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Wonderful Tonight

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“I think you got 16 across wrong.”

Jared erases the word and then looks into his boyfriend’s sparkling eyes. “It wasn’t wrong, was it?”

Jensen shrugs. “How would I know?”

Jared kicks his boyfriend under the table with his Gumby legs. “You promised to be good while I did this.”

It is a beautiful Sunday in early June, so the weather is not yet oppressively hot. They are sitting out in their screened-in back porch, watching the fireflies dance in their backyard. Well, Jensen is watching the fireflies. Jared’s head is bent over the New York’s Sunday crossword puzzle.

“I am being good,” Jensen says, intertwining his legs with Jared’s. They have had the day to themselves, A rare day of no commitments, nowhere they had to be.

They spent the day being lazy, just being. No phones, no computers, the only person they had seen or talked to from the outside world was the man who had delivered their pizzas.

Sometime during their lazy make-out session after dinner, they had lost their shirts. Jensen is wearing his shorts that just go to his mid-thigh as he knows Jared enjoys the view. Jared is wearing a pair of old sweatpants that barely cling to his narrow hips.

It’s nice out, the air is just cool enough to be comfortable. Somewhere nearby, someone is playing blues records, using an old record player judging by the scratchy sound. The stars are dancing in the night sky, the couple of beers they had drunk after dinner has left them feeling mellow.

It is a beautiful night.

It is a beautiful life.

Jensen disentangles their legs, stretches his body out, giving a long satisfying yawn. He doesn’t miss Jared’s eyes wandering over his bare stomach. He smiles smugly, runs his fingers over his torso.

“This is not helping,” Jared complains, brow furrowed, as he returns his eyes to the puzzle. The end of the eraser in his mouth.

Jared’s oral fixation is one of the many things Jensen loves about Jared.

“Good thing then that I’m not trying to be helpful.” Jensen stands up and makes his way behind Jared’s chair, tuns his fingers across the back of Jared’s shoulders, and smiles at Jared’s little shiver.

Jared, typically, has the chair turned around so that he is straddling the front of it. Leaving miles and miles of bare back for Jensen to play with.

And Jensen is reminded of a special purchase he made recently.

“Let me do something?” he asks Jared. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and this seems like the perfect night.”

“Will it involve you letting me finish this puzzle?” Jared asks.

Jensen looks at his watch. “You have four minutes to get to the bedroom, and then the blindfold goes on. Think you can finish in four minutes?”

Jared smiles up at him, dimples popping, looking way too adorable for a gigantic man in his mid-thirties. “I will meet you there in three.”

Jensen heads inside, makes a detour to the kitchen and picks up a bottle of wine and two glasses, and then heads into the bedroom. He puts the wine and glasses on the bedside table and heads for the closet, turning on the light. On one side of the closet is Jared’s clothes, a mishmash of styles and colors. On the other side, is Jensen’s, clothes sorted carefully. Shoes are lined up on shelves beneath the clothes on each side of the closet. In the back of the closet hangs their belts and ties and beneath those, are boxes of extra t-shirts, handkerchiefs, accessories.

And underneath those is a small white box, the one Jensen is looking for. He grabs a black tie from the ones hanging on the pegs and carries it with the box out of the closet.

He takes the box to the bed and opens it carefully. He had bought it on impulse, hid it away when it came in, knew he would know when the time was right to bring it out.

The time is now.

He removes the tissue-thin paper covering his purchase and pulls it out of the box.

It is just as beautiful as it had looked in the catalog, and the dark blue will be gorgeous against Jared’s tan skin.

He opens a drawer and pulls out a few more items, lines them out on the bed.

He hears Jared coming down the hallway and meets him at the doorway. Jared has the completed crossword puzzle in hand. “And under nine minutes too, your boyfriend still has got it.”

“Yes, he does,” Jensen replies, leans up to brush his lips against Jared’s. “And now if he is very good and closes his eyes, he’s going to get his reward.”

“Is it a treat? I love treats,” Jared says and closes his eyes.

Jensen takes Jared by the hand and leads him to the bed.

Jared sits at the edge of the bed and Jensen wraps the tie around his eyes, knotting it in the back. He tugs Jared’s sweatpants down and Jared lifts up so he can pull it off of him. They play a lot of games with ties, and Jared must be remembering a few of them judging by the fact that his cock is already plumping up. Jared’s face is flushed a pretty color of pink, pink looks really good on Jared.

Jensen leans over and whispers to Jared. “Sit up straight.”

Jared does so immediately, sitting there all flushed and trusting, and Jensen is reminded again just how fucking lucky he is.

He opens a window just a little, to let a breeze in, and the neighbor is still playing his blues music. The sound of Sonny Boy Williamson asking his love to Slowly Walk Close to Me drifts into the room. Jensen pours two glasses of wine and hands one to Jared and then crawls on the bed and settles behind him.

Jensen places the corset on Jared carefully, knowing that the fabric is rubbing against Jared’s sensitive nipples. He nuzzles Jared’s neck and then checks to make sure Jared is okay with this. Jared is smiling as he takes a sip of his wine.

“I should have never let you watch Bridgerton ,” Jared says.

“You’d look really cute in one of those yellow dresses,” Jensen replies.

Jared huffs. “I’m not the pretty one.”

“Yeah, you are,” Jensen says and pulls the corset tight.

There are a lot of laces, and there is something about laces trailing over Jared’s broad back that affects Jensen in an almost spiritual way.

He picks up the first set of laces and begins tying them.

Jared has a broad chest that tapers down to a slim waist. The first sets of laces barely fit, and Jensen has to pull hard, but the lower he goes, it curves where Jared curves, and fuck, Jensen had been right about the color. The dark blue looks so damn pretty against Jared’s tanned-dark skin.

He is so caught up in his task that he almost misses the way Jared’s breath is hitching.

“So pretty,” he praises, and he feels Jared’s body jerk. He runs his hands over Jared’s slim hips. “You should see yourself Jared, prettiest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

He lets his fingers wander over Jared’s cock, feels how hard he is already. Jared might be able to complete the New York Times In under nine minutes, but Jensen can get Jared hard in under three – and really, which is the bigger accomplishment.

Jared is beginning to squirm, twisting the wine glass in his hand. “Can I look now?”

“Not yet, Jay, I’m not finished playing yet,” Jensen replies. He picks up the black silk panties first, brushes them against Jared’s thigh.

Jared makes a face, he’s got kinda of a love/hate relationship with wearing panties, even though he looks hot as fuck in them.

Jensen thinks maybe Jared just doesn’t like admitting how much he loves the way the silky fabric feels against his cock.

Jensen stands up and wiggles out of his shorts. He takes one of Jared’s hands, lets him feel the silky lace covering his own groin.

Jared’s fingers explore the panties and Jensen’s cock twitches in response. Jared might feel conflicted about wearing them, but he loves it when Jensen does. “What color?” he asks.

“Be a good boy and let me finish and I’ll show you,” Jensen promises..

The panties are black, plain except for the little blue bow in the middle of them. They don’t have lace, as Jensen’s does, but feel soft, silky. Jared works with him as he pulls them on Jared. They are snug against the obvious bulge of Jared’s hard-on.

“Finished?” Jared asks.

“Almost,” Jensen replies.

He picks up the two black stockings next. He doesn’t have garters, though he plans to get them for Jared someday because damn would Jared look hot with them on, but the stockings have elastic at the top and should stay on well enough.

It only takes a few seconds for Jared to realize what Jensen is pulling on him, but Jensen just leans over and kisses him long and hard and by the time he’s finished, Jared’s holding out his legs and helping Jensen pull the stockings on.

“If there are high heels next, I will kick you,” Jared warns.

Jensen chuckles. “Not this time.”

He takes Jared by the hand, pulls him up, and leads him to the full length three-way mirror that stands to the left of the closet.

To be truthful, he uses the three-way mirror much more than Jared does. Jared’s more of a last minute, grab a jacket and consider myself dressed kind of guy. Jensen tries to lead him to more fashionable options, but Jared is stubbornly unstylish. Jensen however picks his clothes carefully; checks how he looks in the mirror.

But this time it’s Jared he places in front of the mirror and reaches up and pulls off the tie.

Jared is stunning. The corset fits him perfectly, shows off his curves, especially the one in his back. The panties and stockings look beautiful on him.

Jared bites his lower lip, a clear sign of his uncertainly. “You like this?”

“I love it, you look beautiful Jay. I knew you would,” Jensen says, standing beside Jared. “But the more important question is - do you like it?”

“I didn’t think I would, but I kinda like the way it feels. It – I want to say grounds me, but that’s not exactly right. I think next time I feel like I’m falling apart, flying into pieces, I might put this back on, see if it helps.”

“Do you feel like flying away now?” Jensen asks, putting down Jared’s wine glass and replacing it with his hand.

“No, right now I feel wonderful. And kinda sexy,” Jared replies.

“No kinda about it,” Jensen says and pats Jared’s ass for emphasis.

Jared's eyes stray from his own reflection to check out Jensen’s pretty pink panties. “Fuck, Jensen.”

“That’s the plan,” Jensen says. “I can’t wait for you to ride me, with all those pretty laces trailing down your back, I want to feel your stockings against my skin.” He runs his hands over the top of Jared’s panties, feels the way Jared’s stomach clenches at the touch. Always so sensitive. “Not even going to take these off, I’m gonna fuck you through them.”

Jared grabs him, pulls him to him, and kisses him, his hands roaming over Jensen’s back as Jensen’s fingers intertwine with the laces down Jared’s back. Their lips are both pink and swollen when they break apart.

By silent mutual agreement, they head to the oversized lounge chair by the window. It’s the chair Jared curls up in and reads, it’s a faded blue and thread-worn in places and doesn’t go with any of their bedroom furniture but it’s soft and comfy and Jensen knows how much his boy loves it, so he would never ask Jared to get rid of it.

He sits it in now and spreads his legs in an open invitation.

Jared kneels in front of him, his eyes focused on Jensen’s pink panties. He takes a finger, traces over the silk. Above his head, music still softly plays, Robert Johnson now. The moonlight plays with Jared’s hair, caressing his face with its soft light.

Jared leans over and licks the fabric that is taut over Jensen’s cock. Jensen feels his cock jerk.

Jared mouths at the fabric. Wetting it from the outside, like the precome Jensen’s cock is leaking wets it from the inside. Jensen runs his fingers through Jared’s hair. It’s not the night for rushing, for a fast and hard fuck, though they do their fair share of those. It’s a night for taking their time, savoring, letting the music sink into their bones, let the night take them wherever she wants them to go.

Jared isn’t talking, but there is no need for words. Jared is saying everything he needs with his mouth, with his hands that are rubbing up and down Jensen’s thigh. He pushes aside Jensen’s panties just a little, so a bit of his cock shows, and his tongue licks there and when he looks up at Jensen with his eyes shining with love and playfulness and joy, Jensen smiles down at him and thinks he has everything he has ever needed, or wanted, right in front of him.

Jared keeps up with his slow exploration of Jensen’s cock, sometimes moving the panties this way or that, sometimes tonguing Jensen’s cock through the silk, sometimes sucking on whatever part of Jensen’s cock he’s temporarily freed from its silk confines.

Jensen’s really hard now, and he reaches over and fumbles with the bedside drawer until he finds the lube.

Jared pulls down the panties, and Jensen lifts his ass to help. His cock is finally free, hard, glistening with precome, waiting to be encased in Jared’s tight heat.

“Come on, darling,” Jensen urges. “Come up here and join me.”

Jared stands up, and Jensen takes a moment to drink in how beautiful he looks, the corset fits like it was made for him, the dark panties that his cock is straining so hard to be free of, his miles-long legs in the stockings.

“You just going to stare at me all night?” Jared asks, and he’s smirking the little (big) shit.

“Maybe,” Jensen allows. “Model for me, I want to see everything.”

“Pervert,” Jared teases, but he turns around slowly so that Jensen gets a good look at the corset with the laces trailing down, Jared’s tight perky panty-covered ass, and yeah, this was a damn good idea.

Jensen leans over, trails a finger down the spine of the corset, through the laces, follows the path down to Jared’s panties. He grabs Jared by his hips and pulls and Jared gives a surprised yelp as he lands in Jensen’s lap.

There is laughter and teasing touches as Jared twists around and rearranges his long limbs so he’s facing Jensen, his knees on either side of Jensen’s legs. Jared leans down to kiss Jensen and Jensen’s hands rub up and down the corset, fingers tangling in laces as they lose themselves in soft, languid kisses.

Jensen’s hands roam lower, over the panties, squeezing Jared’s ass cheeks, fingertips caressing over his crack. Jared’s breath hitches, and the record changes and Stevie Ray Vaughn is singing about his pride and joy, as Jensen lets go of Jared long enough to open the lube and get his fingers sticky wet.

Jared leans over further, giving him all the access, as Jensen reaches inside of Jared’s panties, rubbing his fingers over his hole before sticking the tip of one inside. The kiss never breaks, Jared’s hands are everywhere, on Jensen’s hips, up his arms, in his hair as Jensen slowly, carefully, opens Jared up.

“I’m ready,” Jared says after Jensen has three fingers inside him, and Jensen pulls his fingers out, wiping them off carelessly on the arms of the chair before pulling Jared closer, a hand in his hair, the other pulling the laces of the corset so tight that Jared’s breathless with it.

Jared reaches down, pulls his panties out of the way just enough so that Jensen’s cock can slip inside. Jensen lets Jared do the work, lets him slowly sink down onto his cock as Jensen whispers words of praise and love.

Jensen reaches down, pulls the panties away further so he can get as deep as possible into that delicious heat, and yeah they are stretching the panties all to hell, but that’s okay, he’s got more and Jared begins a small up and down motion that sends waves of pleasure everywhere in Jensen’s body and they are pressed so tight together that Jensen can feel Jared’s cock pushing against his stomach, even through the fabric of the panties, can feel how hard Jared is for him, and even though they’ve shared thousands of kisses, so many kisses over so many years, he just can’t get enough of Jared’s mouth, his hands, his everything.

Outside, it’s quiet. The music has stopped. But that’s okay, they have all the music they need, right here.

Jensen’s hands leave the tangle of laces to grip Jared’s ass, feels Jared’s ass tighten as Jared lifts himself up slightly, lowers back down, rocking slowly together and it’s all heat and want and love and sweat and soft wet kisses.

His fingers find their way under the panties, to the place where their bodies are joined, and Jared’s getting close, he can feel it in the way his ass tightens around his cock, in the way Jared’s breath hitches and the soft almost keening sound he is making.

Jensen pulls the panties down, tugging them at the sides, working to free Jared’s cock from their confines, even though it is still trapped between them. He stops kissing Jared long enough to lavish attention on his neck, his shoulders, his collar bone. Jared’s hand squeezes between them, tweaking Jensen’s nipples and now they are hard too. Jared’s rocking a bit harder now, a little faster, and Jensen forces a hand between them too, leaning back in the chair just enough to get his hand around the top of Jared’s cock, and Jared groans and throws back his head.

“Gonna come for me?” Jensen asks.

“You first,” Jared says. “Come first Jen, need it, need you to fill me.”

Jensen’s thrusting up now, trying to somehow burrow his cock deeper into the heat, and Jared’s rocking down and they have a rhythm going that’s perfect and hot.

Jensen wraps a hand in Jared’s hair and pulls him back into another kiss, while his other hand strokes any part of Jared’s trapped cock he can get to.

He comes first, he’s already spilling inside of Jared before he realizes his orgasm hit, tingling, intoxicating pleasure shoots through his whole body. Jared’s writhing on top of him. Jensen leans back as far as he can, with his cock still firmly wedged in Jared’s ass and Jared’s cock is long and hard and Jensen jerks him off, twisting at the top just like Jared likes, and then Jared’s coming too, cursing and calling out Jensen’s name..

“I fucking love you,” Jensen tells Jared as they collapse against each other, relishing the aftershocks and the last few seconds of being connected before Jensen has to pull out.

“I fucking love fucking,” Jared says back, but he’s smiling, and he kisses Jensen before adding, “and you too I guess.”

Jensen pulls out carefully, and Jared snuggles closer all arms and legs and he’s heavy and they are both sticky and they are going to have to move soon.

But for now, Jensen wraps his arms around Jared and wonders how he got this damn lucky.