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Harzy's Jersey

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“What am I doing?” Logan muttered to himself, staring at the Lion’s merch page, waiting for the new season’s jerseys to drop.

He refreshes the page and feels his heart jump when the new jerseys load on the page. Instinctively scrolling to find Finn’s, and selecting his size. Logan takes a deep breath and hesitates before changing it to Finn’s size and checking out. And if he pays extra for overnight shipping, well, no one has to know, right?


Finally alone in his room, Logan rips open the package and stares at the number 17 on the red jersey inside.

“Fuck.” He whispers trying to ignore the tears threatening to fall. He grabs the bottle of whisky he’s started keeping in his room and takes a long drink before stripping off his shirt and putting Harzy’s jersey on.

“Finn, Je te veux ici, Je veux t'embrasser.”

Logan continued to down the whisky quickly and soon there were tears falling freely down his face. He sniffed, now on his bed in just his boxers and the jersey. “Ça ne sent pas comme toi. It’s not warm, Finn, you’re warm," He broke off into sobs, "vouloir Finn.”

He set the bottle down on the floor and flopped backwards, Logan grabbed his pillow and curled around it, sniffing and muttering to himself.

“Why’d you leave me?” Logan whispered before dropping off into a fitful sleep.