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Crash My Car

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I realized Snow didn’t know how to drive when we got together and he insisted on me always being the one to drive. I always thought it was because he’s a shite driver, we’re in America now so the roads are opposite, and I like to be in control (and he knows that). The addition of his wings and tail might make it a little difficult as well, but I slowly started to realize it’s because he doesn’t know how.

I would joke with him by sitting in the passenger seat and he just looked so lost. I would stop at a stoplight for 3 seconds and he always said “I don’t know why you wait so long before moving” and that’s when I realized he doesn’t know.

I wake up first. I always wake up first. I will myself to wake up first just so I can catch Simon sleeping. So I can see his bare chest rising and falling slowly. So I can ever so gently, push his curls out of his face. So I can, once again, count the moles on it. I say 12, but I always count just to make sure. His body is covered with them, and I don’t have all the time in the world to count them.

But I have all his time.

I run my thumb on his bottom lip, catching some saliva that’s coming out. His mouth is brilliant. I want to plant a kiss but not yet, not for the day I have planned.

I’m gonna teach Snow to drive.

I might regret the decision, but he needs to know how. What 21 year old doesn’t know how to drive? When he wants his midnight McDonald’s, he can go get it himself (although I wouldn’t let him. I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself. I’ll still go with him. I’ll always go with him).

Before I take my thumb off his lips, Snow wraps his perfect lips around it and starts sucking, bringing it deeper into his mouth.

“Snow-“ I breathe out. He flutters his eyes open and it’s almost pornographic the way he’s looking up at me and sucking on my thumb. I melt in his gaze (I always do. I’m his forever)

“Snow, I have plans for us today.” I say as he continues the assault on my thumb.

“I have plans too.” He says, letting go of my thumb. There’s a heat in his eyes. I know it. He’s looking at me like I’m the world (little does he know he’s mine) ((not really little, I remind him every single chance I get)) (((he always blushes and doesn’t want to believe it and I kiss him telling him I want to be the only one allowed to kiss him in his world))) ((((he doesn’t disagree))))

“Snow, I’m serious.” But I’m inching closer to him in the bed cause I’d be an absolute nutter if I don’t do anything when Simon Snow is telling me he wants to do something.

“I’m serious too.” He gives me a cheeky smile. Before I know it, he’s flipped himself on top of me, straddling my lap. His wings burst open, and they’re so beautiful (he is too).

“Simon-“ I manage to get out before he’s on my lips. I give in. I always do. I can’t deny him. Not when I’ve wanted him for so long.

He does the thing with his chin that makes me melt. His hands are on my cheek, lifting my head slightly off the pillow. My hands are on his back, slowly and gently trailing the spot where his wings meet, and they flutter in response. I slowly keep trailing down till my hands are on his arse cheeks and I’m kneading them. He moans into my mouth (Good. As he should. I’m the only one who gets him to moan like that. I’m the only one who gets him to moan).

I don’t even care about his morning breath, or mine for the matter (I stopped caring about a lot of things with Snow. He brings me to shambles. I love it).

His hands are off my cheek and just as quickly, his lips are off of mine. I whine (only he gets me to do that) at the disconnect, but he attaches his lips to my neck and starts sucking and Merlín his continuous sucking on my neck makes me go from half-hard to full hard. 

“Simon.” I moan out. I need him to know how much I want him right now. I feel his lips press into a smile on my neck as he continues downward. Dangerously downward. He grabs and sucks on my nipple before continuing his descent downwards.

Curse his desire to sleep with only our boxers, it gives him a clear view of holy fucking shit he’s removed my boxers with his teeth and is grazing my cock with his teeth.

“Snow, I swear-“

“No, say my name. You know the rules.”

How could I forget them? He makes me call him Simon in bed. For someone who’s such a bottom, he radiates a lot of top energy. I won’t tell him that though. Maybe I’ll let him fuck me in the arse (not maybe, I totally will, I absolutely would love to get filled up with Simon’s cock. I’ve seen it, sucked it, played it with. I know that I want it). 

Si” I manage out. He likes the nickname. He purrs around my cock, which’s aching to be touched, or to be inside something, or anything. Then, as if he’s read my mind, he captures my entire cock in one swallow and I grip the headboard to contain myself. “Merlín Simon, bloody warn a chap next time.” He laughs as he continues to suck my cock (this sight is entirely pornographic. He opens his eyes and looks right into me and I could cum and cry right now. With his ocean eyes boring into my gray mess.)

He’s gotten better at this. The next one is always better than the last. I’m afraid he’s conducting outside research (I know he’s not cheating on me, but I also know that he reads a lot of Cosmopolitan for whatever reason) ((maybe this is the reason)). He does this thing where he sucks in his cheeks, making his mouth a tighter, smaller mouth for me to fuck into it. One of his hands is handling the lower half (he always compliments me on the length of my cock. Always when he’s bouncing on top of it or being fucked by it.)

He moans against my dick, a response after I bucked my hips into his mouth. I need more.

“Simon, off. Please” He pops off, painfully slow. Another one of our rules. Please means please.

“Have other plans for me?” He says with a sly smile. I shake my head and laugh. I love him so much.

“Of course love. I can’t let myself have all the fun.” I sit up, wrapping my hands around his lower back, where the wings barely meet each other. He wraps his legs around my waist and we’re kissing again. We’re kissing like we always do. Aggressive, assertive, with want, with need, with passion. I quickly and quietly cast slippery when wet on my fingers, the lube we usually use being too far away right now. With the dry hand, I take off his boxers. He lifts his hips up to help, and then (to his dismay) untangles his legs from my waist so he can kick them off. He gets closer to me, grinding our erections together, and we’re both a moaning mess (he’s so beautiful when he’s moaning though. His eyes flutter shut, his mouth is open, his golden curly hair is bouncing along with us.) I kiss his neck while it’s happening, grazing my teeth along. Then, as he’s off guard, I slip a finger in his perfect little arsehole.

Baz fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.” He swears like an American when I have him like this. I mean, we are in America now. I slowly fuck my index finger into him, giving it to him nice and slow. 

“You like that, love? You like when I have you on my lap like this, slowly fucking into your tight little arsehole?”

“Yes, Baz. Fuck. More. Please.” I happily add another finger, scissoring him open. He throws his head back and moans louder, his breathing getting quicker and quicker.

He’s still grinding our erections, wanting a release.

“Do you want another finger love, or do you want my cock instead?”

Fuck Baz. Your cock. The answer will always be your cock.” I laugh as I withdraw my fingers. He groans as I bring the extra wetness from my fingers to my cock.

“Lift up.” I say. He obeys, and I push a little closer, my hand on my prick trying to line up with his arse. I find his perfect hole (all for me) and I slowly enter. We both let out a moan as I continue to enter. Simon finishes for me and completely sits down on it, and I gasp at how quick that was.

“Sorry, sorry. I-I just need to be fucked by you. I need to be loved by you.” He says, running his hands through my hair. Who am I to disobey that? I buck into him and he moans, coming to my neck, breathing heavily on it.

“Come back. I wanna see your face. I wanna see your face when I make you cum.” I say. Simon takes his face off my neck and I smile at him. “You’re so beautiful baby, never hide your face from me.” He blushes and I kiss his cheeks as I continue to buck into him. 

We’re both a moaning mess, and Simon meets my thrusts every time, grinding on top of me, moving his hips back and forth as I continue to push deeper and deeper. And then, because I need a different position, I flip us so that Simon is on his back. He grunts as he hits the mattress, and I stop because I think I might’ve hurt his wings, but then he groans.

“Baz, why are you not moving?”

“I thought you were hurt when we flipped.”

“Baz, you would’ve known. Please continue fucking my arse.” We both laugh, but I obliged.  I always will (I’ll do anything and everything Simon Snow asks me to do). I grunt as I place my hands on his hips, my fingers digging into them as I pick up the pace, as I continue my relentless fucking into my perfect boyfriend.

“Baz, fuck me fuck me.”

“Love, I am.” 

“Shut up, words are coming out of my mouth because of how good this feels. Oh, Baz right there please!” I lifted up one of his legs and put it over my shoulder, and I’m hitting the spot that I know is causing him to writhe like this. My name keeps on spilling from his lips, his arms on my back tighten, his fingernails scraping up and down (the pain is temporary, but it’s still so good). I continue fucking him at an obscene rate. I know he’s close. He’s biting his lips and can’t keep his eyes open.

“Do you want me to touch you love, or do you want to come untouched?” I say and he moans loudly.

“Fuck. Untouched. Please. I want to cum from you alone. Baz you feel so fucking good.”

“You feel even better Si, you’re perfect little arse, always so tight for me. Always so fucking perfect.” (I never thought I was good at dirty talk, but Simon loves it.) "You take it so well darling. You take my fucking cock so well.”

“Always Baz. Only for you. Always for you.” He opens his eyes when he says that and looks at me and I’m about to lose it. I’m close, he’s close, but I need to make sure he cums first, especially since he wants to come untouched (which he knows how much I love). I continue to buck into him when I feel his fingernails dig into my back.

“Baz!” He screams out, his whole body convulsing under me. I see his cum shooting out of his body and the sight (in addition to my literal cock in his arsehole) pushes me over and I’m coming with his name on my lips.

“Simon Simon Simon.” I say, slowing my bucking until everything is out. I collapse on top of him. We’re both breathing heavy and he laughs under me. “What love?”

“Nothing. Everything. It still makes me laugh that we have sex.”

“That we make love.” I whisper. I lift up my head from his chest to look at him. He’s blushing again. I stroke his cheeks. I kiss his cheeks. I plant 12 kisses to his entire face, one for each mole. One for each month of the year that I’ll love him. 

“I love you.” He says to me like he’s afraid to. After our almost breakup a couple of years ago, Simon is constantly making sure that I know he still loves me. I know it now. And I know he means it.

“And I you, Simon. I love you.”

“I’m sorry. You said you had something planned for us and I probably ruined it with us having s-making love.”

“No love, it’s okay. There was no time constraint for this. And I’ll always enjoy when we do this.” His hands are in my hair, gently pushing it back.

“What did you have planned?”

“I’m gonna teach you how to drive.”

His eyes widen.