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Ever Ever After

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April knows she hasn’t been asleep all that long when she finds herself awake in the darkened hotel room, wrapped up in Sterling’s--her wife’s --arms. She cranes her neck to sneak a glance at the alarm clock on Sterling’s nightstand, which reads 5:22. Meaning she has barely been asleep for a few hours. And yet, there’s an ache within her that she knows will keep her up until it’s light out if she doesn’t do something about it--if Sterling doesn’t do anything about it.

Sterling, who is fast asleep and snoring softly.

April sighs and considers just trying to go back to sleep anyway, but instead leans in close to Sterling and kisses her cheek before moving to her lips. They are at Disney World, so a little Sleeping Beauty reference seems appropriate. Especially since Sterling seems to stir awake at that.

“What’re you doing?” she mumbles, still half asleep.

“I want you,” April whispers in her ear then kisses the spot below it, and continues down to Sterling’s chest.

“Right now?” Sterling asks, seeming a bit more awake and a lot more surprised.

“Yes, right now,” April says, adjusting her position to straddle one of Sterling’s legs with her knee pressed up against Sterling’s center. She leans down to kiss Sterling hard again, experimentally grinding her hips against Sterling’s thigh and taking great pleasure in the friction it gives her, even with how wet she already is.

It’s insane to think that only hours ago she was still a virgin, and now there seems to be a feeling of insatiable hunger that threatens to consume her. But thankfully, even a very sleepy Sterling is willing to indulge her as she moves her hips to meet April’s, whimpering every time April rubs against her with her knee.

“You’re so fucking hot,” April whispers, then gasps as she continues to ride Sterling’s leg, marveling at the fact that she will definitely be able to get off from this. She kisses Sterling again, hot and messy and perfectly in keeping with everything else that’s going on as Sterling’s hands wander to April’s ass and guide her hips in a steady but fast rhythm. 

It probably has to do with her not having done this before tonight, but April feels herself getting close a lot faster than she would have anticipated, especially with such indirect stimulation. But what she is getting, in combination with the amazing feeling in her soul that she is currently fucking her wife, is enough.

“God, April, I’m gonna come,” Sterling whimpers, her eyes screwed shut tight.

“Me too, Sterl,” April forces out just before she gets hit with that intense feeling all at once and then in waves, never stopping her movement, which seems to get Sterling there at just about the same moment.

Sterling makes the kind of obscene noises April didn’t think the girl averse to swear words was even capable of, and that’s all the encouragement April needs to ride this out (literally) until she feels like her legs will give out on their own if she doesn’t just collapse on top of her wife, which she does.

They’re both breathing hard, Sterling’s chest heaving under April as she catches her breath.

“Fuck,” April breathes. “That was really good for me. Was that good for you?”

Sterling nods with a stupid, sleepy smile on her face. “It was always gonna be good with you,” she murmurs.

April rolls her eyes. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. I’m looking for perfection here.” She knows she sounds ridiculous because truly, she is being ridiculous, but she still wants the confirmation that she can make her wife feel just as good as Sterling makes her feel. She is the newbie in this bed, after all.

“Babe, don’t overthink it,” Sterling says, yawning and already sounding like she’s falling back asleep, which will not do.

April uses her convenient current location to lightly nip at Sterling’s neck, hoping to keep her up. “Come on, I’m not done with you yet,” she says, never before feeling so much like the woman in this relationship than when dealing with a partner who wants to sleep immediately after sex.

“I’m sorry, did I marry a vampire or a human woman?” Sterling asks, opening her eyes and raising an eyebrow at April.

“Do you want to have married a vampire?” April asks playfully, biting her again.

“Babe, we are not roleplaying at…” Sterling looks over at the clock, “Not even six in the morning.”

April pouts, honestly a little saddened by her wife’s apparent refusal to play along. “Well then can you please just fuck me again and I will let you sleep?”

“The language, Mrs. Stevens-Wesley,” Sterling scolds, actually tutting at her. “No, I will not do that,” she says, and April thinks that that might be it as far as their little early morning sexathon goes, but then Sterling is flipping their positions to be on top, April yelping in surprise when she does. “But I will gladly make love to you.”

April makes a show of gagging at that kind of flowery language when her cum is literally drying on Sterling’s leg right now. “That’s so gross, don’t call it that,” she says, turning her head to avoid Sterling’s gaze.

“It’s not gross, it’s beautiful,” Sterling argues, and April didn’t realize her hand had managed to sneak between her legs, but just as she says that, April feels a finger pressing up against her entrance. “You’re beautiful,” she says, pushing inside her and quickly adding a second before April is really ready, but the stretch feels surprisingly nice in its own way.

“That’s unfair,” April tries to argue, her voice strained, but her moans betray her.

“Is that good?” Sterling asks, starting to curl her fingers with every few thrusts of them.

“Perfect,” April gasps. She’s not sure how many times it’ll take before she stops being surprised by how good Sterling can make her feel, but she hopes the number is very high.

“I love you so much, April. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” Sterling says as she picks up the pace as if to counter any potential accusations that this is not the loveliest of lovemaking and instead just her fucking April’s brains out. But then, maybe it’s both. ¿Por qué no los dos?

“I love you too. But please don’t stop,” April says, actually crying out a little bit when Sterling starts rubbing her thumb over her clit. There are just so many amazing sensations happening all at once, and between the clitoral stimulation, the fullness of Sterling inside her, and the way her heart is singing at the fact that she is having world-class sex with the woman who truly loves’s really no wonder that April is quickly turning to putty in Sterling’s hands.

“I love the way you sound,” Sterling says encouragingly.

“Sterl, look at my face.” April notices Sterling has gotten a bit caught up in what she’s doing and isn’t really looking at her anymore. Like the dutiful wife she is, Sterling does as she’s told, gazing into April’s eyes. “I want you to watch me come.”

Sterling moans like April’s words have the same effect on her as if she were the one getting fucked right now. But she’s definitely not as her fingers graze the nerve endings inside of April and her thumb rubs back and forth over her clit to get April to that brink of oblivion for the—wow—fifth time since they arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth.

April makes sure she’s looking right into those icy blue eyes as she comes, wanting to get lost in them, wanting to always associate them with the feelings of pure love and attraction that she does right now. She thought they had an incredible connection before, but this is something else entirely. This is...what April imagines people talk about when they say that soulmates are the person who makes you feel like your complete self. 

“I’m so happy I married you,” April says once she’s started to come down again. She takes Sterling by the back of the head and pulls her in for another hard, open-mouthed kiss. If she’d been told two years ago that she would fall hopelessly in love with Sterling Wesley (again), and the feeling would be mutual, she would have said they were crazy. But this is so much better than any other perfectly planned life she could have come up with. 

April used to be a scared little girl who would lash out like a wounded animal at anyone who got too close to her, but now she’s just...April Stevens-Wesley. She’s a wife, a daughter, and sister-in-law. She’s about to be a freshman at the University of Georgia. She has great friends. And most importantly, she knows who she is and who she wants to be. 

“I’m gonna go to sleep now, okay?” Sterling says, her sentence devolving into a yawn as she shifts some of her body weight off of April, but lays her head down on her chest.

“Don’t you want me to take care of you?” April asks, threading her fingers through Sterling’s hair. She would hate to give the impression that she’s selfish in bed on their first night together—well, morning now, if the light streaming through the closed curtains is any indication.

“It’s okay,” Sterling declines, turning her face further into April’s chest, and something tells her this isn’t just because the position is comfortable. “Not to sound like a dude or anything, but you have really nice boobs.”

April can’t help but laugh at that. “Well, thank you,” she says, as amused as she is flattered. This is definitely the same girl who agreed to being ravaged without hesitation after only one real date.

But despite her own protests, April can feel the tiredness start to set in herself. Coupled with the feeling of utter contentment she’s experiencing holding Sterling in her arms, it’s no surprise that sleep takes her quickly.

It’s nearly 11 when April wakes up again, feeling rested enough to actually face the day. Sterling is still wrapped up with her, and April would love this fact if she wasn’t feeling just a bit overheated in this damn Florida hotel room. She tries to disentangle herself gently enough to not wake her wife, which is easier said than done because at the slightest feeling of April pulling away from her, Sterling holds on tighter. But eventually, April manages to grab one of her extra pillows and puts it between herself and Sterling. She pulls away finally, with the pillow replacing her as Sterling’s cuddle buddy like a solution to an Indiana Jones booby trap. Breathing a sigh of relief on the cool side of the bed, April can’t help but look over at her wife snuggled up to the pillow, and fall even more in love with the sleepy girl. 

She knows she shouldn’t, but before she can really second-guess herself, April’s reaching over to the nightstand for her phone and snapping a picture of this moment. It won’t go in the family-friendly version of their honeymoon scrapbook, that’s for sure, but it might be one of April’s favorite pictures she has of Sterling, which is saying something because she’s taken a lot in their time together.

With that done, April gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. She looks exactly how someone who intentionally went to bed with makeup on would, but one of her silent wedding vows was to constantly look pretty for Sterling for at least their first month of being married, so she gets to work on that.

First is liberally applying deodorant to any place that might even remotely need it until she thoroughly smells like clean linen (a shower would make it too obvious that she didn’t in fact wake up like this, as would, unfortunately, brushing her teeth). Then she mostly detangles her hair but is sure to leave it just a little messy for that authentic bedhead look. Which leaves the hard part.

April doesn’t want to give the impression that she woke up early just to put makeup on. In fact, if she can get away with it, she’d like for Sterling to think she isn’t wearing makeup at all. So it’s back to her pack of makeup remover wipes, and then a fresh layer of concealer, waterproof mascara (to the top lashes only), and her most subtle shade of eyeshadow applied lightly. When all is said and done, she has to say that she looks like her natural self...if she drank a gallon of water a day, got ten solid hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, and hadn’t been stressed out planning a wedding these last few months.

She looks hot, and April’s not too modest to admit it to herself before returning to the bedroom, climbing back into bed and pretending to be asleep when she hears her wife stir beside her. Sterling yawns and April turns over to face her, making a show of just having woken up. “Mmm. Morning,” April says, giving her a sleepy smile.

“Good morning to you, too,” Sterling says, letting go of her cuddle pillow and stretching her arms above her head. “Did you sleep well?”

April can’t help but giggle at that. “Yeah, you did a pretty good job of ensuring that, stud.” April is all about giving credit where credit is due, and Sterling deserves to know she’s a pretty damn fantastic lay.

Sterling smiles proudly. “Happy to oblige,” she says, starting to lean in for a kiss, but April puts up her hand between them before that can happen.

“Morning breath,” April says, very glad that Sterling is already aware of her being rather anal-retentive, and therefore seems to find this endearing instead of annoying.

“Right. Duh,” Sterling says, getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom, with April paying close attention to her butt for a few seconds before she’s following suit.

Standing at the double sink, Sterling hands April her toothbrush, which she already put toothpaste on. “For you, my darling,” she says, and proceeds to start using her own.

April can’t help but smile at the intentionally over-the-top term of endearment. It makes her feel like a romance novel heroine in the best way as she stands next to her wife naked and brushes her teeth.

Sterling spits into her sink and rinses her mouth and brush with water, followed by April doing the same. “So, what do you say to a water-saving shower, Mrs. Stevens-Wesley?” she asks suggestively, eyes cutting to the large glass-walled shower next to the claw foot bathtub.

April curses the fact that she did her makeup only to have to wash it off again so soon, but she can’t deny that Sterling’s offer sounds heavenly. “Okay,” she says, finally taking Sterling’s face in her hands and kissing her tenderly at first, but it gets more intense when she starts pushing her in the direction of the shower.

Sterling blindly reaches behind herself to open the shower door and turn on the water without breaking the kiss.

April reaches around her to feel the water temperature, and when she finds it suitable, she pushes Sterling in under the steam and they finally stop kissing.

“Ugh, that feels so good,” Sterling says, leaning her head back and letting her hair get soaked. “My mom had me take a bubble bath before I got ready yesterday.”

“Mine too,” April says, wondering if that’s just a universal mother-of-the-bride thing. But she doesn’t want to think about the stress of yesterday morning. She just wants to focus on the wonderful now that is taking a relaxing shower with her very naked wife. She sighs, holding her wife close, resting her head against Sterling’s chest, and hearing her heartbeat against the backdrop of the streaming water. “But despite all the craziness that led up to the wedding, it was all worth it when I got to marry you.”

Sterling smiles. “I agree,” she says, leaning down to kiss April gently on the lips. “And I’m so glad we didn’t wait.”

April has to admit that being married for less than 24 hours makes them the furthest thing from experienced in the ways of married life, but the thought of a world where she hadn’t married Sterling yesterday feels like a bleak existence. What would they even do with themselves? Go to college and live in dorms? Separately? As if.

“Hey, close your eyes,” Sterling says, reaching for April’s shampoo bottle she put in the shower while unpacking her toiletries bag last night.

April happily complies and allows Sterling to lather up her hair while gently massaging her scalp with her fingertips. She hums happily. “Careful, or you’ll make me never want to do this alone again.”

Sterling chuckles. “Maybe that’s the idea,” she says, gently pushing April under the water’s stream to rinse, still running her hands through her hair. “I mean, it’s practical, and I get to see you this,” she says, and when April finally opens her eyes, she sees Sterling’s are focused on everything that’s not her face.

Truly, it’s flattering. “What, wet and naked?” April asks teasingly, running a hand from Sterling’s shoulder to her chest and down her sternum. She gives the impression that it may very well travel lower, but at the last second, she uses it to grab Sterling’s own shampoo bottle, which she is nice enough not to point out is formulated to be color-safe.

Sterling does her best to not look disappointed before she bends her knees slightly to accommodate April’s height and closes her eyes.

“You know,” April says, getting to work. “I think I saw on the specs of the house your dad bought us that it only has one bathroom. So this might just have to be a regular occurrence. You know, for sheer practicality,” she says nonchalantly.

“Yeah, ‘practicality,’” Sterling says mockingly, probably knowing full well that like her, April is enjoying this for reasons other than getting clean and saving water. And they haven’t even gotten to body wash yet. “So you never gave me a solid answer on which park you want to go to first,” she says, reading April’s mind and going for her Amazing Grace Philosophy body wash, getting some in her hands and, after sniffing it, happily rubbing it into her own skin.

April rolls her eyes because of course, Sterling would pass on the opportunity to rub her down with soap because it smells too nice. “I want to go to Galaxy’s Edge, but if you’re really insistent on starting at Magic Kingdom, then we can do that because I am a good and reasonable wife and I want to get some professional pictures taken in front of the castle,” she says, getting some conditioner and fingering it through the ends of her hair.

“And naturally, you’ll want us looking our best for those,” Sterling says, thankfully looking more amused than annoyed by April’s admittedly predictable obsession with appearances.

“Well, can you blame me? They are going to be our first non-wedding pictures together as a married couple,” April says, pushing Sterling’s hands out of the way so she can wash her chest for her. “I just want to look good for you,” she says as she leans in and kisses Sterling’s neck while her hands continue rubbing ever lower, eventually going between Sterling’s legs, washing her inner thighs in a way that is fully intended to be pure torture for her.

“You always look good,” Sterling says, sounding a bit out of breath.

April chuckles and motions for Sterling to switch places with her so she can rise the conditioner out of her hair. “And you aren’t at all biased.”

Sterling scoffs. “Uh, babe, I married easily the hottest girl from our high school. You really think I’m the only one who realizes it?”

April bites her lip, cursing her wife’s unfailing ability to make her feel as good as apparently, Sterling thinks she is. “You know, I think it might actually be illegal to be so sweet and sexy at the same time,” she says, stepping back so Sterling can finish rinsing off.

“Nah, I think it’s just legally frowned upon,” Sterling says, finishing rinsing off and shutting off the water behind her. The look she gives April tells her that this does not signify the end of this little back and forth game they’ve been playing. 

“Well, I guess you’d know, Miss Bounty Hunter,” April says teasingly, opening the shower door and grabbing a towel from the rack. “And...what exactly does the law say about post-shower sex?” she realizes now that if she’s to get what she wants, she has to be somewhat forward about it.

Sterling’s eyes momentarily go wide. “Uh, um…” she sputters. “I think it’s okay.”

April smirks, stepping out of the shower. “Great. I’d hate for you to have to arrest me...or maybe I wouldn’t,” she says, wrapping the towel around herself and returning to the bedroom, crooking her finger behind her to have Sterling follow.


Sterling does not care if she is still dripping wet. If her wife is telling her to follow her to the bedroom to have sex with her, she is going to do it, no questions asked. Because she is a simp for her wife and for that incredible, glistening body of hers.

“I don’t think you need this,” Sterling says, grabbing April’s towel as they reach the bed and casting it aside. Then, with little warning, she’s basically tackling April to the bed, silently patting herself on the back for having had the restraint through the entirety of their tandem shower to not just take April then and there.

They kiss desperately, Sterling whimpering into April’s mouth as her hips grind down. All the while, she’s just marveling at the way they seem to perfectly fit together, in every way, as if God Himself always intended for them to love each other. She’s lost in that thought until she’s being pulled out of it by April flipping their positions, briefly knocking the wind out of her.

“I believe I owe you one from earlier,” April says cheekily, in reference to their half-asleep lovemaking session that Sterling wouldn’t have been surprised in the least to find out was actually a dream since it was just so perfect.

So perfect, in fact, that Sterling would hate for April to think that she would ever just expect something in return when she’s able to draw so much pleasure from making sure her wife enjoys herself. She has always, and will forevermore aim to please. “You don’t have to,” she says weakly as April begins kissing down her torso.

“Oh yes. I really do,” April says insistently, her tone practically daring Sterling to argue with her, and truly, why would she?

So Sterling relaxes on her back, accommodating the direction April is going by spreading her legs and just taking in the sight of April Stevens-Wesley looking like she’s about to devour her. Which is not an inaccurate description of what is about to transpire.

Well, what was going to transpire, until suddenly her phone is ringing insistently from the nightstand. And Sterling would ignore said phone without hesitation if it wasn’t currently playing her mom’s personalized ringtone—the part of Bohemian Rhapsody that is just Freddie Mercury singing, “Mamaaaa, oooooh.”

“Ignore it!” April whines. “You can call her back in a few minutes.”

Sterling knows that April is right, as she is with most things, but something tells her that if she doesn’t answer Debbie’s call now, then she will probably forget to return it later, and she would hate for her mom to worry about them. This is the first time she’s been out of state without real adult supervision before...a terrifying concept, considering she is on her honeymoon. So Sterling answers the phone. “Hi Mom,” she answers, and April groans as she rolls over onto her back and pouts.

“Hey Baby! I just wanted to check up on y’all and see how things are going. Did you get checked into your hotel alright last night?” Debbie asks as Sterling crawls under the covers—without April to share her body heat, being damp and exposed in this air-conditioned room is a little cold.

“Uh yeah, we did. We’ve got a really nice room and they even made a Mickey head out of rose petals on the bed!” Sterling says excitedly as April joins her under the covers.

“Aww, that’s so cute! So are y’all in the parks? Which ride did you go on first? I know you and Blair used to love that Thunder Mountain one,” Debbie asks, rambling a bit, and Sterling can’t help but wonder if she is purposefully avoiding thinking about the part of Sterling’s honeymoon that doesn’t involve character breakfasts and animatronic singing pirates.

Sterling also doesn’t care to admit that it’s now midday and she and April have been too busy to leave their hotel room. “Uh, well, we got in kinda late, so we’ve just been kinda-” Sterling’s breath hitches in the back of her throat when she realizes that April has returned to her previous place between her legs, only now under the covers, and announces this fact by nipping at Sterling’s inner thigh. “Resting up,” she says, her voice higher than intended as she tries to hold herself together.

Debbie at the very least pretends not to notice. “Well, y’all better get to it. Those park hoppers aren’t cheap and I want all the pictures. I think I’m gonna make a family slideshow from the past year as a video to send around at Christmas since we’ve just had so much going on with your wedding, and graduation, and-”

Debbie continues on, but Sterling can hardly concentrate on that when April has fully buried her face between her legs and her tongue experimentally darts between Sterling’s folds.

Sterling sucks in a sharp breath to keep herself from crying out or moaning when April hits her mark after only a second or two. “That sounds really interesting, Mom, but April and I really have to get-” she says quickly through her teeth, but Debbie isn’t going to let her get away that easy, and April just continues on, her tongue sliding back and forth over Sterling’s clit. The thought of Debbie catching on to what’s going on is mortifying, but not nearly as much as the fact that Sterling couldn’t bear for April to stop now. It just feels so good—much better than peanut butter lumberjack, in any case.

“Oh, do you wanna talk to Blair? We’re just getting the last of her things packed for school,” Debbie says, and before Sterling can firmly decline, she’s calling for her. “Blair, Sterling’s on the phone! Come say hi!”

“Mom, no-” Sterling tries to argue, but there’s already the sounds of the phone being passed along.

“Hey, Sterl. How’re things-” Blair starts but Sterling has officially lost her patience.

“Blair, I need you to hang up the phone right now,” Sterling says, speaking fast, her voice low.

“What’re you talking about-” Blair is a smart cookie and it seems to occur to her why Sterling may not be so inclined to chitchat—although hopefully, she doesn’t realize the exact reason. “Oh. Oh my God. You’re trying to get laid right now, aren't you?” Blair whispers into the phone.

“Yes!” Sterling says and is horrified when it comes out sounding half frustrated and half like a sound of approval for the fact that April’s tongue is applying more pressure in its movements.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus, that is not a mental image I needed,” Blair says, sounding horrified. “Please text me when you and April aren’t trying to go at it,” with that, it sounds like she walks back to wherever their mother is and hands her back the phone, but unfortunately doesn’t hang up.

“Alright Sterling, I’m gonna let you go,” Debbie says to Sterling’s utter relief, as, to her horror, she’s started to get close.

“Awesome, Mom. I promise I’ll call you later,” Sterling says, going to hang up.

“Wait, can you put April on for a second?” Debbie asks before she can, and to Sterling’s simultaneous relief and frustration, April must hear this and momentarily stops what she’s doing.

Sterling puts the phone on speaker with an angry tap on the button.

“Hi, Deb!” April says, crawling out from under the covers onto Sterling so as not to sound muffled.

“April, sweetie, I just want you to know that I have been getting calls left and right today about how beautiful y’all’s wedding was and that you should be very proud of all your hard work,” Debbie gushes.

“Well, you know, the most important part of it all was just marrying Sterling,” April lies, and Sterling rolls her eyes. “But if people want to talk about the day for years to come, then all the power to them.”

Debbie laughs. “I don’t know how I ever deserved to get you as a daughter-in-law but I’m so glad I did.”

April smiles, seeming genuinely moved. “Me too, Debbie. Okay, we have to go now—lots to do today—but tell Anderson and Blair I said hi, okay?”

“Okay,” Debbie agrees, and Sterling breathes a sigh of relief. “Sterling, you check in again soon, okay? Like tonight before you go to sleep. Florida is a lawless place.”

Sterling sighs. “We’re in Disney World, but okay, Mom. Give Chloe kisses for us?”

“Of course. Goodbye, you two.”

“Bye, Mom,” Sterling says, hanging up the phone. Then she gets to look at April with an attempt at a stern face, but it isn’t very convincing if the laughter April breaks out into is any indication. “April, it’s not funny.”

“It’s kinda funny, though,” April says, making a scrunchy face that is too cute for how much of a jerk she is being.

“You can’t just... do that while I’m on the phone with my mom,” Sterling says, disgusted that she is still somehow turned on, though to be fair, she never actually came.

“But I did,” April says, kissing her quickly on the lips, letting Sterling get a fleeting taste of herself. “And I think you liked it.”

Sterling grumbles wordlessly as she returns her phone to the nightstand, not wanting to say anything that would encourage April’s bad behavior, even if she’s not wrong.

“That’s what I thought,” April says with a smug little grin and returns to her place under the covers.

“That’s so... so not fair,” Sterling says breathlessly when April’s tongue rolls over her clit again. Having already gotten so close to an orgasm before, she’s ultra-sensitive, and she can’t help but squeal a little.

“Mmm, much better,” April says approvingly, then gets back to the task at hand (at mouth?). Her tongue moves with a precision that Sterling wouldn’t expect from someone who’s never done this before, but then, neither had she before last night, and April seemed to enjoy herself plenty.

“April!” Sterling whines when April’s tongue leaves her clit, feeling like she could honestly cry from the loss of sensation again, but then April’s tongue is diving inside her, and whatever complaint she had before is lost in the sheer bliss of the feeling. 

She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t ever fantasized about this exact scenario during one of her wedding planning ‘stress relief exercises’—well, maybe without the weird phone exhibitionism—but this is so much better than anything she could have ever thought up. April has always been beautiful, and brilliant, and completely intimidating, but Sterling can now add ‘sex goddess’ to the list. And this is all while knowing that she is all hers, forever. 

That thought alone is enough to make her come with very little warning. She’s gripping hard at the comforter, her toes are curling, and she’s gasping for breath in an attempt to stop herself from making any sounds that would traumatize the children staying at this hotel. Though this is becoming an increasingly difficult feat to pull off when April just isn’t stopping.

“April, ‘s too much,” Sterling forces out, sitting up and supporting herself with her elbows.

April takes the hint and finally stops, coming up from under the covers. Sterling tries not to notice the...evidence of her arousal on her wife’s face, but it’s one heck of a sight to behold before April is kissing her hard on the lips.

It’s strange, the way April seems to have an almost supernatural ability to make Sterling feel completely in love with her and completely in lust with her at the exact same time. Maybe it’s just a result of almost two solid years of sexual frustration finally getting some relief. Maybe it’s that giving her heart and soul and body to April is what she was always destined to do, and what she’s feeling right now is...fulfilled. Fulfilled and dehydrated.

As if reading her mind, April gets up from the bed and returns with one of the large bottles of water from above the mini-fridge, taking a long drink before handing it to Sterling. It’s such a simple, mundane gesture, yet it speaks volumes about their relationship and April in general. For all her Gatekeep Gaslight Girlboss bluster, she really is such a nurturing, good person when she wants to be, and Sterling loves that about her. She knows most people—especially not Blair—will never see the extent of it, but somehow that works for her. There’s just something special about being the one person April will shed her queen bee exterior for.

“I love you,” Sterling says after April kisses her again.

“I love you too. We do really need to get to the parks, though. Midday is when lines go crazy,” she says, leaving Sterling to go get an outfit from her still packed suitcase.

Sterling of course knows she’s right, and she very much does want to go to the parks. But the idea of April putting clothes on doesn’t vibe well with her anymore. “Or we could just stay here and keep doing this?” she suggests cheekily, patting the spot beside her.

April rolls her eyes. “We can resume all of that tonight. Now please get dressed...preferably in something that goes with my outfit.”

Sterling sighs, still completely in love with this little control freak, even if she can be quite bossy.

There’s something truly magical about first setting foot on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. The smells, the instrumental Disney movie songs, the looks of absolute joy and wonderment on the faces of the children of very tired-looking parents. All of it is just fantastic, and Sterling is so happy to be here with her wife.

“I swear to God, if one more parent runs my foot over with a stroller, I am going to lose my shit,” April mutters to Sterling as they reach the end of Main Street, but it doesn’t change how she feels.

“I’ll remind you that coming to Disney for our honeymoon was your idea,” Sterling says, getting in line for the professional photographer in front of the castle without April having to tell her.

April gives her a Look basically telling her not to throw her own words and actions back at her. “Well, with only a few days, it was either this or Cumberland Island, but I know you know I’m not exactly an outdoorswoman, Honey.”

“And I’m very glad we chose this. You just need to relax and enjoy the magic,” Sterling says pointedly at April as they reach the front of the short line.

April gives her another look as she lets the photographer scan her BB-8 MagicBand, then comes back to Sterling to pose in front of the castle.

“Alright, Ladies. On the count of three. One, two,” the photographer says as he motions for them to get in closer.

Knowing exactly the kind of picture April will eventually want to be displayed in their home, Sterling takes a page out of her dad’s romance playbook and kisses her wife while doing a sort of dance dip.

“Perfect!” The photographer says once he’s taken a few.

April shifts their pose to be a bit more chaste, just holding Sterling’s hands and looking into her eyes with a look mimicking the one she had when they said their vows to each other yesterday. The photographer gets a shot of that as well.

“Those should show up on your MagicPass account by the end of the day,” he says once they’ve left their pose. “You two princesses have a wonderful day!”

As they walk off in the direction of Tomorrowland, Sterling can’t help but giggle. “They really make them act like that, don’t they?”

“Well yeah, that’s why they’re called cast members. Though that one broke character a bit once you kissed me,” April says, surprising Sterling, who hadn’t noticed.

“Then maybe we should get those bride ears so they know what’s what going forward?” she suggests, nodding in the direction of a Mad Hatter shop.

“But I always get Star Wars-” April starts to argue, but thankfully seems to remember why they are here. “Yeah, okay,” she agrees, albeit begrudgingly.

“I promise you can get all the Star Wars ears next time we come here,” Sterling says, putting an arm around April and wetly kissing her cheek as she flinches. “And after we get our ears, you can pick whatever ride we go on first.”

“Space Mountain, obviously,” April says without hesitation as they head into the shop.

Having been so late getting to the parks at all, it’s a wonder that Sterling and April manage to do as much as they do at Magic Kingdom before it’s only a few hours from closing, which leaves them with a choice.

“Okay, Hollywood Studios time!” April says excitedly as they head for the front gate.

“April, sweetie,” Sterling says, trying to be as gentle as possible in order to get her own way. “Have you maybe considered that with it being dinner time, and with only a few hours before the parks close, maybe we should save Hollywood Studios for tomorrow morning and we could instead take the monorail to Epcot?”

April looks at her like she’s been betrayed. “This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” she says, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

Sterling cannot honestly say that it wasn’t, so she just avoids that question. “C’mon, we can go to the world showcase and get quick service food from as many countries as we can before we feel like we’re gonna explode. And then we can ride the Frozen ride!” Being a person who is not so much of a Star Wars fan but rather someone who tolerates it for her nerdy wife’s sake, this sounds like the best possible end to this evening.

Well, the end until they get back to their hotel room.

April seethes for a moment, then seems to make up her mind. “Fine. But we are going to be at Hollywood Studios when the park opens tomorrow, and I will do everything in my power to drag you out of bed.”

Sterling smirks. “Is that a threat or a promise?”

April puts up a finger. “I can still annul this marriage, you know.”

Sterling chuckles, knowing she’s not being serious as they make their way to the monorail station. “I’m pretty sure that gets dicey once the marriage has been consummated,” she says with the confidence of a woman who ensured her wife is very much no longer a virgin as of the last 17 hours or so. “And I think we definitely consummated it,” she adds, lowering her voice as they get onto the monorail.

“Sterling!” April scolds her before looking around to make sure Sterling’s relatively innocent remark didn’t meet the ears of any of the numerous small children around them. “And don’t say it like that. It sounds so...medieval.”

Sterling chuckles, finding her wife being shy about this quite adorable, considering April usually isn’t shy about anything. “So where do you want to start? Tacos in Mexico or...whatever it is they have in Canada? Poutine? Poutine is Canadian, right?” She knows this isn’t what April really wanted to do this evening, but she’s going to ensure she has a good time anyway.

April smiles, despite herself, which tells Sterling she is already succeeding. “Yes, poutine is Canadian, though Quebec may as well be a country all its own. Though maybe we should be safe and start in Mexico just in case we can’t make the whole loop.”

Sterling scoffs at that ridiculous notion. She has a teenage metabolism for a reason, after all. “Oh, we’ll make it.”

“Your confidence is so sexy, and I will try to remember that when I’m dragging you back to the hotel,” April says, looking out the window.

Sterling wraps her arm around April, leaning in and resting her head on her shoulder, her bride ears headband almost poking April in the eye. “There’s nerdy space stuff in Epcot, isn’t there?”

April scoffs. “I am going to make you go on Spaceship Earth and Mission: Space Orange before we go to the World Showcase,” she says as if Sterling didn’t know this would happen.

“Good call. Mission: Space post-World Showcase food could be...very bad,” Sterling says, shuddering in horror at the thought of food from 11 countries on the way out. 

They make it to Epcot and true to her word, April heads right for the big ball itself, Spaceship soon as they get their picture professionally taken in front of said ball. 

“You know, at this rate, your slideshow is gonna be the length of a movie,” Sterling remarks as they get into the line for the ride, and April, being the mature adult woman that she is, sticks her tongue out at her. “Love you too, Sweetie.”

April shakes her head as she gets out her phone and points it at Sterling as they continue walking through the queue. “Sterling Stevens-Wesley, you have officially been married for a whole day. What do you have to say for yourself?” she says in an exaggerated TV reporter voice, signaling that she’s actually taking video right now.

Sterling rolls her eyes and tries to think of something clever, but they both know April is the performer in this relationship. “Well, you’ve only threatened an annulment once, so I think we’re in pretty good shape so far,” she jokes, but April clearly doesn’t find this funny as she pointedly ends the video.

“Sterling. This is a video documenting our early marital bliss. So maybe try to focus on all the fun we’re having?” April says as they reach the front of the line and get into an omnimover car.

Sterling smirks as their car moves on into the ride. “Didn’t know this was going to be that kind of video…” she says, which is immediately followed by the ride’s welcome video saying,

“-On behalf of Siemen’s, welcome aboard.”

Sterling giggles uncontrollably while April rolls her eyes.

“A child. I married a child,” she says mostly to herself as she selects Atlanta on the touchscreen when it asks where they live.

That’s basically the end of any opportunity for meaningful conversation for the next fifteen minutes, as Judi Dench’s voice goes into her spiel about time travel. Somehow, even in the dark star-filled tunnel, Sterling can tell April is feeling...well, like a kid in Disney World. This kind of thing is firmly Her Brand, as much as she would hate for most people to know that,

Meanwhile, Blair has always said that choosing to ride on Spaceship Earth should earn you a high school history credit, and Sterling can’t blame her, though it is a nice break out of the heat. Even if Sterling would much prefer to go on Test Track.

About three quarters through the ride, April reaches to take Sterling’s hand and snuggles up to her. “Don’t you just love this?” she asks, and it would be a joke if it was coming from practically anyone else.

Sterling is paying more attention to her favorite dork than the ride, so that might influence her answer a bit. “Absolutely,” she says, bringing April’s hand to her lips to kiss her knuckles. Then, feeling a little bold since the ride has reached its darkened space finale, she leans in to kiss April and is happy to have it enthusiastically returned.

They’ve been so busy taking pictures and riding rides and pretending to not be affected by Florida heat that they may have forgotten why they were here in the first place, but this kiss is a great reminder. They’re here because they love each other.

The kiss is over before the ride gets into the unloading station, as PDA is still a new thing for April, but even so, Sterling thinks things have shifted between them.

“Okay, you wanna try recording again?” Sterling asks once they’ve left the ride, and without Sterling even having to ask, April heads in the direction of Test Track instead of Mission: Earth.

April sighs and gets out her phone again, indulging Sterling feeling whimsical. “Sterling, what is one thing you learned on Spaceship Earth?”

Sterling did not realize there would be a pop quiz. “That um...books started in ancient Egypt with papyrus?” she says, and April shakes her head, apparently amused at Sterling’s inability to be educated by animatronic figures. “But to follow up with your question earlier, how have you been enjoying this past day of married life, April Stevens-Wesley?” she asks and steals April’s phone to point it at her.

“I have been unbelievably good time considering your inexplicable grudge against Star Wars,” she says and tries to get the phone back, but Sterling holds it out of her reach--the benefits of having a short wife.

“Ah ah ah, I’m not done with the interview,” Sterling says, earning a hard eye roll, but April allows her to proceed. “If you had to pick one country in Epcot, which would you say is your favorite?”

“Mexico because I love street tacos and the Three Cabelleros ride. Can we please go on Test Track now?” April says quickly, motioning to the ride entrance, where a few families have already entered ahead of them.

“Yes, yes we can,” Sterling says but doesn’t stop filming as they head into the queue, which makes April chuckle.

“And can I have my phone back now?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.

“No, no you may not,” Sterling replies just as April gets a text notification from a group chat she must be in with Ezekiel and Hannah B., which Sterling ends the video to read.

Ezekiel 💃🏻: This is my impression of April right about now. 🤤

Hannah 🐝: I don’t get it.

Ezekiel 💃🏻: How did you get into college?

Sterling rolls her eyes and hands the phone back to April. “Your friends want to know how things are going,” she says.

April reads the texts and scoffs. “We really need to get new friends in college.”

“Aww, you know you love them. Besides, we have to stick around to be the cool gay aunts to Hannah and Luke’s future dumb children,” Sterling says, putting a hand on the small of April’s back as they proceed through the line, and reads her reply over her shoulder.

April 💍: Play nice, kids or I won’t bring you back any souvenirs.

Hannah 🐝: Aww, but I really want a Disney lunchbox.

April 💍: A lunchbox?! Hannah B, you’re going to college in a week.

Hannah 🐝: what? College kids don’t eat lunch?

Ezekiel 💃🏻: For what it’s worth, I want one of those Loungefly bags.

“My friends are idiots,” April says as they go up to a terminal to design a car with optimal aerodynamics (because like hell April would ever let them lose the race at the end of the ride).

“You love your friends,” Sterling says, reiterating her statement by pointing to the wallpaper behind April’s app icons—a picture of her, Ezekiel, and Hannah B. at graduation. In truth, she knows April is going to miss them terribly since neither of them will be attending UGA this year, even if they’ll still be in-state.

April sighs in a rare moment of vulnerability. “I really do,” she admits, looking wistfully at the picture a moment. “But don’t tell them I said that.”

Three rides and eleven ‘countries’ later, Sterling is surprised that she and April have actually managed to accomplish her goal for this evening. Well, almost. “One more bite,” Sterling says, pushing the Canadian maple cake thing at April, who cranes her neck away from it.

“Sterling, seriously, I can’t. I was full five countries ago,” she refuses, and Sterling shrugs and shoves the rest of it into her own mouth.

“Your loss,” she says, covering her mouth so April doesn’t have to see her talking with her mouth full. She has to admit that the fact that they actually made it around the whole loop is nothing short of a miracle, and that her stomach is already not liking the combination of some of those cuisines. “So the park’s gonna be closing soon. You wanna loop back to Norway and ride Frozen again or do you want to ride like...Journey Into Imagination on our way out?” she asks, taking April’s hand as they get up from their bench on the border of Canada and the beginning area.

April shrugs. “I actually think I’d like to go back to the hotel now,” she says, giving Sterling a look that says she might not be too full for something. “That is, unless, you’d rather go on a journey with Eric Idle and a purple dragon.”

Sterling shakes her head fervently. As much as she adores Figment, she loves the idea of once again being alone in a hotel room with her wife a lot more. “No, we can totally go back to the hotel,” she says quickly, and April gives her a mischievous smirk.

“You know, because we have to get up early for Galaxy’s Edge tomorrow,” she says, and Sterling rolls her eyes.

“Yes, because that’s obviously why you want to go back to the room,” she says, swinging their arms as they walk through Futureworld back to the monorail station. Because unless she was reading April’s cues completely wrong last night and this morning, then she’s pretty sure April wants to continue medievally consummating their marriage. 

She knows she does, even on a full stomach.

“Mmm, presumptuous,” April teases her, “Maaaybe I would be interested in some...perfectly acceptable marital fun.”

Sterling chuckles. “You make it sound so formal. I just want to go down on you again.” April seems to choke on her own spit at such an easy admission from Sterling, forcing her to pat her wife on the back a few times. “Jeez, don’t widow me now.”

“It would be entirely your fault,” April insists as they get on the monorail heading back to the Grand Floridian, though she seems to ponder the idea of such a thing. “Wow, how about that for an Investigation Discovery show…”

Sterling rolls her eyes. “Knowing my parents and them having to watch everything on that channel, they’d probably see it.”

April nods. “Yeah, mine too. I think it’s the law that old married people love murder shows,” she says, but then her face looks like something is troubling her. Sterling things it might have to do with April inadvertently mentioning her father, which she only confirms. “I think my dad tried to get me to cancel the wedding yesterday.”

Sterling chuckles, as this is hardly surprising to her. The man just had to make the big bounty hunter reveal weeks before the wedding, after all. “What else is new?”

April nods, clearly realizing that Sterling is right. “I know that. He just...he tried to call me before the ceremony, and I just wonder if he’ll even try anymore.”

Sterling tries and fails not to be upset by April still hoping for a relationship with the woman-beater who kicked her out of his home and did everything in his power to tear her and Sterling apart. Still, she can’t imagine what it would be like to have a father like that, so she supposes she’s in no position to judge. Even if, if it was up to her, John would never get out of jail. He can be prisoner pen pals with her Aunt-Mommy Dana for all she cares. “He’ll come around, April,” she says with certainty, even if she feels none.

That pretty much does it for conversation until they arrive at the hotel’s monorail station and Sterling starts digging through her drawstring bag for her wallet with the room key, which is hard when it’s buried under her flip flops and a bunch of loose cash and change that she hadn’t bothered to put back into her wallet at the end of transactions throughout the day. She does manage to pull out a hair tie and a pack of gum she had for airplane ear-popping purposes.

April, being the beautiful, resourceful woman that she is, pulls her own out of her shorts pocket after getting impatient. “C’mon, MacGyver,” she says, leading the way to the elevator. “We really need to have a conversation about your organization skills.”

“Well,” Sterling says, stepping in and hitting their floor number. “I respond really well to positive reinforcement.”

April unconsciously licks her lips at that. “Noted.”

That little exchange sets the tone for when they get into the darkened hotel room and April doesn’t hesitate to push Sterling toward the freshly-made bed, kissing her. 

“Whoa,” Sterling says as April lets her go so that she can remove her own shirt. The sight of April’s boobs—bra or no—is one that she’ll never get tired of, she’s sure. Though the fact that she’s never seen April in a bra that isn’t lacy probably helps her be impartial.

While Sterling is distracted, April pushes her onto the bed in a sitting position and climbs into her lap. “Something tells me you like what you see,” she says while Sterling is still not looking at her face at all.

Sterling is not ashamed. “I do. I really do,” she says, leaning in to kiss and suck at the tops of April’s breasts, fully intending on giving her at least one hickey—wife rights, and all that.

“Careful. You’re going to inflate my ego,” April says, fisting Sterling’s hair and holding her close as Sterling moves down to mouth over her nipples, which she can feel are hard even through the bra.

How it’s even fair that someone can have a body as perfect as April’s, she’ll never know, because compared to her wife, she feels like Plank from Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy. “God you’re so sexy,” she says, reaching around to unhook the bra, but April pushes her away, which is confusing.

“I actually really have to pee,” April says, looking embarrassed. “But stay in the mood and I’ll be right back,” she says, climbing off of Sterling’s lap and heading to the bathroom.

Sterling sighs, only somewhat disappointed as she eliminates a step for Future Sterling and April by removing all of her clothes and climbing under the covers. 

These beds really are comfortable, and after the day she’s had, getting between the cool sheets is almost as orgasmic of a feeling as she’s sure she’s about to experience when April gets out of the bathroom. It feels so good, in fact, that she doesn’t even realize she’s drifting off to sleep.