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Day 226

  It's been 7 months since Steve was sent to God knows yesterday to make God know what, not that I'm telling you, of course not, I would never do that.


Who am I trying to deceive? Of course I'm counting, it's been 225 days since I saw my husband board a damn navy plane that took him away from me. 225 days since I last spoke to him, not a single phone call in all that time and I am dangerously close to going crazy.


Maybe he is being selfish or dramatic, of course this is not the first time he is called from the reservation and unfortunately I fear it will not be the last, but our wedding had only happened 4 months before, we were still in the honeymoon phase and I I just wanted to have my reckless husband with me for a little while longer before I had to hand him over to the Navy.


The only things that have kept me going since Steve left are Grace and Ohana, who are doing everything they can to keep an eye on me and make sure I’m okay, like now, as much as I love them for it, sometimes they are unbearable:


- Come on Danny, you can't spend the whole time at home like a wife waiting for your husband just because Steve isn't here, you need to go out for a while - Kono complained for the millionth time.

- But I leave each one, I come to work every day-

- You know it doesn't count Brah - Now it was Chin - You might not like it, but you know we're right, Steve wouldn't like you to be crying in the corners at his departure.

- Well, Steve is not exactly here to give his opinion - I sighed and walked away from them, going to my office - Stop worrying about my social life and are going to do some real police work.

This was not the first time that we discussed this and I very much doubt that it will be the last, but for now the matter has been left out. You see, I know that being stuck at home doesn't do me any good, I just have no desire to go out and see happy people while my husband is on the other side of the world getting shot. The house is a safe place, every corner of it is full of memories that we had together, in the late afternoon I always sit in our chairs in front of the beach to watch the sun go down as we did together and at night I lie in our bed, where we spent countless nights together, long before we even got married. Those walls and furniture are great witnesses of our love and always remind me to stay strong so that when my lover returns we can live even more happy moments.

So the days passed, today it's been 1 year since we said yes to each other on our beach, with our friends and family as witnesses. Today should be a happy and commemorative day, but I haven't heard from him in 8 months, how could I be happy?

Fortunately today is Sunday so I don't have to go to work and deal with anyone trying to cheer me up, the only thing capable of cheering me up today would be Steve magically appearing in front of me, unfortunately I know it won't happen. Still, I know that soon Chin, Kono and Lou will show up at my door, so I force myself to get out of bed and go to the shower. After a quick shower, I head towards the kitchen and make a coffee, grab some toast and head outside, settling in some comfortable chairs that are close to the barbecue.


I lose track of time while watching the spectacle of the waves in front of me, only returning to the present when I feel someone sitting next to me. I get up quickly, startled and cursing the absence of my weapon now, when I finally look at the intruder.


There, sitting comfortably and with the biggest smile in the world is the person I least imagined, but the one I most dreamed of seeing: Steve. He has some cuts on his face, near his mouth and eyebrow, an ugly bruise is present on his beautiful jaw and the dark circles under his eyes are very evident, but he is here, a little rough on the edges but alive.

I was totally paralyzed, not believing what I was seeing, looking at him with a silly face for what seemed like hours, but in fact it must not have passed even 1 minute.


- Hi Danno - My God, I love that stupid and passionate smile that drives me completely crazy.


- Steve - I whispered, afraid that a very loud noise could dispel the image in front of me. - You are here? - God, am I hallucinating again?

  - No Danno - The bastard had the audacity to laugh at me - You are not hallucinating, but if you want ... - He held out his hand, as if he were going to pinch me.

  - Don't you dare - I glared at him as I held his hand tightly, his real hand, flesh and bone, warm over mine - My God - I barely noticed the tears that were streaming down my face when I finally realized it was real, Steve was here , alive.

Before I knew it I was throwing myself into his arms and hugging him with everything in me, it was as warm and welcoming as I remembered, it was like rain on hot ground, like a sip of cold water after a long run, like ... like come back home. It was perfect.

- Hi Danny - I felt it whisper in my neck as I pressed myself against you-I missed him so much.

- My God Steve - I cried - I thought I would go crazy from missing so much.


I lifted his head from his neck and faced him, then my mouth found its way to his and they fit perfectly. It was a slow kiss, with the taste of longing, tears and love, a lot of love. The air, with great inconvenience, was necessary and our kiss ended, but we still haven't moved away, we needed each other.

In a flash I noticed a movement behind Steve and when looking I noticed our Ohana watching our reunion. Kono was in tears and was barely trying to hide it, Chin had a wide smile on his face, twin to Lou's, who was bravely trying to control his tears. Grace was armed with her cell phone, with the camera pointed at us. Yeah, it looks like we'll be on YouTube soon.


There at that moment, with Steve's arms full and surrounded by his family, I felt at peace for the first time in 8 months.