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Five AM. The sun would soon be rising.


The leather seats of Alex's car were so comfortable and warm, even better than what Lena was used to yet she has been in many types of expensive vehicles in her twenty nine years of life.


But something else was making her feel comfortable. No, even more than that, was making her feel at home.


Kara. It was always her.


Her fingers entwined with Lena's, her thumb lightly stroking the back of her hand like the touch of a feather. She always had such a soft skin, Lena noted, every part of her she touched was like silk but there were so many other parts she had not gotten the luck to touch. To kiss.


If there was one thing Lena wanted the most in the world, it was to kiss Kara's lips. To lose herself as she kisses her, to undress her and touch all this skin she never got the chance to feel.


But it was five AM, they were in the car with Alex and Maggie on the front seats, Lena could not confess her feelings now, even if she really wanted to after seeing Ava and Sara getting married.


She was also exhausted after all the eating and dancing and celebrating, the only thing she wanted was to rest but she couldn't do it if she wasn't home.


But she was home, she was with Kara, the blonde still slowly stroking her thumb on her hand. Resisting was a possibility but the fatigue was stronger and Kara's shoulder was way too appealing.


When her head fell on Kara's shoulder, Lena let go of any bits of strength she had left and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she was asleep.



Alex was driving so safely that it annoyed Kara's tired self but with all this snow on the road, it was the best thing to do.


She couldn't believe Sara and Ava got married. After all the things that happened to them, they finally found a moment to have this lovely winter ceremony they talked about so much.


After Alex's and Maggie's wedding, Kara didn't expect to have to attend another one so soon but she loved these events and she got to go with Lena by her side.


Lena. She has been one of Kara's most unexpected encounter in life but she was also the best. Everything about their relationship, from the highs to the lows, made it better, stronger and, first and foremost, the one that mattered the most to Kara.


But it was not done evolving, or at least, Kara wanted it to evolve slightly more.


At the wedding, where she danced and laughed with Lena, Kara wanted to tell her what she felt, what she truly felt for her.


It took her two years to figure it out but it was crystal clear now, she was in love with the woman she called her best friend. Kara wanted to be the Alex to Lena's Maggie, she wanted to be the Sara to her Ava, the Clarke to her Lois.


More than anything in the world, she wanted Lena, every single part of her, her body mind and soul, until the end of time. During the wedding, she imagined being at the brides' place, reciting her vows to the woman she was madly in love with, to have Alex by her side, J'onn walking her down the aisle.


They might get a big wedding of their own one day, but it would have to wait another day.


The only thing Kara wanted at the moment was to finally get back to her place so she could rest. They were still so far away from National City, the sun would be up in the sky when they'd get there and Lena seemed to already have given up waiting for being at home to sleep.


Kara's thumb had been caressing her pale skin for the majority of the ride when her head fell on her shoulder. It was so casual for them, to hold hands and be close, that Kara wasn't even thinking of it and was just doing it.


Feeling that Lena was relaxing and falling asleep, Kara allowed herself to close her eyes and fully enjoyed the proximity she had with her best friend.


She felt the warmth of her body against her side, the tension in her muscles fading away and her grip on her hand slowly loosening.


When she was sure Lena was asleep, Kara leaned in and pressed a kiss on her hairline before resting her cheek on her head.


Lena's hair was soft and smelt like a mix of her coconut shampoo and the snowflake that had melted when they got inside the car.


All of these feelings were so overwhelming but also so comforting for Kara, she felt safer than anywhere else she had been, better than anywhere else she had lived.


She felt at home. Lena was her home.


The comfort of being with Lena was so big that Kara fell asleep right there on this back seat, even if she usually could only sleep in her own bed at her place.



Driving when Maggie was on the seat next to her was the best for Alex. The brunette had this habit of reaching for her right hand when she knew Alex only needed one to drive and she let go every time she'd have to take the wheel with both hands. The two of them were a very well-oiled machine, working and living in perfect synchronisation, knowing in a heart beat what the other needed or wanted.


At five AM, after a night of celebration and on this snowy road, Maggie knew that Alex needed her to hold her hand and squeeze it when she was losing focus. She also needed to have a conversation going so her ears were stimulated.


They talked about the wedding for the biggest part of the drive, Alex saying - once again - how surprised she was that she had been invited by Sara considering their past history but it also made sense since she had invited her at hers and Maggie's wedding.


They eventually didn't have anything more to say about the wedding but the two people in the back gave them things to talk about.


"Did you see them slow dancing?" Maggie asked quietly.


Before answering, Alex checked in the rear view mirror that Kara and Lena were not listening and saw that they were both sleeping, Lena's head resting on Kara's shoulder, "Not much but they looked as married as we are."


Maggie chuckled, "They did but nothing happened so you owe me a massage."


"I can't believe you won this bet again," Alex groaned, "it was the perfect situation for them to finally confess their feelings."


"It was too perfect of a set up," Maggie pointed out before looking back at Lena and Kara and smiled, "I'm sure it will happen soon though."


Smirking, Alex glanced at her wife, "Wanna bet on it?"