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dependable people and things that I'm sure of.

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Kurt slammed Piotr up against the apartment door, kissing him fiercely while Piotr searched his pockets for the keys. Kurt had just gotten his hands underneath Piotr's shirt as Piotr's hand closed around the keys in his pocket when they were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat next to them. Kurt pulled back, eyes slightly wide, as Piotr gasped for breath and glanced towards where the sound had come from. “Fucking hell, Bobby.”

“I'm sorry,” Bobby said softly, reaching out to touch Piotr on the arm. “I didn't know I would be interrupting.”

Piotr nodded and reached out, pulling Kurt back to him. “Well, you are.”

“Piotr,” Kurt said, glancing at him before looking over at Bobby. “Bobby, honey, you okay? You don't look so good.”

“I don't know. Doug said something, and then Johnny...” Bobby shook his head. “No, no, it's alright. You are busy. I understand.”

Piotr sighed as Bobby started to leave, reaching out to grab his arm before he could get very far. “Hey, you want to come inside? Have a glass of wine and tell us what's wrong?”

“Are you sure?” Bobby asked.

Kurt glanced at Piotr again before smiling at Bobby. “Of course, honey.”

Piotr pulled out his keys and unlocked the door as Kurt wrapped his arm around Bobby. “Why don't you sit down, and we'll go into the kitchen and grab some glasses and a good bottle of red, okay?”

“Do you have something stronger than wine?” Bobby asked, following them into the apartment. “Depending on the answers to the questions I have, I might need to get drunk.”

“Sure, honey,” Piotr said, grabbing Kurt by the wrist and pulling him into the kitchen. “Fuck.”

“Is this what John warned you about?”

Piotr nodded and dropped his voice to a whisper. “Johnny and I used to fuck. Bobby doesn't know about it.”

Kurt sighed heavily. “And when were you going to tell me that?”

“Tonight once we were done with our plans,” Piotr said, walking over to the cabinets and opening one up. “Get some glasses, will you? I'll find the bourbon.”

“I will in a minute,” Kurt said, crossing his arms over his chest. “What are you going to say to him?”

Piotr's shoulders slumped. “I'm going to tell him the truth. I thought he already knew about this.”

“I already knew about what?” Bobby asked, drawing their attention to the fact that he'd walked into the room. “What did Doug mean?”

Piotr leaned up against the counter and ran his hands over his face. “Don't you think that's something that's better explained by Johnny?”

“Why is everyone lying to me?” Bobby exclaimed. “Why can't someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?”

“I'm not lying to you!” Piotr exclaimed. “I have never lied to you about this! I just always thought you knew and this was a subject that was definitely never going to come up!”

Bobby groaned. “Knew what?”

“It's not my place to tell you,” Piotr said. “Johnny needs to tell you.”

Bobby turned to Kurt, and Kurt stared at Piotr for a moment before sighing. “If what you just told me is true, then Johnny's never going to tell him.”

“I just want to know,” Bobby said, slumping down against the counter. “I just want someone to tell me what is going on so I can figure out how to deal with it.”

Piotr sighed as Kurt wrapped an arm around him, settling his head on Kurt's shoulder. “It's not about anything that's going on now. It's about years ago before any of us left Los Angeles.”

“What?” Bobby asked, shaking his head slightly.

Piotr took a deep breath and tangled his fingers with Kurt's. “Back when we were all still in Los Angeles. Back when you had first started dating him. Way, way too long ago for this to be any sort of issue now, and if Johnny wasn't such a fucking idiot, it wouldn't be.”

Bobby stared at Piotr for a moment. “What, did you sleep with him or something?”

Piotr squeezed Kurt's fingers and stayed silent, refusing to meet Bobby's piercing gaze.

“You motherfucking didn't. Tell me you motherfucking didn't.”

Piotr swallowed hard. “I thought it started before he met you,” he whispered. “But apparently it didn't.”

Bobby took a deep breath and stood up, stopping to drop a kiss onto Kurt's cheek as he passed. “Thank you.”

“Bobby, honey,” Kurt said, but Bobby just shook his head and walked out of the apartment.

“Oh, that's not good,” Piotr murmured, dropping his head into his hands. “That's really, really not good.”

“Let them figure it out,” Kurt said, pulling Piotr away from the counter. “Let's just get to our plans.”

Piotr stared at him for a moment before nodding. “Right. Let them figure it out.”


“So, you want to talk about how you know Darwin yet?” Sean asked, turning back to the grill to flip some pancakes. “Because both of you are very skittish around each other.”

Charles sighed heavily and slumped down against the counter. “It's really complicated, Sean. And I really don't want anyone to find out about it.”

“Find out about what?” Darwin asked as he walked behind the counter, tearing a slip off his order book and handing it to Sean. “Bacon and eggs.”

“Ooh, an easy one.” Sean turned around and stuck the order up. “And I'm trying to get Charles to talk about how you two know each other.”

“Oh,” Darwin said, glancing over at Charles. “I'd really rather keep that to ourselves.”

“Why does no one want to tell me how you know each other?” Sean exclaimed. “I'm not asking you to go into your backgrounds. I'm just asking you to tell me how you know each other.”

“Sean, motherfucking stop it now,” came Erik's voice and they all looked to see him walking around the counter. “Get back to fucking work and knock it the fuck off. If they want to tell you, then they will tell you. Otherwise, shut the fuck up about it.”

“Yes, sir,” Sean said, turning to the grill with a huff. “I'm just trying to learn things about them. I want to know them both better.”

“I know, honey, but you also know you're not supposed to press things like this,” Erik said, glancing around the restaurant. “Charles, Darwin, why don't you come into the office with me for a moment?”

Charles stood up and started walking towards the office without saying a thing, leaving Erik and Darwin to trail along behind him. Once he was in the office, he dropped down on the sofa and ran his hands over his face. As soon as the door was closed, he looked up at Erik with pleading eyes. “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I've done but I'm sorry. I'll do anything to make up for it. Absolutely anything.”

“You haven't done anything wrong, Charles, I promise,” Erik said, motioning for Darwin to join Charles on the sofa. “I wanted to talk to you about Cain.”

“Why do you want to talk about that motherfucker?” Darwin asked as he sat down. “I'd rather not talk about him ever again.”

“I understand that,” Erik said, “but I think that things with you two will improve more rapidly if you were to get him arrested.”

“Not this again,” Charles groaned.

“I'm serious, Charles. You can get him arrested.”

“No, I really can't.”

“You think we could?” Darwin asked. “No one is going to believe a whore.”

“That's what I said,” Charles replied.

“How do you think that guys like Cain are ever locked up?” Erik inquired. “It's because of people like you going to the police and saying, 'hey, this is what is going on and there are a lot more people who need help.' I know you think that you can't do this but I promise you that you can. I'll get you a great lawyer to help protect you.”

“Jean?” Charles asked.

“Yes,” Erik said. “I don't know of a better lawyer in the state.”

“I appreciate what you're trying to do,” Darwin said after a moment. “But I still don't think that this can happen.”

“Well, it never is going to happen unless you talk to someone about it,” Erik pointed out. “Will you at least think about it?”

Charles shook his head. “Thinking about it is pointless because I'm never going to change my mind. I don't want to get arrested.”

“You're not going to get arrested, Charles. I'll make sure of that before I ever get you face-to-face with an officer.”

“And I suppose that you have an officer in mind already, don't you?” Charles challenged. “Someone all picked out and waiting in the wings for the day that you can manipulate us into doing what you want.”

“No,” Erik said, his voice tinged with the hurt he felt. “I'd never manipulate you into anything, Charles. And you know that.”

Charles stood up and walked towards the door. “I don't know what I know right now.”

Erik sighed as he left the room and turned to Darwin. “Will you think about it?”

“Is Charles alright?” Darwin asked. “Because he...”

“He's fine,” Erik said dismissively. “This is just a very sensitive subject with him.”

“I can understand that,” Darwin said. “He was Cain's moneymaker. He made Charles work more than anybody.”

“What did he make him do?” Erik asked softly. “Charles is very reluctant to talk about it.”

Darwin leaned back into the sofa. “Charles was popular. Always the first one of us picked off the corner. So Cain kept him out there. Pumped him full of drugs and had him stand on that corner for hours, sometimes days without letting him come back inside. And then when he did let him come back inside, he'd only let him stay there for a few hours before sending him back out again.”

“So Charles was abused more than any of you,” Erik murmured.

“Yes,” Darwin said. “And that's why Cain wants him dead so badly. He lost his moneymaker.”

A knock came at the door before Erik could say anything else. “Darwin's order is up,” came Hank's voice. “And there are customers that need to be attended to.”

“Get back to work,” Erik said, and Darwin stood. “And Darwin? Thank you for the information. I really do hope you'll think about getting Cain locked up.”

“I'll think about it,” Darwin said before leaving the office.

Erik stood there for several minutes before running his hands over his face and walking out of the room. He now fully understood how broken Charles was and he didn't quite know what to do about it.


“Charles, I love you, honey, but you can't sit at the counter in the restaurant and get drunk,” Hank said, staring at the bottle of whiskey that was sitting in front of him. “If you want to get drunk, you need to either do it in the club or the apartment.”

“I'm not getting drunk,” Charles said. “I am just having a drink.”

“Three drinks,” Sean pointed out. “And you just poured your fourth.”

The door to the restaurant slammed open before they could say anything else, and John walked inside. He immediately bypassed the counter and headed towards Bobby's office, but Hank shot him a strange look as he passed, shaking his head. “Johnny, he's not here.”

John stopped at the edge of the hallway and turned around, heading back to the counter. “What do you mean he's not here?”

“I mean he's not here,” Hank said. “Because he's now the club manager, he's not working during the day. You should know that.”

John sighed and kicked at a nearby chair. “Does anyone happen to know where the fuck he is then?”

Sean gave him a confused look. “You mean he's not at home?”

“No, he's not at home,” John said angrily, pushing his way past one of the customers and stalking back towards the door. “If you see him, tell him I'm motherfucking looking for him, okay?”

“Okay!” Hank called out, watching as John left. “What the fuck is that all about?”

“Nothing you need to be concerned with,” Bobby said, drawing their attention as he walked into the room. “Thanks for getting him to leave, bitches.”

“What is wrong?” Sean exclaimed. “I hate it when you two are arguing and this is way more than arguing.”

Bobby pulled Sean into a hug and pressed a kiss to his temple. “It's nothing you need to worry about, honey. I promise. Everything will be okay in a few days.”

“But you're not even talking to him!” Sean whined, shaking Bobby's arms. “Bobby, you don't understand. You two are my power couple. I need you to be happy and smiley and to persevere in the face of adversity from the new hot vixen in town and to not let the crazy rapist murdering priest tear you apart and just for everything to be okay or my whole world feels like it's falling apart.”

“Sean,” Bobby said, putting his hands on Sean's cheeks and making him look at him. “I just need some time to think about some things before I talk to him again. So, calm down. Stop acting like life is a soap opera. There is no new hot vixen, no crazy rapist murdering priest, and your whole world is not falling apart. Everything will be okay, honey. I promise you.”

Sean blinked rapidly. “Maybe I should miss today's episode of the General Hospital.”

“I think that's a good idea, sweetheart,” Bobby agreed.

“And maybe Days of Our Lives too.”

Hank laughed. “How many of those things do you watch?”

“See, it used to just be a few, right?” Sean said, glancing at the grill before turning back to them. “But then I realized that I had enough money to get cable television, and that comes with streaming stuff, and the network apps show replays of the ones that aired during the day, right? And then there are all the great Mexican ones on the Spanish channels. So, it's like all I watch, except for the times that something like Drag Race is on.”

Bobby pulled Sean closer, dropping a kiss on the top of his head. “Oh honey, I think you need to watch something else.”

“But I want to be able to watch re-runs of 90210 in the afternoons,” Sean said, pulling away from Bobby when Darwin walked behind the counter with an order.

“Oh, Sean, you need some serious help.” Hank just shook his head. “90210?”

Sean let out a squeaking noise as he reached for his spatula. “Oh please, girl. You know you totally wish you could watch David and Donna's wedding again.”

“No, actually, I don't,” Hank said, turning his attention to Charles when Charles reached for the bottle again. “Charles, I'm serious. You can't sit there and get drunk.”

“Charles,” Darwin said, drawing his attention to him. “Is this about what Erik talked to us about?”

Charles just nodded.

“I get it, I do, but getting drunk isn't going to solve anything.”

“And I suppose you think we should do what Erik was talking about,” Charles said bitterly.

“I'm not making that decision for you,” Darwin said seriously. “But I might make that decision for me, or for me and Alex after I talk to him about it. Something needs to be done about him.”

Charles stood up and swayed a bit before grabbing the bottle off the counter. “I can't listen to this.”

Darwin shook his head as Charles walked out of the room. “I don't blame him. I really don't.”

“And I suppose you're not going to talk to us about whatever this is about?” Hank asked, nodding when Darwin shook his head again.

“Well, if you ever want to, we'll listen.”

“I think I'm starting to really know that,” Darwin said, smiling at him. “Thanks, Hank.”

“You're welcome,” Hank said as Darwin walked away. “I'm not sure if Darwin working here is better or worse for Charles.”

“At the moment, I'm thinking it's worse,” Bobby said, glancing at the clock. “Alright, bitches, I'll be back to get the club ready. In the meantime, I need some retail therapy.”

“Oh, get something really sexy,” Sean declared. “That will help resolve things between you and Johnny.”

Bobby just shook his head. “That's not going to resolve anything between me and Johnny. Trust me.”