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Accidentally Telepathic

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The Avengers all see matching swirls of red as they open their eyes. When they open them again they realise that they are back in the hospital room and, from a quick glance at the clock, they had only been out for about 2 minutes. “I’m not dreaming, right?” Tony asks cautiously, hoping that he didn’t just imagine all of like like some elaborate fantasy thing.


“No, no, I was there too, we all were.” Steve answers and Tony nods, looking back at the bed to see Wanda, laying there, smaller than ever, he sighs.




Its been three weeks since Wanda went into her coma and everyone is worried.


Peter stops by everyday, MJ and Ned sometimes in tow, Vision refuses to leave Wanda’s side, the lady from the bookstore had even stopped by to ‘drop off some books for when she wakes’ and Sam is nearly always found in Wanda’s room.


Other things have changed too, Natasha has been in Wanda’s bedroom a lot, which is weird, but no one questions it. Clint has been at the tower a lot more than with his family, Tony hasn’t been his usual self, either drowning in guilt or trying to find a way to help Wanda. Rhodey is…very much absent, like, no one can find him. 


And finally, Thor has returned. Him and Peter have became strangely close recently, Steve isn’t sure what to think of it.


They are all…coping.


Then Wanda wakes up.


It happens at 11:54pm and Peter is next to her, her hand twitches a little like it had been for the past week, a sign, the doctor had said, that she’s waking up. Peter jumps up when her hand twitches, followed by her face, and finally, after what seems to be forever, her eyes open. 


“Wanda!” Peter shouts but lowers his voice when Wanda winces. “Pete, hey.” She croaks before stopping and pointing at the water, “What? Oh! Right, yes, sorry.” Peter says, passing her a glass, “Ill be right back, I have to tell the others.” Wanda nods, confused, “Why do you need to tell the others?” She asks and Peter pauses, turning around. “Oh! You’ve been out for three weeks, they are all very worried about you!” He says and Wanda scoffs, nearly choking on her water.


She studies Peter’s face, trying to determine how serious he is, “Right, yes, they are….worried for me. Very funny, Pete.” She laughs humourlessly and Peter realises that she genuinely doesn’t believe him, “Okay, I have o go get them, I’ll be back!” He yells, rushing out of the room. 


When he gets back, Wanda is examining her surroundings, “Three weeks, huh?” She asks and Peter nods silently, not wanting to think about the worry he felt all through those three weeks, “Mmm, yeah, even MJ was worried.” He says instead and Wanda, reading between the lines, sighs, “I’m here, Pete. I’m alive, I’m okay. Okay?” She says and Peter looks at her, “Yeah, I know, I was just…really worried, Wands.”


Wanda nods, “I know you were. I know, but I promise that I won’t leave you anytime soon, I couldn’t okay, I will do everything in my power not to.” Peter nods, stepping forward to give Wanda a hug she reciprocates quickly but nearly jumps backward when the door bangs open and Tony walks in, all the other avengers behind him. Wanda sighs, “Look, I’m sorry if I worried you, I know I messed up on that last mission and I promise it won’t happen again. Now, doesn’t anyone know when I can get out of here?” She asks and the Avengers are briefly stunned before realising Wanda had no idea what she had shown them, she still assumed that they hated her. 


Natasha speaks up first, “I’ll get the doctor. How you feeling?” She asks and Wanda shrugs one shoulder, “Meh, I’m okay, just another near-death experience.” She laughs and the other join in uncomfortably, especially now that they have seen, first-hand, what type of near death experiences she had. Natasha heads off to get the doctor, wondering what on earth was wrong with her, since when did she actually start to care???


Wanda is confused. Very, very confused.


It had been nearly 2 weeks since she had left the hospital and the Avengers were acting…odd. 


At first, It had been little things, an odd comment on her hair here, 'I like your hair today' Steve had said last week and Wanda had looked at him weirdly, 'I always wear my hair like this...?' 'Right, sorry, its just...nice, today.' , Maybe a compliment on her makeup there, nothing too deep, Wanda had tried not to read into it too much.


Then there was the Tony thing, Tony had, apologised? To her? And told her that he thought she was good for Peter?


Wanda had walked away from the conversation in a daze, confused as to what as happening.


She had a dream that night, of the Avengers, in her head, and her magic had sensed a presence somewhere but Wanda can’t figure out where and it is driving her crazy…What had happened while she was unconscious?? The nightmares had gotten worse, memories long forgotten had apparently been dug to the surface and she hated it, this was where another difference came in.


Natasha had been…comforting her? When she had nightmares recently. She had awoken, screaming, and five minutes later, Natasha had sauntered In with a glass of water asking if she was okay as if she genuinely cared it made Wanda ache for her brother, she missed him so much.


She is sitting in her room, contemplating these instances, when a knock on her door sounds, she is initially confused, no one normally knocks on her door this late, but stands anyways, recognising Steve to be on the other side, she hesitantly pulls the door open, “Hey, Wanda. We are doing a team movie night-slash-bonding thing, would you like to join us?”


This is the fourth strange thing to happen recently and Wanda nods dumbly, shocked, Steve smiles and grabs her hand gently, pulling her out of her room and toward the common room, she is too stunned to protest.


She makes it into the common room before  realising every other avenger is there and she feels her anxiety spike, preparing to back out, when Thor comes in and drops his hammer right by the door, she looks at him and he shrugs, “Lady Maximoff, no one should leave movie night before it is finished.” He says and Wanda is briefly too stunned to respond and then, “You know I can just lift that, right?” She says and tilts her head, everyone around her looks confused and disbelieving, “Wanda, you do know that Thor’s hammer can only be lifted by ‘those who are worthy’” Clint says mockingly and Wanda scoffs, “Of course I do, Clint, I’m not stupid.” Thor looks between the two with amusement, “Okay then, Lady Maximoff, Be my guest.” He says.


Wanda shakes her head at the cockiness and can hear the cheers and feel the disbelief and distrust emanating from the others, she resists the urge to roll her eyes, strides confidently over to the hammer, places her hand on the handle, and lifts with easy, twisting around to hand it to Thor with a smirk and then reaches for the door handle, ready to pull it open and escape but something catches her hand, pulling her back.


The force is unexpected and she topples into Thor who had pulled her toward him, “You’re going to be okay, Lady Maximoff. I know the loss of a brother and I promise you will be okay.” Wanda goes to pull back but Thor hugs her tighter, she can’t remember when she last felt so safe and, before she knows it, she is sobbing, clutching Thor like a life-line. She vaguely hears smashing sounds that, from Natasha and Steve’s thoughts, she recognises as her magic going haywire, a torrent of built up emotions flooding over as she cries, she also notices that the rest of the team have joined Thor and her in the hug, everyone surrounding her in safety and warmth, no hatred or fear to be found.


And for the first time in years, Wanda Maximoff feels safe.