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Mealy: Book Three

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In the world of The Simpsons there are many places. Filled with good and bad people. Every person has their own story. This is the story of a young adult from the town of Springfield Jari Kennish.

"So you see..."

This happened last year I ran a weekly Seminar in a Warehouse teaching people First Aid. One day I finished the Seminar only to be stopped from leaving by Shauntè one of the many attending it.

She wanted me to check a wound on her leg and see if stitches were needed but I replied "go to a doctor" and left with Cody my usual helper.

The next afternoon I got cupcakes with Cody at Magnolia Bakery. Mair and Suzie two people from the seminar were walking out. I got up after they passed our table discussing Shauntè being in the Hospital since last night.

"I need to know if she's okay. She asked me yesterday if she needed fucking stitches and I blew her off." I said.

"I'm coming with you." Cody said.

Later I didn't get any info on Shauntè's condition.

Carter her Doctor said I "wasn't family" and flat-out refused to tell what room she was in. Two hours later I went into Shaunte's room after getting the number from Ayden one of her friends. I stopped her from calling Security.

"Please Shauntè I'm not here to cause any trouble. I just wanted to apologize for the way I treated you at the seminar. Can you ever forgive me?" I asked.

Years Later Shauntè and I went Bowling. She spent two days in the Hospital before being released with "stitches" finally covering the wound on her leg. We were friends now and she sometimes helped me out at the first aid seminars.