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Imprisoned Love

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Claire practically ran out of the prison on Friday night when she had finished work. She wanted to spend the whole evening cleaning and tidying the flat before Jamie came the next day. She’d ordered a food delivery with all sorts of treats like steak and wine, even a bottle of single malt whisky she hoped he would like. Then she would just have to shower, shave her legs and bikini line and wash her hair before trying to get some sleep.


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Claire awoke with a smile on her face, as excited as a child on Christmas morning. She jumped out of bed and into the shower for a quick wash then dressed simply in her favourite figure-hugging jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. She allowed her curls to pile wild and free around her shoulders, slipping on a necklace that hung deep into her cleavage and a pair of hoop earrings. Carefully applying her make-up in her bedroom mirror, Claire couldn’t help smiling at her reflection as she thought of Jamie being in her house in just two short hours.
She ran round the house for a last-minute straighten, making the bed with fresh sheets, laying out towels in the bathroom for Jamie and brewing a fresh pot of coffee just before he was due to arrive. He had told her he would make his own way to her house. Initially putting up a protest, Claire had tried to insist it was no problem to pick him up from around the corner to the prison as they had done previously, but she understood that he needed to feel some independence and distance from his incarceration so she acquiesced and gave Jamie her address.

As she heard the knock on the door, her heart leapt into her throat and she jumped towards the hall. Reaching the front door, she could see the misty figure of Jamie through the opaque glass, tall and unmistakably him, topped off with a red blur of hair. She steadied herself for a second with her hand on the door handle then with a deep breath, opened the door to let him in. The sun was bright behind him and as he turned towards her from where he had been looking out into the road, Claire’s face cracked into a ridiculously huge grin.
“Hello Sassenach”.
Claire had forgotten how deep his Scottish burr was and how blue his eyes were. Christ, she was never going to be able to keep her hands off him!
“Hi Jamie,” Claire bit the edge of her lip as she smiled, “come in.”
Jamie stepped into her hall with a small duffle bag in his hand, setting it down on the floor as he looked around.
“It’s nothing fancy but it’s mine.” Claire quipped.
They stood there in the hall, suddenly feeling as self-conscious as a pair of teenagers, not knowing what to do with themselves.
“Tis lovely Claire,” Jamie said, bending down to softly brush her cheek with a kiss, “and I am verra glad to be here.”
Claire’s eyes closed briefly and she instinctively reached for Jamie’s fingers, then pulled him into the house. “Come into the kitchen, I’ve got some coffee brewing, and then I can give you a brief tour.”
They drank their coffee sitting across the kitchen table from each other, nerves gradually easing as they fell back into their comfortable conversation and instant easy chemistry with one another. With their mugs empty, a conspicuous silence began to grow in the room.
“Well let me show you around so you know where everything is then maybe we can go out for a walk and get some lunch somewhere?”
“Aye, sounds braw lass.”


Claire led Jamie round her house, his eyes taking in the photos in frames in the living room, titles of books on the shelf, the little mementos and decorations she had chosen to furnish her space. With a quick peek in the bathroom and an explanation of how to use the shower, Claire found herself standing in her bedroom holding Jamie’s hand lightly, not daring to look up into his eyes. Her breaths felt short and shallow and yet her chest seemed to be heaving up and down as she tried to control her racing heartbeat. Jamie took a tiny step to close the gap between them, brushing her curls back from her cheek with his free hand. Claire turned to nuzzle his fingers with her cheek when she felt his lips as hot as fire latch onto her exposed neck. She emitted a low groan and with that his mouth was upon hers, tongue immediately seeking entrance between her lips. His hands dropped to her hips, fingers sweeping inside her t-shirt and swiftly up and under it, finding the mounds of her breasts, pressing up into his palms. With a soft growl, he yanked the item over her head then sank to his knees before her, burying his face into her stomach, fingers working fast to undo the button on her jeans.

“Oh god, Jamie.” Claire’s voice rang in his ears like a Siren song, calling out to him. He couldn’t get her clothes off her fast enough and almost felt guilty for clawing at her like such a beast. Almost, but not enough to stop what he was doing. A harsh yank pulled her jeans down over her hips so that Jamie could clasp his arms around her buttocks, holding her tight, his face firmly planted into the front of her pants. Claire’s fingers were twirling into his curls and he could already smell her arousal. He wanted to worship her but his need was too desperate. He dragged her pants down round her ankles, kissing quickly and roughly up her thighs as he grasped her and swept her down to the carpet with him. Claire’s hands were just as insistent as his, tearing at his jeans and shifting them down over his arse. She managed to undo a few buttons on his shirt before he yanked it over his head, cursing in Gaelic as he did so.
“Christ Claire, I have to have you now or die.” Jamie snarled into her ear as he bit her lobe. Claire heard herself squeal and moan as her legs wrapped around Jamie’s and her hips raised up to meet him. He barely hooked his boxers over his throbbing cock, allowing it to bounce free, then pulled aside her pants as he thrust into her strong and deep. Long, low moans came from both of them as they stilled for a few seconds, finally joined in their desperate longing. Then Jamie reared up on his knees, hands under Claire’s buttocks as he yanked her up to meet him and drove himself in and out of her. Claire could feel the carpet rubbing against her shoulder blades; no doubt she’d have red marks there after this, but she didn’t care. She was lost in the sensations, head thrown back, eyes closed.
Jamie wouldn’t last long, his passion was too great, and he sank down to find Claire’s neck, sucking it into his mouth. “Give me your mouth, Sassenach.” Their lips sealed together, grunting into each other’s mouths as Jamie came, roaring as his seed was finally released. Claire clasped his head to her neck as their breathing slowed, their legs wrapped round each other, entwined on Claire’s bedroom carpet.
Jamie raised his head to look at her then immediately looked remorseful. “Christ, Claire, I’m sae sorry. Coming at you like raving beast.”
“It’s ok Jamie, I quite liked that part.” Claire replied, smiling up at him with a coquettish look in her eyes.
“Did you then?! Aye, weel I shall remember that for later.”
He slid off her and helped her up, both of them gathering their clothes and getting dressed again. Their touches were all casual intimacy after that. Claire marvelled at how normal it felt to have Jamie with her, in her home. He seemed to fit there as if he always had been.


They walked out into the small town, wandering round then having lunch at a local café. They barely noticed anyone else around them, their eyes were only for each other and their conversation didn’t stop. Walking round the lake after lunch in the sunshine, they stopped to sit on the grass and Jamie lay back, one arm thrown up under his head. He pulled Claire gently down to lay on his chest, their eyes closed against the bright afternoon sun, breathing easy, content in the silence between them. Jamie must have drifted off for the next thing Claire knew, he jolted awake, sitting up so fast he flung Claire off him. His eyes were wild and his breathing fast.
“Jamie, it’s ok. It’s just me.”
His shoulders slumped as he said, “Ifrinn, I’m sorry Sassenach. Just wondered where I was for a second.”
Claire looked at him worriedly but she could tell now was neither the place nor the time to ask him more. “Come on, let’s go home.”, she said, beginning to stand up.
“Aye, mo nighean donn, let’s.”


They spent the evening making dinner together: steak with chips and salad. Jamie seemed to love being in the kitchen, free to be able to cook for them, so Claire let him take the lead. As she leaned against the counter, a glass of good French wine in her hand, looking at Jamie’s strong back, apron ties tightly fastened round his waist, she couldn’t help smiling to herself. She walked over to him and slid her hands round his middle, under the apron, pressing her cheek into the hollow of his back.
“I am so glad you’re here, Jamie.”
Jamie took a hand from the pan where he was basting the steak in butter, placing it over hers, “As am I, Sassenach.”


They ate their dinner at the table, finishing the bottle of wine and opening another. After clearing up together, they moved to the sofa to find something to watch. Claire left Jamie browsing through the TV to choose while she retrieved the bottle of whisky, two glasses and a small box of chocolates. She placed them down before Jamie with a shy smile. “I thought you might like this.”
“Och Sassenach, now that is something I haven’t had in a verra long time. Thank you.” He looked up at her with his deep blue eyes, depths of emotions contained within. Jamie picked up the bottle, turning it over, then opened it up to inhale the scent deep into his nose. A long moan stole out through his lips and his eyes closed in bliss. He smiled as he poured them each a glass then they settled back to watch the comedy film he had selected. Small sounds of pleasure came from Jamie each time he took a sip of the amber liquid and soon he was pouring a second glass.
Claire had tucked herself under his arm and had her head buried against his chest. As the evening grew later, she wrapped her arms around him and groaned in contentment as she squeezed him and nuzzled even closer. Jamie looked down as she looked up at him, their mouths connecting as if magnets drawn together. Their kiss intensified and Jamie broke away to lean forward, placing his whisky glass down then turning the TV off with the remote. His eyes as he looked back at her were full of lust and desire, his lips smiling as if he were the Devil himself.

Jamie held Claire in his arms, kissing her deeply, pressing himself over her until she was laying back on the sofa. He quickly moved his kisses down her neck and over her chest. His hands had already pushed her t-shirt up and pulled the cups of her bra down so his mouth could lock over her nipples, hungrily sucking each one in turn. Jamie moved further down her body, licking and kissing over her abdomen, finding a spot at the side of her waist that made her squeak as it tickled. He smiled as he looked up at her through impossibly thick auburn eyelashes, then shimmied yet further down, sliding his legs off the sofa to kneel before it and Claire. She raised her hips to allow him to pull her jeans and pants off. There was no desperate pawing at her this time, Jamie wanted to take his time. He kissed his way slowly up her leg from her ankle, lifting it to place her calf over his shoulder as he reached the inside of her thigh. He sucked and nipped at the delicate skin inside her legs, his curls brushing against her core causing her to whimper with need.
“Please Jamie, I need you.”
“Aye, mo nighean donn. I have you, I’ll take care of you.”
Jamie moved his head to between her legs, tongue lightly caressing her outer lips as he parted them gently with his fingers. He began to lap her wetness up, low moans coming from Claire as he increased his pressure. His tongue moved higher to focus on her clit, circling and flicking over the hard nub. Claire was groaning and writhing by now, thrusting herself up into his mouth for more. Jamie slid two long, strong fingers inside of her causing Claire to moan his name out loud. His speed was increasing on her clit as he slid his fingers in and out of her hot centre. He added a third finger and hooked them forward, Claire’s shouts now coming fast and loud. With a few more insistent sweeps with his tongue, Jamie tipped Claire over the edge, her orgasm washing over her with force as she tensed then relaxed, her legs feeling like jelly as they hung, one over Jamie’s shoulder and one over the edge of the arm of the sofa.


Claire was barely coming back to herself when she felt Jamie move away from between her legs then stand and bend to scoop her up from the sofa, cradling her in his strong arms. He kissed her forehead lightly and walked them into her bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. He stood and undressed, looking down at her as she opened her eyes and took in his sculpted form, his cock standing up, the tip glistening. Claire bit her lip and smiled as Jamie lay down on top of her. Their kisses were slow but passionate, each relishing the time and space they finally had to enjoy each other. They twisted their limbs into each other, hands exploring up and down the other’s body, then Claire rolled them so Jamie was lying on his back and she was astride him. She sat up on top of him, his cock hard and throbbing, twitching underneath her slippery core.
“Christ Claire, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
A soft sigh escaped Claire’s lips and she reached between them, lifting up slightly and guiding him into her. They moved together, rising and lowering like waves against the shore, reaching their completion with low moans swallowed between their joined mouths. Claire rolled off Jamie as he pulled her back against his front, fitting their bodies together, neither wanting to lose the touch of the other’s skin. Jamie buried his face in Claire’s dark curls, inhaling her scent and closing his eyes. Their breathing slowed and Claire could feel them drifting off asleep. She reached an arm down and pulled the tartan blanket up from the bottom of the bed, draping it over them as they slipped into unconsciousness, locked together.