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You Ever Have One of Those Days

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It wasn’t the first time Caleb gagged on Molly’s dick. Wouldn’t have been in the top hundred, even. Wasn’t even ~actually~ the first time he’d grabbed Molly’s hips to hold him still when he tried to pull out. 


But it was the first time he made a strangled noise of pain as the tiefling withdrew. The first time he stopped sucking, and definitely the first time Molly felt one of his piercings lurch. 


Even blissed out as he was, Molly hesitated, hands stroking gently through Caleb’s hair. 


“Hey... you okay?” 


There was something about a hair’s breadth from panic in Caleb’s eyes that sent a warning shiver up the tiefling’s spine, all thoughts of getting off dropping immediately. He tried to pull out, and Caleb choked, and again the piercing at the tip of his dick tugged painfully. 


Honestly it wasn’t hard to work out. Molly tried to just stop but Caleb tugged him back in, not relaxing until both tugging and choking settled. Until Molly was firmly wedged down his throat again and he could breathe. Which left Molly pretty much balls deep in his mouth. 


Pressing a hand to his face, Molly fought back the urge to laugh. 


“Caleb... am I... are you fucking stuck on my piercing?” He managed to get the words out, squinting through his fingers down at the wizard’s upturned face. 


Caleb was doing his best to glare, but with the problem identified he seemed to be having an equally hard time taking it seriously. His mouth was open too wide to really smile, but there was a definite tick at the corners, crinkling at his eyes. Molly snorted a laugh and let his head fall back against the wall. 


“Alright. So what do we do about it?” He asked, hand falling gently to stroke through the wizard’s hair again. Not the urgent grip he’d had before. 


While Caleb was still lovely and warm and wet around his dick, that fear and tug had more than helped Molly back down a little from the edge. Peeking down, he saw Caleb waiting patiently to meet his eyes again, then he shrugged. Tapped his tongue against the bottom of Molly’s dick. 




He wasn’t going to be contributing verbally. 


Which kind of made it Molly’s problem to come up with the plan. He kind of hated that. Glancing around, a new problem occurred and he cleared his throat. 


“So... uh... this alley isn’t going to be empty forever.” It had seemed like the perfect hiding spot,  little and out of the way between larger buildings, but they weren’t that far off the main street. Which led pretty directly to another problem. “And the others are gonna come looking for us.” 


He could feel Caleb stiffen around him, feel that little pause while he held his breath. 


A shiver ran down the wizard’s spine, torn between a thrill of adrenaline and sheer horror. As much as Caleb was perfectly happy to doll out sexual favours for the Nein, and quite enjoyed a consenting audience... the sheer thought that Nott or Beauregard might be the ones to come looking settled like a stone in his gut. 


And while Molly specifically didn’t really care who saw him with his dick out, Caleb usually preferred to avoid the attention. Wouldn’t necessarily want to be caught deep throating just to breathe. 


A similar layer of horror opened before Molly and he grimaced. Alright, maybe there were some people he wasn’t interested in flashing. 


“Nott is going to worry about you.” And, knowing the goblin, would probably come looking crossbow first. And, seeing their current predicament.... “she’s going to fucking shoot me,” Molly groaned, head thunking back into the wall again. 


That seemed to be too much for Caleb and the wizard spluttered with laughter, vibrating hot and glorious and Molly jerked, hands suddenly clutching at Caleb’s hair. 


“Oh fuck Caleb please don’t... I don’t wanna come while you’re fucking stuck on me,” he whined. Caleb managed to subside to a snicker, hands coming up to stroke Molly’s thigh gently. 


The tiefling took a moment to catch his breath, closing his eyes and doing his best to think of anything but his dick nudging the back of Caleb’s throat. 


They needed to get unstuck. 


Probably by getting someone else to come and help them. Jester would be favourite, both from the healing spell perspective and someone who could be trusted not to laugh too hard. 


Well, not to blackmail them both afterwards. 


Unfortunately, Jester was shopping in the Pentamarket, and Molly wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for her. If looking for her had even been an option. Glancing down at the wizard again, he tried not to grin. 


“So... there’s no real chance you’re gonna be able to send a Message, huh?” He asked, more for the sake of having done so than anything else. 


The look Caleb gave him made him snicker and he raised both hands in unequivocal surrender. 


“Yeah, yeah, can’t talk with your mouth full. Okay... so we need help.” 


There didn’t seem to be any point denying it, and Caleb shrugged again, waiting for Molly to continue. The talking seemed to be helping the tiefling, stating the problem aloud to help focus himself. Which made sense; it wasn’t like he did anything quietly. 


That it might attract attention hadn’t occurred to him yet, but it also wasn’t like they had many alternatives. Someone was going to need to help get them off before they could go anywhere. 


Caleb resisted another snicker, purely in the spirit of not getting Molly off while he couldn’t swallow. 


Mollymauk himself had quickly come to the same conclusion, hands petting idly through Caleb’s hair the same way he’d pet Frumpkin. 


“I guess we just have to wait and hope someone finds us. Or I could yell,” he added with a sudden wicked grin. 


Rolling his eyes, Caleb gave his thigh a firm poke. Molly sighed softly and shook his head. 


“Alright, alright. Unless I see Fjord or Jester.” That would be worth the attention of a couple yells. Molly rested more of his weight back against the wall, turning minimally so he could watch the crowds passing not fifteen feet away. Paused and glanced back down at Caleb. “Comfortable?” 


Caleb gave him a look, shifting his weight from one knee to the other. It hadn’t been much of a problem before, when he didn’t think he’d be down here long. It could become something serious. 


Molly made a face and straightened enough to shrug out of his coat, bundling it and holding it down to the wizard. 


“Kneel on this, it’ll help,” he offered, half an eye still on the street. 


Caleb gave him an utterly offended look and shrugged out of his own coat instead. It was already filthy; nothing in the alley could make it any worse. 


He was just working it under his knees without drawing off when footsteps approached from the opposite end of the alley. Molly startled and dropped his coat over Caleb’s head in an automatic attempt to hide him that would have made the wizard laugh in any other circumstances. 


Their new companions seemed equally amused. Almost as muddy as Caleb, each holding a knife, the taller gestured to the wizard. 


“Get up, and give us all your money.” 


Molly stared at them for a long moment, his jaw dropping. Shoving the coat off his face, Caleb did his best not to snicker. 


Of course. 


Of course ~this~ was who found them first. 


Snapping back to himself Molly groaned loudly, head dropping back to thunk against the wall again. Louder. Harder. He was going to bruise. 


“Are you fucking serious?” He asked exasperatedly, a hand cupping possessively through Caleb’s hair again. Reminding himself that neither of them were exactly able to move. 


The taller man took a step closer, leering at the pair of them. A Firebolt would probably have taken him down. If Caleb could have cast one. 


“Yeah, and I won’t tell you again! Hurry up!” He snapped, gesturing with the knife. 


If this was the way Molly died for the second time he wasn’t fucking coming back on principle. Dredging up his very best scornful glare, he raked it over both men. 


“Funnily enough, he can’t. I have a piercing, and he’s fucking stuck on it. Couldn’t move if we wanted to,” he snapped back, maybe just a little enjoying the way both sets of eyes widened. 


The smaller figure, a fairly androgynous human Molly wasn’t going to bother guessing at, lowered their knife a little. 


“Uh... Really?” 


Molly gave them an extra special smile, the points of his fangs prominent. It usually worried more backwater humans, and he hadn’t seen another tiefling in Zadash yet. 


“Do I look like I’m fucking kidding?” 


From below, Caleb flipped them both off. The only real contribution he could make to the conversation, and Molly certainly enjoyed it. Both humans exchanged looks, clearly unsure how to proceed. The smaller almost went to tuck their knife away, stepping closer. 


“Do you want us to go get someone?” They offered uncertainly, and received a backhanded slap from their partner. Molly appreciated the offer anyway. Honestly couldn’t say he’d have had anything better to offer had their positions been reversed. 


Unfortunately, the larger man was still glowering, his own knife ready to strike. 


“Then you’re in no position to fight or run. Give us everything of value, and we might just let someone know you need help,” he growled, stepping closer. 


Again, Molly felt Caleb tense around him. Couldn’t imagine what the wizard might have to add, but didn’t want to find out. 


For an absurd moment he was almost tempted to ask Caleb to bite him to draw the necessary blood, but just the thought made his balls draw up. The man couldn’t even swallow the drool now dripping gently down his chin, it wouldn’t end well. Molly sank a fang into his lip instead, spitting a Blood Maledict towards the man. 


“This is what my fucking day is, and you want to make it worse?” He could just about see the smaller human startle as his eyes went black, then the older screamed as his vision went dark. 


Molly tossed a Vicious Mockery at him for good measure, a snarled curse in Infernal that pretty much meant “worthless fuckstick”, then turned his attention on the smaller. 


“You. There’s a blue tiefling, horns and a tail like me, in the market. Go get her and tell her where we are and I’ll let your friend live.” Pretty much an empty threat, but the kid bolted anyway, straight past Molly and into the street. 


The larger man slumped to his knees, clawing at his eyes until his vision cleared, gasping for breath. Molly just about had a glare for him when his head rose. He’d never had a day more clearly destined to be one of his best stories. 


“And you. Mend your fucking ways, there’s better ways to make some cash than interrupting people having a good time.” If asked, he could list half a dozen, but the poor man was clearly scared shitless. 


Not prepared for the actual dangers of a life of crime, although he was handling it better than those poor bandits. Then again, he also hadn’t had a peek at what Caleb could do. Really Molly himself was the gentle option. 


The man stared up at him for a long moment, mouth agape in a very similar way to how Molly had started the encounter. Then he scrabbled for his knife and ran as fast as he could back down the alley into the quieter streets. 


Watching from the corner of his eye, Caleb snickered, letting just a little more of his weight rest on Molly’s thighs. The rumble around him made the tiefling groan again, hips twitching with the effort of not moving. 


“Look darling, much as I love knives and audiences, I really need you to stop doing that,” he panted, hand tightening just a little in Caleb’s hair. Released like his hand had caught fire when Caleb moaned softly. “Fuck!” 


Caleb debated humming an apology specifically to be a little shit. It was just... so damn hard to take the situation seriously. It sounded every inch like some overblown circus tale, the punch line of a very bad joke. 


They’d killed a manticore and now neither of them could move or Molly’s dick would very literally choke him. 


If he shifted too much he could still feel that sharp bite of pain, that tightness in his throat as Molly tugged. As much fun as teasing the tiefling was, it was beginning to sink in just how vulnerable this position was. And just how little he had any idea how the fuck they would get out of it. 


The idea of just ripping free made him fucking squirm, even with healing spells immediately on hand. Not just for himself, although he couldn’t imagine it’d be fun to rip the back out of his throat. 


What if the piercing stuck in him? 


Just the thought sent goosebumps across his arms, but he also knew that even if he did find a solution, there was no real way he could communicate it. Let alone try and execute it. Molly and Jester were going to have to solve this one. 


All he really had to do was keep still and do as he was told. It was... liberating. 


Without even really thinking about it, he found himself floating. Just letting himself get lost in the weight of Molly in his mouth, his senses blurring pleasantly into nothing. Even the gentle touch of Molly’s hand in his hair melted into a warm glow of contentment. 


Molly paused a moment, catching the way Caleb’s expression slackened. Well, it’d give him something to do. 


“Still with me, gorgeous?” He asked softly, thumb stroking along the line of his jaw. 


Caleb managed an almost sleepy hum of confirmation, just barely aware enough that he shouldn’t pull back to answer. Biting almost through his tongue not to swear, Molly gave him a wry smile and cupped the back of his head. 


“You just hang in there for me, hmm? Give your legs a little shift so they don’t go numb.” 


It felt like hours that they waited, Caleb doing his best to shuffle when prompted, Molly trying to focus all his attention on the street rather than the wizard. Part of him was a little scared of what would happen if he did go soft, his limp cock maybe not long enough to remain hooked in Caleb’s throat. 


No need to fear that though. Between the wet heat of Caleb’s throat and the semi regular weight of his tongue, the faint rock of movement as he shifted position, Molly stayed achingly hard. He could almost swear he felt the pattern of Caleb’s breathing. Every drop of saliva that slipped from Caleb’s lips and down his shaft. Even without the occasional, minuscule tugs at the ring through the head of his cock, it would have been a lot. 


All together? With the occasional soft sounds Caleb made humming around him? Keeping still was the hardest thing he’d ever done. 


Almost harder than reminding Caleb he had to move. 


It didn’t take long for the wizard to forget where they were, settling into himself and the simplicity of his task. 


Keep still. 


Hold Molly in his throat. 


Move when told. 


Easy. Just the kind of thing that let him ease out of himself, soothed by Molly’s gentle touches. It didn’t matter why they were there, or how long. He could stay in that alley the rest of his life and be perfectly happy, so long as Molly wanted him. 


Molly, on the other hand, was getting less comfortable by the minute. The effort to just.. be still, not thrust, not move, with Caleb so soft and content on his cock? He’d never have called himself particularly strong in willpower, certainly not to resist temptation. 


He all but sagged in relief at the sight of a familiar flash of blue, waving an arm as dramatically as he could. 


“Jester! Over here!” Frankly at this point he’d almost been ready to call the guards, if only to have someone else’s opinion on the damn problem, so he didn’t care who else looked. 


The angle might do something to obscure their predicament at a casual glance, and if anyone got an eyeful they didn’t like, that’d teach them not to be so fucking nosey. All Molly cared about was Jester, turning, grinning, waving back and hurrying over. 


“Hey! Some guy came and told me you needed help and you were murdering someone? What’s... oh.” 


He could ~see~ the moment she worked out what was going on, the first flash of confusion as she caught sight of Caleb, the realisation that neither were moving, the sudden, utterly fucking wicked grin. Jogging to close the distance, she burst into giggles as she joined them in the alley. 


“Molly... Molly what did you guys do? Are you stuck in his throat?” She gasped, bending to try and peek at Caleb’s face. If he even noticed, the wizard didn’t respond, eyes closed to enjoy the sensation. 


Molly gave her a wry smile, gesturing down at his junk. 


“Yes, well, I may be rethinking at least one of the piercings. Can you help?” If she said no, he honestly had no idea what to do. This was the kind of intellectual problem he’d usually have asked Caleb for help with. 


Fortunately for all their sakes, Jester hunched down next to Caleb, peering intently at the seal of his lips around Molly’s cock. 


“Yeah, I think I have an idea. Open as wide as you can, Caleb,” she added in a sterner voice, thumb pressing on the bottom of Caleb’s chin. 


His jaw already ached, burning with tension, but for that voice? For that command? He did his best without thinking, mouth stretching open wide. Jester could just about hook her finger in the corner of his cheek, tugging back as much as she could to peek at what she could see. 


Not a fucking lot, surprising precisely no one, and she huffed under her breath. Sitting back on her haunches, she frowned up at Molly. 


“It’s the ring, right? With the ball thing that screws on to close it?” She asked thoughtfully, her fingers trailing automatically to her symbol. 


It took Molly a moment to remember, which felt ridiculous. It was his damn body. 


“Yeah, that’s right. What are you going to do?” He couldn’t help the... not fear, not really. Caution. Because while he definitely didn’t have a better idea regardless, Jester could be... unpredictable. 


Especially when she grinned. 


With a confident nod, she gripped her symbol firmly and patted Caleb’s cheek. 


“I’m gonna unscrew the ball with Thaumaturgy, and see if I can’t get it out of both of you. If not one of you might have to tug, but I can do a Cure Wounds too. Sound good?” She asked cheerfully, her good mood restored immediately with a plan. 


Molly tried. He really did. He knew he wasn’t at his best, not thinking straight while his balls ached and she and Caleb poked at his dick. But the most he could manage was a thumbs up and a nod. 


“Sounds good to me.” Cure Wounds were pretty much the words he’d been hoping for, although trying to avoid them was ideal. Either way, Jester didn’t seem to care much how much he understood. 


Cupping Caleb’s chin gently, she clutched her symbol in her other hand and focused on where she was pretty sure the piercing had to be stuck. Suddenly the ring itself lurched and Molly with it, both hands falling to grab Caleb’s head. 


“Fuck! Not that Jester!” 


“Sorry!” The spell ended and she huffed again, blowing her hair back out of her face. “It’s tricky when it’s so small and I can’t see it. I think I’ve got it now though.” 


Molly preemptively flinched as her hand rose again, only relaxing a few moments later when nothing tried to twist off. It was... decidedly jarring, a lot more than taking the damn thing off normally, with Caleb shifting and gagging as it nudged the back of his throat. Still, it felt more like just the ball turning, and a moment later Jester crowed in victory. 


“Got it! Okay, lemme see if I can get the ring off.” 


“Gently, please,” Molly begged entirely sincerely, torn between relief and a rising tension. Given the way his day was going it wasn’t gonna be that easy. 


But he could feel the ring slowly rotating. Felt it catch. Tug for just a second. Held his breath. 


And slipped free, popping gently out of his cock and onto Caleb’s tongue. 


He’d never been happier to pull his dick out of someone’s mouth. Sagging back against the wall, he just about caught Jester’s sharp command to the wizard. 


“Spit! Don’t swallow that Caleb!” She scolded firmly, holding out a hand that he obediently dropped both ring and ball into. 


Caleb still seemed to be soft and floating, not bothering to move or rise from his knees, his expression not really changing although he did slowly shut his mouth with nothing to hold it open. Jester stroked his hair gently, glancing up from him to Molly. 


Glanced back down at his dick. Grinned up at her fellow tiefling. 


“So are you gonna finish that or what?” She teased, reaching up to flick at his dick. 


Molly almost folded himself in half flinching away. 


“Are you volunteering?” He grumbled, both hands covering his crotch protectively. His balls fucking ached now, still throbbing with the need to come, and he was in overstimulated hell. 


Snickering to herself, Jester paused and glanced at Caleb. He was just about watching Molly, eyes definitely in his direction but not quite focused. 


She knew the signs. 


“I mean, Caleb’s worked so hard already. I think he deserves it,” she pointed out with a sweet smile, hand rising to stroke gently through the wizard’s hair. His whole body swayed into the touch, the praise, the comfort. 


Something still made Molly hesitate. 


“I... dunno if he’s gonna want me back in right away. You alright, Caleb? Doesn’t your jaw hurt?” 


Caleb managed a soft hum at his name, his gaze refocusing to make out the concerned face. Words though. Words weren’t coming. 


His throat was a little tight, but nothing he couldn’t handle. 


Chuckling softly, Jester tugged his head back by the hair, pressing a kiss to his cheek. 


“You’ve been so good and patient, haven’t you? Do you want Molly to come down your throat now? Or maybe on your face?” She cooed softly. 


He didn’t bother looking at her, just opened his mouth obediently and stuck out his tongue. 


It was answer enough. 


Molly let out a low groan, straightening up and taking himself in hand. 


“Fuck... remind me to get you something really special when we get back to the inn,” he mumbled, not sure which he was talking to. 


Even with the problem piercing still safely in Jester’s hand, he didn’t quite trust himself not to stick in Caleb’s mouth again. Luckily, it wasn’t going to take long. Just a few quick strokes and he could feel the orgasm rising again, cresting. 


His fucking back felt like it was one big knot now, tight with the tension of holding off for so long. He tensed again almost automatically, but being able to let go and finally release left him limp and almost boneless. 


Jester just barely managed to surge to her feet in time to catch him as come sprayed from his cock, spilling across Caleb’s face, his neck, down his chest and across Molly’s own fingers as the tiefling swayed. Pinning him back against the wall to keep him upright, Jester plopped a kiss on his nose, still definitely snickering. 


“I never saw anyone come so hard their knees gave out before,” she purred far too playfully for the sheer blissful wave of endorphins Molly was riding. He just about matched her snicker with his own. 


“Then you’ve been doing something wrong. Caleb?” 


The wizard hadn’t moved, still kneeling in place with his face upturned, mouth still open. Molly let his eyes close for a moment, sagging further into Jester. 


“If I’d known he was this into cock warming we’d have done this weeks ago,” he sighed, then forced himself up again. “Help us get back to the inn?” 


Moving with him, Jester backed off a little to check he could hold himself up. Molly swayed more than he’d like to, but raised a hand quickly to ward her off. 


“I’m good. You just... fuck. Clean Caleb up a little and get him presentable while I find my feet.” 


“Start at the end of your legs,” Jester suggested cheerfully, turning and catching the trailing end of her sleeve to wipe gently at Caleb’s face. In all honestly there was more drool than come, Molly not especially having the will to aim when he finally let go. Not even any in his mouth. 


Jester carefully scooped a line from his neck with her fingers and popped it into the wizard’s mouth, giving his cheek another smooch. 


“You did so good, Caleb. So patient and nice and pretty for me. How about we go and find a nice warm bed to cuddle up in and I’ll braid your hair, hmm?” She purred as he suckled automatically at her fingers. Paused when he winced, his jaw aching too much at the gesture. “Aww, poor boy.” 


Patting down her skirt, she snatched up her symbol again, fingers easing from Caleb’s mouth to cup his jaw, sticky and warm. The healing spell bloomed hot and soothing from her fingers and the wizard relaxed, melting down against her. 


Jester hauled him to his feet with a low groan, supporting most of his weight and balancing his arm around his shoulder. He was just enough taller than her to make both sway, almost overbalancing before she gave up and turned, hauling him carefully into her arms. 


Pretty much stable again, Molly gave Caleb a pat on the shoulder as Jester shuffled him, torn between getting his legs around her waist and being able to see past his shoulder. 


“Hold on to Jester, love. You gonna be okay?” He asked the cleric and she shrugged, bumping Caleb a little higher and grinning. 


“Yeah, no problem. You’re gonna help out, right Caleb?” 


The wizard made a soft noise that might have been an affirmation, curling as much of himself around her as he possibly could. Tried to make himself smaller for her. He was dimly aware that there was a spell for that, but not in any state to try and cast it. 


Jester did her best anyway, tucking her chin awkwardly over his shoulder and craning her neck to try and see in front of them. Stifling a chuckle, Molly dropped his hand on the top of her head. 


“How about you walk, I’ll steer?” He offered, tipping Caleb a secret wink. 


Blowing out another huff of air that made her bangs flutter, Jester grinned back. 


“Or you can walk in front and I’ll hold your tail. Either works.” 


“Aww, but if I walk beside you I can get an arm around you and Caleb together,” Molly teased back, suiting action to words and tucking himself to the side Caleb was leaned over. 


Without even thinking about it, Caleb let his head come to rest on Molly’s shoulder. Choice officially made for them, Jester huffed a giggle and nodded, heading for the alleyway. 


“People are definitely gonna think we’re kidnapping you Caleb,” she told the wizard cheerfully, shuffling his weight again as they began to move. Molly kept himself tucked up close, steering the pair out and towards their inn. 


Nothing so fancy as the Pillow Trove tonight, which was likely for the best; no guard was going to let them carry a completely limp body into the Tri Spires. The Leaky Tap also had the benefit of being closer, which was decidedly useful today. 


They didn’t run into the rest of the Nein on their way back, though they attracted more than their share of odd looks. The two tieflings together usually managed that alone, but it seemed Caleb’s gently relaxed shape cracked the shell of even the most considerate citizen. 


Still, they reached the inn and got Caleb up and through to the privacy of one of their rooms without further incident. Molly had half expected another fucking mugging, but this was one circumstance in which he was happy to be proved wrong. 


All the way back Jester had kept up a gentle, low running commentary for Caleb, the hand not supporting the wizard’s ass rubbing soothingly up and down his spine. He was still floating peacefully, content to let them take him wherever they wanted. 


Reaching the room, Jester settled him carefully on the bed and straightened to crack her back, twisting and stretching with a broad grin. 


“We’ve really gotta feed you more, Caleb, I swear your books weigh more than you do.” 


About to follow her through the door, Molly groaned and slapped himself in the forehead. 


“Ah fuck, I should have thought sooner... here, Caleb, have some sips of this and I’ll run downstairs to get you a proper drink and some snacks for us,” he said quickly, tugging a water skin from his coat and tossing it gently to Jester. 


“Milk or yogurt can help soothe a sore throat, or some tea,” the other tiefling suggested, almost fumbling the bottle and dropping to tuck herself up beside the wizard. 


Caleb didn’t give any indication of which he’d prefer, if anything at all, but did curl his hands gently around the skin as Jester pressed it into them. With a little more guiding, he raised it to his lips and took a little sip. 


His smile melting into something almost overwhelmingly soft, Molly dipped into the room for just a moment to press a kiss to his temple. 


“Tea, some ale, and whatever bread and pastries I can find in ten minutes,” he promised gently, stroking a hand through Caleb’s hair, “I’ll be right back.” 


As he straightened Caleb almost leaned into the touch, following the warmth of his hand. For a moment both tieflings hesitated, not sure who should stay or go. In all honesty, Caleb would likely be perfectly happy just to have both of them and no food or drink at all, but... taking care of him came with the control. 


It was hard enough getting him to eat properly as it was. 


After a moment Jester nodded, waving Molly away and rising on her knees on the bed, gently positioning Caleb so that she could comb through his hair with her fingers. 


“Just run downstairs and see what they have, I’ll give them a gold for room service,” she declared firmly, dropping a kiss to the top of Caleb’s head as he leaned back into her touch. 


Hesitating only a moment longer, Molly nodded and hurried downstairs. The bar wasn’t exactly bustling this early in the afternoon, the lunch crowd gone and the dinner rush not started, so it wasn’t hard to catch the bartender’s eye. This also meant there was less available, but for the promise of a gold piece the half elf agreed to have a full plate brought upstairs. 


Molly only hoped he’d remembered the room correctly; he thought they’d gone to the one he shared with Fjord, but frankly he’d had bigger concerns. 


Maybe five minutes later he was back, dropping onto the bed and crawling to cuddle up to Caleb’s chest. The wizard had all but melted into the circle of Jester’s arms, somewhat hampering her combing but it wasn’t like that was the point. He made a soft, contented noise as Molly pressed in close, tilting his chin up to kiss him softly. 


“Tea, some hot soup, and a loaf of bread will be up soon,” he told both, only expecting Jester to respond. Caleb still had his water skin clutched in both hands, taking the odd, almost mechanical sip. 


Jester shot Molly a broad grin, kissing the top of Caleb’s head again. 


“Thanks. How about we get all these dirty boots off the bed before they get here and tell us off?” She teased gently, her hands slipping from Caleb’s hair to stroke slowly across his shoulders. 




“Molly did you grab his coat?” 


“Yeah, it’s had worse days,” Molly answered a moment later when his heart started beating again. A quick glance around found the discarded coat on the other bed, the same as his. Neither were exactly at their best. 


Jester visibly relaxed, hands slipping further down to work the book holsters from Caleb’s shoulders. 


“Man, it’d suck to have to run back to the alley for it. Good catch. I guess that means we have nowhere else we need to be today, huh?” She asked cheerfully, gently guiding Caleb up to take the harness off. 


Moving back just enough to help the wizard off with his boots, Molly hesitated for a second. 


“Well, unless Caleb wants to visit Pumat’s later. I owe you some nice paper after today’s adventure.” 


It might have been the first time either of them had seen Caleb do anything but jump at the prospect of fresh paper. He managed an almost sleepy hum, feet moving as Molly needed them, and cuddled back into Jester as she set his books aside. 


It was hard for him to feel at peace. Like there was nothing in the world he needed to be doing, nowhere he needed to be but here. He wasn’t quite ready to let go of that yet, even if he felt selfish for doing so. 


He knew he was selfish. It was why he was with the Nein in the first place. 


But he didn’t have to be himself anymore. All of that had floated away and left him soft and open. He could be whatever Jester and Molly wanted him to be. Whatever they needed, anything, if it meant he could stay like this. 


Complete lack of an answer clearly meant no to both tieflings, as they finished stripping off boots, pouches, and Jester’s armour. Down to just their comfortable clothes. 


In all honesty, the chance to spend an afternoon just curled up in bed, relaxing with loved ones was more than welcome to Jester. It had a touch of home to it, with that wonderful newness that came with different company. 


She worked through all the tangles of Caleb’s hair with her fingers, gently as she could to avoid any tugging, and began braiding it in different styles. With nothing to hold them tight anyway, she kept them all loose, comfortable, spilling apart even as she moved on to the next one. It just meant she could show Molly more and different styles; Caleb didn’t seem to mind. 


It was all soothing noise to the wizard, gentle affectionate touches as Molly helped him stretch out his legs. They still ached dully, in a distant way that was more knowledge than actually feeling it. He could feel Molly’s hands on him though, warm and present even more than he was. A connection to reality, however tenuous. 


When the food arrived Molly took charge of it. Jester tossed him her pouch to pay, gently guiding Caleb back against the wall and cuddling up to eat. His hands wrapped around a mug of tea, cooled just enough not to burn his tongue, Caleb found himself reluctantly returning. 


It soothed the ache in his throat, and then sips of a hot vegetable soup settled in his stomach like a warm anger. Self loathing tried to rise with his consciousness, but he didn’t give it space yet. It felt... ungrateful, to worry about what he deserved when he had a tiefling on either side, each offering him bits of bread. 


Sometimes throwing bits of bread at each other. Sometimes to catch in their mouths, sometimes an act of pure aggression. 


A smile tugged its way across the wizard’s face, something that was happening more in the past few weeks than it had... since he’d left home. It was damnably hard to be serious when either tiefling got going. 


Both together? Turn back the tide. 


The soup bowls were finished fairly quickly and rescued from the rising danger of the bed, returned to their tray on the floor. By the time the last of the crumbs were being brushed away, Caleb was somewhat reluctantly present. 


Whatever signal he gave, Jester flicked the last few crumbs from her skirt and turned a devilish grin on him. 


“So. We’re gonna talk about that.” Her tone made it abundantly clear what she was talking about, and Molly and Caleb groaned in unison. She cut both off with a raised hand. “Hey, I rescued your butts! I deserve all the juicy details.” 


Exchanging a somewhat wry smile, Caleb shrugged and Molly sighed dramatically, throwing his hands into the air. 


“What do you want to know? We snuck off for a little public head, Caleb got hooked, we nearly got mugged, and sent one of the muggers to find you,” he said quickly, hurrying through as fast as possible with all appropriate gestures. Some of which got a snicker from both companions. 


Resting her elbows on her crossed knees, Jester laced her fingers and propped her chin on them to grin at them both. 


“Tell me all about that first. And then we talk about Caleb’s suuuuuuuper huge thing for cock warming that he’s apparently never told us about. Oh, and do you want the piercing back?” A hand dived to pat at her dress and Molly cut her off with a raised hand. 


“No. Definitely rethinking that one.” 


Cheeks abruptly red and hot, Caleb seriously wished he still had his scarf to hide in. Molly took pity on him, launching immediately into a dreadfully dramatic rendition of their day, which he’d apparently already been working on. 


Caleb had to hope that the more lascivious descriptions of exactly how good he was at sucking dick wouldn’t make the public version of the story. Couldn’t guarantee it by any means, but it wasn’t like it was anything Jester didn’t already know. 


The encounter with the muggers included a little more choice repartee than Caleb remembered, but he had the grace not to correct Molly mid tale. Jester was always an appreciative audience, gasping and giggling along with enough life to almost seem like a mockery. 


And then, all too soon, both tieflings were turning back to him, grinning broadly. 


“So, did you like, know that cock warming was your thing and just never told us, or did you just find out today?” Jester asked sweetly, leaning over to rest her chin on his shoulder instead. 


Somehow it felt a little less mortifying in the light of what this fucking day had been. Caleb managed an embarrassed smile. 


“There... was never really a good time,” he mumbled, ducking his head to try and avoid her gaze. Didn’t work so well with Molly on the other side, hooking a finger in under his chin and turning Caleb to face him. 


“Darling, if I’d had any idea how much you’d enjoy it, I’d have gagged you with my cock every night,” he purred, trapping the human with a piercing gaze. Caleb’s lips parted in a silent gasp. 


He should have expected Jester’s finger to slip between them, pressing gently down on his tongue. 


“Does it have to be a dick? Or can I use my tail?” She cooed, letting her finger rock slowly in and out. 


His eyes fluttering shut, Caleb’s cheeks hollowed to suck automatically, only for both to be cut off when Molly gently tugged her fingers from his mouth. 


“Not when he’s only just come down, love,” he corrected gently, nearly laughing when a matched pair of pouts turned his way. 


If he was honest, Caleb could see why. There was still something soft, blissful filling the space in his chest that was normally hollow and cold, but it was wrapped around a bone weariness. He was tired, the remaining aches in his body and especially legs weighing him down. 


If they’d asked him to, if they’d pushed, he’d have done his best to perform. Without hesitation. But it was something of a relief to be able to relax back, Jester huffing but cuddling closer, prodding gently for an answer to her question. 


Clearing his throat, Caleb did his best to think of it as a magic lesson. Something not deeply intimate about himself and his own desires. 


“Ah... the... ah... weight, is part of the appeal, but...” he managed to stammer out, looking to Molly for help. None seemed forthcoming. 


Molly just grinned, leaning an elbow against the wall beside his head and dropping a kiss on Caleb’s nose. 


“But it might be something we have to try. I like experimenting.” 


“Should we tell Fjord?” Jester asked brightly, her fingers back to wandering but thankfully sticking to more publicly appropriate areas. 


The blush rose so fast Caleb almost expected it to burst out the top of his head. He squirmed in the sheets as Jester dissolved immediately into giggles, clearly not needing a verbal answer. 


Molly grinned too, resting a hand over his heart for a moment. 


“Why, I’d pretend to be hurt if I hadn’t just watched you float for an hour on my dick alone. I think we’re all gonna want to play with this little proclivity of yours, hmm?” It almost sounded like a question, though it took Caleb a moment to register it. 


Right. Affirmative consent. 


They fucking loved making him tell them what he wanted. 


He was maybe just a little tiny bit starting to enjoy it too. When he remembered that it was for them, not himself. Wetting his lips, he wound up facing Molly just because it was easier. 


“Yes... I would like that very much. With you both and with Fjord,” he added after a moment’s thought, a smile stealing across his face at the idea. He couldn’t exactly take both dicks at once, but...


Humming softly, Jester spilled herself backwards across his lap, reaching up to poke his cheeks. 


“I think I’d like to try it too. Can you show me, Caleb?” 


“It’s a good thing you’ve got both of us or you’d have to fight for it,” Molly snickered, ruffling her hair. 


And alright, maybe that was something Caleb would actually be willing to fight for. Of course, sharing with Jester did always have its benefits too. 


“I could always try on Caleb,” Jester refuted cheerfully, fingers now stroking gently along the wizard’s jaw, tracing his smile, “like when he’s doing all of his studying.” 


And distinct disadvantages. Very often as part of the same event. Caleb’s stomach managed a lazy flip that was almost entirely anticipation, with just a soupçon of dread. From the grins on both tieflings, he’d have to ~say~ no to get out of it. 


And... well, even if he couldn’t ask them to do it yet, he really loved the creative ways they pushed him. 


They’d about settled to plotting against the rest of the Nein when Fjord looked in, a mild concern twisting to forced casualness as he caught sight of them. 


“Hey... was wondering where you three got up to.” Not quite a question, not quite comfortable directly asking if everything was okay. Not that it would save him from the answer. 


Jester, still comfortably sprawled in Caleb’s lap, beamed and waved at him immediately. 


“Hello! Yeah Caleb got stuck on Molly’s dick at the market so he kinda had to deep throat him until some guy came and told me where they were, and then I came and got them off and now Molly’s not gonna put that one back in, but Caleb got all happy and floaty so we had to bring him back and take care of him. He really likes cock warming and I wanna try it too, so can we borrow your dick for science?” 


All said a lightning speed, apparently without drawing a breath. Neither of the other two could blame Fjord for reeling back like he’d been struck. 


His mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to work through the gush, but clearly kept coming back around to the question. 


“I... guess? Molly, what the fuck is she talkin’ about?” As an appeal to a more reasonable party... 


That sweet, charming, story telling smile spread easily across his face and he shifted back to sit more comfortably on the bed. Caleb considered leaning up and away, but Molly hadn’t broken contact so he didn’t bother. If it meant ducking the occasional expressive gesture, that was a price he was happy to pay. 


“Well, as you know, it’s not the first time Caleb’s choked on my dick.”