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Frosted Glass

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Lionel and you were passing through a crowd of people at his office party. Stoping every now a then for a quick and pleasant greeting and introductions. You’ve been seeing each other... no, let’s calle thing by their name- you’ve been fucking for a few weeks now, and it was incredible- the sex- but, kind of to your surprise, aside from various kinks and flawless fulfillment of all your sexual fantasies you also found yourself greatly enjoying his company outside of the bedroom. He was funny and he knew so many interesting things, met so many people, saw so many beautiful places, he had all those stories to tell you, and you were very fond of his perception of the world, seeing and hearing it through him seemed like discovering it for the very first time. Those parties also seemed like a chore before you started attending them as his companion. Sometimes you’d just stand in the corner and laugh at the people in the crowd or when talking to someone he’d  secretly throw you eye rolls and silly faces and you’d have to fight with all your willpower not to burst out laughing. 


“There’s the man who signs our paychecks” sounded a voice as you were passing between people 


“Not this fuckwit” Lionel hissed in your direction before turning around with a forced smile at his lips “Davis” he addressed the man and out of politeness approached a small group of his employees with you on his arm.


“Hello Sir”


“Good evening Lynda, Boris, Trevor” he smiled at each of them “this is my lovely companion, miss y/n y/l/n” Lionel said looking down at you 


“Hello” you said softly “it’s a pleasure to meet you all” 


“It’s lovely to meet you y/n” “The pleasure is all ours” they answered


“Oh yes, yes, Mr. Shabandar, a lovely pick, absolutely lovely” said Matthew Davies aka fuckwit. Lionel furrowed his brows in visible displeasure, you were left a bit put off- did he really just speak of you as if you were a newly purchased couch? “But speaking of paychecks!” Matthew continued before giving anyone a chance to react. “I once news this guy...”


“Jesus” Lionel rolled his eyes and said it so quietly you barely cought it. 


Matthew always trying to impress the boss you thought. If only he knew there are easier ways to do it- getting on your knees and doing as you’re told is one- though you doubt it would be available to Matthew, he’d definitely take it if it was though, you thought. You tuned out from the story for a bit thinking about literally anything else than another one of Matthew’s doubtlessly fascinating stories- for example last night with Lionel, oh yes, there was something to think about- like the spanking he gave you for wearing panties out to dinner when he specifically ordered you not to, or cuffing you to the bed when you returned from the restaurant.


You were lightly chewing on your (your favorite lipstick shade) colored lips and just when you thought Matthew’s story couldn’t interest you any less you thought you heard the words “window frames” good grief, an investment in his friend’s window frame company was a frequent subject of his stories, even more bored than moments before you sigh quietly and lean a bit more against Lionel. You register that a bit more people had gathered around you widening the circle. You wondered whether Shabandar had some sort of a signal to his employees for situations like that, because it wasn’t the first time something like that happened, I mean it must have been something like that, they weren’t here to listen about window frames. It seemed like something he would come up with- a bigger circle allowed for a less detectable getaway.


“And than I tell him- mate I just want the window to be see through” Matthew excmlaimed what you assumed was the punchline of the story you so passionately didn’t care about. You forced a smile and even a small laughter along with the rest of his audience.


“Do you know what I want?” Suddenly a hot breath brushed against your neck


“Hm?” You looked up at him with doe eyes as the sound of his low voice direcly in your ear seem to take away you ability to speak


“Some of that lipstick at the base of my cock” he grabbed your chin and rubbed his thumb across your lower lip smearing some lipstick across your cheek. 


Seeing that you couldn’t force yourself to mutter a single word of response and were still staring at him with a mixture of surprise and amusement in your eyes he smiled devilishly and grabbed you by the hand leading you in the direction that indicated you were going to his office.


He was so powerful like that. Just taking your hand and leading you once again through crowds of people. The rush was just indescribable, everything that man did seemed to get you more and more intoxicated with him. If he moves on to a next girl in a matter of days or weeks it might break you a bit but right now you didn’t care, because now it was you who was being dragged into his office with smeared lipstick on your face. The crowd got smaller and smaller as you went and before you reached his office there were merely a few people in the hallway.


He opened the frosted glass door for you and you slipped inside giving little thought to who might have seen you and what they thought you were going to be doing in there. When he entered you were standing in the middle of the room facing him. He smirked as he eyed you up and down and approached slowly like a predator would its prey. 


Oh the thing he did to you... your mouth was watering at the very thought of climbing under that desk again, it was like an addiction.


He turned you around before grabbing you by the waist and violently pulling you to him crashing your bodies together, you threw your head back against his shoulder and he immediately went to kiss your neck. As much as you loved the sensation you were just so hungry for his delicious cock. You found his palm at your stomach and grabbed it pulling away from him slightly and guiding him towards his desk.


However after just two steps you felt his hand slipping from yours and heard him click his tongue as if in disappointment or disapproval. When you turned to look at him he had his hands in his pockets and he turned his back on you and was approaching his couch instead. Before you could say anything he sat down, crossed his legs and laced his fingers together in his lap.


Your mind so blurred with lust and the tension lingering in the darkened room you just stood there speechless.


“I thought I made it clear what were here for” Shabandar spoke eventually 


“Yes sir” you said but still couldn’t move a muscle 


“Then what are you waiting for?”


You looked at him and than at the glass behind and next to the couch which was not frosted, it was crystal clear and made for a very good view of the sitting area, unlike the desk which was better covered by the frosted parts of the glass.


“But sir, everyone will be able to see”


“That’s the fun little girl”


His words made your whole body shake, you could literally feel yourself drip down your thighs. He wanted to make a public display of you gagging on his dick? You could have just said so daddy, I would have done it when Matthew was talking about windshields or whatever, you thought


“So quit talking and put your pretty little mouth to good use”


Drunk with lust and the man who seemed to be burning holes in you with his gaze you dropped down to you knees and started crawling towards the couch. You might as well put on a show if some perv is actually watching you from the hall. Lionel smiled at you and you knew he was pleased with your performance.


When you finally found yourself kneeling at his feet he grabbed your hair and pulled you towards him “open your mouth” 


You obeyed and parted you lips, at which he just smiled and spat in your mouth “who’s daddy’s little whore?”


“I am” you said happily 


“Yes you are...” he let go of you and leaned back spreading his arms so they were resting against the backrest “... now be good and suck me off”


Say less sir. Your palms flew right to his belt which you undid with a few swift motions and when you started undoing his zipper he rose his hips lightly and snatched the belt from his trousers. You pressed your thighs tightly together hoping for some stimulation but he quickly kicked them apart with his shoe “you know the rules, legs stay open” 


He leaned back again comfortably. You grabbed his pants and boxers ah the hips and pulled them down enough to free his huge hard cock. You licked your lips enjoying the delightful view and he smirked looking down at you. With no further ado and a rather hard to ignore throb between your legs you got to work.


You wrapped your hand around him and started stroking his length while your lips made their way to his heavy balls which you started playing with in your mouth. You could just stay like this, this could be your life, you wouldn’t mind it one bit, you thought as you kept leaving lipstick all over his balls. To just pleasure him whenever he desired would be such a joy, you started getting more and more turned on the more you thought about it.


His balls left your mouth and you licked your way up from the base of his cock to the tip which you circled with your tongue before wrapping your lips around it and sucking.


“Mmm fuck, Y/N” said Lionel before wrapping a hand in you hair and beggining to gently guide your movements. “It’s like you’ve done nothing but suck cock all your life” he hissed as you took him deeper each time. You moved you head up and down looking up at him from beneath you dark eyelashes and trying to relax your throat as much as possible. “Maybe I should give you a rise, you don’t only do your job you also serve as my personal whore.” This was the second time he’s called you a whore and the fact that it turned you os as much as it did might alone be a good reason to see a specialist but now is not the time. 


“Would you be one of my costumers if I ever switched to the other profession exclusively?” You asked wanting to keep the dirty talk going before going right back to sucking his dick.


However he grabbed your hair more firmly and pulled you of it leaning closer to you and dragging your face closer to his “I’d be your only costumer.” He said with a hint of anger in his voice. “You know how needy daddy can be... besides...” he looked you up and down “I don’t like sharing my toys”


“What happens when you get bored of me?”


“Instead of thinking about that try to think of ways to keep me entertained so that doesn’t happen” he pressed a finger to your swollen lips “I think I told you where I want that lipstick.” He said before leaning back agains the couch and casually wrapping his hand in your hair.


With your eyes still fixed on his and breathing heavily you grabbed him at the base and took him into your mouth. You went slow at first to tease him a little but not enough for him to realize he was being teased. Each time you relaxed your throat further to be able to deepthroat him eventually. When that deep, low moan left his lips you knew this was getting really good for him. His grip on your hair got firmer as he held your head and tried pushing himself further down your throat. At first you just looked up at him and took it like a good girl but after a moment he was just triggering you gag reflex too much and you started gagging as tears appeared in your eyes. Despite that you didn’t think you’ve ever been so turned on in your entire life.


When he let go of you you released him from your mouth to take a deep breath, a long string of saliva connecting your mouth to his erection. Your eyes locked with his, filled with lust, your chest rising and falling dramatically.


“I don’t remember telling you to stop” he said 


You didn’t even bother coming up with an answer you just leaned forward again and swallowed as much of his cock as you could. As occupied as you were it wasn’t hard to notice the shadow that crossed the room as if a silhouette from outside, and when you looked up your suspicions confirmed. Lionel was looking to the side and giving someone a subtle wave.


“That’s John... oh fuck, yes, good girl... I have a meeting with him on Tuesday.”


You couldn’t really see but you had a feeling the man kept watching you.


“Maybe you could come by. I wonder weather he’d recognize you without a cock in your mouth” he continued. Fuck how could you be so wet in this blizzare situation.”maybe if he’s already seen you in action you could give me head during our little business talk” 


And with that you took him all in, leaving a blood red imprint of your lips at the base of his huge cock. He immediately grabbed both sides of your head and pumped his cock a few times “Fuck yes, such an obedient... little.. slut” he moaned before releasing you to catch your breath once again, you however were so hungry for more you almost instantly tried to get back to sucking. 


When you got close he grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it on your cheeks a few times as you smiled and laughed coyly. He grabbed you again and taking complete command if the pace showed no mercy as he made you choke and gag around his cock while moaning uncontrollably.


It was moments later when he pushed you off him and stroked himself “open” he said before he came. Shooting his load mostly into your mouth but also making sure some ended up on your cheek and in your now very messy hair, marking his property.


“Show me” he grabbed your jaw pulling you forward to look at your messed up mascara, swollen lips with ruined lipstick and his cum in your mouth. “Good girl, now swallow.”


You did as you were told and when you did he almost tenderly ran a finger acros your jawline before tugging himself back into his pants. You kept kneeling awaiting further turn of events


“Get up” you heard finally.


“Sir, I’m very...” you started 


“I know” he stood in front of you and reached his hand out to you to help you get up, and once you were on you own two feet he pulled you in for a kiss “I’m taking to to my country estate for the weekend and I’m going to fuck your in ways you cannot even imagine.”


And with that you left Lionel’s office with cum dripping down your lipstick stained cheek, giving a subtle smile to John and with Shabandar’s possessive arm wrapped around your waist made your way to the elevator.