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Cum Rainbow Bubbles

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Who would've thought that things could possibly get this awkward?
Xi's knees we sore and red from where he fell on the floor, after slipping getting out of the bath tub. Jinhua who convinced him that two men who are close, that bathing together wasn't an issue rushed to try and catch him...and ended up slipping and falling on top of Xi.
This would've been awkward enough and overly so...but that wasn't even the worst part. Even though Jinhua's dick was flaccid and Xi's butt hole was relaxed and soft after the was also sensitive...and Jinghua's dick was pressing into-only just-not impaling into him. The strange sensation made Xi's member start to harden...and his puckering butt hole start to twitch-where Jinhua was STILL pressed onto him.
Jinhua could feel Xi's puckering hole twitch with anticipation. It made his smaller dick harden. And it made the pressure against Xi's hole...ever more noticeable...
Xi sucked in a deep breath. He couldn't think, he couldn't speak, he just felt so...overwhelmed. He decided he would let Jinhua move first.
Jinghua touched his hip and asked him if he was alright, he also moved just a little bit forward. Enough to start impaling Xi’s tight, pure and untouched hole.
Xi gasped and couldn’t reply. He didn’t know what to do in this situation. But just as he moved forward a little to try and stand up…Jinghua’s grip on his hip tightened and the size of the dick pressing into his ass grew…a lot.
“J-jinghua! What are you doing?!” gasped Xi as he tried to remove Jinhua’s hand from his hip.
“Ah!” Jinghua gasped as he felt the friction between them. “I-it just h-happened.” Jinghua moved back and let Xi remove his hand from his hip…only then Xi fell on his back…and Jinghua fell on top of him again. Both of their now fully erect dicks pressed hard onto each other and before he could comprehend what he did…Xi bucked his hips into Jinghua’s, and both hunched and groaned.
Xi looked so beautiful to Jinghua. All blushing and panting. And not trying to move away.
“Xi.” Jinghua whispered by Xi’s pink tinged ear. “Can I help you get rid of your erection?”
Jinghua couldn’t believe what he just asked. Of Corse Xi would say no. He was enough of a prude just being in the same room nude with him, why would he say yes? Jinghua sighed and started moving lower to find some balance for standing up when Xi grabbed his bicep and tightened his grip. There members touched again and Xi threw his head back a moaned. Jinghua buried his head in Xi’s chest and groaned.
“H-how would you help me with this…problem?” Xi managed to ask, without looking at Jinghua.
“Have you never masturbated before?” Jinghua asked, genuinely curious.
“What?! N-no! I would never!” Xi exclaimed without hesitation. Jinghua smiled into his chest and looked up at him seductively. Xi couldn’t control it, just with that one look he trusted into Jinghua.
“A-ah! H-help! I-I am m-moving a-all by my s-self! Gah!” Xi managed to gasp out.
“Soooo~ you will let me help you? Doesn’t matter what I do?” Jinghua asked, rubbing his erection on Xi’s, receiving a long low moan from him.
“Just do it, I can’t t-take much mor-re.” Xi breathed out. Jinghua princess carried Xi to their bed and lay him on it. He carried the heated body oil from the bathroom with him just in case. Then he locked the door and instructed Xi to create a sound proof barrier around his room.
Jinghua could see Xi’s member getting a little softer…and he could’ve left it to go away on its own…but where would that leave his own rock hard, pulsing erection? He knew Xi was watching him and so took full advantage of his lack of sexual knowledge.
He climbed onto the bed slowly and straddled Xi. Xi held his breath-which was a horrible idea. Jinghua slid his erection against Xi’s and sealed his mouth with his own. He knew that Xi was unused to physical contact but that just meant that he would enjoy it all the more. His right hand came up to gently rub Xi’s right nipple, and to allow Xi to breath he released his mouth to trail kisses from his mouth to his ear, where he sucked and received cries of pleasure from Xi. He trailed down his neck with his teeth and lightly bit into the juncture between Xi’s neck and collarbone.
“Ah-hha-ha! Jinghua- f-feels s-so g-g-goood, ah!” managed Xi, after ten minutes of grinding. Xi felt like he was the only one receiving treatment to he tried to grind himself along with Jinghua and let his hand travel down his back, to his hips and his firm ass.
Jinghua kissed his way down Xi’s chest…he knew Xi wouldn’t expect what he was going to do…he was too innocent. And if he did, being the prude, he is he would most likely stop him. So…Jinghua quickly measured Xi’s length with his left hand, and then went down for the prize.
“Wha-a-AAAaah!!” was all Xi could get out. Jinghua could feel him tense out of shock and pleasure, but he kept on sucking anyway. Xi grabbed at the sheets in fists and threw his head back and into the pillows, while Jinghua held his hips down to prevent gagging from Xi’s frantic bucking. He flicked the slit with his tongue and licked his cock from the base up, intentionally running his teeth every now and then to see Xi jolt and jump.
“S-stop! Stop! Enough!” Jinghua froze. Did he go too far? He looked up and panted over Xi’s red and pulsing erection.
“Im sorr-“ he never got to finish his sentence because Xi sat up and pulled him full force into a hard and heated kiss.
“I-I w-want you.” He panted.
“But…that’s going too far. We can’t.” Jinghua said when he realised the true implications of their situation.
Xi looked down and it seemed he was on the verge of tears.
“Please? I….I need you…all of you…right now.” Xi mumbled with a quivering bottom lip.
Jinghua caved. Xi needed HIM and he NEEDED to please Xi any way he could. This was just an unexpected twist of fate.
“Are you sure?” He needed to know that this decision wouldn’t ruin their growing relationship.
“Yes.” Xi said as his held Jinghua’s face in his hands and pulled him down onto him. Jinghua started stroking their dicks together to revive them fully again. And then he reached for the lukewarm oil. He dipped two fingers into the cherry scented oil and brought them to Xi’s entrance. He rubbed around it with soft soothing motions trying to relax the tight ring of muscle. And because he wanted to hear Xi’s reaction to his first fingers entrance, he leaned the bridge of his nose into Xis neck while he inserted his middle finger.
“Ah-ahhh!” Xi moaned and panted. “Jinghua. Ah J-jinghua…” soft and sexy sounds came out of Xi’s mouth.
Jinghua inserted a second finger inside Xi, making him moan and thrust upward. He started scissoring his fingers stretching out Xi’s hole nicely before recoating his fingers in oil and resuming his mesmerising actions. All too soon Jinghua added his third finger and started thrusting and searching for the beautiful gem inside of Xi that wold make him scream his name.
“Ah! W-what was that? Ah! Ahh!” Xi panted and jolted.
Found it. Thought Jinghua. “Are you sure you really want to go this far? You and I are connected in spirit and soul already. You are only supposed to give your body to your future wife…” Jinghua trailed off in thought of how betrayed Xi’s “fiancé” Shiyao would be if…when she found out.
“Yes. This is my decision! I will choose who I give myself to, and not my family! I want you. After this we will be completely inseparable, no matter where one of us ends up, we will always be able to find the other. This…is the only way we haven’t been bonded yet. And I am willing to give myself to you…if you want me…” Xi trailed off with a small growing knot in his stomach at the thought of this only being “easy sex” to Jinghua.
“I am the one who is unworthy.” Commented Jinghua. “But I don’t want you to ever be with anyone other than me! And my heart has belonged to you for a very long time now anyway.” Jinghua confessed.
Xi laced his fingers in Jinghua’s long hair and crushed their lips together. “Take me.” He whispered seductively, nosing Jinghua’s ear and blowing hot air onto his neck, and nibbling him timidly.
Jinghua held Xi’s left shoulder down with his left hand and positioned himself snugly at Xi’s entrance. He coated his length with a thin coat of oil and smashed his lips to Xi’s as he thrust into him full force and pulled his hips down to bury himself into Xi completely.
“Ah!” cried as he scrunched up his face in pain to the intrusion. “I-it hurtsss, is it supposed to hurt?” he asked Jinghua who ceased moving letting Xi adapt to his girth.
“Xi…you feel so good. Better than how any girl would feel. And it always hurts the first time, right?” Jinghua tried to reason.
“Jinghua you basted I’m not a girl-and don’t compare me to one again!” Xi snapped.
“No no, what I meant is that you are better than anyone else who ever existed to me. And, whether you are male or female I’m sure that the first time with hurt a little. It will get better, I promise.” Jinghua said as he intertwined their pinkie fingers and brought Xi’s hand to his mouth to kiss it.
“You can move.” Panted Xi as my wiggled around a bit trying to get comfortable.
Jinghua decided to go slow and gentle. He pulled himself out of Xi a few inches and slid back inside. When Xi grew accustomed to the feeling he decided it was time to…reward…Xi’s patience.
“Ah!” Xi screamed as Jinghua hit his prostate hard. His member was all but drowning in precum and as Jinghua started moving faster he pressed against Xi’s cock harder to create more friction. Xi cried out and moaned and begged, until he couldn’t take anymore.
“I can’t hold it! I-I am going to cum!” Jinghua sped up his thrusts, hitting Xi’s prostate again and again in succession. He was almost there. Just before they both released themselves, Xi let go of the abused, mustelid sheets to grab Jinghua’s face and kiss him, and Jinghua wrapped his arms around Xi’s back and pulled him down to release as deeply inside of him as he possibly could.
“I love you. I love you.” Xi panted, staring up at the ceiling with emotional silver eyes, tears streamed down his face and soaked the sweaty pillow under his head.
“Xi! Are you alright?! Did I hurt you? Why are you crying?” Jinghua asked frantically.
“No you didn’t hurt me. I’m crying…because I’m happy. You are the only person in my entire life who really truly understands me and cares for me. I’ve been completely and utterly alone all these years. But I just knew we would meet again somehow. So, I always waited for you…always, always. I love you. I love you, I lov-“ Xi couldn’t finish because Jinghua sealed their mouths with a kiss.
“Shushh, it’s alright now. I’ll never leave you again I promise! I…I love you too! I’m so sorry I made you wait so long…I’m sorry you felt alone all these years, I’m sorry you had to experience all of the most horrible things in this world, and that you would have to sacrifice so much as Yangmingsi. Someone as truly kind and pure as you, doesn’t deserve all of this heartache and atrocities!” Jinghua touched his forehead to Xi’s.
“Hmmhm…I’m so tired now.” Mumbled Xi with his long white eye laches closed and his beautiful soft pink lips slightly parted.
“Then let’s sleep.” Said Jinghua as he slid closer to Xi. “Perhaps you should keep the barrier up until after we wake up tomorrow?” Jinghua suggested, too tired to notice Xi tense as a stone statue, with his eyes painfully wide open, and his mouth agape in a sense of horror.
Oh shit…the barrier…I forgot to put it up!! And at that thought Xi passed out, out of embarrassment and shock.


Elsewhere in the estate, was a traumatized Shiyao frozen in place, pouring grandma’s tea over her cup and onto the floor, and heating the porcelain tea pot white hot in her anger. Grandma was crying tears of joy. “He is finally an adult!” (I would say a real man but hey he is a bit girly :X) Siyun started scheming on how she would use her new leverage against Xi. Siming had been watching from Xi’s window and held a hanky tightly to his bleeding nose, while trying to forget the bulge in his pants. And in the mountain…Huayu sat on the floor throwing a tantrum and balling her eyes out, while Yinzhe gnawed on the bloody bones of the demons he just killed out of rage.