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On Edge

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It had become a shared fantasy of theirs. They lost track of the number of illicit phone calls they shared when Shelby was stuck at home–phone calls where Shelby would sneak into the bathroom and get herself off against the jets in her whirlpool while Toni would get herself off to her girlfriend’s moans and gasps.

As the prospect of living together became more and more likely, the calls had devolved into inhibited phone sex and Shelby soon divulged her fantasy of whirlpool sex with her girlfriend.

“After we get the settlement money, I want to get our own place with a big bathtub,” Shelby suggested before she trailed off, “and fuck you in it.”

Shelby sounded almost shy, but Toni was more than willing to let her know how much she loved her dirty talk. “I’d love that, babe. I’d love watching you grind against the jets until you come for me,” she agreed.

Toni could hear Shelby swallow and collect herself before muttering, “Toni, I said I want to fuck you in it.”

When Toni asked her to elaborate, Shelby described every detail of the fantasy to her. Toni arranged herself on her mattress and thanked a God she didn’t believe in that the Blackburns weren’t home yet. She came twice to Shelby’s sugar-sweet voice describing how she wanted to fuck her and then again when her good Christian girlfriend asked how do you feel about choking? The surprise of hearing that Shelby envisioned their roles reversed quickly ebbed into arousal and Toni enthusiastically agreed to all of her girlfriend’s requests. (The attached photos of Shelby's dripping-wet chest and spread legs didn’t hurt, either).


The conversation played in Toni’s head as Shelby gently guided her into the warm water that filled the large bathtub in their new apartment. Shelby settled into the corner and opened her arms. As Toni slotted in between her legs and pressed against her, she appreciated the soothing water after a long week of moving and the comforting scent of her girlfriend.

Toni fit her mouth to Shelby’s and intended to start off sweet and gentle. Shelby humored her for a minute, slowly stroking into her mouth and brushing her hand across Toni’s cheek, but she quickly turned the kiss dirty with a sharp bite to Toni’s lip. The angle was awkward, with Toni’s back to her, but the uncoordinated heat only added to her arousal. Toni chased her mouth when she pulled away, but Shelby pushed her away gently with a devious grin.

“Did you already forget who’s in charge here?” She breathed into Toni’s ear before sinking her teeth into the skin below. Toni didn’t have time to respond before Shelby’s hot mouth was sucking harshly on her neck.

“I love seeing all the marks I’ve left on your perfect skin, making you mine,” Shelby added as she ran her hand across the hickies and bites that littered Toni’s neck and chest. Some of them from as recently as that morning, some from the previous week when they’d finally reunited after so many months apart.

“I’m all yours, babe.”

“Yeah? Is this mine?” Shelby asked with faux innocence while she traced a single finger down Toni’s chest and caught her nipple. Toni nodded and leaned back into her girlfriend, enjoying the feeling of her chest pressed against her back. Shelby’s hand continued its journey down her body and nudged her thighs apart.

“What about your pussy?” She purred as she stroked the top of Toni’s thighs.

Toni knew she’d want a verbal response. “Only yours, babe.”

“That’s my girl. Every time you come, it’s for me. Because of me.” Toni moaned her agreement and Shelby rewarded her by finally letting her fingers dance across her clit.

“God, you’re so wet.”

“We are in a bathtub.” Toni intended to say it with some snark, but it came out breathy and desperate. The hand that was still busy circling her nipple suddenly pinched and pulled, making Toni gasp. Embolden by the reaction, Shelby spent a few more moments flicking and teasing her nipples. Toni thought Shelby might let the comment slide until she felt a firm hand around her throat and Shelby was directing her gaze to her own.

“The only words I want to hear out of that dirty fucking mouth is ‘please fuck my pussy.’” Shelby hissed. One hand resumed lightly pinching her clit, but the other remained steadfast on Toni’s throat–not choking her but reminding her who was in charge. Toni’s wanton expression as she held her gaze and the slick heat coating her hand told her just how much her girlfriend was enjoying it.

Shelby indulged her in a few harsh squeezes against her throat as she worked her clit before abruptly stopping both and switching on the jets. She caught Toni’s eyes and cocked her eyebrow toward the side of the tub with a bench.

“Kneel,” she commanded. In her rush to obey, Toni slipped and sloshed water over the edge of the tub and grinned sheepishly as she settled on the bench, facing the wall with the strongest jets.

“You’re so fucking desperate for it,” Shelby teased. Her hand was firm against Toni’s shoulder blade as she pushed her into position and stood behind her. The jet was pulsing against Toni’s thigh and she shuddered as she thought about what was coming next.

Shelby wrapped her fingers around Toni’s chin and made her turn her head around for another searing kiss. As her teeth scraped against her lips, she guided Toni’s hips down slightly until the jet pulsed against her. She knew she’d found the right spot when Toni tore her lips away and moaned a languid fuck.

“Does that feel good?”

“So fucking good,” Toni agreed. Shelby kept a tight hold on Toni’s hips and guided her movements against the jet.

“You’re such a good girl for me, letting me fuck you like this.”

Toni arched her back and she threw her head against Shelby’s shoulder as her moans increased. “Fuck, Shelb, faster. I’m so close.”

The change in how Shelby fucked her was slight but painfully noticeable to Toni. Shelby slowed her thrusts and shifted her hips so the pressure was just barely off her clit. It still felt good against her aching center, but she knew she wouldn’t come from it and Shelby knew it, too.

Toni groaned but didn’t protest. Just the idea of Shelby, her outwardly pure and upstanding girlfriend, bringing her to the edge only to deny her was too hot to complain about. Shelby smiled at her obedience and waited for her to calm down to a gentle simmer of arousal before pushing her clit back against the whirlpool.

This time Toni didn’t verbalize her impending orgasm, but Shelby had long memorized the pattern of her moans and the look of pleasure that twisted across her features when she was about to finish, so she knew exactly when the flip the switch off altogether.

Toni sagged against her, frustrated but still very much enjoying herself.

“Somethin’ wrong?”

“I wanted to come,” Toni muttered.

Shelby smiled at her admission, but let it morph into a cocky grin. “I think I need something first.”

Toni visibly perked up at the idea of pleasuring her girlfriend. Shelby sat back against the bench and guided Toni to straddle her. “If you do everything I say and make me come, I might just let you get off next time. Can you do that?”

“Anything you want.”

“Put two fingers in my pussy,” Shelby instructed. Toni made a face as if to say no foreplay? And Shelby raised an eyebrow in response. “Now.”

Toni obeyed and found her girlfriend more than ready. She worked her slowly under the water and pressed against her walls like she knew Shelby loved.

“Faster and rub my clit,” Shelby moaned. Shelby was fighting to maintain her guise of control as pleasure coursed through her, starting from where Toni was touching her and emanating across her body.

“Just like that, babe. I love watching you watch fuck me. You’re so good for me, aren’t you?” Toni muttered her affirmation before kissing Shelby soundly. They broke apart as Shelby lost the ability to kiss properly. Toni picked up the slack by fitting her hot mouth around Shelby’s nipple and swirling her tongue.

Shelby lost herself in the harsh slosh of the water against Toni’s arm as she pressed into her earnestly. The fact that her whirlpool fantasy was finally coming true with her gorgeous girlfriend in the starring role was not lost on her. The fact that Toni was more than willing to do this for her, to indulge the dirty little itch that had always pulsed through her and was only now allowed to come to fruition, was making her that much turned on. It only took a few more minutes of Toni pressing against her clit and biting her nipple for Shelby to come with a gasp.

Toni let her come down from her high with gentle thrusts of her fingers and sweet kisses to her neck. “You always look so gorgeous when you come like that.” Shelby’s green eyes met her hazel ones and Shelby guided her down for yet another passionate kiss.

Toni anticipated that Shelby might need a minute to recover, so she was surprised when she immediately pushed her back into her previous position.

“You have no idea how many times I fucked myself against my whirlpool and thought about doing this to you,” Shelby gasped in her ear just as she turned the jets back on. Toni was still sensitive from being brought to the edge twice and especially turned on from watching Shelby come, so it didn’t take long to descend into another fit of moans as she rocked in time with Shelby’s guiding hand.

“I thought about all the little ways I could draw out your pleasure and make you scream for me,” Shelby continued. “A thought about pressing your hips against the jet until your clit’s throbbing and begging for my touch. I thought about how wet and warm and tight you’d feel around me when I finally fucked your pussy. Fuck, I thought about that one a lot.”

Shelby’s words and the harsh stream of the jets were becoming too much for Toni. It didn’t help that one of Shelby’s hands had abandoned its spot on her hip and was instead working firm circles across her nipple.

“God, Shelby. I need to come,” she moaned.

“Ask nicely,” Shelby insisted.

“Please, please let me come. I’ll be good and come so hard for you. You’re making me feel so good and I need it Shelb, please.” Toni knew she sounded desperate and nonsensical, but she couldn’t find it in herself to care.

“I love hearing you begging to come. It reminds me of how much of a whore you are,” Shelby said with a smirk.

“Only for you,” Toni agreed. This time, Shelby didn’t slow her ministrations and even let Toni speed up the motion of her hips on her own accord. After a minute, she dropped her hands altogether and pushed Toni forward so she was hunched over the side of the tub and had greater control over her own movements. Shelby admired the way the muscles in her back contracted and her face contorted in pleasure as she pressed herself against the jet. Then she clicked them off, again.

“What the fuck?” Toni groaned.

“You’re not finishing on the jets. I want to feel you come for me,” Shelby growled. “Go lay on the bed with your legs spread. I want to see how wet your pussy is for me.”

Toni was dazed and so painfully on edge, but Shelby played the role of dominatrix so beautifully well that even her request turned Toni on that much more. She sighed and did as she was told, not bothering to dry off before sprawling out on the bed.

“Good girl. You’re such a perfect little slut for me,” Shelby praised as she crawled up her body. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me until I come. Please!” Toni begged, the end of her sentence cut off when Shelby sank three fingers into her. She felt searing pulses course through her from the relentless thrust of Shelby’s fingers, but instead of fading, they coalesced and blurred into crests of pleasure. Shelby didn’t let up, continued fucking her so hard that the mattress shifted below them.

“That’s my girl. I knew you’d be able to take it all,” Shelby panted. She took in the sight of Toni beneath her and decided it was the hottest thing she’d ever seen: Toni quivering against her thrusting fingers, clawing at the sheets, gasping out the occasional fuck. “Rub your clit while I fuck you,” Shelby commanded and smiled when Toni quickly listened. “Can you feel how wet you are for me?”

Toni could hardly think of anything besides the feeling of Shelby pumping inside of her, but she could feel that Shelby was right. She was soaked and her clit throbbed beneath her, raw heat spreading from where she touched herself earnestly.

Shelby worked her faster and coaxed Toni’s fingers to rub sharp circles across her own clit. Finally, nearly two hours since they’d stepped in the tub, Shelby leaned down to whisper directly against Toni’s flushed ear, “Come for me, Toni.”

Hot pulses of pleasure blossomed from her clit to where Shelby’s fingers remained deep inside of her, stretching out her waves of bliss. Toni choked on a moan as a blazing crest crashed over her body. She arched her back and threw her head against the sheets in an open-mouth gasp as her body shuddered and succumbed to the delicious warmth.

Shelby couldn’t hold back her smirk and she languidly fucked Toni through her orgasm and felt her walls clenching around her. She didn’t let up until Toni gasps and shuddered against her and sagged against the bed, finally sated.

“Was that good, baby?” Shelby asked as she pulled Toni into her arms, happy to slip out of the domineering act and care for her girlfriend.

“Good is an understatement,” Toni laughed. Her voice cracked as exhaustion began to replace arousal. “Holy fuck, Shelb. Was it all that you imagined?”

“It was even better.”