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Taking Care of You Like You Do For Me

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‘Everything is loud, it’s too loud, please-‘

‘Too loud, too loud, get off of me! Stop touching me, stop, stop, stop.’

‘I can’t- Too much-‘

‘Jesus fuck, fuck, I can’t-‘

‘Moving, moving, why am I? I don’t want to, please don’t, don’t make me.’


‘Stopped touching me, playing game.’

‘What is it? Animal Crossing?’

‘He’s handing it over? Kenma doesn’t just-‘

“It’s ok, I don’t mind Bokuto.”

‘His voice is soft... I just want to. Maybe for a second.’

Grasping the switch, Bokuto only made Kenma’s character run in circles for a few minutes before his eyes finally focused. He watched the character moving around and he moved his thumb to make the character move in a straight line over to the ocean.

‘The waves are pretty, wish I could.. Wish my life could be like this, this is nice.’

Bokuto saw Kenma shift a little from the corner of his eyes and Bokuto slightly scooted back out of instinct. Kenma didn’t move closer though, just adjusting the way he was sitting.

‘Too nice, Kenma is too nice.’

With a deep breath in, Bokuto looked back to the console in his hands and he blinked for a moment before picking up a shell. He then decided to catch a fish. He read the small little joke that popped up under it and laughed to himself, wincing a little as his voice cracked in an ugly sort of way. He saw Kenma smile though and he smiled too at the thought, flopping backwards to lay on his back. The floor felt cool, it felt nice.

After a minute of picking up more shells and getting more fish, Bokuto pat the spot next to him and Kenma took the invitation to lie down next to him.

‘Breathing better, glad Kenma’s here...’

The next half hour was just Bokuto doing random mindless things, sometimes selling what he collected, a few flowers were planted, the character ran in circles occasionally. He liked Kenma’s villagers, they were all really nice. Bokuto managed to get out a couple words about it and Kenma explained that he just got his last dream villager yesterday. Bokuto nodded.

“They’re good, keep them please.”

Kenma nodded back. “Of course sweetheart,” he hummed out gently, scooching over just a tiny bit.

Bokuto felt his chest loosen up at the closer proximity and he smiled shyly to himself as he kept his eyes on the game. “Kiss please?”

“On the lips?”

“Cheek please,” Bokuto said with a shake of his head and Kenma smiled more before leaning over and planting a soft kiss on his cheek, letting it linger for a moment. “Best boyfriend,” he heard himself mumble out.

“For what?” Kenma asked gently, nuzzling into Bokuto’s side when Bokuto tapped his arm with one finger, a little system they'd made when the other struggled to talk. He laughed softly as Bokuto paused the game and put the handheld to the side, pulling Kenma into his arms as he threw a leg over Kenma’s hip. Bokuto was extremely sweaty from practice that Kenma had to pull him out of half an hour ago but Bokuto noticed how Kenma didn’t seem to mind as he wrapped his arms around Bokuto’s back.

“Taking care of me, ‘m a lot.”

Kenma shook his head gently. “You don’t say I’m a lot when it happens to me, and you’re not a lot either. We’re ok, we’re just a little overwhelmed sometimes. And I want to take care of you, you take care of me too.”

“Am I the best boyfriend too then?”

Bokuto looked down at Kenma as he nodded, smiling wider than anyone usually ever saw of him. Bokuto put that smile there, he couldn’t help thinking, all on his own.

“Yes, I love you for it.”

“Forever and ever?”

“Forever and ever.”

“Then can I love you forever and ever too?”

“Yes please.”