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please him, please me

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It was his birthday. It was his birthday, and you’d be damned if you couldn’t give him a gift, dammit.


Though you had a very vague plan on making it successful, you figured you’d get through it somehow. You were pretty lucky, and you liked to think your partner liked you more than anyone else.


While trying to enter his office was never any problem, trying to rid of Kusakabe without telling him you planned on sucking Kyoya’s heart out of his dick wasn’t actually that easy. With your roundabout explanations, you managed, and he eventually left his position outside Kyoya’s door.


Step one, complete.


You entered and for good measure, made sure to lock the door behind you. Sharp as ever, Kyoya’s attention was on you immediately.


“You. What are you up to?”


“Me?” You placed a hand on your chest, sauntering up to his desk. “I’m a little hurt you’d think I’m doing something suspicious.”


He blinked slowly, gaze unwavering. “You usually are. You also locked the door.”


“Seriously, no faith.”


You leant against the side of his desk and flashed him a smile in the hopes of charming him, though it never worked. He was mean like that.


“You finished your work, birthday boy?”


Kyoya leant back in his chair, eyeing you up and down, contemplating his next move. If you weren’t so hell bent in getting his dick out today, you might’ve been a bit more offended at his lack of trust in you.


“I suppose I am. Why?”


“Wanted to reward you, or something of the sort.”


He lifted a brow, relaxing just a little, and your smile widened. He was following along, and that meant he didn’t have his guard up as much. Good.


“Oh? With what, exactly?”


You slipped in between him and the desk, setting one hand firmly on his knee and using the other to drag a finger down his chest.


“Some love? If you’d let me.”


Kyoya hummed low in his throat, nodding once. He watched you sink down to your knees, lips twitching up crookedly. He always loved the sight of you between his legs.


You ran teasing fingers up and down the inside of his thighs, then gave them an appreciative squeeze just to feel the muscle beneath his pants.


Step two was just beginning, but you hoped with step three afterwards you’d get to see the skin beneath the cloth.


Your gaze flit to his crotch, pupils dilating. You skimmed your fingers up and over him before starting on his belt, making sure to brush your hand against him as much as possible in the process.


“It feels like you want this more than I do. Should I stop you?” Kyoya quipped, watching you expectantly.


You returned it with a cheeky grin, shoving his belt out of the way. “You’d refuse my gift? How cold.”


You unzipped his pants and untucked his shirt, shoving it up his torso as high as you could. Running your hand back down pale skin, you dipped your hand into his pants just to get a feel of him in his underwear.


Kyoya’s thighs tensed beside you for a second before relaxing, so you let your free hand return to groping the muscle blindly. A soft nudge with his foot encouraged you to sneak your hand into the second layer of fabric and to grab him fully.


He wasn’t entirely hard yet, but that gave you time to play with him until he was.


You leaned in and gave his length a tentative kiss, appreciating the weight of it in your hand. Shifting your hold on him you ran your tongue along him, bottom to tip, before grasping him properly and pumping.


You let your gaze flit up to meet Kyoya’s, tongue peeking out and lapping at his tip before flashing him a cheeky little grin.


“I really love doing this, y’know. Jerking you off and having your dick in my mouth. Gets me so excited.”


Kyoya couldn’t help the soft exhale, something like laughter. His head tilted, hair falling into his eyes. “I’ve noticed.”


Holding his dick, now fully hard, up to your cheek, you smiled. “Thanks for letting me indulge so often.”


He nudged you with his foot again, harder, and you compliantly took his length into your mouth. You couldn’t stop the moan that came out even if you wanted to.


Kyoya’s cock practically hardened further at the expression on your face, a look of utter bliss. He reached down and ran a hand through your hair, and you preened at the attention.


With his encouragement, you put your all into it, tongue swirling around the tip before you dove down. Your hand wrapped around the base of his dick, twisting in time with every down stroke.


While pulling up to lave attention to the slit as you gathered precum on your tongue, your second hand snuck up to grab his sac and fondle them.


You could’ve died happy after hearing the groan that left Kyoya’s lips, it was possibly the sexiest thing you’d heard. With renewed vigour you took his cock back into your mouth, hollowed your cheeks and sucked.


Kyoya’s fingers wrapped around your hair, not too tight but enough to remind you they were there. He would eventually use more force, but for now let you work, content with watching his dick slide in and out of your mouth.


“You look so happy, sucking my dick,” he rasped, watching you practically glow. You pulled off his length with an wet ‘pop’, pants puffing against him in hot waves.


“‘Course I do. I love your cock.” The way you moaned it, you may as well have been getting fucked yourself, you sounded that aroused.


“It’s so big,” you gripped him with your free hand, squeezing, “and fills up my mouth so well.”


If there was anything else you succeeded in, it was rubbing his ego, too.


“If you love it so much,” Kyoya drawled, voice low and gravelly, “then work harder and make me cum.”


“Yes, sir.” Your voice was far too chirpy for the setting, and with all that optimism you sunk down on his cock and took him until he hit your throat.


It was a stretch, and it burned just a bit, but the scratchy swearing from Kyoya made it worth it. So, you pulled back up and did it again.


You breathed through your nose, nice and slow, holding him in place before swallowing around him.


Finally, Kyoya tugged on your hair. He was never gentle, but the sting felt good, and you moaned in response.


Doubling your efforts, you continued to deepthroat him until you felt him pulse against your tongue and his sac tighten in your hand.


He tugged again, but you nodded once and and sat still, swallowing around his cock one more time, pushing him over the edge.


Thick ropes of cum shot down your throat, coating your mouth in sticky white. You pumped his cock a few more times, insistent on getting every last drop out of him, until he was flaccid against your tongue.


You gave his tip one last firm lick, holding his stare as you closed your mouth and swallowed.


Kyoya heaved out a breath, resting his head on his shoulder, watching you, enthralled with the sight of you swallowing his cum. He slipped his hand down to your chin and tugged you upwards, and you followed without hesitation.


“Yes, my dear?”


Your coo was deep, and he smirked crookedly, in that sexy way you adored.


“We’re not done.”