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Entertaining Foreigners

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Hello everyone,

I have a little update for you. I’ve started to adapt this fic into an original novel. For those of you who didn’t want to get off the ride, this is where we’re headed. Along with the adaptation, I’ll be working on continuing the Fanfiction version of the story and writing new stories. Anything that is classified as “Fanfiction”, will be posted on Ao3 a week after I upload it elsewhere. So, whether you subscribe or not, I do hope you’ll continue to enjoy the work I do. The link to my Twitter where you can find other links is below. 

Along with the adaption, I also created a discord server to talk fics and hang out. Fellow writers welcome! I want to talk process. <3

So, yeah. I want to thank all of you who’ve read my story. You’ve given me so much support even just by showing up. Those of you that have left me comments or reached out to me on social, you have my heart.

These have been some times in the world, but you have all reminded me that fandom and community are still a place where you can make a friend and laugh a little along the way. So. Thank you. Truly.

So, subscribe if you want or just come say hi. I'm just happy to be writing again. 


Saber Speaks Twitter!


I hope to see you around.

Much love. <33333