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Gen never considered himself a good person.

He was so focused on learning about the human mind and magic that he never really paid attention to the surroundings of him until it was too late.
From that moment, he did not believe himself more than a creeping being capable of dragging you into a mental abyss in order to survive. They called him a superficial bat and the people who saw him grow up just looked away and took him for a stranger, as if he were a threat to his little town.

Gen hates himself for being so disinterested in what he did not like, thanks to that they did not even leave him alone in his town, he had to leave, build a future from scratch, make a name for himself, earn recognition.

Gen would not let anyone else come near, that was the golden rule that he had kept unbroken for many, many years, even when he obtained the reputation he desired and was respected among wizards. That, until he decided to have a fixed place to live.

His plan was simple, he would simply live in Ishigami Villa selling potions, spells, enchanted weapons and other things, he would only interact with the inhabitants for business and that's it.

However, everything was ruined when he extended his hand to Luna, a girl who had a really bad time, and offered to make her apprentice to her along with another girl from the town, to give her a place to live.
He did it to help her because he knew how difficult it was to live that way, what he never thought was that he would end up loving both girls.

He hates himself for thinking that living in the country would give him the quiet life he hoped for.

The only good thing was that the inhabitants did not seem to have the slightest interest in relating to him, he did not complain, that was what he wanted from the beginning.
He was a bit lonely at first, but he could handle it if Luna and Suika stayed by his side.
He was curious how before he didn't mind being alone until those girls came into his life, he felt that he could deal with everything that got in his way.

That was his sentence.

He laments in the depths of her mind, in a common day he neglected his sight and it ended up on the back of a young man with peculiar hair. His clothes were unkempt and he was carrying a book that looked like it would break if he was mistreated.

Gen hates himself, he couldn't take his eyes off the alchemist and he couldn't close himself in time before he discovered him, before he knew it, he was helping the boy.

And enjoying his company, he learned from everything the ojicarmine did; he learned to take a liking to what bled him, to appreciate the art of alchemy, the art that Senku seemed to love more than anything.

He spent a lot of time with the ruby-eyed one, showing him about magic by being an equal in that realm, teaching his students about everything and whoever he wanted to join as he taught. Before he knew it, he had earned the love of the village.

He hates himself, if he had not softened none of that would have happened.
Asagiri Gen, the mentalist, the wizard, the shallow bat, the lying bastard, the attempted con man, was now vulnerable.

I don't know he was complaining, everything was wonderful, he seemed to be happy together with the new friends he had made, serving in his store, teaching the children, helping those who needed a hand, running away whenever Senku wanted to put him to do heavy work, doing what he loved most, what else would he want at that moment?

Everything was going well until the ojicarmine showed him in great detail the book he was investigating. One that was in an unfamiliar language and that for some reason he was managing to translate, one that, according to his eyes and instincts, was a high threat.

Gen hates himself for not being more convincing, letting Senku do whatever he wants and even poking fun at his paranoia.

The only thing he could do to keep the alchemist safe was not telling him about the pattern on the seals that prevented him from reading the other spells on it, he knew he would find out sooner or later, he would just pretend he didn't notice .

Sure, as if Senku was going to believe that stupid excuse.

The seasons pass, they both coexist, they know each other more and more, a year passes.
A year that was a blast for Gen.
A year where I love everything.
One more year where he hated himself.

Gen hates himself, because he feels inadequate.
Gen hates himself, because he feels there is plenty of it.
Gen hates himself, because he knows that he will never measure up to Senku.
Gen hates himself, because he knows that he will never be able to occupy Senku's mind.

Why was he standing next to a person who seemed not to recognize his abilities? Why is it that every time Gen could turn things in their favor, Senku wouldn't let him do his job? Senku didn't trust him? Why was that damn book taking his attention to the point of endangering him? What was this fucking interest due to? That year he had discovered another spell, why couldn't he heed his warnings?

That book was dangerous, that book defied rules that no spell should break, it was capable of outsmarting even the four pillars of magic, they shouldn't have that book! Senku did not want to understand that, he was risking too much, at that rate they would be killed at some point, this fact was making him desperate.
But he was not able to stop Senku, he could not, he could never do it.

That was why they were in that completely snowy forest, fighting for their lives with their friends, facing the cold magic that that woman with jet black hair and sharp eyes used to try to kill them. Two strangers had ambushed them on the way to the village and we had no choice but to fight.

The wizard was scared, the woman was strong, fast and agile, she was having too much trouble overriding her magic and she almost always failed, she could not be careless or else they would kill her.
Kohaku was quite injured and the magic that Senku could use at that moment was weak, if he died, he would leave them at the mercy of whoever they were.

The magical pressure of that cut hurts her hands, the woman takes the opportunity to get closer and start a close confrontation, but Gen pushes her with a cold fire and increases the distance, their blood staining the pure color of the snow.
If she managed to get close, he would be dead.

He casts cold fire and summer wind to use strong and constant gusts, he needed to save as much magic as possible and that was only possible using simple spells.
However, in the middle of the confrontation she manages to hear a heartbreaking scream that leaves her heart in her throat and makes her turn around.

The blood stains his face, he sees Senku throw the book at him before falling, he hears Kohaku exclaim the name of his friend, he manages to take the book and decides to break his silence, he realizes that he is not as fragile as he thought .
It no longer mattered that Senku found out about the spells, he just wanted to help him and Kohaku.
He holds the book against his chest.

Gen hates himself, how was it possible that he fell in love with that person?

He feels a stab on his shoulder and a magical current hits him with force, his fire expands and he manages to freeze the sorceress, he manages to see how she gets a small bleeding spiral in his hand and that alone it makes everything worse.
She is cursed.
He he clings to the book.

He hears Ryu's voice calling him, but turns a deaf ear.

He feels her left cheek crack and burn, he feels her mold and it causes him great pain. He takes her hand to try to know what was happening, but when he removes it, he only manages to see blood on the palm of her hand.

Great, and that seemed to expand. He lets out a gasp as he makes a circle of fire surround his friends, the book moving its pages quickly, as if he was excited to be in his arms.

Finally the battle resumes with a strong shock of wind that penetrated the bones of anyone, each one striving to put an end to it even if it was within his limits.

Gen hates himself for not being able to do more than listen to Kohaku speaking to Senku to keep him awake.
Gen hates himself because he can't cut the fight any further.

At one point they both start casting basic elemental spells to distract their opponent, Asagiri knew that she was preparing something, and at that moment he would have to draw the winning card.
A spell from the book that he mocked the four pillars of magic.

She stops and begins to recite a song well known to her misfortune, one that, until now, she has not found a way to reverse it. A green light emerges from the darkness.

Gen hates himself for being so incompetent.

The book shakes violently, emits a blue light and the eyes of the two-colored young man shine like never before, his gaze lowered and he begins to recite the song in the text firmly and without pauses, but being careful with what he said, a minimum error and I would have to start all over again.

The lights mix and fight each other for the one that will stand out, the masters raise their voices more and more and the wind pushes the wounded back, putting out the fire and covering both magicians at times.

The chanting ends, the lights get louder and only one order was missing to finish this once and for all.
There is no snow, no cold, or anything. It's just Gen, Ryu's voice, and the blue light.

Gen hates himself for feeling peace in that momentary void.

"One hundred meters, one second. "

A strange sound floods the place and the green light expands, being seen from the villa.


Finally, after the chaos, everything ends.

Gen was on his feet, shaking, in a deplorable and even pathetic state, as he shot his enemy a hard look. He closes the book and the magic among the magicians falls, he stops protecting them except for the mentalist's friends.

A barrier, that was what allowed him to continue standing without anything happening to them, and this allowed him to confirm that she was not the main culprit for this, he was only following orders.

She tries to stay on her feet, however, the wounds, the spent magic and the exhaustion begin to hit her hard and she ends up on her knees spitting blood. She had exceeded her limit.

"You finished? "He asks under the bicolor when he does not feel her jaw, his cheek and neck hurt, Ryu's voice becomes stronger and stronger, his magic does not stop disappearing, he is sleepy.

The jet does not look up, rather she lowers her head more and remains silent, accepting her defeat.

This relieves Gen, but not by much when she sees a shadow take the shape of something, rather, someone. She opens the book again and remains on guard, still shaking.

Gen hates himself because she knows that if she attacked him at that time he possibly would be killed.

He can't make out the silhouette, the darkness thickened after the last attack, however, the shadow doesn't pay attention to him, he just picks up something from the ground and vanishes as fast as he appeared.
The trembling in his body increases, what the hell was that?

Ryu starts singing, and Gen doesn't try to ignore her this time.

"Oi, Gen!" She hears a distant voice behind her and allows herself to turn slightly, focusing on the yellow coat of a good friend accompanied by two other people.

"Ukyo-chan ..." she whispers to herself, and the exhaustion this time is literally killing him.

Gen hates herself, that winter day she did not say goodbye to her students correctly.
Gen hates himself, she let the trip be delayed more than necessary.
Gen hates himself, he let the night catch them.
Gen hates herself, she allowed herself to stop when they met someone on the way to the village.
Gen hates himself, being the driver he let Senku speak.
Gen hates himself, he was not quick enough to get out of a seal spell, both he and Senku and Kohaku were caught.
Gen hates himself, seeing that Senku was involved in a fight the option to flee was erased from his mind immediately.

How did he think that living in the country would be a good idea? He was suffering more than he should, that wasn't fair! He came to avoid a curse, not to rush it!

He was fed up, fed up! He had sullied magic, the one that was his art, to save someone who did not even value his effort to help him or to be by his side, someone who did not recognize his ability and who never listened to him when he said to propose something that would be beneficial. for both.

He had been about to die, he did not want to die! He hadn't done anything to be directly involved in that situation!

Gen hates himself, because despite everything, he doesn't feel the strength to hate Senku.

As soon as he manages to observe that they begin to see the state of the alchemist, the bicolor can fully pay attention to the words that Ryu has been whispering for a long time.
He finally lets himself fall, ceasing to feel the stabbing pain that invaded his limbs, feeling at peace again as soon as he stops listening to his surroundings.

Finally, he heeds Ryu's song, who welcomes him with open arms.

Gen hates himself.
The last thing he thought of before completely losing consciousness was that Senku was already safe.