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An Urgent Interruption

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“Is he answering?” Jack asked.

“No, Colonel O’Neill. I have been sent to his voice mailbox all three times I have called,” said Teal’c.

“Damn. He’s gotta be at home. He wouldn’t turn his phone off otherwise. I’ll go get him,” Jack said.

“Sir, I can --” an airman started to offer.

“Nah. I got it. Too boring around here anyway.”

Someone discharged yet another fire extinguisher in the lab below the observation area and a new alarm started ringing. Jack jogged out of the room and to the elevators.

When he got to the parking lot he tried Daniel’s cell again, just in case.

”Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of Doctor Daniel Ja--” Jack snapped his phone shut and tossed it in the passenger seat along with the SGC insignia from his uniform. Daniel didn’t live more than fifteen minutes away, and it was closer to ten if you timed the lights right.

Jack turned his hazards on in front of Daniel’s building and ran up the stairs two at a time, calling once more just for good measure.

”Hi, you’ve reached the--” Fat lot of good that did.

Jack pounded twice on the door. “Daniel! Rise and shine!” he called, then tried the doorknob. Locked. He grabbed his keys out of his jacket pocket, found Daniel’s, and unlocked the door. “Up and at ‘em, Daniel! Let’s go!”

Jack opened the door. Daniel stared at him from the vicinity of his bedroom, naked but for a thin white sheet he held around his waist. A very thin white sheet.

“Already up, I see,” Jack said.

“I wasn’t,” Daniel complained.

“Not in the market for any bridges, Daniel.”

Daniel deflated somewhat, although not where it counted, and blushed pink from ears to collarbones.

“Get dressed, let’s go. You’re needed in Oz,” Jack said.

Daniel scowled at Jack, but went to go put real clothes on.

“SG-12 brought back some doohickey and a user manual, but nobody thought it was important to read the damn thing before they started pressing buttons,” Jack explained while Daniel was out of sight.

“A user manual? That’s a first,” Daniel said when he came out of his bedroom in disarray.

“So’s the Little Fire That Could. Ready? Let’s go,” Jack said, opening the front door for Daniel. Daniel pulled his boots on and tucked the laces in without tying them, and let Jack close and lock the door behind him. They ran down the stairs and out to Jack’s truck, which had thankfully not acquired any unwelcome parking violations in the five minutes Jack had been upstairs.

“Can you maybe not mention, you know,” Daniel said once Jack had shifted into drive.

“Mention what?” Jack asked innocently.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

“Oh, how lucky Sha’re is? Anyone who’s showered with you already knows.”