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A Fresh Mouthful of Garden Greens

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CHAPTER 1 - A Freshly-Blossomed Idea!

"I'm beaming with so much curiosity!" Emily clapped her hands once and held both of April's hands with her pair.  "Pete told me about edible flowers so I think I should try 'em out! Soooo, what do you think? Can you sell me some delicious-looking pansies? Please?"

April smiled nervously. She has no idea what Emily is talking about. But as long as she fills in the quota for her mother, she'll do her best to sell flowers... though her shrinking violet nature always leave her turning into a stone before saying smooth, sweet things that will entice her potential consumers. In her current situation with Emily, April cannot help it but to smile but retain that rock-hard anxiety she's feeling in her face down to her calves.

Before April muttered, Emily was quick to jump on to assume what April feels. Emily thought there was a suspicion on April's part-- You CAN'T just eat flowers, can you? But Emily's enthusiasm is overpowering. Emily must do what she HAS to do. 

"Please? Pretty please with extra cheese?" Emily said to April as she bobbed her hands with a slightly tighter grip.
"Ah... Uhm... S-sure. Y-You can, um, h-have a piece..," April said to the seemingly assertive Emily with a faint tone from her voice.
"Super! Thanks a bunch! Let's start with a dozen of pansies. Oops! Do we also say 'a dozen' if we're talking about flowers?
"I'm... I'm not so s-sure..."
"Hahaha! Whatever! Anyways, here's the payment. Thanks a bunch again, sweet April!"

Emily set out a big grin to April, with the latter smiled gently and waved as the former left the flower shop. Emily's fired up with her floral cuisine examination! Her warm spirit alone can bake bread and fry fish, as Pete joked her a couple of times when he was courting her. But wait! Emily isn't entirely sure on where to put her freshly-bought pansies on a food. As crafty as she is, her thirty-second pause of slight surprise while walking her way to her restaurant has gotten to a quick finish when she reassured herself, "You NEVER made a bad dish anyway, Emily! No matter how much this floral salad, or whatever, flops you'll still find a way!"

"Hmm, what's the warm aura all about, kiddo?" Emily's mother, Hanna, greeted her while adjusting the chairs of the resto.
"Ta-da!" Emily showed the bouquet of twelve pansies to her mom.
"For me? Haha! Atta girl, that's my Emily!" Hanna jested.
"As much as I love to, but this isn't a gift for you mom!"
"Pete gave you that?"
"Eek! No!" Emily shook her head as she gave a light blush on her cheeks. "Please let me speak mom!
So Hanna smiled and nodded to her daughter to signal to carry on with her speech.
Emily got her mother's cue and grinned. She held the boquet of pansies like a prized trophy. "These pansies... will be our brand new ingredient!"
Hanna nodded, then laughed with a three-strike clap. "Ahahaha! Ha, so Pete gave you that then... That idea."
Hanna then smirked smugly to her daughter. "I'll be darned then, I got no experience when it comes to cooking with flowers. It's unheard of!"
"I know right, mom?!? That's why I'm fired up to try this out!" Emily replied, all pumped inside and out.

Hanna surveyed the place and looked for the book decorations in the shelves. "Heck, there ain't any foods that have flowers like pansies or dahlias or marguerites over 'em," she said as she took quick scans and page flips among every book she picked up.
"Let's start with a salad for the pansies. Since adding flowers to food has been a news to us, let's start with something basic," Hanna said to Emily as she posed for an akimbo.
Emily's eyes sparkled. Her mother knew her well! "That IS also my idea! A couple of pansies among red and green cabbages... Then have some mangoes and cucumbers too! Ain't it brilliant?!?"
"Yup! Good thing we got the other greens in our fridge. For our dressing, I suggest we should have some vinaigrette over the creamy ones," Hanna said with a sincere enthusiam in her smile.
"Can't lose sight of the pretty flowers too, right mom?" Emily replied.
"Of course! The vibrant colors of pansy and ripe mango shouldn't be overshadowed by the cream's colors! I'm thinking we should make the vinaigrette mix something fresh and tart. I'll bring in the olive oil and lemon for the vinegar!"
"Aye-aye, mama! I'll be chopping the flowers too. Let's get to it!"

And so, the mother-daughter combo scurried off to the kitchen to make a culinary breakthrough for the town of Hillsville. With more color to the food being served, would it revitalize the cuisine scene with the word of mouth, just like how the once lost valley that sat above the town was brought back to life with the blooming colors of fresh flowers and greens? With a rekindled, blossoming enthusiasm by Emily and Hanna, this fresh pansy salad will be just the beginning of a new and exciting culinary adventure!