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The Awful Truth behind the Miracle Food

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Thorn watched through the window, as the sheeted dead fell one-by-one from the conveyor-belt into an enormous tank of green dye, and slowly sank.

He ran to the lower floor, where the same bodies, or those sunken immediately before, were dropped one-by-one into an immense machine, while the dye was drained away through a series of filters, to be used again. He ran still further, along a narrow walkway at the side of the machinery.

Through port-holes in the machine’s sides (meant, as he rightly guessed, for inspectors and technicians), he saw endless-looking rows of blades, scissors, crushers, grinders, hammers, maces, hooks, and other evil-looking devices, at the ends of countless mechanical arms. In steady rhythm, these weapons cut off the shrouds and rolled them away, shaved the bodies and threw the hair and nails into incinerators, did the same to the skin itself, cut off the hands and feet, sliced off the muscles, spooned the organs, drained the blood, pulverized the bones, and dropped the flesh into another conveyor, which led to another machine below.

Thorn followed it, and saw the shredded remnants of his fellow-citizens (among them, perhaps, his dear friend Sol) under the awful blows of spiked weights and giant rollers.

He followed still further, and saw the flattened carrion thrown into a series of boilers and mixers, from which a steady stream of pink slime poured into great ovens, which baked it into a hard mass and ran it through yet another machine, with no port-holes to show its inner workings. Thorn ran around it and came face-to-face with a third, smaller conveyor, covered in the unmistakable wafers of Soylent Green. Now, the terrible truth was beyond all doubt. But he had little time to ponder, for at that moment, some technicians shouted 'Hey!', behind him, and he fled.