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Ensemble Family!

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Aira sits excitedly on the sofa, swinging his legs and humming a soft tune. Mayoi was sitting beside him running the hairbrush through Aira’s smooth golden locks. Tatsumi was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for his son and husband.

“Mama, I wanna do a new style today!” Aira smiles as Mayoi nods. “Oh I know! I want pretty braids like yours!” Mayoi was taken a back a little. Aira wanted a hairstyle like his, he grins as he grabs a few hair ties.

“You’re hair isn’t long enough..B-but I’ll make sure to style your hair into braids..” he smiles as Aira cheers excitedly, Mayoi begins tying Aira’s hair as Tatsumi walks out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn in hand.

He places the bowl on the table and smiles at his family, “Fufu..How cute~ You both are matching hairstyles i see,” he smiles as Aira nods.

“I wanna look beautiful like Mama~” he hums as Mayoi gets a little flustered. “W-wah?! I-I’m n-not that beautiful...” he turns away as Tatsumi chuckles.


Tatsumi rubs his fingers on Mayoi’s cheek, a smile plastered onto his face. “Of course you’re beautiful Mayoi, you’re like an angel you know,” he smiles as Mayoi’s face turns red.

“Wah~ Mama, Papa stop flirting...” Aira pouts as Tatsumi pats his sons head. “Don’t you and that Kohaku boy flirt too,” he teases as Aira groans. 

“It’s different! Me and Kohakuchi are just friends~” Tatsumi chuckles at Aira’s response as Mayoi finishes tying Aira’s braid.

Now the side of Aira’s golden locks were tied in braids, Aira happily waddles his way to the mirror to see his hair.

“Mama I love it!” Aira smiles as he turns back to look at Mayoi and Tatsumi. The pair smile as their son comes back and wraps them in a hug.

“I’m glad you like it...” Mayoi grins as he strokes Aira’s hair once more. Tatsumi looking at them, letting out a small laugh.


“Now that the both of you look beautiful, shall we start the movie?”

“Wait! Papa has to tie his hair in a braid too!”

“I-I agree..!”