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It was an accident. That was Cody’s story and he was sticking to it.

For once the 212th hadn't been deployed to fight the Seppies. Instead, they had been ordered to scout out a newly-discovered habitable planet, since orbital photographs seemed to indicate it had been inhabited before. Send in the expendable clones to check it out before the less expendable natborns.

Cody tried not to be bitter and mostly succeeded. After all, despite being natborn himself, General Kenobi never asked the clones to do anything he wasn't willing to do himself - and more often than not insisted on doing things himself wherever possible when whatever plan the Senate had laid out would get clones killed when it didn't need to.

The commander saw visions of alien defense systems gunning his general down as he tried to persuade Kenobi against coming with them, saying that it was just a scouting run, there was no need for him to go down with them. But Kenobi turned that argument back on him, saying that after all the fighting they had been doing, he could use a ‘simple scouting run’ to ease his nerves and that if there was no reason for a general to go down, there was no reason for a commander to go either, their men could operate just fine on their own.

Yeah, no. No way in hell was he sending his men into an unknown situation on their own.

Cody gave in with reluctance, and General Kenobi chatted with the rest of the men as their dropship carried them down.

What made the planet suspicious was it was only the one area that had been inhabited. If it had been a species that had gone extinct, there would have been signs of other settlements elsewhere on the planet, great ruins if they had been inclined to such construction. Instead it was just a small village-sized complex in an inhospitable mountain range in one of the planet’s temperate zones, barely more than a dot from orbit; Cody was privately surprised it had been noticed at all.

Their transport set down on what must have been a landing pad from ages ago, and the vod’e carefully offloaded, going through the motions of setting up a small camp just outside the complex. General Kenobi, meanwhile, knelt and pressed one hand against the earth. Cody watched him intermittently as he helped make camp, so he noticed when the general frowned and made his way to the Jedi’s side. “Sir?”

“We may be here for a bit, Commander,” General Kenobi said, straightening, “This complex is a bit like an iceberg - more than ninety percent of it is underground, and it’s quite extensive. It will take time to explore and map. And there’s something…”

When Kenobi trailed off, Cody prompted gently, “Sir?”

“It’s nothing. Or I don't think it will be anything. The Force has some - I believe the younglings would call it strange vibes - around here. Not bad, just strange.”

“I’ll tell the men to be on alert.”

“That would probably be best.” Kenobi tucked his hands into the wide sleeves of his robes and frowned contemplatively at the complex.

They had arrived in late afternoon, local time, so they waited until morning to start their exploration of the deeper complex. The surface part was small enough that they had it mapped before latemeal the day they arrived, but the underground part.

“We will need to camp inside, if we’re to do this right,” Kenobi said absently, eyes closed as he stood before the wreckage of battle-scarred doors, “The complex seems to be a rough cylinder about a kilometer in diameter, but it goes down into the crust almost ten kilometers.”

There were a few murmurs from the vod’e at that. Cody asked, “How’s the structural integrity? And any signs of life?”

“No, no life, but it looks to be completely solid - I’m not sensing any collapsed sections - but no explosives please, just to be safe.”


With reluctance, the vod’e chosen for exploration duty left all of their grenades and charges with their brothers who were guarding the camp. Then Kenobi lifted the wreckage of the doors out of the way with the Force - along with the sediment partially blocking the entrance and led them inside.

Lights came on the moment they stepped in, some burned out but most still strong despite the scars of an ancient battle covering the walls. “Still got power generation going somewhere, probably geothermal at the bottom of the complex,” said Trapper, briefly checking the planetary assessment, “Report says this mountain range we’ve got is a - subduction zone?”

“We can discuss plate tectonics when we return to the Negotiator if you would like, Trapper,” Kenobi said, lightsaber in hand but unlit for the moment as he examined the ancient blaster marks on the walls, “but as long as no volcanoes erupt under our feet…”

“Right, sir. Focus on the mission.”

The long entrance hall led to another set of doors with security rooms on either side, all of them blown open. What lay beyond the doors was what must have been the central shaft of the complex, at least a hundred meters across with what looked to be elevators ringing the edge. There were more rooms ringing the chamber, what looked to be ancient shops or waiting rooms or both? There was also some equipment left behind, but although intact, it was nonfunctional in addition to being labeled in an unknown language. They took photos and kept moving.

Kenobi looked over the edge into the shaft. “I don’t think we should try to rappel to the next level. Are any of the elevators still online? They may have motion detectors like the lights.”

The vast majority of the platforms were still functional, despite battle damage, and the vod’e chose the most intact one and started down into the complex, going through systematically in groups to map the many halls and rooms. They camped four times on the way down, sleeping in shifts but still jumping at the slightest noise in the eerie silence of the complex - especially since it looked like everyone who’d ever lived there had been killed without the slightest hint of looting. There was still furniture in the homes, sheets on the beds, desiccated remnants of food in the pantries; even riches like gold and silver and platinum jewelry lay untouched.

On the sixth day since their arrival, they reached a massive laboratory in the depths of the complex, hidden behind the thickest blast doors in the whole place. The doors were more heavily scarred than any others, both with blaster burns and with explosives, but they still stood strong and so did the hall around them. General Kenobi wasn't actually able to force the doors open, but he was able to unlatch the internal mechanisms and carefully take one door off of its track to let them inside.

The lab seemed to have doubled as a high-level medical facility, but there was far too much strange equipment for that to have been its only function. And as they entered the lab, their comms shot to static.

“Kriff,” Cody growled, and flipped through all the available channels; still nothing. He turned to the other vod’e and signaled, Comms down?

Every single one of them responded affirmatively, and Cody growled again and pulled off his bucket, signaling for the others to do the same. “General, comms went out once we entered the lab.”

“I’m getting interference on my HUD, too,” Boil said, to confirmations from his other brothers as he tucked his helmet under his arm, “Looks like this lab is shielded but not the equipment in it.”

“We’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way then, and make it quick,” Kenobi said, “Waxer, if you would please, step back out of the lab and inform the surface team what’s happening. If we do not contact them again once an hour on the hour for longer than four hours, they are to return to the Negotiator and send a distress call to the Resolute for backup; I believe Anakin, Ahsoka, and the 501st are the closest to us here.”

“Yes, sir.” Waxer put his helmet back on and headed for the door.

“The rest of you, let’s see what there is to see.”

Answer: a lot. No biologicals that they could immediately see, but plenty of lab equipment and information. Whoever had gone through and killed the people living there hadn't made it in, leaving the intel intact.

There finally found some skeletons, some human, some decidedly not, and some somewhere in between. They were curled up in a far corner of the lab, and based on the weapons and the positions of the bodies, they had either starved or committed suicide once the siege began. The skeletons were so old and so fragile that they turned to dust at even the slightest brush of disturbed air.

“There seem to be two sections to the lab,” Kenobi said, walking around the central chamber, “You see those windows on the far side? And if I had to guess, that is the same kind of airlock as on this side.”

“There has to be an exit for it somewhere.”

“Unless it’s completely sealed, and the only way in and out is through the main chamber,” Kenobi replied, frowning, “Although I would much rather you were correct, Commander; I’m not fond of the thought of trying to make a run through what is clearly some kind of experimentation chamber to examine whatever is on the other side.”

“You think that’s what this is?”

“I do. You see the tiles on the floor, how some of them are slightly raised? It seems to me that they were meant to be stood on - and given the fact that it’s in a lab, it’s likely for experimentation, spaced out enough to where the… I’m guessing volunteers - wouldn’t interfere with each other. Unless of course they weren’t volunteers but captives, and whatever was done in that chamber made them willing to stay and live here instead; there is no way to know for sure until we get these datapads translated.”

“And I don’t suppose the Senate would be satisfied with that explanation for why we didn't enter.”

The Jedi grimaced. “No, they would not. But hopefully we can just be in and out. How much do you want to bet that red button next to the far airlock is an emergency release?”

When Cody tried to put his helmet on again, the entire HUD was dark, and even when he rebooted it, it flickered fitfully, threatening to go down again at the slightest provocation; whatever interference the equipment was putting off was some intense stuff. He pulled his helmet off again with another growl. “Let’s make it quick then.”

Another trooper contacted the surface to check in, then the vod’e and their general headed towards the airlock.

It ground open in front of them, then shut behind them and locked even as the one in front of them opened, admitting them into the central chamber. “Let’s move, vod’e!”

They raced across the chamber even as the second airlock ground shut behind them, but even though General Kenobi hit the red button with the Force to open the far airlock the moment they entered, a few lights still flashed on the walls - and a bright red gas gushed into the chamber from vents in the ceiling, despite how many years must have passed since the complex was active.

The far airlock seemed to grind open even more slowly than the others, and even though the clones pulled their helmets on again and Kenobi folded over his robe sleeve and covered his mouth and nose with it, they still breathed in some of the gas while in the chamber, and more of it followed them through the airlock. It tasted like metal on their tongues and left their lungs - and every bit of bare skin it touched - tingling as they coughed. Once they settled, they all looked around.

There were more skeletons in the chamber beyond, many more skeletons, most clearly just children. They were all huddled together like the others in the outer room, still holding each other. “They must have come here seeking shelter,” the Jedi whispered, keeping his voice low in the stillness of the tomb, “or been sent by their parents in hopes that they could hold out here and be safe. Force, what happened here?”

After a few minutes with no sign of the gas dispersing and no ill effects from it immediately apparent aside from the coughing and the already-fading tingling, they made a run for it back to the other side, red mist swirling around them. There were still no ill effects when they checked out the geothermal power stations further down - also intact with skeletons inside, hidden behind blast doors even thicker than the lab’s - and nothing when they finally ascended to the surface again.

They did run through full decon before returning to the Negotiator, though, and once there every last one of them got checked out by the medics. The prognosis seemed to be, “If this mystery gas actually did anything to you, it’s nothing we have the equipment to see on-ship, so we’re releasing you for now but if you feel anything weird, report it right away. That means you too, General. Anything weird.”

“Yes, Bones.”

“Don’t sass him, General, I will have you taken off the duty roster for observation.”

“Yes, Helix,” Kenobi said in the exact same demure tone, turning to face the medic who was sliding off a bed of his own, having gone down into the complex with the 212th in case they needed medical attention. Helix frowned but let him go.

Nothing happened for some time after. Cody knew that General Kenobi worked on translating the data they had retrieved - especially after the Senate ordered the settlement destroyed to avoid having to deal with the mystery gas - but it was slow going. The language the datapads were written in belonged to a species that had gone extinct before the Mandalorian-Jedi Wars four thousand years ago, meaning it was a miracle the data was even salvageable, much less reasonably intact, but with only fragments of the language and translations surviving in the Republic, it was likely that a lot of it was lost anyway.

What had survived…

General Kenobi’s expression was a mix of confusion and resignation when Cody answered his summons to his quarters. “Commander,” said the Jedi, “I sincerely apologize in advance if this makes you uncomfortable, but I need you to answer me honestly. Have you had any abdominal cramps recently, or noticed any changes in your penis and testicles?”

“Yes to the former,” Cody answered, “and I’ve been living in my armor lately, sir; I haven’t really had time to look at anything beyond battlefield reports.”

“Our last several campaigns have left little time for anything outside of fighting and reporting on fighting,” Kenobi agreed, “Please, use my ‘fresher to give yourself an inspection.”

Cody nodded and stepped into the refresher. when the door slid shut behind him, he took a brief look around, making note of the handful of personal touches that marked this as General Kenobi’s space. Then he undid the clasps for his codpiece, opened up his blacks to pull himself out and actually take a look, and…

“What the kark.”


“General, it’s…”

“May I come in?”

When Cody gave his permission, the door opened to admit the Jedi, who hummed thoughtfully and knelt to examine him up close. (Cody tried very hard not to get an erection as his extremely attractive general got up close and personal with his dick.)

His junk was weird now. His balls didn't appear to have changed, but his cock had. It was faintly thinner but a good inch or two longer, with what felt like ridges of muscle under the skin, and the skin itself was weirdly elastic. What had been a mushroom-like head, normal for a human penis, was now a tapered tip with wrinkles of extra skin around the slit - like now it was meant to stretch.

“Hm,” said General Kenobi, “Yours is different than mine.”


“My apologies, Commander. I think we need to see the medics.”

Helix was upset they hadn't informed him there had been any symptoms, but given that several months had gone by - and that he’d already been documenting the changes in himself - he let it slide for now in favor of calling in the rest of the vod’e for a check up.

All the clones dosed with the mist had been affected the same - longer, tapered dicks with muscle ridges and elastic skin - leaving General Kenobi as the odd man out. “In the interest of fairness” (the Jedi’s words), he showed the vod’e what had happened to him, which was dramatic in a different way. His cock had not visibly changed shape like theirs, but his balls had nearly withdrawn into his body, leaving only two bumps at the base of his cock. Even the skin had been taken in, leaving him almost completely smooth, and the flesh behind where his balls had been was flushed and unusually squishy to the touch.

“What the fuck, General! We said anything weird!”

“I haven’t exactly had time to pay attention to my balls, Bones. I wasn’t getting kicked in them and they didn’t otherwise get hurt, so I thought I was fine.”

“This is a mess.

“You can say that again.”

They all got full body scans at that point, which revealed that there was a strange pocket forming in each of their bodies, though Kenobi’s was set lower and in a different place than the clones’.

“That explains the abdominal cramps, then.”

“But what’s it for?” Wooley asked, peering at his scan on the screen.

“Well given everything else, if I had to take a guess I’d say breeding.” Helix marked furious notes down on his datapad, then tossed it on a nearby table and headed to a hand washing station nearby. “I want bloodwork from all of you every week for the foreseeable future; if this is going to kriff us all by making us kriff, I want to at least make an attempt at beating it to the punch - ideally with blockers but at least with birth control.”

All of them obligingly lined up to have their blood drawn, even General Kenobi, who ended up ahead of Cody. The commander tried very hard not to stare at the way his general’s copper hair seemed to shine even in the stark light of the medbay.

His altered cock twitched, and he cursed internally.

The 212th rushed from battle to battle for another month before just as suddenly getting dumped on leave for a minimum of two weeks, and Cody just knew something was about to go sideways. His cock twitched constantly whenever General Kenobi was around, and for the past week or so there had been a strange weight forming in his gut - not in the sense of dread (though there was that too), but an actual, physical weight.

He didn’t get the chance to go to Helix or any of the other medics, because on the first day of leave on whatever random planet they’d been temporarily assigned to, he woke hot all over with an erection that wouldn’t completely flag down even in the most bitterly cold water shower he could take. He couldn't come either; he jerked himself off for almost an hour, but even when he peaked and his cock sprayed a thick stream of clear fluid, there was no satisfaction in it, no real release.

He yanked on his blacks with no real idea where he was going and what he would do when he got there - only to find that the material stretched weirdly tight over his stomach. Cody hesitated, then slowly stripped to the waist and pressed his hands against his belly.

His stomach had rounded out slightly, but he wasn't flabby like some politicians he’d seen - and when he pushed a little harder, trying to get a feel for it, he felt it shift under his hands, felt several things squish and move against each other and his internal walls.

Cody choked on a cry of bliss, his cock spitting fresh strings of the clear fluid into his blacks. He needed - he needed -

He was at his general’s quarters before he even realized he’d left his own, and the Jedi opened the door looking only slightly more put together than the clone was. But the instant - the instant - he registered who it was, Kenobi’s eyes went dark and hungry, and he yanked Cody into his quarters, only to slam him up against the wall and kiss him like the world was ending. The clone clutched him close and kissed him back, hissing when the general ground their cocks together, nearly rutting against him.

Cody was many things, but he wasn't the type to fuck his general against the wall for their first time together. He managed to maneuver the Jedi to his bunk, stripping him of his robes as they went, and once there he wrestled the other man onto all fours, seeking - yes.

He spread Kenobi’s - Obi-Wan’s cheeks and buried his face between them, shoving his tongue deep into the newly opened slit there and earning a shout from the Jedi that made his cock ache, dripping more fluid into his blacks. He continued licking Obi-Wan open, seeking all the sensitive spots that made him whimper and writhe, even when the door dinged to register another visitor and the Jedi waved a hand, using the Force to open it.

Waxer and Boil stumbled in, faces flushed, cocks hard in their blacks, and stopped when they saw their vod. “Commander-”

Cody came up for air long enough to shove a finger in Obi-Wan’s slit and growl, “Get in here and hold him down; he’s squirming too much for me to get a good angle.”

Wooley, Helix, and a few other vod’e arrived by the time Cody judged their general stretched enough. He pulled his fingers out, shoved his blacks down around his thighs, and pressed himself against the full length of Obi-Wan’s back, hard cock nudging between his legs. “Last chance to back out, General,” the clone murmured in his ear, pinching the lobe between wet lips.

“If I wanted out,” Obi-Wan gasped, arching his back, “I wouldn’t have let any of you in.”

That was good enough for Cody. He gripped the base of his cock and guided himself in, listening to his brothers sigh and murmur and jerk themselves off at the sight of them fucking, knowing that soon it would be their turn. Obi-Wan was hot and wet and tight around him, and Cody heard him whine at the stretch, though there was no sound of pain to his practiced ear. “Force, Cody, move! Fuck me!”

“Yes, sir,” the commander said and pulled almost all the way out, only to thrust back in hard, driving Obi-Wan onto his elbows with a fresh shout of pleasure. Cody kept up the pace, their hips slapping wetly together with all the slick they were producing, and he reached under their bodies to jerk the Jedi’s cock, listening to Obi-Wan gasp and the bunk creak. When the general’s moans started to rise in pitch and frequency, Cody angled his thrusts to drive as deep as he could, making sure that the ridges on his cock stimulated the Jedi from the inside as much as possible, only briefly wondering why the weight inside him was shifting lower-

Obi-Wan shouted his name and came hard into the sheets, his cock spraying the same thick, clear fluid that Cody had earlier that same day. His walls clamped down around the clone’s cock, becoming slicker inside, especially around the head of his cock, and Cody cursed as that dragged his own climax out of him.

He came even harder than before and felt the things - the eggs - inside him start to move. The rippling squeeze of his body forced them out of their pouch in his belly and down through his cock; he could feel the muscle ridges being stimulated by each one sliding past into tightening behind it, forcing it forward before the muscles relaxed again to let the next egg pass.

The Jedi choked on a moan when the first one edged past the rim, arching his back down towards the mattress to let the eggs fall deeper and clawing at the sheets as the first one slipped free of Cody’s cock, dropping into him.

The part of Cody’s mind that was always working analyzed the situation. The eggs weren't too big, less than half the size of a clenched fist, but with three of them and counting from every vod’e that had gone into the complex, Obi-Wan was going to be stuffed by the time they were done.

Cody’s hips jerked with an aftershock, and he gritted his teeth around a moan.

Finally, slowest of all, the sixth and last egg dropped free of his cock, and he pulled out and fell back with a groan, heaving himself out of the way to let another vod take his place. The commander almost fell out of the bed, legs still trapped in his blacks and too shaky from his stretched-out orgasm to bear his weight, and Boil caught him and eased him onto the floor against the wall as he kicked free of his uniform while Waxer - there was no other word for it - mounted their Jedi, kneeling behind him and bending over his back, pushing his cock into the general’s slit and starting to thrust.

Over a period of what must have been several hours, every vod affected by the red mist fucked their general, coming hard and laying their eggs inside him, though only Helix had the presence of mind to pull out and ejaculate his eggs onto the thoroughly ruined bed so they could be studied. Cody watched the bulge of the eggs and the clench of the muscles travel the length of the medic’s cock, the eggs popping from the tip one by one in a small gush of the clear fluid - apparently now their bodies’ natural lubricant.

The eggs themselves didn't look like anything really special, soft-sided and slick but extremely wrinkly. The albumen was nearly opaque, dense with nutrients, with an even darker spot in the center where the clone’s genetic material waited for fertilization.

But Obi-Wan let out an unhappy mewl at the medic pulling out. “No - no - Helix! Want them inside-!

Udesii, alor, udesii,” the medic soothed him, leaning in to stroke comforting hands down his back and sides even as his cock twitched, spitting the last of his eggs into the soaked sheets, “You’ve already got enough eggs in you - look at you, you’re stuffed full.”

He was. If Cody hadn't known better, he would have said the Jedi was a natborn almost ready to decant - and maybe even push out more than one cadet. His belly was stretched so pretty, round and hanging low with their eggs, back bowed under the weight.

“But you’ve been good for us, on and off the battlefield, the best Jedi any vod could ask for,” Helix went on, “so the commander’s gonna take you into the ‘fresher for one last good kriffing while the rest of us clean up out here, and then you’re gonna get some sleep. You’re incubating our eggs now, General, our ad’e; you’ve gotta take care of yourself to take care of them.”

Cody pushed off of the wall where he’d been resting and stepped in to pull Obi-Wan’s head back and nearly devour his mouth. Finally he retreated just enough to murmur, “Come with me, General. I’ll take care of you.”

The commander kept an arm around his general’s waist as he helped the man into his ‘fresher, and although it was primarily to help support his weight, Cody wouldn’t deny feeling up his swollen stomach, pressing his hand against the stretched skin to feel the eggs shift with every step. Those were his and his vod’e’s ad’e filling their general’s belly - he was theirs now, and they were his, always and forever.

Cody leaned in to nuzzle their Jedi as the ‘fresher door hissed shut behind him, barely making out Wooley saying, “We’re gonna need to swap out the mattress, too; I don’t think this one is salvageable.”

“Cody,” Obi-Wan murmured, his legs starting to buckle - no, he was trying to ease himself to the floor, “Cody, I want to suck you.”

The clone bit back a groan.

“Let me suck your cock, Cody.”

“Karking Sith hells, General,” Cody gritted out, carefully lowering the Jedi the rest of the way down, “You know you don’t need to ask.”

“It’s polite,” Obi-Wan said, and then dispensed with politeness, taking the clone’s cock down his throat in one long, slow swallow.

Cody threw back his head and clenched his teeth so hard his ears rang, groping behind him for something to support himself, finally finding the edge of the sink and letting it take his weight. He locked up his whole body to stop from thrusting into the Jedi’s mouth, just letting him take his pleasure from his cock the way a few of the vod’e had his body when he started to lose coherence after several successive orgasms.

And Force, did Obi-Wan ever. Cody glanced down at him, but he had to look away again right after; the sight of the Jedi’s red-gold hair between his legs was too much. “When General Vos - kriffing hells - told me you were fond of sleeping with men as well, this - nnn! - wasn't quite what I was imagining. Kark, General!”

Please don’t talk about Quinlan while I’m sucking you off, Cody, Obi-Wan murmured at the edge of his mind even as he angled his head and took the clone all the way to the root, tonguing the veins and ridges he could reach, but yes. And I dare you to call him “General” to his face.

“I think not - kriff, General, you…”

Obi-Wan hummed around him and intensified the suction, the corners of his lips turning up in a smile as he smoothed a hand over his throat, feeling up the clone’s cock from the outside. I’ve always enjoyed having something in my mouth, but the war’s made it hard. I’m too recognizable now.

“Don’t need to worry, now - kark! I’m close, General, I’m close-!”

Obi-Wan pulled back slowly and with obvious reluctance, finally holding only the tip in his mouth and lapping at the slit to taste the clear lubricant. Then he pulled back, licking reddened lips. “Water-based, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised,” he murmured almost to himself as Cody laid him back on the floor of the ‘fresher, yanking the shower mat under them to at least attempt to cushion them, “We’re going to be drinking a lot to replace what we’ve lost.”

“Assuming Helix doesn’t lock us all in the medbay to stick IVs in us.” Cody gripped the base of his cock and guided it in, groaning under his breath. Despite being thoroughly fucked by a dozen clones, Obi-Wan was still somewhat tight and very slick, and he felt the smooth surface of the eggs they had laid in him against the very tip of his cock, making him groan again.

The Jedi arched with a sigh under him, walls clamping down around him, then leaned up to kiss him. Cody tasted himself on Obi-Wan’s lips, somehow both sweet and salty without actually tasting much of anything at all, and he delved into the other’s mouth as he began to rock into the Jedi.

Cooooodyyyyyy,” Obi-Wan nearly whined at his slow pace, bucking insistently, “You promised me a good kriffing!”

Helix promised you a good kriffing,” Cody murmured from where he was sucking hickeys into his general’s skin, “I just promised to take care of you, and I will.”

And he did - by getting the Jedi to brace his arms against the wall above his head, then hiking Obi-Wan’s legs up onto his shoulders and driving hard into him, grinding the muscle ridges over his prostate.

The Jedi threw his head back with a shout, back bowing upward and further exaggerating the curve of his swollen stomach. He may have been half out of his mind with just that one thrust, but Cody was still coherent enough to hear the groans of his brothers outside the ‘fresher door, wanting. “Come on, General,” he panted, nudging Obi-Wan’s head to one side, angling him more towards the door, “Give my vod’e something nice to listen to.”

And the Jedi did, holding back nothing of his reaction as his commander fucked him into the floor of his ‘fresher, pleading for more and crying out when he got it, gasping and begging without reservation and finally coming hard over his belly. Cody swore sharply in Mando’a, bucking into the other man; now he could clearly feel the rippling clench of his general’s own body, distinctly flexing as if to drag more eggs out of his cock and pull them into his pouch. But there were no eggs left, so the only thing he got was Cody’s orgasm, the clone arching above him and grinding hard into him as he came.

Then both of them sagged on the floor of the ‘fresher, trying to catch their breath. At last, Cody mustered the strength to wrestle them both into the actual shower and cleaned them both as thoroughly as he dared with his legs threatening to give out under them if he stepped wrong.

They stumbled out of the ‘fresher, still faintly damp, to find that the other vod’e had apparently given up trying to make the general’s bed. Instead they had hauled spare mattresses and sheets and pillows in from somewhere to make a nest that covered most of the Jedi’s floor, leaving only narrow paths to the door and the ‘fresher. “As long as it’s returned before anyone complains, I don’t have to report it,” Cody said loudly, ignoring the amused looks from some of the vod’e in favor of laying Obi-Wan down in the midst of his brothers, and they all cuddled close to the Jedi now carrying their ad’e (except for Helix, who had nearly flown to the medbay to preserve his unfertilized eggs for study, but he soon made his way back and kicked Crys onto his side to make room).

Much to everyone’s surprise, including his own, Obi-Wan didn't actually carry the eggs all that long. He stumbled to the medbay in the predawn hours on their last day of leave, and pushed them out into a hastily-constructed incubator, panting and clutching at the vod’e as they took turns holding him through it.

There were only three unfertilized eggs of the lot, but the rest had been filled and begun to change. Already there was a speck of an ad in the heart of each one, and Cody cradled one of them in his gloved hands as the medics muttered about “no umbilical cords” and “record them around the clock to monitor development”. They were so small; would they really grow into normal-sized ad’e?

Time would tell, he supposed.

Of course then Helix took advantage of all of the affected vod’e being present to support Obi-Wan and pinned them down for a lesson in their new biology. The medic slapped the tongue depressor he was using as a pointer against the screen. “Seahorses.”

“Those little water-dragon things from Kamino? What about them?” Trapper said from where Obi-Wan was momentarily sprawled out on his chest, drifting in and out of consciousness as Waxer and Boil almost tenderly wiped his thighs clean of slick.

“Female seahorses lay their eggs inside the male’s pouch, where they're fertilized and eventually hatch into baby seahorses, which the male then releases,” Helix said, flicking the tongue depressor in Trapper’s direction, “Sound familiar?”

“So what you're saying is General Kenobi has both a harem and a reverse-harem of vod’e,” said Crys, to mixed snickering and booing from his brothers.

“And what a thoroughly handsome and satisfying harem it is,” Obi-Wan murmured against Trapper’s throat, “Couldn't have asked for a better one - just perhaps a bit more instruction on whatever this gas has done to us.”

“Any luck on the data retrieved from the complex?”

“Just a lot of references to ‘degenerate Sith’ in a largely disgusted tone,” was the mumbled reply. There was a brief pause as one of the clones held the bite valve of a waterskin to his lips, before he continued, “It almost seems like the inhabitants of the complex were trying to fight the Sith with this, but I don’t understand how - unless they were trying to breed an army, but that’s not the impression I’ve been getting.”

“Is there someone at the Temple who can help you with the translation?”

“Perhaps. I’ll ask around when we arrive.”

The Jedi and the affected clones finally got something of an answer when they arrived at Coruscant. Obi-Wan went almost deathly still the instant they dropped out of hyperspace, staring into the middle distance, and the affected clones all waited in silence for their Jedi to move.

Finally he did. His lips curled off his teeth, pupils dilating, and he let out a hiss that no human could make.

danger danger danger - danger to young - I see you, degenerate Sith

The clones immediately formed up around the Jedi, following him down to the surface on a single troop transport. They were only a few compared to the millions of their brothers that made up the GAR, but they were loyal to their general to the end.

It was night on the part of Coruscant where they landed, though that didn't actually mean much in terms of activity. At least, elsewhere it didn't, but this was the part of the planet where the Senators resided, and so it was almost completely dead save for periodic patrols of other clones, who did nothing more than salute in their direction, seeming to correctly sense that Obi-Wan and his vod’e were not in the mood to be stopped. They all bled together at the edges, their Jedi at the center, letting his Force-sensitivity guide their focus and guard their minds.

They didn't even realize who they were fighting until it was over.

The Supreme Chancellor of the Republic died with a blood-red lightsaber in hand, Force Lightning sparking futilely from his fingers as Obi-Wan drove his own blue saber deeper into the Sith’s chest, snarling. Helix was already bent over Trapper, Boil acting as an extra set of hands even as Cody called for medevac; the vod had jumped in and taken a nearly-fatal hit meant for their Jedi without even a breath of hesitation, giving him the opening he needed to cripple the Sith and finally bring him down.

There was an investigation, of course, but with the death of Palpatine - Darth Sidious - Dooku finally yielded, halting the war, and revealed what had been the Sith Lord’s plans for the Republic.

A new Sith Empire, built on the backs of brainwashed clones and dead Jedi, with more cruelty sure to follow.

The charges against Obi-Wan and his vod’e were dropped only a few hours after that revelation, leaving them free to return to the Jedi Temple and hold their newly-hatched ad’ike for the first time. Their children had grown to normal human size inside the egg sleeves; all the wrinkles in the outer membranes had allowed the sleeves to stretch to accommodate the growth, the albumen nutrient-dense indeed to feed the ad’e throughout the gestation period.

Obi-Wan cradled a dark-haired little girl to his chest with one arm and a little boy with the other and reached out with the Force, sensing a number of promising bright sparks both in his arms and elsewhere in the nursery. It seemed to be an even split in terms of Force-sensitivity, half with and half without but all already with the tiniest filaments of Force-bonds forming between - almost like they were meant to be paired.

Cody appeared at his side, a red-faced copper-haired boy drooling on his shoulder. “Helix is threatening our lives.”

“If we do this again? Or if we don’t?”


“Mm.” Obi-Wan let his head rest on Cody’s free shoulder and handed him a baby to feel up his stomach. No sign of new eggs - yet. “We’ll worry about that when the time comes.”