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The sweetest thing is not candy

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“A s-sexy calendar?”

The Acting Grand Master stopped writing her report, her eyes almost popping out of her skull at the atrocious suggestion she had just heard.

“Oh, come on, Jean! Why not?” Kaeya chuckled, leaning on her desk.

“You must be joking. Do I seriously need to give any reason as to why that idea is terrible?”

“But think about it” Lisa spoke, slowly pacing the room. “You wanted to include new activities for this year’s party at HQ, and you also have been trying to freshen up the view that the citizens have about us, right? Show them a less formal side of the knights. Well, we can kill two birds with one stone by doing this”

“Exactly!” Kaeya chimed in, a bit too excited. “We can have some sexy and harmless fun by taking those pictures at the party, then we make a calendar with them and gift a copy to the citizens that want to see their knights hanging from their walls half naked”

“You are joking… you must be” Jean repeated, her eyes dancing between the two of them, looking for any sign of this to actually be nothing but a prank.

“I have never been more serious in my life” Kaeya smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“That is concerning, Captain” Jean frowned.

Lisa sighed. “And this is exactly why we need to do this, Jean. You always take everything so seriously that it seems you have forgotten how to have fun!”

Jean pinched the bridge of her nose, not wanting to deal with this topic anymore. However, she had to admit that she asked for original ideas, and she certainly got one.

It was going to be her second year as the Acting Grand Master, meaning that the upcoming yearly party for the knights was also going to be her second one. Last year, Jean decided to play safe and not change any of the activities that Varka had been doing for all the previous years, but after hearing some gossiped disappointment here and there after the party, hoping that Jean actually would had made changes, she finally decided to do that this year. However, her work-filled mind was not capable of coming up with fresh and fun ideas that didn’t involve copying what they already did for the Windblume Festival or Ludi Harpastum, and that’s why she asked Lisa and Kaeya for help.

And now, she was regretting it deeply.

“Look, I know for a fact that the immense majority of the knights won’t want to do it, so if hypothetically speaking I agreed to it, you can’t force all the others to attend the party half naked and then pose for pictures” Jean reasoned.

Lisa and Kaeya looked at each other, a naughty glint in their eyes. Jean gulped.

“That is precisely why we have already asked everyone” Kaeya announced proudly, producing a paper from his pocket. “We have signatures from those who want to take part in the calendar, and… surprise! Everyone is willing to participate!”

“I don’t believe you for a second!” Jean ripped the paper from Kaeya’s hands and pressed it to her face, scrutinizing it slowly. “There is no way that Albedo, Sucrose, Aramis, Huffm-”

She was cut off when her eyes came across the signatures of each and every one of the knights that were present at Mondstadt at the moment.

“How did you manage to convince them?” Jean asked, almost desperate. “Did you threaten them? There is no way that some of these people willingly agreed to this!”

“I think you are underestimating the imperative need for fun that our knights have” Lisa giggled. “Routine can be a complete drag in the city of freedom, don’t you agree, Kaeya?”

“Indeed” he nodded. “As for the alchemists, well… I can only presume that Albedo’s curiosity took the best of him, so he simply shrugged and signed the paper. I think he is starting to open up little by little, finally. And Sucrose was hesitant at the beginning, to be honest, but she immediately signed after Albedo did so”

“The poor girl was blushing the whole time” Lisa added, covering a smirk behind her hand.

Jean wanted to bang her head against her desk in frustration. Albedo and Sucrose… She hoped that at least those two wouldn’t have agreed to this mess, but she was surprisingly proved wrong.

“Alright” she sighed, completely dejected. “Let’s do it”


Albedo entered the living room just as Lisa was taking the pictures for August with Amber and Kaeya.

He was immediately greeted by everyone, and he politely smiled at them all, both receiving and giving back compliments for their outfits. He was aware of some of the looks he was getting, not innocent at all even though he, at least, was wearing pants unlike the majority of his peers. He simply ignored the unwanted attention directed at him and made his way towards Jean, who was engaged in conversation with Miles and Lizzie, wrapped up in her cloak.

“Albedo, finally!” Jean smiled at him, clearly relieved. “Where were you? How come you agreed to this?” she gestured around her, sounding a bit agitated.

“Good evening” Albedo bowed his head. “I apologize, but I needed to finish a report in the lab. After that, when I returned to my room, I honestly admit that I didn’t quite know what to wear” he looked down at himself. “I hope this old coat of mine is enough to achieve the December ambiance we want to get for the pictures” he smiled a bit. “As to why I agreed to this, well, it was simple curiosity. You know that I tend to avoid gatherings, but I can’t skip the Knights’ yearly party. Seeing that there was finally something different prepared for this year made me somewhat look forward to it”

Jean sighed, disappointed at knowing that Albedo actually came on his own volition, and not out of some kind of threat or bet.

“Where is Sucrose, by the way?” she asked, realizing that Albedo’s apprentice hadn’t arrived with him.

“Oh, is she not here yet? But I recall that she was supposed to be getting dressed with Amber…” he raised a hand to his chin, directing a quick glance to the Outrider, who was back to back with Kaeya as they both posed with their weapons.

“Do not worry. I will ask Amber about it when she finishes her session with Kaeya” Jean assured him. “In the meantime, please have a drink… if there is still any wine left, that’s it”

Albedo nodded, smiling to his colleagues, and made his way to one of the tables closer to the far wall. He was lucky enough to find some dandelion wine left, since the majority of the alcoholic drinks had already been consumed by the knights, while the grape juice and the apple cider vinegar had barely been touched.

He sat himself down on an armchair by the table, trying to avoid making eye contact with Adler, Belinda and Guy, who were laughing loudly near him. He was not fond of the idea of dealing with his drunk colleagues… yet.

So he drank, immersed in his own thoughts, waiting for his turn with the Kamera and for his partner for the session, who was still nowhere to be seen. He had to admit that he didn’t exactly know what to expect, but seeing all his fellow knights barely dressed and without a care in the world made him internally chuckle. This is completely ridiculous.

A round of applause brought Albedo out of his thoughts, and when he looked up, he saw that Amber and Kaeya had just finished their session, and were bowing to their public. Albedo looked over at Jean, but before she could make her way to the Outrider, the Pyro user quickly excused herself and left the room, covering herself up with a long red coat before closing the door behind her.

Albedo raised an eyebrow, curious. He was growing a bit anxious, suddenly wondering if Sucrose had actually decided not to come, which would inevitably lead to an uncomfortable situation, since he then would have to pose for the pictures with any other knight… or alone.

He shook his head. There was still some time left. The Knights for September, Otto and Raymond, were just making their way to the scenery set for autumn, so Sucrose could still make it in time and enjoy the party with everyone else.

The alchemist downed the remnants of the wine and raised his arm to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.

At that moment, the door of the room opened.

And when Albedo directed his eyes to it, he had to bite down on his knuckles, hard, for a sudden strangled noise from the back of his throat threatened to spill out of his lips.

Something was starting to happen to his body. Something that was testing his self-control… Because as soon as his eyes landed on Sucrose, dragged by Amber into the room, an unknown primal urge woke up inside him.

He unconsciously raised to his feet, making a tentative step in her direction. She was suddenly the centre of his whole attention, the rest of the room and the sounds around him fading out until the only thing he could see and hear was her.

He made another step, and then another one, and soon he was slowly making his way towards her. His eyes darkened and his mouth started watering, and he dragged his tongue across his lips.

He was feeling hungry, craving nothing more than something sweet.

And there was a whole feast right in front of him.

“Captain Albedo, hello! I didn’t see you before!”

Albedo’s ears were immediately filled again with the noise around him, his eyes overwhelmed with the abrupt and colourful clarity of the room.

“Eh?” he looked to his side, a bit confused. “Oh, Huffman. Good evening”

“Are you feeling alright, Captain?” Huffman frowned. “You seem a bit tense”

Albedo shook his head, the sound of his own heart ringing in his ears.

“I-I am perfectly fine, no need to worry. I must leave for a moment now, see you around”

Huffman’s eyes widened. Albedo never, ever, faltered in his speech. This was a first.

“Sure, Captain…” he murmured as his eyes followed the alchemist, whose uncharacteristic rapid steps and his sudden dive towards the washroom door made him frown in concern.

He shook his head, turning to the party again.

“It’s probably nothing”


Albedo almost slammed the door shut behind him, the sounds of the party muffled inside the luxurious washroom adjacent to the living room.

He quickly approached the sink, looking at his own reflection in the mirror above it. His face and ears were tainted red, some small beads of sweat adorned his forehead and his clavicle. His pupils, dilated, made him gasp.

“A reaction to…” he murmured, already knowing the cause.

He turned on the tap and splashed cold water on his face in an attempt to wash away the sweat and his spiraling thoughts.

And the plaguing image of Sucrose in that outfit.

During his years in Mondstadt, Albedo had been continuously learning about his own feelings, about the sensations that others produced in him; and he had been mildly aware, for some time now, that what he felt for Sucrose was not comparable to what he felt towards Jean, Mona or Klee. Sucrose was a friend, sure, and he felt as close to her as if she was family, but there was a twist… He certainly couldn’t ignore the lingering attraction that was deep within him every time he saw her, or the amount of times Sucrose had slipped into his thoughts while he simply went on with his day.

He had continuously asked himself about it, still unsure even after confirming that his heart rate spiked, his body heated and his eyes unconsciously moved to her every time they worked at the lab or went to get dessert together.

But he was sure now.

His body and mind had reacted so strongly to the image of Sucrose’s body enveloped in that transparent lace satin, that his brain had blacked-out for a few seconds, leaving him in a trance until Huffman called his name. And then he had needed to flee to the washroom, flushing, panting and half-hard… much to his complete and utter shame.

How was he supposed to go back there and act as if nothing happened? How was he going to be able to pose with Sucrose for the pictures now?

The simple notion of having to see her again wearing that made him groan, his hands tightly gripping the sink as he shook his head.

“Albedo!” the door opened suddenly, making him jump out of his skin. It was Lisa, who looked a bit annoyed at him. “Oh, here you were! I can’t believe I checked the library before coming here. Come on, Sucrose is asking for you!”

“Is she?” Albedo murmured weakly, turning to the sink again. “I think I’m going to leav-“

“I don’t want to hear any excuse” Lisa opened the door even more, beckoning for him to leave the room with her. “You signed the paper and it is almost your turn, so go out there and enjoy yourself, would you?”


“Do I need to zap you, pretty boy?”

At that, Albedo tensed, immediately turning to the librarian. He, of course, was aware of her infamous reputation as someone who is better to not piss off, for she wouldn’t hesitate to use the power of her Vision against every person that got on her bad side.

“Alright, Lisa” Albedo sighed and walked up to her. “There is no need for that”

Lisa hid a small mischievous smile behind her hand as Albedo passed by her.

“This will be interesting”


Albedo had heard many terrible stories about the Mare Jivari. It was a desolate place that reeked of misery and death, and where many adventurers and unfortunate travellers lost their lives… And yet, he wouldn’t hesitate to trade his current situation for a month in isolation at the infamous sea of ashes.

At least there, his self-control would not be as wickedly tested as it was at the moment, in this room, where his own body was screaming at him to act up on his impulses. At least there, he would be sweating for entirely different reasons, and his mind would be too occupied trying to come up with ideas to survive in that massive wasteland… instead of being filled with unwanted thoughts of Sucrose’s legs pressing at either side of his head, shaking, twitching as his tongue drove her to insanity.

It had been less than five minutes since he had returned from the washroom with Lisa, and he had spent every second since then watching his assistant from a distant corner as she moved around the room, gifting each and every knight a candy cane from a basket that dangled from her arm.

Guilt tugged at his chest. It was an almost new sensation to him, but he recognized it immediately nonetheless. What else could be, if not guilt, the feeling that was making him chastise himself for his inappropriate thoughts as Sucrose, innocent as ever, gifted the knights a smile and a piece of candy?

Add shame to the mix too. Yes, guilt and shame.

However, no matter how hard he tried to look away and distract himself with the many activities around him, his eyes and mind always ended up fixed on her, again and again.

He wanted her, that much was clear to him.

He had felt sexual desire before, and Sucrose had always been the object of said desire. The way her stockings deliciously wrapped around her thighs as she wore her usual attire had caused his mind to wander to dangerous territory on more than one occasion. The little sounds she made when she was nervous or flustered had made him wonder sometimes about what other sounds could he, hypothetically, draw out from her.

But nothing of that was compared to the primal urge he was fighting off at the moment. It had only taken a glimpse of her almost naked body to have him losing his mind and his composure, giving way to a side of him that he had never been aware of.

Yes, he really wanted her.

He swiftly removed his coat, freeing his arms from the heavy clothing, and rendering his torso completely naked. The little sleigh bells that hung from the hood of the coat alerted some of his fellow knights, a few of them directing him obvious appreciative looks. He didn’t care. He needed that overwhelming heat to leave his body before he ended up going insane.

He passed a hand through his hair, and observed as Lisa approached Sucrose, gently tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention away from Hertha and Belinda.

Albedo tensed when he saw the librarian pointing in his direction, presumably telling Sucrose that he was again in the room, so she could stop asking around for him. Sucrose’s face lit up immediately, and thanked Lisa by giving her a candy cane.

And then, she turned to him.

Albedo could only stare as Sucrose suddenly staggered back and collided with Hertha, her eyes widening beyond human capability. Her basket dropped to the ground, a bunch of candy canes spilling over the floor.

They held each other’s gazes from across the room, time coming to a halt around them.

It was electrifying, as if his whole body was being caressed by a gentle Electro current. He got goosebumps, a single drop of sweat rolling down his back as her amber irises bore into his aqua coloured ones.

It was the sound of his own laboured breathing that woke Albedo up from his reverie, and that was the moment when he noticed the flush across her cheeks… and the fog that covered her eyes as she trailed them down his body.

Dilated pupils.




It was a reflection of his own eyes on her.



They had never been so awkward to each other until that moment. Here they were, sitting side by side on the sofa reserved for the winter setting, waiting for their turn as Kaeya just finished taking the pictures for October with Lisa and Wyratt, and was now calling for the knights starring in November.

What were they even doing here? Why did they agree to this? Albedo knew that curiosity played a big part on his agreement to be at this party, half naked and willing to pose for pictures. Another factor was solitude. He didn’t want Sucrose to end up being a lonely individual like he was, so he agreed for her… and in a sense, for himself too. Rhinnedottir wanted him to find happiness, at least that’s what he told himself every time he thought about his “mother”, and he had learned that happiness only came when you were surrounded by friends, by positive people. He was learning new things about relationships little by little, and being here was just another small step.

If only he could actually bring himself to talk with his colleagues and enjoy the party…

But he couldn’t.

Not when the tension between him and Sucrose was so intense, that his whole energy was being spent in trying to keep his cool, in trying to act as if the woman besides him wasn’t driving him mad with desire.

It didn’t help that Sucrose was having an even harder time trying to conceal her clear state of arousal.

After shyly offering a candy cane to him, (Albedo learned that she made the canes herself, and they were the reason she was late) which Albedo refused with a forced smile, Sucrose had taken one of the red and white sweets for herself, and was now, much to Albedo’s chagrin, licking it as if she was having a very pleasant meal.

He tried to turn his head away, but it proved to be an impossible task when Sucrose let out the tiniest of sounds as her tongue dragged up the cane.

His eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the sight.

He felt his face burning, now probably as red as Amber’s choice of lingerie, and his dick shot up inside his pants without warning. He hissed between gritted teeth, immediately looking to the front and resting his elbows on his knees, his laced fingers pressing tightly against his mouth.

Was Sucrose not aware of what she was doing?

“M-Mister Albedo…” came her tiny voice next to him. “Are you alright?”

He dared to look at her again, and he had to bite down on his tongue to supress a frustrated groan.

Her nipples were perking up from under the semi-transparent flower-patterned satin she was wearing. Her luscious thighs pressing together as her knees knocked against his when she turned to him. Her beautiful face that was adorned with a blush and that foggy look, now also displayed a small frown of concern.

His hands twitched, and he had to convince himself that he still had some control over them before they could shoot towards her. What he wouldn’t give to have them under his assistant’s clothes…

“December, are you ready?”

Albedo rose to his feet instantly when Kaeya appeared before them, never more relieved to be in the presence of his fellow captain.

“The sooner we finish, the sooner I can leave; the sooner we finish, the sooner I can leave; the sooner we finish…”

His mind raced, focusing on this simple goal again and again.

“My, my, what’s with those red faces?” teased Kaeya before his eyes wandered over them. “And what are those body parts of yours protruding from under your clothes?” he smirked, vaguely gesturing to Sucrose’s chest and Albedo’s thighs.

Neither of them could say anything, their similar gasps drowning out any other possible sound.

“Let’s get this over quick, please” Albedo muttered.

Kaeya shrugged, hiding his amusement behind a nonchalant façade.

He started directing them about poses and faces, and he made sure that both of them felt comfortable again by keeping them as away from each other as possible.

For the time being.

“Now, you sit on the sofa, Sucrose, and grab one of your candies” Kaeya instructed. “Perfect! Bite it gently while you look at the Kamera... yes, like that, don’t move!” he gave her a thumbs up. “Albedo, you remain standing but move behind the sofa, just behind Sucrose”

Albedo tensed. Until that moment, they had been standing on either side of the sofa, or one of them sitting and the other by the fireplace… but now…

“The sooner we finish, the sooner I can leave”

The sweet scent of Sucrose’s hair invaded his senses as soon as he came to stand behind her, and a renewed wave of desire washed over him.

“Place your hands on the back of the sofa, next to her shoulders” Kaeya tried to hide his smirk behind the Kamera when he noticed a glint of anguish in Albedo’s eyes. So, it really was Sucrose the one who was truly capable of disrupting Albedo’s composed nature. This was golden information.

The chief alchemist carefully placed his palms against the white soft surface of the sofa, deliberately ignoring the shiver that ran down Sucrose’s spine as his fingers brushed against her red coat.

He dared to look down, just out of curiosity… only to deeply regret his decision the next second.

Her breasts greeted him from below, the pink of her nipples visible as Sucrose’s whole body displayed a beautiful blush that he wanted nothing more than to feel on his mouth. He could easily bend over her shoulder and capture one of those teasing buds between his teeth, he could-

“Ahem” Kaeya cleared his throat, making Albedo jump and look away immediately. “Now smile!... Or try to, at least”


He didn’t know how they had ended up in their current predicament, but Albedo suspected that it was all thanks to Kaeya’s twisted mind. Thankfully, none of the other knights were paying attention to their photo session, all of them too drunk or too busy having fun to keep watching the entire photoshoot until the end.

Albedo was really glad, because that meant that nobody except Kaeya would be witnessing the scene of Sucrose straddling his lap, her hands on his chest, as he helplessly sat on the sofa and felt every curve of her body against him.

It was sheer torture.

Albedo wasn’t sure if he could end up controlling himself any further.

He let out the tiniest grunt as Sucrose adjusted herself, her hips slightly rolling against his.

“Grab her thighs” Kaeya’s voice was almost muffled by the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears, but he obeyed, his sanity slipping away as his gloved hands slid up her creamy skin.

“Mister Albedo…” Sucrose breathed out.

While Albedo was still trying to remain as calm and composed as possible, Sucrose wasn’t succeeding as much at that task. She was a panting mess, her face as red as her coat as she gripped his shoulders.

“S-Sucrose, stop moving” Albedo whispered with a strangled groan when his assistant adjusted herself again. “I beg you, please…”

“I… s-sorry…”

It was no use though, because he could perfectly feel her warmth deliciously clenching over his hardness. He had no doubt that Sucrose was perfectly aware that she was straddling his cock.

Albedo suppressed a moan, reminding himself that he was in the middle of a party. A crowded party at that.

Although Kaeya was enjoying every second of the scene that was developing right in front of him, because it was an invaluable source of information for future uses, he wanted nothing more than to finish the photoshoot. And by the way the alchemists were looking at each other, he suspected they didn’t want to spend any unnecessary time not “enjoying the company of the other”.

“Hold the candy cane with your teeth, Sucrose, and give the other end to Albedo” the Cavalry Captain instructed.

Sucrose complied with a whine, leaning to her mentor slowly, her eyes almost teary.

“Your glasses are fogging up, Sucrose…” Albedo murmured in a trance, his lips closing around the other end of the candy cane as he took her glasses off and placed them beside him on the sofa.

Sucrose shut her eyes tightly, biting down on the hard cane as his fingers brushed her face and his lips got closer to her mouth.

“Open your eyes, dear Sucrose” Kaeya teased. “You have to look at each other”

Aqua and amber irises met again, and Albedo swore he was getting drunk. Drunk by the sparks of electricity that danced around their bodies, by their hips slowly connecting again and again, by the feeling of Sucrose’s fingers against his bare chest, by his hungry hands kneading her thighs, and by the uncontrollable little sounds Sucrose was making as their breaths mingled together.

Her eyes told him everything he needed to know, and he hoped she got the message as well.

They wanted each other.

They needed each other.

Albedo no longer desired to escape to his room… unless it was with Sucrose.

How their skimpy outfits were enough to trigger their most deep and carnal desires was something Albedo could not comprehend at the moment. But it didn’t matter. He could not be thinking about that right now.

He lowered his eyes to her rosy lips, glistening with the sugary coating of the candy. He wanted to try them, as much as he wanted to try the rest of her body.

Sucrose’s glassy eyes also rested on his lips, and Albedo pushed the tip of the cane further into his mouth, in an attempt to get closer.

His head started spinning as the clicking sound of the Kamera faded away, the snowflakes that danced around them disappearing as his eyes tunnelled on Sucrose. He slowly dragged his hands forward to her rear, the tip of his fingers entering the underside of her tiny shorts.

He was welcomed with a shuddering gasp, and another trembling roll of her hips.

Sucrose could barely hold the cane between her teeth any longer, the lengthy candy shaking inside both their mouths as she shivered, her gloved hands closing over his chest.

“Done” Kaeya approached a few steps, close enough for them to hear him but far enough as to not disturb them. “I suggest you leave now, least you want to get frisky in front of everyone”

He turned and left, but Albedo and Sucrose didn’t move yet.

Albedo gently took the cane that connected their mouths, and placed it and Sucrose’s glasses on a small table by the sofa. His eyes never left hers.

“M-Mister Albedo…” Sucrose panted, her lips almost brushing against his. “I w-want to… I need to…”

“You are beautiful” Albedo grazed her cheek with his fingers, making her whimper lightly. “And I am glad to know that you find me attractive too”

Sucrose wanted to tell him that nobody in their right mind wouldn’t find him attractive, and that she had been dreaming about him for a very long time now. But she couldn’t utter a single word, because just as she opened her mouth, Albedo rose to his feet, carrying her with him.

They locked eyes as Albedo walked up to the nearest door, luckily close to the sofa and away from their colleagues, and he pushed it open with his back.

As soon as the door closed behind them, he had to refrain from simply lunging forwards and devour her right there against the wall. No, he couldn’t risk to be seen by Noelle… or Klee.

“I… want you, Mister Albedo” Sucrose pleaded, her legs surrounding his hips tightly as she rubbed against him.

He groaned. There was no way he could make it upstairs to his or Sucrose’s room. He couldn’t wait anymore.

The lab would have to do.

He quickly turned a corner and practically kicked open the door to the lab, the soft orange light of the setting sun enveloping them once he set foot inside.

Sucrose’s mouth was instantly on his, hot but soft at the same time, and Albedo let out a low moan, returning the kiss passionately.

He could feel her trembling, her hands gripping his blonde locks as he turned around and slammed her against the door, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her rear under her shorts.

He pushed her warm core against his impossibly hard dick, his hands on her ass guiding the movements as he made them rub against each other. Sucrose moaned into his mouth, her tongue desperately sliding across his lips. Albedo kissed her harder in return, his movements fast and hungry, his tongue hot as he ravaged every corner of his assistant’s mouth.

“I want to eat you” he breathed huskily, his lips now dragging down her chin and onto her neck, only stopped by the fur of her coat. “I want to feel you on my tongue”

Sucrose whimpered at that, her nipples hardening even more against his chest.

Albedo gently released her until her feet touched the ground, and wasted no time in dropping to his knees before her.

“M-M-Mister Albedo, I- ah!” Sucrose’s attempts at protesting died in her throat when Albedo’s hands slid under her semi-transparent top and up across her stomach, until they reached her chest.

“I want to hear you as I pleasure you” he practically growled, tweaking her nipples and brushing his fingers over them, earning a few whimpering sounds from her.

He caressed her skin on his way down, making her shiver when his fingers started playing with the hem of her shorts.

He briefly looked up. Sucrose’s flushing face was turned to the side as she embarrassingly avoided his gaze. But she knew that her master was asking for permission, so she nodded, equally shy and eager.

Albedo gave a light kiss to her hip before his fingers hooked inside her garment, lowering it down to her ankles and helping her step off of it. When his eyes could finally focus on the dripping prize right in front of his face, he had to gather all his will-power to avoid releasing his load right then and there.

Glistening, all for him to see, was his most awaited meal. How was it possible that every part of Sucrose looked so delicious?

He couldn’t wait anymore. He had to taste it.

Sucrose let out a tiny scream when Albedo grabbed her thighs and lunged forwards, shutting her eyes tightly as his tongue gave a few experimental licks up her slit.

Albedo moaned.

So this was what paradise tasted like. It had only taken a small taste and he was already addicted.

He moved his tongue slowly, licking every inch of Sucrose’s cunt as he listened to the sounds she made above him. Just knowing that he was the one drawing those little moans out of her was enough to almost make him cum in his pants.

His tongue moved up to her clit, rolling it a few times around the tiny bundle of nerves before taking it between his lips.

Sucrose slapped a hand against her mouth, pressing her lips together too in order to muffle out a high-pitched squeal.

She helplessly looked down, to the scene of her gorgeous master on his knees as he eagerly ate her out.

Never in her wildest dreams, Sucrose would have ever imagined this surreal situation. But here they were.

She let out a shuddering sob as the tip of Albedo’s tongue flicked her clit fast, mercilessly, making her legs tremble as her juices dripped to the floor between her ankles.

Sucrose knew what was coming. She had felt it many times before when she had used her own fingers in the darkness of her room, her mind always wandering to the blond man that was now pleasuring her. But her own erratic moves could not compare to the way Albedo’s tongue expertly rubbed against every inch of her cunt.

“H-Have aanh… have you done this bef-f…ohre?” she babbled out, her hips starting to grind against his mouth.

Albedo looked up at her, and Sucrose almost came at the sight of his sharp eyes peeking from between her legs, his mouth suddenly coming to a stop.

“No. I have brief notions thanks to a book I read some time ago” he almost moaned as he licked her juices from his lips.

He didn't want to waste time giving more explanations. He couldn’t. He wanted to feel her orgasm on his tongue. And he knew she was almost there.

He immediately dove again in between her thighs, his hands on her ass desperately pushing her cunt against his face as he swiftly sneaked his tongue inside her.

Sucrose screamed, arching her back against the door as she felt it twirl and twist inside her.

When Albedo started to thrust it in and out of her, Sucrose could barely take it anymore. Each time he pulled his tongue out, he made sure to flick it a few times over her clit, before putting it inside again.

Sucrose’s knees buckled, her hands quickly seeking support on Albedo’s shoulders as she doubled over him, moaning desperately as her master fucked her relentlessly with his tongue.

The feeling was overwhelming.

She came a few seconds later with a strangled sob, her eyes rolling back and her mouth hanging open. Waves of immense pleasure washed over her, again and again as her cunt clenched against Albedo’s mouth, which was still moving as he made sure to lap at every drop of her juices that leaked out of her.

Only when oversensitivity was making Sucrose’s body twitch with every flick of his tongue, did Albedo stop his ministrations.

Sucrose went limp, panting as Albedo helped her to her knees in front of him. They stayed in silence for a few long seconds, the only sounds coming from their ragged breaths as they rested their foreheads against each other.

When Sucrose finally opened her eyes and looked down, she was surprised to see a small puddle of white between her knees. Following her line of vision, she came face to face with Albedo’s dick, gripped in one of his hands as it slowly went limp.

“Oh, I am sorry” Albedo quickly said, stuffing it insides his pants. “I had to relieve myself while I ate you out, otherwise, I would have spilled everything inside my pants” he shyly looked away, blushing. “Watching you like that, Sucrose, feeling you on my mouth, tasting the deliciousness of your sex as you moaned and screamed… It made me cum almost immediately”

Sucrose flushed a bright red colour. No matter is she just had the best orgasm of her life while she was a screaming mess… Albedo’s words made her feel self-conscious, and a bit guilty.

“W-Why would you apologize?” Sucrose frowned sadly at him, taking his hands in hers. “I was the one who should say sorry! I couldn’t pleasure you, because I was too busy enjoying myself…”

Albedo blinked a few times. Archons, she was gorgeous, and the sweetest person he had ever met. His heart fluttered.

“Listen, Sucrose, I don’t want to sound crude but…” he locked eyes with her, “as soon as I saw you at the party, my only desire was to see you like I just did, so I say that this has been a win-win situation for both of us”

Sucrose bit her lip, timidly looking away.

“Did you like it?” Albedo asked as he brought a finger to her chin, making her look at him again. “Did you like what I did to you?”

His tone was teasing, but it had some dangerous undertones that made her pussy twitch in excitement.

“I-I-of course I did!”

“Good” he smiled before leaning in and capturing her lips with his in a slow, sensual kiss. His hands slid under her top, caressing her sides before coming to rest over her breasts. “Because you are still wearing this outfit, and it keeps making me lose my mind”

Sucrose whined softly when Albedo lifted the white satin piece and dipped his head down to her chest, immediately grabbing one of her pink nipples between his teeth. He brought the tip of his tongue forwards and flicked it rapidly over the soft bud, making Sucrose arch her back with a gasp.

“I want to taste all of you, Sucrose” he murmured before rolling his tongue around her now erect nipple. “And I don’t think I can wait much more until the urge to feel you between my legs becomes imperative”

Sucrose’s stomach flipped at his words. For the love of the Anemo Archon, there was nothing else she wanted more at the moment than to feel Albedo’s dick buried deep inside her.

“Take me” she managed to say between moans as Albedo’s teeth played with both her nipples, teasing them with gentle bites.

A few moments later, Sucrose was sprawled on top of Albedo’s desk, completely naked under his lust-filled eyes. He too had gotten rid of the few pieces of clothing he had been wearing, and his well-toned body was making Sucrose’s mouth water.

He hovered over her, hands at either side of her head, his hard cock rubbing against her clit.

“You are beautiful, Sucrose”

That was the last thing she heard before a cacophony of panting, moaning, and the rhythmic sound of skin slapping against skin completely filled the room…

…And reached the ears of the Acting Grand Master as she passed by the door of the lab on her way out the building.

“For the love of Barbatos, now I know why they agreed to this ridiculous party!”