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I Won't Let Him

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I was hiding in the bathroom. I had already locked the door so that nobody could come in and find me.

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't calm down. Nothing made sense anymore…

Why did I turn around? Why…? Why did I have to turn around?!

Oh god, MARI… She was looking at me…!

She was staring right at me! Why was she staring?! How could she stare at me like that?!

It didn't make any sense. Nothing made sense!

She wasn't breathing.

She wouldn't move.

I waited… I waited for so long for her to wake up, move, breathe, do anything- but she never woke up…

No matter how much I shook her awake, she just wouldn't wake up- and it was my fault…!

BASIL… He told me to do it. To help him bring MARI outside in the backyard.

I didn't know why. He kept telling me to trust him, that everything was going to be okay.

I didn't understand why. I couldn't even make sense out of anything.

But I trusted him. I wanted to trust him. He was one of my best friends… If he knew what to do, I had to trust him to help me fix it…

But… but…

He hung her body to the tree with a jump rope. He tied it into a noose and pulled her body up there to hang on the tree.

I didn't understand why. I couldn't make any sense out of it. How was this going to help?

He told me that now I wouldn't be in trouble for pushing MARI down the stairs.

Was I going to be in trouble?

No, what am I saying? Of course, I would have gotten in trouble… I just killed my sister by pushing her down the stairs- Of course I was…

BASIL just wanted to protect me, didn't he?

But… But why did MARI have her eyes open when we turned around?

Why was she staring at me?! Her eyes were closed the entire time when I moved her to our room! Her eyes stayed close even when I helped BASIL bring her outside to the backyard!

So how?! How could she look at me with her eyes open like that when I turned around?! How was it possible if she was already-

No… NO…!

It couldn't be…?

She was… She was… still alive…?

She was… still alive… and she woke up just as we hung her?

Oh god, please no… No, please God, don't be true…



I kept checking over and over and over to try to see if she was still breathing- SHE WOULDN'T BREATHE!

She never woke up.

But how could she open her eyes if she was dead...?

Oh god… MARI… She-

She wasn't dead. Not yet.

Not until I hung her. She was still alive, wasn't she?

That was the only explanation I could think of. It was the only thing I could possibly believe.

I could have saved her.

I could have told someone.

I could have called 911.

But… But instead, I hung her.


Why did I hang her instead of calling for help?!

Why didn't she wake up sooner?!

Why did BASIL make me hang her?!

Oh god, why BASIL, why?! Why did you make me help you hang her to the tree if she was still alive?!

That's when she died. She woke up just in time to die. She was suffering, and I finished the job.

I killed her.

It's all my fault…!

I killed her.



I killed my sister.

I could've saved her, but I killed her.

I'm a murderer.

And now SOMETHING won't stop staring back at me in the mirror.

Why was I in the piano room?

Was I still in denial? Was I still trying to convince myself that I would see MARI practicing there like she always does in the morning?

Her music was so beautiful… I just had to hear it one more time.

But it was silent.

Nobody was in the piano room. Only me.

I sat in the same seat that MARI usually sat. I stroked my fingers over the keys that MARI would always press.

The piano room would never play beautiful music anymore. Never again…

All because of me.

Because I killed my sister.

I looked over the reflection of the polished dark wood of the piano, and in that reflection, I saw a boy looking back at me.

He looked so miserable...

When I looked into his eyes in the reflection, I could only see sadness and pity looking back at me.

Why was this boy sad? Why was he looking at me like that?

What did he know about me that I didn't already?

He looked confused as I continued to stare at him. Widened his eyes as if he couldn't figure out what he was seeing.

Am I that much of a jumbled mess to him? Do I even resemble a human being anymore?

A murderer like me must seem disgusting to the boy inside the piano. An abomination of nature.

What I wouldn't give to be able to trade places with him. What I wouldn't give to leave this place and go to where he lived, inside the reflection. To escape what I've done...

He must be doing better off than I was. He looked like still had the sanity to know what was going on.

I glanced up a bit to see a name etched just right above him.


Was that the boy's name? OMORI? It sounded familiar.

I couldn't even find the concentration to remember what my own name was anymore…

How nice would it be to have a name again? To know what was going on. To make sense of this jumbled garbled world.

The world I was living in was a mess. Everything was too complicated for me to make any sense out of. Life might as well be a tv screen playing static.

But in OMORI's world, it looked simple. Empty. Different. Like nothing bad happens inside.

Like nothing ever goes wrong.

I want that kind of world… It seems so much easier to understand in comparison. OMORI looked like he could understand everything.

If only I could be in his shoes instead… If only I could… be OMORI…To live in OMORI's world...

Maybe then I can finally understand what was going on.

I closed my eyes… and wondered…

He had opened his eyes gently, before looking back at the reflection in front of him.

The boy was still there, staring back at him.

OMORI wondered why the boy was staring at him so? Was there something he wanted from OMORI?

All OMORI could offer him was an apologetic look. There was nothing in this world that OMORI could provide, not to the boy on the other side…

But still… He felt bad for the boy. He looked so miserable... Tired. Dead. It was like the boy couldn't make any sense of the world he was living in and wanted to live somewhere else.

If OMORI could, he would try to invite this boy over to this side of the reflection. To where he lived.


It was a simple place, WHITE SPACE. OMORI has been living here for as long as he could remember.

Nothing bad ever happened in WHITE SPACE. Nothing ever went wrong…

OMORI liked it like that. It was simple. Easier to understand.

Easier to live in.

OMORI wondered what he could do to help this poor boy who looked at him so desperately.

It's not like he could just reach into the reflection and pull him over here.

The boy in the reflection pressed his head against the wall that OMORI was laying against.

OMORI pressed his head back.

The only thing OMORI could do for this boy was to let him watch. Watch OMORI play by himself in WHITE SPACE.

Let him watch OMORI live his life here in a world where nothing bad ever happens and things just made sense.

And when the boy became bored, perhaps OMORI could try to invite others in the WHITE SPACE to come play with him. To let the boy watch and see how much fun OMORI could have in a world where nothing bad happens.

OMORI had tons of friends over in WHITE SPACE. OMORI could do anything in WHITE SPACE.

Because WHITE SPACE was OMORI's world.

Whatever was bothering the boy in the reflection, OMORI will try to entertain him as best he can. OMORI will distract him from whatever he was having trouble with.

Although the boy will need to confront his problems again one day, it is not a bad thing to have fun every once in a while.

Whatever responsibilities the boy needs to face, OMORI can temporarily push it away for the boy's sake…

And hopefully, he will feel better…

"You should just die."

OMORI stabbed SUNNY in the heart one last time.

SUNNY slouched as he lost his grip on his violin.

Before he could fall over, OMORI had already caught him in his arms and hugged him tightly.

SUNNY dropped the violin, allowing it to vanish into the depths of WHITE SPACE.

Despite the awful words that OMORI had spoken to him this whole fight, OMORI had no malice towards him.

Yes, OMORI hated SUNNY. He hated SUNNY with every fiber of his existence.

But everything he said to SUNNY was not said out of spite or hatred. It was just the honest truth. A fact of life.

What SUNNY did was unforgivable, and SUNNY should not forgive himself. SUNNY deserved to die.

This was the truth that SUNNY was trying so hard to remember. The truth that he had hoped would help him find comfort from remembering MARI's death. The truth that he had clung onto so desperately as they battled.

In the end, OMORI knew it would have never helped at all.

OMORI was a part of SUNNY, so he knew that the truth would kill him. That was why OMORI fought so hard to hide it, in order to protect SUNNY.

But now it was meaningless.

SUNNY's curious mind could not let go of the mysteries that he hid from himself, and all of OMORI's attempts to protect him have failed. Countless times, BASIL would jumpstart the memory that OMORI tried so hard to suppress. Once started, SUNNY would chase after the truth of what happened and never stop. Countless times, OMORI would reset HEADSPACE in order to bury the truth even further below. Yet no matter how hard OMORI tried, SUNNY's curious mind would allow BASIL to open up the keys to BLACK SPACE once more, causing it to bounce back stronger than ever.

The more he suppressed the truth, the harder SUNNY would fight back to try to relearn it.

SUNNY could never have known that chasing the truth would only lead to misery, despair, and regret. That was why SUNNY was so relentless in his pursuit. Yet OMORI did his best to keep him distracted and hide it just beyond his reach.

In the end, OMORI couldn't prevent the inevitable any longer.

The only thing OMORI could do now was to show the truth to SUNNY the hard way.

No matter how much SUNNY tried to delude himself into thinking that forgiveness was just around the corner… how his friends would still care for him if they had known what he did… how MARI would forgive him after everything he's done to her...

OMORI would have never allowed SUNNY to forgive himself once he learned the truth...

Whatever relief or comfort SUNNY was trying to look for, it never existed.

They all would have abandoned him. KEL, AUBREY, HERO. No matter what he did or how he would tell them, there would be no other outcome other than complete abandonment… Because that was what he deserved. That was the honest truth.

The person who they thought was SUNNY didn't exist at all. He wasn't the kind and considerate boy who needed help moving on. He was nothing more than a murderer who killed his own sister. If they ever knew the truth, they would hate him just as much as he hated himself. That was the honest truth.

No matter what he did, it would be hopeless. All he'll do is make things worse. It would be better to just die.

That was the honest truth.

And now, SUNNY knew.

With the truth heavily weighing down on him, SUNNY could not bother to stand up any longer.

OMORI could feel the pain, guilt, and suffering building up within SUNNY. If left alone, SUNNY would continue to suffer like this forever. All alone. Constantly torturing himself over what he's done. Lost in his own mind as the memory of killing MARI will haunt him forever.

No amount of pushing these memories back in the depths of BLACK SPACE would help now… It was too late for that.

That's why… As much as OMORI hated SUNNY for what he did… OMORI will be merciful.

SUNNY would not have the strength to finish the job himself, for he was too weak and cowardly to face it. OMORI knew that SUNNY would never be able to do it himself.

That's why OMORI would shoulder the burden and do it for him… To finally put an end to all these countless years of torture.

SUNNY's miserable existence would be over. No longer will they both continue to suffer anymore.

They'll finally be at peace…

OMORI urged SUNNY to listen to him as he hugged the slouched boy tightly in his arms.

OMORI won't let you forgive yourself. But OMORI can still take care of the last step for you, SUNNY. You've been in so much pain already… You don't need to do anything else from here on…

Let OMORI help protect you one last time.

Acknowledging OMORI's final act of kindness, SUNNY vanished in his arms.

SUNNY had succumbed.

With nothing else to stop him now, all that was left for OMORI to do...

Was to finish the last chore that SUNNY should have started all those years ago.

It's a long way down…

MARI will be avenged.

His friends will no longer be burdened.

SUNNY will be at peace.

OMORI will be at peace.

Everything is going to be okay.