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i hold onto the night, you looked me in the eye and told me you loved me

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The soft June evening breeze made its way through the flimsy, lace curtains of Misty’s shack, causing them to ruffle and brush against the top of Zoe’s head. She was sitting in the middle of Misty’s bed, legs crossed over each other and leaning back against the wall, head just under the window. Madison was sat at the head of the bed, legs stretched out, toes slightly touching Zoe’s knees. She was holding her phone in her hand, furiously typing and giggling. Misty was kneeling on the floor next to the head of the bed, her neck craned to see Madison’s phone. 


“No, you have to put the emojis.” Misty laughed, reaching to snatch Madison’s phone. 


She quickly pulled it away before Misty could get it, “But the emojis are embarrassing. Why can’t I just leave it at just saying ‘I wuv you my hunny bun’?” 


Misty sighed, rolling her eyes at Madison, “Because it’s a fucking dare, you have to do it.”


Madison huffed, but eventually gave in, sending the text to the boy who they all knew liked her but she didn’t like. Misty thought it was a bit mean, but Zoe had convinced her that they would be nice to him. Having gotten up from her seat on the bed and crawled to be kneeling next to Madison, Zoe looked at her phone, uproarious laughter spilling from her lips as she read the text. 


Madison: I wuv you hunny bun 😘💕💓❤️


They all collectively held their breath as the three tell-tale dots that the other party was typing appeared. Zoe and Misty had massive grins pasted across their faces as they saw the sheer horror on Madison’s face. It wasn’t long before the message appeared on the screen, obviously flooded with emojis and declarations of love for Madison, Misty still didn’t know why Derek liked Madi so much, she was such a bitch to him. 


Derek: Do you???? 

Derek: Really????

Derek: OMG!!

Derek: I love you too xx 

Derek: Will you be my Girlfriend? xx


They all burst into giggles upon seeing the desperate and begging messages, poor Derek obviously not seeing the falseness of the message. Misty had never expected him to, but she still felt bad for him, she knew what it felt like to not be liked back by your crush. After a solid few minutes of laughing, Madison put her phone to the side, leaning back against the headrest. She had, obviously, left him on read. She planned to just ignore him and hope he went away, which Misty knew wouldn’t work, but she hoped that his brain would eventually get the hint unlike hers. 


Looking to Misty, Madison raised her eyebrows, “Your go, Mist. Truth or dare?”


“Truth.” she replied, moving from sitting on the floor next to her bed, over to the other side of the room and placing a record on the record player. The sound of ‘Rumours’ filled the one-room shack and Misty did a small twirl before placing herself down on the large pile of cushions in the middle of the room. 


Madison seemed to begin thinking about what to question Misty about, almost coming up with a question when Zoe gasped and without actually thinking about how she words her question, she blurted out, “Do you have a crush on anyone?” 


Madison slammed her face into her hand and Misty turned a bright shade of red, worried about having to tell her two close friends that she had a crippling crush on her best friend, a crush that she didn’t think was reciprocated. Madison lurched over, shoving Zoe hard in the shoulder, “You idiot, now she can just say yes or no, she doesn’t have to tell us who they are!”


“Shit! Sorrrrrryyyyyy.” Zoe apologised, face colliding with her hands. Her eyes dart to Madison, “Can’t we just change the question?”


A small smile adorning Misty’s face, she quickly answered for Madison, “No, you can’t.”


“Okay,” Zoe sighed, slightly disgruntled, “fine. Do you have a crush then?”


Misty thought about it for a second, she wasn’t contemplating if she had a crush or not (she most definitely did). She was thinking about whether or not to lie about it. They don’t care who it is really, she thought, they just want gossip. You don’t even have to tell them about the massive crush you have on Cordelia, you just have to tell them that you do have a crush on someone. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, inwardly cursing at herself as she thought of how stupid she looked. Her friends just stared at her expectantly, already knowing the answer, just waiting for confirmation. Misty finally decided to just bite the bullet, “Yes.” She answered plainly, “Yes I have a crush on someone.”


Zoe and Madison shared a glance, Madison raising her eyebrows in a quick ‘I told you so’ way. That look was quickly broken off as Zoe shrugged her shoulders and turned back to Misty, and she could see all of the questions in her eyes, brimming over, trying so hard to escape out of her lips. “I mean I know you won’t tell us,” Zoe started, but Misty quickly cut her off.


“No, I won’t tell you who they are, or anything about them.”


The other girls instantly took note of the neutrally gendered pronouns that their friend had used and gave each other another quick look, too quick for Misty to see the excitement brimming in them. She quickly turned her sights to Zoe, “Okay Zo, it’s your turn, Truth or Dare?”


Zoe thought for a second, the last round she had made what she thought was a safe bet and gone with truth, but the girls had forced her to admit all of her past crushes and she had told them every single one, and they had proceeded to find each of their Instagram’s and send them each a DM telling them that she had a crush on them. So, this time she decided to go with a dare. Her friends were looking at her expectantly as she finally came to a decision, “Dare.”


Like last time Madison seemed to try to think of a dare, but Misty instantly had a smirk on her face, as if she had been hoping that Zoe would pick dare, she raised an eyebrow, the malicious grin growing by the second, “I dare you to kiss Madison, on the lips.”


Misty watched as both of their eyes widened, and surprisingly both of their cheeks turned a bright, shining shade of red. She had sensed that the girls had a crush on each other, and this was the way she got her confirmation. The way the normally oh-so-confident Madison shrunk back into her skin, trying to hide away her flushed face. The way Zoe couldn’t focus her eyes on any single thing in the room. She laughed and both of her friends looked to her, “What?! You have to do it, it’s not negotiable.”


No matter how much her friends annoyed her, she wanted them to be happy and she knew that them getting together would make them both happy.


Madison was the one to make the first move, a mumbled ‘Fuck it’ could be heard as she quickly got up from her spot against the headboard and crawled over to the other side of the bed and placed her lips against Zoe’s. she almost didn’t react for a minute, eyes wide, but then she kissed Madison back, hands moving up from beside her on the bed to rest against Madison’s cheeks. Madison’s hands stayed on the bed, holding her up, but she moved closer, leaning into Zoe. Misty smiled looking at them and gave a silent cheer, before moving to break them apart, leaving Madison resting against Zoe, her head on Zoe’s shoulder. “Please don’t start fuckin’ on my bed.”


Zoe’s face flushed a bright red again as Madison rolled her eyes, moving to sit more upright, but still resting close to Zoe. She sighed slightly, “I guess it’s my turn now?” Misty nodded and moved to Madison’s old spot on her bed, unruly curls splayed out against the pillows and headboard. Madison nodded back, her fingers fiddling with the hem of Zoe’s skirt absent-mindedly as she thought, “Well, I honestly don’t know, I don’t think there’s really any truths left to ask, and unless you want me to kiss Mist or something, there’s not really any dares left either.” She proudly grinned to herself, setting her eyes on Zoe, “You pick for me Zo.”


Zoe softly smiled down at Madison, hand stroking along her straight blonde hair, “I dare you to kiss me again.” Madison smiled and leaned up, lips meeting Zoe’s, hands moving to be around her neck. They broke apart when they heard Misty groan disgruntledly.


“God, y’all aren’t going to keep doing this are you?” Madison shrugged and Zoe laughed quietly, hands still on Madi’s waist. “Y’all are going to make me really regret getting you together.” Misty scoffed.


“Whatever Mist,” Zoe chuckled, placing a quick kiss against Madison’s forehead, as she moved to be sitting next to her again, legs stretched out over the bed, their legs touching all over, “you know you love us.”


Misty sighed and rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to remind them that it was her turn now, she honestly didn’t know if there was even a safe option. If she picked truth, they would undoubtedly ask her who her crush was, and she could never tell them that. If she picked dare, well she just really didn’t want to know what they might ask her to do.


Clearly, they hadn’t forgotten. Madison perked up after whispering in Zoe’s ear for a second and laughed, a malicious smile spreading on her face, “Truth or Dare Misty?”


She weighed each of the options in her mind, neither great, but, she decided, dare couldn’t be as bad as truth. “Dare.”


She instantly knew that was the wrong choice as a laugh flew from both Madison and Zoe’s lips, Zoe’s more stifled by her hand, but a laugh nonetheless. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and pushed her head against the headboard, hoping for this night to disappear. Silently hoping that she wouldn’t have to do whatever awful thing her friends had thought up in the past few seconds. Thoughts of anything and everything they could’ve thought up ran through her head, her brows screwed up in concentration as she thought about what could ever have them so excited.


“We dare you to do a lyric prank with a song of our choice on Cordelia.” Madison declared as Zoe giggled. Misty’s eyes widened and she stared at them, fear cascading through her body.


“what?” Her voice came out as a strangled breath, eyes darting between the other girls.


“Do you want us to repeat ourselves or are you going to do it?” Madison sneered playfully, “We had to do our dare, that was more enjoyable than this will probably be,” she winked quickly at Zoe before turning back to Misty, “so you have to do this.”


Fear still coursed through her body, but she knew she had to do it. She leaned over to the bedside table where her phone was resting and unplugged it from the charger. Holding it in her, admittedly slightly shaking hands, she woke the screen, and it scanned her face, unlocking quickly when it recognised her ocean eyes and the eyeliner coating them. The screens light reflected off her face against the dim lighting of the shack, the photo of, of course, her and Cordelia, staring back at her from her home screen. She had been so caught up in worry, and honestly shock, that she hadn’t noticed Madison and Zoe come up next to her until a soft ‘awh’ came from one side of her and a quiet, but joking, retching came from the other.


She startled at the other girls being so close to her and was quickly very self-conscious of the image on her home screen, so quickly clicked onto the messages app. That was so much worse. Once the messages loaded, Misty’s face blushed a bright red as she knew the two girls on either side of her could now read the recent messages between her and Cordelia. The final message of the long conversation shone up in a blue bubble on the right-hand side of the screen.


I love you more x


She quickly, and unsuccessfully tried to get Madison and Zoe’s attention away from the messages by pulling the phone out of their view, but that just spurred them on to try to steal the phone from her grasp. She scoffed finally giving up and letting the phone rest in her hands so that everyone could see the screen.


“So, you want me to do this,” Misty began, desperately hoping they’d changed their minds and thought of a new dare, “what song do you want me to do?”


Madison looked over to Zoe, who gave her a small nod to confirm that they were sure about their song choice, that they had clearly made when they were deciding the topic of the dare beforehand. Madison then looked to Misty, “Forever and Always.” At the look of slight confusion on Misty’s face, she continued, “It’s by Taylor Swift. It’s a good song.”


“Oh.” Misty knew that, although she didn’t listen to her music, Taylor wrote lots of love songs. She cringed at the thought that her friends knew more about her feelings towards Cordelia than Cordelia did, but mostly that they knew that the only way to get them speaking about it was to make them. “Can you get the lyrics up on your phone, either of you?”


Looking between her two friends she saw Zoe pull out her phone and open up the music app and get the lyrics open on the screen. She quickly read through the first few lines, softly cringing at how corny this would sound. She looked back at each of the girls once, her eyes begging for them not to make her do this, both shaking their heads in return and looking back at her phone, the messages between her and Cordelia still shining up at them. Before her brain could hesitate any further, she had picked up the device and began typing out the first lyric.


Once upon a time, I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught

your eye, and we caught onto something


The small three dots quickly appeared, indicating that Delia was typing, upon seeing that Misty gained the sudden urge to toss her phone across the room, out of pure embarrassment, and then run away and never come back. But then the next message appeared.


Didn’t we meet on a Friday, wasn’t it after my piano lesson?

They’re on Fridays x

What did we catch onto?

What are you talking about Mist?


They had met on a Friday, and the fact that Cordelia had remembered the day they had met, nearly 6 years ago now, brought a bright smile to Misty’s face, which was instantly pulled away by the giggle beside her. She shot daggers at Madison before turning her attention back to her phone.


I hold onto the night, you looked me in

 the eye and told me you loved me.


What are you talking about Mist?

What’s going on?

Are you okay?


She wanted to break through the screen and hug her best friend and tell her that she loved her more than anything in the world and everything was okay when she was there, but she knew she had to continue with the lyric prank, or she would be in so much more shit with Madison and Zoe.


Were you just kidding?

Because it seems to me, this thing is breaking down,

We almost never speak.


What do you mean, of course, I wasn’t kidding!

You mean the world to me!

What is going on Misty?

Please talk to me I love you so much!


We almost never speak

I don’t feel welcome anymore.




We speak every day.

 I love you so much.

Why don’t you feel welcome anymore?


Baby what happened please tell me

Cause one second it was perfect,

And now you’re halfway out the door.


What the fuck Misty?

I’m never leaving you

I’ll always be here for you

I’ve always loved you since the first day that I met you


She didn’t know why, but the slight smile that had been on her face as Cordelia had been sweetly replying to the lyrics of the song was wiped straight away as she read that Cordelia had loved her ever since she had met her. This had all quickly gotten too much for Misty to handle; she shot off the bed, Zoe falling to the wall and Madison tumbling straight off the bed in the sudden change of weight on the mattress. Before either of them could utter a single word, Misty was out of the shack, her heart racing as she sprinted out of the swamp at full speed.


She could feel and hear her phone ringing in her hand, but she just ignored every call, only focused on making her way to her destination. The specks of mud from the swampy ground flew up and coated her claves and the hem of her long dress. She clutched tighter to her phone, finally assessing her surroundings and feeling the rain now hammering against her head.


She knew there was no point in turning tail and going back to her shack now, so she continued, tears threatening to tumble out of her eyes. She took a quick glance at her phone as she heard the tell-tale ring of Cordelia’s custom ringtone; tearing her eyes back to look straight in front of her, luckily having time to stop before sliding directly into the oncoming traffic of the main road.


Misty quickly got her bearings, remembering the all-too-familiar road that Cordelia’s house was on. She turned right, quickly speeding another 500 metres, arriving outside the Goode residence.


She didn’t even consider knocking on the front door; she knew exactly where Cordelia would be. She finally slowed, making her way through the small gap between the gate into the back garden and the brick wall surrounding. Once through the tight squeeze, she sped off, directly to the back of the large gardens.


Making her way through the gate, Misty saw her, pacing near the porch swing, phone pressed to her ear. Cordelia alerted at the sound of the gate opening. Her hand with her phone dropped from near her ear to her side upon seeing Misty. Her mouth gaped for a second before she sprinted over to her best friend.  She didn’t care that her hair was now soaking, or that the expensive Prada necklace was getting wet, or that Fiona would almost certainly kill her for getting all of her clothes ruined.


She just had to go and…




Misty had moved closer when Cordelia had yelled that she loved her and pulled her into her arms, kissing her lips. Taken aback Cordelia almost spluttered for a second, eyes wide, before relaxing and looping her arms around Misty’s neck. Hands trailed in the ends of her curly blonde hair. Misty’s hands pulled Cordelia’s body closer to hers, deepening the kiss.


When they finally pulled away, neither of them knew whether it had been seconds or minutes or hours, or even years. All they knew is that they needed to breathe. So that’s what they did, standing there in the rain, foreheads pressed against each other, carefully soaking in each other’s scent. Cordelia’s hands were cupping Misty’s cheeks, thumbs stroking over soft lips, whilst Misty’s hands were lain on her hips, fingers smoothly stroking over the hem of the pocket of her jeans.


“what was-” Cordelia started, “-I mean not that I’m complaining but, I- wow.”


Misty chuckled, hands pulling Cordelia even closer, “Come on, I’ll explain on the way.” She pulled away, grasping onto her hand and pulling her along behind before she sped up to be walking alongside Misty, her arm looped around the slightly shorter blonde’s shoulder.




“They did what?!”


Misty nodded, still looking forwards. This journey had taken much longer than the way to Cordelia’s house since she wasn’t running.


“OMG really?! And it was you who managed to make them finally kiss?” Cordelia groaned, playfully shoving Misty in the shoulder that was still looped over her own, “Fucking hell, I guess everyone owes you $10 now.”


Misty smirked, having actually forgotten their friend groups little bet over who could get Madison and Zoe to kiss first. “Yeah, Queenie and Nan ain’t going to like that they have to pay me.”


Cordelia chuckled, “Neither will I.”


“Oh, you don’t have to pay me, you’ve already paid me enough if you keep kissing me and looking at me like that.” She grinned widely at Cordelia.


She giggled and gave Misty a light punch to her rib, before moving back in closer to her as they walked, both of them revelling in their closeness. Misty leant down and put a soft kiss on Cordelia’s head as they reached the shack in the middle of the swamp, reaching out to push open the, slightly rusting, door.


They walked into the room and heard two gasps as Madison and Zoe saw the other two girls, stood in the doorway, clutching onto each other. Twin gasps emerged from Misty and Cordelia as they saw Madi and Zoe, curled up on Misty’s bed, giggling at a video on Madison’s phone.


All 4 girls settled down in the room together, music still flowing from the record player. As the rain slowed and the music ended Cordelia fell asleep, curled up in Misty’s arms, “I love you,” she whispered quietly into Cordelia’s hair, a soft kiss falling onto her hairline, “ forever and always.