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"I like you," Kahaku confesses, the day after he had been rejected by Fushi. He ignores the way Bon puts his head in his hands, the way his men look amused.

Fushi glances at him over his pear. "Thank you," he says. "But I don't think that we're like that." He picks up his spoon and begins to eat his stew with relish. Kahaku wants to exclusively eat his meals from Fushi's mouth. What the hell is happening to him.

"I just wanted to say it," Kahaku says, returning his gaze to his own meal. "Again."

"Why?" Fushi asks. Kahaku doesn't tell him that he saw Fushi bite into the fruit and saw its juice run down his chin and was immediately compelled to hand him everything he's ever owned.

"I think that it is important to tell those you care for that you care for them," Kahaku says, and that's also true, but Kahaku felt as though if he kept those words within him a moment longer he would explode. "After all, if you don't tell anyone, how would they know? It's nice to see it in actions, but sometimes it's nice to hear it, right?"

"We're not friends, though," Fushi says solemnly, which makes Kahaku's heart clench. Still, he smiles, because that is what Fushi deserves.

"Do I have to be friends with you to care about you?" Kahaku asks, his left hand twitching. It won't stop, even when he curls it into a fist.

Fushi frowns. "Every single person that has become my friend has died," he says, and Kahaku immediately gleans the meaning from his words. He can't help but feel heat rise to his face. "That is why you shouldn't care for me, either."

"If it was that easy to stop caring for people, you wouldn't be here," Kahaku says, smiling at him. Fushi shrugs, but from the way he keeps looking at him when he thinks Kahaku isn't looking, it seems as though he's at least considering his words.

Kahaku's smile doesn't fade the entire day, knowing he's been the focus of Fushi's attention for so long.

That night, Kahaku awakens, groggy and ashamed from his most recent dream- Fushi, in the traditional wedding grab of his family, spreading his legs and bashfully asking Kahaku to service him.

He hates himself.


"Why do people get married?"

Fushi asks this two nights after his wedding dream, which continued on during the nights to his utter shame and delight. Over the nights Fushi had been slowly losing more clothes, and had been more upfront about his desires. Kahaku can still hear his quiet sounds echoing in his mind. It is shameful- Fushi had already rejected him.

Still, Kahaku desires Fushi.

"To stay together for the rest of their days," Kahaku says, a little melancholic. He understands that marrying someone he loves- Fushi- is probably impossible, but it won't stop him from thinking about it. "To prove that they will love their partner alone. To start a family."

They are sitting alone at the dining table. Fushi's eyes are bright in the candle light. Kahaku wants to crawl over to him and kneel between his legs.

Fushi nods his head. "I see. And families are started by sleeping together, right?"

Kahaku chokes on absolutely nothing, which makes Fushi alarmed, but he shakes his head, trying to smile through his surprise. "W-w-where did you hear that from?"

"Your ancestor," Fushi says, and as Kahaku contemplates finding a way back in time to strangle his family, he continues. "We slept together, but no babies were created."

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY ANCESTOR?" Kahaku demands, so surprised and distraught that he shoots right up out of his chair. Why sleep with any of them when Fushi could sleep with him, he could be better than anyone!

...He's going out of his mind. Really, to be jealous of his own ancestor...

"Yes," Fushi says. "I slept right next to her. She told me that this was how babies were made- was she wrong? I do not know the specifics of making babies."

Kahaku is so relieved that he sinks back into his chair, sighing. "You scared me, Fushi. To sleep with someone can mean to literally sleep with them, but it also can mean to have sex with someone."

"Sex…" Fushi trails off. "I've heard of it in books, but I still don't quite know what it is. Like in that one book you showed me, 'Love Lives in the Imagination.'"

Kahaku's traitor brain immediately comes up with inappropriate ways to react to this news. He also immediately regrets ever giving him that book.

You don't know about sex? I'll teach you everything you need to know.

Oh, Fushi, why don't I show you?

Here, come a little closer. I'll use a hands on approach and demonstrate.

Please let me touch you, I'm going out of my mind.

Every night since I realized that I want to drop to my knees and service you, I've been imagining us having sex. Shall I show you?

I would quite literally die to sleep with you once.

He says none of these things, no matter how much he wants to.

Kahaku realizes that Fushi's innocence is a precious thing, and wants to protect it just as much as he wants to tear it down and explain to him, in detail, how Kahaku can make him feel good and loved.

"Ask someone else," Kahaku says, even as he hates himself for saying it. "Please. Or read it in a book, if you so desire."

Fushi does not realize that Kahaku is distraught and if he only gave the word, Kahaku would be upon him in an instant. "I see. Thank you."


Fushi is a demon.

Not only because he was declared by the church as such, oh no.

He watches as Fushi drinks some water from his flask, and then he lifts the hem of his shirt to wipe his mouth. Kahaku quite literally trips on nothing as he glances at the exposed strip of skin. He wants to suck that area until it turns red. He wants everyone to know that Fushi is desired, that it is he who touched him.

He notices Kahaku and waves him over. Kahaku speedily hurries to his side.

"I learned what sex is," Fushi declares, looking quite proud of himself, and Kahaku trips again. He quickly steadies before Fushi can notice.

"That's great," Kahaku says, through all of the sudden saliva in his mouth. It couldn't be better. It really could not.

"I don't understand why it could be pleasurable, though," Fushi says, humming a little. "If anyone stuck their genitals inside of me, I think that would hurt. And I don't want to stick my genitals in anyone either, because that would hurt them. Bodies are strange."

Fushi could not have described sex in a more repulsive way, but Kahaku is so aroused he's dizzy. He thinks he might pass out. He thinks about Fushi batting his eyes and asking him to explain why it was so pleasurable.

"Why is it pleasurable?" Fushi asks, and Kahaku prays to every single god he can think of for Fushi to not notice his sudden erection. "I really don't understand. Do you?"

"Sex isn't just about… putting genitals inside of anyone," Kahaku says, blushing up to his ears. He can feel that blush spread down to his chest. "It's about sharing the experience with another person and… also putting genitals inside of someone. But it's also about sharing intimacy."

"I still don't understand," Fushi says simply. Kahak wants to make him understand. He's practically gagging for the opportunity- his vision is swimming, and his pulse is racing. He wants to show him.

...But Fushi wouldn't like that.

In the days between the rejection and this conversation, Kahaku had realized that it was unfair to Fushi to call him simply a bride. He would be a bride and a husband, so he researched many things; through books and word of mouth how sex between two men would go. In that process, he had learned many new things himself, which had only fueled his fantasies.

So, pretending that his dick wasn't hard enough to cut iron, Kahaku explains. Foreplay, touching, preparations, oil, penetration. He probably isn't the best for this lecture, but who else would Fushi go to? At least Kahaku wouldn't tease him or spread rumors about this sudden curiosity. Fushi's expression is warring between three things; disbelief, genuine curiosity, and amazement.

"Humans are amazing," Fushi says. Kahaku will take that as a compliment to himself because he remained hard throughout the entire explanation and showed none of it on his face. "Thank you, Kahaku."

"No worries," Kahaku says, with a smile.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" Fushi asks, out of genuine curiosity and not out of a desire to have sex with him, but still Kahaku's veneer of polite innocence fades a little.

He wants to touch Fushi, wants to hold him, kiss him, have sex with him, hug him, consume him, be consumed- these are all things he wants. It must show on his face now- this crazy desire that he cannot contain, because Fushi raises his eyebrows.

Gods, Kahaku wants to have sex with him. What wouldn't he do for the honor?

"I do," Kahaku confesses, the words coming out deep and raspy. "But I won't have sex with you unless you want to have sex with me."

Fushi nods. "I understand," he says, and then walks away.

Kahaku watches him disappear, and then he immediately runs off to a secluded area, far, far away from Fushi and his innocence.


It's late when Kahaku finds himself as Fushi's resting spot for the evening. He had spotted him beneath a tree and decided to join him, a book in hand. Kahaku greets him, and Fushi grunts in response as he curls up against his body to read.

Kahaku is trying to read his own book, but it's hard to concentrate when all he can focus on is the line of Fushi's body against him.

Fushi breathes quietly onto Kahaku's neck and he can't stand it anymore.

"You know that I desire you, correct?" Kahaku asks. Fushi startles, much like prey realizing they are being hunted.

Fushi looks away, off somewhere he alone can see. Kahaku wishes he could follow his sight and gaze upon whatever he was seeing.

"I don't know what desire is," Fushi replies. "I don't know what love is, either. What compelled you to propose to me… I don't understand it at all. I don't understand why you tell me that you like me every day. No matter how long I live, I will never understand humans."

"You're human," Kahaku tells him, and then immediately hates the way Fushi's face twists up into something strange.

"I'm not. I wish I was human."

Kahaku wants to say something, but the look in Fushi's eyes stops his tongue. Suddenly, Fushi does the unthinkable and swings himself onto Kahaku's lap.

Kahaku's jaw falls open.

"Fu, wuh, ehhh, Fush, what…"

Fushi shakes his head, not moving from his spot on Kahaku's lap. He places a hand on Kahaku's chest and suddenly the pretty, dark haired girl is on his lap. Still Fushi.

"You like this one," Fushi insists, her lashes fluttering. The weight on his lap has changed. Kahaku can feel Fushi's chest pressing up against his, and he swallows. A part of him prays that it's Fushi's heart that he feels racing, too. It's unbearable that he is the only one that wants to live inside of the other's skin. He wants to mix with him, lick the sweat from his brow, worship every strand of his hair. "It's not me."

Kahaku's mouth fills with saliva. "I like you," he says. He'll start to drool if Fushi keeps looking at him like that.

An old man is seated on his lap. "What about now?"

"I like you still," Kahaku confesses, his breath still short. His hands move to Fushi's waist, and Kahaku is so pleased when Fushi doesn't slap the hands away that he allows a short groan to pass his lips. "Stop teasing me," Kahaku says, his face hot.

An old woman. "What about now?"

"Even now," Kahaku says, his voice a little slurred. Fushi is touching him. Fushi is so close to him. Fushi is breathing on him- the little puffs of breath on his face makes his toes curl.

The weight increases. On his lap, a man with a mask. Fushi points at his face. "What about now?"

"Even now," Kahaku says, smiling a little dopey smile. He can feel how embarrassing he must look. He doesn't care, because Fushi is still looking at him. He wants to roll his hips, but he doesn't want to scare Fushi away. Kahaku's eyes roll back in his head when he feels Fushi shift his weight in his lap.

Fushi probably doesn't know what's digging into him. Kahaku is shameful, shameful. He bites back a moan.

Once again, he transforms, and the white haired boy that Kahaku is so familiar with appears on his lap. "How about now?" Fushi asks. "You like the female forms better, don't you?"

Kahaku struggles to regain control of his tongue as he watches Fushi's lips move. Pink, pink lips. He wants to squeeze his thighs together, but that would probably alert Fushi to… Well, Kahaku doesn't know what he'd do if Fushi asked about that.

"I like all of you," Kahaku says, his fingers trembling on Fushi's waist. He wants to squeeze his hips, make him cry out. Kahaku likes the way that Fushi says his name. He'll probably yelp and say, "Kahaku!" in that incredulous tone of his.

He's driving himself insane just thinking about it.

"You don't," Fushi says again. He freezes. "Why are your hands there?" He asks, and Kahaku wants to laugh. Fushi didn't notice, did he.

"Shall I remove my hands?" Kahaku asks. Fushi stares down at them for a brief moment, clearly debating in his head. Then, he slowly nods, as though he's still considering it. Kahaku immediately removes his hands and curls them into fists at his sides. If he removed them any slower he'd regret his decision and put his hands on Fushi again, his indignant anger be damned.

Fushi pulls himself off of Kahaku's lap and leaves without so much as a goodbye, and Kahaku takes the time to watch him go, folding in on himself to hide the tent in his pants.



It is a rare moment where Kahaku isn't by Fushi's side. Normally Kahaku falls into step behind or beside him, or watches over him from afar, but today Fushi is bathing and Kahaku is buying ingredients for their dinner.

He's set the bags on the ground in order to open the door to their dwelling when his hand moves and picks up a stick, all on its own. It waves it around. Kahaku immediately knows what it wants.

"Give me a moment," Kahaku tells his hand, and places the food inside. He steps out again, and sits on the ground to allow his left hand to write on the dirt.

His left hand twitches for another moment before it continues to write.

Why don't you push him down? I know you want to.

Kahaku doesn't ask who that 'him' is. "Shameless," he hisses, genuinely getting angry, and stands up to leave. His hand doesn't budge and doesn't drop the stick, and uses Kahaku's weight to pull him back down.

"Stop! That is highly improper!" Kahaku felt silly, yelling at his hand in broad daylight, but he couldn't help himself. What kind of useless thing was this hand bringing up now?

Shall I do it for you? it writes, and Kahaku feels something bubble and boil over in his chest, as though whatever was keeping him sane had been toppled over with a few strokes of writing.

He grips his left arm as hard as he can, his nails digging into his skin and drawing blood. His nails drag thin, sharp lines over his wrist.

"Listen," he hisses, feeling as though he could rip off his arm out of sheer anger alone, "you will not disrespect Fushi like that. I would rather die than disgrace him. I will kill both myself and you if you dare try anything like-"


Kahaku whirls around, kicking at the words in the dirt so that no one can see what his hand has written. The hand drops the stick.

"Fushi," Kahaku says. "Welcome home."

Fushi doesn't return the greeting. "You're bleeding," he points out.

"Ahaha, am I?" Kahaku asks, rubbing the back of his neck.

Fushi doesn't say a word, but grabs Kahaku's shirt and pulls him inside of the dwelling. He pushes him to sit at one of the chairs, and so Kahaku goes quietly.

He watches Fushi make strips of cloth in his hand, and he offers his bloody arm to the boy to make it easier on him. Fushi wraps the wound up, looking as though he had swallowed a frog.

Kahaku pretends like he doesn't shiver from the contact of Fushi's fingers on him.

"Don't do that," Fushi bites out, tying a little knot with the cloth to hold it in place. "Don't punish yourself for whatever it is you think you've done," he continues, and oh, Kahaku is weak for this person. He wants to cry, to drop to his knees, to pull him into his arms.

His innocence was one thing.

His humanity is another.

"I won't," Kahaku says brightly, despite the crack in his voice. "Fushi?"


"I love you," Kahaku confesses, feeling utterly fond. Fushi drops the hand, but it's gentle, and he walks away. Kahaku watches him go.

"Don't hurt yourself ever again," Fushi mutters, leaving. Kahaku doesn't say he'd harm himself multiple times if Fushi would so much as give him attention or briefly touch him.


Kahaku wonders if Fushi would be attracted to him, were he born a woman. The rational part of him thinks otherwise- he is well aware that his ancestors tried to seduce him or tried to sleep with him, but did not succeed.

It seemed as though desiring Fushi ran in the family. Kahaku imagines his ancestors batting their eyelashes or pushing their breasts up against his body. Fushi probably didn't understand what they were doing, nor did he likely want anything to do with them, but Kahaku mourns the fact that he wasn't born a woman. He likely wouldn't look as good batting his lashes, and he doesn't have breasts to push against him. He wants to be a woman, to be able to openly desire Fushi. That doesn't stop him from wanting Fushi now, but Kahaku can't help but wonder if Fushi would desire him more if he was a woman.

He wants Fushi to want him back.

Maybe if he was a woman, he could have Fushi's children. Kahaku presses a hand against his abdomen and imagines Fushi's baby swelling there, right within his body. He imagines Fushi taking a female form just for the sake of having Kahaku's child.

Kahaku's a little curious. What would happen if an immortal had a child with a mortal being? Would their child be immortal or not?

He thinks about Fushi telling him that he wants children with him.

Kahaku bites back a moan. He has to. It's night, and the soldiers are passing booze around, drinking like tomorrow would never come. He wouldn't even be here if Fushi wasn't with them too, although not to drink with them. Fushi had just been minding his business outside, while the rest slowly gathered around them.

One of the soldiers, one that Kahaku isn't familiar with, nudges Fushi with an elbow. Kahaku is immediately filled with the desire to kill him.

"Say, immortal," the soldier says, a look on his face that suggests that he is drunk, "you must get around a lot, pretty boy like you. Or pretty girl, whatever!"

"I do get around," Fushi says, his tone of voice suggesting that he has not recognized the turn of phrase. Kahaku's heart had leapt into his chest when he briefly thought that Fushi had been sleeping around, and was going dizzy with jealousy, why couldn't it be me, but his breathing calms when he realizes the truth.

The soldier leers. "So? Legs, ass, chest?" He asks, and Kahaku briefly entertains the thought of murdering him. His left hand twitches. "Come onnnn, tell me."

Fushi's lips thin out. He's clearly gathering his words, carefully picking out what he wants to say. "I believe all of them are essential parts of the human body," he says, a curious note in his voice. The soldier laughs and laughs, slapping Fushi on the back. Fushi jolts away, moving closer to Kahaku.

Their thighs brush together and Kahaku's mouth falls open. It feels as though that simple touch lit a fire within him.

"That's true, that's true!" The soldier declares, cheerfully unaware. "Why choose one when you can get the whole package?"

Fushi turns his head to look at Kahaku. "Am I missing something?" He asks, innocently. "I understand that I have not understood. Is there a certain appeal to legs, ass, or chests?"

Kahaku wants to show him exactly why those body parts are of great interest. Kahaku would start with a hands on demonstration- worship his legs, dig his fingers into Fushi's calves, leave bite marks on the inside of his thighs. Kahaku wants to grab his ass and make him squeal. He wants to fondle his chest.

Kahaku has been shamefully wondering what colour Fushi's nipples are.

Maybe Kahaku would teach him how to do the same on himself. Fushi enjoys learning- and Kahaku would gladly offer up his body to allow him to experience why touching is so appealing. The idea of Fushi's hand slipping between his legs makes him squeeze his thighs together. Kahaku would let Fushi do anything to his body, touch, caress, hurt, hold, bite. He wants Fushi to do anything to him, desires it like he desires every single bit of him.

"It has to do with attraction. Love," Kahaku finally says, after swallowing the saliva in his mouth. "Some people find those parts appealing."

Fushi stares at Kahaku's face. Kahaku stares back, drinking in his attention.

"I see," Fushi says. "People who love one another and people who marry must enjoy those things."

"They do," Kahaku agrees. He doesn't say 'marry me' even though he wants to say it again.

"Why?" Fushi asks, looking confused. "Why not any other feature of the body?"

"Oh, anyone can enjoy any part of the body," Kahaku explains, his voice oddly pitched. "It's just that people tend to enjoy those parts most."

"I understand," Fushi says, with a tiny nod. "What body parts do you like?"

Kahaku licks his lips, desperately fighting off the waves of arousal building in him. He considers telling Fushi that he likes every part of his body, whether it be the snow white hair or the build of that masked man or the hair of that old woman, as long as it is Fushi. "If I had to choose? The hands."

Kahaku wants Fushi to place his hands on his body. He wants to be held by them, wants to kiss his knuckles, feel the weight of his fingers in his mouth.

"I did not know that was an option," Fushi says, and then says nothing for the rest of the night. Kahaku should have realized that his sanity was in danger when he trailed off like that.

The next night, Fushi approaches him while he is alone in his room, changing out of his dirty clothes. This is one of his fantasies, but he's under no illusions that it would actually come true.

"Kahaku," Fushi says, and then nothing else.

Kahaku goes through about a hundred dirty delusions about Fushi stripping down, or pushing him to his bed, or bending over, but shakes the thoughts away. Fushi wouldn't do that. Fushi is too innocent to be tainted by Kahaku's shameful desires.

He smiles at him. "Fushi? Didn't you say that you'd be busy the entire day? I can still cook for you, if that's what you want."

Fushi shakes his head. "I wanted to try something," Fushi says, and then strides over to him and places a hand on his stomach. Kahaku almost buckles, but he remains steadfast so that he wouldn't be scared away.

He can do this.

Fushi lays a hand on Kahaku's thigh and Kahaku groans so loudly it makes Fushi pause.

He can't do this.

"I see," Fushi says, and then immediately leaves. Kahaku wants to kill himself. He finally had Fushi touching him of his own volition and he went and did that? Moan? Squirm?

Fuck his life.


Wanting Fushi has become a part of Kahaku's lifestyle, by now. He wakes up and desires to swallow Fushi's little yawns. He cooks a meal and wants to hand feed Fushi every last bite. He spots Fushi getting along with more people and wants to shower him in praise.

There's something about seeing Fushi so happy to be surrounded by people. It makes a part of him want to burst into song. Fushi should be respected, and acknowledged, and revered. He should have as many friends as he desires. He should be happy with his life.

"I like you," Kahaku declares again, when Fushi is smiling so wide that he looks even more radiant.

"There it is!" One of Bon's men declares. "Kahaku's daily confession!" The people around Fushi laugh and titter, all in good fun.

"Yes," Fushi says. Ah, a yes this time. How nice.

It's on one of those confession days that Kahaku is stabbed.

It's ridiculous, he knows. The hit was aimed at Fushi, and he's immortal, so it wouldn't have mattered, but his body moved on his own.

He was in the middle of telling Fushi how much he appreciated him when an older man from the village approached them. He seemed as though he was taking an ordinary stroll, but Kahaku spotted the flash of metal and instinctively stepped in front of Fushi.

It's not as though he hasn't taken a wound from battle before, but… Being stabbed is really awful.

It also doesn't help that everyone is screaming around him. He wouldn't mind if it was Fushi screaming, or being worried over him, but everyone is a total blur.

"How could you-"

"That's what you-"

"Kahaku?! Can you hear me?"

Kahaku groans. He doesn't know if he's sitting or standing, but he knows that everything spins when he tries to move. It's a total blur- he wants to vomit, but he's worried that his insides might come up with whatever he throws up.

He doesn't allow himself to pass out until he sees Fushi's white hair.

When he wakes up, he thinks that the gods are finally favoring him, for Fushi is curled up next to him in this bed.

He looks distraught. He doesn't think that Fushi knows he's awake, so he drinks in the sight of him like he is a man dying of thirst.

Fushi is beautiful, he always has been, but he is so much more beautiful worrying over Kahaku. He would hate it if he looked this way to anyone else, but something about the bags under his eyes and his turned down mouth is so appealing that Kahaku wants to drop to his knees and suck him off until he is exhausted of something else.

"I don't get it," Fushi says, a little desperately. "Why is it that both her and her descendants-"

Kahaku breathes a little too deeply, for Fushi suddenly realizes that he is awake.

Fushi's face twists with anger and damn his body, but he feels his heart pick up the pace and his body ache for him. Fushi is so beautiful. Kahaku wants Fushi to do whatever he pleases with his body.

"I'm immortal," Fushi bites out, a scold. Kahaku is so fond, even when Fushi's voice is shaking in anger. "Just so you know. Since you seem to have forgotten."

"I couldn't forget a single thing about you," Kahaku croaks, barely feeling the pain from his wound.

"THIS IS SERIOUS, KAHAKU! You're human!" Fushi yells. "I'm not! I can protect you!"

"I can protect you too," Kahaku confesses slowly. His tongue feels like a heavy weight in his mouth. He watches with great pleasure as Fushi's face turns redder and redder.

"Listen to me-"

"I'm listening," Kahaku interrupts, just to see how angry Fushi will get. The answer is very angry. Kahaku wants to rub his body against him and get off, just like that. He thinks that the angry look on Fushi's face will only get him to that peak faster.

Fushi seems to be rolling the words that he wishes to say around in his mouth, although Kahaku knows full well that he just wants to growl and snap.

"I will begin to despise you," Fushi begins, his tone even, "if you ever do that again."

Kahaku feels the same affection that's been consuming him for what seems like his entire life bubble up like sea foam within him.

"I don't care if I'm hated by you," Kahaku confesses. "I just want to protect you."

Fushi honest to god growls, and Kahaku is beginning to blush when Fushi hooks in his hand in the collar of Kahaku's shirt and slams their faces together.

Their teeth knock against one another, Fushi's drool is pooling in Kahaku's mouth, and he can taste blood, but it's quite possibly the best kiss he's ever had in his life. He moans into the kiss, writhing against Fushi's body and panting out a mockery of sweet nothings, wanting to just live in this kiss. He rocks against Fushi's hip as the boy plants himself in Kahaku lap and bites down hard on his lip.

"Fushi," Kahaku gasps. It's the only word he knows. It's the only word he cares to know, Kahaku will be the altar that his god lies upon, will be the servant to kiss his feet, will be the devotee that spends the rest of his days on his knees. He feels it coming- the rising crest of the wave within him, his gasps becoming more breathy, his chest shaking, his eyes tearing up, Fushi, Fushi, Fushi, Fushi.

And then Fushi pulls away, and Kahaku sobs so loudly that he startles himself.

However indignant he felt at Fushi pulling away- it doesn't matter when Kahaku gazes at Fushi. Everything fades away.

Fushi's face is pink, his lips are red, and there is a thin line of spit that connects their lips together. His lashes are fluttering, his chest is heaving, and Kahaku just wants to push him down and have his way with him.

Kahaku reaches up to his bloody lips, running his tongue over the bottom lip and feeling the indentation that Fushi had left there.

Kahaku adores him. He adores Fushi even more when he is mean. He just wants to eat him up, more than anything else in the world.