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Almost Like a Popsicle | Yoonjin

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A popsicle was in his mouth, lips closed around the ice as he suckled on it gently, embracing the sweet orange flavour as it melted against his tongue. 

Yoongi hummed as he gently eased it a little further in, probably more than one was supposed to — but Yoongi didn’t care. He allowed the popsicle to rest between his lips, grazing under and over his teeth without allowing them to sink into it. Never did he once take a bite. He only sucked, only savoured the presence of it in his mouth, and made it last.

Like many in the world, Min Yoongi often found himself in need of oral stimulation. It was just one of those desires that had been rooted so deeply within him that it had become part of his daily routine. Although it led to an investment in a small freezer in his dormitory that had to be hidden underneath his desk in case of random inspections from the staff, it was worth it for Yoongi.

His roommate Seokjin was the best when it came to helping him through. He was always willing to run down to the store to grab more popsicles when supply was running low, and checked the freezer every night to make sure Yoongi had enough left for the next day. Seokjin’s concern was that Yoongi was going to go back to biting his nails and chewing on whatever else was in sight, so he made it his duty to keep on top of things.

“Hey, Yoongi.”

As the voice of Seokjin filled the room, Yoongi swivelled around on his chair and pulled the popsicle out of his mouth, offering him a smile. "Hi, hyung."

Seokjin hardly had the ability to mirror his expression. He normally wore such a bright and contagious grin that had everybody near and far swooning — but this was not the case today. He seemed down, oddly. Yoongi knew that even the most joyful had their bad days, but they were extremely rare for Seokjin. Since he had also left the room around one hour ago with the usual amount of joy shining on his skin, the fact that he was in this state now was even more shocking.

"How many..." Seokjin exhaled a sigh, "how many popsicles do you have left?"

Yoongi slipped the popsicle back into his mouth and briefly sucked on the top of it, humming against the melting ice. "This is the last one."


Yoongi raised a brow at Seokjin as he flopped onto his bed, groaning into the sheets beneath. He whined in annoyance and slammed his fist against the mattress before eventually mustering the courage to sit back up, to look Yoongi in the eyes again.

"My card got declined at every store I went to," Seokjin said with caution. "It turns out that my... that my bank account is very empty right now. I won't get any money again until next week."

With that, shock spread all over Yoongi's face for a completely different reason. Sucking on popsicles had become normal for him now. They were the one thing that stopped him from feeling forced to suck his thumbs or bite his nails until they were nothing more than stubs. Before Seokjin had suggested popsicles, Yoongi had even gotten to the point where he was chewing holes into his t-shirts because he just could not live without something in his mouth most of the time.

Popsicles worked incredibly well for him. It had been several months since the last time he sucked his thumb and he wasn't prepared to go back to that.

"I'm sure it's okay," Yoongi murmured as he grabbed his phone, keeping the orange popsicle tight in his other hand. He swiftly opened up his mobile banking app and checked his balance, but the number that flashed up on the screen only made his heart sink. In fact, it had drowned . "Never mind..." he whispered. "I've got nothing either."

Seokjin frowned and shuffled towards Yoongi, curling an arm around his shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Yoongi."

"It's not your fault. I should've tried to ration them rather than going through them as quickly as I did," Yoongi replied, returning the one-armed embrace. "Besides, there's probably other solutions out there. I can just binge-eat, I guess."

"But then you'll feel bloated and nauseous and it'll be horrible for you to endure. I can't let you go through that."

Seokjin's response made Yoongi chuckle. He knew that he cared, but not that much. It was almost as though he had become one of Seokjin's main priorities, which felt strange, considering that they were only friends and that Seokjin had been on and off with flirting with this random guy in one of his classes for a while now. But then again, because they were roommates and best friends, he supposed it made a little more sense than he had initially thought.

That's what Yoongi liked about Seokjin. He liked that he was selfless, that he always tried his best for those he loved, even those he had a more platonic bond with. Seokjin had always been the perfect roommate, the perfect friend, and Yoongi was beyond grateful for his presence in his life.

"Hey," Seokjin spoke up, "what if I asked Namjoon to lend me some money?"

Yoongi laughed, playfully rolled his eyes and watched the popsicle as it continued to melt. He quickly licked off the liquid that was leaking along the solid ice and gulped down the heavenly taste before shaking his head at the elder.

"Don't worry, hyung. I'll survive until next week. It'll be perfectly fine."

Seokjin's breath hitched. He didn't believe him for a second, but didn't have the guts to call him out for it. Instead, he gently nodded his head and ruffled Yoongi's hair, trusting that he'd try his best to survive until next week.

He trailed back to his own side of the bedroom and jumped back on his bed. From there, he picked up his phone and started drafting out a very firm and persuasive text to his mother in the hopes of being transferred a couple of thousand won so that he could get Yoongi at least a couple popsicles before he received his pay cheque next week.


Yoongi was struggling.

The day Seokjin came back and announced that he was, well and truly, broke, Yoongi had managed fine. He took his time finishing off his last popsicle and had an early night, falling asleep as though nothing was wrong.

The next day, he got a little more than normal for breakfast (thank God for college catering) and managed to make his food last for two hours, chewing so slowly that he was gulping down one bite per minute. Even though everything had gotten bitterly cold very quickly, Yoongi made it work. It was necessary for him, so he found ways around it.

The same happened with lunch and dinner, and he was fairly certain that he had only sucked his thumb once that day.

Monday was busy, which made things easier. When he was in class, he had the lid of his pen to chew on, which hurt his teeth at times, so it wasn't too awful. Being focused on his work also seemed to help out because he was thinking less about what wasn't in his mouth and more about his notes.

Tuesday was similar, but Wednesday was a quiet day for Yoongi.

He and Seokjin didn't have any classes on Wednesdays, which made it more difficult. Yoongi had passed the time by completing every assignment he had been set and everything was completely fine.

Until it wasn't.

At three in the afternoon, Yoongi had become restless. His thumb had been stuck in his mouth for thirty minutes and he wasn't able to grab dinner until five at the earliest. He had nothing to do to keep himself occupied, so he felt like he didn't have a choice.

Seokjin was laying on his bed when his gaze flickered over to Yoongi, realising that he had been at it for far too long now. His lower lip naturally curled into a pout at the sight of his best friend. Yoongi's teeth were gnawing at his nail and his thumb had become wrinkly because of how long it had been sat in his mouth, swimming around in his saliva. Yoongi didn't seem to get tired of it.

But he wasn't getting better. Every time he glanced towards Yoongi, he saw his thumb being wedged deeper into his mouth. Yoongi had removed it after a short while, but ended up replacing it with two fingers and kept them in as far as they could go.

Seokjin still felt bad, of course, but now another feeling seemed to fade in.

It looked almost hot , seeing Yoongi sucking on his fingers like that. Two had become three soon enough and Seokjin felt his stomach do a little somersault, pants tightening at the sight. He swiftly turned himself over in the bed and directed his stare towards the wall on his side of the room, hoping that Yoongi hadn't noticed him gawking at him.

He could understand why Yoongi was taking things that far. The popsicles he usually had were quite wide, while his thumb was nowhere near as thick — so he felt the need to resort to having three fingers in his mouth.

But even so, Seokjin couldn't stop himself from thinking about Yoongi sucking his dick, bobbing his head up and down and taking in the entire thing without even gagging.

It was so fucking hot.

"Hyung..." Yoongi sighed, fingers now out of his mouth. "I was wrong... it's not fine."

Seokjin let out a small gasp and flipped himself over to face Yoongi. He saw Yoongi wipe his fingers on his blanket out of instinct, cursing under his breath once he realised that he'd have to wash that now. But even though Yoongi wasn't sucking on anything anymore, Seokjin had failed to shake away those images from his brain.

"It's so hard to... to hold back on chewing at my t-shirt right now--"

"Take it off, then."

Yoongi's eyes widened in surprise as he and Seokjin stared at each other, surrounded by a deafening silence now.

"What?" Seokjin laughed. "We live together. We've seen each other shirtless before."

"True," Yoongi murmured in reply, shrugging his shoulders. He tugged at the hem of his shirt and lifted it over his shoulders, cautiously dropping it to the ground where it was away from his mouth.

"Better?" Seokjin asked, offering Yoongi a weak smile.

Yoongi informed him that he did feel better, but Seokjin could tell that he wasn't being completely honest with him. He turned away and scrolled through his phone for a short while, but glancing back towards Yoongi only brought back the vision of him sucking on his thumb again — genuinely sucking on it. He could see him biting his nail again, muttering curses beneath his breath with every nibble.

He really wasn't doing well.

Seokjin wasn't doing well either. At this rate, he was going to have to run off to the quiet restroom on the other side of the building so that he could jerk himself off — but that meant he'd have to leave Yoongi alone. He couldn't do that to him.

So he stayed put and ignored the fact that his cock was hardening beneath his pants, pretending that everything was completely normal. The act he put on wasn't wonderful but he tried his best and fought against the urge to just sprint off so that he could come without Yoongi having to witness it. But even so, with every second that passed, his task only became more and more difficult.

"Hyung," Yoongi whimpered from his own bed, prompting Seokjin to turn over (with one leg crossed over the other, just to be safe).

"Ye... yeah?" Seokjin stammered, unconsciously rubbing his thighs together.

He was royally screwing this up for himself now.

"My thumb is b-bleeding..." Yoongi whined as he pulled his hand away from his mouth, revealing a red tinge against his skin.

Seokjin's eyes widened as he beckoned Yoongi to his bed, suddenly forgetting all about his arousal. He opened up the top drawer of his bedside cabinet, pulled out some disinfectant wipes and ordered Yoongi to sit down. As Yoongi lowered his body onto the bed, Seokjin was able to see just how restless he was. Every single part of him was trembling, his hands and lips especially. Yoongi was still making an attempt to fight it, still battling the demons that were forcing him to gnaw at everything within a two-metre radius.

He was strong, but being strong wasn't enough to stop him from bringing parts of his body to his lips.

"Hey," Seokjin said softly as he pulled out a wipe, gently cleaning the cut Yoongi had made with his teeth, "it's alright, Gi. You're doing so well..."

Yoongi exhaled a harsh sigh and immediately found himself disagreeing with Seokjin, though he refused to tell him that. The very moment that breath escaped his lips, Yoongi closed his mouth tightly and pressed his lips into a thin line to make it feel as though something was laying against them.

"Would a cuddle distract you?" Seokjin asked a short while later, having now cleaned the mess entirely. "I'm not sure if you've noticed, but you seem to fall asleep rather quickly when you're in my bed."

His brows furrowed as his best friend pointed out the statement of truth that Yoongi wasn't necessarily prepared to admit. But even so, he nodded his head and buried himself in Seokjin's arms, making sure that his face was turned away from the elder's body so that he didn't accidentally chew on his shirt. He kept his other thumb in his mouth and only sucked on it, making sure that his teeth didn't move against it at all.

And as Seokjin curled his arms around his bare waist, Yoongi felt safe.

Seokjin, however, was panicking on the inside. Although he was the one to suggest a hug, he had completely forgotten that his half-hard, clothed dick was pressing against Yoongi's back, dangerously close to his ass. A soft gasp fell from his lips the very moment his crotch touched Yoongi's body, growing slightly louder when Yoongi adjusted his position to get more comfortable. Now he was wondering if Yoongi even felt it.

However, he tried not to focus on it, instead directing his attention to something else. He flickered his gaze towards Yoongi, but that turned out to be a huge mistake as well. Because of course, he was still sucking. His poor thumb was being tortured.

Seokjin heard Yoongi whimper against his thumb, and suddenly, the images came flooding back. Without warning, filling up the inside of his head was the feeling of Yoongi whining around his cock while he was sucking it.

A low groan escaped his lips at the thought. Yoongi's wriggling didn't help him out too much either. At this point — although not on purpose — Yoongi was practically grinding on him.

"Shit," Seokjin whispered to himself, but immediately covered his mouth before he had the chance to say anything else.

"You okay, hyung?" Yoongi asked. "Do you... do you need some privacy?"

Seokjin's eyes snapped open. He didn't even realise that he had closed them until they were torn back open at the sound of Yoongi's voice. He bit his lip as Yoongi turned around to face him, a brow raised and his lips pursed.

"I..." he sighed, "I think I may have a solution for your prob-- wait, no... that's stupid."

Yoongi raised his other eyebrow now, curiosity piqued as Seokjin shyly glanced away from him, shifting his gaze up towards the ceiling. Yoongi moved his hand up Seokjin's arm and rested it on his shoulder, keeping his stare on his roommate until he mustered the courage to look at him again.

"It's not stupid," Yoongi said reassuringly. "I'm sure it's not stupid. If it's an idea, then I need to hear it, hyung."

Seokjin's lower lip was between his teeth, scraping against the skin until they caught a loose patch. He tugged the skin upwards and felt it break away, and it hurt. However, that amount of pain wasn't enough to numb the pain brought about by complete and utter embarrassment.

"Okay..." Seokjin mumbled. He purposely distanced himself from Yoongi and shut his eyes again, allowing his wrist to muffle the words. "I..."

Yoongi frowned at Seokjin's hesitancy, but his eyes were still alight with curiosity. Anybody else would've known exactly what Seokjin was about to suggest, but it turned out that Yoongi was oblivious to it all.


"You could always suck my... my dick?"

Yoongi was taken aback by that; he couldn't lie. Of all the possible solutions Seokjin's wonderful mind could have conjured up, that was what he ended up choosing. Considering that they were the best of friends, Yoongi didn't think that Seokjin would've been up for risking it all like that. Intimacy with friends isn't always the greatest of ideas — but they were both gay, alone, and Yoongi did need to find something to suck on.

Besides, the sound that had bubbled away from Seokjin's throat just a few moments ago seemed to show that he needed it just as much.

Yoongi knew that Seokjin was big. He was definitely much larger than his own fingers, and he was also a lot thicker than the popsicles he would usually put in his mouth. It would definitely be more satisfying, as long as Seokjin could hold on for that long.

"You're sure?" Yoongi asked, squeaking slightly as Seokjin immediately nodded his head. "You-- you don't mind me using you to..."

"I get paid tomorrow," Seokjin replied, suddenly quite timid in comparison to his normal self. "If you can't hold on until then, you can always use me. I'll edge myself until you're done."

Shock spread over Yoongi's face once more, but despite the turn of events, he found himself feeling delighted deep down. If this saved him from another injury or another destroyed t-shirt, then Yoongi was grateful for the opportunity.

"Okay," he said softly before speaking up a little. "Yeah, okay. I-- thank you."

"Of course, Gi," Seokjin smiled as he crossed his legs, trying to draw attention away from his semi-hard cock.

It wasn't going well.

"You're hard..." Yoongi murmured, letting out a slight chuckle as he glanced towards Seokjin's crotch.

"That's an exaggeration," Seokjin scoffed in response. "It's... almost hard."

Yoongi merely laughed again at Seokjin's declaration, choosing to agree with him — despite knowing that he wasn't being entirely truthful. "Can I take these off, hyung?"

"Yeah, go ahead," Seokjin replied as he shuffled back on the bed, laying his head within the mass of pillows that laid there.

Yoongi hummed and followed Seokjin's body, resting a hand against his thigh. His fingers crawled up until they were curling beneath the waistband of his sweatpants, from where he pulled them off in one swift motion. The speed at which he removed them had his fingernails pulling slightly at his boxers as well, leaving them to ride slightly down Seokjin's thigh.

"Hyung, how big are you?" Yoongi asked as his stare locked onto the very obvious outline of his dick beneath his underwear.

Seokjin let out a low hum in thought. "Eight inches, maybe?"

"Fuck," Yoongi breathed out. His stomach was already tying in several tight knots as he pulled off Seokjin's boxers, watching his cock fall against his stomach, finally released from its clutches. "I'd say you're bigger than that, hyung..."

Seokjin couldn't respond as Yoongi took his dick in his hands. All he had the power to do was draw a breath in at the feeling, but even that ability seemed to be slipping away from him now.

Yoongi was quick when it came to wrapping his lips around Seokjin's cock. He barely hesitated, hardly took a moment to think about what the hell he was actually doing, and just went for it.

It took Seokjin by surprise, to say the least. His fingers had constricted against the sheets beneath him, clawing at tugging at them as Yoongi sucked lightly against the tip of his dick. When Yoongi's tongue dug into his slit, Seokjin forced himself to hold back the moan — fighting to ignore just how warm his insides had become. He felt like melted jelly, like one of the popsicles that Yoongi had depended on for several months now.

"Mmm," Yoongi hummed against his cock briefly before pulling away from it. "Hyung, you're perfect... Holy shit ..."

Seokjin's eyes rolled to the back of his head and a shaky gasp escaped his lips as Yoongi started to suck again, taking him in a little deeper. He had to battle the urge to jerk his hips upwards, but it seemed as though Yoongi had absolutely no problems with making him fit.

"Y-Yoongi," Seokjin rasped. His body started to shake from the pleasure, suddenly completely hard inside of Yoongi's mouth.

Yoongi hummed at the relief and bobbed his head further, swallowing his inches with ease. Seokjin's tip hit the back of Yoongi's throat, but Yoongi showed no reaction. He didn't choke; he didn't even gag. All he did was hum again as Seokjin's precum drizzled out.

Seokjin was gasping for air at this point. As Yoongi's lips moved all around him, he felt as though he was in a completely different world. Yoongi had sent him somewhere. He wasn't sure where, but it didn't even matter because he had no clue how to even think about it now. Seokjin was just too overwhelmed by the heat as it swirled around in his stomach, filling him to the core with desire.

He could've easily snapped his hips forward right now. There were so many things that he could've done to Yoongi if he had the power or the courage to ask. The fact that he had even suggested a blowjob in the first place was near enough miraculous. Seokjin had never had a burst of confidence quite like that before, but now he wished that he was brave enough to make that suggestion earlier on.

It would've saved them a lot of money.

Seokjin's cock twitched inside Yoongi's mouth as the younger's tongue stroked underneath it, and this time around, he couldn't help but roll his hips upwards, accidentally striking the back of Yoongi's throat with full force. Yoongi gasped around Seokjin's dick and had to pull back, but he later managed to take him in again, one hand pressed against his hip to keep him in place.

For twenty minutes, this went on. Seokjin had already held his orgasm in a couple of times and there was such an immense amount of pressure building up within him. The desire to release was prominent, but Yoongi didn't appear close to finishing. Not that Seokjin could tell. His eyes had been squeezed shut for at least ten minutes now.

"Fuck, Yoongi-- I, shit," Seokjin moaned out, voice trembling just as much as his body. "I don't know if I can h-hold on any-- any longer..."

Yoongi hummed against Seokjin's dick again and dragged out a sharp, intense moan from the elder. Yoongi's eyes fluttered open to gauge Seokjin's reaction, and fell on his face — sweat-drenched and full of the liveliest, most desperate expressions. It almost made him feel smug. Almost.

At the sight of his roommate, Yoongi decided to part his lips a little more. He briefly pulled off with a small pop and looked Seokjin in the eyes, slightly out of breath. Even his lips were covered with the precum he had been smoothing over Seokjin's dick with every movement.

"Come in my mouth, hyung," Yoongi said before wrapping his lips around Seokjin's cock again.

He sucked on the head and dug his tongue into the slit, just now realising how sensitive it was.

As his orgasm rattled through him, a string of moans slipped past Seokjin's lips. He released his load into Yoongi's mouth as his head fell back against the pillows once again, grip on the sheets tightening as the rest of his body shook.

He couldn’t move. He shuddered, but he felt stiff. He heard Yoongi swallow up his cum followed by the sound of him dragging his tongue over his lips.

“Thanks, hyung,” Yoongi said with a smile as he quickly grabbed some tissues to clean Seokjin up. “Are you okay?”

Seokjin mustered a hum and a small nod, but not much else. He felt Yoongi flop down next to him, exhaling a sigh of relief as he latched onto his body. Yoongi pulled Seokjin into an embrace, and with incredibly shaky hands, Seokjin managed to return it. 

“That really did help me, hyung,” Yoongi continued as his fingers slowly began to comb through Seokjin’s hair.


“Yeah,” Yoongi chuckled in reply. He nuzzled his nose into the crook of Seokjin’s neck and took a moment to breathe, a moment to inhale the elder’s scent. “I mean, it doesn’t quite beat popsicles but--”

“What?!” Seokjin gasped out. As he shot up from his original position, seemingly full of energy all of a sudden, he yelled in shock, which only made Yoongi laugh harder.

Yoongi pressed a hand against Seokjin’s shoulder and eased him back down to the bed, still smug and giggly. “Dick’s great and all, but I prefer having it in my ass.” Seokjin’s eyes popped open again as Yoongi hopped off the bed, but he couldn’t respond. It seemed that Yoongi had that part covered for him. “Anyway, I’m gonna go grab my dinner now.”

“Y-yeah, okay…”

Seokjin was staring into space as Yoongi left the room. He was completely lost for words, trapped in a haze that wouldn’t quite clear up. He could hardly believe that he had just allowed that to happen with his best friend. Despite ‘doing him a favour’, Seokjin felt more weird about it than he did proud. 

Perhaps everything would remain eternally awkward; that was something Seokjin was unsure of. Perhaps they’d just act as they normally would, as though nothing had happened between them. He couldn’t tell, but right now, he wasn’t even in the right headspace to actually contemplate it. 

All he could do was lay there. Everything else was simply impossible. He just rested, breathed, and--

“Fuck, I forgot to put a shirt on!”