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Mealy: Book Four

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In the world of The Simpsons there are many places. Filled with good and bad people. Every person has their own story. This is the story of a young adult from the town of Springfield Jari Kennish.

"So you see..."

Pet snakes terrified the "shit" out of me.

One day I protested holding up a sign saying that "snakes were dangerous and belonged in the wild not as pets" outside Jimmy's the Leader of the Freeworld's office building.

Dory the Freeworld Leader's personal assistant warned that "nothing would be accomplished" by my protest.

Ignoring her I continued protesting to "outlaw" pet snakes.

Two days passed by of me failing to convince people who passed to sign my petition. Max one person said he "wasn't interested" and Brenda another wished me "good luck." That afternoon I encountered Karl someone who owned a pet snake and Chris his friend while protesting.

"Snakes are dangerous creatures. Do you want to sign the petition?" I asked.

"Jari right? You're wrong about snakes you know? They actually make good pets. I'll make you a deal. You watch my snake for an hour and my friend and I will sign your protest." Karl said.

I really needed the signatures and took Karl up on the offer.

Later I was left alone at Karl's with his pet snake Viper. Trying to remain calm flew out the window the second the Viper looked at me. That same second I ran out of Karl's screaming "my ass off."

At the end of the driveway Karl who waited outside for the hour to be up stopped me and asked if I was "okay."

After telling him about my fear Karl apologized. If he had known he would've never asked me to "pet sit." He spent the next half hour convincing me into "facing my fear" and Karl's Viper soon revealed itself to actually be friendly and allow me to pet it.

"Sorry I realize that maybe snakes aren't so bad to have as pets." I said.

Years Later I got ice cream at Coldstone with Karl, Chris, and Chandler a friend that I met last year. Jake a random person came in protesting about "pet snakes" until being kicked out by Jessica the Clerk. He demanded us to sign his petition. Before Karl and I walked ahead with our arms around each other's shoulders I replied that "snakes" weren't so bad and to try owning one.