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Imprisoned Love

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Claire was drifting between sleep and wakefulness, that wonderful dreamy time when your body feels weightless and swimmy. Her eyes were closed but she could feel large hands with long, strong fingers caressing up and down her body, smoothing up her hips, over her stomach and ribs, resting on her breasts as the fingers pinched her nipples and squeezed her firmly. She heard a moan escape from her lips that was quickly silenced by a warm mouth with wide, soft lips enclosing hers. A tongue parted her lips and delved into her mouth. She groaned as she felt the delicious weight of a man on top of her, his hard cock heavy on her pelvis. She arched herself up and felt long arms snake underneath her, around her back. She was hot and so wet in her own core, she could feel his tip pressing at her entrance. She was desperate to feel him inside her, she needed to be filled by him. She was moaning and panting, trying to thrust her hips up to meet his throbbing member and then with a gasp, her eyes snapped open.

She was awake and alone in her bed, sun beginning to peek around the edges of her curtains. Shit. She had been dreaming. Jamie wasn’t actually here with her, in her warm, bright flat. He was in a cell at Ardsmuir, dank and close with the scent of hundreds of other men, all living in relatively close quarters. How she longed to have him alone with her in her clean home, be able to take him to her bed and spend time exploring his body. But for now she would have to be content with her little surgery in a quiet corridor of the prison and the knowledge that he had an appointment to see her today. She knew she would not be able to control herself this time, she needed to feel him inside of her. The visceral ache was too much to bear.

She jumped out of bed and got ready as quickly as she could, slipping a simple navy shift dress over her head. No zip or buttons, just one single layer of fabric Jamie could lift up and over her head in one swift movement. A small whimper escaped her throat at that thought and she hurried her morning routine, her nipples peaked beneath her dress and conscious of a wetness in her pants already. God he’d better be ready for her!


Jamie had thought of Claire every hour of every day since he had last seen her, since he had tasted her desire and felt her lips round his own. His breath was shallow in his chest as his long strides took him easily down the corridor toward her surgery. Thankfully it was away from the main areas of the prison and even the other administrative offices were round a bend in the next part of the corridor. What he had in mind to do to the good doctor would elicit some wee noises from her if he was doing it right.
As he got closer he could see her small hand around the edge of the door, holding it open, and the shadow of her dark curls. His breath hitched in his throat as he sped up and was at the door in three strides. As he pushed the door open, Claire was right in front of him, looking slightly surprised with her golden eyes sparkling with excitement. He could see her chest rise quickly as she inhaled sharply, looking up at him. He stepped into her surgery and pushed the door closed behind him.

Without a word, Claire pressed herself forward against his chest, her hands on his biceps. She was standing up on tiptoes, mouth hungrily reaching for his. He dipped his head as his hand circled to take the back of her neck, sliding under her luscious curls. Their lips met with a crushing force, urgently kissing and seeking entrance to one another with their tongues. She tasted so sweet in his mouth and felt so good under his hands, now roaming all over her back. He could already feel his cock hardening with desire and he let out a small growl deep in his throat as he grabbed her arse in one hand and crushed her against his groin. Her lips left his as her head tipped back and she let out a groan. God he needed to be inside her now, thrusting into her warmth and feeling her body writhe under him.

Her office chair was not far away and as he stretched out one long leg, he hooked it under his toe and grabbed the back of it, jamming it against the closed door of her surgery to afford them some security of privacy. All the while he was kissing down her neck towards her collarbone, exposed to him. He couldn’t resist grazing his teeth on it and with the moan she released as he did so, he knew she liked it. He bared his teeth and bit down on her on her neck, revelling in the way it made her press herself against him, breasts against his chest, pelvis against his throbbing length.


Claire was drowning in a wave of desire. They hadn’t even said a word to each other but the way Jamie was kissing her and caressing her body, the feelings he elicited in her as he did so, was all the communication they needed. He began to walk her backwards, never taking his mouth from her skin, until she felt the cool, hard edge of her examining table against the back of her thighs. Jamie began to run his hands down her legs and catch his fingers under the thin fabric of her dress, raising it up over her bum. His thumbs hooked in the thin waistband of her pants and he pushed them down. With a small wiggle of her hips, they fell to the floor and she quickly flicked them away with her foot. He began to bend down, moving his head rapidly down her body, hands grasping at her hips. As much as she wanted to feel his tongue licking at her very core again, she needed him inside her and she needed it now. The urgency was too much to take.

With both hands pressed gently to the side of his head, burning red curls twirled around her fingers, she pulled him up. He looked up at her with hungry blue eyes, pupils blown so wide with desire that the sparkling blue was replaced by a stormy ocean. He looked confused, almost as if he had done something wrong, his eyebrows quirked up and slightly together. Her heart tugged at the sight of him and her voice was husky as she said, “I need to feel you inside me, now.” With that, Jamie’s expression switched and it was like Claire was looking at a hunting wolf. A smile curved at one corner of his mouth as he simply said, deep and low, “Aye” and then he was up and upon her, pressing his mouth so hard against hers that she was bending back over the table. She moaned a short, high sound and he grabbed her hips, spinning her around.

She felt his huge hand between her shoulder blades, pressing her forward as his other hand circled underneath and clasped at one breast, fingers pinching her nipple. Her back arched involuntarily making her arse tip up and back into his crotch. God, she could feel how big and hard he was. Jamie leaned over her, his weight and warmth heavy on her back like a blanket. He was kissing her neck and behind her ear, as she continued to grind back against him. He was practically growling in her ear as he said, “Christ, Claire, I want ye so much I can scarcely breath. Will ye have me?” It was all she could do to whimper out, “Yes Jamie, I will have you. Oh god, please.”

She felt him release her and she glanced back over her shoulder as he pulled his sweatpants down around his ankles. Then he was over her again, strong fingers pressing into her arse cheeks, mouth bearing her down on her neck. His knee split her legs and urged them open as he stepped between them. Claire could feel his tip against her entrance, both of them slick with wanting. She thrust her hips back causing him to enter her just slightly. She heard a low rumble of a growl and then felt his hands yank her hips back towards him and with one long, hard thrust, he plunged inside her to his hilt. She let out a long moan as he filled her, stretching her out with his huge, hard cock.

It felt so good as he began thrusting into her with long, firm strokes but Claire could tell he was holding back. She started to pound her own hips back against him, hearing their skin slap together each time they met as she urged him into her harder.


Ifrinn, Jamie thought, this woman will be the death of me. Claire was circling her hips slightly with each of his thrusts and arching her neck back towards him. He knew it had been more than two years since he had been inside a woman but he still couldn’t remember it ever feeling this good. But God, she was so small and her bones so delicate, he didn’t want to hurt her. His desire was so strong he could feel himself struggling to maintain control. His fingers were pressing into Claire’s hipbones with brutal force as he tried to limit his thrusts so he didn’t hurt her. He heard her groan as she looked back over her shoulder. Her tongue peeked out of her mouth and licked her bottom lip as she said, “Harder Jamie, please.” He felt his eyes flash at her request as he relinquished his restraint, setting a punishing pace as he thrust into her over and over.

He bent over her back and bit and sucked her neck, reaching an arm round so his hand could find her clit. She was so warm and wet under his fingers, he could feel their joining which made him release a moan of pleasure but he focussed his fingers on her bundle of nerves, swollen as he rubbed and circled with increasing speed. Claire was beginning to pant now as her head tipped forward, resting on her arms. He could feel his own climax building, racing towards him, but he wanted to give her release first. Jamie felt her muscles inside clenching his cock as he thrust shallower, fingers never letting up against her clit. Then she was screaming his name, “Jamie, Jamie, oh god”, and he felt her spasms as her orgasm hit. He let out a deep groan and with three more hard, quick thrusts, he joined her in climax. Both of them were shuddering, legs like jelly, being held up only by the examining table jammed underneath them.


As Claire reached her peak, an explosion of white light and stars blinded her. She could barely have told you where she was, all she could feel was wave upon wave of pleasure crashing over her body. Then there was the heat of Jamie, over and above her, thrusting into her and his hot seed spilling deep inside her. She could not have held her own body up but as she laid out on the table, his strong arm was snaked protectively around her, cradling her back against him. His breath was hot in her ear as he muttered soft words to her, she couldn’t understand them but thought they must be Gaelic. He peppered her neck with light kisses as she shivered, gooseflesh rising up her arms. She was beginning to come back to herself as she smiled and languidly asked him, “What did you say?” “I felt like my heart was going to burst.” Claire didn’t think she had ever heard such a sweet post-coital phrase come out of such a warrior-like man. She curved back into his warmth and hugged his arm tight to her body, closing her eyes, wanting to preserve this moment of their joining for a few more seconds.

She could feel him softening inside her and he shifted to slip out of her but she wasn’t ready to let go of him just yet. She pulled his hand up to her lips and kissed his knuckles gently, her heart calming from where it had been hammering in her chest. She looked back at him with a small smile playing on her lips and a question in her eyes. Was that the only time? Will you want me again? Jamie nuzzled his nose into her cheek and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Claire felt reassured enough to release him as he bent down to pull his sweatpants back up and she found her pants from the floor and stepped back into them. Before it could be awkward, Jamie hopped up to sit back against the wall on the examining table and flicked his chin at her to indicate she should join him. He held out an arm and she scooted back as he brought her tight in against his side, tucked under his arm, cheek resting on his chest. He felt warm and safe to her, his heart beating strong and steady under her ear. She let out a sigh and relaxed into him, not even daring to let the questions of how this could ever work between them come into her mind. For now, she would just enjoy this precious moment with this incredible man.