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My Little birdie

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Kiara moaned as Calliope pushed deep into her, thrusting away at a rapid pace. She thrust her hips back against the other girl, desperate to get the release she's been craving for all week.

Calli brought down one of her hands, hard, on Kiara's ass, the slap echoing in their own private chambers. She groaned, feeling her stomach coil at the sensations she was feeling, enjoying the shorter girl's cries as she continued to fuck her.

"F-Faster," Kiara cried out with a moan. Her hands gripped tightly around the white stained sheets she was on top of, pussy tightening around the throbbing dick pushing in and out of her. "Please daddy-ahh~ please~"

Calliope chuckled, spreading Kiara's ass cheeks with her hands just to tease the other girl. She slowed her thrusting, a teasing grin on her face. "Did I say you could order me around like that Kusotori?"

"N-No, but please please please!!" Kiara whined and purposely clenched her walls, a clear sign that she was selfishly asking for more. She could feel the shaft in her pussy throb, no doubt also needing a release.

"Do you think it's that easy to get what you want?" Calli pulled out, leaving just the tip of her head dipping inside Kiara's wet cunt. She ignored her own need, wanting to tease the other further. One of her hands trailed from Kiara's ass cheek to down her core, traveling to find her clit.

Kiara only whined at the loss of fulfillment, desperately trying to buck her hips back so Calli could start fucking her again. She groaned when Calli teased her pussy using her dick, playfully rubbing the cock's head against her dripping wet folds.

"I'll do anything please!" She begged, shutting her eyes closed with how needy she was being. She knew she would regret those words later but at the moment she only wanted Calliope's cock inside her, thrusting, pounding away, and completely breaking her.

"Good," Calliope smirked. "Remember those words for later." And she slammed back in, rough, continuing at an immediate fast pace, causing Kiara to just absolutely scream her lungs out while her eyes shot wide open. She bit her lips, watching as her girlfriend's ass connected with her lower front, enjoying the cries and moans surrounding the room.

Then soon, nothing but the sounds of their skin slapping echoed, accompanied by Calliope's occasional grunts and Kiara's highly pitched increasing moans. Kiara's constant cries were a melody to Calli's ears. She wanted to hear more.

"C-Calliii~" Kiara whimpered, toes curling as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She chanted Calliope's name, almost like a prayer to a God as if they weren't in the midst of sinning. "I'm... daddy, I'm g-gonna-"

"Are you gonna come for daddy, baby?" Calliope smiled, a finger pressing against her girlfriend's clit, rubbing her faster, as she thrust harder. Her thrusts got sloppy, her muscles tensing as both she and Kiara edged closer to release. She felt the other's hips push against her, feeling the walls tighten, and she held back her own moans, not wanting to let her control slip away. "Are you gonna be my good girl and come for daddy?"

"Y-yes, yes yes yes yes~!!" Kiara thrashed underneath Calliope, toes curling as the pleasure surged through her body. She came, shaking as she did so. She felt another slap on her ass and her back arched, whimpering as she continued to convulse. "Daddy- Hnha~ Ah-haah~.."

"F-Fucking.." Calli hissed as the walls around her cocked fluttered around, she did in one more thrust, then another, and then her hips were completely connected with Kiara's ass as she let go as well, ropes of her white cold cum spilling inside the other's tight heat. "G-Good girl, take daddy's cum.. you're- hngh~ such a good girl Kusotori."

Kiara's heart warmed at that and she let out a mewl of appreciation. The liquid that filled her to the brim felt so good, the coldness a complete contrast to her warmth. She never stopped shaking, her knuckles going white as she grasped the sheets. "D-daddy~!!"

They came together, a mixture of long loud moans, heavy grunts, pants, and heavy breathless breathing. Calliope, despite being second to come undone, regained her breath first. She started moving her hips once more, going slow and gentler this time as she helped the still whimpering Kiara ride her orgasm out.

She slid her cock out when her lover finally went limp on the bed, Kiara's breathing still ragged. Calli's eyes watched in a fixated gaze as their cum slowly dripped down to the bed from Kiara's pussy. She licked her lips, feeling her arousal come back as she stared at the sight.

Kiara shuddered on the bed, limp as she enjoyed the feeling of being filled to the brim with her girlfriend's cum. She couldn't help but feel the need to reach down and collect a fair amount of their mixed cum together then bring it back to her lips to savor the taste. She moaned as she sucked at her fingers, loving how amazing their nectars tasted together.

Calli went completely hard again at the sight and she groaned, mumbling a small "Shit." though a smile was pointed on her lips. "You okay there, Kiara?"

Kiara lazily hummed, not bothering to move from her position just yet. She whined, moving just a little and causing more of the cum inside her to spill. "I can't feel my legs properly." Calli hummed back in response with a chuckle and Kiara finally moved, rolling to her stomach as she stared at her girlfriend.

Kiara raised a brow, gulping as she stared at the erection Calli never bothered to hide. "You're hard again already?" She held her breath as Calli laughed at her and nodded. "Why yes, you can see that."

Calli's one hand slowly started to pump her cock, the other providing support. She kept her pink eyes on her dick for a while, shivering as the needy urge to come undone once more crept at her. She looked back at her lover and saw the hungry gaze in those purple eyes.

"Do you want to take me again, daddy?"

Calli hummed, a smile tracing her lips as she said "I thought you said you couldn't feel your legs anymore?" Kiara pondered, feeling the soreness down her center. She took a deep breath, "I also said I would do anything for you."

"Good." Calli sat straight up, letting her legs spread freely as she motioned her lover closer. "Come to me, Kiara." Kiara obliged, struggling at first to move but soon she crawled towards her lover, ignoring the still dripping cum on her thighs. "What do you want me to do daddy?"

"Do you want to suck daddy out, baby?" Calli's hands weaved into Kiara's hair,  smiling as her girlfriend eagerly nodded. "Yes daddy." and Calli nodded at her, guiding Kiara's head down to her cock.

Kiara immediately opened her mouth, first giving one wide broad lick at Calli's dick, which was already wet from earlier on's ministrations, while her hands reached to stroke the base. She kissed the head, giving it small kitten lips as her hand moved up and down the cock.

Calli groaned, pushing her girlfriend's head slightly down but with not much force. She gave off a warning tone. "I never gave you permission to tease me Kusotori, you don't want to be a bad girl for daddy now, do you?"

"N-no.." The idea of not being able to please Calli properly or the way Calli wanted her to do so didn't plead well with Kiara. And so she licked her lips and took Calli's head into her mouth.

Kiara started gentle, letting her tongue swirl around the head, sinking down deeper as she took Calli in her mouth, going inch by inch. Her hands stroked and caressed what her mouth hadn't reached just yet. 

She breathed through her nose, hollowing her cheeks as she tilted her head slightly up. She connected eyes with Calli, and almost shivered in delight at the dark pink hooded eyes that stared down at her.

She bobbed her head, taking in more of her lover as she went back down. Her own arousal had started pooling again but she ignored it to focus on pleasuring her girlfriend better.

Calli's eyes closed at the sensation and she let out small groans and moans. She was enjoying the warmth that surrounded her cock, enjoying the tongue that would roll around her head whenever Kiara lifted her head up.

She could feel the slow tightening in her stomach and she tightened her grip on her Kusotori's hair. Slowly, she guided her girl to take her in deeper, she didn't want to be rough just yet. She let out encouraging words similar to "Good girl.." and "A-ahh.. that's it..." to egg on her lover.

She couldn't stop the sudden gasp that escaped when Kiara took all of her in, reaching the very base of her cock, and the moan that slipped past her parted lips when she felt Kiara swallow around her dick.

She would be lying if she said the little gagging noises her lover produced now and then didn't turn her on either. Her hips gave a short little involuntary thrust up when she felt her cock rub against the top of the phoenix's warm mouth, tongue still circling and licking.

She hissed when she felt the burning in her abdomen start, the tight feeling close to snapping. She knew her girlfriend noticed this when Kiara increased the pressure of her sucking, hands also falling onto the reaper's thighs as she spread Calli's thighs further apart.

Kiara deep throated Calliope's dick, this time stopping for a second when she had reached the base of the other's cock again. She breathed in through her nose and then started humming, producing pleasing vibrations that she knew Calli would like.

It didn't take long now.

When Calli's orgasm finally crashed over her, her hips automatically bucked deeper -if that was even possible- into the phoenix's mouth and the phoenix gagged, though not pulling away as she did her best to swallow what she was given.

Her cum rained down the phoenix's throat as she let out a harshly strained "Fuck." and gripped Kiara's hair tighter. Her body flooded with pleasure, mind blanking a little, as her mouth formed an 'o' shape. Her girlfriend's mouth never left her cock but it did slow down a little as to let Calliope catch her breath.

Then Kiara pulled away with an audible 'pop' and Calli's eyes immediately took in the sight in front of her. Her breathing was slowly getting steady and she smiled at the phoenix, letting go of her hair as she then lifted a hand to wipe off the extra cum that Kiara failed to swallow.

Her thumb brushed over Kiara's chin, bringing her finger up to her lips as she tasted her own juices. She chuckled when the phoenix whined at her actions, clearly turned on once more. She shifted her position, leaning over to give Kiara a kiss on the lips with a small murmur of "You've been such a good girl, you're my little bird aren't you, baby?"

"Only yours." Kiara had responded, feeling the warm satisfaction in her chest spread before she reached over to keep their lips attached together. "Always will be yours."