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Our Future (Yandere!Jotaro x Female!Reader)

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Ever since you two met each other in university by having the same classes together 2 years ago, the two of you grew close together. He did what he could to express his feelings for you, even if things didn’t go as well as planned.



Though that was in the past, and things had changed. By changing, you mean being ignored for the past few months. The last conversation you had with him was you talking about your future and how you were planning to move to America to continue your studies. His only response was a simple “I see”, before returning to his dorm he was living in at the time.


At first, you assume that he was busy, but the way he responded gives out a suspicious tone as if something had been bugging him and just haven’t had the energy to continue talking. Days turned into weeks and no sign of him, and your curiosity grew more and more. Whatever it was, it was giving him a hard time; which takes you to where you are now.


Today was the day you leave for America and you arrived at his hotel room to say goodbye before your plane departs 2 hours from now. You quickly rushed over to the front of his hotel door, knocking on the door.


“Hey, Jotaro!” You called, “ It’s me, (y/n)!”




No response.


You knocked on the door multiple times. Again, no response.



You attempt to turn the doorknob, noticing that he had left his room unlocked. So neglectful of him to leave his room unlocked.


You closed the door behind you, turning to see a dim-lit room, photos and papers scattered everywhere. Ranging from chairs to tabletop to shelves. He left these since he often studies deep into the night during class that he mostly litters his room with it. Strange. You investigate further, stretching your arm to find a light switch to light up the room.


Luckily you found the nearby wall behind you, but something is blocking your way as if someone is standing in front of you. Carefully, you raise your arm, feeling a nose, a face, and...a hat?


You quickly tilt your head to find a large shadowy figure. Their icy blue eyes glaring down at your shaking form. Their heavy breathing makes your skin shiver down to your bone. The light switch turns on, revealing the form to be him, but he looks different compared to last time.


His eyes are bloodshot red from the lack of sleep covered underneath his hat, hands are twitching against his sides, his pupils dilated as if he’s scared of something or is losing his mind. For the first time (or at least the first person), he seems to be on the verge of cracking. However, deep inside, he’s still trying to remain what’s left of his sanity.


"Jotaro?" You gasped. “What the hell happened to you? And what happened to your room, there are photos and papers scattered everywhere.”


“It’s fine, (y/n).” He sighs and shakes his head. “There’s nothing to worry about.”


“No, it’s not fine! I’ve been worried sick for you for the past few months. I tried to call you yesterday, but you didn’t pick up.” You look down and pick up one of the papers and photos that are underneath your foot. One of the photos seemed to stand out from the others, so you and looked over to see what it was.


The photo display a woman looking down on her phone, smiling and having a good time as she waited for her bus to arrive at her stop. It’s just a woman waiting for her bus to arrive, and nothing about the image is harmless, but upon closer inspection, the female shown in the photo seems to be familiar to you.


The woman is shown with a (h/l) (h/c), done in a way similar to yours, the outfit that is being worn slowly raises your concerns. You furrow your eyebrows and stare closely to see the bus station feels like the same one you went to 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago, you took a bus to simply buy snacks, and the clothes you wore are the same as what’s shown.


Was this you? No. It’s got to be a different person. It could be someone else. Jotaro wouldn’t take pictures of you without knowing. You highly doubt that the woman in the photo was you.


You quickly switch to the next photo nearby. The same woman from the previous photo is shown again near the beach, the same (h/l) (h/c) from the previous one. Flipping over to the next couple of photos to see if there was something different than the last but all of them remains the same: a woman with the same features standing in places, ranging from the bus stop from 2 weeks ago to the café you visited 5 months ago. Most of them always have her face turned away or have her face shown in a side view. Even the clothes are awfully familiar to you. They have the same outfits you had worn before this.


This must be a joke, he wouldn’t keep these. You’ve known him since college over a year ago, and remained the same way that was described by mostly everyone around you: he was simply cold, stoic, and always keeps everything to himself.


He clenches his left fist trying his best to remain stable as possible. It won’t be long before he starts ripping at the seams.


" I can’t keep my distance from you anymore My heart is screaming out for you, (Y/N)... ” He murmurs to you, but it wasn’t loud enough for you to hear it.


You stood up from the pile of photos around your feet and turn towards him, unaware that he was looming over you from behind.


“Hey, Jotaro,” you asked “who’s the girl in the--” Before you could finish your question, your eyes were met with a quick flash of light and was met with pitch-black darkness, causing you to be unconscious.