient, they aren’t all made of the same matter. Some stars want to partner with others but it doesn’t happen. Both have to break through each other’s barriers willingly. It’s rare that stars pair together like ours have. My mother and fathers’ stars never truly had a bond, because they weren’t meant to be together, yet they ended up together anyways because they were compatible. Us? We will stay together forever until our stars burst, even then because of their proximity, if one of them die out either the other will explode with it or it will become still where the orbits become one, and it wait for its partner to find it again. Reincarnation of stars is possible if the parent stars still exist or if sibling stars exist. There will always be a chance, no matter how small for the star to be reborn and naturally when its ready it will be drawn to its true partner. Sometimes tragedy strikes and it’s impossible for the stars to reunite with their partners. The living star slowly dies and becomes a meteor. Sometimes another star forces the star to become its mate, this usually ends badly as well because they will attack each other, and until one dies it will go on." He told me.
"My magic ends the suffering of lone stars or rather meteors as they become. At least I manage to put some use to them. They can be rather destructive if they collide with living stars." He told me. I was absorbing new information like a sponge. But I was sore and tired. Jellal stroked my head. I looked at him and he pulled away his hand.

"I’m sorry, did that hurt? It's a habit...I didn’t realise..." I flinched as my arm brushed my breast but took his hand and put it back on my head.

"No, you didn’t hurt me." I told him. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. "I used to count the stars to fall asleep when I was a kid." He told me, "But now they are keeping me awake. Here this is better." He told me, as he changed the scene on the ceiling.

Now it was water. Water moved over the ceiling like water at the beach along the shore. It was like sleeping underwater. It was relaxing. Tiring.

"How did you change it?" I asked him.

"You just need to touch this remote lacrama next to the bed and think of a setting you would prefer. If needed you can even turn day into night and vice versa." He explained.

"Thank you, it’s beautiful, I love it." I told him. He was so thoughtful. I was eager to explore the house.

"I’m glad. I have a birthday gift for you, but I think you would appreciate it more once you are recovered." He told me.

"I can’t wait to explore this house. And what’s up with the door?" He laughed at me.

"It will take a while to explore this place. And the door is designed to stay closed for privacy. It will open only if the owners of the house want it to. It’s a somewhat self-conscious magic technology. If you want to leave the door will open, if you want privacy it will close, but should each of us want the opposite thing at the same time, it will listen to you. I decided giving you primary control was more important." He told me.

"Doesn’t mean I can’t break the door if I need to." He added teasingly.

"You will not break our house apart." I told him sternly. He just laughed. We talked about nonsense while we drifted to sleep.
Shelia and miss Polyusica wanted us to meet them at miss Polyusica’s house in a few minutes. Jellal said that if Shelia ran out of magical energy, he would lend her his. He also said he would pay very close attention to the spells she used so that he may copy them in the future.

It’s looked down on to 'steal' someone else’s spells but I think...It would benefit Fairy Tail greatly to have an able healer handy. So long as he doesn’t claim rights over her spells no harm should be done. This however meant that he would have to see my injured body beneath my bandages as well. That is what I am dreading.

I don’t mind Jellal seeing me bare...he has many times before. What I hated was the helpless tortured look on his face. He always told me that no matter how strong I was that I was petite and slim. He told me that my body was to small and delicate compared to his or any mans. He wasn’t wrong but I could beat most men to within an inch of death.

Miss Polyusica left after examining me. Shelia started with my face. It felt warm and soothing and I sighed in relief. I wasn’t oblivious to their horrified expressions but I knew that I was being fully healed. The injuries wouldn’t last.

Next to all our embarrassment she went to heal my butt. Jellal’s face was red and I swore I saw his pants move a bit by his groin. I couldn’t resist teasing him so I mentally asked, 'I never knew girl on girl was a turn on for you?' And he looked at me with a horrified expression. Thankfully Shelia was done healing me there because Jellal looked more uncomfortable and embarrassed.

The bandages on my abdomen, breasts and neck were all part of one piece of material. Any embarrassment Jellal felt vanished and he looked white as a sheet. I was almost completely covered with bruises. My breasts, stomach, chest and my neck. Silent tears ran down Jellal’s face as he took in the damage.

I requested Shelia heal my stomach and my womb first when she reached for my neck. We wasted enough time fooling around, now it’s time to ensure my baby’s safety security.

She completely healed me and I could see how much magic and effort I must have taken out of her. Next was my breasts. She said it would take longer to heal, because of all the damage caused, and told me when she was finally done that, I had to use a milk suction cup to get out all of the milk that had been polluted by blood.

She came to my neck and healed it, along with my inner throat.

"Oh, and Erza, how is your right eye? I thought you had lost it?" She asked me. I winced when Jellal turned panicked and frightened eyes on me, disbelieving what he knew he just heard. I bit my lip.

"It’s...alright now. Miss Polyusica treated it, while my eye couldn’t be saved, she merged a lacrama into my eye. It acts just as any normal eye would really, in fact it’s almost impossible to tell that its fake. It even helps me on missions. Now I am completely immune to all visual magics, if I choose to be." I told her with a smile.

"Who did that to you?!" Jellal asked me angrily. I just gave him a sad smile.

"I have been horribly hurt and injured countless times over the years...I can hardly remember only one assailant. Besides, most who have maimed me...are no longer in this world." He looked saddened knowing I have been so brutally wounded even before we started our lives together. He didn’t look any happier knowing those who hurt me were most likely dead. He probably wished that he could have sent them to their deaths by his own hand.

"Let’s go home?" I asked him and tugged his hand. He wrapped me in his arms and placed a kiss on the top of my head.

"Awww! That’s Love!" Shelia said with dreamy eyes.

"Oh right, how rude of me, thank you so much for coming so soon Shelia, and for healing me. You are the best sky god slayer ever!" I told her and made Jellal leave me so that I could hug her.
"This little girl is a sky god slayer?!" Jellal gaped out at her.

"Yup that’s right! And I’m only 12years old!" She told us proudly. "I think you should have a pregnancy check-up at least once a week for the next three weeks though, just in case. That way if the smallest thing seems out of the ordinary it may be fixable." She told us as she headed for the door.

"Alright, thanks Shelia, take care!" I called out after her. I turned back to Jellal and kissed him. I could feel my arousal growing. We needed to go home. Now. I was glad for many reasons that I wasn’t vaginally raped. It would have been so much worse for both of us. I was still only his in that way, and that’s how it was meant to be.

"Home?" I asked him. "Sure." He complied and teleported us to our bedroom.

I requipped into some of my sexier underwear that I bought after we got married. White lace. I thought it would be safer than red or black because I didn’t want to remind him of my injuries. I waited till he took off his shoes and dropped them on the floor outside of his wardrobe. He took off his tunic and arousal hit me like a ton of bricks. I came up behind him and ran my nails down his back. He gasped out and groaned. He turned around to face me and I pulled his shirt up and ran my hands over his chest before pulling his shirt over his head. I requipped into my underwear and he groaned. I kissed him slowly and torturously.

I knew he would take charge if I kept teasing him like this. I undid the clasp of his pants and dug my fingers around the hem of his pants. He growled and picked me up. He lay me on our bed and kissed his way down my neck and gently bit and kissed the top of my breast. He removed his pants and his boxers, revealing his semi-erection.

He caressed my entire body with his hands and his mouth. He removed my bra and breathed soft warm air over my nipples causing me to shiver. He gently took one into his mouth and suckled and kneaded my flesh gently. I moaned and tears of pleasure leaked from my eyes.

I panted for him, I needed him. He switched to loving my other breast. Shelia said I needed to remove the bloody milk from my breasts...this was one way.

"Doesn’t the milk taste bad?" I asked him. It should’ve been horrible and bloody. He moaned and thrust himself against my clit making me cry out and thrust my hips upwards.

"None of you tastes bad to me. I will erase every single touch he placed on you." He told me. He only stopped sucking from me when the bad milk was gone.

"That should be it." He gently placed chaste kisses on each swollen nipple and ground himself against my clit.

"I love you so much." He said passionately. I gasped out and looked at him over my breasts.

"I love you too. Everything you are...everything about you..." I said as he moved himself down my body, caressing my baby bump and kissing and nuzzling it. He inhaled deeply when he reached between my legs. He kissed my outer vulva and licked between its lips. I moaned and arched my back. He parted my legs and kissed me lower. I almost jumped when he kissed my anus.

"Ah...Jellal?" I asked him. He just rubbed my clit and started licking my anus. It didn’t feel awful but why was he doing it? His tongue forced its way into me and I gasped out. It felt so strange.

"Jellal...I don’t think I want to...uhm..." I trailed off. I didn’t want him to stick himself in there... " Don’t worry...I’m just...possessing are mine and I want to remove any trace of him on or inside your body. I would never defile you in such a way." He told me as pleasure coursed through my body. Own me? At first, I wanted to hurt him to prove that I couldn’t be owned like an object but then, it him me. He is MINE. And I actually WAS, HIS. Instead of disappointment, pleasure and satisfaction ran through my blood like wild fire.

"I’m yours. Only yours. Forever." I told him. He looked up and me and climbed up my body. He kissed me fiercely and thrust himself into me, making me cry out. He swallowed all of my cries as he thrust into me and brought us both to completion. I cried his name as we came. He bit my neck creating a love bite.

"And I, am yours, always." He told me. He kissed me and thrust into my still sensitive core. We made love until we were almost raw and had to stop. We bathed each other and he held me while I
sat on his lap in the tub. We caressed our hands over our baby together, lovingly. He kissed my shoulders and my neck. Probably creating more love bites. At the moment I didn’t care. Everything was better.

"So." I said and looked up at him.

"Hmm?" I smiled at his sheer cuteness.

"Tell me about this house! So far, all I've seen is the bed room, and a living area, both of which I hardly had opportunity to explore." I told him. He smiled at me.

"What’s there to say?" He asked trying to rile me up. I brought one of his hands to my mouth and bit his finger challengingly. He laughed at my childish behaviour.

"I just don’t know what to tell you about it because I want you to enjoy exploring it. If you like I could give you a tour?" He offered.

"Tour accepted. You will carry me." I told him only half joking. He snorted.

"What? Why?"

I reached my hand under me to stroke the head of his penis, and watched him gasp.

"Because of this." I said, sliding my thumb over the slit "I won’t be able to walk properly for at least two days." I told him and sat back down on his groin making him hiss.

"I see. I will need to try harder next time. A mere two days?" He joked at my expense. I wiggled on his lap making him groan.

"Very well then, I stall carry you." He told me hoping to appease me. He did. And neither of us could have sex for a long while until we healed but that didn’t stop me from turning around and kissing him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I pushed myself down and forced him into me.

At the moment it didn’t hurt but it pulsed. I knew we couldn’t have another round.

"Erza." He gasped out and dug his hands into my back. "Want to hear a kink of mine that I've figure out about our intimacy?" I asked him seductively and clenched my kugel muscles around him.

"Hm?" "I enjoy the feeling of you inside me." I whispered into his ear and he gasped. "It makes me feel whole and complete, and it’s the closest that I can be to you." I told him. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. "I feel the same way." he breathed out gruffly. "Unless we want to go miss Polyusica because we are raw at our genitals...we should stop for a few days." He said.

I moved to release him from me and he pulled me down, making me cry out and shake out of raw pleasure.

"But we aren’t quiet that far gone yet. Let’s enjoy our bath before I give you that tour?" "Yeah." I agreed and I lay on him. I replaced the protection spells on my womb so it shouldn’t affect the pregnancy.

The bath was enchanted to maintain its warmth while it had occupants, so we soaked for a good thirty minutes until the pruning became really unsexy. Jellal helped me stand up and laughed when he flopped out of me to my embarrassment. Why wasn’t he the one embarrassed? We dried ourselves and Jellal dried off our hair with his magic.

I requipped into one of the maternity dresses we bought together. Jellal decided to take me on a tour, starting at the top of our house going down. He showed me how he tried to create more space in our room by making things fold into the walls.

If I tapped a certain place on the wall next to Jellal’s wardrobe the wall disappeared, replaced by a mirror and dresser where I could keep my feminine products and make up. I already decided that I would seduce him by brushing my hair in front of him. Today was a good day for seductive torture since we couldn’t probably have sex again if we tried.

Jellal led me to the balcony and I almost passed out. Just how high up were we?! When I asked him, he just grinned like an idiot. Idiot. The balcony was nice though and it was child safe. There was a pretty table with two chairs set up, and in the corner, a bath like structure implemented in the ground that remained covered, and two sunbeds sat under an umbrella.

"Oh, wow I really like this. You definitely had our pleasure in mind." I told him.

"Of course." And he took my hand to show me the rest of our room.

"Now, I had implemented a mini Library into this house but for your later pregnant days I thought having a book shelf next to the night stand on your side would be nice, just tap it and the book shelf will come out, when you leave it, it will automatically retreat into the wall." He told me. And I did like reading but I didn’t want him to see my dirty book collection!

He showed me how to turn on floor heating and showed me a mini fridge in the wall reserved for bedroom beverages and water. He said we didn’t need air conditioning because just as the temperature got hotter you could turn it colder as well. He told me he wanted his desk to face the room so that if he had some work to do, he could watch me in bed when he got bored. I could feel my cheeks redden.
He led me out the bedroom into the bathroom. He showed me that there was a music lacrama if I wanted some music to relax to. We also had a sit-in shower that looked a little like a steam room. He showed me how the cabinets were situated and that there was almost a limitless supply of emergency equipment if we were in need of it.

He also showed me a whole tray full of expensive perfumes he bought for me thinking they would be to my taste. I was interested it trying them out but I wasn’t going to do it now so he could laugh at me. There were many incense and bath tonics and other bath friendly devices. A supply of sponges and other bath related things, and then his razors and after shaves and deodorants. He put me down and said I would have to walk because his back was killing him.

"Excuse me what are you implying?!" I squeaked at him.

"Simply that that we will be having one big, and heavy baby." He said so innocently that anyone apart from someone who knew him would believe that, that was what he meant. I pinched his butt and watched him squeak and rub it tenderly. Oh, just wait. The joke is all on him!

We left our room, there were four doors along the corridor, the first one to the left was the baby room, and the one to the right was the spare bathroom for our child when it grew old enough. The nursery was about as big as our bedroom, way too big for one little kid. Jellal said that the walls and the Ceiling were illusion lacrama that could change into different settings, like clouds or a jungle or anything really. The was no other feeling like standing in the sky with clouds passing around you.

There was a cabinet with a baby basin on top of it and a small shelf with baby lotions, oils, shampoo's and other items. Next to it was a changing station and a diaper rack beneath it. There was an air freshener above the changing station. Of course.

Jellal walked to a wall and tapped it to reveal a wardrobe full of baby clothes. Some were even very expensive, obviously the ones Jellal bought. The was another side of the wardrobe housed baby bottles, formulas and dummies. All baby items. And below it folded nicely was a baby stroller. Next to it was a baby carrier. We closed the wardrobe and Jellal showed me the baby’s crib.

It was made out of white oak and bleached until it was whiter than snow. The inside was cushioned nicely and the bars were baby proofed with soft synthetic fur. Next to the crib was a basket of baby blankets. There was a bed as big as ours in the corner against the wall that had baby proof bars on the side. There was a stadium beneath the windows where an audience of stuffed toys sat. In the other corner was a rocking chair and a table with a dimly lit lamp and a bottle warmer for the milk and a breast pump.

The floor was covered in the softest dark green carpeting I had ever seen. Many other baby related things were in the room as well but Jellal took my hand to lead me out the room. Instead he closed the door and showed me the back of it. On the back of the door at the top was a golden Fairy Tail emblem and at the bottom of the door was a picture of a family of wolves playing in a flower field. It was so pretty.

"Do you like it?" Jellal asked me.

"Yes, I like everything. You really did think of everything a baby would need, didn’t you?" I asked him amazed.

"I can’t take all the credit." He told me and showed me a few bottles, dummies, clothes, blankets and teddies that all had the Fairy Tail emblem on them.

"Our baby shower was interrupted but a lot of these things were gifts from the guild." He told me.

"Also, I thought having a bed in here would be necessary for the first few case the baby needs us or needs to be fed, at least one of us could sleep closer so we won’t be too far or have too far to go. When the child is old enough, we can all go and choose a bed together. And the rocking chair would be important for trying to get the baby to sleep and would make feeding the baby and burping it much easier on us." He said to me, smiling like an idiot.

It’s a good thing he didn’t paint the walls pink and decide on the child’s future furniture yet. Jellal let me to the bathroom. There was a hamper for dirty clothes, a washing machine, tumble dryer and a toilet that had a 'step' for children. There was another hamper filled with bath toys and the bath had a movable shower sprayer. There was a basin and a cabinet under it with towels and other bath related items.

Jellal led me to the last two rooms before the living area. One room was playroom filled with toys and story books and basically anything a young child would want. There was even a walker for when the child could start learning to walk and a table where the child could draw. The floor was also very soft like in the baby's room. The last room was a 'study' room, where we were going to teach our child to read and write and anything else that it will need to be taught.

There was a magic board, magic pens, and stationary and equipment the child will need growing up. We decided to teach our own children ourselves since we would prefer to pass down our own morals and ethics and not risk letting others influence them negatively. Jellal led me out of the room and towards the living area. The carpet was fine and flat to the floor but it still felt soft like velvet. There was a huge entertainment lacrama in the corner of the room, probably for watching any events that were broadcasted.

The couches were white and soft and a small table sat in the middle of them. Apart from the living area was a strange musical instrument that I have only ever seen in theatres, a grand piano. I gaped at it.

"Can you play? Because I couldn’t play to save my life." I joked with him. He laughed merrily.

"I learned years ago, just to impress you." He winked at me. And I felt my face heat up like a bonfire.

"Can you sing?" I asked him and he laughed louder. "I could if you asked me to..." He goaded. I would not fall for it.

"I can sing quiet well myself." I told him and walked away to the kitchen. Now I know he will ask me to sing. His eyes followed me curiously.

"Then sing a duet with me sometime." My face felt hotter. "Sure, but I'll probably need a drink first." I joked. He just grinned and shook his head. The kitchen was really nice. Except I couldn’t really cook so I only ever opened the fridge or rummaged through the cupboards and draws for Jellal’s hidden candy.


There was a candy machine on the table, at first my eyes lit up in joy and then in horror. I pointed to the candy machine.
"Get rid of it. Or put it in our room, somewhere high and hidden. Haven’t you ever heard of why children shouldn’t eat much candy? I swear if this machine stays here that you are in charge of bedtime." I told him. He blinked letting it all sink in then his eyes widened in horror.
"I didn’t even think of it!" He told me. "I refuse to get rid of it though. Perhaps if the baby grows up with candy around it won’t end up candy hungry like us...Erza, look, Cherry Drop candy. You really want me to get rid of it?!" Jellal asked me in horror. Cherry drop had always been one of our favourites and for years we thought they didn’t make it anymore.
"No... I guess not. But bedtimes are all yours if it doesn’t plan out." I told him with my serious face. I heard him grumble 'First its diapers and now bed time...she is going to kill me!'.
"Don’t be so glum. After the children go to bed is when the parents can have some fun." I told him with a grin, seeing him light up like I just announced Christmas was coming early. The living room had sliding doors leading out onto a balcony patio where there was an outside grill and a large family picnic bench. We also had a mini garden, complete with a water fountain. The fountain was a woman’s figure with a hole the shape of a heart in her chest where she held her hand as if she was offering her heart. It was pretty.
"Want to see the other floors?" Jellal asked me. For a moment my smile disappeared.
"Floors?!" I almost yelled at him. He pursed his lips.
"Well yeah, we needed room for all of our needs. Apart from the basement that I created extra-large in order to store all you armors and future armors, we have five floors. The fifth, this floor is our family space. The fourth is my office, a small lounge and the library. The third it your workshop for your armors and a storage for materials. The second is our training room for fitness and magic, I made that room almost indestructible. And the ground floor is designed for housing guests, we have six spare bed rooms, three spare bathrooms, a dining hall, a lounge, a larger kitchen, and ball room space, complete with entertainment for guests. It was pretty much a given how close Fairy Tail are that we would have guests. I even contemplated renting out some rooms but that sounded too risky with their destructive tendencies and we are expecting to raise a child here. It would still be ideal if I had business people visiting me for meetings or if we threw a party and some friends weren’t in the position to be heading home..." Jellal trailed off.
"Wow! You really thought about everything didn’t you?!" I asked him.
"I tried...I wanted you and our family to feel perfectly at peace here. Also, we have a pool at the back instead of a yard in case anyone wants to have a pool party. Its right up against the aquarium though so best be careful...I decided that everyone has a lawn and a garden in their yard and that since we are unique ourselves that we could do something different. Also, the pool and the aquarium are lit up so it looks really nice at night." He told me. I wouldn’t know what he was talking about until I saw it.
"It’s late now so how about we tour your office floor, my floor, the training room and the basement warehouse and then we can look at the pool?" I asked him. He smiled happily.
"Sure, but by the time we are all done touring I have an idea for when we go back to our room." He said with all the charm of a boy.
"Jellal?" I asked hesitantly.
"Yeah?" He smiled at me.
"I was you want to name our child?" I asked looking at his cute face.
"It’s usually the mother who names the baby but how about this, since I don’t know the gender yet, if it’s a girl I will name her and if it’s a boy you can name him, deal?" He asked me, though since I already knew the gender, I knew that I would be the one picking names after all.
"If you are sure." I told him. His office...was the library. The walls were covered with shelves and the ceiling had defence and subjugation spells written into it in case of trouble. There was a leather lounge suite in the middle of the room with a glass table in the middle. His desk was at the far side of the room in front of a fire place and beside glass cabinets.
My work shop was the same size and Jellal had already moved all of my materials here as well as my old equipment and some new equipment. He even restocked my gem supply and added a few rarer gems to my collection, the kinds of gems only found in neighbouring kingdoms and foreign lands. Who knows how he got them. He sometimes seems like he is from another world himself. Knowing things that most people couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
Our training room was...interesting. Jellal said that it could create simulations of monsters at different strengths and change the terrain depending on your choosing, Jellal demonstrated to me by summoning a triple-S classed beast to defeat on a water terrain.
The water meant either he had to be able to use the water to his advantage, walk on its surface or stay airborne, naturally he was good at all of them. I requipped into my sea-empress armor boots to stand on the water, as I am now, my armors wouldn’t fit me.
I stood far enough away from the scene to get a clear view but still be safe, and intervene if necessary. A dragon appeared. A. Dragon. I thought we were going to have a serious problem on our hands but Jellal did something completely unexpected.
"Primordial Dragon: Roar!" He screamed and the dragon screeched in agony and fell dead to the ocean. The battle was ended but I felt immense shock. Jellal seeing something was wrong with me came to me and smoothed his hands down my arms.
"Hey, are you alright?" He asked with concern.
"You...are a dragon slayer?" I asked him and he perched his lips together.
"Hmm...I don’t want anyone to find out...and it is not my primary type of magic, I don’t usually use if I can avoid it, but yes, I suppose I am." He told me. It made me sad. My mother tried to teach me Heavenly Dragon magic but she left me before I could learn. I still have her notes and the extra notes she had for me.
"Erza? Do you want to rest?" Jellal asked me starting to panic. I didn’t answer his question.
"Uh...I uhm, I’m fine, its nothing." I said looking down.
"It’s obviously not nothing. I can tell when you are sad. What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong? You can tell me, you know you can." He said gently.
"I don’t know if you can help me with that. Especially now, since...well." I gestured to the baby.
"It’s ok tell me anyway? Maybe after the baby is born and you are recovered?" He asked me hopefully. I sighed. I requipped my mother’s grimoire and showed it to him. His eyebrows rose sky high and he was in complete shock.
"M-my mother left me when I was six years old. I had her spell books and she did try to teach me before but I didn’t like it then because I wasn’t good at it. I wanted to learn it after she left me but my grandma didn’t know dragon slayer magic, I couldn’t ask Acnologia because these kinds of spells are sacred to families and I also couldn’t ask Natsu for a similar reason...and also, I don’t think he could teach anyone I kind of gave up..." I told him. He handed my grimoire back to me.
"I can help you. I’m a master of dragon slayer magic and Heavenly Body magic. We can learn together. I have never seen some of those spells before and I would like to learn them, if you are willing to share your family’s secrets? You don’t have to, I would help you either way but it is the magic I major in..." He trailed off like a pouty child.
"Of course, I don’t mind. I just want more variety in my arsenal apart from armor and weapons, in case I ever need to defend myself or attack someone far stronger than I am." I told him. He frowned.
"I agree that you need more magic in your arsenal. But I will be the one to fight for you and defend our family. I didn’t garner all this power for nothing." He pouted.
"Your problem by dear, is that you were attempting to learn the slayer magic first right from the start. You are supposed to become familiar with the magic itself first before trying to use a more advanced version of it. Even I couldn’t pull off dragon slayer magic for a long time." He said trying to comfort me.
"Come, let’s see your warehouse." He held his hand out to me and I took it. My new ware house was massive. At least I could store more of my heavy armors in here now, and create more space underwear.
He took me to the pool and lit up the lacrama. It was unbelievable! Seeing all the colourful fish swimming around the border of the pool, it would definitely become a party favourite. We headed back to our room and Jellal told me to look around while he prepared us dinner.
I ended up following him and laying on the nice soft couch. I could definitely have sex was so comfortable. Jellal disappeared for a little while but I hardly noticed. He came back after a while and led me to our room, then through to the balcony. He set the table out there and filled the 'jacuzzi', Jellal said it was called, with water.
It was steaming and bubbling like a hot spring. He told me to get in. It was so nice! He placed a tray on the water in front of me with dinner on it. Chicken pesto pasta, well done beef slices with garnish and fries, with an iced tea. I smiled happily. He really was too good to me. He climbed in then and pulled his tray on top of the water.
"And dinner my lady, is served." He smiled boyishly as me.
"This is awesome Jellal!" I laughed and grinned at him. When we were done, we just enjoyed the jacuzzi until we got tired. I wanted to do the dishes but Jellal said he already teleported it to the kitchen and would do it while I died off and got ready for bed. He said he would give me my birthday present when he came back.
Jellal was a really good gift giver. I hated getting presents from people but I always anticipated Jellal’s gifts. Jellal came into the room and smiled at me.

"You know, it was pure chance or purrhaps fate that led me to find you this purrfect gift. At first, I was against it to be honest, but you need some company other than me and the baby will need a friend growing up... close your eyes, Erza." Jellal said happily, as if he knew some kind of joke that I didn’t. I closed my eyes.
"Uh, this will be weird, but trust me here, I won’t do anything bad!" Jellal said as he opened up my pyjama top and took out one of my breasts. I rose my eye brows.
"Ok, now I need you to hold something for me. Its fragile, so hold it gently and don’t drop it when I tell you to open your eyes." He said carefully. I thinned my lips. I was beginning to think this was some perverted joke. He placed something in my arms and whatever it was moved closer to my body. I snorted to hold in a laugh when I felt a mouth cover my nipple.
"Jellal, really?" I asked. He just said..."It’s not me." From next to me. My eyes shot open. There in the white blankets I held to my chest was a white kitten. A very strange white kitten. Its paws held my breast gently, they were shaped like baby hands.
"W-what is this?" I asked him. Jellal perched his lips. He was obviously debating on whether this was a good choice or not.
"’s a special kind of creature from Edolas called an 'Exceed'. They were thrown out of the world they were originated from because Edolas can no longer hold any magic, all magic and magical creatures were sent to Earthland. I found a strange egg a while back and I kept it because I wanted to know what was inside it and this one popped out the day before your birthday. Or technically it was your birthday since it was past 12 in the morning.
I know you wanted a kitten to practice parenting for our own baby but that wouldn’t have helped anything, so we rejected the idea, but Exceeds are a lot like humans, especially in early days after hatching. They need to be fed, loved, taught and cared for the same way a human baby would need to be.
I found her so in a way I could be her adoptive father, she did hatch with me and I was the first person she saw, you are the second. Maybe I was too presumptuous...I just thought it was a good idea at the time. Don’t you want her?" His reasoning was true and his motives were selfless. What would happen to this kitten if I rejected it. This is way too sudden. Presumptuous indeed. It not that I don’t want her...what are we going to do with her? Neither of us were prepared for this. Jellal thinned his lips and tried to take back the kitten.
"I... I don’t know. This is so sudden...we could keep her and see how things work out...but then it would make giving her up harder...Jellal if we keep her do you promise to treat her as our own flesh and blood?" I asked him and looked him dead in the eye. He gulped.
"Like I said I didn’t think it though completely...if you want her...I will think of her as our daughter. If you don’t, we should find a new home for her before the week ends so that she doesn’t imprint on us." He said to me and I could see he still wasn’t sure. Except for her head and her tail, this kitten looked just like a human baby. My stomach churned at the thought of leaving her. Maternal instincts, that is what this is called, right?
"Maternal instincts. I can’t leave her now." I looked sadly at Jellal. He looked so confused and so torn, like he wasn’t sure if he did a good thing or a bad thing.
"I wish you would have asked me first before...doing this to me but there isn’t anything we can do now. I’m not upset but I want you to be fully on board with this." I told him. He came up to me and hugged us and kissed me on the lips and the kitten on the head.
"Of course." He said and smiled at me. "I’m glad. Remember you are on diaper duty." I told him and got into bed, swapping nipples so the kitten could suckle better. Jellal gasped and a look of utter horror came over his face.
"Yup, four months of extra, premature diaper changing." I smiled at him. "Come to bed?"
Jellal flinched. Still he got ready for bed. This wouldn’t be so bad. Jellal did want a daughter...and after this I’m not having any more children. Too risky and too scary. Too vulnerable. Jellal got in bed.
"Hm... Jellal? What are you going to name her?" Jellal held me as close as he could with my baby bump and our kitten in the way.
"Me?" He asked surprised.
"Hm... you said you would name any girls we had and I had to name the boys. This counts." I told him. Hopefully naming her would form a bond between them.
"Can I name her mini Erza?" He asked. "No."
"Ah...Elsa? Or Emma?" He suggested. "Emma...I like that." I said. He smiled at me.
"I was thinking of naming our daughter Ella, Elsa, or Emma. Or honestly Erza after you. Especially if she had your lovely scarlet hair. Oh, I almost forgot, I don’t know if you noticed it before but look." He said and lifted his shirt. Tattooed in small, bold black letters was 'Erza Scarlet Fernandez' just below his left breast, where his heart would be. It brought happy tears to my eyes.
"I love you." I told him. "I love you most." He told me. We leaned in closer to kiss each other. Our lips barely brushed when the kitten woke and wailed. Jellal leaned back, pulled a funny face and put his hand over his nose.
"Prove it." I said and nudged Emma over to Jellal. "Tears formed in his eyes but he picked her up gently and rushed to the nursey. I followed quickly so that I could peek in on them. My recording lacrama was recording his first time changing a diaper. He looked green in the face. He undid the blanket, and placed her on the changing station. He pulled out a new diaper and carefully took off the dirty one. His tears fell and he covered his mouth trying not to gag. I was starting to feel bad just watching him suffer.
"Need a hand?" He raised a finger saying 'wait' and took in a deep breath with his mouth and set to work. He opened the dirty diaper, pulled out a wet wipe and started cleaning her top to bottom. He placed the wet wipe in the dirty diaper and sealed it with sticker and threw it in the magic bin. He put powder on her bum and lifted her legs high enough to get the diaper under her bum.
"What about a hole for her tail?" I asked insightfully. Jellal’s hairs almost stood on end. He burst a small hole in the back of the diaper for her tail to fit through and quickly did up her diaper professionally. He picked her up ran to our bed and took a huge breath of fresh air. I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.
The kitten had also been crying all the while. "Ha-ha I, ha- love, ha-ha you,-ha!" I managed to get out before I got back into bed and drew the kitten to my chest. I rubbed her back gently and made soft ‘shh’ing’ sounds. Her cries turned into mew's and she fell asleep holding a fist full of my hair. Jellal looked terribly unhappy. I just gave him a sad smile before we went back to sleep with our kitten between out chests. I decided that I would do the diaper changing whenever I could, both now and after I give birth.
It hadn’t been even 2hours yet and the kitten started crying again. Jellal was either pretending to be asleep or was that tired. I felt her bum to see if she needed changing. Nope. So, she was hungry. I undid my shit buttons and pulled it down around my shoulders and brought the kitten to my breast. Her cries stopped and she mewled. I started humming to her. It just sort of came naturally.

"You make a good mother." Jellal said looking up at us from his pillow. I smiled at him.

"Thank you. At least this one I didn’t need to birth myself." I told him and he smiled.

"I will be with you. Wherever, however you decide to give birth, I will be right by your side. I can lessen your pain even if I can’t take it away completely and I will support you as best I can I promise. You don’t have to be afraid." He said to me and brushed my arm gently. I sucked in my lip, gulped and looked at the kitten. I was afraid of giving birth. I've heard of terrible things that have gone wrong during the birthing process and sometimes the mother or child or both ended up dying.

"Thanks. I was actually thinking of giving birth on Fairy Tails, Tenro Island. I heard that it was good luck." I told him.

"Then I will ask master Makarov, and about a week before the date we can set things up there. Have you thought of having a midwife?" Jellal asked.

"Actually, miss Polyusica and Shelia were going to help me deliver. I don’t think anyone else would really be much help. Honestly all I need is you." I smiled at him.

"I’m concerned for your vitality. Are you sure you don’t want anyone else to help out?" He asked almost panicked.

"No. I thought about asking Ultear or Mira-Jane but it just doesn’t feel right. Just you, and two healers will be just fine." I told him. He looked more worried. I knew he wouldn’t try to force me to do something I didn’t want to do and I know how hard he has been training in medical magic lately just in case he ever needs to heal me for emergency treatment. I just couldn’t think of anyone I wanted close to me at a private time like that.