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Information/request [open]


-thing i will can do-


-platonic- ✨

-Romantic ship- 💕

-poly ship- ❤




-angst [good/bad ending]- 💧/ 🌺

-Fluff- 🌸

-fluff to angst- 🌧

-angst to fluff- 🌹



-i do also AU and fandom [fandom that i know/can write danganronpa, hermitcraft, mcyt

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-purpled pov-

I was sitting in my UFO always, Then i decided to play bedwar with astelic, 80, And sammy, i smiled i bit because i'm not always alone.. Well time to go to hypixel.

-after playing bedwars bc idk how to write this part-
-still purpled pov-

After we won bedwars we say bye to each other, i walk into the dream smp...another day being alone..i feel hurt on  hand getting almost stabbed.. I started walking to my UFO while i was walking i saw Tubbo and Jshlatt..huh since when did shlaat get here? Why isn't tubbo talking to tommy? I missed so much drama, war that happened here...

-At the UFO-
-3rd pov/no one pov-

Purpled at in his bed and grabbing some Bandage [??], and wrap it around his wound, then purpled heard his communicator beeping and it was a massage from dream. It was a metting. And purpled cursed under his breath..

-back to purpled pov-

Ugh why would dream announced the metting when i just go here, i started to run there and i saw a dream glared at me, probably because i was late.
I sit down in my chair and listening to dream, Then i felt  ringing in my ear and pain. And i can't listening what dream saying but i still keep up my mask and just smile.
Then i saw dream look to me and he was looking at me with a confused look i guess how to look i guess how to look at it-, anyways he ask 'are you okay purp?' then i felt the ringing in my ears even louder 'ye-yeah i am' i cursed myself under my breath for stutter and with that he wen't back to talking again, i guess no one care for me. Then i ringing in my ear even louder and my Breath got quicker. And i look down and saw my sleeve got blood on them. And then i look back up and saw some people looked at me and i saw punz said something but i got unconscious

-dream pov-

I heard punz yelling 'PURPLED' and i turn around and saw unconscious purpled and i started to check to purpled if hes alright and i saw his sleeve there was blood.. I grab my communicator and text bad and nikki as i pick purpled up and going to the [hospital..?, healing centric..?? Don't jugde me English is not my first language >:(] i started to run.

-after healing purpled-
-purpled pov-

I started gain my conscious back i was in a bed..? And i saw almost all of the dream smp members.. I was gonna sit but dream put his hand in my arm and put me to bed.. 'go back to sleep you need it' as dream and punz hug me and probably told the member to go. Maybe i wasn't alone in the dream smp as i smile myself to sleep.


Stay sweet love yourself take care!

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uwugirl420 POV

I-i-i-i-i-i w-wa-wa-was lo-lo-look-lookin-looking a-a-a-at m-m-m-m-m-my p-p-p-pho-pho-phon-phone a-a-a-an-an-and I-i-i-i-i-i-i-im c-cha-cha-chatt-chatt-chatting w-w-wi-wi-wit-with-with b-b-b-ba-bad-badb-badbo-badboy-badboy-badboy69 a-a-a-an-an-and I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i r-r-real-real-really-really-really l-li-li-like-like h-h-hi-him I-i-i-i-i-i w-was-was t-t-typing-typing "i-i-i lo-lo-love yo-you" a-an-and-and I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i ac-ac-acci-acci-accid-accident-accidenta-accidentally- pr-pre-press-press en-ent-enter/se-sen-send a-an-and-and i-i-i-i-i-i-i a-am-am fr-frea-freaki-freaking o-ou-out-out
Badboy69 pov

I was in the club, hanging out with some girls beacuse I'm so hot, and then I got a text from uwugirl420 the girl I have a crush on, and I read the text And I dont know what to text back, then I thought of a response and I smirk to myself,

"I love you bbg, I will go to your house in 5 minutes so be ready"
I walk to uwugirl420's house and I walk thru the door without knocking and I locked the door first and rush and went to uwugirl420's room for some fun
* Enter uwugirl420 and badboy69 had sx here *
Still badboy69 pov

I told uwugirl420 to go outside and I * proposal pose Idk * and said "uwugirl420, I love you so so so much, and I want to marry you, will you accept my marriage ring?"

uwugirl420 Gaps and cry and said "OH MY GOD YES YES!" and rush in to hug me
uwugirl420 gave birth and we don't like children so we burn them to death, and we had sx again, then we died of 'enter death here'

the end!

This was inspired by my friend short text of this fanfic

Chapter Text

Sammy's POV

I open my eyes and I was on the floor..? I stood up and immediately search for something here, but unfortunately I didn't found anything and that sucks, so I walk out of the room and I'm going..somewhere I guess. I found a corridor and there was a open door, I walked quietly to the door and slowly open the door.

And there I saw..14 other people in the room, the room is so big room, I was snaped out of mind when I feel someone poke me "Hey, hey you good?" they said and countine to poke me, and I said "yeah, I am good just thinkin how gigantic this room is" "I know right, this room can fit atleast 50 people and I think this room is on the middle, must be for something important right?" "huh, I guess so" "ah, also I forgot to introduce myself, my name is aiva and I'm the ultimate witch, nice to meet you" "my name is bandage but I go by sam right now and I'm the ultimate singer, nice to meet you too" "Aiva! Can you come here for a sec?" someone yelled "I will be in a sec!, ah guess I have to go now, it was nice to meet you, bye!"

Then one person raise their arm up in the air and said "How about we make everyone introduce themself one-by-one?" and everyone agreed.

Someone with brown hair raise their hand and said "My name is Fandy the ultimate biogicalist, she/they, hope we all will be friends" and put their hands down.
Other raised their hand and said "names MoonieCake, moon for short..." and one-by-one they all introduce themself, Lvnar ultimate hacker, Zeo ultimate pronouns and gender steamer, Ash ultimate analyst, Fandy ultimate biogicalist(idk if thats a word), Aiva ultimate witch, Rin ultimate gardener, Apollo ultimate teacher, Pastel ultimate matchmaker, Xelqua ultimate writer, XH ultimate therapist, Em ultimate baker, Moon ultimate scientist, Ben ultimate bisexual mess, Beth ultimate crisis.

Then here I am the last one to introduce myself, I slowly raised my hand and said "Hiya names bandage, but I also go by Sam, ultimate singer, hopefully we will get along" then I put my hand down, we all chatted for a while, by a while I mean 3 minutes, then someone said.."Is it just me or you guys look familiar..?" the voice sounds like lvnar and I look around to see everyone and somehow they all look familiar now he said it, we all stoped talking to eachother and everyone look around and they all agreed..strange.

Then we heard "pupupupu..getting along? how sad that I'm gonna ruin your trust and your friendship.." "WHO-WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT??" Ben yelled, " all are in a killing game! Kill one another and discuss who killed them! Isn't that just such despair!" we are horrified 'A Killing game?!?', "And why should we believe you? And what will happened if no one killed eachother?" lvnar said looking no bothered at all, "well this place is a school and I'm the principle! Isn't that just great!? A killing game inside a school! And..if you don't kill eachother then you will not get to see the outside. Forever." "and if we like to stay here, forever what are you gonna do?" "well I could kill you all if you dont"

"You're just a bear it would be easier if we kill you, first" pastel said "pupupu..well if you all kill me, to bad there's over 1 million as me! you probably can't kill them all" well that's a bummer.


1. Lvnar = Ultimate Hacker
2. Zoe = Ultimate Pronouns/gender stealer
3. Ash = Ultimate Analyst
4. Fandy = Ultimate Biogicalist
5. Aiva = Ultimate Witch
6. Rin = Ultimate Gardener
7. Apollo = Ultimate..Teacher
8. Seven = Ultimate Matchmaker
9. Bandage = Utimate Singer
10. Xelqua = Ultimate Writer
11. XH = Ultimate Therapist
12. Em = Ultimate Baker/cooker
13. Ben = Ultimate Bisexual Mess
14. Moon = Ultimate scientist
15. Beth = Ultimate Crisis

-Protagonist: Bandage/Sam
-Antagonist: Beth
-Mastermind: ...?

This book is made by me and one of my friend, zeo :D
Hoped you enjoyed it! Stay safe!