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Maybe Siyeon’s friends are right.


She really can't say no to Bora.


She can't be bothered to care now, but she'll hate to admit it later. She's going to regret ever being in this position. Bora knows that too. It explains the faint curve of her lips. The hunger in her eyes isn't just fueled by lust. She's always eaten up Siyeon's lack of will. She loves testing it.


It simply isn't fair. Being with Bora shouldn't feel this good, but Siyeon can't ignore the way her body is taking in every inch of her. They were made for each other, she thinks. They've always fit flawlessly together. It's almost laughable because their connection is usually nothing more than a $35 silicone toy. It isn't actually a part of Bora. There's nothing special about the way she feels inside of her.


Yet, she can never be deep enough.


Even moaning is tiresome at this point. Harsh, hot breaths force themselves past chapped lips over-and-over again as Siyeon tries to find a way to cope with the pleasure pulsing through her. Her nails are firm against Bora's skin, digging into the small of her back as she pumps into her. It almost sounds as hot as it looks. Siyeon's eyes don't stray away from the dark blue toy disappearing inside of her.


Bora's hips ramming against hers is giving her no choice but to teeter on the edge of orgasm. It's such a sweet kind of torture that she doesn't want to interfere with it. She isn't ready to finish the job yet. She wants Bora to do it. Bora can do it. Despite how quickly she's moving inside of her, she's taking her sweet time getting Siyeon off. It seems like she has her reasons.


But she's playing a dangerous game. Teasing doesn't always go as planned. Siyeon can remember every time she's cum without being touched properly and just how drained she felt afterwards.


As much as she wants to prolong this, her body and mind are screaming two different things.


Her clit throbbing in arousal the way it is, she's trying not to think about just how wet Bora is. Even the thought of pleasuring her later gets her closer. She loves when Bora rides her face. The last time, she kept pressing her thighs together and ended up making herself cum before Bora could even touch her.


“Oh my god…” she moans, desperate for more friction.


She's so close it's almost painful. It's painful for Bora too, as the way Siyeon claws into her shoulders makes air leave her lungs a bit harshly. Hips rising to meet Bora's, it doesn't help at all. She's about to lose her mind. She starts grabbing for a pillow before demanding Bora to pull out. Just to spite her, Bora only slows her thrusts.


Siyeon is so breathless that she can't even tell her to stop. She ends up pulling out, gazing down at her with mischievous eyes. As good as it feels when she rubs the head of the toy over her clit, Siyeon doesn't want to be pushed over the edge this way. Her whole body shakes and her hips try to escape the toy’s touch. Bora of course laughs a little, but she knows what Siyeon wants. That's why she continues to tease. Her hand guides the toy to her entrance one more time, barely pushing the tip in before finally disappearing. Her chest is flushed and on full display when she sits up.


Siyeon feels like if she moves, the friction it'll cause will make her finish. Pillow in grip, she just lays there with her legs spread as wide as they can be. Even Bora placing her hands on her knees makes her limbs twitch.


“Beautiful.” she mutters, thoughtfulness swimming in the pool of lust overflowing her eyes.


It's a compliment Siyeon only ever really believes when Bora gives it to her.


She's the only one who can make her feel like this.


Feeling stable, Siyeon starts to move. Hands brush along her hips as soon as she flips over and gets on her hands and knees. Tucking the pillow between her legs sends a shiver of pleasure through her limbs. She can't help but grind against it. Bora lets her, even helps guide her hips. She wants to get right back to that edge and it's so easy that it should be concerning.


She whines into the mattress, letting her forearms hold her up. When she feels Bora teasing her entrance again, she tries to hold still. One hand stays on her hip while the other runs down along her spine. Bora’s length slides into her as she takes hold of the back of her neck.


Slow, powerful strokes end up making her eyes water.


The pillow against her clit feels so good with Bora inside of her. Bora fits with the curve of her body perfectly. Sweat and desire are keeping them stuck together, as it's getting harder and harder for Bora to pull out of her. Her pace starts to get a little faster again.


Siyeon swears she isn't supposed to feel her in the places she is.


But she doesn't want it any other way.


“Like that… Oh my god—”


Her orgasm is doing the opposite of creeping up on her. She feels it in her thighs and chest first. But all of that heat is quickly making its way between her legs, so fast that it makes her shudder before it actually hits.


Her choked moans get eaten by the mattress. She's drooling as her climax comes, hips locking up against the pillow. Bora is still moving inside of her, her satisfaction revealing itself in her panting. Normally she slows down by now.


“I'm gonna cum inside you.”


The helpless explanation makes another wave of pleasure rush through Siyeon’s body. She doesn't even care that she can't breathe because of the mattress. She rushes to reach back and grab Bora’s hand to bring it forward. She's so out of it that she can't even really try and kiss Bora’s skin properly but she tries her best.  


Bora’s grunting gets messier and messier. All of her weight appears on Siyeon’s back. Her pace loses its rhythm.


When she cums, a groan escapes her throat. She's deep inside of Siyeon when she does and stays there as her frame shudders in orgasmic bliss.


The room feels like it's spinning when Bora pulls out. Too tired to move, Siyeon stays where she's at. It's so hot that it almost makes her feel sick. The heat of Bora's body disappearing only helps a little. Relaxing on the bed makes it feel like she's going to get stuck there. Sweat is sticking to the sheets.


The sound of the strap-on hitting the floor echoes in her ears, as does Bora’s sigh.


“Why can't we just have normal conversations when I come over? Hang out like normal people?”


“If you hate fucking me, you can just say so. I won't be offended.”


Bora, finally plopping down on the mattress next to her, looks over with a smile tugging at her lips.