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Imprisoned Love

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It had been a quiet few days at the prison surgery, few patients requiring Claire’s attention. Although she missed Jamie fiercely, she knew she would see him again at the weekend when he had his next day release and she contented herself with memories of his weekend visit at hers to get her through the waiting time.

She was just about to eat her lunch when the door opened and Jamie swept into her surgery, a cloth wrapped round his hand soaked in blood.


“Jamie, what on earth…” she began, but stopped when she saw the smile on his face and his eyes sparkling at her. “What’s going on? Have you cut yourself?”

“Dinna fash Sassenach, tis just a wee scratch,” he replied, moving towards her.

“Jamie that looks like a lot of blood, let me see.” Claire took his hand and began unwinding the cloth.

“It looks worse than it is lass, I made sure to run it under water to make the blood look more than it is, tis really nae but a small cut. I was working in the kitchen but I had to see ye. I have wonderful news!”

Claire frowned slightly at the idea that he had injured himself on purpose just to see her but she couldn’t help feeling comforted to be touching him again, his presence an instant soothing balm to her soul. She turned his hand over to inspect it and could see that it really was just a small puncture wound, no stitches required. She reached to her trolley and grabbed some antiseptic wipes, swiping them over the cut then opening a plaster to place over it.

“So what is this wonderful news that absolutely couldn’t wait, hmmm?!” she teased, tipping her head back to look up at him. 

He dipped down to give her a kiss on the lips then pulled away quickly, too excited by his news to continue the embrace.

“There’s been a sickness outbreak at the next nearest prison and they’re desperate for beds. We’re taking a number of the prisoners and so they need to clear some room here. The Governor has granted me early release on account of good behaviour. I’ll be out next week Claire.” Jamie blurted the information out, so fast Claire could barely take it in. She was silent for a second as her brain finally understood what this meant.

“Do ye no’ want this Claire? Is it no’ good news?”

Jamie looked so hurt and worried, Claire’s heart instantly twisted in her chest as her mouth split into a wide smile and she reached up to grab him around the neck. “This is wonderful Jamie, I’m so pleased for you.”

She kissed him long and deep, her mind now beginning to process what this meant for them. He would be leaving the prison. He would have to be paroled at home, his family home, way up in the Highlands. Claire pulled away sharply and her face dropped.

“I guess that means you’ll be going home, back to Lallybroch.”

“Aye, I will lass, and I want ye to come with me.”

“What? Jamie I can’t do that, I have work.”

“Aye, I ken, but ye must be due some leave. Ask fer a week off, come with me up tae Lallybroch, tis wonderful up there Sassenach, I ken ye’re going tae love it.”


Claire thought for a moment of all the reasons she couldn’t, shouldn’t, do this but they were quickly pushed aside as she knew in her heart, deep in her soul, that she would do this. She couldn’t refuse him. And she was due some leave from work.


“Ok, let me speak to the Governor, I’ll put in a request for a week off.”


Jamie’s face broke into a huge grin and he thrust an arm around Claire’s waist, lifting her off her feet as he clasped her to his chest and crashed his mouth to hers for a deep kiss. Claire’s breath was nearly knocked out of her with the force of his passion. She smiled into his mouth as they pulled away slightly from each other, eyes closed and foreheads touching, breathing deeply to regulate their heart rates.




The next days were a flurry of activity. Claire secured two whole weeks off from the Governor; she told him a partial truth that she was going up to Scotland to visit family, she just failed to mention that it was James Fraser’s family! She booked a locum doctor to cover the prison surgery and sorted her house out before she left.

Jamie’s weekend day release had been set aside as he was to be fully released on parole a few days later and so he spent his days completing mountains of paperwork with his parole officer. His residence at Lallybroch with his sister and her family was approved and he confirmed he was getting a lift up there from a friend. Calling Claire a “friend” seemed disingenuous to say the least but he could hardly admit the truth to his parole officer just days before his release!


When the day finally came that he could step away from the prison, his place of incarceration for 28 months, Jamie stepped out of the gates with his back straight and his head held high. He carried just the small duffle bag of what few possessions he wanted to take away from that time. He had arranged with Claire to meet in the same layby again and they would begin their journey immediately. As he rounded the corner, he could see her car idling in park, a cloud of her brown curls outlining the headrest as she faced away from him.

He opened the passenger door, causing her to jump and look at him with her eyes and mouth wide but smiling.

“Jamie, you made me jump!” she exclaimed.

Jamie folded his huge frame into the car, leaning over to snake an arm around her shoulder and pull her over to him for a kiss.

“Och, sorry Sassenach, I didna mean to.”

He leaned in to kiss her again, breathing in her smell, fresh and floral from her morning shower. Claire heard herself release a tiny moan as Jamie’s tongue pressed into her mouth, her hands leaning on his thighs, hard beneath her palms.

With a rueful smile, Jamie broke the kiss, touching his forehead to Claire’s, his eyes closed as he took a sharp breath in through his nose.

“Aye Sassenach, I ken, I want ye too. We will have all the time we need soon. Let’s go.”

“Yes”, Claire replied, “let’s go!” And with a big grin across her face, she pulled away as they began their drive.


Claire had packed a picnic lunch for them to stop and have in the car on the way. She didn’t know anywhere on route to the Highlands and she thought Jamie would want to get up there as soon as possible. They pulled into a rest area on the edge of a wood and she began to get the lunch bags out.

“Why do we no’ go for a wee walk Sassenach, stretch our legs and find a wee spot to sit and eat outside?”

“Yes ok, that sounds lovely. I’ve got a picnic blanket in the boot, let me grab it.”

They began walking into the wood, Jamie holding her hand, his thumb pressing circles into her palm. He seemed slightly tense but Claire just thought it was the apprehension of returning to his childhood home and seeing his sister. The day was warm, spring turning into summer, no need for jackets at this time of year. Jamie was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, simple items issued to prisoners upon their release. On Jamie, it made him look like a model from a 90’s TV ad in all the best possible ways. The jeans fitted close across his rear, showing off his muscular butt cheeks. The white t-shirt was tight across his chest, showing his perfectly sculpted pecs and his biceps were positively straining against the material wrapped around his upper arms. Claire was wearing just a simple cotton sundress but she could feel herself beginning to get hot, whether from the proximity of Jamie or the walk, she couldn’t be sure.

There had been one other car parked in the rest area but there was no sign of anyone else as they walked. All they could hear was the occasional rustle in the bushes of a woodland animal and a bird in the trees above. The fingers of Jamie’s free hand began tapping against his outer thigh and his pace quickened together with his breathing. Claire could feel her own heart rate increasing.

Jamie suddenly yanked Claire by the arm, dragging her behind a small cluster of trees.

“Christ, Sassenach, I have to have my cock inside ye now.”

His mouth latched onto her neck, burning hot against her skin. He could feel her pulse beating hard just beneath and she dropped into his embrace, arms clasping around the back of his neck, their bags discarded on the ground.

“Oh god Jamie, I’ve missed you,” she whimpered, surrendering herself to him completely.

He thrust his hands up and under the thin material of her dress, hooking his thumbs into her pants to yank them down past her knees. Jamie’s huge hands were already grasping her arse cheeks as Claire was groaning, her fingers worked the buttons of his jeans, quickly undoing them. She could feel his hardness throbbing to get free as she pulled his jeans and boxers down. All the while they were kissing furiously, almost trying to devour each other.

Jamie suddenly broke away and spun Claire around, her hands instinctively going up to brace against the tree trunk. She arched her back and tipped her rear back towards him as he took her by the hips, flicking her dress up out of the way, plunging his cock into her wet, hot depths.

Claire’s long moan filled the air. Jamie was still for just a second, his eyes closed in bliss to be back inside her. Then he began to thrust into her, Claire meeting each one with a snap back of her own hips. Jamie leant forward to cover her back with chest, his long arm clasping around her front, pulling her back against him, his mouth kissing and biting her neck. He knew he could not last long, the wait had been too great, his need too desperate.

“Sassenach, I canna wait..” Jamie felt Claire’s walls tighten around his cock and with a few more stuttered thrusts, he came deep inside her.

Claire’s arms had dropped from the tree and hung heavy by her sides. Her eyes were closed and she could hear their joint breathing, deep and fast but slowing as they gradually came down from their high. Both of Jamie’s arms were now wrapped around her, clutching her tight back to him. She felt safe and surrounded but was beginning to think they had best disentangle themselves before their luck ran out and someone caught them. Reluctantly, Jamie let her go and they both gathered their clothes from around their ankles and dressed. As Claire was still looking down, sorting her dress out, Jamie tenderly reached down and raised her head with a finger crooked under her chin.

“I missed ye too, Sassenach”, he said, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. She smiled and bent to get the picnic bag.   

“Come on then, we’d best eat some proper food then head off again.”




The rest of the journey passed in contented quiet, the scenery changing from the rolling green hills of the Lake District to the broad, rugged mountain ranges of Scotland. No longer on motorways, they drove on single carriageways between lochs and mountains, the roads getting narrower as Jamie directed Claire to Lallybroch. Finally, as they crested a small hill leading down into a valley, Claire could see a grey stone house, sitting proud and high in its surrounding land.

“Is that it? Is that Lallybroch?”

She looked across to Jamie who was silent, his hand grasping her knee as she drove. With glistening eyes he turned to her and said,

“Aye, tis Lallybroch.”