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Time had flown by, and the final had come that early June evening.
The grandstand was already full, which made Enya not a little nervous. Yes, she, usually so brave and confident, was nervous. Had she done a good job? More importantly, would things actually go as well as she hoped?
"What are you looking at?" Una asked curiously.
"Nothing! - she exclaimed. He didn't want to scare her unnecessarily. "I was watching our crowd, all those people are there for us."
"I love the fans!" Tauriel exclaimed in her ponpon girl outfit. "I'll make sure we only cheer for us!"
"Are those our opponents by any chance?" asked Shauna.
On the other side was another team whose members were completely different from them, tall, powerful, and more than a little unpleasant looking. That made them look terribly strong and frightening.
Enya could see the expressions of her little friends change.
"Don't make those faces. They will have the strength probably, but we have the intellect, and that is definitely more important. Now I don't want you to panic, so run and warm up while I do the honors!"
Her tone was encouraging, but in truth it only served to hide a great deal of anxiety: what chance would they have of winning against those monsters?

A large part of the grandstand had been occupied by the Fellowship of the Ring, who obviously didn't fail to make themselves heard.
"I hate this," muttered Gimli, "why do you always have to put me in the middle?"
"Because we're a group, where one goes the others go" Frodo chided him.
"So if I want to go to the toilet you all follow me?"
"You know what I mean. Besides, you should be glad to see your almost-girlfriend."
"Shut up!" he shushed him.
Legolas and Aragorn had found themselves sitting next to each other. Arwen was there too, a few feet away, but they had preferred not to even look at each other
"And who would have thought we'd find ourselves here together" said the former.
"Yeah. It would be nice if it was like this all the time...if only I didn't feel so constantly threatened" huffed the other.
The blond clutched his arm to try to reassure him: school would be over any day now and Arwen seemed adamant about her choice. It seemed they had no choice but to surrender to the facts: the easiest thing would be to break up, but neither of them wanted to break away from the other by now.
"Is this seat free?" a voice suddenly asked.
"Yes, I think so," replied Legolas. As he turned around, he realized that the voice did not belong to a stranger, but to Faramir, followed by Thranduil and Elrond. In the latter's arms Yaren was sucking greedily on her pacifier.
"Hello!" he exclaimed. "you're here too!"
"Of course, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!" Faramir exclaimed.
"Neither would I," said Thranduil casting a glance at Aragorn, "I see that you are together. Apparently someone never learns."
"Please, can we avoid arguments? This is an important night."
"Right, he's right" Faramir said as he sat down next to him and then whispered to him. "so, are you two together?"
Legolas shook his head in exasperation, then was distracted by Merry's voice.
"Look, there's Enya there, but where is she going?"
"I believe she is heading to meet the coach of the other team" suggested Gandalf.
When Gimli heard those words he could not remain indifferent.
He watched Enya walk all strutting and nervous, towards an unknown figure.
The young woman arrived at her destination, clearing her throat.
"Um, hello" she cleared her throat. "I think we should introduce ourselves. My name is Enya Durin Baggins. Are you...?"
The man turned around: he was the most disturbing figure she'd ever had the misfortune of facing: surely at least seven feet tall, a thick halo of misery around him, hollow eyes, an expressionless face, and a voice so grave it shook.
"Call me Sauron."
Enya trembled. Even the name was scary, but she had to try to prove herself calm.
"Ah... original. I hope we can play smoothly and with sportsmanship, and most importantly have fun, because fun is what matters, right?" she asked with a nervous smile as the other got closer and closer to her face.
"I don't know who came up with something like that but...I'm certainly not here to have fun. We're going to win, we're going to tear you apart, and you can be sure of strange little girl."
If this had been any ordinary person Enya would have responded in kind. But she was completely stuck, the guy seemed to suck the life and breath out of her.
Only when he had moved away she could breathe again, but now her nerves were high again. Perhaps she had underestimated her rivals a little.
"Enya, are you okay?"
Asking this was the most unexpected of people.
"Gimli," she answered, surprised, "I am... yes, I am fine, why?"
"Because you're pale and most of all you're shaking. You're not going to be frightened by that one?"
"No, of course not! I'm not afraid of anything, not at all!" she exclaimed.
"Good, because there's no use being afraid. You're a winner."
Enya smiled sincerely flattered by that compliment. For once, her pride and iron armor were slowly going down the drain.
She lowered her gaze.
"Would it be too much of a favor if I asked you to stay here? You know how it handle the nerves better."
Gimli was surprised, but that request pleased him. It was amazing how he could converse without arguing.
"No, it's not too big of a favor. I'll gladly do it."
As the two talked, the team tried to warm up, despite the somewhat low mood.
"I'm small, if any of those big men there hurt me, I'll kill them!" huffed Shauna.
"Don't worry," Ilweran told her, as determined as ever, "count on me, I'll lead the team to victory!"
Legolas and Aragorn had decided to go to their son, just to give him some comfort, despite the latter seemed not to need it.
"Hey" the former called him back. "you look well."
"You? Together?" he asked surprised.
"I hope it pleases you that we are both here" said Aragorn.
"Amh... I don't know, I guess it pleases me. So you're together then?"
"Not" Legolas looked at his companion. "not exactly. Wouldn't you be okay with that?"
"How can I be sure he's good enough for you? Just because you had me doesn't mean you have to be together necessarily."
"Ilweran, please" Aragorn seemed to be speaking to him with his heart on his sleeve. "give me a chance."
"Ilweran, Ilweran" Shauna pulled him by the arm. "come on, we have to get started, quick!"
"I have to go now" the blond proclaimed coldly, looking at them with a vacant expression.
Aragorn sighed despondently and Legolas laid a hand on his shoulder to try to comfort him. They would have a way to solve that problem, or so he hoped.
Shortly thereafter, the two teams came face to face. There was a distinct difference, perhaps all too obvious, and Ilweran realized this, but they would not lose.
Enya went to sit on the bench with Gimli, Eldarion, Sabia acting as reserve, and Tauriel.
The game began. Sauron's team looked determined and perhaps a little brutal, and Sauron was watching the scene with a disturbing expression to say the least.
Elladan and Elrohir were brilliant to say the least, they had improved a lot in those months, as well as Shauna and Una. The ball was thrown to Ilweran, but perhaps for the first time the boy couldn't catch it, as he was overtaken by one of the opponents who calmly went to stuff the ball into his own basket.
"Damn it!" exclaimed Enya. "alright, after all it's only one point, I have to stay calm".
Too bad that little event had hurt Ilweran's self-esteem a bit. Or maybe it wasn't that, maybe it was everything that had happened that had hurt him, all the things left unsaid, all the open wounds, the stupid pride that kept him from moving on, his family that he missed but still couldn't forgive and the fear for an uncertain future.
And all those emotions had decided to come out that very night.
He was absent, even his companions realized this. And to make matters worse, poor Una was literally thrown to the ground by one of the rival team.
"Hey!" Elladan immediately went to her rescue. "that's foul! Are you hurt?"
"That jerk spun me around before knocking me over. My ankle hurts, how am I supposed to play?"
"What's wrong?!" Enya exclaimed going over to them.
"She can't play, I think she hurt her ankle."
"Damn it. Alright then" she turned back. "Sabia, you come!"
"Huh? Me?" exclaimed the girl in panic. "but I can't go myself, I'm no good."
"Hey, hey, here we do what I say!"
"But... but... but..."
"Come on" Elrohir encouraged her. "I believe in you, come on."
She blushed deeply, feeling like a deep push.
"Alright, I'm going."
"Good sis, show those rednecks who's boss" her sister high-fived her.
"I'll try."
After that little incident, the game resumed quietly, but Ilweran was still not there. Opponents passed him by without him being able to do anything, as if he was at the mercy of events.
"Ilweran!" Shauna called out to him. "is everything okay?"
"Yes... yes, everything is fine" he lied hastily to her.
No, that everything was not okay. Her heart was beating faster than it could have and there was too much responsibility on her shoulders, not just for the game, but for everything.
By the time halftime came, the team had scored but two points, and that wasn't good; the opponents had a clear lead.
"Hey, hey, everybody get over here!" he called him back. "guys, wake up and hold on! The other team is playing slightly unfairly."
"Then let's pay them back in kind!" said Elladan.
"No. I know you're strong, I've seen the potential in each of you. Ilweran, I'm talking to you too, focus, you seem a bit on the clouds."
"I apologize, I will do my best."
Eldarion however seemed rather worried. By now he had gotten to know his brother well, and when he had that strange expression nothing good ever happened.
"They're a bit strange, don't you think?" Faramir asked.
"Yes, indeed yes. And Ilweran seems a little distracted, which is not like him," Legolas noted with a hint of concern.
On the field, Ilweran sighed. It was as if he felt overwhelmed by a thousand different emotions, fears and sensations that made him lose all sense.
At the starting signal, the game resumed and his teammates now seemed much more motivated. Ellaldan threw him a ball, and when he realised he had to go to the basket, he raised his face, but remained motionless. His friends shouted at him to go, but he seemed not to hear them. His vision began to blur.... as if it were raining, and at that point it was clear to everyone that something was wrong. That's why there was almost silence.
He was about to have another breakdown, different from the one he had the time before, mainly out of anger. Now there was only sadness, fear, fear of not being able to do anything, fear of not being able to start again.
"I can't" he only whispered. Then he dropped the ball, and walked away, almost running, under the shocked gaze of the audience and the two teams.
"Ilweran, where are you going?!" Enya exclaimed.
"Hey... What happened?" Tauriel asked.
"I don't know... but nothing good" Eldairon answered her.
Legolas and Aragorn looked into each other's eyes in fear. If Lweran had run off like that in the middle of an important game, it was obvious that something major had happened.
Lweran had left everything behind and run to his dressing room. He was sick, and not just mentally, physically too. He had the feeling he couldn't breathe, as if he might faint at any moment, not to mention the tingling in his face that only made things worse. That was the ultimate collapse, that was the bottom he had finally reached.
His friends came after him in fear.
"Ilweran, what happened?!" Eldarion asked.
"The... leave me alone..." he gasped, bringing a hand to his head.
"Do you feel ill?" Enya asked. "talk to us!"
"I said leave me alone!" - she exclaimed angrily.
Adding to the confusion were Legolas and Aragorn. The former's eyes widened as he saw his son in this condition.
"What's wrong with him?"
"I don't know, we are trying to understand" Shauna said.
Aragorn approached him and, looking at him, could come to a conclusion.
"I think it's a panic attack. You'd better go back to the field and try to hold back the crowd. We'll take it from here."
"I'm staying!" Eldarion insisted.
All right, but we're leaving," Enya concluded, "take care of him.
So it was only the boy's parents and brother who remained with him.
"Ilweran... Calm down," Legolas whispered.
"Shut up... you don't know what I'm feeling right now."
"Hey... hey" Aragorn forced him to look at him. "calm down, you must try to stay calm, to breathe."
"I can't! And you don't tell me what to do!"
"Breathe slowly, try to listen to me."
"Why?" he asked as a tear streaked down his face. "you... you were never there... you abandoned me..."
It was the last thing he managed to say before he let out a soft cry that gradually became more and more heartfelt, as if it had been a child trying to hide. Legolas put his hand over his heart, seeing for the first time how much his son was suffering from the situation.
Instinctively Aragorn grasped her face in his hands.
"I know, I know, and I am sorry for that. I know forgiving me will be difficult, but there is one thing I want you to know. I love you Ilweran, I've always loved you, even if I've been too cowardly to show it."
Finally he embraced him for the first time, and Ilweran let him, even if he wanted to he wouldn't have the strength to pull away, and besides he didn't want to.
Legolas joined them and joined the embrace. For the first time, all three of them were coming together, aware of what they were to each other.
Now that Llwera was safe in their arms, he could breathe again. This was what she had always dreamed of, not just the two of them, but all three of them. That moment of discovery surely outweighed all the pain he had felt in those months, and a smile appeared between his tears.
"I love you too... I love you both" he whispered in a choked tone.
"Oh, Ilweran" said Legolas touched, looking at Aragorn, who softly returned his look.
Eldarion watched them contentedly, happy that things were finally coming together. Even if it meant stepping aside, being away from his family, it was still fine.
What he didn't know, however, was that Arwen had also witnessed the scene. A scene that had incredibly moved her. She had been hurt, and perhaps Aragorn had not been a good husband, but that did not make him a bad father either, and he had proved it in that instant. She would never have admitted it, but she felt proud of him for finding the courage to go through with it. Maybe separating him from his children wasn't fair.
"Mum," Eldarion called. On hearing his voice the three of them broke away from the embrace.
"Arwen?" Aragorn called to her.
"Sorry," she said in a broken voice, "I wanted to make sure nothing had happened."
Ilweran wiped his face, at that moment regaining the vitality he thought he had lost.
"No, everything's fine. I'm ready to get back on the field. And this time... I swear I won't make trouble, after all, I promised one person that we will win!"
"Ah, Ilweran, you're back to your old self!" his brother exclaimed happily.
The blond boy turned towards his parents.
"Thank you. Maybe... maybe I should take back what I said. He's not good for you... he's just perfect for you... and he's perfect for me too..."
"I'm... glad you think so" Aragorn gave him a genuine smile.
Perhaps he had succeeded. Perhaps he had succeeded in regaining her trust and, more importantly, in making a connection.
"Emh, emh" Enya came out of nowhere. "I don't want to interrupt this idyllic moment but... if you don't come in two minutes we'll be disqualified!"
"We can't allow that!" exclaimed Ilweran. "emh, see you later!"
"Good luck!" Legolas exclaimed.
Aragorn encircled his shoulders with an arm.
"You say I had good timing?"
"Perfect," replied the other, smiling, "as always."

A few seconds later Ilweran returned to the field, more charged than ever.
"Here I am!"
"Ilweran!" Shauna exclaimed. "you scared the hell out of us!"
"I know, I'm sorry, but I promise it'll be fine now. How long are we?"
"22 at 4.... " huffed Sabia. "I don't know if we can do this."
"But yes we can, come on. We've fought so hard to get this far!"
"Alright, you're right" said Shauna. "Tauriel, go with the cheering, we need to charge!"
Tauriel did not ask for it twice. The match began immediately afterwards and despite the difference in points the team now seemed truly determined, led by Ilweran who had found the right spirit and who above all wanted to make them all proud, but above all himself. He had found the courage to forgive and to look ahead, and nothing scared him anymore.
He scored a first basket, then a second and a third. The crowd went completely crazy and surprised by this sudden change, and the opposing team seemed as frustrated as their coach.
Yes!" Enya exclaimed in the latter's direction, "these are my boys, don't get so cocky any more, and h?!"
"Damn, your son is really strong!" exclaimed Faramir in the direction of his friends.
"Well... what did you expect, he takes after me" said Legolas smiling.
"No, he takes after me."
"Alright, don't fight. Look, another basket!"
With wide eyes Eldarion stared at the scene before him. Now they were even and there was very little time left until the end. Ilweran, however, did not seem willing to let those big men who played dirty walk all over him. He was more than certain that one of them would push him in an attempt to make the basket miss.
He looked at the members of his own team. He saw Sabia feint at one of the opponents (she had become quite confident by now), then throw the ball to Elladan, but he couldn't catch her, as it was stolen from him by an opponent. Shauna, however, got in the way and, small as she was, managed to catch it.
"Ilweran!" she exclaimed. "the ball is yours!"
The blond went wide-eyed. As soon as he had the ball in his hand he turned to his right, seeing a guy from the other team about to run at him. He wasn't going to let anything or anyone ruin that epic moment for him.
Silence seemed to fall again. Ilweran dribbled, then took a leap, stretched his arms and finally kicked the damn ball into the basket, scoring the winning basket!
There was a roar of acclamation that echoed through the surrounding air. Ilweran fell down and did not understand what had just happened. He saw his friends literally running up to him and hugging him.
"Oh my God!" Tauriel exclaimed jumping up and down. "we won!"
"Yes," Enya shouted towards Sauron, who had nervously thrown a fist at the wall, "WE DID IT, THEY DID IT!"
"Hey," Gimli walked towards her, "I told you so..."
As she said this, she grabbed him and very simply kissed him passionately. Shortly afterwards she pulled away. The two looked into each other's eyes, amazed at what had just happened. But in truth... they had waited too long. So they kissed again, and this time they would not pull away so easily.
"They won" Legolas looked moved. "oh my God, I can't believe it, I'm so happy!"
"I'm happy too" Aragorn looked at him as if he was watching him for the first time. "oh Legolas, I love you."
He could not add a word as the other kissed him.
Faramir cleared his throat in amusement, especially noticing how Thrandui beside him glared at them.
Oh well," he tried to ease the tension, "it's the heat of the moment.

On the field, meanwhile, Ilweran was trying to recover.
"We won!"
"Of course we won - said Una - you were amazing, epic, magnificent!"
"You're our hero" Shauna clung to him. "my hero."
Without any demeanour she kissed him, making her friends laugh.
"Emh, emh, sorry" Eldrion stepped forward.
"Eld" Ilweran smiled at him. "so... can I keep my promise?"
Elder smiled, stepping closer and hugging him.
"You succeeded perfectly."
The blond returned the hug, happy to have succeeded in his intent and to have honoured his promise.
"Guys, guys! - Shauna called out to them - it's the party now, the end of the year party. But I have to perform! Girls, with me, we have to change. And you guys too, you don't want to come so I hope!"
"We'll be right there," said Ilweran, "there's something Eld and I have to do first."
The elder brother did not understand. He was dragged by the younger one towards the grandstand.
"Hey!" - he exclaimed, calling out to Legolas and Aragorn.
"Ilweran! You were amazing!" said the former.
"More," said the latter.
"Alright, alright, now you're embarrassing me though. Um, um, since technically now... we're all family. Eld won't have to leave, will he?"
The two looked at each other, not knowing what to say. This was not up to them, but to Arwen.
The latter appeared behind them with a strange expression on her face.
"Boys... I've rarely seen two brothers as close as they are."
Ilweran begged her, "I know you hate me, but don't take Eld away. If you let him stay here, I'll take care of him and he'll take care of me... I promise."
"Ilweran, I don't hate you" she lifted her face. "I don't hate you Legolas, or even you Aragorn. I have realised that I cannot hate anyone, for it is no one's fault. Love cannot be decided... it just happens."
"What does that mean?" the man asked.
"It means that you're a wonderful family... that we all are, really, and I can't break it up like this... Eldarion needs me... but he also needs you... so... we're not going anywhere."
Filled with joy Ilweran looked at his brother.
"Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!"
"Arwen, I do not know what to say" whispered Aragorn.
"I simply did what I should have done before. I must admit, in spite of make a fine couple. Because after all this fuss, I hope you do get together."
The two looked at each other smiling.
"You can count on it."
"Since it ended well then now you all have to come to the party, so are we going or not?"
"Yes, I don't see why not" - Aragorn decided.

Shortly afterwards...

One of the gyms had been set up as a hall for the end-of-year party, dressed as if it were a disco. It was already full, and soon Shauna, Una, Sabia and Tauriel arrived, well dressed, perfumed and made up.
The first one took the stage. She had been waiting to perform in front of the school since the beginning of the year, and to think that she had feared she would not make it.
"Emh, emh" she cleared her throat at the microphone. "hello everyone. My name is Shauna and... I'm going to liven up the evening, hope you like me!"
"You rock, Shauna!" soon came her cheers from the boys.
She blushed, and after that the music started.

"Wow, cool" Eldarion said as his brother hugged him.
"Modestly that's my girl" he hugged him even more. "the more I love you."
"Oh" Elladan mussed his hair. "now don't make me cry."


[Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days...

Everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout... Everybody get's that way... Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days...

Everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout... Everybody get's that way...]

Aragorn walked through the crowd dragging Legolas behind him.
"Aren't we getting a little too old for this?" the latter asked.
"Come on, walk on, who knows where the others are?" asked the other.
At a certain point they were forced to stop. The man had collided with Thranduil, who had not reacted, but had simply turned and looked at him with a terrible expression. Elrond behind him tried to put on a good face.
"Emh... perhaps it is time to bury the hatchet?"
Aragorn extended his hand, making the first move.
"I... I agree."
The other watched him again. Slowly he shook his hand. Then suddenly his hard expression changed to a softer one.
"Welcome to the family" he said and then hugged him, under the surprised gaze of the other two. That was some kind of real miracle!
"Erm," Thranduil shrugged shortly afterwards, "I'm sorry, sometimes I get emotional. Anyway, I think your friends are waiting for you."
"Thanks dad, you're always the best!" - Legolas smiled at him.
"Oh yes... you are the best," Elrond whispered with a hint of malice, making him blush.
The other two moved a few feet away, finally joining the rest of the group.
"Ah, you made it!" said Faramir cheerfully.
"So you were really waiting for us?"
"Of course we were. Now the Fellowship is truly complete," Frodo added.
"Does that mean you want me back?" -Aragorn asked.
"What a question, of course it does. You don't know it, but we've been waiting for this moment for ages" - made Sam.
"Well... I'm really touched, no doubt about it."
"Ah, don't worry - Legolas clung to his arm - but... sorry, where's Gimli?"
His friends played dumb.
"I believe he is a little busy with other matters."
"Ah, I think I understand. Hey Aragorn, would you like to dance?"
"Do you dance? I didn't know that and I don't want to miss it."
Slowly Frodo approached Gandalf.
"Do you think those two will now stay together forever?"
"I say yes," he replied, "because finally everything is now as it should have been from the beginning."

{Nobody's Perfect!

I gotta work it!

Again and again 'till I get it right

Nobody's Perfect!

You live and you learn it!

And if I'm messing up sometimes...

Nobody's perfect}

Ilweran was having the time of his life he hadn't had in months. Now he could say he had it all, he had his happiness, his family, messy, large, strange, but absolutely perfect as it was.
He turned his head, seeing Legolas and Aragorn not far from him, who could finally be together without having to hide.
The former lifted his gaze and realised he was being watched.
"Ilweran!" he called, not sure if he could be heard.
The smaller one smiled and ran towards them, throwing himself into their arms. Now that he had found what he had missed, he would cling to it with all his might and never let go.
Sometimes even the most disastrous stories could have their happy ending...

{Nobody's perfect! You live and you learn it! And if I'm messin' up sometimes, Nobody's Perfect! I gotta work it! I know in time I'll find a way, Nobody's Perfect! You live and you learn it! Cause everybody makes mistakes, Nobody's Perfect..}

A few months later...

"And this is the story of how Legolas and I met, got together and broke up. In the end I did what a real man should do, the right thing for others."
Faramir spoke almost as if he were acting while Haldir, Legolas' cousin, watched him with dreamy eyes.
"No one would have done that for you. Perhaps it is not a bad thing that my cousin let you go... at least you are free now, no?"
"Oh... you bet" he said winking at him.
There was a real ruckus and bustle in Legolas' house that day.
"Courage Yaren" Thranduil held Yaren in his arms. She was now learning to talk and walk. "say "papa".
The baby girl laughed as if she were teasing him.
"You're having fun, aren't you?" he huffed.
"Perhaps you should try some simpler words," Elrond suggested.
"There is no simpler word than that. And anyway get lost, now it's my turn to keep it."
"All right, how touchy we are."
The two were interrupted by the arrival of Gimli and Enya.
"Hey, happy couple," Thranduil called to them, "Enya, am I mistaken or have you put on some weight?"
The woman gave him a dirty look.
"I'm pregnant, what did you expect? You don't seem to have been in very good shape when this happened to you."
"Sorry, you know how it is" Elrond cleared his throat. "do you know yet if it's a boy or a girl?"
The two looked at each other. Enya's eyes sparkled.
"It will be a boy and his name will be Thorin."
"Oh, that's really sweet. Thranduil, are you moved?"
"No!" he exclaimed nervously, "it's just that these clothes are tight and they make me cry, that's all!"
"Yeah! Excuse me, but where are the bride and groom?"
"Aragorn is here somewhere. Legolas, on the other hand, has been missing for a while".
Not far from them Aragorn was trying to hold back your guests.
"Oh," Merry looked at him touched, "I've been waiting years for this union. But where is Legolas?! Someone please go and get him!"
"Easy, easy," said Arwen, "you know, the bride always waits."
"But you were on time for our wedding."
"I don't like being late. And speaking of which, I think we should hurry. Can someone go and collect our children?"
The boys, finding the house too cramped, stood outside.
"And this!" Una pointed to her own turquoise dress. "that's a nice colour for a bridesmaid's dress!"
"Alright, I get it, I don't have good taste, but what can I do" - Ilweran huffed.
"You're all beautiful" Elladan took Una by the hand. "but I have the most beautiful girl."
"Um... you're embarrassing me" replied the girl.
"No, I have the most beautiful girl!" - exclaimed Elrohir clutching Sabia.
"Ah, no kidding," Tauriel intervened, "Eldarion obviously has the most beautiful girl. I mean, have you seen me?"
"You never fail, sweetheart," her fiancé said softly, wrapping his arm around her hips.
Shauna had extricated herself from that conversation and clung to Ilweran.
"What do you say?" The latter asked. "shall I tell her that no one can compete with you?"
"Oh no, I'd be too embarrassed - she whispered - you know, I'm glad everything worked out."
"Me too. Thanks for everything you've done for me."
"Well," he said, moving closer to her lips, "maybe there's a way you could thank me."
Their lips were a few millimetres apart, but the idyllic moment was soon interrupted.
"Guys!" Gandalf called to them. "we must prepare to go!"
"Already?!" Ilweran asked. "sorry, but where's my father?!"

Everyone kept asking about Legolas, but in truth he had not escaped, he was in his room, looking very agitated. Not so much because of the wedding, more because of the pregnancy test.
He had been feeling rather strange recently and had decided that after the wedding he would seek confirmation of his doubts. But the curiosity had been so great that he had come to choose the wrong moment! Or maybe it was just the right one.
He paced back and forth nervously. After two minutes he looked at the result, ignoring the voices below urging him to hurry up.
His breathing stopped: positive.
Immediately he felt like smiling. It wasn't something he had planned, kind of like the first time, but the thought of having to start all over again made him instantly happy.
"Legolas?" Aragorn appeared through the doorway suddenly.
Immediately he hid the test inside a pocket.
"Yes?" he asked nervously.
"We must go," he leaned closer, "nervous?"
"Um... a little.... You know, I almost got married once and got interrupted, is that going to happen now too?"
"Ah, don't worry, it won't. In the end, I don't know how either... we made it. And finally we could be together just the three of us..."
"Well... I'm not sure it'll be the three of us."
"What? What do you mean?"
"Hey, hey! - Ilweran caught up with them out of breath - we have to go, hurry up. Wow, you guys look great."
"Well, thank you Ilweran. Our son is right, we should go."
Legolas looked at them both. Surely they would be happy to receive that unexpected news, and surely he would reveal it to them right after the wedding.
Ilweran took them both under his arm.
"Shall we go?" he asked happily.
"Yes" Legolas looked at them both let's go."
This was the perfect ending to a story as long and troubled as theirs. In fact, it wasn't an ending, it was a beginning.