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Accidentally Telepathic

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It had happened faster that Steve thought possible.

They had gone to an old Hydra base that was supposedly abandoned it was supposed to be an easy mission, a quick in and out with no problems, unfortunately he hadn’t taken into account that Hydra were still a bit sore about losing their two enhanced and had made weapons specifically for Wanda and her brother, they had barely been there for 20 minutes when he heard Wanda cry out and it had taken him another 10 minutes to find her due to whatever tech Hydra had that had cut their comms off basically as soon as she made the sound. Steve was horrified the sight that greeted him when he found her. There was Wanda, laying there in a pool of her own blood…There was a lot of it…

He had rushed to check her pulse, it was faint, but there, they needed to get her to medical quick and hopefully there wouldn’t be too much (or ANY) lasting damage… All he knew was they needed to move now but he couldn’t move her without a scan, he didn’t know whether she had any other injuries that could potentially be worsened, he suddenly heard his comms crackle to life, “Tony!” He practically screamed, “Wanda’s down I need you to get here so I can move her, quick!!” He heard Tony curse over the comm and didn’t even have it in him to say ‘Language!’ So, the team knew it was serious. Tony flew to where Steve was as fast as he could and when he saw Wanda, he had to stop himself from cursing again and he rushed over to Steve,

“What happened?” He demanded, “Do you know what happened?” Steve shook his head, “No, I heard her call out and spent nearly ten minutes looking for her and I found her like this, I didn’t want to move her in case it made it worse…” He trailed off, “Alright, shit.” Came Tony’s reply, “FRIDAY what can you tell me?”

“Boss, it appears she has severe blood loss, a concussion, a broken wrist and a stab wound on the left side of her stomach, you can move her, but she needs to get to medical as soon as possible.”

“Fuck, okay,” Tony lifted her gently and flew her back to the Quinjet, “Everyone get back here now!” He shouted over the comms. As soon as everyone had returned, he immediately flew back to the tower, he had the Medical Team wait for them at the launchpad and as soon as they landed, he handed Wanda over to them quickly on a stretcher, everyone on the team quickly followed and were stopped at the entrance to the surgery so they all sat in the waiting room,

“What the hell happened?” Natasha asked Steve, “I don’t know.” He answered honestly, “I heard her cry out and found her covered in blood against the wall I don’t even know how they got around her powers or how they managed to get to her.” He shook his head, “Shit…” Clint muttered, “I can’t lose another Maximoff this soon. I mean her brother just died, they’re kids!! They shouldn’t have to deal with this shit.” Clint looked around himself angrily, “We won’t lose her, she’s a fighter.” Natasha replied confidently,

It felt like days that they sat there in the waiting room waiting for any news on Wanda’s condition but in reality, it was maybe 3 or 4 hours before the doctor returned to tell them that she was stable but in a coma, “Will she be alright??” Sam asked hesitantly, “Yes, she should be fine when she wakes that should be about a week at most. She must stay away from any missions or training for about 3 weeks though, she lost a lot of blood and it’s lucky you got her here when you did, or she could have sustained some serious lasting damage. She may also need some physical therapy for her wrist.” The doctor replied. “Can we see her?” Tony finally spoke, he had been silent since the quintet landed, “Yes, you may, she’s in room 3B.” The doctor replies.

“Okay, Thank you.” Steve said sincerely. Everyone quickly rushed to Wanda’s room and paused at the door, she looks so young and vulnerable without her heavy eye-makeup, drowning in the white sheets and hospital gown, everyone seemed to suddenly remember how young she was, barely 17 years old, and no teenager should have to deal with all the things she has. After everyone’s momentary pause they all crowded into the room they set themselves around the bed and Tony went to reach for her hand, he needed to reassure himself she was here, alive, not dead. He hesitantly grabbed it and suddenly everyone’s vision was filled with a scarlet blur,

“What the fu…” Tony trailed off as a scene materialised in front of him, he was in a marketplace in the middle of the street and when he looked around, he noticed who the scene was centred around, it was some sort of young boy with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes he was smiling up at the woman on his left, ‘His mom? Maybe?’ Tony wasn’t sure. She was pretty with a kind face and bright eyes and similar brown hair to the boy; he then noticed the man on the boys right and the little girl in front of him. The man was tall and angry looking, he didn’t seem overly friendly (and if Tony was being honest, he actually found himself rather intimidated), the young girl, on the other hand, was pretty with a bright smile and green eyes that seemed to sparkle, she also had brown hair that was nearly identical to the other woman’s,

’Mom then,’ Tony mumbled to himself, it was then that he suddenly realised who he was looking at, ‘These kids are Wanda and Pietro,’ Tony thought, ’That means the man and woman are their parents.’ He suddenly felt a wave of guilt crash over him because he knew what happened and couldn’t help but feel bad for intruding on this obvious memory of Wanda’s even if he wasn’t quite sure how he had gotten here, ‘In the hospital room,’ He thinks, ‘I grabbed her hand.’ and then, ‘Oh shit, this isn’t good, I wonder what the others are doing, did they get dragged in too?? Are they seeing what I am?? Are they in the hospital room thinking Wanda’s attacking me?? That wouldn’t be good. He needed to send a message if they were, how would I do that??’

Right when Tony had started on this spiral of thought he suddenly saw somebody to his right, on closer inspection he realised it was Steve. “STEVE!” Tony yelled hoping Steve would hear him over the bustling crowd in the busy streets, “Hey Steve over here!” It was like Steve finally caught up because he looked straight at Tony before running up to him, “Oh my god Tony what happened? Where are we? Why are we here? Do you know what happened? Is anyone else here?” Steve rushed out hardly having a chance to breathe,

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, calm down I don’t know what happened or if any of the others are here, but I do know that I grabbed Wanda’s hand and I’m pretty sure the Family that I’m staring at are the Maximoff’s.” Tony responded, pointing to the family who were now laughing although the man remained stoic and cold. “Wait, is this a memory? Is it a dream?” Steve questioned, “I’m not entirely sure but if I were to hazard a guess… Yeah probably a memory…” Tony replied

“Okay, well, we need to see who the whole team is all here, maybe?” Steve asks and Tony nods, “Yeah, we can search through this crowd I’m sure we will find anyone we know.” He replies and Steve starts looking, “Okay let’s get to it…” After searching for a little while Tony and Steve soon found the rest of the Avengers, there was, Sam, Natasha, Clint, Vision and Rhode all huddled in a group completely confused as to where they were and what the hell was going on, when the say Steve and Tony coming toward them, they all had relieved smiles, “Okay can one of you explain what the HELL is going on??” Sam questioned impatiently, “Yeah I can actually but you need to follow me to see it,” Tony replied, “It’s a little bit confusing.”

“Okay…” The rest of the Avengers just agreed and followed Tony, soon they can to a stop near a children’s play park, there were a few kids playing tag and some were going down the slide but a lot of the seemed to be in the corner surrounding something, “Okay what the hell Tony?” Natasha questioned, “I asked for answers not a damn playground!” She was obviously frustrated by the lack of knowledge, Classic Natasha.

“I know and you will get them trust me I just need to find…” He trailed off eyes scanning around, “…There!” He pointed to the children in the corner and added, “Don’t worry I don’t think they can see us.” Then he tugged the rest of the Avengers after him to the corner. Once they got there, they noticed what was happening, there was a young girl in the corner against the fence, she had bright green eyes and brown hair, her nose was bloody and her face bruised as if she had been hit, all the other kids surrounding her were pointing and laughing at her and she seemed to shrink in on herself.

The Avengers were hurt by what was happening and all of them were overwhelmed with the sudden urge to protect the young girl, she couldn’t have been older than 8. Suddenly they hurt a voice shout out.


A young boy with shaggy brown hair who looked about the same age as the girl stood there facing the group of kids, he had a cold glare on his face. All the kids suddenly stopped and looked at the boy, he glanced at the girl and his face softened, he smiled a little as if to ask if she were Okay and the girl give a slight nod and weak smile in return, the boy smiled back then turned his gaze to the other children, face stony again.

“Who hit her?” He growled out his voiced quite low for a young boy, all the kids seemed to pause and look around at each other until one kid pointed weakly at the boy near the front of the group, he was older, maybe 10 or 11, and taller than the small brunette boy with shaggy blonde hair and a stern face. The younger boy, however, didn’t look intimidated, in fact, he looked almost happy, as if he was glad, he could fight someone who hurt someone he seemed to care about.

“C’mon then…” He smirked, “Pick on someone your own size.”

The older boy looked briefly stunned before her cracked his knuckles and grinned advancing on the younger brunette he swung for his face, but the younger boy was quick and ducked while jabbing the older boy in the side, the older boy was thrown off and stumbled to the side, he was quickly off-balance. The younger boy smiled again before attacking with fast, precise hits to the older boy’s upper chest and face, soon enough the younger boy had the older one pinned to the floor though not before the older boy got in a few hits of his own, the younger boy leaned down toward the older one,

“I don’t like bullies,” He breathed, panting slightly, “and I definitely don’t like those who pick on my sister.” Finally, with one swift kick to the older boys nose the younger brunette got up, “Come on sister,” He panted giving the young girl in the corner a hand up, “mama and papa are waiting.” The girl smiled at her brother as they began to walk off, “You didn’t need to do that Pietro,” she sighed, “papa isn’t going to like it.” Pietro shrugged and smiled, “You’re worth it Wanda.” He said simply, Wanda shook her head smiling to herself, “Thank You.” She said, “Anytime.” Pietro replied.

The scene suddenly paused as the Avengers took in what that was that they just saw, there was a stunned silence within the group as they all figured out what this meant and also what the hell, they had just witnessed Clint was the first to speak up, “We’re in her memories or something… right? This is her voodoo shit?” He asked, “Tony touched her hand, so we are seeing her memories…”

Tony turned to Clint and nodded swiftly, “That is my theory as well,” he agreed, “I saw the whole family when I was first here but there now we only saw Wanda and Pietro, I think she’s going to accidentally take us through all or her memories or at least the one most important to her, for instance Pietro standing up to her bully for her, maybe a day out with the parents, I think this is going to take a while if I’m being honest…”

“Shit.” Natasha said suddenly, when everyone turned to look at her, she sighed and said, “Important events right? Does that mean we see her parents die? Do we see Hydra? The experiments? What’s the line? Are we going to see Pietro’s death? Life at Stark tower? When does this end? This is an invasion of privacy and I don’t like the idea of poking around in someone else’s head, no matter how fascinating is may be.”

Everyone paused at that, the thought of seeing the girls’ parents’ deaths of seeing her and her brother in the hand of Hydra made everyone shiver, Tony blanched at the thought that he might have to see his weapons being used in that way and everyone was suddenly afraid, “Then we need to find a way out,” Steve said, “Vision, can you maybe find something that could pull us out?” Vision nodded, “Yes, Captain,” Vision replied, “Although I don’t expect many results, this is unexplored territory after all…”

Everyone nodded weakly at that then they noticed a doorway opening to their left, they all grabbed each other’s hand for support afraid of what was coming and cautiously walked through the door.