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Imprisoned Love

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Despite her concerns about waiting, two days passed relatively quickly as Claire saw patients and wrote up notes. On the morning she was due to see Jamie again, Claire found herself choosing a v-neck dress from out of her wardrobe to wear to work. She tried to convince herself that it was just because the weather was getting warmer and the prison had no air-con but there was no denying it, she couldn’t wait for him to see her in it, hoped he would glance down at her breasts again as she examined him. She began to feel a wetness start down at her core with just the thought of his piercing blue eyes and hurried through breakfast to get to her surgery.

Jamie was her last patient before lunch and stooped as he stepped through the door, looking under his eyelashes almost shyly at her, a smile peeking at the corners of his mouth. She couldn’t help smiling back and noticed that he gently closed the door behind himself. Perhaps in another situation it would have seemed predatory of him but she couldn’t have wanted to be in privacy with him anymore than she already craved. In just two strides, he was close before her, so tall that she had to tip her head back to look up at him. She swallowed as she said, “Hello again, how’s the arm?” He shrugged and gave her the most adorable crooked smile as she motioned for him to sit back on the table for her. Gone was his uncomfortable posture from the first visit to her surgery, now he sat there with his legs comfortably apart and swinging gently as they hung down, staring at her confidently and knowingly.

She felt vaguely self-conscious as she walked over to him, her heels clicking on the hard floor. She felt suddenly foolish for wearing high heels, she was the prison doctor for God’s sake, going to work not on a date. But as he raised an eyebrow, she felt assured that he had been anticipating their reunion as much as she had. She had no choice but to stand between his legs to examine his shoulder and wound. “I need to see under the bandage, can I take your shirt off?” He nodded his consent but made no move to unbutton it and so Claire began herself, feeling as if her fingers were fumbling to get the buttons undone. When she had, she pushed her hands gently under and slid the shirt off his shoulders. It pooled behind him on the table and she sucked in a breath at the sight of his torso. He was the most gorgeous specimen of manhood, his muscles defined over his chest and abdomen. She daren’t look so low as his waist for fear she would launch herself at him there and then.
Instead, she busied herself with moving his arm, rotating it from the socket to check the range of movement. It seemed only slightly stiff and he made no wincing motion, only sat staring at her with an almost wolf-like gaze. His eyes seemed a darker blue than two days ago, boring into her soul. Next she removed the bandage from his cut and examined it gently with her fingers. “All seems to have healed well. Have you been in pain? Any trouble sleeping?” “Aye, a little trouble sleeping,” he replied, “Though I don’t think that’s from the pain.” Claire blushed fiercely, she could feel the redness spreading down her neck and over her décolletage. She saw Jamie’s eyes drop and knew he could see it too. His eyes lingered on her chest, her breasts rising and falling as she fought to keep her breathing controlled. “Well I’ll put a new bandage on it, just to make sure it stays clean” she said, and turned to get a new gauze.


The sight of her arse in that tight dress as she turned away from him was almost more than Jamie could bear. He pressed himself into the cold metal examining table to try to quell the urge to lean forward and grab her by the hips. She turned back to him and stood right between his legs, so close he could see the front of her thighs were touching the table. She reached up and wrapped the gauze around his upper arm, covering the cut she had stitched just two days before. She was leaning forward, her bare arms brushing his chest, as she tied the bandage off and tucked the ends in tidily.

His hands had been resting on his knees and he lifted them slowly, gently rounding them behind her lower back. She made no move to step away and placed her hands lightly on his chest. She was still looking down and moved her body ever so slightly closer to his, her curls tucking underneath his chin. His hands closed behind her as his fingers skimmed the top of her arse. She exhaled audibly and he felt the hairs on his chest bristle and his nipples harden. She lengthened her neck and looked up at him, her arousal more than obvious from the wanton look in her eyes and the parting of her lips. He bent his head and touched his lips to hers, meaning to kiss her gently and cautiously at first. But as their lips connected, it was like a thousand fireworks going off around them and Claire kissed him back as hungrily as he grasped for her. Their lips parted and their tongues found each other, furiously tasting each other as they kissed and probed.

His cock was hardening with every second they kissed, his hands roaming Claire’s back and venturing down to her arse. She groaned in his mouth as he squeezed her arse cheeks, moulding them in his hands. Her hands were in his hair, stroking through it and pulling gently, then running over his shoulders and down his arms. He could spend the rest of his life kissing this beautiful woman and discovering her body.


Claire could hardly believe what she was doing as her hands roamed over Jamie’s arms and down to his thighs. She knew she should stop, that this was unprofessional and she could lose her position, but she felt like she belonged with him. In his arms, kissing him, feeling his hands on her arse, over her back. She heard a groan escape her mouth and a low, quiet growl from Jamie in response. She moved her hands from his thighs to the top of his legs, pausing before going any further. Was she really about to do this? With lust coursing through her veins and desire pulsing between her legs, her pause was brief as she grasped his cock through his trousers, feeling how hard and big he was. He stopped kissing her for a second as his breath caught and then he let out a deep groan.


Jamie couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to taste her. With one swift move, he picked her up by the waist and spun her around so that it was her sitting on the table. Still kissing her with a desperate hunger, he pushed her dress up her thighs, trembling when he realised she was wearing stockings. His growl this time was fierce with wanting and she lifted her arse cheeks so he could pull her pants down and fully expose her core to him. He dropped to his knees and pulled her toward his face, arms snaking under her thighs and hands gripping her buttocks. He could already see how wet she was, her lips glistening with desire. He kissed up the delicate skin inside her thighs and revelled in the sounds she made as he neared her slick core. Needing to taste her, he plunged his head between her thighs, licking her wetness with his hungry tongue. She tasted sweet and salty with a familiar muskiness like this was where he was always meant to be. As he kissed and sucked up to her clit, he could feel her thighs tensing on either side of his head and her hands gripping his hair. Her groans were getting louder and she began to moan, “oh god, oh god”. He looked up to see her head thrown back, her beautiful white neck drawn tight and her breasts thrust forward through her dress. She whimpered at the loss of his mouth and he plunged back down, this time with increased intensity. As he licked circles around and over her clit, he sunk two fingers into her pussy, feeling her hot wetness drawing him in. She cried out and clamped around him. God she felt good, soft and strong at the same time, her muscles sucking his fingers in as he pulled them out and then plunged them back in. Hooking his fingers slightly he hit her G-spot as he pressed his tongue on her clit and she cried out his name, reaching her peak and shouting, “Jamie, Jamie”.


Claire had never felt anything like it, the sensations Jamie was making her feel were almost too much and yet she never wanted them to end. Her mind was spinning as he licked and kissed, sucked and probed the very core of her desire. She would normally have been embarrassed at his head being buried so deep into her but he seemed ravenous for her and her foot was rubbing up against his still rock-hard cock. The low grumbles he was making sent further vibrations through her and once his fingers were inside her, there was no holding back. She let go as she felt her orgasm crash around her, lifting her away on a wave on intense pleasure. As she was coming down, he gently kissed her legs and disentangled his arms from under her thighs, raising himself up to kiss her neck and then her mouth. He was still wet with her and she could taste herself as she kissed him. It was utterly erotic and she felt his lips crook up into a smile against hers as she groaned into his mouth.

Now she wanted to satisfy him. She pulled away from his kiss and raised an eyebrow, a devilish smile playing on her lips. She slid down from the table and pushed him backward towards her desk chair, pushing his trousers down as she did so. His cock was twitching through his boxers as she thrust her hand down to grab it. She was too fuelled with desire to be gentle now. She pulled his boxers over the top allowing his hardness to spring free as she pushed him hard to the chest, forcing him to sit down on her chair. Now it was she who dropped to her knees before him. His cock was as smooth and hard as marble, a pearl of cum already glistening on the tip. She licked her lips to moisten them then kissed from the base upwards on each side. She could see his hands gripping the armrests and his jaw clenching as he tried to control himself. She licked up his shaft and swirled her tongue around his tender tip before taking him fully into her mouth. She heard his sharp intake of breath and then a low growl of desire.

Claire moved her head up and down, keeping her tongue pressed to his sensitive underside as she kept him in her mouth. She grasped her hand around his exposed base and moved it up and down in time with her mouth. As she felt his leg begin to twitch, she sucked in her cheeks and increased her pace, head bobbing up and down in his lap.


It was too much, this beautiful woman on her knees between his legs, taking his length in her mouth, sucking like her life depended on it. It took all his willpower not to grab her head and thrust into her over and over. Instead he clutched the armrests and tried to even his breathing between clenched teeth. Having not had anyone go down on him for more than two years, he was finding it hard to maintain his control and not shoot into her mouth in seconds. He watched her curls bounce up and down as she picked up her speed but as she began to suck, his eyes closed and his head dropped back. He knew he could resist no longer as he released with a loud grunt of, “Christ Claire”, and shot deep into her throat, again and again. She swallowed, tightening her throat around the end of his cock causing him to yell again. She released him with a slight “pop” and a rather sweet kiss on his tip then sat slightly back on her heels, waiting for him to regain his senses. Opening his eyes to see her sitting there, smiling up at him, her beautiful whisky eyes shining and her lips swollen and pink with use, he could feel everything in his life finally making sense. It was her, it was all for her. She had to be his as he was already hers.


Claire smiled at him, revelling in the look of sheer amazement on Jamie’s face. He look like a wave had just carried him away and deposited him in paradise. Suddenly feeling stupidly shy, considering what they had just done, she put her hands on his knees as she stood up and smoothed her dress back down, picking up her discarded pants from the floor and slipping them back on under her dress. She looked back to see Jamie adjusting himself and pulling his boxers and trousers back up as he stood. He came over to her and slipped an arm round her waist, tentatively pulling her towards his chest as he ducked his head down to kiss her neck. “Thank ye Claire, that was, well it was amazing.” His ears reddened in the most adorable way and she tilted her head up to kiss him tenderly. She was flooded with the most loving of emotions and she felt her voice catch as she replied, “I should thank you, that was incredible Jamie”.

The noises of the rest of the prison suddenly engulfed their bubble and Claire became conscious of the fact that a single closed door separated them from everyone else at Ardsmuir. She stepped back and said quickly, “Well I’d best take one last look at that shoulder, check it’s not got any lasting nerve damage. You can put your shirt back on but I need to see you again in another two days please.” Her professional tone was betrayed as she looked up at him and couldn’t help the smile creeping over her lips. He returned it with a crooked smile of his own and a quirk of one eyebrow, “Aye, as you wish Doctor.”

Slipping his shirt back on before he walked to the door, he glanced back over his shoulder and flashed her a dazzling smile. She felt her knees weaken and gripped onto the table as he left her surgery.