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Primal Urges

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Kara had been raised to be a good Samaritan – but from time to time, she went out of her way for someone who was less than grateful. That proved to be the case when she came across a designer suitcase outside of an airport restaurant.


She checked her watch and realized she had half an hour before her own flight would board. Fidgeting with her glasses, she glanced around in search of anyone who might have left the bag behind.


“Darn,” Kara muttered, and then tried to get the attention of an airline worker. “Hey, sir — can I get your help?”


The man in uniform eyed her up, then hopped onto a small transportation vehicle to speed off.


“Guess not,” Kara breathed out with a frustrated little huff.


With a nibble on her bottom lip, Kara took matters into her own hands and lifted the Louis Vuitton bag in front of her. It was compact enough that someone could have easily forgotten it if they were carrying a lot of other luggage. Kara couldn’t find a tag or any other forms of identification attached to the suitcase.


“What’s the worst that could really happen?” she mumbled while unzipping the soft leather case.


Kara should have known better than to utter that, because she was so surprised by the contents of the bag that she threw it up in the air.


Vibrators, a dildo and a few other sex toys rained down on her. She panicked and began to scramble for them. Just as she began hyperventilating from the shock, and other people began to stare and laugh, she caught the light fragrance of an omega.


Kara managed to get everything back into the bag before a pair of shiny leather Christian Louboutins came to a halt in front of her. The quiet click of the heel was the only sound that Kara processed, because as she glanced up, she saw a whole lot of leg.


The owner of the leg was speaking to her, but Kara was staring at the omega’s calves and tight skirt.


“Do you speak English?” The omega asked, and reached for the bag that Kara was struggling to close.


“I’m fluent in several languages,” Kara croaked out, knowing full well that most people wouldn’t brag about knowing Klingon or Elvish. “I — I mean, yeah, I speak.”


I speak?


Kara groaned internally and realized that she was still on her knees in front of the omega, who smelled ridiculously good.


Her eyes traveled slowly up the short skirt she wore, over shapely hips and a slim waist, and then almost lost themselves in the swell of the omega’s breasts. If the woman hadn’t cleared her throat, Kara might have forgotten to stand up.


God, the woman was stunning. Just the sight of her winded Kara, and she laughed awkwardly as heat spread up her neck.


The omega’s sculpted brow lifted above her Dolce and Gabbana shades, and Kara realized she had missed yet another question.


“Umm,” Kara faltered, and smoothed her hands down her shirt. “What did you say?”


“I asked if you’d give me my bag.” The omega pointed, then wrenched it out of Kara’s hands as a bright tinge of embarrassment covered her face. “I’m supposed to be meeting someone and I’m late.”


Kara wet her lips and ran her hands down the front of her jeans, which were suddenly feeling much tighter. Her eyes instantly roamed back to the omega’s breasts, where her nipples had firmed.


“Good luck,” Kara muttered to the omega’s tits, and she cracked a bright smile to cover-up the fact that she had been staring.


The omega stalked off without even thanking her, but Kara felt like she could breathe and think again, even though she had nearly left all of her own luggage behind as she watched the stranger’s ass move in that tight skirt.


She snapped herself out of it after a second and scrambled to grab her boarding pass and check her phone for any last minute messages.


After a few clicks over her emails, Kara noticed that she had received a message from her future management lead, Lena Luthor — along with a request to meet up at the airport before they both boarded their plane.


For a few years, Kara had been a YouTuber creating all kinds of videos about building, both modern and primitive. She had traveled all around the world to learn about architecture, and one of her favorite forms of the art involved using very rustic materials – not just wood and brick, but also things like mud and clay.


Her weekly videos reached twelve million viewers, and that came with a lot of advertising advantages and opportunities to do brand deal endorsements.


Not that Kara cared about fame or wealth, except insofar as it allowed her to continue her hobbies and help other people.


It was only when her sister Alex urged her to work more closely with a content manager that Kara really decided to give it a try. That had led her to the current moment, where she was headed to Australia to demonstrate the techniques she learned from the indigenous population – how to build mud huts and survive with limited resources.


Kara had outright refused at first when Lena Luthor contacted her. She recommended that the management team focus on the indigenous builders who had taught her.


After a lot of negotiation, Kara had finally agreed to go on the trip, but only because Miss Luthor had promised to feature all of Kara’s teachers during the interview, and pay them handsomely for participating in the brand deal she had arranged.


It came as a huge shock to Kara when she hurried to her gate, and found out Lena Luthor was the same omega who had left her luggage behind.


The laugh that escaped her mouth was a ridiculous pterodactyl sound and she even snorted in pure horror. She put out her hand to shake Lena’s, and tried not to think of the entire collection of sex toys she had seen earlier.


Apparently her forced smile was a bit of a give-away, because Lena looked simultaneously furious and mortified.


Lena shook her hand with far more pressure than she was accustomed to omegas using, and then stared at her with such an intensity that Kara wondered if it was possible to literally drop dead from someone’s murderous glare.


Lena finally released Kara’s hand and angled her chin up as she began coldly, “Miss Danvers—”


“Kara.” She blurted suddenly, willing her eyes to stay on the pale beauty of Lena’s face, and not the ample expanse of her creamy cleavage. “Please, call me Kara.”


“Miss Danvers,” Lena stressed, and narrowed her eyes as if daring Kara to interrupt her again. “Given that I’m your manager, it would be in your best interest to disclose if you have a problem with rifling through other people's luggage—"


Kara knew she deserved that, but she tried to shake off the guilt and rolled her shoulders as she joked, “Only bags that are left unattended.”


Several people glanced at her in alarm and she sensed Lena’s ire before she even turned back to the omega.


“That was just a joke. I was looking for a name tag.” Kara tried to explain, and broke into a faint sweat when Lena stepped closer with a dangerous look about her.


Lena’s scent was almost floral, and her aggravation carried the faintest whiff of rain right before a downpour. Kara was sure the storm about to hit her wasn’t entirely all her fault. Lena was obviously suffering from some extreme sexual frustration, which baffled Kara because the omega was gorgeous.


Maybe the fact that Kara’s gaze flitted from Lena’s tits to the suitcase containing all of the sex toys was enough of a question, because Lena’s lips parted to flash her teeth. “You’re lucky you’re so good with your hands, because if your channel relied on your mouth, I doubt anyone would bother watching.”


“That’s not all I’m good with,” Kara muttered before she could stop herself, and made the mistake of inhaling Lena’s sweet scent before the omega stepped back with a curious squint and jut of her chin. “I mean I’m great with my tool – tools – all handcrafted.”


Kara forced out a laugh that only ended when a voice crackled over the loudspeaker to say that their Flight SC513 was delayed for at least 12 hours. The cacophony of groans around them signaled the start of mass panic.


As everyone began to push out of the gate, Kara turned to ask Lena if she wanted to grab a cab to the nearest hotel, but the enigmatic omega was already gone.


With a small shrug, Kara grabbed ahold of her own bags and wheeled them in the direction of the nearest air train. She clicked through her phone to find out that there was already a room reservation awaiting her at the Hilton near the airport.


It took her all of ten minutes to get to the hotel, and then Kara was content to change into her cozy pajamas, flop down on her bed and order room service.


She had a chicken wing stuffed into her mouth when she heard shouts from the next room over.


With the determination to ignore it, Kara reached for the TV remote and cranked the volume up to max. For about five minutes, Kara watched a nature documentary, and attempted to block out the noises from the room next door.


During a quieter montage of jellyfish, she recognized it was Lena’s voice she was hearing so close by. At intervals, Kara lowered the volume on the television to eavesdrop. Lena was in the middle of a phone conversation with someone, and judging by the level of her voice, she was upset.


Without even second guessing her instincts, Kara turned off the TV and stepped out into the hall. She raised her hand to knock at Lena’s door, and after a few quick raps, the omega ripped it open.


Even if Kara hadn’t overheard Lena’s end of argument, she could smell the distress all over Lena.


“Did you need something?” Lena snapped in aggravation and stared pointedly at Kara’s Snoopy pajamas.


“I just thought you might need some help,” Kara explained and glanced around Lena to check if anyone else was in the room. It was an error that she realized only when she noticed all of the sex toys were laid out on the bed on top of a towel.


Lena pulled the door halfway shut and stepped forward with a menacing little growl. “Who the hell do you think you are?”


“I didn’t mean—no, not like that—” Kara almost started to laugh from panic, but she pulled her smile into a tight grimace. “Gosh—I just overheard your argument, and I wanted to check to see if you’re okay—”


“The last thing I want is another alpha acting as if they know what I need,” Lena bit out viciously, and before Kara could even form a response, the omega stepped back and slammed the door in her face.


“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow!” Kara called out helplessly, and ventured back into her hotel room when it was clear that Lena was content to ignore her.


She ate the rest of her meal and occasionally muted the TV to see if Lena was busy, but there was only silence, and after a few hours Kara wondered if Lena had just gone to sleep.


Kara would have done the same if she could get Lena out of her head and the residual embarrassment of saying the wrong things at the worst time. She was starting to worry what it would be like to be stuck together on a flight with Lena, and after a few hours of tossing and turning, she decided the best way to clear her mind was with a drink to ensure a good night's sleep.


It pained her on some level to get dressed again, but the thought of the cold drink before bed spurred her out the door and right into the scent of Lena’s frustration.


Kara followed it all the way to the bar, and found Lena three drinks deep with a sour expression on her face. An older alpha was leaning into her space to hit on her.


Kara moved in fast when she saw his hand wander towards Lena’s lower back. She almost hip checked the omega in her rush to blurt, “Hey babe, sorry I’m late. Let me get you another drink to make up for that.” She flagged the bartender and shot a warning glance to the other alpha, who looked disturbed by her arrival.


“You owe me a lot more than a drink,” Lena drawled, and watched the older alpha walk off as the bartender placed another highball in front of her. “Coming to my rescue is a good start.”


Kara slid onto the next stool and chose a craft beer from the menu before glancing back at Lena. She used her alpha pheromones to ward off any other alphas from coming over, though she tried to be as casual as possible about it.


Lena’s scent was still scornful, but tolerant of Kara. They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes until Lena’s phone dinged and she glared down at it.


“Our flight has been rescheduled for 6 AM, so I hope you’re not planning on a late night,” Lena commented and took another sip of her drink.


“No, I was just having trouble sleeping, because—well, because, I thought I had offended you,” Kara admitted and reached for her craft beer with both hands as the bartender brought it over. “Believe me, that’s the last thing I want to do.”


Kara’s eyes got a little lost in Lena’s cleavage, and she had to force herself to face forward. She didn’t want to behave like the other alphas who were blatantly checking Lena out, but the omega’s fragrance was so seductive that she found herself jostling her knee in anxious excitement.


It startled Kara when a fan wandered over with a notebook extended in her direction. “Can I get your autograph?” The fan asked and Kara blinked owlishly down at the pen and paper until she clumsily realized she should sign her name.


“Sure—of course—of course I can do that for you.” Kara chuckled like a moron and scrawled something down on the paper in her neatest penmanship. “What’s your name?”


It was still weird to her whenever people recognized who she was, and Kara knew she sounded like a dork every time she met a fan.


“Thomas,” the fan replied, and held up a jacket from Kara’s new merchandise collection that Lena and her management team had created on her behalf.


Before Kara knew it, she was surrounded by a small group of fans, and Lena propped an arm on the bar and watched as Kara took selfies with all of them.


The impromptu session with fans went on for about thirty minutes, and Lena rolled her eyes when the last omega finally walked away.


“You literally play in the mud all day, and yet all of these people worship you,” Lena scoffed and gulped down the last of her drink, which must have been influencing her enough to speak candidly.


Kara wasn’t offended so much as amused by the slight slur of Lena’s speech and she had to press her lips together to prevent herself from laughing.


With a casual spin on her stool, she propped her elbow onto the bar to regard the omega and smiled when Lena narrowed her eyes. “I do like to get my hands dirty, so that’s fair, but I wouldn’t call it worship. They’re just impressed that someone can build things without a construction crew.”


“They’re glorifying an adult who plays in sand pits for a living,” Lena muttered under her breath, and heaved out a sigh when her phone began to ring. She sneered at the screen, her red painted lips parting to reveal shiny white teeth, and then she put the device into silent mode.


There was an elegance to Lena’s sharp attitude, and Kara couldn’t help but be drawn to it, even when the omega was using it against her. Kara scooted closer on her stool and casually glanced at the omega’s phone to see who was calling so late. The contact was listed as STFU and Kara almost spat out her mouthful of beer.


“Is that your boss, or another Youtuber you’re mad at?” Kara asked with a grin, but the look Lena drew her was anything but charmed by her wit.


“They wish they were my boss.” Lena stated matter-of-factly, and motioned to the bartender, who seemed to know she would request another drink. He slid it over without a word and Lena lifted it to her lips before she locked eyes with Kara to deadpan, “It’s my ex, and no, I don’t want to talk about it.”


Lena might have meant it at the time, but after she finished her drink and exchanged five heated texts, she spilled that she had only just broken it off with the alpha.


“It got to the point where everything came first before me,” Lena muttered around the rim of her glass with a self-deprecating little laugh, like she had told a private joke. “Then I realized I don’t need them. They weren’t giving me anything I couldn’t give myself, so I left.”


Kara was riveted and she barely noticed how she was leaning closer to Lena in interest. “Wow, when was that?”


“This morning. I just packed up everything that I kept at their place and walked out.” Lena smirked and angled herself towards Kara to peer up at her with heavily lidded eyes. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been waiting months for any kind of contact, so really the relationship has been over for…” She tipped her head back as if trying to recount the exact number of days, then exhaled dramatically, “Forever.”


“You deserve better than that, Lena.” Kara propped her hand on her chin, and she would have been content to listen to Lena’s troubles all night had the omega not swayed off her stool.


Kara had two seconds to reach out and grab her before Lena landed on her ass. The legs of the stool squeaked as Lena almost fell, but Kara wrapped her arm around Lena’s waist.


“It’s fine—I’m fine,” Lena huffed, clutching at Kara’s shirt to keep herself steady and on her feet.


“I’ll walk you back to your room,” Kara offered, and guided the omega towards the exit with a complete awareness of how many alphas were staring in envy.


A few of them nodded at her, and it bothered Kara that anyone would assume she would take advantage of Lena when drunk. It made her feel outraged on Lena’s behalf, and Kara glared at the alpha by the door and puffed her chest up to get him to back off.


“Let’s get you tucked into bed,” Kara whispered into Lena’s ear, and she had the very awkward experience of not only seeing Lena back to her room, but also going inside of it. She helped Lena take off her heels and placed two bottles of water next to the bed.


Lena curled up with her face against one of the pillows and the blankets pulled up to her chin.


Half asleep already and too drunk to be thinking with a clear mind, Lena reached out to touch Kara’s shoulder.


“You know, you could stay and remind me what sex with a real alpha is like.” Lena slurred her speech and blinked as exhaustion took her over.


Kara knew it was the alcohol talking, and froze up as Lena tried to grasp at her shirt again. She had to be gentle in disentangling herself from Lena, and then she hesitated by the door with her hand hovering above the light switch.


“A real alpha would show you that you’re special, and they would never sleep with you when you’ve had too much to drink.” Kara’s voice and feelings were firm on that, and she turned off the lights before leaving.


The next morning when she knocked on Lena’s door, she found that the omega had already checked out. Kara never thought anything of it until she arrived at the terminal and Lena pointedly avoided her, even when she called out to greet the omega.


The awkward situation got worse when they were directed into first class together, and Kara waited until the stewardess walked off before leaning across the aisle to whisper, “Is everything okay? If you’re worried about last night—”


“Find some other way to entertain yourself for the duration of the flight, Miss Danvers.” Lena curtly stated, and maintained intense eye contact while she opened a bottle of sleeping pills and then dry swallowed two.


Kara wasn’t sure if she should laugh, or ask if Lena was afraid of flying. In the end she did neither as a smartly dressed stewardess pushed a cart towards her and offered her a glass of champagne.


“The sun hasn’t even come up yet,” Kara pointed out as she accepted the flute of alcohol, and when she glanced at Lena for her opinion, she found the omega was already out cold.


Kara took a page out of Lena’s book and tried to sleep for as long as possible once they had taken off, though she found herself stealing glances at the omega throughout the whole flight. She itched to talk to her and smooth over the tension that was between them, but even when they landed, Lena seemed intent to ignore her at every opportunity.


It was only once they arrived at the resort that Lena finally acknowledged her.


“I hope you’re ready to do your thing,” Lena remarked as a golf cart rolled up to collect them.


“Why are we here?” Kara asked in confusion and glanced at the cameras being set up in a place beneath the trees. “I thought I was building today, and tomorrow is the interview?”


“You’re correct about the schedule,” Lena huffed in annoyance and pointed to a spot where the grass had already been partially torn up. “That’s where you’ll build. I know it’s not exactly the Australian outback, but no one at home needs to know that.”


“But I’ll know,” Kara complained with hoarse insistence and followed Lena into the golf cart. “This isn’t authentic. I don’t want to lie to my viewers, especially when this is going to be on television.”


“Have you ever seen a commercial?” Lena questioned and lifted her expensive sunglasses to glare at Kara.” All of those pizza advertisements with the gooey warm cheese. They lie. Most of that is glue and art supplies. Besides, you might be accustomed to jungle life, but I refuse to camp outdoors.”


Kara firmed her jaw at the remark and sucked in a breath as she squinted at Lena thoughtfully. “Is your phone fully charged?” she asked, and Lena scoffed as though she was stupid.


“I’m at 93%, why, is there someone you want to call?” The sharpness to Lena’s tone almost sounded jealous, and she must have realized it, because the omega scowled down at her screen and pursed her lips together.


“Nope,” Kara answered and waited for the cart to come to a stop outside their hotel before grabbing their bags.


“What are you doing?” Lena asked when she caught sight of Kara rolling her suitcase to the line of cabs waiting for tourists to leave the resort.


Kara grinned at her as she popped the trunk on the closet cab and loaded their belongings into it with the kind of confidence that came naturally to her.


“What you should have done as my manager,” Kara fired back with glee as she opened the passenger door and motioned for Lena to get in.


The omega flared her nostrils in anger and refused point blank to move until Kara plucked her cell phone from her hand and tossed it into the back seat.


“You asshole,” Lena hissed under her breath, and flung herself across the seat to grab the iPhone.


Kara casually slid in next to her before Lena could try to escape.


“Take us to the bush,” Kara instructed the driver, and Lena’s scent shifted to one of rage as she buckled in.


“Are you out of your mind?” Lena grit out, and grabbed Kara by the forearm so she could furiously chastise her. “You just asked a stranger to drive us to the middle of nowhere in a foreign country. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?”


“You need to learn to relax,” Kara stated bluntly, albeit through a smile. “Some fresh air and nature will do you good. Besides, this is Australia. Trust me. We’ll be back in about twelve hours.”


“Twelve hours?” Lena snarled, already typing off a series of texts to someone while she glared at Kara.


“You’ve never actually watched my videos, have you?” Kara laughed, and reclined into her seat to watch the world go by as they sped off.


The cab driver was familiar with all of north Queensland and drove them to a part of the bush where Kara would have access to the right natural materials. Kara unpacked and started to set up her camera in the middle of the wooded spot.


Lena sat on top of her luggage and sulked until Kara began unbuttoning her shirt. The slight shift of Lena’s scent spoke of interest, and Kara made sure her abs were on display when she faced her.


Kara’s simple tank top clung to her like a second skin, and she tried not to grin when the omega pretended to be busy with her phone.


Crafting all of the tools from stones and fallen tree branches took about thirty minutes, and then Kara hacked down thin trees and slender bamboo shoots. She made the effort to flex whenever she caught Lena watching her, and carried her bounty without breaking a sweat.


Kara dug deep holes for the foundations in the mud and hammered them in, then spent the next several hours weaving the thinner stalks through the poles to create an almost mesh like fence. She was methodical and took her time, even when Lena sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes.


After she finished the first part of the work, Kara trudged over to the nearest lake, and began digging a small pit to gather up mud clay she would use to shape the walls.


“You’re getting absolutely covered in that,” Lena commented from the sidelines as she hate-watched the entire process. “You even have it on your face.”


Kara smiled to herself as she wiped the smudge from her cheek. “It’s all part of the fun.” She insisted, and slapped the mud down near the hut she was building.


With careful hands, Kara began piling it onto the sticks and shoots and smoothed it out in a thick layer. Slowly but surely, the hut began to take the shape of a small house, and Kara smirked when she saw Lena’s surprised expression.


She carried on until all four walls were finished, and then gathered up some dried twigs and leaves and hunkered down next to Lena to begin a fire. The small ember began to smoke after about a minute of spinning the stick by rolling it between her palms.


“You’ll burn the whole forest down,” Lena uttered, but her voice was soft and awed, and she was gawking at Kara like she had just seen her perform magic.


“Watch,” Kara chuckled and tipped the smoldering ember into the little nest of dried foliage before blowing on it.


The twigs smoked furiously and then a tiny flame erupted from the top. Kara moved fast, cradling the kindling in her palm to place it between a small stack of wood she had gathered earlier. As the fire took hold, Kara contained it with a ring of mud and stones and then sat back to admire her work.


“Admit it,” Kara said with a pleased smile. “You're a little bit impressed.”


“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” Lena lied and stuck her chin in the air with a snobbish smirk. “Just tell me when you’re done. I’m dying for a margarita and a soak in the tub.”


“I could make you an outdoor pool right here, or we could go for a swim in the lake,” Kara suggested, and picked through her belongings to find a woven basket she used to carry water.


Lena glared in disdain and put out her hand to stop Kara from disappearing into the trees again. “No, that’s quite enough for one day. It’s blistering hot and I want to get back to the hotel.”


“C’mon, where’s the fun in that?” Kara asked as she threw her bucket aside. “Just go for a swim with me in the lake, and then we can lay out and dry in front of the fire.”


What must have sealed the deal was the moment she decided to strip off her tank top. Her defined abs attracted Lena’s notice, and Kara might have held a few tense poses just to show off before she pulled down her pants. With nothing but a sports bra and boxers on, she waded into the water and splashed in the shallows.


Lena stared at her with an open mouth and then tucked her phone into her bag before removing her ridiculously expensive heels.


Out of the corner of her eye, Kara could see the omega undoing the buttons on her blouse and unzipping her skirt until she wore nothing but a black bra and panties.


“I would tell you to turn around so I can put on my swimsuit, but I don’t trust you not to peek,” Lena called out with a smile that dimpled one cheek, and Kara knew the omega was playfully joking with her.


Kara paused mid splash as Lena toed the water and took her first steps into the lake.


Lena was breathtaking with or without clothing, and Kara’s head emptied of all thoughts as she stared at the omega.


“It’s rude to stare, you know.” Lena uttered with a devastatingly seductive lilt that made Kara grateful for the water around her waist. She splashed at Lena if only to distract her, and laughed at the omega’s scandalized look.


“If you smear my make-up—”


“You’ll book me into another resort so I can ruin their petunias?” Kara quipped with a bright grin.


It must have been infectious, because Lena cracked a smile of her own that held no hostility and squinted back at Kara. “Exactly, so you better be nice to me, Kara. As your manager, I have the power to make sure the only mud you’ll get your hands on is the luxurious kind you get in spas.”


Were they flirting? Kara certainly hoped so, and doubled down by gliding through the water until she was close enough to Lena to feel the omega’s breath when she exhaled.


“Oh, I can be very nice,” Kara insisted, and if her gaze lingered on Lena’s lips, it was hardly her fault. “Should I give you a demonstration of that, too?”


Lena’s attention had also strayed to Kara’s mouth, and for a second, it seemed like the omega might mock her some more.


Instead, Lena reached for Kara’s face with both hands and they kissed until Lena let out a quiet and dirty moan. They were both using tongue, and Kara tried to stay cool as Lena’s hand slipped right into her boxers.


Kara blinked in surprise as Lena’s fingers curled around her cock and groaned at her own instant stiffness.


“It seems like you do want to be nice to me,” Lena whispered against her mouth and began to stroke Kara’s cock in earnest.


“So nice,” Kara groaned in agreement and pulled open the hooks at the back of Lena’s bra. She threw it to shore and palmed Lena’s full breasts while marveling at her beautiful nipples.


Kara’s toes curled as Lena rubbed up and down her shaft. She forgot all about the fact that they were in the middle of a forest and that her camera was still rolling. Her hips moved in tempo to Lena’s skilled hand maneuvers and a warm rush of desire shot from the tip of her cock.


The exquisite scent that came from Lena was a lure for Kara’s alpha. Her erection throbbed with an almost painful need to be buried inside Lena’s cunt.


“When was the last time you went into heat?” Kara asked before they went too far and took any risks.


“My heat isn’t for another three weeks,” Lena muttered, and then she held up her thong, which dangled from her fingers and dripped water down her wrist.


Seeing Lena’s drenched panties made Kara’s tongue practically hang out and she had to force her mouth to shut. Her attraction to Lena was obvious from her erection and the awkward stutter she temporarily developed. “Oh gosh—that’s—that’s really good news.”


Lena stared at her with a critical and pointed look until Kara recovered her confidence and reached out to give a firm squeeze to each of Lena’s gorgeous tits.


“It’s been about a week since I went into rut,” Kara considered as she took turns rubbing Lena’s nipples and kissing them until they were hard in her mouth. “So we have nothing to worry about, except the fact that we’re far away from a comfortable bed.”


Lena bit her lip while she watched Kara play with her breasts, and then clutched harder at Kara’s cock. “I’m sure you regret taking me out here to the middle of nowhere—“


That sensual grip was working up Kara’s alpha. After all of Lena’s judgment, Kara wanted nothing more than to bend the omega over and give her dozens of incredible orgasms just to prove herself.


Kara knew it was a wonderful shock to Lena when she slipped a hand between the omega’s thighs and teased her swollen clit. She glimpsed the startled expression on Lena’s face and the moan that instantly came to her lips. Lena tried to fight her own pleasure, but Kara was great with her hands and her fingers delivered a delectable slow rub to Lena’s cunt.


For as shy as Kara typically was, she could be just as bold when the occasion called for it, and she saw the exact moment when she won over Lena’s omega.


“We can do anything out here that we could do at a five star resort,” Kara whispered and stared into Lena’s unfocused green eyes until they became clearer again, like the surface of a lake after rainfall. “Just tell me what you like, Lena. What you need.”


“Everything,” Lena admitted with a tinge of redness to her cheeks, and as Kara gave a thorough massage between the legs, she exhaled a sigh that became a grittier moan.


“Tell me specifics,” Kara urged and pushed her fingers down to Lena’s entrance, providing a cursory attention to build her natural arousal. “Do you want my fingers inside of you?”


“Yes,” Lena softly whined, and Kara entered her up to a knuckle and crooked her finger to thrust into the omega’s sensitive spot. “Fuck.”


The tiniest blush of shame covered Lena’s face and Kara had the impression that there was something the omega wanted to confide in her, something she was holding back. Kara lifted the omega from the water and carried her to where she had left some of the comfortable woven thatching in front of the hut she had built. She grabbed towels from her suitcase and patted Lena dry in front of the fire.


Lena was staring at her erection with hooded and glassy eyes, and Kara saw her gesture to her suitcase. “Open that for me, please. You’ve already seen what’s in it.”


Kara hesitated before pulling back the zipper and getting a second glimpse at Lena’s whole collection. What she hadn’t noticed the first time around was a pretty jeweled plug.


Lena shyly took it from the case, swept it through some of her arousal, and then gave it back to Kara to insert in her.


Kara had never dated an omega who was into sexual exploration outside of standard vanilla experimentation — and she gasped quietly as she nestled the plug in between Lena’s ass cheeks and pushed it snug inside.


Up close, she could see Lena’s aroused and open cunt, the peek of darker red and the light pink lips that were wet just for her. She stroked two fingers over Lena’s entrance, and pushed them inside just enough to watch the way her tight warmth clenched.


Kara wanted to experience it in her mouth and bent forward to taste Lena’s arousal. She satisfied Lena’s libido with lasting, slow licks from the omega’s wet opening up to her clit. The repetitive path of Kara’s tongue was exciting Lena into a fit of trembles.


Lena rocked her hips and threw her head back with a whimper. “God, you’re so good at that. Not that I expected you to be bad—”


Kara could tell that was exactly what Lena had expected, and she smiled into the omega’s cunt as she lapped up the glistening evidence that Lena wanted her. She planned to build up Lena’s orgasm even more skillfully than she built any of her structures.


Every time Kara pulled back to glance down at Lena’s cunt, she saw her entrance flutter. Kara filled her with a finger and sucked on her clit with just the right amount of pressure. Lena moaned and positioned her hand at the back of Kara’s head. From all of the taut muscles in Lena’s thighs and stomach, Kara could feel her getting close.


Kara wrapped her lips around Lena’s clit and then moved her tongue in a languid stroke. It powered Lena through a quick orgasm, and unbeknownst to either of them, the camera continued to roll as Lena moaned out Kara’s name.


“So, want to accompany me on a trip to Thailand next month to continue my latest series?” Kara asked, and glanced up at Lena’s beautiful, blissed out face.


“You’re really just going to invite me on a business trip after making me come like that—” Lena emphasized and then leaned up on both elbows to see Kara’s cock fully hard.


“So is that a yes?” Kara questioned with a tilt of her head and a tiny hopeful smile that spread into a grin.


“Do I look like I enjoy being out in the wild with the bugs and the dirt and the—what?” Lena spat incredulously, her dark eyebrows pulling together in a serious frown. “Why are you laughing?”


Kara pressed her palm to her mouth until she could compose herself and bask in the beauty of the omega. Lena was a vision with her wet hair and full breasts, and those dusky nipples made Kara’s mouth water.


Watching Lena laid out on a mat that Kara had crafted with her bare hands was a boost for her alpha.


Lena’s cunt was still sporadically clenching from her climax and the little jewel resting between her cheeks sparkled in the hot Australian sun. Kara couldn’t help but stare in appreciation. “From my vantage point I’d say you love being out in the wild.”


Lena scoffed at the remark, though she blushed prettily at the way Kara admired her.


“Come with me,” Kara tried again, and ran her palms up Lena’s calves to part her legs wider. It gave Lena a better view of Kara’s cock, and she chose that moment to release her own pheromones. “I promise to make it fun and worth your while.”


“Consider this a test run, and maybe I’ll let you build me a love shack on every continent,” Lena crooned and touched the side of Kara’s face when their bodies connected for the first time.


Kara drew an intake of breath when her cock pushed into Lena’s soft cunt. She took two shallow thrusts before sliding the rest of her length into Lena. The temptation to thrust harder was almost impossible to resist and she had to pace herself. She could feel the plug pressed against her cock with every plunge and the motion rubbed the sensitive underside of her shaft. Lena cunt seemed tighter because of it, and Kara could tell she enjoyed the fullness from the breathy way she whimpered.


Kara grunted softly in spite of herself and leaned forward on her hands so she could work her pelvis and pick up speed.


“If you don’t absolutely rail me in this rain forest, I’m going to unsubscribe,” Lena teased with a tiny smirk and an arch of her eyebrow.


Lena’s smirk went away as Kara began to pound into her cunt with long lunges. It stole quiet moans from Lena’s lips and desperate whimpers, and the omega lifted her legs to wrap them around Kara.


Kara hooked her hand under Lena’s backside to pull her forward as she filled up her cunt.


“You’re going to be my biggest fan after this,” Kara breathed out, though the joke was a little flat as her attention was divided between thrusting and glancing downward at Lena’s stretching pussy.


The omega’s exquisite and tight channel was clinging around her thick base and Kara sank in deep just for the visual. She heard the difference as Lena’s moans turned into lower and filthier little noises of pleasure. It affected Kara’s alpha and pheromones, and she watched Lena’s breasts bounce with her faster thrusts until she grabbed them with a rougher grip. She kissed Lena’s neck and left behind light bruises on her perfect skin, just with her lips and not with her teeth.


“That makes it feel like you’re going to claim me,” Lena whimpered and canted her head back to bare her throat in sexual submission.


“You might be my manager, Lena, but right now I’m in charge.” Kara gave a forceful squeeze to each of her breasts to confirm it, and then left hand prints over her ass by holding Lena in the position she desired.


“Show me, show me you’re in charge,” Lena begged.


Kara placed her fingers around Lena’s throat and they kissed while mating. Lena went into a rapture of moaning when Kara rubbed at her pussy and slammed into her.


The intense heat and narrowing of Lena’s inner walls was irresistible. It demanded all of Kara’s self discipline not to empty inside of Lena the second she felt glorious pulsations of orgasm around her cock.


“Oh, fuck, yes, fuck Kara—“


Lena’s first climax brought a whole new level of wet warmth. The omega was even more sexually needy afterwards, and Kara wasted no time in pulling out and putting Lena down on her knees. Kara’s cock was aching to push all of its seed into her and to seal it in with a huge knot. She had to be in control of herself and hesitated for a moment to get her bearings.


“Let me see how good that was for you,” Kara breathed out heavily, and opened Lena’s legs just for a glimpse of the still-going spasms inside.


“This good,” Lena expressed and crawled on her knees to position herself in front of Kara rather than facing away.


The omega gathered up her hair in one hand and then bent forward to pop her lips around Kara’s hard erection. The tip of Kara’s cock brushed against Lena’s cheek, and Kara let out a groan of surprise from the sudden and unexpected worship.


Lena puckered her mouth and sucked away all of her own arousal, along with the hot rush of Kara’s barely contained excitement. Kara could feel Lena swallowing and the soft caresses of her tongue. She was mesmerized by the wild way Lena moved and plunged her plush lips over her shaft.


“Lee—Lena.“ Kara could barely speak her name with how fiercely Lena was sucking her off.


Lena refused to answer for her actions, and only looked up at Kara with passionate intent in her eyes as she continued to slide Kara’s cock deep into her throat.


It took some of the last reserves of Kara’s willpower to grab Lena by the jaw and stop the incredible oral devotion.


“What is it?” Lena asked in confusion, but she seemed to understand as Kara pushed her by the hips back onto her hands and knees.


“I’m going to come inside of you,” Kara breathed and kneeled behind her to massage an ass cheek. Her thumb pressed down for a second on the jewel and then she traced her fingers over Lena’s slit.


Lena let out a small gasp and lowered her face against the woven mat so she could open her legs to Kara and get into a position for deeper penetration.


Kara slipped back into her hot pussy and spread Lena’s liquid silk up and down her shaft with halting thrusts. It tortured her to go slow, but it made her cock throb and Lena’s inner muscles tighten. She knew that her own climax was going to be powerful, like a seismic wave that would open Lena’s cunt for a huge knot. Lena was moaning and pushing back against her, and Kara took that as her cue to speed up. The omega’s hair was swinging loosely around her shoulders and her breasts rocked with her as Kara pounded into her harder than before.


With the sounds of the rainforest around them and the filthy groans and grunts they each breathed to life, it was easy to get lost in carnal satisfaction. Kara’s alpha was dominantly on display as she reveled in her primal urges and answered the whining omega by securing a firm hand around Lena’s throat. Her other hand gripped at Lena’s hip and Kara made sure to pull Lena roughly into every energetic buck.


The force of Kara’s thrusts stung her own thighs and Lena’s groans became garbled blissful nonsense as her jaw went slack. Kara put every ounce of power she had into fucking Lena. Her muscles strained and flexed and then Lena unraveled beautifully. The omega’s cunt pulsed wetly around Kara’s shaft with such strong contractions that Kara was only able to push forward once more before she jerked uncontrollably with a grunt.


Kara’s cock throbbed in the hot confines of Lena’s cunt and a flood of warm seed spurted out of her. She was in so deep that when her knot began she didn’t have to force it into Lena’s channel, and the omega whined from the pressure of it. Lena’s soft keening moans called to Kara’s alpha ego and she held her close as her knot formed fully.


She wanted to ask if this was what Lena needed, but it went without saying when Lena turned to kiss her. The lazy way their lips met together told its own story of the euphoria they shared and Kara soothed Lena’s cunt by massaging around her obscenely stretched entrance.


“Do you still want to go back to the resort?” Kara asked and pushed a curl behind Lena’s ear before leaning in to kiss her again.


“Of course I do, but we’re sort of stuck for a while.” Lena motioned to the knot with mischief in her smile and cupped Kara’s cheek as their lips locked. “I hope you’re into snuggling after sex, because that could be a major deal breaker for me—"


“I am definitely into snuggling,” Kara promised and kept her arm around Lena’s waist as she glanced back at the omega’s suitcase. “I’m into lots of things.”


It was a not so subtle way to express that she wanted Lena to feel comfortable opening up about her sexual interests.


Lena’s eyes went wide as she picked up on what Kara was hinting. “I’ve always wanted to be with an alpha I could trust completely with my desires. That hasn’t happened yet, so I’ve kept them to myself.” Her pale face turned a bright rosy shade as she avoided mentioning specifics.


Kara didn’t want to push the omega into revealing things she might regret, though her pheromones told of her hopes of discovering all of Lena’s sexual proclivities.


“You could bring your case to Thailand,” Kara suggested, her lips finding the faint blushes that her mouth had left on Lena’s neck. “Or maybe you can let me take a look at what you have when we get back to the hotel. You can show me how they all work.”


There was no denying Lena’s interest when her cunt squeezed Kara’s knot in excitement. The omega tipped her chin up so Kara could worship at the sensitive skin of her neck and let out a breathy moan. “I suppose you can come to my room before our dinner with the network. They want to meet you before we go live tomorrow.”


“What about after?” Kara asked, her fingers circling at Lena’s clit just to keep her hips subtly rolling. “It would be a shame if we didn’t put that five star bed to good use.”


Lena smirked at how forward she was being and pulled Kara’s hand onto her breast as she lilted, “Do you expect me to get all my sleep on the flight back?”


“It worked for you coming over,” Kara pointed out and grinned when Lena laughed.


“I was embarrassed,” Lena confided, then bit her lip as she glanced at Kara through her long lashes. “I thought you rejected me – an alpha that spends all day in the mud. My ego was bruised.”


“Well, I’ll just have to make it up to you.” Kara could already think of a number of ways to show Lena that she was very wanted. “I’ll start by handling all of the clean-up.”


“Sounds like a plan. I’m already covered in enough dirt as it is,” Lena remarked with a critical glance at her sullied arms and legs.


After the knot softened, Kara fixed their little camp site and packed all of the equipment while Lena phoned for someone to pick them up.


They were late making it back to the resort, so Lena re-scheduled their dinner with the network, and reserved a table for brunch the next morning before Kara’s interview.


That should have freed up the whole night for Kara to edit the footage — but as soon as she opened her laptop back in her suite, Lena snatched the SD card right out of her hand.


“I’ll just pop this into the mail and send it to your new editor,” Lena hummed and found a manila envelope in the desk drawer.


“Honestly, Lena, I don’t mind editing my own work.” Kara hunched in her seat as Lena taped the envelope shut and called the front desk to have a bellhop retrieve it.


“Nonsense, you’re a big celebrity now, and besides, don’t you want to spend more time with me?” Lena lilted and carried the envelope off to the door to wait.


It didn’t take long for the bellhop to appear, and when he walked off with all of Kara’s footage, she felt unburdened and strangely high on adrenaline.


She thought about the whole afternoon she had spent with Lena, and all of the filming she handled without the help of a crew — and then she was hit with a sudden epiphany.


“Lena, we have to get that footage back.” Kara blurted and shot up from her cozy spot on the bed, where she had settled after taking a shower.


Lena was wearing a light robe with a sexy tropical print, and she was in the process of untying it when Kara ran for the door.


Lena’s attempt at calming Kara was ineffective as she followed her out into the hall. “I understand why you’d want to give it your own magical touch, but I assure you our editors are very competent, and they’ll do exactly what you would normally do—”


“Will they edit out the part where I’m deep inside of you?” Kara hissed under her breath, and regretted it the moment she walked by an older couple in the hall.


Lena’s jaw dropped in shock before she hurried onto the elevator with Kara. “You filmed us?” Her whispered shriek got the attention of another alpha, who smirked and then schooled his face to a more bland expression.


Kara could smell accusation all over Lena, and she shook her head as she slammed her hand into the button to take them down to the lobby. “No—I mean, I did, but it wasn’t intentional. I just knew I left the camera rolling when we went for a swim, and then the battery was dead by the time we finished. I didn’t even think—”


They came to a halt in the lobby when they saw the envelope in the hand of a courier, who was exiting the resort.


Kara had to weave through a bunch of people just to get outside. She stepped through the double glazed doors just in time to watch the courier whizz off on an electric scooter.


Lena was already on her phone to the local office and requesting that the intern send back the package whenever it arrived.


“I’ll get it back,” Lena informed her when she hung up, and they were both standing in the pick-up area beside a towering gum tree. “But for god’s sake, next time be more careful.”


“There’s going to be a next time?” Kara questioned with a small squeak in her voice, which she coughed away. “I thought you’d be so mad—”


“Oh, I am mad,” Lena corrected and put a hand on her hip in blame, even as she also opened her robe just a tad to flash Kara. “But I’ll just take it out on you in other ways. We have about an hour or two to wait while that courier makes a round trip, and Kara — I expect you to make good use of that time.”