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Imprisoned Love

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Dr Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp had been the prison doctor at HMP Ardsmuir for precisely two weeks when she first met him. She had already seen him moving around the prison; formidably huge, he was hard to miss standing nearly a head above most prisoners with the broadest shoulders she had ever seen and flaming red hair that caught like fire when the sun streamed through the dirty windows of the prison. A Scottish prisoner, she had heard that he was generally liked by his fellow inmates and respected by the prison guards who saw him as something of a leader amongst the prisoners. Although she had seen him, he had never so much as looked up to catch her eye which was perhaps no bad thing as she was sure her glass face would, as usual, have given her away. He was, quietly frankly, beautiful.


James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser had already been at HMP Ardsmuir for two years when the new doctor arrived. He was only six months away from parole for his five year prison sentence. He had kept his head down and mouth shut as much as possible to get through the time. Despite his taciturn outward appearance, he had made friendships amongst the prisoners who seemed to view him as a leader of sorts and he had developed a particular friendship with the Governor, John Grey. A vaguely aristocratic man, Grey quickly realised upon his appointment as Governor to the prison that a working friendship with Fraser could prove useful in maintaining peace amongst the prisoners. What started out as information sharing soon turned to a weekly chess game and eventually a genuine friendship. Fraser would be sad to leave his weekly company of Grey but was otherwise keen to be free from the shackles of imprisonment. Until she arrived.
The prisoners were all talking of the new prison doctor. A female within an all-male prison was bound to get at least some of the prisoners riled up, but Fraser paid little attention. All hope of that went out the window when he first laid eyes on her. She was petite but carried herself with the straight-backed assurance of a woman who was not to be messed with. Her wild brown curls sprung out from her head in every direction, defying gravity as they bounced with every step she took. Her deliciously curvy hips swung out to each side as she walked down the prison halls to her surgery. Fraser was stepping out of his weekly chess game in Grey’s office when he saw her walking away and could hardly pull his eyes from the roundest arse he had ever seen. Two years celibate in prison had done nothing to quell his libido and his cock instantly reacted to the sight of her, standing to attention while his mind involuntarily conjured images of her hips in his hands while he pounded into her. Christ, it was lucky she wasn’t walking toward him with the tent his cock was making of his trousers. Hurrying back to his cell, Fraser hoped he wouldn’t have need of the doctor over the next 6 months. He wasn’t sure he would be able to restrain himself in close proximity to her.


Claire had spent two weeks so far at the prison, seeing prisoners infrequently and for only minor needs such as tooth ache or mildly infected cuts. On the last day of her second week, James Fraser ducked his head under the door frame as he stepped into her small surgery, one hand clutching the other arm, blood seeping through his sleeve and a grimace of pain on his face. He avoided her eye, looking down and muttering a grunt in greeting.

“Hello," Claire said brightly, "you must be James Fraser. Governor Grey phoned ahead to say you were coming on rather an emergency. I’m Dr Claire Beauchamp. Call me Claire.” “You can call me Jamie”, he replied, rather gruffly. Still not looking up at her, he didn’t dare for fear that his body would betray what his mind was already thinking. He gritted his teeth and attempted to hold his breath to try to keep his emotions in check.
“Let’s see what we’re dealing with here” she said, putting her small, firm hands on his arm and standing so close he could smell her hair, fresh and floral, wafting below his face as he kept his head down and his back hunched over. She must have mistaken his obvious discomfort for pain as she said, “It’s ok, I can treat you now you’re here, I’ll try to get you out of pain as soon as I can.” He would have suffered pain far worse and for longer than this if it meant he could stay near her, breathing her in and watching her fingers as they moved over his arm and shoulder, pressing and probing into his skin. Just the touch of her was sending signals to his cock he would rather not reveal to her.
“I think your shoulder is dislocated and I need to see where the bleeding is coming from – I’m going to cut your shirt off you.”, she said as she reached for surgical scissors on her tray nearby. As sharp as a dagger, he was amazed the prison allowed her to have them within reach of the prisoners who came in to be treated by her. His wame instantly clenched as he imagined all manner of situations in which she could be put at risk with some of the other prisoners at Ardsmuir, those who did not have so much honour as he did, those who served violence and anger deep in their soul.
He flinched as she began cutting his shirt up the sleeve, hoping she stopped there and didn’t remove the cloth from his back, knowing what she would see if she did. She removed his hand from where it was clutching his injured arm and he could feel the cool, smooth skin of her palms. As she lifted his arm and began to manipulate it from the shoulder joint, he grunted and scrunched his eyes shut, still unwilling to say much.
“Oh I’m sorry!” she said, wincing in sympathy for him, “Let me give you something for the pain” and she reached for a needle prepped on her tray. As she moved to inject him with it, his eyes flashed open and he grabbed her wrist, “No, no opiates.” As he looked up into her face, he felt the whole world falling away before him. Her eyes were like pools of whisky, amber and golden, swimming before him, making him feel like he was drowning and happy to do so. But as he saw her fear in them, he realised his mistake and instantly regretted it. He dropped her wrist and his head at the same time, trying to explain. “I’m sorry lass, I didna mean to make you jump. I had a bad reaction to opiates in the past, you ken – I canna go back to my cell with my mind befuddled by them. I’ll suffer the pain. I have before.”


Claire was almost breathless, her heart thumping madly in her chest and she wasn’t at all sure it was just because he had made her jump by grabbing her wrist. Just standing so close to him was like being near a furnace, the heat radiating from his skin. As she had cut up his sleeve, her fingers grazing him, she could see the russet hairs on his golden skin standing up into gooseflesh but still his skin burned. Just shy of a fever, she could only imagine what it would feel like to lie next to his heat. But as he had looked up at her, his eyes flashing in fear, she knew she was done for. She looked deep into them, his eyes every shade of blue she had ever seen in the ocean, from the cool grey of the British Isles to the bright turquoise of the Caribbean seas, and felt like she was looking into his soul. There was no anger in them, she felt no fear, just a spark of recognition for a connection between their two souls.
She knew she had to get control of herself and tend to her patient. She shook her head slightly to get her mind back to being professional. “Ok, I can manipulate it back into the joint but it will hurt. Try not to resist me as I do it, it can cause further damage.” And with that she was climbing up onto the table, kneeling next to him, leaning herself over his body as she took up the weight of his huge arm.


Now that she was so close to him, Jamie really could hardly control himself. He wanted to grab her hips, sit her astride his lap, feel her arse against his thighs. As she began to wrench his arm around to relocate his shoulder, the sharp pain caused a welcome distraction to the building throbbing in his balls and with a loud “pop”, his shoulder was back in its joint. He let out a breath he had not realised he was holding and her curls fluttered around his face, tickling his cheeks. He opened his eyes from where he had been squinting them shut and could see the round curve of the top of her breasts peeking out of her shirt, so close he could have simply dipped his head and pressed a kiss to her ivory skin.
Claire climbed down from the table and looked up at him, “Now let’s have a look at that gash. I don’t suppose you want to tell me how all this happened, do you?” One look at her face told him that his usual Scottish reply of “Hrmph” was not going to satisfy her. “It must have been a pretty big fall”, she prompted. “Weel I’m a big man”, he replied. “That you are”, he heard her mutter under her breath. He couldn’t help a smile begin to twitch the corners of his mouth and he wondered if she felt anything close to what he was starting to feel. He could feel the tips of his ears redden as saw her eyes travel down his body and settle on his crotch. He dug his nails into the palm of his hand on his uninjured arm and sent up a silent prayer that his cock would behave itself, just this once.
She swiftly turned to her tray and got some antiseptic wipes and an already threaded needle. “Will you at least let me give you some local anaesthetic before I stitch you up? It’s only topical, it shouldn’t affect you the same as an opiate to your bloodstream would.” “Aye, I s’pose”, he replied. A few pricks with a syringe later and she was stitching his cut, gently pinching his skin with one hand while the other deftly wove small stitches.


As her focus narrowed to her task at hand, Claire could control her breath and lower her racing pulse. She was sure he had caught her looking down at his crotch and almost blushed again at the thought. With hands as huge as his, he really must be a big man. As absurd an idea as this was, it had been two years since she had broken up with Frank Randall and she had been on no more than a few dull dinner dates since. Nothing that ended in carnal knowledge. The proximity of this beautiful redhead was causing things to awaken in her that had not stirred in some time.
She had just tied off the stitches and cut the thread when an ear-piercing alarm and crashing footsteps could be heard outside. Claire involuntarily jumped and at such close range to her patient, she crashed into Jamie's chest as he grasped her by the shoulders. A prison guard stuck his head in the open door and gave a cursory look around before shouting, “Stay put”, and slamming the door closed behind him. Jamie’s hands were still holding the tops of her shoulders and she was tucked into his chest, standing between his legs as they hung over the table, so long that his feet remained on the ground. She knew she should step back but her heart was still thumping, whether from the alarm still ringing in the room or the electricity seeming to pulse through Jamie’s fingers down her arms and into her very core, she could not be sure.
“It’s no’ likely to be anything serious. Probably just a minor disturbance on one of the wings. It’ll all be sorted soon. Dinna fash, lass.” Claire looked up into his impossibly blue eyes and could not recall feeling so safe in all her life. It was the most disconcerting feeling, of both spiralling downward like she was falling and being completely grounded to the earth, both at the same time. Her eyes dropped to his lips, full and parting as his tongue darted out to wet them. A tiny whimper escaped her throat and her fingers trembled against his chest. His hands gave a slight stroke to her arms and she seemed to be moving towards him, as he was to her. She could feel his thighs begin to tighten on either side of her waist and her breath caught in her throat.
Then, almost as if he had heard it before she had herself, Jamie’s hands dropped and he gave her a slight push away as the door crashed open and a guard stepped in. “All prisoners to be returned to their cells for a sweep of the prison. Are you done, Doctor?” Claire struggled to regain her composure but quickly replied, “Give me one minute to put a bandage on please, then I’ll be done with Mr Fraser.” “Very well”, replied the guard, and stepped outside, leaving her alone with Jamie for a few more moments. She didn’t say anything but applied a bandage as gently as she could. “You’ll need to come back and see me in two days to check how it’s healing.” She thought she saw his eyes lighten at her instruction and a small smile twitch the corners of his mouth again. “Aye”, he replied, and stood up off the table, wincing only slightly at the pain of his shoulder. As he walked towards the door, he turned back and said, very quietly, “You need not be scairt lass, no’ while you’re with me.” As he looked up at her through long, thick eyelashes, she knew this to be true and wondered how she would get through the next two days until she could see him again.


As Jamie returned to his cell and the inspections took place, he didn’t say a word. All he could think of was the electricity that had passed between him and Claire, almost burning his fingertips as he held her arms. She had looked into his eyes with a longing hunger that he had all but forgotten during his incarceration. It would be a long two days until he could see her again.
There is no privacy in a prison other than the cover of darkness. Jamie had long since got used to hearing the quiet grunts and soft moans of his fellow inmates after the lights had gone out, usually pleasuring only themselves, a few sometimes taking pleasure from another. Jamie had infrequently done it himself but tonight he was desperate with need, his desire barely waiting for the lights to be turned out and the soft snores of his cell mate to begin. His cock was hard, demanding to be sated. He grabbed it in his hand and began furiously stroking it, picturing Claire’s dark brown curls spilling over his bare chest. He closed his eyes and saw her whisky eyes, pupils blown wide with passion, as his stroking became an erratic yanking. His breath quickened and he turned on his side, trying to stifle his building moans in his pillow. He bit the cloth as he finished, quickly and hotly spurting over his sheets, wishing he could be filling Claire instead. As his breathing recovered, he knew sleep would evade him tonight even as he hoped he would dream of her.

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Despite her concerns about waiting, two days passed relatively quickly as Claire saw patients and wrote up notes. On the morning she was due to see Jamie again, Claire found herself choosing a v-neck dress from out of her wardrobe to wear to work. She tried to convince herself that it was just because the weather was getting warmer and the prison had no air-con but there was no denying it, she couldn’t wait for him to see her in it, hoped he would glance down at her breasts again as she examined him. She began to feel a wetness start down at her core with just the thought of his piercing blue eyes and hurried through breakfast to get to her surgery.

Jamie was her last patient before lunch and stooped as he stepped through the door, looking under his eyelashes almost shyly at her, a smile peeking at the corners of his mouth. She couldn’t help smiling back and noticed that he gently closed the door behind himself. Perhaps in another situation it would have seemed predatory of him but she couldn’t have wanted to be in privacy with him anymore than she already craved. In just two strides, he was close before her, so tall that she had to tip her head back to look up at him. She swallowed as she said, “Hello again, how’s the arm?” He shrugged and gave her the most adorable crooked smile as she motioned for him to sit back on the table for her. Gone was his uncomfortable posture from the first visit to her surgery, now he sat there with his legs comfortably apart and swinging gently as they hung down, staring at her confidently and knowingly.

She felt vaguely self-conscious as she walked over to him, her heels clicking on the hard floor. She felt suddenly foolish for wearing high heels, she was the prison doctor for God’s sake, going to work not on a date. But as he raised an eyebrow, she felt assured that he had been anticipating their reunion as much as she had. She had no choice but to stand between his legs to examine his shoulder and wound. “I need to see under the bandage, can I take your shirt off?” He nodded his consent but made no move to unbutton it and so Claire began herself, feeling as if her fingers were fumbling to get the buttons undone. When she had, she pushed her hands gently under and slid the shirt off his shoulders. It pooled behind him on the table and she sucked in a breath at the sight of his torso. He was the most gorgeous specimen of manhood, his muscles defined over his chest and abdomen. She daren’t look so low as his waist for fear she would launch herself at him there and then.
Instead, she busied herself with moving his arm, rotating it from the socket to check the range of movement. It seemed only slightly stiff and he made no wincing motion, only sat staring at her with an almost wolf-like gaze. His eyes seemed a darker blue than two days ago, boring into her soul. Next she removed the bandage from his cut and examined it gently with her fingers. “All seems to have healed well. Have you been in pain? Any trouble sleeping?” “Aye, a little trouble sleeping,” he replied, “Though I don’t think that’s from the pain.” Claire blushed fiercely, she could feel the redness spreading down her neck and over her décolletage. She saw Jamie’s eyes drop and knew he could see it too. His eyes lingered on her chest, her breasts rising and falling as she fought to keep her breathing controlled. “Well I’ll put a new bandage on it, just to make sure it stays clean” she said, and turned to get a new gauze.


The sight of her arse in that tight dress as she turned away from him was almost more than Jamie could bear. He pressed himself into the cold metal examining table to try to quell the urge to lean forward and grab her by the hips. She turned back to him and stood right between his legs, so close he could see the front of her thighs were touching the table. She reached up and wrapped the gauze around his upper arm, covering the cut she had stitched just two days before. She was leaning forward, her bare arms brushing his chest, as she tied the bandage off and tucked the ends in tidily.

His hands had been resting on his knees and he lifted them slowly, gently rounding them behind her lower back. She made no move to step away and placed her hands lightly on his chest. She was still looking down and moved her body ever so slightly closer to his, her curls tucking underneath his chin. His hands closed behind her as his fingers skimmed the top of her arse. She exhaled audibly and he felt the hairs on his chest bristle and his nipples harden. She lengthened her neck and looked up at him, her arousal more than obvious from the wanton look in her eyes and the parting of her lips. He bent his head and touched his lips to hers, meaning to kiss her gently and cautiously at first. But as their lips connected, it was like a thousand fireworks going off around them and Claire kissed him back as hungrily as he grasped for her. Their lips parted and their tongues found each other, furiously tasting each other as they kissed and probed.

His cock was hardening with every second they kissed, his hands roaming Claire’s back and venturing down to her arse. She groaned in his mouth as he squeezed her arse cheeks, moulding them in his hands. Her hands were in his hair, stroking through it and pulling gently, then running over his shoulders and down his arms. He could spend the rest of his life kissing this beautiful woman and discovering her body.


Claire could hardly believe what she was doing as her hands roamed over Jamie’s arms and down to his thighs. She knew she should stop, that this was unprofessional and she could lose her position, but she felt like she belonged with him. In his arms, kissing him, feeling his hands on her arse, over her back. She heard a groan escape her mouth and a low, quiet growl from Jamie in response. She moved her hands from his thighs to the top of his legs, pausing before going any further. Was she really about to do this? With lust coursing through her veins and desire pulsing between her legs, her pause was brief as she grasped his cock through his trousers, feeling how hard and big he was. He stopped kissing her for a second as his breath caught and then he let out a deep groan.


Jamie couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to taste her. With one swift move, he picked her up by the waist and spun her around so that it was her sitting on the table. Still kissing her with a desperate hunger, he pushed her dress up her thighs, trembling when he realised she was wearing stockings. His growl this time was fierce with wanting and she lifted her arse cheeks so he could pull her pants down and fully expose her core to him. He dropped to his knees and pulled her toward his face, arms snaking under her thighs and hands gripping her buttocks. He could already see how wet she was, her lips glistening with desire. He kissed up the delicate skin inside her thighs and revelled in the sounds she made as he neared her slick core. Needing to taste her, he plunged his head between her thighs, licking her wetness with his hungry tongue. She tasted sweet and salty with a familiar muskiness like this was where he was always meant to be. As he kissed and sucked up to her clit, he could feel her thighs tensing on either side of his head and her hands gripping his hair. Her groans were getting louder and she began to moan, “oh god, oh god”. He looked up to see her head thrown back, her beautiful white neck drawn tight and her breasts thrust forward through her dress. She whimpered at the loss of his mouth and he plunged back down, this time with increased intensity. As he licked circles around and over her clit, he sunk two fingers into her pussy, feeling her hot wetness drawing him in. She cried out and clamped around him. God she felt good, soft and strong at the same time, her muscles sucking his fingers in as he pulled them out and then plunged them back in. Hooking his fingers slightly he hit her G-spot as he pressed his tongue on her clit and she cried out his name, reaching her peak and shouting, “Jamie, Jamie”.


Claire had never felt anything like it, the sensations Jamie was making her feel were almost too much and yet she never wanted them to end. Her mind was spinning as he licked and kissed, sucked and probed the very core of her desire. She would normally have been embarrassed at his head being buried so deep into her but he seemed ravenous for her and her foot was rubbing up against his still rock-hard cock. The low grumbles he was making sent further vibrations through her and once his fingers were inside her, there was no holding back. She let go as she felt her orgasm crash around her, lifting her away on a wave on intense pleasure. As she was coming down, he gently kissed her legs and disentangled his arms from under her thighs, raising himself up to kiss her neck and then her mouth. He was still wet with her and she could taste herself as she kissed him. It was utterly erotic and she felt his lips crook up into a smile against hers as she groaned into his mouth.

Now she wanted to satisfy him. She pulled away from his kiss and raised an eyebrow, a devilish smile playing on her lips. She slid down from the table and pushed him backward towards her desk chair, pushing his trousers down as she did so. His cock was twitching through his boxers as she thrust her hand down to grab it. She was too fuelled with desire to be gentle now. She pulled his boxers over the top allowing his hardness to spring free as she pushed him hard to the chest, forcing him to sit down on her chair. Now it was she who dropped to her knees before him. His cock was as smooth and hard as marble, a pearl of cum already glistening on the tip. She licked her lips to moisten them then kissed from the base upwards on each side. She could see his hands gripping the armrests and his jaw clenching as he tried to control himself. She licked up his shaft and swirled her tongue around his tender tip before taking him fully into her mouth. She heard his sharp intake of breath and then a low growl of desire.

Claire moved her head up and down, keeping her tongue pressed to his sensitive underside as she kept him in her mouth. She grasped her hand around his exposed base and moved it up and down in time with her mouth. As she felt his leg begin to twitch, she sucked in her cheeks and increased her pace, head bobbing up and down in his lap.


It was too much, this beautiful woman on her knees between his legs, taking his length in her mouth, sucking like her life depended on it. It took all his willpower not to grab her head and thrust into her over and over. Instead he clutched the armrests and tried to even his breathing between clenched teeth. Having not had anyone go down on him for more than two years, he was finding it hard to maintain his control and not shoot into her mouth in seconds. He watched her curls bounce up and down as she picked up her speed but as she began to suck, his eyes closed and his head dropped back. He knew he could resist no longer as he released with a loud grunt of, “Christ Claire”, and shot deep into her throat, again and again. She swallowed, tightening her throat around the end of his cock causing him to yell again. She released him with a slight “pop” and a rather sweet kiss on his tip then sat slightly back on her heels, waiting for him to regain his senses. Opening his eyes to see her sitting there, smiling up at him, her beautiful whisky eyes shining and her lips swollen and pink with use, he could feel everything in his life finally making sense. It was her, it was all for her. She had to be his as he was already hers.


Claire smiled at him, revelling in the look of sheer amazement on Jamie’s face. He look like a wave had just carried him away and deposited him in paradise. Suddenly feeling stupidly shy, considering what they had just done, she put her hands on his knees as she stood up and smoothed her dress back down, picking up her discarded pants from the floor and slipping them back on under her dress. She looked back to see Jamie adjusting himself and pulling his boxers and trousers back up as he stood. He came over to her and slipped an arm round her waist, tentatively pulling her towards his chest as he ducked his head down to kiss her neck. “Thank ye Claire, that was, well it was amazing.” His ears reddened in the most adorable way and she tilted her head up to kiss him tenderly. She was flooded with the most loving of emotions and she felt her voice catch as she replied, “I should thank you, that was incredible Jamie”.

The noises of the rest of the prison suddenly engulfed their bubble and Claire became conscious of the fact that a single closed door separated them from everyone else at Ardsmuir. She stepped back and said quickly, “Well I’d best take one last look at that shoulder, check it’s not got any lasting nerve damage. You can put your shirt back on but I need to see you again in another two days please.” Her professional tone was betrayed as she looked up at him and couldn’t help the smile creeping over her lips. He returned it with a crooked smile of his own and a quirk of one eyebrow, “Aye, as you wish Doctor.”

Slipping his shirt back on before he walked to the door, he glanced back over his shoulder and flashed her a dazzling smile. She felt her knees weaken and gripped onto the table as he left her surgery.

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Claire was drifting between sleep and wakefulness, that wonderful dreamy time when your body feels weightless and swimmy. Her eyes were closed but she could feel large hands with long, strong fingers caressing up and down her body, smoothing up her hips, over her stomach and ribs, resting on her breasts as the fingers pinched her nipples and squeezed her firmly. She heard a moan escape from her lips that was quickly silenced by a warm mouth with wide, soft lips enclosing hers. A tongue parted her lips and delved into her mouth. She groaned as she felt the delicious weight of a man on top of her, his hard cock heavy on her pelvis. She arched herself up and felt long arms snake underneath her, around her back. She was hot and so wet in her own core, she could feel his tip pressing at her entrance. She was desperate to feel him inside her, she needed to be filled by him. She was moaning and panting, trying to thrust her hips up to meet his throbbing member and then with a gasp, her eyes snapped open.

She was awake and alone in her bed, sun beginning to peek around the edges of her curtains. Shit. She had been dreaming. Jamie wasn’t actually here with her, in her warm, bright flat. He was in a cell at Ardsmuir, dank and close with the scent of hundreds of other men, all living in relatively close quarters. How she longed to have him alone with her in her clean home, be able to take him to her bed and spend time exploring his body. But for now she would have to be content with her little surgery in a quiet corridor of the prison and the knowledge that he had an appointment to see her today. She knew she would not be able to control herself this time, she needed to feel him inside of her. The visceral ache was too much to bear.

She jumped out of bed and got ready as quickly as she could, slipping a simple navy shift dress over her head. No zip or buttons, just one single layer of fabric Jamie could lift up and over her head in one swift movement. A small whimper escaped her throat at that thought and she hurried her morning routine, her nipples peaked beneath her dress and conscious of a wetness in her pants already. God he’d better be ready for her!


Jamie had thought of Claire every hour of every day since he had last seen her, since he had tasted her desire and felt her lips round his own. His breath was shallow in his chest as his long strides took him easily down the corridor toward her surgery. Thankfully it was away from the main areas of the prison and even the other administrative offices were round a bend in the next part of the corridor. What he had in mind to do to the good doctor would elicit some wee noises from her if he was doing it right.
As he got closer he could see her small hand around the edge of the door, holding it open, and the shadow of her dark curls. His breath hitched in his throat as he sped up and was at the door in three strides. As he pushed the door open, Claire was right in front of him, looking slightly surprised with her golden eyes sparkling with excitement. He could see her chest rise quickly as she inhaled sharply, looking up at him. He stepped into her surgery and pushed the door closed behind him.

Without a word, Claire pressed herself forward against his chest, her hands on his biceps. She was standing up on tiptoes, mouth hungrily reaching for his. He dipped his head as his hand circled to take the back of her neck, sliding under her luscious curls. Their lips met with a crushing force, urgently kissing and seeking entrance to one another with their tongues. She tasted so sweet in his mouth and felt so good under his hands, now roaming all over her back. He could already feel his cock hardening with desire and he let out a small growl deep in his throat as he grabbed her arse in one hand and crushed her against his groin. Her lips left his as her head tipped back and she let out a groan. God he needed to be inside her now, thrusting into her warmth and feeling her body writhe under him.

Her office chair was not far away and as he stretched out one long leg, he hooked it under his toe and grabbed the back of it, jamming it against the closed door of her surgery to afford them some security of privacy. All the while he was kissing down her neck towards her collarbone, exposed to him. He couldn’t resist grazing his teeth on it and with the moan she released as he did so, he knew she liked it. He bared his teeth and bit down on her on her neck, revelling in the way it made her press herself against him, breasts against his chest, pelvis against his throbbing length.


Claire was drowning in a wave of desire. They hadn’t even said a word to each other but the way Jamie was kissing her and caressing her body, the feelings he elicited in her as he did so, was all the communication they needed. He began to walk her backwards, never taking his mouth from her skin, until she felt the cool, hard edge of her examining table against the back of her thighs. Jamie began to run his hands down her legs and catch his fingers under the thin fabric of her dress, raising it up over her bum. His thumbs hooked in the thin waistband of her pants and he pushed them down. With a small wiggle of her hips, they fell to the floor and she quickly flicked them away with her foot. He began to bend down, moving his head rapidly down her body, hands grasping at her hips. As much as she wanted to feel his tongue licking at her very core again, she needed him inside her and she needed it now. The urgency was too much to take.

With both hands pressed gently to the side of his head, burning red curls twirled around her fingers, she pulled him up. He looked up at her with hungry blue eyes, pupils blown so wide with desire that the sparkling blue was replaced by a stormy ocean. He looked confused, almost as if he had done something wrong, his eyebrows quirked up and slightly together. Her heart tugged at the sight of him and her voice was husky as she said, “I need to feel you inside me, now.” With that, Jamie’s expression switched and it was like Claire was looking at a hunting wolf. A smile curved at one corner of his mouth as he simply said, deep and low, “Aye” and then he was up and upon her, pressing his mouth so hard against hers that she was bending back over the table. She moaned a short, high sound and he grabbed her hips, spinning her around.

She felt his huge hand between her shoulder blades, pressing her forward as his other hand circled underneath and clasped at one breast, fingers pinching her nipple. Her back arched involuntarily making her arse tip up and back into his crotch. God, she could feel how big and hard he was. Jamie leaned over her, his weight and warmth heavy on her back like a blanket. He was kissing her neck and behind her ear, as she continued to grind back against him. He was practically growling in her ear as he said, “Christ, Claire, I want ye so much I can scarcely breath. Will ye have me?” It was all she could do to whimper out, “Yes Jamie, I will have you. Oh god, please.”

She felt him release her and she glanced back over her shoulder as he pulled his sweatpants down around his ankles. Then he was over her again, strong fingers pressing into her arse cheeks, mouth bearing her down on her neck. His knee split her legs and urged them open as he stepped between them. Claire could feel his tip against her entrance, both of them slick with wanting. She thrust her hips back causing him to enter her just slightly. She heard a low rumble of a growl and then felt his hands yank her hips back towards him and with one long, hard thrust, he plunged inside her to his hilt. She let out a long moan as he filled her, stretching her out with his huge, hard cock.

It felt so good as he began thrusting into her with long, firm strokes but Claire could tell he was holding back. She started to pound her own hips back against him, hearing their skin slap together each time they met as she urged him into her harder.


Ifrinn, Jamie thought, this woman will be the death of me. Claire was circling her hips slightly with each of his thrusts and arching her neck back towards him. He knew it had been more than two years since he had been inside a woman but he still couldn’t remember it ever feeling this good. But God, she was so small and her bones so delicate, he didn’t want to hurt her. His desire was so strong he could feel himself struggling to maintain control. His fingers were pressing into Claire’s hipbones with brutal force as he tried to limit his thrusts so he didn’t hurt her. He heard her groan as she looked back over her shoulder. Her tongue peeked out of her mouth and licked her bottom lip as she said, “Harder Jamie, please.” He felt his eyes flash at her request as he relinquished his restraint, setting a punishing pace as he thrust into her over and over.

He bent over her back and bit and sucked her neck, reaching an arm round so his hand could find her clit. She was so warm and wet under his fingers, he could feel their joining which made him release a moan of pleasure but he focussed his fingers on her bundle of nerves, swollen as he rubbed and circled with increasing speed. Claire was beginning to pant now as her head tipped forward, resting on her arms. He could feel his own climax building, racing towards him, but he wanted to give her release first. Jamie felt her muscles inside clenching his cock as he thrust shallower, fingers never letting up against her clit. Then she was screaming his name, “Jamie, Jamie, oh god”, and he felt her spasms as her orgasm hit. He let out a deep groan and with three more hard, quick thrusts, he joined her in climax. Both of them were shuddering, legs like jelly, being held up only by the examining table jammed underneath them.


As Claire reached her peak, an explosion of white light and stars blinded her. She could barely have told you where she was, all she could feel was wave upon wave of pleasure crashing over her body. Then there was the heat of Jamie, over and above her, thrusting into her and his hot seed spilling deep inside her. She could not have held her own body up but as she laid out on the table, his strong arm was snaked protectively around her, cradling her back against him. His breath was hot in her ear as he muttered soft words to her, she couldn’t understand them but thought they must be Gaelic. He peppered her neck with light kisses as she shivered, gooseflesh rising up her arms. She was beginning to come back to herself as she smiled and languidly asked him, “What did you say?” “I felt like my heart was going to burst.” Claire didn’t think she had ever heard such a sweet post-coital phrase come out of such a warrior-like man. She curved back into his warmth and hugged his arm tight to her body, closing her eyes, wanting to preserve this moment of their joining for a few more seconds.

She could feel him softening inside her and he shifted to slip out of her but she wasn’t ready to let go of him just yet. She pulled his hand up to her lips and kissed his knuckles gently, her heart calming from where it had been hammering in her chest. She looked back at him with a small smile playing on her lips and a question in her eyes. Was that the only time? Will you want me again? Jamie nuzzled his nose into her cheek and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Claire felt reassured enough to release him as he bent down to pull his sweatpants back up and she found her pants from the floor and stepped back into them. Before it could be awkward, Jamie hopped up to sit back against the wall on the examining table and flicked his chin at her to indicate she should join him. He held out an arm and she scooted back as he brought her tight in against his side, tucked under his arm, cheek resting on his chest. He felt warm and safe to her, his heart beating strong and steady under her ear. She let out a sigh and relaxed into him, not even daring to let the questions of how this could ever work between them come into her mind. For now, she would just enjoy this precious moment with this incredible man.

Chapter Text

Jamie couldn’t remember feeling so happy for a long while but at the same time, he wished he was somewhere else. Still with Claire in his arms but not here, in this prison. He wanted to be lying down with her cradled in his arms, soft sheets surrounding them. Six more months, maybe less if he could get early release; he had done this long so far, he could manage that.

Claire’s curls were tickling his neck as she was tucked in against his chest and he twitched just slightly, not wanting to break the spell that still held them so close in this intimate moment. She shifted against him and looked up at him, her eyes tender and loving, with no judgement at all. “Jamie”, she began, “what is it you’re in here for?”
A small shock hit him as she asked. “Och, weel I guess I just thought you would know that already. That you’d have had access to my full file.”
“I could have”, she replied, “but I didn’t think it was any of my business.”
“Is it no’?” He sighed, resigned to the fact that he would have to tell her at some point, it might as well be now. He had already had to explain it to those people close to him before, he hated them knowing it about him, seeing the pity in their eyes. “There was a man when I was younger, he was a Captain in the Army when I was in the Cadets at senior school. He…,” Jamie’s voice faltered, then he steeled himself as he had done before. “He abused me, several times. I never told anyone about me, I could suffer it myself, but then I caught him doing the same with one of the younger lads, Fergus, and I couldna have that. So I stopped him. I killed him. Now he can’t hurt anyone else, ever again.”
“Oh Jamie, I’m so sorry that happened to you”. Claire tucked her head into him and pressed soft kisses to his chest, squeezing her arms tighter around him.
“They reduced the charge to manslaughter on account of the abuse and I got five years. I’ve done two so far, I’m eligible for parole in six months. Actually, Claire, I get a day’s home release in two weeks. Could I, I mean, only if you wanted to, but I thought maybe we could see each other?” Jamie sputtered out, racing on, “My family is up in the Highlands so it’s too far to visit them in a day but if you don’t want to, of course I understand.”


Claire’s heart was breaking for Jamie. To have revealed so much to her already, to have given her such a confidence was a gift. And now he seemed so uncertain of himself, that she wouldn’t want to see him again when the very idea of being able to spend a whole day with him, outside of these prison walls, was sending tingles of excitement through her entire body. “Of course I do Jamie, yes, that would be wonderful.” She smiled up at him and watched as his whole face lit up, it was like looking into the sun as he beamed down at her.

The prison was on the border between the Lake District and the Lowlands of Scotland. There were so many walks they could do. Claire expected Jamie would want fresh air and space over anything else and she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to have him at her own house, not quite yet. “Why don’t I pack us a picnic and we can go for a hike? Would that be ok?” she asked him.
“That sounds perfect, Sassenach” He dipped down to give her a light kiss on her forehead.
“Sassenach?” she enquired, eyebrows raising up in the middle. Jamie’s mouth curved up at one corner and his eyes twinkled like the sea on a sunny day. “Aye, that’s what you are, my Sassenach. It means outlander, an Englishwoman.”


The two weeks ended up being actually only eleven days as he was granted day release at the weekend. Thank God, Jamie didn’t think he could have waited another second longer. He felt fit to burst with the need to see Claire again, hold her in his arms, press his lips to hers. They had arranged for him to walk down the road from the prison and to wait in a small layby around a corner. No harm in being away from prying eyes, it would do neither of them any good to be seen together on his day release. He had to be back at the prison by 6 p.m. but for now, he had nine hours of glorious freedom stretching out in front of him and only one person he wanted to fill them with.

He saw Claire’s car as she drove down the road towards him, her wild dark curls bouncing with the bumps in the road and her smile stretched across her face as she looked only at him. She pulled in and he quickly grabbed the door handle and folded his tall frame up to fit in her car. At least it was an SUV, he thought. With a low growl in his throat, he leaned over and grabbed Claire’s neck, pulling her face towards him for a long, slow kiss. As he pulled away, he heard her sigh and looked up to see her eyes closed, a smile of pure bliss playing on her lips. He dipped his head and touched his forehead to hers and they just breathed for a few seconds, happy to be sharing each other’s air.

They drove for only about half an hour, further into the countryside that surrounded the prison. It was a beautiful Spring day, the sun shining in a blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds, blossom out on the trees and birds chattering above. With every minute that they moved away from the prison, Jamie could feel himself relaxing, his shoulders dropping, tension releasing, breath easing in his chest. He kept looking over at Claire as she was driving and couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his mouth every time he did. They were happy with the contented quiet that fell over them. Silence was hard to come by in the prison and it was heaven to have it now. Jamie placed a hand across onto Claire’s thigh, squeezing her knee lightly as she drove.


Claire had been anticipating this day since the moment Jamie left her surgery. With his arm completely healed, she really couldn’t justify making any more appointments for him but she got through each day as she counted down to seeing him again with the knowledge that they would have this whole day together, with only each other. Now it was finally here and she was as giddy with excitement as a child on their birthday. The kiss he had given her as he got in her car sent her instantly weak at the knees. They just felt so right together, like this was always meant to be. As Jamie had pressed his forehead to hers, Claire felt her heart rate slowing, adjusting to match his, calm and steady.

They parked and got out, gathering the picnic she had packed across two backpacks together with a picnic blanket. As they began walking along a footpath across a field, Jamie reached down and took her hand in his, squeezing it gently as if in question. She looked up at him and simply smiled. They walked in easy strides across fields and up gently rolling hills, all the while talking about their families and childhoods. Jamie told her about his sister Jenny, living with her husband, Jamie’s best friend, Ian, and their three children (bairns as Jamie called them, which Claire thought was the most adorable thing ever) at his family house in the Highlands. “It’s called Lallybroch”, he told her, “and one day I shall take ye there, Claire.” Claire’s heart swelled at the thought of seeing where Jamie had grown up, of being taken to meet his family.

Claire, in turn, told Jamie about how she was orphaned when she was just five, her parents having died in a car crash on their way back from a party while she was at home with a babysitter. She told him about being raised by her Uncle Lamb, an adventurous professor who saw nothing wrong with taking Claire on archaeological digs in the desert as her summer holiday. As she was telling Jamie this, she could feel his grip tightening on her hand and then suddenly he stopped walking and pulled her to face him, clasping his arms around her. He was frowning as he said, “Ye are a brave wee thing”.
“Am I?” she said, and then he was enveloping her, with his arms, with his mouth. Kissing her as if he could kiss away all the pain she had suffered. A loud grumble from his stomach made them pull away from each other with a small laugh and he pressed one last kiss to her lips before saying, “C’mon Sassenach, let’s find somewhere we can sit and eat.”

At the top of a small hill, they found a glade of trees where they could lay out the picnic blanket and sit. Claire unpacked the picnic she had brought: sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit and cakes. She hadn’t known what Jamie would like so had packed as much as she thought they could carry in the backpacks to let him choose. As he dove in like a hungry bear, she couldn’t help but stifle a small laugh. “Quite the appetite. I should think you’d eat grass if there was nothing else.” Jamie smiled at her and kept on eating, working his way through the feast until every last bite was gone. With a contented groan, he lay back on the blanket, arms thrown easily behind his head, eyes closed against the warm sun. Claire was staring down at him, looking at his long, thick eyelashes where the rested against his cheek, casting a red glow underneath.
“Ye’re thinking so loud I can hear you, Sassenach.” Jamie smiled but kept his eyes closed. “You cannot….” Claire began and then Jamie sat up swiftly, sweeping one arm under her waist and one behind her neck as he deftly laid her down on the blanket and rested himself half on top of her.


Jamie had resisted all these hours, happy just to have the touch of her hand and a few stolen kisses as they walked and talked, beginning to get to know one another’s history. But now he had only one thing on his mind. His breath was fast and shallow as he hungrily kissed Claire’s mouth and neck. “Does it ever stop, the wanting you?” Claire laughed at his question, throwing her head back and revealing more of her ivory neck. With a low growl and a teasing note in his voice, Jamie said, “Are you laughing at me?” Claire nodded and giggled again. “Aye, then you’ll get what you deserve!” Their hands were a flurry of clashing activity, trying to get each other’s and their own clothes off so they could feel skin on skin.

Jamie knelt between Claire’s legs, kissing her breasts and up her neck. He could feel his cock straining and his balls aching with the need to be inside her. He stretched one arm down her body, fingers trailing around her leg and then up the delicate skin inside her thighs. He could hear her breath catch in her throat as his fingers reached her entrance. God, she was so wet for him already. He plunged two fingers in and heard her moan as her head flung back. A louder growl erupted from his throat as he could wait no longer, he could feel the desire pulsing through his veins. He adjusted himself so he was fully on top of her, arms on either side of her head so he didn’t crush her and fingers twisting in her curls. “Claire?”, he said her name like a question, forcing her to open her eyes and look into his. With the slightest nod of her head and a massive dilation of her pupils, he took his assent and drove his cock into her in one fluid movement. His eyes closed as he moaned, “Ah Dhia”; she was so warm and wet, her muscles lightly clenching his hard length.


Claire felt enveloped, surrounded by Jamie – his weight on top of her, his mouth covering hers, his red curls brushing over her forehead, her nose, her neck as he kissed her all over. It was heaven, she was in heaven. As he entered her, she felt deliciously filled – his moan sent sparks of desire down her body, shooting out of her core. He pulled nearly all the way out and she released a small whimper, not wanting to lose the feeling of him inside her. She caught a small twitch of his eyebrow and a smile at the corners of his mouth as he heard her protest and then he thrust into her again, setting a delicious rhythm as he pumped in and out of her. Her hips met his pace and her legs hooked around him, heels digging into his calves. She grasped her hands around his buttocks, fingernails digging in, urging him into her deeper, harder. She raised her hips and feet causing him to plunge further in, both of them groaning with the sensations it produced.

Claire could feel Jamie was near completion, his breath becoming ragged in her ear as he lightly bit down on the tender skin of her neck just below her ear. She moaned loudly, “More, Jamie, more.” As if he could read her entire soul, he shifted so he could drag a hand down between them, strong thumb pressing against her clit causing her to shout his name and arch back. He circled it with increasing speed and pressure as he continued his thrusts into her. Claire let go of all control and felt an explosion burst behind her eyes as pleasure coursed through her body, shuddering violently as her muscles contracted underneath him. She felt Jamie clutch her to him as he thrust two, three more times in quick succession and then he dropped his head to hers as he too reached his peak, shouting out her name and a string of words she didn’t understand but assumed must be Gaelic.

She felt disjointed, coming back to her boneless self as she felt Jamie’s fingers lightly stroking her arm and up her neck, over her cheekbone. She opened her eyes and saw his face hovering over hers, his eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. She sighed and his lips pressed to hers to catch her breath. Barely pulling away, she said into his mouth, “What was it you said?” His mouth spread into a slow, languid smile as he replied, “I thought my heart was going to burst.”



After they had put at least some of their clothes back on, lest any other walkers come across them, Jamie arranged himself so that he was sitting against the trunk of a tree with Claire tucked in between his legs in front of him. He was running his hands through her endless brown curls, inspecting the colours as they changed in the light. “Mo nighean donn”, he declared, “my brown haired lass.”
“Rather a dull colour, brown, I’ve always thought”, Claire replied.
“No, not dull at all. It’s like the water in a burn, the way it ruffles down the rocks, dark in the wavy spots, wee bits are auburn where the sun touches it.”

Claire looked back at him, over her shoulder, her eyes pools of amber nectar, pupils widening with desire. Jamie took her chin with his finger, shifting her shoulders round so that he could tip her back slightly in his arms, lips meeting hers in a soft embrace. The kiss deepened and he could feel her breath quicken in through her nose. He reached his hand down, cupping her core over the fabric of her jeans. She made a keening noise and fell further back against his chest. His fingers quickly worked the button and zip open so that he could slip his fingers underneath, into her pants, her slit still wet from their earlier joining. He was rubbing his fingers up and down over her clit, swollen and hard. Claire’s hand had found it’s way up to his hair and she was gripping his curls tightly, trying to drag his face down to meet hers. But he wanted to see her as she reached her climax, as he brought her to it. He drove a finger deep into her pussy causing Claire to groan loudly. As he plunged a second finger in, his thumb began to work circles and figure-eights faster over her clit. All the while Claire was moaning his name, over and over. Jamie could feel himself becoming mightily aroused again but wanted to worship her to completion first. Suddenly with a few high wails and then a deep throated groan, Claire came, muscles clamping his hand tight between her legs, fingers nearly tearing his hair out, head flung back, neck exposed to him. Jamie swooped his head to capture her mouth against his, tasting her hungrily as his tongue probed deeper.

“I want you inside me.” Her statement was so simple and direct, he was powerless to resist and his own desire was demanding to be sated. He grasped her by the hips and lifted her so she was sat astride him. Raising his own hips so he could yank his trousers and boxers down, Claire knelt up so she could pull her own jeans and pants further down. And then she was sitting onto him, sliding his length into her, still hot and wet as he was once again hard and throbbing for her.

Whereas their joining’s had been desperate with longing and fierce desire before, this time was languid and tender. Jamie stared into Claire’s eyes as she slowly moved her hips up and down, pressing her body close against his, trying to make every part of them touch. His hands ran up and down her back, up into her hair and then all the way down to cup under her arse. His fingers reached under to feel the point where he entered her, eliciting a deep groan from his chest that was matched by a long moan from Claire. As he moved one hand round between them, he could press her swollen bud with two fingers causing her to wail his name and throw her head back. Jamie bent to take her neck in his mouth, biting and gently sucking the ivory skin of her throat, so vulnerable as it laid before him. Her moans were coming faster and shorter now as her hips increased their pace. Jamie thrust his own hips up into her with more force and as their orgasms descended together, Claire snapped her head back up and opened her eyes to look straight into Jamie’s eyes as they simultaneously reached they peak.


The look of incredulity on his face said it all. It was as if they had shared something magical, holy. Claire’s spirit felt fused with his as they had climaxed together, joining them in more than just their physical flesh. Once again, Claire felt Jamie’s forehead touch hers in silent benediction. They stayed like that for several minutes, catching their breaths and preserving the moment between them.
Then Jamie said to her, “Sassenach, do you think this is usual, what it is between us, when I touch you, when you lie with me, is it always so between a man and a woman?” She looked into his eyes and felt herself falling into the ocean, down into the depths of his soul. She could only answer honestly, as she felt at this very moment. “No, this isn’t usual. It’s different.” Their lips touched together, sealing their fate as one.

Chapter Text

Claire sat in her small surgery, staring down without seeing the notes in front of her. She had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and lacked energy as she had barely eaten. It had been nearly three weeks since she had last seen Jamie. The weather had been rainy and bleak adding to her feeling that she had lost the very sun that sustained her.

Jamie had been due to have another day release two weeks after their magical day out together but then the prison went into lockdown as a prisoner had tried to escape and all privileges were ceased. Claire had tried desperately to think of a reason to see him, to summon him to her surgery, but could think of nothing that would not raise suspicion and she couldn’t risk that for either of their sakes. Instead she drew in on herself, beginning to feel like it had all been a dream, their passion, their connection, his touch on her skin.

Her mind began to wander as she thought of their couplings and she unconsciously slid her hand up her thigh towards her centre. She could feel herself warming as she imagined his lips on her neck, moving up to engulf her mouth. A soft sigh escaped from her lips as she dreamed it was Jamie’s hands on her rather than her own. The sound of her door handle turning caused her to gasp and snatch her hand away and then there he was. Jamie opened her door, his massive frame filling the space, the light from the corridor behind him making his red curls glow like embers. They were longer than when she had last seen him, falling round his face like a curtain of fire. She practically yelped his name as she flew up from her chair and grabbed his hand, yanking him into her room and kicking the door shut behind him. She crashed her mouth up to his, her teeth clashing against his, desperate to feel him and taste him again. A sharp wince from him caused her to instantly stop and peer up at him.

“Jamie what’s wrong, what’s happened?”

He began to turn his chin down, his hair dropping further over his face. She instinctively reached up and pushed his curls aside, wincing in sympathy for him as she saw his left eye swelling shut, a lightly bleeding cut on his eyebrow and a large bruise beginning to bloom deep purple on his cheekbone.

“Oh my God, Jamie, what happened? Who did this to you?” She moved him backwards towards the examining table and pushed him gently back to sit on it.
“Tis nothing much, Sassenach, dinna fash.” A small smile caught the corners of his mouth as Claire realised Jamie’s hands were comfortably resting on her hips and beginning to slide their way back over her behind.
“Hold on there, solider – I need you to tell me exactly what happened and treat this cut before you even think about that.” She couldn’t help herself smiling ruefully at him as she thought back to her mind’s wanderings just a minute earlier.

“One of the new lads on the wing, he changed the TV channel without asking. He didna think anyone was actually watching it. Dougal is an old lag, he’s been in and out of prison for years, he wanted to assert his authority and demanded to know who had done it. I could tell he was bruising for a fight and couldna stand to see the young lad beaten to a pulp in his first week inside. He was practically quaking with fear. So I said I’d done it. I’m not sure Dougal believed me but he was happy enough to swing a few punches to prove his point. It made a show to yon laddie and it didna hurt me so much. Least not when it was happening. Besides, I did think it might necessitate a trip to see the wee Doctor, hmm!”

“Jamie!”, Claire scolded him, “I can’t believe you would purposefully get yourself hurt just to see me!”
“Aye, weel, you’ll have to think of some suitable way to make up for it soon, hey!”

Jamie bent down and pressed a small kiss to her lips, careful not to press too hard to hurt his already throbbing cheek.
“I’m sure I can think of something. Let’s get that cleaned up for now.”

Claire cleaned the cut and put two small steri-strips over Jamie’s eyebrow then held a cold pack to his eye and cheekbone.
“God I’ve missed you Jamie, the last three weeks have been agony. I could’ve killed that bloody prisoner for trying to escape and ruining our day release plans.”
Claire had been planning to take him home to hers for the day, cook him a meal and snuggle on the sofa watching Netflix.

“Weel, I may have some good news on that, Sassenach. You ken that the Governor has some respect for me. Weel to make up for my missed day release, he’s agreed to give me a whole weekend release, Saturday morning to Sunday night. This weekend! So I was wondering if…”
“Yes!” Claire butted it, unable to contain her excitement or play it even remotely coy. “Stay at mine, Jamie, please. I mean, if you want to, that is.”

She looked down at his lap where her hands had come to rest. She saw Jamie’s huge hands pick hers up as gently as if she were a tiny kitten, then peeked up through her eyelashes and watched as he raised her hands to his mouth and kissed her knuckles.
“Aye Sassenach, I would verra much like that.”

Chapter Text

Claire practically ran out of the prison on Friday night when she had finished work. She wanted to spend the whole evening cleaning and tidying the flat before Jamie came the next day. She’d ordered a food delivery with all sorts of treats like steak and wine, even a bottle of single malt whisky she hoped he would like. Then she would just have to shower, shave her legs and bikini line and wash her hair before trying to get some sleep.


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Claire awoke with a smile on her face, as excited as a child on Christmas morning. She jumped out of bed and into the shower for a quick wash then dressed simply in her favourite figure-hugging jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. She allowed her curls to pile wild and free around her shoulders, slipping on a necklace that hung deep into her cleavage and a pair of hoop earrings. Carefully applying her make-up in her bedroom mirror, Claire couldn’t help smiling at her reflection as she thought of Jamie being in her house in just two short hours.
She ran round the house for a last-minute straighten, making the bed with fresh sheets, laying out towels in the bathroom for Jamie and brewing a fresh pot of coffee just before he was due to arrive. He had told her he would make his own way to her house. Initially putting up a protest, Claire had tried to insist it was no problem to pick him up from around the corner to the prison as they had done previously, but she understood that he needed to feel some independence and distance from his incarceration so she acquiesced and gave Jamie her address.

As she heard the knock on the door, her heart leapt into her throat and she jumped towards the hall. Reaching the front door, she could see the misty figure of Jamie through the opaque glass, tall and unmistakably him, topped off with a red blur of hair. She steadied herself for a second with her hand on the door handle then with a deep breath, opened the door to let him in. The sun was bright behind him and as he turned towards her from where he had been looking out into the road, Claire’s face cracked into a ridiculously huge grin.
“Hello Sassenach”.
Claire had forgotten how deep his Scottish burr was and how blue his eyes were. Christ, she was never going to be able to keep her hands off him!
“Hi Jamie,” Claire bit the edge of her lip as she smiled, “come in.”
Jamie stepped into her hall with a small duffle bag in his hand, setting it down on the floor as he looked around.
“It’s nothing fancy but it’s mine.” Claire quipped.
They stood there in the hall, suddenly feeling as self-conscious as a pair of teenagers, not knowing what to do with themselves.
“Tis lovely Claire,” Jamie said, bending down to softly brush her cheek with a kiss, “and I am verra glad to be here.”
Claire’s eyes closed briefly and she instinctively reached for Jamie’s fingers, then pulled him into the house. “Come into the kitchen, I’ve got some coffee brewing, and then I can give you a brief tour.”
They drank their coffee sitting across the kitchen table from each other, nerves gradually easing as they fell back into their comfortable conversation and instant easy chemistry with one another. With their mugs empty, a conspicuous silence began to grow in the room.
“Well let me show you around so you know where everything is then maybe we can go out for a walk and get some lunch somewhere?”
“Aye, sounds braw lass.”


Claire led Jamie round her house, his eyes taking in the photos in frames in the living room, titles of books on the shelf, the little mementos and decorations she had chosen to furnish her space. With a quick peek in the bathroom and an explanation of how to use the shower, Claire found herself standing in her bedroom holding Jamie’s hand lightly, not daring to look up into his eyes. Her breaths felt short and shallow and yet her chest seemed to be heaving up and down as she tried to control her racing heartbeat. Jamie took a tiny step to close the gap between them, brushing her curls back from her cheek with his free hand. Claire turned to nuzzle his fingers with her cheek when she felt his lips as hot as fire latch onto her exposed neck. She emitted a low groan and with that his mouth was upon hers, tongue immediately seeking entrance between her lips. His hands dropped to her hips, fingers sweeping inside her t-shirt and swiftly up and under it, finding the mounds of her breasts, pressing up into his palms. With a soft growl, he yanked the item over her head then sank to his knees before her, burying his face into her stomach, fingers working fast to undo the button on her jeans.

“Oh god, Jamie.” Claire’s voice rang in his ears like a Siren song, calling out to him. He couldn’t get her clothes off her fast enough and almost felt guilty for clawing at her like such a beast. Almost, but not enough to stop what he was doing. A harsh yank pulled her jeans down over her hips so that Jamie could clasp his arms around her buttocks, holding her tight, his face firmly planted into the front of her pants. Claire’s fingers were twirling into his curls and he could already smell her arousal. He wanted to worship her but his need was too desperate. He dragged her pants down round her ankles, kissing quickly and roughly up her thighs as he grasped her and swept her down to the carpet with him. Claire’s hands were just as insistent as his, tearing at his jeans and shifting them down over his arse. She managed to undo a few buttons on his shirt before he yanked it over his head, cursing in Gaelic as he did so.
“Christ Claire, I have to have you now or die.” Jamie snarled into her ear as he bit her lobe. Claire heard herself squeal and moan as her legs wrapped around Jamie’s and her hips raised up to meet him. He barely hooked his boxers over his throbbing cock, allowing it to bounce free, then pulled aside her pants as he thrust into her strong and deep. Long, low moans came from both of them as they stilled for a few seconds, finally joined in their desperate longing. Then Jamie reared up on his knees, hands under Claire’s buttocks as he yanked her up to meet him and drove himself in and out of her. Claire could feel the carpet rubbing against her shoulder blades; no doubt she’d have red marks there after this, but she didn’t care. She was lost in the sensations, head thrown back, eyes closed.
Jamie wouldn’t last long, his passion was too great, and he sank down to find Claire’s neck, sucking it into his mouth. “Give me your mouth, Sassenach.” Their lips sealed together, grunting into each other’s mouths as Jamie came, roaring as his seed was finally released. Claire clasped his head to her neck as their breathing slowed, their legs wrapped round each other, entwined on Claire’s bedroom carpet.
Jamie raised his head to look at her then immediately looked remorseful. “Christ, Claire, I’m sae sorry. Coming at you like raving beast.”
“It’s ok Jamie, I quite liked that part.” Claire replied, smiling up at him with a coquettish look in her eyes.
“Did you then?! Aye, weel I shall remember that for later.”
He slid off her and helped her up, both of them gathering their clothes and getting dressed again. Their touches were all casual intimacy after that. Claire marvelled at how normal it felt to have Jamie with her, in her home. He seemed to fit there as if he always had been.


They walked out into the small town, wandering round then having lunch at a local café. They barely noticed anyone else around them, their eyes were only for each other and their conversation didn’t stop. Walking round the lake after lunch in the sunshine, they stopped to sit on the grass and Jamie lay back, one arm thrown up under his head. He pulled Claire gently down to lay on his chest, their eyes closed against the bright afternoon sun, breathing easy, content in the silence between them. Jamie must have drifted off for the next thing Claire knew, he jolted awake, sitting up so fast he flung Claire off him. His eyes were wild and his breathing fast.
“Jamie, it’s ok. It’s just me.”
His shoulders slumped as he said, “Ifrinn, I’m sorry Sassenach. Just wondered where I was for a second.”
Claire looked at him worriedly but she could tell now was neither the place nor the time to ask him more. “Come on, let’s go home.”, she said, beginning to stand up.
“Aye, mo nighean donn, let’s.”


They spent the evening making dinner together: steak with chips and salad. Jamie seemed to love being in the kitchen, free to be able to cook for them, so Claire let him take the lead. As she leaned against the counter, a glass of good French wine in her hand, looking at Jamie’s strong back, apron ties tightly fastened round his waist, she couldn’t help smiling to herself. She walked over to him and slid her hands round his middle, under the apron, pressing her cheek into the hollow of his back.
“I am so glad you’re here, Jamie.”
Jamie took a hand from the pan where he was basting the steak in butter, placing it over hers, “As am I, Sassenach.”


They ate their dinner at the table, finishing the bottle of wine and opening another. After clearing up together, they moved to the sofa to find something to watch. Claire left Jamie browsing through the TV to choose while she retrieved the bottle of whisky, two glasses and a small box of chocolates. She placed them down before Jamie with a shy smile. “I thought you might like this.”
“Och Sassenach, now that is something I haven’t had in a verra long time. Thank you.” He looked up at her with his deep blue eyes, depths of emotions contained within. Jamie picked up the bottle, turning it over, then opened it up to inhale the scent deep into his nose. A long moan stole out through his lips and his eyes closed in bliss. He smiled as he poured them each a glass then they settled back to watch the comedy film he had selected. Small sounds of pleasure came from Jamie each time he took a sip of the amber liquid and soon he was pouring a second glass.
Claire had tucked herself under his arm and had her head buried against his chest. As the evening grew later, she wrapped her arms around him and groaned in contentment as she squeezed him and nuzzled even closer. Jamie looked down as she looked up at him, their mouths connecting as if magnets drawn together. Their kiss intensified and Jamie broke away to lean forward, placing his whisky glass down then turning the TV off with the remote. His eyes as he looked back at her were full of lust and desire, his lips smiling as if he were the Devil himself.

Jamie held Claire in his arms, kissing her deeply, pressing himself over her until she was laying back on the sofa. He quickly moved his kisses down her neck and over her chest. His hands had already pushed her t-shirt up and pulled the cups of her bra down so his mouth could lock over her nipples, hungrily sucking each one in turn. Jamie moved further down her body, licking and kissing over her abdomen, finding a spot at the side of her waist that made her squeak as it tickled. He smiled as he looked up at her through impossibly thick auburn eyelashes, then shimmied yet further down, sliding his legs off the sofa to kneel before it and Claire. She raised her hips to allow him to pull her jeans and pants off. There was no desperate pawing at her this time, Jamie wanted to take his time. He kissed his way slowly up her leg from her ankle, lifting it to place her calf over his shoulder as he reached the inside of her thigh. He sucked and nipped at the delicate skin inside her legs, his curls brushing against her core causing her to whimper with need.
“Please Jamie, I need you.”
“Aye, mo nighean donn. I have you, I’ll take care of you.”
Jamie moved his head to between her legs, tongue lightly caressing her outer lips as he parted them gently with his fingers. He began to lap her wetness up, low moans coming from Claire as he increased his pressure. His tongue moved higher to focus on her clit, circling and flicking over the hard nub. Claire was groaning and writhing by now, thrusting herself up into his mouth for more. Jamie slid two long, strong fingers inside of her causing Claire to moan his name out loud. His speed was increasing on her clit as he slid his fingers in and out of her hot centre. He added a third finger and hooked them forward, Claire’s shouts now coming fast and loud. With a few more insistent sweeps with his tongue, Jamie tipped Claire over the edge, her orgasm washing over her with force as she tensed then relaxed, her legs feeling like jelly as they hung, one over Jamie’s shoulder and one over the edge of the arm of the sofa.


Claire was barely coming back to herself when she felt Jamie move away from between her legs then stand and bend to scoop her up from the sofa, cradling her in his strong arms. He kissed her forehead lightly and walked them into her bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. He stood and undressed, looking down at her as she opened her eyes and took in his sculpted form, his cock standing up, the tip glistening. Claire bit her lip and smiled as Jamie lay down on top of her. Their kisses were slow but passionate, each relishing the time and space they finally had to enjoy each other. They twisted their limbs into each other, hands exploring up and down the other’s body, then Claire rolled them so Jamie was lying on his back and she was astride him. She sat up on top of him, his cock hard and throbbing, twitching underneath her slippery core.
“Christ Claire, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
A soft sigh escaped Claire’s lips and she reached between them, lifting up slightly and guiding him into her. They moved together, rising and lowering like waves against the shore, reaching their completion with low moans swallowed between their joined mouths. Claire rolled off Jamie as he pulled her back against his front, fitting their bodies together, neither wanting to lose the touch of the other’s skin. Jamie buried his face in Claire’s dark curls, inhaling her scent and closing his eyes. Their breathing slowed and Claire could feel them drifting off asleep. She reached an arm down and pulled the tartan blanket up from the bottom of the bed, draping it over them as they slipped into unconsciousness, locked together.

Chapter Text

Claire was dreaming, she knew she was; she’d had this dream before. Soft butterfly wings fluttering against her inner thighs, gentle waves lapping, warmth brushing over her core. Her breath was hitching in her throat, soft sighs escaping from her mouth. She thought she could hear someone whispering her name as her body began to writhe involuntarily against the sheets.

“Claire, mo nighean donn, wake up.”

With a sharp intake of breath, Claire’s eyes were open.


She wasn’t dreaming. Jamie was here, his head buried underneath the blanket as it was slipping off his back. She looked down to see a mass of russet curls between her legs and then his glittering blue eyes and a flash of white teeth as he looked up, smiling at her, licking his bottom lip and biting it before dipping his head back down. Claire groaned with pleasure, her eyes drifting shut and her head tipping back as he continued lapping, kissing and sucking, his tongue swirling and probing in the most hypnotic rhythm.

A rap on the front door made Claire try to sit up, her head snapping up as she looked at the bedroom door.

“It’s probably the postman, I should get it,” Claire tried to protest. But Jamie would not be dissuaded from his ministrations.

“No, no”, he insisted, as he grabbed her arse cheeks and yanked her further down the bed, thrusting her core into his face. He doubled his pace, flicking hard with his tongue on her clit and plunging two fingers deep inside her.

Claire cried out and flung herself back, gripping the bedsheets with her fists, her cries coming hard and fast as her orgasm crashed down, coursing through her body and mind. Her breathing was fast, Jamie was kissing her thighs gently, then her abdomen, as her took her hand and gently pressed a kiss to her palm. Claire smiled and slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning, Sassenach.” Jamie looked so pleased with himself, a smile quirking both edges of his lips up, threatening to crack wide any minute.

“Sleep well did you?” Claire enquired, teasingly.

“Aye, the best I have in years. And now, I am looking forward to a long, hot shower that I dinna have to share with five other men.”

Jamie hopped out of bed and sauntered to the en-suite. Claire watched his firm arse as he walked away from her, God he had a lot of energy for first thing in the morning. Claire had never been much of a morning person herself. She stretched and turned over, considering five more minutes sleep. But as she heard the shower turn on, she found her mind wandering to Jamie’s naked body under the hot water. Well, maybe he wouldn’t mind my company in there, she thought to herself, and rose from the bed.

As she walked into the bathroom, she could see him standing under the steaming water, eyes closed as he rinsed the bubbles out of his hair. His hair was even longer wet, the red curls stretched out and hanging down his neck to touch the tops of his shoulders. His long body was sculpted with muscles running down below his waist to his groin, his cock hanging down heavy against his thighs, nestled in a golden thatch of springy hair. His legs were just as long, strong muscles flexing in his thighs and calves as he moved. He is so beautiful, Claire marvelled to herself, smiling as she quietly opened the shower door and stepped in to join him.

Claire placed both her hands on his chest, feeling his pecs beneath her palms. Jamie’s eyes opened slowly to look at her, a smile to match hers curving on his mouth. She stretched up and pressed her mouth to his, hot water running over them both, into their mouths as they opened to allow their tongues to swirl together. Her hands slipped around his torso and down his back, fingers gripping into his arse cheeks, now tensing as his pelvis tipped toward her. She could feel his cock hardening against her stomach and she pulled away from his lips, smiling as she kissed her way down his neck and chest, pausing to suck one nipple into her mouth and nip it gently. Jamie yelped and released a sharp intake of breath as Claire sank to her knees before him.

“Don’t drown me,” she said, looking up at him, “at least not with the shower head.” And then she took his fully erect cock in her hand, running her tongue firmly from base to tip before pressing a wet kiss against the sensitive head.

“Sassenach”, Jamie groaned as Claire took his length into her mouth, dipping her head up and down as she continued to lick her tongue along the underside and began to suck the tip with each cycle up and down, her hand mirroring the action at the base. Jamie’s fingers gripped into her now-wet hair and his groans came deeper and faster.

“Ifrinn, Claire, I want to be inside ye when I come,” he said, as he pulled her up and swiftly spun her around, her hands pressed against the cold tiles. She moaned and arched back, her arse grinding against his throbbing hardness. Jamie grabbed her hips as he lined himself up against her soaking entrance and slid in, hard and deep. His knees were bent as he surrounded her, wrapping both arms around her frame, one hand massaging one of her breast’s and the other moving down, fingers working on her already swollen clit. The water from the shower was still rushing over them, hot and steaming. Jamie’s whole body was pressed against Claire’s back, nothing separated them, his mouth sucking her neck as her head rested back against his shoulder.

His thrusts were becoming faster and more erratic as he began to reach his climax.

“Sassenach, I canna wait ….. Christ, Claire”, Jamie shouted as he came, Claire joining him in climax, their pleasure causing shakes and twitches as their bodies came down from the ultimate high. Jamie pressed a soft kiss against Claire’s neck as he slid his softening cock out of her and straightened his knees, turning her around to once again wrap his arms around her in an embrace. Claire was catching her breath, her head resting against his chest.

“I guess we should actually have a proper shower now”, Claire joked.

“Aye Sassenach,” Jamie smiled, “come here and let me wash yer hair.”


Finally washed and dressed, they had made their way downstairs for breakfast. Jamie had insisted on making pancakes and in no time at all had whipped up a stack of perfect looking rounds of cooked batter. Claire washed some berries at the sink and made the coffee then they sat down at the table to eat, pouring maple syrup liberally over the piles on their plates. They ate in contented quiet, looking at each other across the table and smiling between mouthfuls, drinking their coffee and then amiably clearing up together. Claire couldn’t remember having felt so happy in a long time. She began to dread when Jamie would have to leave her later that afternoon to return to the prison but she pushed the thought away in her mind, determined to enjoy the day they still had together.

The day was cooler but fine and bright so they decided to go for another long walk. Claire could tell that Jamie would like the sense of space and freedom the hills would afford him. Their circular route took in a pub they stopped at to have a huge Sunday roast and by the time they got back to Claire’s house, they were both happily tired from a long walk and good food. They snuggled on the sofa again to finish watching the movie they had stopped last night, Claire pulling a blanket over her legs as she nestled into Jamie’s side, his heat radiating out to her comfortingly. She could feel herself dropping off as she managed to say, sleepily, “Don’t let me sleep too long Jamie, I don’t want to miss the time you’re here.”

“Dinna fash Sassenach, I like this just fine, having ye here in my arms.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead as her eyes closed and she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Claire awoke with a smile, feeling Jamie lifting her hand to his lips and begin planting tiny kisses over all her fingers and starting to work his way up her arm, counting as he did so.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7….”

“What are you doing?”, Claire asked, a smile spreading across her face.

“Da mi basia mille,” Jamie replied.

“What does that mean?”

“Give me a thousand kisses. It’s a poem I always loved:

Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred,
Then another thousand, then a hundred again….

I could give ye a thousand kisses every day, Sassenach and it would still nae be enough.”

“Oh Jamie,” Claire turned her head up to him, running her hands around his neck, red curls brushing against her fingertips. Their lips met with soft tenderness, sealing together with warm kisses and gentle breaths.

With unspoken agreement, they rose from the sofa and walked to the bedroom, hands tightly clasped, both conscious that they had only an hour left before Jamie would have to leave. They slowly undressed each other, neither wanting to be apart from the other for even a second, their skin constantly touching somewhere along their bodies. They lay down on the bed, warm underneath the duvet, limbs entwined. Claire buried her face in Jamie’s neck, inhaling deeply to remember his scent and trapping his warmth to her, wishing she could keep it past this afternoon. Jamie’s large hands roamed Claire’s body, his fingertips memorising every curve and slope, the feel of her velvety smooth skin.

There was no desperate hurry to their joining this time, they both knew it would be the last for some weeks and wanted to savour every moment. Once Jamie was sunk deep inside Claire, they moved together, rocking and squeezing, eyes open to take in every sensation the other felt. Their kisses were long and deep, their bodies pressed close together. When at last they came, they groaned the other’s name, low and hushed into the air between them. They stayed joined for as long as they could, Jamie nearly crushing Claire to his chest, his nose buried in her hair.

“Jamie, we should get up,” Claire reluctantly said, already mourning the loss of him from her bed and her home.
“Aye Sassenach, I ken.”

They rose and dressed, Jamie packing what few things he had brought back into the small duffle bag. Claire drove him back to the prison, the silence this time hanging heavy between them. Jamie’s hand was planted firmly on her knee as she drove, squeezing his fingertips harder into her flesh the closer they got. Claire stopped in the layby around the corner and turned off the engine.

“As much as I want to see you again as soon as possible, no more fights please, soldier.”

Jamie smiled ruefully at her and quirked one eyebrow up, then swooped across to her, his huge hand wrapping round the back of her curls to pull him toward her, capturing her mouth in a fierce kiss.

“Thank ye for this weekend, Sassenach. It has been a gift. I have loved every second of it.”

“As have I Jamie,” Claire replied, crashing her lips back against his for one last kiss.

Neither wanted to say goodbye, so Jamie simply pressed his forehead against Claire’s for a breath, then turned to open the car door and unfold his tall frame to stand. With a last smile, his blue eyes a darker stormy blue now, he swung his duffle bag over his shoulder and closed the door, turning to walk back to the prison.

Chapter Text

It had been a quiet few days at the prison surgery, few patients requiring Claire’s attention. Although she missed Jamie fiercely, she knew she would see him again at the weekend when he had his next day release and she contented herself with memories of his weekend visit at hers to get her through the waiting time.

She was just about to eat her lunch when the door opened and Jamie swept into her surgery, a cloth wrapped round his hand soaked in blood.


“Jamie, what on earth…” she began, but stopped when she saw the smile on his face and his eyes sparkling at her. “What’s going on? Have you cut yourself?”

“Dinna fash Sassenach, tis just a wee scratch,” he replied, moving towards her.

“Jamie that looks like a lot of blood, let me see.” Claire took his hand and began unwinding the cloth.

“It looks worse than it is lass, I made sure to run it under water to make the blood look more than it is, tis really nae but a small cut. I was working in the kitchen but I had to see ye. I have wonderful news!”

Claire frowned slightly at the idea that he had injured himself on purpose just to see her but she couldn’t help feeling comforted to be touching him again, his presence an instant soothing balm to her soul. She turned his hand over to inspect it and could see that it really was just a small puncture wound, no stitches required. She reached to her trolley and grabbed some antiseptic wipes, swiping them over the cut then opening a plaster to place over it.

“So what is this wonderful news that absolutely couldn’t wait, hmmm?!” she teased, tipping her head back to look up at him. 

He dipped down to give her a kiss on the lips then pulled away quickly, too excited by his news to continue the embrace.

“There’s been a sickness outbreak at the next nearest prison and they’re desperate for beds. We’re taking a number of the prisoners and so they need to clear some room here. The Governor has granted me early release on account of good behaviour. I’ll be out next week Claire.” Jamie blurted the information out, so fast Claire could barely take it in. She was silent for a second as her brain finally understood what this meant.

“Do ye no’ want this Claire? Is it no’ good news?”

Jamie looked so hurt and worried, Claire’s heart instantly twisted in her chest as her mouth split into a wide smile and she reached up to grab him around the neck. “This is wonderful Jamie, I’m so pleased for you.”

She kissed him long and deep, her mind now beginning to process what this meant for them. He would be leaving the prison. He would have to be paroled at home, his family home, way up in the Highlands. Claire pulled away sharply and her face dropped.

“I guess that means you’ll be going home, back to Lallybroch.”

“Aye, I will lass, and I want ye to come with me.”

“What? Jamie I can’t do that, I have work.”

“Aye, I ken, but ye must be due some leave. Ask fer a week off, come with me up tae Lallybroch, tis wonderful up there Sassenach, I ken ye’re going tae love it.”


Claire thought for a moment of all the reasons she couldn’t, shouldn’t, do this but they were quickly pushed aside as she knew in her heart, deep in her soul, that she would do this. She couldn’t refuse him. And she was due some leave from work.


“Ok, let me speak to the Governor, I’ll put in a request for a week off.”


Jamie’s face broke into a huge grin and he thrust an arm around Claire’s waist, lifting her off her feet as he clasped her to his chest and crashed his mouth to hers for a deep kiss. Claire’s breath was nearly knocked out of her with the force of his passion. She smiled into his mouth as they pulled away slightly from each other, eyes closed and foreheads touching, breathing deeply to regulate their heart rates.




The next days were a flurry of activity. Claire secured two whole weeks off from the Governor; she told him a partial truth that she was going up to Scotland to visit family, she just failed to mention that it was James Fraser’s family! She booked a locum doctor to cover the prison surgery and sorted her house out before she left.

Jamie’s weekend day release had been set aside as he was to be fully released on parole a few days later and so he spent his days completing mountains of paperwork with his parole officer. His residence at Lallybroch with his sister and her family was approved and he confirmed he was getting a lift up there from a friend. Calling Claire a “friend” seemed disingenuous to say the least but he could hardly admit the truth to his parole officer just days before his release!


When the day finally came that he could step away from the prison, his place of incarceration for 28 months, Jamie stepped out of the gates with his back straight and his head held high. He carried just the small duffle bag of what few possessions he wanted to take away from that time. He had arranged with Claire to meet in the same layby again and they would begin their journey immediately. As he rounded the corner, he could see her car idling in park, a cloud of her brown curls outlining the headrest as she faced away from him.

He opened the passenger door, causing her to jump and look at him with her eyes and mouth wide but smiling.

“Jamie, you made me jump!” she exclaimed.

Jamie folded his huge frame into the car, leaning over to snake an arm around her shoulder and pull her over to him for a kiss.

“Och, sorry Sassenach, I didna mean to.”

He leaned in to kiss her again, breathing in her smell, fresh and floral from her morning shower. Claire heard herself release a tiny moan as Jamie’s tongue pressed into her mouth, her hands leaning on his thighs, hard beneath her palms.

With a rueful smile, Jamie broke the kiss, touching his forehead to Claire’s, his eyes closed as he took a sharp breath in through his nose.

“Aye Sassenach, I ken, I want ye too. We will have all the time we need soon. Let’s go.”

“Yes”, Claire replied, “let’s go!” And with a big grin across her face, she pulled away as they began their drive.


Claire had packed a picnic lunch for them to stop and have in the car on the way. She didn’t know anywhere on route to the Highlands and she thought Jamie would want to get up there as soon as possible. They pulled into a rest area on the edge of a wood and she began to get the lunch bags out.

“Why do we no’ go for a wee walk Sassenach, stretch our legs and find a wee spot to sit and eat outside?”

“Yes ok, that sounds lovely. I’ve got a picnic blanket in the boot, let me grab it.”

They began walking into the wood, Jamie holding her hand, his thumb pressing circles into her palm. He seemed slightly tense but Claire just thought it was the apprehension of returning to his childhood home and seeing his sister. The day was warm, spring turning into summer, no need for jackets at this time of year. Jamie was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, simple items issued to prisoners upon their release. On Jamie, it made him look like a model from a 90’s TV ad in all the best possible ways. The jeans fitted close across his rear, showing off his muscular butt cheeks. The white t-shirt was tight across his chest, showing his perfectly sculpted pecs and his biceps were positively straining against the material wrapped around his upper arms. Claire was wearing just a simple cotton sundress but she could feel herself beginning to get hot, whether from the proximity of Jamie or the walk, she couldn’t be sure.

There had been one other car parked in the rest area but there was no sign of anyone else as they walked. All they could hear was the occasional rustle in the bushes of a woodland animal and a bird in the trees above. The fingers of Jamie’s free hand began tapping against his outer thigh and his pace quickened together with his breathing. Claire could feel her own heart rate increasing.

Jamie suddenly yanked Claire by the arm, dragging her behind a small cluster of trees.

“Christ, Sassenach, I have to have my cock inside ye now.”

His mouth latched onto her neck, burning hot against her skin. He could feel her pulse beating hard just beneath and she dropped into his embrace, arms clasping around the back of his neck, their bags discarded on the ground.

“Oh god Jamie, I’ve missed you,” she whimpered, surrendering herself to him completely.

He thrust his hands up and under the thin material of her dress, hooking his thumbs into her pants to yank them down past her knees. Jamie’s huge hands were already grasping her arse cheeks as Claire was groaning, her fingers worked the buttons of his jeans, quickly undoing them. She could feel his hardness throbbing to get free as she pulled his jeans and boxers down. All the while they were kissing furiously, almost trying to devour each other.

Jamie suddenly broke away and spun Claire around, her hands instinctively going up to brace against the tree trunk. She arched her back and tipped her rear back towards him as he took her by the hips, flicking her dress up out of the way, plunging his cock into her wet, hot depths.

Claire’s long moan filled the air. Jamie was still for just a second, his eyes closed in bliss to be back inside her. Then he began to thrust into her, Claire meeting each one with a snap back of her own hips. Jamie leant forward to cover her back with chest, his long arm clasping around her front, pulling her back against him, his mouth kissing and biting her neck. He knew he could not last long, the wait had been too great, his need too desperate.

“Sassenach, I canna wait..” Jamie felt Claire’s walls tighten around his cock and with a few more stuttered thrusts, he came deep inside her.

Claire’s arms had dropped from the tree and hung heavy by her sides. Her eyes were closed and she could hear their joint breathing, deep and fast but slowing as they gradually came down from their high. Both of Jamie’s arms were now wrapped around her, clutching her tight back to him. She felt safe and surrounded but was beginning to think they had best disentangle themselves before their luck ran out and someone caught them. Reluctantly, Jamie let her go and they both gathered their clothes from around their ankles and dressed. As Claire was still looking down, sorting her dress out, Jamie tenderly reached down and raised her head with a finger crooked under her chin.

“I missed ye too, Sassenach”, he said, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. She smiled and bent to get the picnic bag.   

“Come on then, we’d best eat some proper food then head off again.”




The rest of the journey passed in contented quiet, the scenery changing from the rolling green hills of the Lake District to the broad, rugged mountain ranges of Scotland. No longer on motorways, they drove on single carriageways between lochs and mountains, the roads getting narrower as Jamie directed Claire to Lallybroch. Finally, as they crested a small hill leading down into a valley, Claire could see a grey stone house, sitting proud and high in its surrounding land.

“Is that it? Is that Lallybroch?”

She looked across to Jamie who was silent, his hand grasping her knee as she drove. With glistening eyes he turned to her and said,

“Aye, tis Lallybroch.”