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From the Beginning

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Maya stares at the contact in her phone. The one she saved in the bar last week after she was given a napkin with a phone number on it. The napkin that she tucked into her bedside table that night when she got home for safe keeping. Just in case something would happen to the contact in her phone.

Dr. DeLuca

The name stares back at her.

“Maya, let’s go.” Andy yells for her.

She quickly sends out a text message. I hope I’m not bothering you. But I’ve got a woman at the station that has gone into labor. And with the storm we can’t get her to the hospital. What do I do? This is Maya by the way. Maya Bishop. Captain Maya Bishop.

Maya hits send before she can even reread what she typed out. Too nervous to even second guessing herself. And she doesn’t have time for that. People need here help right now and she doesn’t have time to deal with her own thoughts about whether Carina will want to hear from her or not.

Thankfully, she gets a message back right away.

Just keep the mother calm and as relaxed as possible. Maybe a warm bath or shower. You can call me if you need an tips or help but you just have to let nature take it’s course.

Maya groans. None of that is very helpful, in Maya’s opinion. She flies out of the room to go find Andy and JJ.

She bounces her leg nervously as the phone rings.


Maya takes a deep breath. “Oh good, I need you.”

Carina chuckles at her. “Well, hello to you too.” She says smoothly but sees that Maya isn’t in the mood. “Just try to stay calm.” She can tell that Maya is not calm just by looking at her through the phone screen.

Maya rolls her eyes at that. “Easier said than done. She wants an epidural, but we can’t do that here. I don’t know what else I can do. It’s not like I’m trained to deliver babies.”

“Ah, but I am. You have EMT training, Maya. Just rely on that and you’ll be fine. And for the mamma there’s not much you can do for the pain. There is one thing I can suggest though I don’t know how well that will work in a fire station.”

“What is it? This woman is begging for anything for the pain.”

“Well, it was sort of part of my study. Pain and the effects an orgasm can have on it.” Carina licks her lips.

Maya scrunches up her face. “So you’re saying-“ She wants to make sure she has this right.

Carina nods and smiles. “Si, yes.”

“Does that really work though?” Maya is skeptical.

“It won’t completely eliminate pain or keep it away forever but yes. The pain will subside because the body produces a natural oxytocin.”


“The female body is fascinating.” Carina tells her.

Maya just nods. She’s busy thinking about everything that Carina has just said.

“If mamma is relaxed and if you’re relaxed there is really nothing to be done. Let nature do what it does.”

Once the station is cleared out, and everything is cleaned up, and they all get something to eat; Maya retires to her office. It’s been a long day. She goes into her bunk and takes her shoes off. It was a wild, stressful day and even Maya needs some rest.

She always has a hard time sleeping at the station. She thinks it’s the adrenaline that courses through her veins while she’s at work that keeps her awake most of the time. Maya lays down regardless. She takes her phone from her pocket and looks to see if she has any messages. There’s only one. A text message. She opens it.

How’d it go with the mamma and the bambino?

Before she knows what she is doing, Maya opens up a video call.

“Ciao.” The voice is groggy and Carina rubs her eyes before blinking a few times to get a better view of the person who is calling her.

“Did I wake you?” Maya asks. “I’m sorry.” She just now looks at the time.

“No, actually.” Carina holds a hand over her face, some to prevent the blinding light from the screen from invading her eyes and some from Maya to really be able to see her face. “It’s good to- how’d it go with the mamma and baby?” Carina remembers her conversation with Maya earlier that day for maybe the first time since they had it.

It’s been a long day for her, too. The hospital was crazy and on top of all that Andrew had to go out and risk his life in the middle of the snowstorm and stupidly not wear gloves and get frostbite on his hands in the process. She spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to deal with him and his hands.

Carina is at home now, but not sleeping because she’s worried about her brother. She thinks about telling Maya about her day but decided not to. They don’t know each other that well. Carina doesn’t want to unload her problems on Maya. Better to try to keep the conversation light between them.

“Oh, fine.” Maya shrugs, nonchalantly.

Carina giggles. “You were freaking out the last time I talked with you. And now it’s oh, fine.”

“I was not freaking out.” Maya defends. She stiffens her posture.

Carina hums. “You were, but I digress. The labor went well, I take it. I didn’t get any more panicked calls from you.”

Maya rolls her eyes. “Yeah.” She hates that Carina is calling her out on her lack of calm during the whole birthing process.

“I saw that.” Carina mumbles.


She grins. “You rolled your eyes at me.” Carina runs a hand through her hair and sits up in bed with a frustrated sigh.

“What?” Maya asks when she hears the sigh curious as to what the doctor could be frustrated about.

Carina shakes her head with a smile. “It was just a long day.”

“I agree.” Maya hums.

“Listen, Maya. As much as I’ve enjoyed talking to you on video call today, it’s not my thing.”

“Oh.” Maya is disappointed.

Carina can hear it in her voice. “No, not like that. I have enjoyed it, but I prefer to be able to see the person I’m talking with in person, face to face. Video calls are so impersonal. I like to be able to interact with someone in person. It’s more-”

“You can see my medal.” Maya blurts out.

A slow grin spread over Carina’s lips. “I just said that about your medal because I wanted to see you again after the night in the bar.”

Maya slowly realizes what is happening. She smirks. “Is that so?”

Carina nods. “Si. When can I see your medal?” She says instead of when can I see you.

The blonde doesn't miss a beat though. “You can see me right now.” Maya messes with her.

Carina shakes her head. “No, no, no. All I can see is your face. I want to see all of you. In person. Preferably, naked and in bed.”

Maya closes her eyes and sucks in a quick breath. “You can’t do that?”

“Why not?” Carina gets serious. “Did I read this the wrong way? Are you not single? Are you not interested in that? I thought you were.”

“Oh, I am. Just- you can’t tease me like that while you are wherever you are-“

“At home.”

“And while I’m here at the station.” Maya finally opens her eyes to look back at the brunette through the phone.

“Oh.” Carina grins. “When do you get off then?” She bites her bottom lip between her teeth.

Maya shakes her head and takes a deep breath. “For some whose first language isn’t English, you sure know how to flirt in English.”

Carina laughs. “Flirting is just as much about the unspoken words as it is the spoken ones. Body language, touch, being able to look into someone’s eyes. All just as important as what you say verbally.”

Maya hasn’t really thought about it that way, but she tends to agree. “Do you work tomorrow?”


“Good. I’m off at eight tomorrow morning.”

“So, in a few hours?” Carina pieces everything together.

“You wanna meet me at the fire station? I can show you my medal. And we can go from there.” Maya is forming a plan in her head.

“Your medal is at the station?” Carina finds that curious.

Maya just nods. She’s not sure what to say.

“Okay. Yeah, that’s good. Go to sleep now, bella. You’ll need your rest before morning.”

Maya wears a soft grin. She’s not sure what the word Carina used means but she knows it’s something in Italian. She also is endeared to the thought of Carina wanting her rested. “It’s going to be super hard to sleep now knowing what’s coming up after my shift.”

Carina laughs. “I’m looking forward to it as well. Close your eyes. Relax. I’ll see you in a few hours. Ciao.” She ends the call.

Maya sighs, staring at the phone screen for a few seconds after Carina’s face has disappeared. She sets the phone on the table and closes her eyes. She knows she probably won’t sleep but tries to relax, like Carina said.

Maya is actually asleep when they get called out to a kitchen fire just before six in the morning. It’s strange because she doesn’t usually sleep well at the station and if she does get any sleep, Maya is awake at like five a.m. everyday anyway. So, to be wakened up from a dead sleep for a call is a bit jarring.

She runs to the engine. Everyone is already there and ready to go. Gibson starts to pull the truck out of the station before Maya is inside and has her door closed completely.

“Morning, Captain.” Jack grins, messing with her.

“Shut up.” Maya mumbles.

There are a few chuckles from Miller and Herrera.

“Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.” Miller mumbles.

“I did not. I was just- asleep.” Maya admits.

There is silence in the cab for a few seconds. The other three occupants stunned into silence.

“Are you feeling alright?” Miller adds after a moment.

“I’m fine. Yesterday was just a long day. Let’s get to this call and get it taken care of so we can all go home at some point today.” Maya says as she looks over the details of the building on her tablet. Her mind briefly wanders to the plan she had made for this morning after her shift was over. Maya wonders if she should text Carina and cancel. She has no idea what they are about to roll up on or how long it could take to put the fire out and do overhaul.

Gibson turns the corner, and the destination comes into view. There is smoke coming from a first floor window, but they don’t see any visible flames. Maya’s mind snaps back to the task at hand, her job.

Carina walks through what’s left of the sloppy slushy snow from the storm the day prior. It’s warmed up considerably and everything has melted to the point where you can drive on the streets or walk to where you need to go, albeit, with wet feet if you don’t have winter boots.

She took a cab most of the way to the station. Carina lives only a few blocks from the hospital. Which is easy for her to walk to work to if she wants. But she looked up the fire station and determined it was too far to walk there. And she didn’t want to drive in the sloppy snow. It’s not something Carina has ever done, and she doesn’t feel comfortable trying to drive on snow today.

She lifts her mittened hand from her coat pocket to pull the door open to the front of the fire station. She steps inside and looks around. Carina has never been in a fire station before.

“Can I help you?” A man from behind the desk, to her right, asks as the door slips closed behind her.

Carina pulls her mittens off. “I think so." She looks around the room, getting a better view now that she is properly inside. “I’m here to see Captain Bishop.”

“Ah, unfortunately she’s not here right now.”

“Oh?” Carina tilts her head to the side slightly. “I’m supposed to meet her here at eight. I know I’m a little early but-“

“They’re out on a call.” The man informs her.

“Ah, si, that makes sense.”

“You didn’t get to go with?” Carina asks. She comes over and leans her forearms on the desktop.

Travis shakes his head. “Someone has to stay behind to greet pretty ladies at the front door.” He smirks, charming.

Carina smiles. “Thank you. But I hope you’re not trying to hit on me. I’m here to see Maya.”

“No. I’m-“ Travis stops. The pieces coming together in his mind. This woman just used Maya’s first name and not Captain Bishop. She’s not here to see Maya in a business manner. “Oh.” He looks Carina up and down. “OH!” He smirks.

Carina smiles and nods.

“I’m Travis. And while I can see that you are very attractive, I’m gay.”

“Ah.” Carina nods. “A pleasure to meet you, Travis. Do you have any idea when Maya will be back?”

“Captain Bishop and the team shouldn’t be that much longer. I heard over the radio that they were doing overhaul. Which means they are almost done. You can wait in Maya’s office, if you’d like.” Travis points across the hall.

“Thank you, Travis. I think I will.” Carina spins on her heels to go over to the office.

“You work at the hospital, don’t you?” Travis’ interest is piqued.

“Si, I do.” Carina turns back to him.

Travis nods. “I heard about you last night. After everything. You gave Bishop tips on what to do with JJ while she was in labor.”

Carina doesn’t know who JJ is, but she knows it’s the pregnant woman that Maya had called her about the day before. “I did. It helps to have OB friends sometimes.”

“Friends, right.” Travis nods knowingly.

Carina winks at him before turning and going into Maya’s office. She looks around the room but there’s not much to see. She doesn’t want to snoop but would like a few clues about Maya. But there’s virtually nothing. She wonders where Maya’s medal is. She did say it was at the station.

She sits in one of the chairs at the desk, opposite the captain’s chair and pulls out her phone and starts a game of Solitaire while she waits.

Eight a.m. comes and goes. Travis knocks on the door to let Carina know that it’s shift change and that he’s going home but that the B crew is here, and they know she’s in Maya’s office. She thanks him.

It’s nearly half past eight when the truck returns to the station. Carina hears the commotion but waits patiently in the office.

Maya is only focused on getting back to her bunk and changing out of her uniform that she doesn’t realize that someone is sitting in her office as she opens the door.

Carina turns to look at her and Maya jumps. “You scared the crap out of me. What are you doing here?” She’s more surprised than anything right now.

“Did you forget?” Carina stands up.

Maya swallows thickly. “N-no.”

“We agreed to meet at eight. When you got done with your shift.” Carina takes a step towards Maya, eyeing her up and down.

“I know.” Maya tries to stand up a little taller.

“Nice uniform.” She smirks.

Maya looks down at her clothing and shrugs. “It’s what I’m required to wear. I can’t say that I hate it, but I also find it rather square, boxy, I don’t know. It’s not like I have a choice.”

Carina closes the distance between them. She runs her index finger over the embroidered lettering that spell Capt. Bishop. “Well, I think you look great, Captain.”

“Uh-“ Maya tries to side step Carina. “-I’m just going to change real quick and then we can get going.” Maya doesn’t do this. She doesn’t hang out with her hook ups. Not before, except to actually pick someone up, and not after. And they both are clear on what’s going to happen so there’s really no point, in Maya’s mind, to dawdle.

Carina blocks her path. “You said you’d show me your medal.”

Maya nods. “Right. Yes. Let me just-“ She slides past Carina. She’s not gone for more than two minutes before she returns.

“You have your own room at the station?” Carina asks with a little glint in her eye.

Maya smirks. “It’s nothing special. Just a bunk.”

“If you say so.” Carina tilts her head towards the door.

Maya nods. “You still want to see my medal?”

Carina smiles, big. “Si, please.”

“Okay.” Maya swipes past her. “Follow me.”

Carina does just that, admiring Maya from behind as they walk out of the captain’s office. They swing around the corner and Maya stops in front of the display case. “There it is.”

“Hmm?” Carina was too focused on watching Maya that she doesn’t realize what she is saying.

She points. “My medal.”


Maya shoves her hands into her jacket pockets. She thinks back to that day. It had all started out so well. There were nerves sure but Maya had trained and prepared for this day for months, years even. She was ready. And then she rolled her ankle in practice before the big run. But she gutted through it and it was all worth it in the end.

“Can I touch it?” Carina looks over at Maya and licks her lips.

“Oh, um-“ Maya looks around. There’s no one in their vicinity, which Maya is thankful for. She doesn’t want to have to explain to anyone what the situation is between her and Carina. Not that there’s a situation, it’s just easier if things are left unsaid. “No.”

Maya can see the clear disappointment on Carina’s face. “Oh, okay.”

“Let’s go.”

It’s not what Carina wanted. She wanted to see the medal, yes. But she also wanted to touch it and hold it, feel the weight of it in her hands, maybe even wear it around her neck for a moment. But she doesn’t want to press the issue. She remembers what today, right now, is about. And she thinks that’s good. It’s good to spend some of her free time doing something. Something other than worrying about her brother. Carina hasn’t thought about him all morning. And that was the goal of her meet up with Maya. To distract herself from Andrea and what is happening with him.

She follows Maya out of the building. “Did you want to get coffee or something?” Maya asks, pulling Carina from her thoughts.

“We don’t have to but-“ Carina sucks her bottom lip into her mouth. She could really use a coffee. Not that she’s feeling overly down, there’s just a lot going on right now that she’s juggling, and a little boost would help right now. Plus, she didn’t have her usual coffee this morning before she left her apartment because she was excited to go meet Maya.

“We’re getting coffee then. There’s a really good place a block from here.” Maya takes charge, sending a brief smile in Carina’s direction before focusing forward and on walk in the melting slushy snow.

She looks down at her boots and then looks over at Carina’s footwear. “Do you not have boots?” Maya looks up to see Carina shake her head. “Do you want to get a cab or something?” She’s worried about Carina getting wet feet.

“No, this is fine. I’ll be fine.”

Maya isn’t sure it will be fine.

They walk mostly in silence. Maya looks over at her companion every minute or so. It’s a short walk so it’s not too awkward but Maya wishes she knew what to talk about. Anything really, would be better than the silence. But she realizes that Carina hasn’t said anything either and that the silence between them is comfortable.

Maya orders her coffee and then waits for Carina to order hers. She’s about to pay for their drinks when a gentle hand comes down on her arm.

“I’ll get it.” Carina says softly. “You paid for my drink at the bar.”

All Maya can do is nod. Even though she wears a jacket and a shirt underneath it; the hand on her arm feels like it is burning into her skin. “Thanks.” She whispers.

The hand is gone as Carina goes to pay for their coffees.

They wait. “So, I only live another block from here.”

Carina looks at Maya for a second before reaching up and flipping her hair from one side to the other. She watches Maya’s eyes as Maya watches her movement. They flicker between her hair and her hand and her lips. So knows full well what she is doing to Maya.

“Is everything you do sexy?” Maya asks.

Carina giggles and shakes her head.

It’s another minute before they have their drinks and then they leave the coffee shop, cups in hand. Maya leads the way down the sidewalk.

A man on a bike approaches them and they move over to one side of the sidewalk to let him through. Some of the sloppy snow splashes up from the bike tires. Maya takes the brunt of the splatter on her winter boots and pants being the closer of the two of them as he passes.

They are tucked close together, side by side, and Carina wraps her palm around the inside of Maya’s elbow. Maya doesn’t acknowledge the change but the corners of her lips twitch wanting to smile.

“I live close to the hospital too.”

“Hmm.” Maya doesn’t quite comprehend what Carina is saying.

“You only live a few blocks from the fire station. I only live like a block and a half from the hospital.”

Maya hums. “Great minds think alike.” She smirks and glances over at Carina. She gives a good glimpse of her profile. The woman is absolutely stunning and has one of the best profiles Maya has ever seen. “I don’t think I could live any further away. I’d have too much anxiety about not being able to be within walking distance to the station.”

“Walking distance can be more than a couple of blocks. But I totally understand. I live near the hospital in case of emergencies or when I’m on call. Need to get there, chop chop.”

Maya comes to a stop. Carina stops with her. She stares at Carina for a moment. “We’re here.” Maya says and looks up at her building. Her stomach does a weird flip. She’s not sure why. This isn’t out of the ordinary. She brings people back to her apartment all the time. Well, not all the time but it happens.

“Oh, good.” Carina approaches the door, leaving Maya standing on the sidewalk by herself for a moment. She immediately misses the warmth of having Carina at her side. She shivers, thinking that’s why, she’s cold. She looks up to see Carina stands at the door waiting to be let inside. Carina raises any eyebrow at Maya before Maya moves and hurries to unlock the front door.

“I’m on the top floor.” There are only three floors, but Maya will forever be thankful that she is on the top floor and that there is no one above her. She goes to take the stairs like she always does but Carina moves over towards the elevator. “Oh, um- I guess we could take the elevator.” Carina has already pushed the button. Maya moves over to stand next to her as they wait for the elevator doors to open.

They hop inside and Maya pushes the 3 button. As soon as the doors close, Carina steps into Maya’s side and wraps her hand around the back of her neck, pulling her in for a bruising kiss. All heat and tongues and faces smashed together with urgency.

The elevator dings and the doors open and Carina pulls away as if nothing ever happened and steps out of the elevator. Maya has to take a deep breath to collect herself before stepping out. She has her apartment key in her hand, ready to go. The walk to her door is a short one.

Maya unlocks the door and motions for Carina to step inside before her. Which Carina does. She steps inside the apartment and looks around. The living room area and the kitchen are an open floor plan, and she can see both areas at once. There isn’t too much for decoration, but the area is neat, tidy. Nothing seems to be out of place or laying around. Carina walks into the kitchen and sets her coffee cup on the island counter.

For her part, Maya shuts the door and follows Carina. Her coffee cup ends up next to Carina’s on the counter. “So… you want the grand tour?” She’s noticed Carina has taken an interest in her apartment. “You want me to show you around?”

Carina licks her lips, raising her hand and rubbing her thumb along her lower lip. “Just show me your bedroom.” She husks.

Maya reaches out her hand. Carina takes it and she turns and walks them into the bedroom.

As soon as the bedroom door is closed, Maya feels lips on hers again. It all happens so fast. Before she knows it, Maya is on her back on the bed, her pants being pulled down her legs.

Carina stands tall for a moment and wraps Maya’s bed sheet around her body.

It’s not a position Maya finds herself in often. She is a take charge kind of gal, in control, leading the exercise sort. She watches from her back and Carina kneels over her before crouching down with a smirk. Her brain is a jumble and words are scarce as lips kiss up from her knee along the inside of her right thigh.

It’s pure ecstasy when the release comes. Quick, just the thing she needed after a stressful shift.

“That’s one way to get to know me better.”

Carina comes out from under the sheet and flips her hair to one side all in one fluid movement.

“I find it’s the fastest way.” Carina grins into a kiss and Maya rolls them over.

After Maya turns Carina into a moaning mess they lay on the bed quietly. Maya lays on her back staring up at the ceiling. Carina is at her side, laying on her right side, her fingertips running up and down Maya’s left arm.

“I figured you’d be strong.” She squeezes Maya’s bicep gently.

Maya would usually say something snarky about that but all she can think about is how they've finished, and Carina is still here. And how she is going to get her to leave. It’s not a usual hook up in a sense that it’s late morning now. It wasn’t some late night thing that just happened. There was some planning and orchestration here.

“I’ve never done this before.” Maya blurts.

Carina stops her gentle touches and looks at Maya in confusion.

“No. Not that.” Maya shakes her head. She debates what to tell Carina, but she’s already opened her stupid mouth, so she continues. “Usually, I just take someone home from the bar or wherever we meet and then I make them leave in the morning.”

Carina looks at her. Like really looks at her. Soft brown eyes staring deep into her soul kind of look. She’s not sure what Maya is trying to say. “It’s morning.”

Maya chuckles. “Yes. Forget I said anything.”

Carina frowns. She’s so confused right now. “Hard to forget, but you’re saying you’re going to make me leave when we are done?”

Maya swallows hard and nods. “I just got off a 24 hour shift, I need to sleep.”

Carina thinks it’s just an excuse. She leans into Maya and kisses her. Maybe she can get her to change her mind.

It doesn’t work completely though. They go another round before Maya asks Carina to leave.