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Lena Luthor's Plans

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Subtle first Change of plans - The begining




Lena wasn't sure why all the plans she had made in life never turned out the way she imagined.

At first, she imagined that being taken away from her birth mother by her death at the age of four would be bearable. She would have a big house, a father, a Mom and Lex. She would know what it was like to have a sibling and she would feel the warmth of a family again. Well, that plan failed quite spectacularly. All she found was a frivolous and distant biological father, a hateful stepmother favoring a brilliant future psychopathic who would extend love to a lost little girl, only to then be one of the first to teach her how much love hurts.

Of course, in the meantime some plans worked out fine.

First of all: She didn't go crazy from the terrible expectations of the Luthor family, she got her high school and boarding school program as far away from them as possible, and she had fond memories on her last New Year' Eve with her brother. They played chess, as they used to do in a young age, and Lena felt they might would have a chance again. But that was before, Because in the near future... He would become a xenophobic terrorist maniac.

Later, after dozens of funerals and finally facing the last son of Krypton, handing her brother's few possessions after a battle that cost dozens of lives, Lena didn't imagine that life could surprise her more, but it did. Lex killed so many people, nearly destroyed Kal-el as he turned the sun red (A detail for later, Lex never knew how to hide from her the files he gathered on a Clark Kent journalist and a Kara Zor-el college student) and yet Lena watched the Superman cry saying he was sorry he had no other choice but to end her brother's life.

Lena had nothing to forgive, perhaps, she even should have thanked him. Yet the woman, more of a 22 year old girl, cried with an alien as she shared a bottle of Macallan with him. (Years later she would discover that whiskey does nothing for Krypitonians. She also would discover during her years of substance abuse, that it did nothing for the emptiness she began to feel that day).

It was a very... Unique moment indeed.

For the next six years, Lena vowed to make Luth- in fact, L-Corp a force for good. Of course Lilian would try to stop it, Of course Lena would not let her succeed. It was still an ongoing plan, but Lena had faith (She never had faith before, and maybe Clark Kent's kindness inspired her a little) that this would be one of the good plans that work out. (And it did, but not in the city she hated and knew so much.)









 Not loving you is a losing game -  Not so much a subtle change of plans





Changes of plans involved NC, National City. Leaving Metropolis behind seemed like a good choice, as did leaving a cemetery she never got to visit, a sick father, and a stepmother lurking for her first misstep.

Well, speaking of missteps, one of Lena Luthor promising plans was never to fall in love.

There was a trail of girls and boys during her boarding school years, countless classmates and strangers by college time. Some shared a few kisses, others had possession of her body for a few moments, none had access to her heart.

The closest he came to that was Jack, promise of science as much as she did. Though Lena always wondered why their love sounded so childish and more like friendship. Were the boundaries of what they had so close to confuse her?(10 years after meeting him, Lena would understand why Jack had never been enough).

Precisely, she would understand when Cat grant's assistant walked into her office, nervously fiddling with her glasses.

Objectively, Lena knew that Clark Kent was accompanying her. However, the minute his eyes landed on her, that was it, the only other person in the room.

Lena had always scoffed at love at first sight. Just like the notion that there is no way NOT to love your child (Lilian e Lionel made a number on  her in that matter), just like the notion that happiness lasts long enough to overcome the ups and downs of life.

But Kara Zor-wait, Kara Danvers, came along and threw everything she knew away.

Lena fell in love with those blue eyes and bright smile. A Luthor fell in love with a Kryptonian. (Someday in the future, when planning to propose to this woman, Lena would see the same woman hold out a bracelet, made of a material she had never seen before, tell her she loved her and confess she fell in love as soon as she saw her green eyes for the first time. This, by the way, was another of Lena Luthor's plans, soon to be, Lena Luthor-Danvers, that met an unexpected end. And well, she said No to that question, although when she smiled afterwards, she held out a small box to the other woman. And indeed, a Yes to "Nim rrip khuhtiv zrhymin?" was heard that evening in Midvale)

There were more plans that worked out,

Like, for example, becoming friends with Kara. It was a funny two years. It was hard not to tell that she knew about Supergirl, especially since Kara didn't help with the whole flying bus thing or floating slightly during shared naps. It took a while, but of the unexpected things in Lena Luthor's life, a simple day of movie night was the perfect way to finally come to know.

To have Kara's trust, to the point where she confessed, late at night while wrapping her in her arms, the entire history, her birth name and lost world, was of enormous value to a woman who thought she didn't know how to love and would learn how to sooner than she imagined.

Confessions of other secrets were made at that opportunity and then, Lena made love to the woman she loved. (Kara, although pansexual, experienced her first time with a woman. On the Luthor-Danvers' 10-year anniversary, she would confess this to Lena as if it were a joke and then her Wife would say she could never tell if it depended on her tongue. The marble table in the kitchen had to be replaced after an unexpected crack)

Promises were not made the next morning, plans were not laid out.  They were what they were and it worked out for a while.









Subtle change of plans - As much as an exploding krypton





Then they planned their first big trip, in celebration of their wedding anniversary and of course... You already know about what to expect from Lena's plans.


Lilian happened, Cadmo happened, and experiments that should not have been allowed, happened.


It would never make sense to Lena what her mother's intent was to do what she did, but certainly Lena would never forgive her in the same way. (Lilian would spend the next 33 years trapped in a DEO facility. She would be about to die and ask forgiveness on the only visit Lena would ever make in her life, because her mother was her mother, just as her children were parents to her grandchildren, and she finally understood that resentment had to end at some point and forgiveness must finally begin. Lena cried when she decided and felt like the person many judged her to be when she felt nothing burying Lilian with Lionel and Lex, but Kara was there, gray and retired (By the way, one of the plans that worked later on, was a virus that would make her age as an actual human) and never left her side until Lena saw her blue eyes for the last time).


What did Lilian do? Well...


Tearing CADMO apart was one of the most complicated activities that the super-friends were engaged in.


The anti-alien movement had many cells spread around the world and not every country had a DEO branch. It took a lot of effort until they discovered the last lair, a genetic laboratory in the Arctic. (The irony of its location being almost 50 miles from the fortress of Solitude did not escape from the two of then).


At that point, Lena had already created the Empire she longed for, embracing the force for good that she was inspired by her wife to be. And five years had passed after they got married. Lena in her 35s and kara in her 37s, both started to reflect about having children.


Supergirl had been active for over 12 years and while she was still as strong as before, her enemies seemed to get better and better and found new and creative ways to hurt her or those she loved. (Kara could barely count how many times her sister and soon to be niece, had been exposed to the danger that Sam and Alex's line of work represented) And Lena was planning a westward expansion with L-Corp that would have her traveling far more than she imagined and then, they pondered that maybe kids couldn't fit into the kind of crazy life they had.


Then, again, Lilian Luthor happened.


Apparently she was able to put her xenophobic views aside in favor of creating an army of evil half-Kryponians for world domination.


And that's how Lena and Kara Zor-el Luthor-Danvers met Alex, Liam, Lori and Conner.


When Kara would call in desperation on December 5 of that year, she had no idea she would catch a ride in the arms of Reign ( Codename that one day Samantha Arias-Danvers would use after her Kryptonian heritage was safe to claim again) and would end up in the Arctic. But then she would go, covered by heavy coats, because thank goodness Jess seemed ready for every situation.


There, Lena cried like never before in her life, not even the death of Lutessa, Lionel, Lex. With the worst relationship endings, even the passenger for 2 weeks with Kara once. (She would walk away for 5 minutes after finding out the secrets of that facility and Kara would hug her in silence. But her grief would not be the priority for either of them in the great scheme of things that day).


There, she would find her anguished wife observing small prisons. There were 4 in total in that sector, but the facility had the capacity for 31 more chambers, as well as incubators much like the ones her wife described that were used for conception on Krypton.


So Lena got all her answers before she even looked at the cells, just staring into Kara's blue eyes.


There in one of the cells, a child no older than 10 was standing, staring at them with a face that should have inspired strength, but was fueled by fear. Kara could tell that it was a boy from the file she found, it said he was male, that he was eight years old, that he was of LL x KZ origin, test subject #16. But Lena was still in doubt, she couldn't tell from the distance she was standing frozen.


The boy had very short black hair and blue eyes and a distinctive facial structure, which even if Lena still had doubts, showed his descent right away. He was thin, very thin, but still, he put on a brave face as he faced them, as if he expected his worst from them and knew that nothing they tried to do to him, would work. (Later that day, Lena and kara would ask the boy what she thought of the name Alex, Alex from Alexandra, from Al, never from Lex, although turning that name into something good, was something that would make Lena stop resenting it. It would take Al a few minutes to answer, but after learning that the redheaded woman who met him first had the same name, he accepted with a small smile. No more test subject #16.


In the second cell, as she approached, Lena would turn pale. There, a child no older than five cried, hungry and as thin as her brother. She had short blond hair and turquoise eyes, much like her own. On the chart, male, five years old, LL x KZ, test subject #22.


The child (Later called Liam) only stopped crying when a crying Danvers kara picked her up and pulled her to herself. At that point, Al was talking to Alex and Lena in a monosyllabic manner. He would take a misstep, as if to try to protect little Liam from Kara when she stooped to pick him up, however he would turn around and shrink back in fear when he met Lena's gaze,expecting punishment. Lena would hold him and comfort him when the boy would break down in tears and shiver for the first contact of affection in his life. She would whisper words that the boy would never forget (In the years to come, his mothers would tell him that they would love him every day and never let him fear a day. He would protect and love his siblings without ever flinching, and would never again tense up when the arms of someone who loved him surrounded him. When his older daughter would have her first nightmare, he would repeat the words his mother once said to him that day" Rrip zhadif  buahn chahymah is'kah")


Liam would whisper that there were only two more there, of those who survived. And Lena wouldn't need a disturbed Reign, coming from a room with morgue compartments, to tell her what happened to everyone else if not the test subject #1, #16, #22 and #25.


In a cell larger than the others, both kara and Lena find a boy with long black hair cradling a small baby with black hair as well. On the chart, male, 12 years old, AL x CK strain, test subject #1.

Lena would bump into her wife, who perplexed would look at the exact copy of her cousin and Lex Luthor. (When they question Lilian later, they would find out that that was Lex's little project before he died: Cloning himself and kal-el, killing him and replacing him with his future manipulable son. He just didn't expect to be the one who would die, nor that his mother would resume her work, fail many times and resort to the available DNA, from Lena and Kara).


Kara was the first to hug him, and the boy accepted without understanding, suspicious and hurt. He only let go of the little baby when Kara told him who they were and that everything would be okay. He was safe and would be loved. (Later, Lena and Kara would contact Lois and Clark, who would accept and pick up Connor, as Clark decided to call him, and raise him. 5 years later, at his high school graduation, Connor would cry with Kara, and say that he always felt that Clark didn't love him like he loved Jon. That he heard him say that he was too much Lex. Lena would hug him and tell him all the little reasons why this would never be a bad thing, that Lena loved everything Lex meant for a long time and all the good things her brother had, her nephew possessed. Connor would decide to live with the Luthor-Danvers and go to college at NCU that next year. And when Connor became a father for the first time, he would return to Metropolis and reconnect with his father and Kal-el would ask for forgiveness. He would become one of Krypton's legacies after that, as would his older brother Jon, as would Alex and Lori flying through the sky and Liam, who would be a hero much more like Lena than the others, at the head of the family business. As well as Ruby, who would not inherit her mother's powers, but a place in Deo just like her chosen mother, and her sister, Ellie, from Ellize, from Eliza, her late grandmother, would find her own place fighting for the rights of aliens in the courts, and one day in front of the NC city council).


The baby, who would be named Lori, was minus 2 months by the records. In Lena's arms, she sighed and opened her eyes, which looked like a sea green (They would later settle as a soft blue depending on the light) she would smile and squeeze hard on the fingers of the one who would eventually become her mother and Lena loved her with everything she had. (Of her 3 children, Lori's love was always easy to earn, perhaps because of her young age and lack of traumatic memories, it would always be easier for her. She would grow up and one day find out what her brothers and cousins went through, and she wouldn't go a day without telling them how brave they were and offering to listen to their anguish that sometimes their mothers wouldn't make go away or understand. She would crawl into their beds until the nightmares passed, every time).


Her first word would be Lex, because of her older brother and she would take everything Lena called strength, so she wouldn't crumble in front of her children. (kara, later before singing a lullaby to her children, would explain to everyone who Lex was. Al would tell Lori not to call him that anymore, and Lena would say that if Lori loved him and Al loved her, the past and all that her brother was, didn't matter anymore. Lori would call her brother Lex more often in the future and every time Lena would listen to it, she would wear a small smile).


And of Lena's plans, at that point, very few remained. But new ones emerged in the hope that Kara's gaze provided, at the end of that tiring day, after four half-Kryptonian children slept together in their bed.


Lena would say that none of that was part of their plans, and Kara would laugh and kiss her, and say what in the history of the two of them actually did?




The last plan that went well - Thanks to Rao



They would love each other and the day Lena would look at Kara Zor-el Luthor Danvers for the last time. She would think of Al-el, of Lor-el, Li-el and kon-el, of her grandchildren (And boy, how many huh? Thank goodness that by this part of her life she would be much more than a billionaire, imagine how many gifts she gave every single year) she would think of Lilian and Lex and Lionel and Lutessa, her birth mother. She would think of Krypton and Argo, of her mother-in-law who accepted her with open arms. She would think of Alex and Sam, Ruby and Ellie, and their own children and in Clark and Lois and Jon as well.


She would think about how her life was a strange set of events and coincidences and how none of their present was in the plans and none of them would have met if things were as Lena once thought they should be.


And strangely enough, Lena planned her last words to kara. She said "Khap Zhao Rrip, zrhuerao" and kissed her "Rrip chad khuhp ju khap zhadif zaozh bezhgam". She could have sworn she couldn't even do that on her deathbed, but strangely enough, at least that last plan worked out alright.






The end?