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ripe and juicy

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Lan Zhan pauses when she passes the gap in the privacy screen. She takes a step back into it and stares down at Wei Ying lying across the bed, ass stuck out for everyone—the only one here is Lan Zhan—to see. Wei Ying is stretching her legs out behind her, groaning with it, then sighing when she relaxes. She must be still sore from their night hunt.

Lan Zhan—overcome with need—walks up behind her, grabs her by her full hips and pulls them flush against each other. Wei Ying’s only wearing one of Lan Zhan’s under robes and Lan Zhan can feel how warm her cunt is even through all her own layers. She has an ass that’s made to be fucked, and Lan Zhan is the only one who gets that privilege.

Wei Ying’s laugh is almost a shriek as Lan Zhan easily divests her of her clothing, but she goes along easily. Wrists get tied to the small of her back. Wei Ying moans, even though she hasn’t been touched yet. Her back curves, raising her ass into Lan Zhan’s hold.

Lan Zhan claps a hand against one of Wei Ying’s pretty cheeks, squeezes it and parts it to tug at her hole, pets at her dark hair there. She spreads the other cheek and immediately licks a hot wet stripe up her asshole. Wei Ying makes a high pitched garbled sound and squirms. Lan Zhan waits until she settles to do it again and again, licking at her rim until Wei Ying loosens enough to push inside.

Oh, Wei Ying is warmer here. Smooth inside, slight taste of being clean from her earlier bath, and—

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan says in surprise, removing her tongue but not going far. “did you finger yourself?”

Wei Ying whines and shifts her hips, mouth muffled against the bedding. She did, and now she’s being shy about it. Hm. Lan Zhan spreads her hole again and spits on it without ceremony. Wei Ying cries out when Lan Zhan forces her tongue back inside—licking and licking into her, sucking on her reddening rim.

Lan Zhan takes back her tongue to roll the stretching muscle ever so gently between her front teeth before sucking off with a very wet pop. Wei Ying trembles under her, gasping and crying. It’s only been a few touches, Lan Zhan can go harder. Wei Ying sounds pitiful when Lan Zhan uses her thumbs to spread her cunt, then her ass, open.

Lan Zhan slips her tongue inside with a smooth glide, as deep as it’ll go. The stretch of her mouth feels good—better when Wei Ying sobs as she shoves three fingers into her soaked pussy. Lan Zhan can’t help but moan at how tight it makes her, both her holes trying to suck Lan Zhan in. Wei Ying’s ‘ah’s fill the air; she can’t stop, rocking back and forth on the intrusions.

Lan Zhan thinks she hears Wei Ying say she’s going to come and goes harder, sucking and licking and caressing her hole with her mouth and tongue. She doesn’t move her fingers, they’re just there because Wei Ying is better filled. No touching her clit. Wei Ying’s clenches get tighter and tighter the closer she is. Lan Zhan grips her asscheek tight with her free hand, gets her thumb in to spread her hole even more open. Moaning loud as she comes, Wei Ying pushes back to where Lan Zhan is spearing her. She babbles as she wets Lan Zhan’s hand with her cum.

Wei Ying sighs when Lan Zhan pulls out, then flops onto her back without warning. Her back arches over her still bound hands. She motions up with her face—like saying ‘come here’—letting her tongue loll out of her mouth and making a licking motion. Lan Zhan smacks her, making her breath hitch, before climbing up and shoving both her fingers and her tongue in her mouth. She makes quick work of her robes. Wei Ying’s so pretty when she cries.