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From the Beginning

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Carina has a rare day off from the pandemic. She lays in bed as Maya gets up and gets ready for work. She’s gotten more comfortable with living at Maya’s, now their, apartment. It took a little while to fall into a routine that suited both of them well.

Carina had her reservations about moving in after Maya came to her and told her that she was struggling with Carina being in her space. While she was thankful that Maya was honest, it put everything into a different perspective and understanding Maya’s need for control. It was interesting to find out. Sure, Carina knew that Maya controlled all aspects of her job. She had a pertinence for organizing their trips. But she never really saw it as control issues or Maya having to control everything.

So, she was a little tentative the few days after that, trying not to step on Maya’s toes or get in her way, or put her things somewhere that Maya might not like. But then Maya caught her doing it, telling her that she was fine with Carina being there. Saying that she wanted her there. She very emphatically told Carina over and over that she wanted her there, until Carina believed it and was then able to relax into herself and their new living arrangement.

Maya gets out of bed and starts to get dressed for the day. She pulls her pants on and looks for the shirt she set out the night before that was on top of her pants. She’s not sure where her shirt went. The whole point of setting out clothes for the morning was so she wouldn’t have to find them in the morning.

“Where’s my top?”

And Carina smirks, still lying in bed. “I’m right here.”

Maya stops, dead in her tracks, not even trying to look for her shirt anymore. She slowly, almost as if in slow motion, turns her head to look over at Carina. She stares at her for a moment. The smirk on Carina’s face never fading. “Funny.” She says dryly. “Very funny.”

“Yes, I am.” Carina grins, biting her lip.

Maya shakes her head and then breaks out into a laugh. A full belly shaking laugh. “God, that’s awful.” It feels good to laugh. So good. With the pandemic and Carina moving in, things have been stressful, so it’s good to be able to have a good laugh to release some of that built up stress.

Carina shrugs and runs her hand back and forth over the sheets.

Maya looks around the room more for her shirt. “Where’s my shirt?” She steps into the bathroom and finds her shirt sitting on the countertop. “Did I put that there?”

“You must have. I didn’t.” Carina says. She sits up in bed, her back to the headboard.

Maya steps back into the room and Carina takes her picture with her phone as Maya is pulling her shirt over her head. “I heard that.”

“Heard what?” Carina puts her phone down.

“You just took my picture. I’m sure it’s unflattering. Delete it.” She narrows her eyes at Carina.


“I was pulling my shirt over my head. Yes.” Maya comes over to the side of the bed and reaches for Carina’s phone so she can see. But Carina is faster and grabs the phone before Maya can snatch it up.

“N-no.” Carina laughs.

Maya pouts. “I have to go to work.”

“So go to work.” Carina grins.

“Delete it.”

Carina shakes her head.

“Come on.” Maya groans. “At least let me look at it.”

Carina brings the phone over and opens the photo up. She grins. Maya looks silly. “You look like your shirt is stuck.”

“Carina.” Maya whines. “Let me see.”

Carina flips the phone around for Maya to see. Maya looks at the photo. She looks ridiculous. “Delete it. There’s no reason to have a photo like that.”

“It’s my phone. I’ll do with it what I like.” Carina holds her head high, defiant.

“Fine.” Maya gives up. She knows Carina has an entire photo album with photos of her. Some are nice, some are goofy, and some are like the one she just took. Maya in awkward positions, or half dressed, or putting her shoes on, or taking a bite from a spoon or fork. Eating, sleeping. She knows there’s even one where she just got out of the shower and barely had a towel wrapped around herself before a photo was being taken.

“I’ll see you tonight?” Maya asks.

“I’m not going anywhere today.” With Covid it’s not like they can go out to dinner or do anything else in public places that aren’t the park. “Just to the store.” Carina is going to restock the cupboards and get something special for dinner. “Try to get done on time.” She reaches up and wraps her hand around the back of Maya’s neck, pulling her down for a kiss.

Maya hums into the kiss. “It’s not fair that I have to go to work and my super sexy girlfriend gets to stay home in my bed.”

“Our bed.” Carina reminds her.

“Our bed.” Maya kisses her again. “I’ll be home as soon as shift is over.” She doesn’t usually make promises because she knows if they are on a call their shift can run over, but she’s feeling hopeful today.

“Bene.” Carina scratches her fingernails into the hair at the base of Maya’s skull. “Ho in programma una cena speciale.”

Maya hums. “I didn’t get all of that but something special.”

“Cena. Dinner.”

Maya nods. “Then I’ll make sure we are done on time today.” She kisses Carina one more time before she goes. “I love you.”

“Ti amo, Capitana.” Carina smirks devilishly.

Maya bites her lips. “You’re trouble.”

Carina wiggles her eyebrows. “So, you’ve told me.”

Maya rolls her eyes. “I have to go.” She makes a move towards the bedroom door, Carina’s hand slipping from her neck as she does so.

“Just remember your top is right here if you’re looking for it.” Carina jokes. She doesn’t get a reply from Maya. Just the shutting of the apartment door. Carina tips her head back against the headboard and laughs.

Carina chops all the vegetables that she’s going to cook and add to the stuffed eggplant that she’s making. She has Maya’s laptop open and the ‘Carina’ playlist playing. She notices some songs have been added since the last time she listened to it. Carina dances over to the computer and looks at the playlist.

Electric by Miki Ratsula.

That’s the first song that she hears that she hasn’t heard before. It’s what makes her look at the list.

You’re My Best Friend by Queen is another.

REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling.

Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl

Carina smiles at the list. “Maya Bishop, you are something special.” She feels light, happy, her heart is full, her whole body tingles with warmth and Maya isn’t even in her presence. Just thinking about her right now makes Carina feel like that. There’s a sense of security, peace of mind. There’s just something about Maya that makes her feel like no matter what happens in life she’ll be okay if Maya is by her side. The two of them taking on all the challenges that life will present themselves. Every day. A sense of togetherness. A team having each other’s backs; building on what they have every single day.

She dances back over to the counter and finishes with the vegetables. Carina pops everything in the oven and starts washing up.

She hears the door open and then close. Maya hums as she comes in.

Maya wraps Carina in her arms, giving her a sweet kiss. “There’s my little housewife.” She jokes.

Carina scoffs. “Don’t ever say that to me again.”

Maya gets serious. “Okay. It was just a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it. You are so much more than a housewife.” Maya hums and snuggles closer to Carina. “You are so soft and comfortable. My little pillow.”

“Stop, Maya.” Carina tries to push Maya away.

“Oh, come on.” She reaches up and runs her finger over Carina’s forehead, smoothing out the frown lines. “You are incredible. An incredibly badass doctor. An incredible friend. My best friend. An incredibly caring sister. My favorite person. An incredible lover.” Maya winks.

Carina rolls her eyes. “You’re so cheesy sometimes.”

“Only for you.” Maya leans in for a kiss, which Carina meets her for. “A great kisser.” She giggles against Carina’s lips.

“How are you doing?” Maya asks.

“I’m fine. What do you mean?”

Maya shrugs. “It’s been a few weeks. How is the adjustment to living here? I know this isn’t your home. Or wasn’t. You had your own space. It must feel different?” Maya picks at the bottom of her shirtsleeve nervously.

Carina hums, thoughtful. She never would have imagined Maya asking this question a few months ago. It just shows how much Maya has grown and learned in recent weeks. “Thank you for asking. Honestly, at first, I was leery. I didn’t want to do anything to- set you off.” Carina grimaces. “Which sounds terrible, I know.”

“But, understandable.” Maya doesn’t disagree.

“Overall, I think everything has evened out. I just, and you, just needed to find the right center point. Which I think can be hard to do with someone. Especially when you first live together. You don’t know how much time spent together is too much or too little.”

“Everyone needs their own space. Whether that’s at work or at the gym or exercise or some other hobby that doesn’t involve their partner.

“Exactly.” Carina grins brightly. She puts her hand on Maya’s cheeks and pulls her into a kiss. “How are you doing?” She wants to check in with Maya too.

Maya sighs. “Some days, especially if there is clutter laying around, I tend to struggle more. But mostly, I’m good. I’m so happy you moved in and that we are living together. If that makes me cheesy, fine.”

Maya takes a step back. “But, who I am with you. I’m not that way around anyone else. I never have been that way around anyone else. You’ve unlocked something inside of me, I think.” Carina raises an eyebrow at that. “You make me a better- no, you fixed- no, that’s not right either.” Maya sighs, frustrated she can’t articulate her feelings. “You’ve changed me. I’ve changed myself because of you. Because you love me and support me and believe in me. And I’ve never had that before. At least, not in this way. Not in a healthy way.” Maya smiles. That’s better. Sometimes it’s hard for Maya to articulate.

“It’s called growth.” Carina leans forward and nuzzles her nose against Maya’s. “And your growth is absolutely beautiful, bambina.” She seals her words with a kiss.

Maya is getting better at taking a compliment too from Carina. Not great, but she doesn’t try to hide away from them anymore. “Thanks.” She blushes a little, still.

“Since we are talking about moving in and being comfortable, can I have Andrea over for dinner one day? All three of us. I want you and Andrea to meet in person. I want my two most important people to meet and get to know each other. That is my biggest wish in life right now. With everything crazy going on.”

“Of course, babe.” Maya grins. “I want that too. How is he?”

“Good. Really good. He is helping at the hospital with Meredith’s Covid care. He seems to have taken charge of that.”

“It’s crazy that she got sick with it.” Maya comments. When she heard from Ben that Meredith had Covid she didn’t really believe it.

“It is and it isn’t. The odds are that someone was going to get it. Right? Unfortunately for her, it was her. She’s got those kids at home. Can you imagine? Three little kids, they lost their papa and now their mamma is fighting for her life.” Carina shakes her head. “If I had kids, I’d be terrified that I would bring it home to them. Or that I would get sick and then not be there for them. It’s so awful what this disease is doing to so many families. And just people in general. But we are doctors, we took an oath. We must do our jobs, regardless of the disease.”

Maya understands the sentiment. She took an oath too. She wraps Carina tighter in her arms, knowing that something could happen, that either of them could get sick from Covid or that, for Maya, she could get into a situation at work one day that she can’t get out of.

“I have Sunday and Monday off. We could do it one of those days.” Maya suggests.

“I’ll ask Andrea and see what day works good for him.” She releases Maya. “Now, for our dinner today.” She checks on the stuffed eggplant in the oven. “I believe it’s done. We were just waiting for you.”


“Yeah, me and the eggplant.” Carina grins.

Maya laughs. “I’ll wash my hands and set the table.”

They sit down and eat.

“I was listening to that playlist. As I was preparing dinner.” Carina mentions.


“I noticed some new songs.”

“Yep.” Maya grins.

“Brown Eyed Girl?” Carina grins.

Maya shrugs. “What can I say?”

Carina laughs lightly. “Ti amo, tanto.”

“And I love you.” Maya smiles happily. “And thank you for making dinner. Is it for something special?”

“No.” Carina shakes her head. “Just because.”

“Well, it’s delicious. Compliments to the chef.” She raises a fork full in Carina’s direction.

Maya has been working three days straight. Which isn’t a long time in the history of the world, but Carina has needs and urges and sometimes she just can’t wait for Maya.

She wakes up in the morning after a particularly vivid dream, wet dream. She rolls over onto her back and feels the stickiness between her legs. She groans, wishing she didn’t just wake up alone and that her girlfriend was in bed with her.

Carina is too warm too. Product of the dream. She throws the blankets back. Carina could get up and shower. Or she couldn’t get up and shower.

It’s not something she’s done since she’s lived with Maya. It’s not something that she’s needed to do. Her right hand runs down her torso and slips into her panties. She moans at the wetness she finds. Carina runs her fingers through her folds, collecting the moisture before stroking over her clit with two fingers.

They are in the way, so Carina slips her panties off, leaving her in just a camisole. Carina is a few minutes into her ministrations when she hears the front door open and close. She smirks. This could get interesting.

She hears Maya walking through the apartment and then the bedroom door opens.

“Oh.” Maya stands in the doorway, shocked at the sight of her girlfriend on the bed, naked from the waist down, her hand between her legs. She stands stock still watching, eyes focused on that hand.

“Like what you see, bambina?” Carina spreads her legs open further.

Maya’s mouth hangs open, at a loss for words. She looks up and meets Carina’s eyes.

“How was work?” Carina asks.

Maya wrinkles her brow. “Work?” She can’t think straight right now. “What are you-?”

“What does it look like?” Carina smirks. “Are you just going to stand there?” She’s not sure if it’ll be hotter if Maya just stands there and watches or if Maya gets in bed with her. Carina doesn’t really care at this point.

Maya shakes her head and pulls her shirt over her head quickly. She takes two long stride to get to the bed and crawls across the top, hovering over Carina. “Couldn’t you wait for me?” She presses her lips to the side of Carina’s neck.

Carina moans and shakes her head.

“Naughty.” Maya husks. Her lips travel over Carina’s skin, kissing her neck, then her cheek before finding her lips. “That was quite the sight to see when I walked in the door.”

Carina tips her head back wanting Maya’s lips on her neck again. When Maya doesn’t do that, Carina removes her hand from between her legs and reaches up and grabs Maya’s chin with it. Maya moans at the wet fingers on her cheek. She turns her head, capturing those fingers between her lips. There are twin moans as Maya sucks them into her mouth.

“Touch me, Maya.” Carina begs. “I was so close before you walked in.” She squirms on the bed, begging for Maya to relieve the ache between her legs.

Maya doesn’t waste any more time. She slips her arm between their bodies. Carina sighs when Maya’s fingers touch her, stroking over her most sensitive area. “Si, bambina.”

Maya’s lips reach for the hollow in Carina’s collarbone, she licks over the spot before sucking on it, leaving a mark there, pulling another moan from Carina. An arm wraps around Maya’s back, fingernails, digging into her shoulder.

She could get used to this. Coming home from work in the morning to her girlfriend primed and ready for sex. But today, Carina was more than ready. She was nearly finished. Maya wonders what got the woman so worked up in the first place for her to walk through the door to her openly masturbating in their bed.

“Maya.” Carina moans followed by a string of Italian words that Maya has no idea what they are.

Maya focuses her attention on Carina’s sensitive bundle of nerves. She knows that’s all it’s going to take today. A few strokes before a few circles. “Cum for me, baby.” She whispers in Carina’s ear.

Carina groans and arches up into Maya.

“That’s it.” Maya coaches her through her high. Carina lets out a long moan before flopping back down to the mattress.

Maya smirks at the blissed out, dopey grin on Carina’s face as she tries to catch her ragged breath. She kisses all over Carina’s face, avoiding her lips for now so she can breathe. “Absolutely breathtaking.” Maya mumbles.


Maya doesn’t think she’ll ever get sick of the way Carina says her name. “Yeah.”

Carina has her eyes closed. “You’re amazing.”

Maya laughs. “What got you all worked up this morning?”

“I had a dream.”


“About you.” Carina opens her eyes and searches Maya’s face.

Maya rolls onto her side, she puts her elbow in the mattress and her hand on the side of her head, and she gazes at Carina. “And what was I doing in this dream?” She runs her index finger over Carina’s collarbone.

Carina moans, she shifts her legs against the mattress. “You were working.”

Maya frowns. “Working? That doesn’t sound very sexy.”

“But it was.” Carina licks her lips. “I don’t really remember everything, but you had an axe, and you were swing it around like it was nothing. You got too hot, so you took your jacket off. Just wearing a t-shirt with your turnout pants. The shirt tight on your biceps as you swung the axe over and over.”

Maya hums. “And?”

“And then I woke up and you weren’t here, and I was all worked up and wasn’t about to waste that.”

“So, if I’m understand this correctly, you had a wet dream about me.” Maya can’t help but tease.

“Si.” Carina confirms with a proud smile.

Maya laughs. “You really are the orgasm doctor, aren’t you?”

Carina nods. “And I take pride in it. But my study wasn’t ever about me.”

“But you reaped the benefits. Or maybe I reaped the benefits.” Maya smirks.

“Ya know.” Carina runs her finger down the center of Maya’s chest. “I did learn a thing or two from my study.” She hooks said finger into the waistband of Maya’s sweatpants pulling the material away from Maya’s skin before letting it snap back. “But I learn more about the best ways to make you feel good through experience.”

“S-show me.” Maya stutters.

“Certamente.” Carina turns onto her side. She gently pushes Maya onto her back and straddles her waist, her wet center pressing against Maya’s lower abdomen.

Maya moans as Carina grinds down against her. Her hands find Carina’s hips.

Carina removes Maya’s hands from her hips. “No touching.” She husks.

Maya moans. “What? That’s not fair.”

Carina removes herself from on top of Maya. “Take the rest of your clothes off.”

Maya frowns but removes her clothes.

Carina sits astride Maya again, this time a little lower, across her thighs. She bends so she can whisper in Maya’s ear. “Tell me what you want, bella. But no touching me.”

Maya tips her head back, exposing her neck.

Carina chuckles. “Use your words, Maya.”

“Can you-“ Maya tries to wiggle her hips. “-kiss my neck?”

“Don’t ask me. Tell me.” Carina hums.

Maya moans. “Kiss my neck and then suck on my earlobe.” Maya fists her hands in her bedsheet.

Carina grins, doing as Maya says. “What next?” She whispers in Maya’s ear.

The warm breath sends a shiver through Maya’s body.

“Cosa ti farà stare bene, bambina?”

“You. All over.” Maya replies.

Carina sits up a little and looks down at Maya’s face. “You understood all that?”

Maya shakes her head. “Just the beginning. What? And the end. Good.” Maya smiles lazily. “I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing what you’re saying or being able to fill in the words in between that I don’t know.”

Carina grins triumphantly. “Dio mio, sei fantastico. You are amazing.” Carina crashes their lips together, forgetting about the little game they were playing were she wanted Maya to tell her what to do. Carina palms each of Maya’s breast.

Maya moans into Carina’s mouth. “You are the fantastico one.” She arches into those magnificent hands.

Carina nips at Maya’s lips before drawing her attention lower. She sinks down the bed, down Maya’s body, dragging her nipples down Maya’s chest, across her stomach, hissing at the contact. Her lips attach to Maya’s left nipple, rolling her tongue over the nub before sucking it into her mouth fully. Maya’s left hand coming up to the back of Carina’s head, threading her fingers into her hair.

Carina looks up to see Maya with her eyes closed, biting her lip, her head titled to the side. She releases the nipple with a pop. “Bellisima. Assolutamente.” Her hand replaces her mouth again, her fingers pinching at Maya’s nipple.

“Voglio tanto sesso con te per il resto della mia vita.” (I want so much sex with you for the rest of my life.)

If Carina got to experience Maya like this for the remainder of her life, she knows she would die happy. As crazy as that sounds. And as much as she was never someone to settle into a relationship, for whatever reason, she wants to settle here and never leave. It’s not something she’s ever felt before with anyone. There is no feeling of missing out or what could be if she were with someone else or somewhere else. Everything is right here. In this spot. In this city. In this apartment. In this bed. In this woman.

Carina scoots down the bed until she can kiss at Maya’s hipbone, kissing and licking over the spot before moving over to the other side.

“Carina.” Maya groans, spreading her legs, needing the girlfriend between them in some way or another. “Whatever trip you’re taking-“ She moans when Carina sucks at her skin. “-make it quick.”

Carina giggles. “Okay, bambina.” She lifts her head and looks in Maya’s eyes. Carina shifts and lays on her stomach between Maya’s legs, hooking her arms under Maya’s thighs and then up and over so she can hold onto her. That hand of Maya’s is still in her hair. “Ready?”

Maya nods, consenting.

Carina dives right in, licking through Maya’s folds, stopping when she reaches Maya’s clit and sucking. She knows it drives Maya absolutely insane. Which happens in the form of Maya bucking her hips up into Carina’s mouth.

She works Maya through her orgasm. A brilliant dance that they are slowly perfecting.

Carina is playing with Maya’s hair. “You know how I know it’s good for you?”

Maya bites her lip, looking at Carina to answer.

Carina runs her finger across Maya’s collarbone. “Here.” And then wraps her hands loosely around Maya’s throat. “And here. Get’s all red and blotchy.”

Maya knows her pale white skin has that reaction to great sex. “And is it?” She knows the answer is yes.

Carina nods, pulling her hand down from Maya’s neck and placing it flat on her chest. “Si.”

“What time do you work today?” Maya asks.

“I think my first appointment is at noon. I should probably be there by ten though. I have other things to take care of.”

Maya hums. “Too bad we can’t lay in bed together all day.”

Carina taps at Maya’s chest. “That wouldn’t be a very productive day.”

Maya smirks. “Depends what you consider productive.”

Carina laughs. She chews on her lower lip. “I love spending days in bed with you.” They are few and far between right now. “Oh, by the way, Andrew said he could come over Sunday evening.”

Maya wrinkles up her face. “Where did that come from?”

“I wanted to tell you before I forgot.” Carina grins, guilty. “Sorry. Not very sexy to talk about my brother after sex, is it?”

“Hmm, no.” Maya wraps an arm around Carina and pulls her to her chest. “No more talking. Just cuddling until I fall asleep.”

Carina laughs. “You sound like a guy.”

“You cuddle with lots of guys?”

“No.” Carina shakes her head lightly. “The falling asleep part.”

“Oh, right. Well, I have a good excuse. I just worked a 24 hour shift.”

Carina hums, that lazy post sex bliss pulls her towards sleep too. “You know-“ She yawns and reaches for her phone, setting an alarm. “I could get a few more hours before I head into work.”

“I like the sound of that.” Maya already has her eyes closed as she rubs her hand up and down Carina’s arm. “Goodnight, babe.”

Carina presses her lips to Maya’s shoulder. “Goodnight, bella.”