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I wonder if I take you home, would you still be in love baby, in love baby

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Baekhyun was sitting next to the window when he went home from his shopping trip by bus. He had his eyes closed while lip syncing the songs in his “millennial survival kit” playlist which contained upbeat pop and RnB. He was tired, but content, as he had treated himself to a recently released game that had finally been on sale and a pair of fashionable albeit pricey trainers (it was love at first sight okay). This was reason enough to look forward to his arrival back home, he had watched a few Let’s Plays and read some reviews before and they were really promising.
Because all he thought about was his new game as he watched the scenery outside, he did not realise when other passengers entered the bus, which might have otherwise caused him to stop openly lip syncing and dancing (even if with his upper body only). The man saw his station coming closer, so he calmed down and checked the time before getting up. His mood was too good to care about the other passengers; he confidently walked towards the exit, slightly moving his hips to the beat. Baekhyun was indeed absorbed in his own little world. He did not see an eye twitching and brightly smiling man taking up space in an awkward pose across his seat row. What he saw though was his reflection in the glass door which was now opening, and damn was he a hot piece of ass, even in casual attire. He stepped out and smiled at the welcoming warm summer breeze, contrasting the cold and sterile air inside the bus. He bounced the rest of his way.


“Oh my god, you’re that Britney Spears guy” a deep voice penetrated a thick wall of noise and entered Baekhyun’s range of hearing. He turned his head to the side to figure out who that person was talking to. “Britney Spears” guy did sound interesting enough. The only thing he faced though were huge eyes, huge ears and just a huge person in general. Was everything about this person huge?
Wait a minute.
Before finishing this train of thought, he realised this person was talking to him.
“Uhm?” was all he could say. The huge Dumbo guy laughed exaggeratedly and clapped his thigh. Something about this situation seemed very entertaining to him, adding to Baekhyun’s confusion.
“You’re really that guy! I recognised you right away!”
“I’m sorry, do we know each other?” Baekhyun finally asked, keeping his cool.
“I’ve seen you in the bus, and you were like, super jamming to Toxic. I secretly wanted to befriend you in that moment, but I thought it’d be weird to just sit with you and you were getting off the bus anyways.”
Well, Dumbo had a point. Baekhyun was now interested in why the giant wanted to get closer to him and what his real intentions were.
“You’re weird. Why would you just befriend people?” He was surprised when he was confronted with a huge and toothy grin, again, HUGE; this guy was simply the personification of huge.
“I like people openly enjoying music, and I like Britney too. And you looked kinda cool. Why not befriend you? That’s what I thought.”
Baekhyun sipped on his beer and looked around. This club sucked, almost no people were dancing and they played shit track after shit track which was probably the reason why the dance floor was so empty. He was bored enough to keep this conversation going.
“Does that mean you don’t want to befriend me anymore? You’ve seen me up close and realised I’m actually not that cool?”
Taken aback, the giant froze and Baekhyun swore the large eyes almost popped out of Dumbo’s head.
“What? No! You don’t only look cool, you’re looking freaking mesmerising- ohmygodwhatamisaying” Dumbo covered his eyes but smiled shyly.
Baekhyun was having another sip, amused. He admitted he liked fishing for compliments; he knew he was hot. And the reactions of people like the guy in front of him were fun to watch.
“Are you hitting on me?” He teasingly asked, looking up from his glass with a seductive expression. The guy, whose head was crowned by a mess of intense shade of red, turned almost the same colour in his face. Passionate.
“I’m- I’m sorry, I’m really not good at being… being subtle” He let out an awkward and muffled laugh, and then he turned away.
“Well, now that my motives are somewhat clear, my friend is gonna take over the DJ’ing now, you wanna dance?” He returned his timid but friendly gaze to Baekhyun.
The brunette hesitated for a second, looking down into foam indicating the end of his beer. He snickered. What could happen? This evening was about to roll down hill and this giant might be able to at least save the investment he spent on the club fee. He lifted his head and put on his sweetest and most alluring smile, causing the recollecting giant to crumble again.
“Let me get another drink first. I can’t tell yet if I’ll be able to dance to the music your friend plays.”
“Yeah, sure! Uhm, let me get it for you!” Dumbo stammered out.
Why not, Baekhyun thought. He liked his free alcohol.
They made their way to the bar, the club was getting stuffed. He hoped the alcohol would make it more bearable.
“Two Mojitos please!” The deep raspy voice was vibrant and found its way through the noise smoothly again.
Mojito. Not like he didn’t like it, but it was kind of boring. The bartender, who was secretly Baekhyun’s friend, raised his brows and glanced at him.
“I’ll get the regular ‘Love Shot’ instead, thank you.” Dumbo gave him a confused look. The bartender nodded in satisfaction and got the drinks ready.
“Love Shot? Isn’t that when you cross arms with someone to drink?” The tall one asked.
“That’s not wrong. But the Love Shot I mean is a speciality of my bartender friend right there” He pointed to the slim and tall man who was already busy making the drinks.
“It’s a sweet but strong mixture.”
“Why the name though?”
The bartender answered in place of Baekhyun. “When you get drunk on this, sexy magic happens!” He winked. Baekhyun chuckled, when the bartender placed the drinks on the counter.
“I’ll finish all of it in one go” Baekhyun winked. He noticed the huge guy gulping and nodding. This really might be fun.
When his company paid for everything, Baekhyun felt a shift in the atmosphere. People were cheering. By the time he finished his rather large ‘shot’ (Dumbo was struggling to keep up with his boring Mojito), he recognised the song playing. It was in his upbeat millennial survival kit playlist. The alcohol was kicking in, and he excitedly jerked his head in the giant’s direction. The latter grinned, placing his empty glass on the counter. “I told you, my friend is DJ’ing now… And my friends usually have at least some taste. Basic, but essential.” Baekhyun put his glass back with uncontrolled force. He staggered from his seat but regained balance quickly, smiling widely. Alcohol and enjoyable music were right up his alley. Oh, and this little- or rather huge extra of a fellow. He smiled at the guy seductively. “Let’s dance?” It wasn’t meant as a question.
They squeezed through the suddenly appeared crowd until they reached the centre of the dance floor. Dumbo made sure to follow him closely. Baekhyun thought about turning to face him, when they found a free spot, but the alcohol was doing its job and a more sensual song came on, so there wasn’t really another choice than to tease the seemingly innocent giant and subtly grind against him. He decided to turn his head and take a look‒it would’ve been too bad to miss his reaction. Instead of an awkward expression, he found the huge guy wearing a dark and lustful gaze.
A spark of excitement shot up his gut. A hook up wasn’t planned, yet not unwelcome with this fella, he thought. So he kept dancing against his huge guy, moving his hips in a dangerous way. It did not take long for Dumbo to act and put his hands on Baekhyun’s waist. He felt a hot breath first, and then moist but luscious kisses on his neck. Was this going too fast? He couldn’t tell how much time had already passed, only that he fucking needed this right now. He melted into the kisses, the air became hot and sticky. Suddenly, he turned around and grabbed the tall man and pulled him close.
“To continue our first conversation‒I admit you’re hot too” He said. And then their lips crashed into a wet mess. It felt so smooth and hot and passionate so that Baekhyun lost himself a little too much—

He came back to his senses after someone accidently pushed him. A wave of sobriety suddenly came over him. The room was hot, Dumbo was hot, but he was not ready to really deal with the person in front of him. Yes, he was kind of horny, but not so much to really go to a stranger’s place and leave in the early morning. These thoughts quickly ruined his mood. He pushed the tall boy away and said, “more alcohol”. Baekhyun didn’t care if Dumbo followed him or not, the only thing he wanted right now was either getting completely wasted or go home. The last wasn’t really an option, the main reason he came to this club was so he did not end up alone and lonely with a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s watching trash movies, complaining to his roommate and delaying his studies further. More alcohol it was.
“Where’s your man?” The bartender asked. Baekhyun scoffed.
“Please just get me drunk, Jongin.”
“Dumped?” The tanned boy behind the counter poured him a glass.
“Who dumped who?” A deep voice appeared out of nowhere.
“Your man!” Jongin smiled. Baekhyun was a tiny bit relieved, but he felt like shit somehow. This happened a lot, and very randomly. Maybe he was afraid of something, but he couldn’t really tell.
“No one dumped anyone” Baekhyun said, putting his hand on the tall man’s shoulder.
“I’m Baekhyun by the way, and I’ve been referring to you as Dumbo in my head all night, but what’s your real name?”
Jongin snorted, still listening to their conversation while reaching for a bottle of beer for another costumer. Dumbo sighed but didn’t seem to be offended.
“I’m Chanyeol. And here I thought I’ve missed the chance of befriending the coolest guy in town.” Baekhyun laughed heartedly.
“Is this how you usually befriend people? How many ‘friends’ do you have if I may ask, Chanyeol?” He flashed a teasing smile. His mood was certainly improving with every slug of his questionable drink. Chanyeol blushed, averting his gaze.
“Not like that, I… believe me, I wanted to simply be friends with you in the beginning. But then… how are you so freaking hot? I bet even straight guys turn bi for you-“ He said it jokingly, although his expression showed a touch of discomfort. At least, that’s what it seemed like.
Baekhyun relaxed and laughed quietly.
“Wanna go for a smoke?” He asked, glass almost empty again.
“Sure, I’ve wanted to have one for some time now…” Chanyeol answered and rummaged in his pockets in search of his cigarette pack. He took a stick out and put it into his mouth, ready to leave the club. Baekhyun paid and linked his arm with Chanyeol’s. He received an approving look in return, when he glanced up.
The noise slowly faded until they’d only hear the muffled bass. The air was cool and crisp. To be completely honest, Baekhyun did not appreciate the cold. He tensed up right away when the fresh wind hit his face. Well, more volume to his pretentious sex hair. He fished out his tobacco, filters and papers and started to roll a cigarette whereas Chanyeol was already smoking, looking guilty because he hadn’t waited for Baekhyun. Not that the latter cared. He was quick and ready to light his stick, when Chanyeol got dangerously close and lit it with the glaze of his own. After succeeding he leant on the brick wall of the club hall.
“Always wanted to try this out.” He laughed throatily and Baekhyun was fucking weak to that. The tall one seemed to notice Baekhyun’s tension.
“Oh, I’m sorry, if I had a jacket I would’ve given it to you…” Baekhyun hastily refused, waving his hands.
“I’ll appreciate your thought and pretend you’re not just trying to get me into the sheets.” Chanyeol opened his mouth, but Baekhyun continued.
“Usually I’d play along you know, but tonight is kind of… I don’t know. I’m just not really in the mood anymore. Recently, one night stands leave me empty. Sorry to disappoint you.”
Chanyeol vigorously shook his head.
“That’s not it. Like I said, originally I just wanted to get to know you. But in this kind of setting… I guess things escalate more quickly? Places like these basically smell like horniness, I admit I’ve lost myself a little back there. Let’s say I am interested in you in more ways than one.”
Baekhyun smiled looking at the concrete floor full of cigarette stubs. “I think you’re cute Dumbo, let’s talk a bit more.” Chanyeol blushed, simultaneously accepting his new nickname.
“Yeah, let’s.”
It was rare for Baekhyun to open up to strangers or be genuinely interested in others. Yet this time felt somewhat different. He might be tired from superficial and quick hook ups. It could be the built up stress he wished to relieve through deeper conversation. The circumstances were simply right in this moment.


You know you reached some kind of peak on your night out when you’re hanging over some nasty toilet seat and throw up your soul.
Chanyeol was kind enough to pat Baekhyun’s back and held his bangs back. The brunette was sweating, his face pale. He picked himself up and breathed out a long sigh. “Let’s get out of here Dumbo”.

This is how they ended up at a family restaurant eating cheap fries and crappy burgers. To Baekhyun’s surprise it was the best night he had in a while. Chanyeol and he were somehow on the same wavelength. They laughed about the same stupid things. When he found out Chanyeol had been playing that game he’d bought on his city trip a while ago, they wouldn’t even take their time to properly breathe, there was so much to talk about. Baekhyun couldn’t recall a time when he enjoyed himself this much.
“Chanyeol, what the actual fuck. It’s creepy but it feels like we’ve known each other forever.”
“That’s what I’ve been thinking! Insane, isn’t it?”
They left the restaurant at 4.20 AM and Chanyeol offered Baekhyun to stay over his place when they were about to get on the bus. Baekhyun found out Chanyeol wasn’t living that far from him. They got along very well, but he feared the magic would disappear if they stayed together any longer. He politely declined, and they shared a very intense hug before Baekhyun reached his station, none of them really wanting to let go. The brunet was already getting up, when Chanyeol suddenly grabbed his arm.
“We haven’t exchanged our numbers.”

Baekhyun had brushed his teeth and removed his makeup when he received a call from ‘DumbYeol’, letting him know he got home safely and wishing him a good night – or morning or whatever. Baekhyun fell asleep with a smile on his face that morning.


When he woke up the next day, he felt like shit. Which was reasonable, he did have a few drinks after all. Good thing it was Sunday and there were no essays or reports to work on. Sleepily he shuffled to the kitchen to get some water. He swallowed a painkiller and went back to bed.
The second time he woke up, he felt much better. Baekhyun now noticed the silence in his shared flat and thought it was weird. As far as he knew, his roommate hadn’t gone anywhere yesterday, and at this time of the day he usually watched his favourite show in the living room. Baekhyun rubbed his eyes, getting out of his sheets. The room was cold because he’d left the window open at night, so he took the sweatpants that had been lying around on the floor and put them over his boxers. His stomach suddenly grumbled, but he was about to head over to the kitchen anyway. When he left his room, the cold floor made him regret not putting any socks on. Yet he didn’t want to go back and decided to bear it. He grabbed a cup and prepared coffee before checking on his roommate who was also his best friend. Baekhyun let the water boil and left the kitchen to knock on his roommate’s door. He did not expect it to open on its own.
No answer. He peeked inside, the room was empty.
“The heck Jongdae…” Baekhyun said quietly to himself. “He couldn’t have at least left a note or something…” After a few moments he shrugged and went back to the kitchen to find something to eat.
The actual reason why he cared about Jongdae right now wasn’t because he was overprotective or a good friend. He had simply hoped to talk to someone about last night’s encounter. Now that he sobered up, he felt more distanced towards the situation and his excitement was gradually fading. He was a little torn between keeping in touch with Chanyeol and not putting an effort in ever meeting him again. Because as fun as that giant was, as dangerous he could be. More connection meant more vulnerability, something Baekhyun clearly detested. He bit into a lazily made banana sandwich, stopping midway to catch a piece that was falling out on the other side.
It was better this way, he thought. The chemistry he felt with Chanyeol had probably been due to alcohol and loneliness. However, he wouldn’t delete his number. He only decided not to initiate anything.

Some days passed, then weeks. Baekhyun wasn’t surprised when there were no calls or texts from his ‘could’ve been soulmate’. There might have been slight disappointment, but he wouldn’t admit it. He naturally expected people to let him down. As if they saw through his cool and fun façade, which of course couldn’t be real. He was sure it was his fault, since he always kept a distance, and people usually didn’t have the energy to keep fighting for his trust and breaking his walls. Chanyeol had probably realised he was a difficult person and had backed down. He sighed. Ah, yes, he was forever lonely. There were Jongdae and a few other close friends, but they’d known him for ages and didn’t question his behaviour. They kept around because they were used to it. It was like having a second family. His other friends never had to deal with ‘the real, vulnerable’ him, and their hangouts were just as superficial.
Baekhyun took a moment to cherish his dearest bonds in silence.


He really didn’t want to admit it, but getting absolutely no vital signs of Chanyeol did something to him. How could such a hopeful encounter have turned into something so disappointing? Baekhyun tried not to think about it as he squeezed himself between his friends on a narrow couch, holding a bottle of beer. He led it to his lips and took a big sip, when Jongdae shouted:
“Let’s get wasted tonight!”
The whole group roared so loudly, Baekhyun could’ve sworn he might have to shave his face again from the excessive amount of testosterone in this far too small living room which hosted his not so small group of friends. It was getting a little stuffy and smelly too. Ignoring all of that, he held the bottle high and shouted together with the others.

It was a boys’ nights out. Everyone was getting ready to leave. While getting his jacket, Baekhyun passed Sehun, who checked himself out in the mirror. Even Jongin who usually worked on weekends had no shift tonight which made this event even more exciting. The last time they gathered like this was ages ago.

“So where exactly are we going?” Yixing asked, even though he’d be equally fine with any answer.
“This club called ‘Diamond’,” Jongin answered, readjusting his fanny pack and checking the time, “I’ve worked there before, and they play nice music on Fridays. I’m sure you’ll like it. Lots of Electronica.”
Sehun made his bubble gum pop. “Sounds gay to me.”
“I wouldn’t say so” Yixing interrupted calmly, “what criteria do you use to conclude that?”
Jongdae snorted. “’Diamond’ surely sounds straight to me-“
“It’s a gay club actually” Jongin explained. “But I thought that wouldn’t be a problem. Most of us are at least Bi anyways. Except for you, Sehun.”
“Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with a dude.” The tall and lean man in tight denim jeans and a black leather jacket pretended to flip his hair dramatically. Ironically, his face was as expressionless as always. “Whatever though. Let me go with the flow.”
“And I’m not particularly interested in meeting anyone” Baekhyun snapped his fingers to underline the statement. Right after the words have left his mouth though, he thought about how it wouldn’t be too bad. It might finally get Chanyeol off his mind.
“Cool” Yixing said after a while, slightly disoriented. He had probably smoked something before meeting the boys. Somehow Baekhyun would’ve liked to be high too, now that the thoughts of Chanyeol were returning and ruining his mood again.

‘Diamond’ was not just any gay club as it seemed, because not only did they have to stand in line to enter, the hall was stuffed with people, and it was warm, too warm when they got in. Not that Baekhyun expected anything underground. Still, it was quite surprising, especially as he had never heard of the club in the scene before.
After having left their jackets at the cloakroom, the boys made their way through the crowd to find a free spot where they could dance. It was full, but Baekhyun was still able to breathe and more importantly to shake his hips. He would have done so even if there hadn’t been any space; he’d bump the strangers away. No one was going to ruin this night for him if it wasn’t for himself.
Slowly he let himself relax and danced more freely to the electronic beats. He didn’t worry about sweating as his simple but smoky make up was waterproof. The music pulsated in his veins and he felt euphoria and excitement growing in his stomach, leaving goose bumps over his naked arms. His black latex top covered his torso only, and besides the ripped skinny jeans which nicely shaped his butt and his expensive trainers, a choker embraced his neck with a short chain attached to the ring in the centre. He basically looked like a whole meal, and he would be bullshitting if he denied how much he liked the men checking him out. He knew how seductive he looked tonight.
Baekhyun saw a blonde squeezing himself into their direction, cautiously carrying bottles and glasses in attempt to keep them balanced and not to spill anything. It was Jongdae who arrived with a couple of drinks and handed them out to the boys. They clicked glasses and fortunately only a small amount of alcohol landed on the ground. They cheered and drank quickly because having drinks on the dance floor was a little inconvenient.
“Oh fuck me, that tall guy is stealing my view on this cutie over there. Can he stop moving for a bit? Or like, vanish?” Jongdae shot death glares in that same direction. Baekhyun amusingly followed Jongdae’s stare.
“Which cutie are you talking about? Are they sitting on that couch?” Baekhyun smiled. If he didn’t get some tonight, he at least wanted to make sure his friends enjoyed themselves.
Jongdae pointed into the lounge, drawing a circle mid-air. Baekhyun had to agree, it was hard to see anything with that tall person dancing- quite awkwardly in fact- in front of the said cute boy.
“I swear, can’t he dance somewhere else? I want to send subtle smiles and blow kisses to this babe, and more importantly I’d like him to notice me too!” Jongdae whined and looked at Baekhyun pleadingly.
“Okay, let’s get that giant away for you Dae.” Baekhyun was already on his way with determined steps, until he got a weird gut feeling. He slowed down close to the annoying person, only to gasp and feel the blood rush out of his face.
No. No way. It couldn’t be him.
The red hair and the height were enough indicators though.
No. Baekhyun wouldn’t run off now, he was on a mission for his friend. He needed to get this person out of the way.
“Hey, isn’t that Baekhyun’s man?” Jongin suddenly shouted that even Baekhyun could grasp it. The brunet went numb. He couldn’t hear anything anymore now. All noises mixed together into something undefinable.
What the fuck. What was he doing here? Why was he here?
“Baekhyun’s man? Baek has a man?” Jongdae shouted back in disbelief. With every second, Baekhyun felt more and more rage. An adrenaline rush overcame him and where his face had felt numb before, it started to burn now. Burning from rage and embarrassment and humiliation. This was him, who had forgotten about him, who had felt so right and sweet, only to be fake, a snake in disguise! Of course it had to be too good to be true! What a fucking bastard!
“No, not really, but they basically had sex on the dancefloor in that other club I work at, last month” Jongin laughed. Why was he laughing? For Baekhyun, this certainly was no laughing matter. He really wanted to run away. But what he wanted even more right now was punching this idiot in the face. He was drunk already anyways, so who cares?
Before he’d punch him though, Baekhyun would make him recognise him first. If he remembered him at all, that was. Baekhyun’s face felt even redder at this thought, but at least his expensive foundation had that covered.
With the sweetest fake smile Baekhyun could manage he tapped on Chanyeol’s shoulder. The latter turned around, a little bit thrown off.
“Hello, remember me, Dumbyeol?”
He didn’t respond, so he probably forgot already. More and more adrenaline pumped through Baekhyun’s blood. He clenched his fist, ready to throw a punch.
Yet before that, the giant’s jaw fell open, when he grabbed both of Baekhyun’s arms.
“Baek… Baekhyun? Oh my god” He really looked like an idiot, with his gaping mouth, struggling to speak. Even worse was, Baekhyun couldn’t punch Chanyeol with that strong grip of the taller. He could only feel how he’d almost dropped his mask. Chanyeol… he remembered him. He remembered him, but hadn’t contacted him. This damn—
“Baekhyun, you look… so fucking amazing. I… I can’t believe it’s you” Chanyeol looked away from Baekhyun and intertwined his hands. Baekhyun only barely noticed the strong bob of Chanyeol’s Adam’s apple under the strobe lights.
“Sorry I… Fuck.”, Baekhyun saw him mouthing. It was too loud to actually hear. He furrowed his brows and looked at the idiot’s fidgeting hands. He flinched when Chanyeol came closer all of a sudden and his nose brushed his ear. It sent shivers all over him, but hopefully the other hadn’t noticed. He tensed up when he heard he deep voice closely.
“We really need to talk. Right now”
He didn’t understand. Why was Dumbo so familiar with him? Wasn’t he the one who didn’t want to keep in touch with him anymore? Before he could set up theories, Chanyeol was already dragging him to the restrooms.

“What are you doing Dumbo? What is this?” Baekhyun pulled his arm furiously back to free himself. What the fuck was going on?
“What do you mean? I want to talk.” He realised how strong he had held Baekhyun’s arm. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” After a sad grimace and Chanyeol rubbing Baekhyun’s arm softly, which left the smaller guy even more irritated, his eyes lit up.
“I’m so glad to see you again. It would’ve been too bad if I had never met you again.”
Huh? What did he mean? It was pure confusion. Baekhyun felt his anger deflating and forming into frustration. He didn’t understand what was going on anymore.
“I thought… Chanyeol, I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore. You’ve never contacted me…”
Chanyeol ran his fingers through his hair, his eyebrows furrowed and a troubled look showed in his large eyes. “No. No that’s definitely not the case.” He closed his eyes and breathed in. “Okay, look. This is really dumb”
“I wouldn’t be surprised..?” Baekhyun raised a brow and pursed his lips. Chanyeol smiled apologetically and tilted his head.
“My phone fell into the loo.” He looked down on the floor. Thick silence enveloped them. Baekhyun’s confused expression gradually changed into a grimace.
“Are you fucking serious?” No way Baekhyun believed that bullshit.
“I am, really! And it was obviously not working after that. It happened on the same day we hung out, when I… went to the bathroom, all hungover… It kind of happened and it’s dumb and I was so frustrated because it was the only way to get in touch with you! And I really…” He looked all shy, with his eyes inspecting the floor as if it was more interesting than Baekhyun, flushed cheeks and fidgeting hands. “I really wanted to see you again.”
“You really think I’d believe you? You think I’m that easy? I fucking waited for any vital sign of yours for weeks. I thought I could’ve made a real friend. But there was nothing. No single reply.” Chanyeol opened his mouth but Baekhyun didn’t let him say anything.
“Shut up! Can you imagine for fuck’s sake, how I decided to maybe open up like a fucking stupid idiot the first time I hang out with someone and then get rejected like that? If I don’t struggle with trust issues anyway, you just had to ghost me like that. It was the ultimate lesson for me not to do anything like that ever again. And now you come up to me in a gay club, were people obviously just want to get some dick, and try to tell me you weren’t able to contact me because your fucking phone fell into the fucking loo. Do I really look so fucking easy to you?” Baekhyun’s breath quickened through his outburst of rage, but he’d lie if he said it wasn’t satisfying.
Chanyeol stood there, shaking his head and looking into the mirror next to them.
“No. Baekhyun, just no.” His eyes then pierced into the brunet’s, but the latter stared back in stubbornness. He wasn’t giving out. “You got it completely wrong. It really happened. Here, this is my new phone” He took out what could be a new phone, all shiny and without any cracks, but Baekhyun didn’t remember his old one, so he wasn’t convinced. Instead, he scoffed.
“Baekhyun…” Chanyeol looked dejected and broke the eye contact. “Please… I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you like that… We met once and I already managed to fuck it up” He chuckled ironically. “If you don’t believe me, let me at least tell you what I’ve come to realize over this time.” Baekhyun didn’t answer but kept looking for a clue in Chanyeol’s eyes, if what he spoke was really the truth or not.
“Never in my 26 years of my life have I felt a connection like that to anyone. You felt it too, right? I thought, if soulmates exist, this could be it.” Baekhyun looked away and bit his lip. Those were exactly his thoughts too, although he wasn’t sure if he should admit them. This might be a trap. His intuition told him otherwise and his wall began to crumble. Chanyeol continued.
“We’ve hung out for one single night but I felt as if I have known you for years. I was so angry when my phone broke, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet you ever again. I was at the other club a few times and hoped to find you, but you weren’t there. I was giving up on looking for you, so I wanted to let loose tonight with a couple of friends. I’m not here to ‘get dick’ as you have nicely put it, I just… wanted to forget that I’ve missed a huge fucking chance with this beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly funny guy I ate McDonald’s with after we had made out in a club to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock your Body’.” He inhaled deeply after he vomited all of his thoughts and feelings out like that. Chanyeol stepped closer and reached to the other’s chin to tilt it up. “It was the best night I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I know how cheesy this sounds,” He laughed lightly “but it’s really how I feel.”
Baekhyun decided, yes, Chanyeol was a big idiot, but he was a bigger idiot for being instantly attracted to him like a fly is to faeces; it were surely just the right circumstances again–with his pent up anger and frustration and fear of being left again, the alcohol robbing him of any rationality, and the relief that Chanyeol might actually be interested in him, if his words were believed. Yes, that must be the reason why he grabbed Chanyeol by his collar and pulled him in for a kiss. When the lanky man returned and deepened the play of their lips, a wave of electricity run through his every limb.
“You really are dumb, Yeol” Baekhyun breathed between their hot exchange, “but let me hope that I’m not dumber for believing you.” Their tongues were already entangled in a fight for dominance.
“Fuck, Baekhyun, you’re so hot” Chanyeol choked out and grabbed the brunet’s assets. That’s how they ended up making out in the club again, this time in the restrooms to be precise.
“Oh, look what we’ve got here…” A voice too familiar spoke and made Baekhyun jump and break off the kiss. Before he turned around, he quickly took in the view before him. A flushed giant with heavy lidded eyes and messed up hair, and fuck he just wanted to continue were they left off but there was an intruder.
“Jongdae” Baekhyun was embarrassed by how raspy his voice sounded and how much it was giving him away. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, I’m here to use the restroom for its initial purpose. Move, I gotta piss. Take your man, we’ll talk later. I’m leaving with that cutie in a minute so…”
Jongdae was usually noisy and annoying, but tonight Baekhyun thought he was the best friend he could ever have. Which wasn’t that far off reality either. “You’re a blessing, Jongdae”
He grabbed the hand of a slightly disoriented Chanyeol. “Want to go out for a smoke?” Baekhyun winked. Chanyeol smiled sweetly at the reference and that was enough of a reassurance to leave the club.

“Are we really just having a smoke?” Chanyeol asked, this time waiting for the hot mess that was Baekhyun, who was still rolling a cigarette.
“Nah. If you want to… We can go to my place. And… maybe continue…?” Why was he feeling so shy now? A moment ago he was rutting against the taller’s thigh like there was no tomorrow. It seemed like the other fell back into his innocent ways too though. Slightly, at least. Chanyeol smiled so that his dimple showed while he held the lighter up to Baekhyun’s stick.
“Well, I mean, I really wouldn’t mind.” There was a pause. “But I don’t want you to think I’m just after your body. You probably still don’t trust me.”
The brunet didn’t know. He didn’t know why he was ready to trust Chanyeol so easily, even if he did have a few doubts. They could make out and sleep with each other and he could pretend there were no feelings, if Chanyeol would reject him after all, he tried to tell himself.
“I’m not sure. But we can try, I guess.”


A wave of panic came over him, when Baekhyun woke up the next morning in his bed and he found a sleeping Chanyeol cuddled up to him. Should he go out, not to make the situation awkward, so Chanyeol could leave without having to face him? What if the taller would regret things that happened between them tonight? They had fucked in his bed and fell asleep right after. It really wouldn’t surprise the brunet if the other would be uncomfortable. He just couldn’t trust him. He had been weak yesterday.
Before he could make a decision on what to do with himself, the body behind him moved and he heard a groan. A sudden silence followed.
„Ah. Baekhyun?“ He mumbled. There was a rustling of sheets and the weight shifted on the mattress.
Should Baekhyun pretend he was asleep?
The next moment, he felt a hand on his head, brushing the hair out of his face. He did not expect to be kissed on the cheek.
“Good morning, beautiful.” Chanyeol softly spoke to his ear. Baekhyun visibly shuddered and knew he had exposed himself. His other thoughts were forgotten, he wanted to turn and see how a sleepy Chanyeol looked like. So he did just that.
The way the other’s hair was a bird’s nest, his eyes squinted, his shoulders flexed when he supported himself with his arm were all doing really weird things to Baekhyun. His mouth went dry and he gulped.
“Good morning, dumbo” he quickly tried to come up with something, “how are you so sexy in the morning? I want to devour you” he openly admitted.
Chanyeol was not prepared to hear that, it seems, at least it showed on his suddenly flushed face.
“Well, I can say the same about you, but I didn’t want to scare you off”
Baekhyun smiled. He might’ve kissed him too, but he was afraid that his breath smelled.
Chanyeol though didn’t think so as he initiated a peck on his lips. “I’m glad you’re here. I’m here. Let’s have breakfast?“ He stroked a few strands of the brunet’s hair behind his ear.
The smaller had to stop himself from smiling too much. Instead he focused on Chanyeol’s suggestion. “Good idea. Although… I’m not sure if we have food at home.” His lips unconsciously formed a pout.
“Oh my god. Stop being so cute”, the taller mumbled, but Baekhyun heard him very well.
“Eh?” He giggled. Chanyeol laughed and got up.
“Let’s get breakfast outside then. How about a lame Family Restaurant? Fast Food Joint? Really difficult, I know.”
“They’re both quite finesse, so yeah, let me check first if I have enough money on me,” Baekhyun snickered and peeled the sheets off him so he could get up and go to the bathroom.
“We’re just that gourmet.” Chanyeol added following him.
When Baekhyun realized how the other was coming after him, he thought of something.
“Do you want to shower together?”
The answer was a deep groan. “Baekhyun… I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my hands to myself, you kno–” His words cut off when the other pulled him into the cabin.
“Who said you were supposed to?” Baekhyun looked up with a mischievous smile.
It was a miracle how they actually managed to wash themselves and not only touch each other sensually.


“Mh, finally some food.” Baekhyun bit into the sandwich right after bringing it to their table. He flushed it down with some coke. Chanyeol watched him, chin supported on his hands, when his stomach grumbled and he grimaced in embarrassment. He decided to start eating his sandwich after all instead of just observing Baekhyun and the way he was inhaling his food.
Baekhyun heard him clear his throat and set his attention on his company.
“So… I don’t want to rush you or anything, but…” Chanyeol looked down on his plate, “do you want to see… where this goes? I mean, I think you’re really cool, and we have chemistry, and I want to spend more time with you, actually I wouldn’t even mind if we went exclusive or something like that, but of course I totally respect if you’re not ready-“
Baekhyun chuckled and set his sandwich aside.
“Hey, hey, slow down or you’re gonna explode” He said. Chanyeol closed his mouth and hesitantly tried to meet Baekhyun’s gaze.
“I think it’s alright, to see where this goes, you know. But…” Baekhyun diverted his eyes to look out if the window next to them, “I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit completely. I don’t know if I can handle a relationship. Chanyeol, I might not look like it,” He met the other’s eyes again, “but I’m actually really scared. I’m scared of being vulnerable like this. So I can’t promise anything, but if you’d still want to try it out… with me… then we could take it slow.”
“Yes! Sure! I mean, of course, take your time! We don’t need a label or anything, if you’re uncomfortable with that…” Chanyeol babbled.
“We could try and be exclusive, Chanyeol. But we’ll need to communicate about this a lot. To see where we stand, what we feel… It helps with my anxiety.”
Chanyeol reached over to cup one of Baekhyun’s hands. “That’s the least I can do. I don’t know what happened to you in the past that made you like this, and you don’t need to tell me until you’re ready, but I’d be happy to get to know you better and just see where it will lead us.”
Baekhyun swallowed hard, trying to control the sting in his eyes.
“Thank you… Dumbo.”
Chanyeol mocked a punch to his shoulder, “I have no choice but to keep that nickname huh?”
Baekhyun just laughed. Yes, he was still uncertain, scared even of this relationship, but he decided it was time for him to move on and work on himself. He couldn’t run away forever – he’d face his fear of intimacy and work through it. Even if Chanyeol couldn’t help, or this wouldn’t last – he still had his friends who cared deeply about him.
He wasn’t alone. He never has been.