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Semi-Dates and Roller Skates

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They’re at an old ass roller skating rink, Class 3-A taking the free weekend they have to hang out together.

Yaoyorozu rented out the entire rink for the afternoon, flashing her family’s ridiculous wealth easily. Apparently, she beat Todoroki at rock-paper-scissors, so she got to pay for everything. The escalating competition they had to see who could drain their family’s accounts first on each other and Class 3-A was the weirdest fucking form of flirtation Katsuki has ever seen, and it's caused Uraraka to pass out multiple times from the ease in which they spent their money on inane bullshit and the whims of their classmates.

At this point, Katsuki didn’t know who was going to be the sugar baby anymore. If they didn’t figure out their shit soon, Uraraka just might jump in and take the money for herself. Good for them, but Katsuki wants no part of it - it's tiring just to watch.

It was supposed to be a day to relax and have fun with each other without the threat of the press or news or burgeoning fans interrupting their day, hence Yaoyorozu’s idea to rent out the rink beforehand, paying for everybody’s tickets. No strangers, no press weirdos, no chance for Deku to “accidentally” get into a “small scuffle" with another villain.

Katsuki only came because Deku asked him to, his big-ass eyes too bright and his pouty lips too soft for Katsuki to deny anything Deku asks for. He made sure to dress warm enough that his hands could still sweat easily just in the case shit goes tits up (with their rep, it honestly wouldn't be a surprise) and forced Deku to do the same, anticipating the blasting air conditioning every roller rink has on freezing Katsuki's dick off. He even brought his own goddamn skates; like hell was he getting some nasty extra’s foot fungus.

Between his black jacket over his black, orange-accented hoodie and his black pants, with - that’s right - long black socks shoved into his - correct again - black skates, he looked more ready for a stakeout than a sort-of date with his boyfriend. He didn’t care, though, because it was Deku’s hoodie he was wearing in retaliation for Deku wearing Katsuki’s sweater today.

Plus, he thought, grinning wickedly. It’s not every day I can do this.

And by this, he means shoving Deku directly into one of his friends under the guise of pushing him around the rink because Deku can’t skate.

“Oh, wait, Kacchan, help! Iida, look out!” Deku yells.

His voice is high-pitched, almost squeaking, and blending with the pop song blaring over the speakers a little too well as he tries to get Iida’s attention in time. There’s panic in his eyes that only intensifies when Iida fails to hear him.

Deku is headed straight for an unsuspecting Iida, who is skating slowly next to Uraraka around the edges of the rink as they talk. They had been arm in arm, Iida steadying Uraraka as they skated, but now that she got her feet under her, they were gesticulating wildly to one another, engrossed in their conversation and unaware of the space around them.

Too bad, because if Deku’s flailing arms and shaking knees can't grab their attention or slow himself down, then he sure as shit can’t control his direction or his speed. All his floundering only makes him more unstable on his roller skates and he's headed straight towards them. Well, one of them.

It’s like Katsuki’s witnessing a car crash, a delighted grin slowly overtaking his face as soon as he realizes what’s about to happen. Katsuki had honestly only hoped for Deku to bump into his friends, not the wreck happening before his eyes. Katsuki has been blessed today, to be able to witness this specific order of events in person.

He wants to record it, but his phone is in one of the lockers they rented out. One of the other fuckers in their class probably already has their phone out, knowing their compulsive need to record every little shitty thing that happens.

He’ll demand a copy later.

With a loud shout, Deku crashes straight into Iida’s back, the force propelling them both forward and towards the walls of the rink. Iida slams into the barrier with a solid bang! The combination of his height, weight, and the force of their collision propels him over, falling on his face on the other side, legs sticking up like a doll. Iida was lucky he was by one of the few spots that didn’t have the plexiglass attached to it, else he would’ve had a broken nose.

A sharp, short bark of laughter escapes Katsuki, the sudden mirth scaring Kaminari who had been skating somewhere behind Katsuki, his eyebrows lifting as he stares unbelievingly.

“Really? This is what makes you laugh?” he asks, but Katsuki ignores him to watch the scene unfold.

Katsuki can hear his classmates calling out to Iida and Deku both in worry and surprise, trying to speak over the loud music playing around them and skating closer. Katsuki makes no move to join them, ignoring some of the looks he's receiving.

Uraraka had yelped when Deku landed in a heap in front of her, groaning and rubbing his ass, but her surprise quickly morphs into concern.

"Oh my god! Are you guys all right?" She looks rapidly back and forth between Iida’s legs - still awkwardly hanging over the barrier - and Deku’s wincing face, hands outstretched like she doesn’t know who to help first and eyes wide in disbelief and concern.

The wheels on Iida’s skates are still spinning.

Katsuki starts laughing, the rough sound escaping almost painfully and echoing in the rink. Through squinted eyes, he sees some of his classmates rolling back until there’s a wide berth of empty space surrounding him, faces a mix between disbelief and mounting horror. Tokoyami even has the balls to shake his head at Katsuki, arms folded over his chest and mumbling some dumb shit to himself Katsuki doesn’t care enough to ask about.

This is the funniest shit that’s happened all day, did no one else see what happened? The nerd just ran over the other nerd! Deku just- he can’t-

“Ha, Deku! You can’t roller skate for shit!” he shouts, cackling in glee.

He knows Deku is a clumsy bastard outside of heroics, and that things inevitably go wrong when it comes to nimble shit like roller skating, but what Katsuki just witnessed was a thing of beauty.

Katsuki can hear the rough echo of his own laughter bouncing around the rink, Kirishima's faint So not manly in reaction to Katsuki's jarring laughter undercutting it, even Shinsou's own raspy chuckles and Yaoyorozu's reprimand mingling with it, but Katsuki literally couldn’t give a shit.

Deku just slammed into one of his best friends with all the force of a speeding train, and Katsuki can’t fucking breathe.

“Ow,” Deku groans, a hand coming up to his head with the most confused look on his face, and now Katsuki is hunching over on his knees, looking unhinged and sounding like a hyena - if the hyena had smoked for forty years and tried to sing falsetto.

Katsuki can’t see the people surrounding him, still staring straight at Deku's fallen form, so he misses the scared looks passed between Ashido and Kaminari at the sound of his laughter.

Deku looks up at Katsuki when the sound reaches him, confused eyes slowly widening in mirth as he starts to unwillingly laugh, purely because of the sound of Katsuki’s laughter.

When they were kids and Katsuki laughed, really, truly laughed, Deku would always laugh with him, the sound too contagious for him not to. Deku was the only one that found it funny, though. And it still holds true, as Katsuki’s laughter echoing around the rink seems to terrify everyone else and makes Deku lose his shit.

So there Katsuki is, dying in the middle of a shitty roller-skating rink, Deku laughing with a pained look on his face while still on his ass, the rest of their classmates looking at them with awkward smiles on their faces, and Iida’s legs still erect in the air.

Deku snorts, before clapping a hand over his mouth, eyes wide. Katsuki laughs even harder, wheezing with hands gripping his knees as he tries to stay vertical and not fall on his ass, too. Deku is trying to stifle his laughter, the weird combination of laughing at the sound of Katsuki’s laughter and his concern for Iida twisting his face oddly.

Katsuki was going to say something, but he’s having trouble breathing properly, the smallest of tears squeezing at the corner of his eyes from the force; he can fucking forget about speaking right now, he can barely see Deku's horrified-laughing-concerned face, but every time Katsuki pulls his head back up from where it's hanging, he loses his shit once more.

Yaoyorozu is helping Iida to stand up now, asking if he needs some ice, and Uraraka is doing the same for Deku, helping him up and steadying him as he wobbles unsteadily on his skates. The little giggles escaping Deku aren’t doing him any help at staying still.

He looks so cute, wobbling on his skates in his overalls and red sweater, hair a mess and cheeks smiling. His long All Might socks are peeking between the skates and cuffs of his overalls, completing the look with the occasional terrifying flash of sock-Might’s stretched out smile.

Katsuki wants to squish his face and listen to Deku whine.

“Fuck,” Katsuki breathes out, standing up at the same time as Deku. He takes a great, heaving breath, before letting it all out in a rush, his laughter gone as quickly as it came.

But he can't help the slight mirth he still feels, the corner of his mouth still turned up as he silently watches Deku turn to Iida. The last bits of Deku’s giggles are resonating in his head like ringing bells.

“Are you okay Iida? I’m so, so sorry! I tried calling out to you, but I guess you didn’t hear me over the music! Still, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to run into you like that,” Deku apologizes, hands fluttering in front of him.

“Yeah, that was a pretty big tumble, Iida! You’ve got a bruise forming on your face, too!” Uraraka interjects.

She has one hand still on Deku’s arm to make sure he doesn’t fall over, but she stretches the other to Iida to pat his side in sympathy, squeezing him in support. Katsuki briefly narrows his eyes at the hand still touching Deku, before checking out Iida’s face.

Uraraka is right: Iida has a big fucking shiner on his face, already blossoming a dark red across his cheek and up his temple.

Iida winces as he adjusts his glasses - miraculously intact - over the bruise, gingerly touching it.

Ha, that’s going to be there for days if he doesn’t go to Recovery Hag.

“It is quite alright, and I am fine Midoriya, Uraraka. I understand it was an accident. I’m only a little banged up, do not worry too much,” he reassures, one arm coming down in front of him to emphasize his words.

“Are you sure?” Deku asks.

“I am sure. However, you really should be more careful while you are skating, Midoriya! Safety is paramount when you’re on roller skates, especially as a beginner such as yourself,” Iida starts, going on a spiel about the importance of “watching your surroundings” and “being careful”.

Katsuki rolls his eyes. Alright, that’s enough of that.

As Iida continues to simultaneously reassure and lecture Deku, Katsuki skates over, heading straight for Deku. His back is turned to him, so he doesn’t notice Katsuki heading his way. Katsuki frowns at the lack of attention and glides to a stop right behind Deku. He shoves his arms around his waist, shoving Uraraka’s hand off Deku in the process, and pulls him in.

He settles his chin on Deku’s head, grinding it down when he yelps in surprise, body tensing under Katsuki's hands and fists raised like he's about to fight. Katsuki bares his teeth at Uraraka, squeezing Deku tighter to him in emphasis.

Uraraka only rolls her eyes, knowing far too well how touchy Katsuki gets over Deku and raises an eyebrow at Katsuki.

Katsuki flips her off and she has the audacity to both stick her tongue out at him and flip him back off, before turning fully to Iida and slipping her arm through his, ignoring Katsuki. Bitch.

This is why Katsuki tolerates her the most out of Deku's friend group, though. Unlike fucking Icy-hot, who tried to link fingers with Katsuki the last time he flipped him off, clueless in most thing but also the biggest fucking bastard. Like hell Icy-hot doesn't know what the middle finger means; Katsuki's done it enough he should've learned by now. Motherfucker was trying to rile him up on purpose, spouting his "we're best friends" bullshit like he always does, Katsuki just knows it. Deku had to stop him from biting the bastard's fingers off his hand.

Katsuki turns his attention back to Deku before he can get properly pissed off just thinking about the gnawed on, limp, under cooked ravioli, spitting out a couple of green hairs – gross – before talking.

“Good job, Deku,” Katsuki smirks, tugging Deku tighter to his chest when he finally relaxes at the sound of Katsuki’s voice. It doesn’t last long before he’s tensing up again, an indignant Hey! sounding once he processes Katsuki’s words.

“I didn’t mean to, Kacchan!” Deku says. “It’s your fault anyways.”

“Shit, Deku, if I had known you were dead set on attempted murder of Four Eyes-”

Deku gasps, affronted at the mere idea.

“-then I would have pushed you harder,” he finishes.

“Kacchan!” Deku turns around, still wobbling, and hits him on the shoulder – fucking ow, what the hell Deku – eyebrows making these little squiggles on his forehead that Katsuki wants to smack his hand over and scrub away.

“Don’t say that!”

Katsuki just cackles, unbothered.

“You know, maybe I should have asked Todoroki to help me learn. He wouldn’t have pushed me, and he’s actually good at it.”

Katsuki immediately stops laughing, a frown coming over his face as he glares down at Deku.

He’s not wrong. With Todoroki’s experience skating on his own ice he's helped a lot of their classmates who didn't know how to skate get a good start earlier, but Katsuki would rather die than let Deku learn from him when Katsuki was literally standing right here.

“Fuck no, I’m way better than that half-thawed hot pocket and you know it. What the fuck, Deku,” he narrows his eyes, squeezing his hands on Deku’s waist to prevent him from going anywhere.

Deku turns his head away, raising his nose in the air like the little shit he is.

Katsuki has the biggest urge to pull Deku’s hair then skate away, knowing Deku wouldn’t be able to catch him on roller skates. He shoves that urge down though, because as funny as it was seeing Deku bowl into Iida like a freight train he doesn’t actually want Deku to trip and smash his face on the floor in an attempt to get him back, because he knows Deku and knows he’d try chasing after him. Broken noses interrupt Katsuki’s plan to eat Deku’s face off later.

“Hm, I don’t know Kacchan, all you’ve done is shove me-”

“What’s with the fucken theatrics, eh? I prefer ‘nudge’, not shove,” Katsuki interrupts.

“-and Todoroki has been skating nonstop with Sero since we got here and helping him when he needs it. He looks really good at it, too. That’s Todoroki, though, he’s amazing at a lot of things,” Deku raises his voice to speak over Katsuki.

(“Huh?” Todoroki mumbles, lifting his head to the side at the faint sound of his name.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it man, it’s just Bakugou and Midoriya’s weird flirting,” Sero says, chuckling a little at Todoroki’s unimpressed face.

“Ah,” he says, lips twitching upwards. “I wish Midoriya all the luck then.”

He then goes back to staring intently at the disco ball, ignoring Sero’s laughter at his side.

He will figure out how it’s spinning on nothing in midair before they leave.)

The vein in Katsuki's forehead throbs.

He knows he’s being played, he fucking knows it, and so does Deku, because that little shit is peeking at him from the corner of his eyes to see Katsuki’s reaction, a smirk tugging at his lips.

God fucking damnit. This goddamned shitty nerd. Katsuki's eyebrow twitches, before he opens his mouth to – nicely – yell at Deku for the utter bullshit that just came out of his mouth.

“Fuck you, I’ll show you how to skate better than that fucker can!” he yells, grabbing Deku’s wrist and pulling him to the middle of the rink.

Deku laughs behind him as he willingly gets tugged by Katsuki, locking his knees and letting himself roll steadily forward. He waves cheekily to a grinning Kirishima with his free hand as they pass him.

“You good, man?” Kirishima asks, grin widening even further when he hears Katsuki growl at his words and start to pull Deku faster.

“I can distract Blasty for a bit, give you a chance to escape,” Kirishima offers, completely genuinely, but also looking to rile up Katsuki more.

Deku laughs, turning his head to keep Kirishima in his sights as he goes by.

“How kind of you, but no thanks Kirishima! I’m right where I want to be!” he says, giving a little thumbs up.

Kirishima laughs loudly, giving his own thumbs up back. "Have fun, Midoriya!”

Fuck both of them, honestly.

He should’ve known that as soon as Kirishima pulled Deku aside the day they announced they were dating and all they did was look at Katsuki and laugh together for five minutes until Katsuki butted in that it was bad news. His boyfriend and his best friend are now best friends with each other, and they give him shit all the time. Where was the loyalty, huh?

He tightens his grip on Deku’s wrist, thumbing the soft skin as he goes as fast as he dares without making Deku faceplant and eat shit.

“Dude, you just fed Midoriya to the sharks,” Kaminari says, elbowing Kirishima.

Kirishima doesn’t budge from his spot from Kaminari’s push, only shaking his head with a wide grin.

“I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Midoriya wanted, bro,” he says, voice getting fainter and fainter.

All of them can fuck off, he’s about to teach Deku to roller skate so hard he dies.

He comes to a stop in the middle of the rank, away from everybody else and out of listening range of everybody’s stupid conversations. Finally, he has Deku all to himself. When he turns around to face Deku, he’s still smiling his big ass smile, eyes twinkling and teeth showing. Katsuki’s chest tightens.

“Gross,” he says.

Deku blinks. “Huh?”

“Nothing, shut up. Stop looking at me like that.”

Like you’re about to tell me you love me again, he finishes in his head. How the fuck can Deku so blatantly shove his emotions in every body’s faces like that? Rude.

“Kacchan, what are you talking about?”

“Don’t ask questions. Now,” he claps his hands together, a cruel grin taking over his face. “Let’s teach you how to run into Four Eyes on purpose.”

“Kacchan!” Deku laughs. "No! That is not why you’re teaching me how to skate!”

“Fucking why not, hah? When you were flailing around like you just came out of your mom’s pu-”

“Kacchan!” Deku gasps, scandalized. He reaches out and shoves his hands over Katsuki’s mouth, looking around them wildly to see if anyone else heard. Which is dumb, because they’re they only ones in the middle of the rink, so they’re out of hearing range of everybody but Ears and Dupli-bitch. And, if they have a complaint, they can speak to him directly.

“Fine, fine,” he mutters, taking Deku’s hands off his face, but keeping them in his grasp. Deku glares at him, narrowing his eyes. Hot.

“You’re such a baby, bet you can’t even say it.”

“I am not making that bet with you, Kacchan,” he exasperatedly says, closing his eyes for patience.

“And why not?”

“I am not going to say it just for your amusement.”

“Say what, Deku?”

“You know what.”

“Oh, you mean puss-”


He shoves his hands back over Katsuki’s face, his eyes back open as he glares at him again. Katsuki cackles underneath his hands, licking them for daring to try and muffle Katsuki. Deku yelps and yanks his hands away with a grimace.

“Ew, Kacchan! What’s wrong with you! Why would you lick me!” Deku wipes his hands on Katsuki’s jacket, face disgusted.

“What, you don’t like it? You like it when I lick other parts of you,” he raises an eyebrow, grinning smugly when color bursts across Deku’s face.

The shy, innocent act is cute as fuck, especially considering how Deku really is when he licks his-

“Kacchan, I swear to god, I am going to Detroit Smash you if you don’t stop talking,” Deku threatens.

“Joke’s on you, I’m into that shit.”

Deku startles, shocked into laughter, and his hands grip Katsuki's arms for stability as his body shakes. He's giggling now, and the faintest of smiles crosses Katsuki's face.

“Why would you- Kacchan, you-” he tries to get out around his wide smile.

Katsuki smirks, reaching out to put his hands on Deku’s waist, clenching tightly at the fabric to hold Deku up.

“Alright, alright, I know, I'm funny as shit. I was serious when I said I was gonna teach you how to skate, though, so you can shut up now.”

Deku takes a deep breath, smiling up at Katsuki. Holy shit, his face is actually illegal. “Okay, Kacchan.”

Katsuki leans down to kiss his nose lightly, then using his grip on Deku’s waist, quickly spins him around.

“Good,” he says, and starts pushing Deku forwards. “We’re gonna start like this. I’ll guide you, and you get used to moving your legs. It’s easy so don’t fuck it up.”

“Kacchan, it’s like I’m on a roller coaster,” Deku says, completely ignoring Katsuki’s last sentence and putting his hands over Katsuki’s on his waist for stability. "A Kacchan-coaster!"

“And the fuck's that supposed to mean?”

“You’re taking me for a ride!”

“Yeah, you’ll take a ride later alright,” he mutters, suddenly pushing Deku a little faster and taking vindictive satisfaction in the yelp it gets him.

“Pay attention, Deku. Unless you want me to push you into Four Eyes again?”

Deku whips his head around to face Katsuki, eyes narrowing. “You wouldn’t!”

Katsuki smirks, gripping Deku’s waist a little more to emphasize his words.

“Wouldn’t I?”

Deku pouts, before turning back around, letting go of Katsuki’s hands to fold his arms over his chest. He’s not even trying to skate anymore, letting Katsuki push him wherever he wants.

“Kacchan’s being mean to me,” he grumbles.

“Am I,” Katsuki deadpans. He scoots a little closer to Deku, close enough his breath makes the hair on Deku's head shift with every exhale.

“Kacchan keeps teasing me with the bodily harm of my friends, knowing how upset that would make me,” Deku continues, his lips twitching as he struggles to keep his pout.

Katsuki snorts.

“And Kacchan keeps saying bad words and talking about naughty things where everyone could hear him.”

“Yeah, yeah, what else did your mean Kacchan do?” Katsuki asks, working on turning them so they don’t join the flow of all the other skaters.

“Kacchandidn’tkissme,” he mutters, drawing his shoulders up, and genuinely pouting this time.

The fuck was that? Katsuki is fluent is Deku-nese but he has no idea what the fuck he just said.

“Speak up nerd, I couldn’t hear that shit,” he demands, nudging Dkeu's head with his chin.

Deku starts turning around, Katsuki shifting his hands to help him, and when he looks up at him, his big green eyes are piercing Katsuki’s soul because Deku is a little fuck who doesn't know how to not cause Katsuki daily cardiac arrest by blinking up at him. God fucking damnit, he already knows he's going to cave to whatever the fuck Deku wants now.

“Kacchan didn’t kiss me,” he says, grabbing the hem of Katsuki’s shirt.

“I very clearly did, on your dumb freckled nose. What, my kisses not good enough for you?” Katsuki retorts, narrowing his eyes at him.

What was the shitty nerd getting at?

“No, you just didn’t kiss me,” Deku corrects. “I want a real kiss. On the mouth.”

“And why should I say yes?”

“Because you love me?”

“Not good enough.”

“Because Kacchan hasn’t properly kissed me today and I’m feeling neglected?”

“What’s with the dramatics today, huh?”

“Because if Kacchan doesn’t kiss me, I’ll kiss him and then there won’t be any more kisses for the rest of the day, and I’ll never forgive him?”

”Fuck,” Katsuki swears, softly but with feeling, an unwilling smile curling the corner of his lips. “Are you blackmailing me? Is that what this is? Is my boyfriend extorting me for some dumb kisses?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Kacchan, I’ve never had a dumb kiss before,” Deku smirks, still looking up at him with his goddamn Disney eyes.

Shitty nerd has no right being this cute, what the fuck, literally trying to kill Katsuki. He’s going to send him to an early grave at this rate. Here lies Katsuki, dead because he simped too hard over his goddamn boyfriend.

“And if I kiss you will your beloved Kacchan be forgiven?” he asks, hands coming up to cup Deku’s face. He uses his grip to draw Deku closer, thumbing the soft skin of his cheeks.

Deku wraps his arms around Katsuki’s waist, hugging him.

“You’ll have to find out and see, but only if it’s a good kiss,” he says, eyes staring intently at Katsuki’s lips.

Deku’s breath hitches when Katsuki lips his licks, subconsciously doing the same.

“It’ll be the best damn kiss of your life, nerd,” Katsuki says, right before he leans down and captures Deku’s lips with his.

Deku lets out a breathy sigh at the contact, pushing up a little more forcefully against Katsuki’s mouth.

Katsuki is trying so hard to keep their kiss chaste considering they’re in the middle of the fucking skating rink and he knows the nosy motherfuckers that are his classmates are peeking at them - Deku just makes it really fucking hard.

He presses down harder, holding Deku’s face more firmly in his hands, and gives a single lick over his lips. Deku groans softly, squeezing Katsuki’s waist tighter, and suddenly, Katsuki can't wait to get back to the dorms. Later though, he still has to teach Deku how to skate. Katsuki leans back at the noise, softly brushing his lips over Deku’s, lingering and simply feeling them press against his own.

When he backs off completely and opens his eyes, Deku stays in his hands, eyes still closed and savoring the feeling, licking the same path Katsuki’s tongue took with his own tongue.


“I love you,” Katsuki says, leaning down and forcefully pressing a kiss to Deku’s forehead, pulling back with a loud smack.

Deku sighs happily, a smile breaking out on his face before finally opening his eyes.

“I love you too, Kacchan,” he answers, hugging Katsuki a little more tightly.

“Can we go fucking skating now?” Katsuki asks, a little grumpily, ignoring the slight burn on the tips of his ears and Deku’s beaming face.

He’s far from shy when it comes to PDA but he literally heard a camera shutter click from somewhere to the right of him when he kissed Deku, which pisses him off to no end. He wants all of Deku’s cute little kissing faces to be for his view and his view only, and he’s not too keen on the idea of someone else having photographic proof of how he looks at Deku.

He’ll have to find whoever took the fucking picture and delete it, after sending himself a copy, of course. That, along with the video of Deku bodying Iida, is more than enough digital evidence of the day’s events.

Deku gives him one last squeeze around the waist before enthusiastically turning around, clenching his fists in determination. He doesn’t even question Katsuki’s sudden change in temperament, understanding immediately what he was feeling.

God, he loves his nerd.

“Alright, Kacchan, I’m ready to go!” he says, doing a cute little full body wriggle that couldn’t be contained in his excitement.

Katsuki unashamedly stares at Deku’s ass when he does it. Sue him, Deku’s got a fat ass, and it’s impossible for him not to look, especially when he’s in his overalls.

“I’ll learn how to skate really quickly so I can skate holding hands with Kacchan!” Deku declares.

Katsuki groans, a hand coming up to cover his face.

He takes it back, he doesn’t love Deku.

He can hear Shinsou laughing as he passes by a little close to them, a little too close to be casually skating. Katsuki doesn’t verbally acknowledge it, simply lifts a hand to flip him off and ignores the ensuing chuckle. He’s probably the fucker that took the picture, thinking it’d be a great addition to the pile of blackmail he has of everybody in the class.

He’ll kill him later and get the picture, but right now Deku is still doing his dumb little dance and talking about holding Katsuki's hand. Absolutely disgusting, the way his heart squeezes at the sight.

“Why’re you so fucking embarrassing, shitty nerd?” Katsuki asks, not even bothering to wait for an answer as he moves his hands back to Deku’s waist.

“It’s because I love Kacchan!”


“Bi, actually.”

“Not any better nerd.”

“You love me, too.”

“Shut the fuck up, no I don’t.”

“You loooove me,” Deku drawls out.

“I hate you,” Katsuki says flatly.

“Kacchan loves me, and I love Kacchan!”

“Do you want me to explode your ass? Is that what you want?” Katsuki threatens, delighting in the little laugh that gets him.

“Nooo, Kacchan, you’re supposed to be teaching me how to skate. I can’t do that if you kill me,” Deku whines.

“Then shut the fuck up and pay attention!”

“Of course, Kacchan,” Deku says, lifting a hand and pretending to zip his lips.

“Glad you understand.” Katsuki grunts, disgruntled, but shifting so he has his right arm around Deku’s waist as he pulls him into his side, skating forwards until they’re side to side.

“Gimme your left hand,” he directs Deku.

He complies easily, stretching his arm out in front of Katsuki’s body so Katsuki can grab it with his own left hand.

“You already got the gist of it; just keep your fucking balance and push forwards. Do it more by yourself this time and copy me.”

Katsuki’s so focused on making sure he won’t accidentally bump into Deku’s feet as they skate, he doesn’t notice the soft look Deku directs up at him. If he did, he’d probably grab Deku’s face to hide it.

Deku hums in affirmation, copying Katsuki’s movements and slowly learning by doing.

His boyfriend’s smart, he’ll pick it up quickly, especially with Katsuki showing him how. And, Katsuki's right, like always. It doesn’t take much longer for Deku to get the hang of it, getting a little further away from the safety of Katsuki’s side with each pass in the middle they make.

They’re moving slowly, but steadily, no more of the wobbles and flailing from earlier as Deku skates with him.

“Kacchan, I think I’ve got it!” Deku exclaims, curls bouncing as he looks up at Katsuki and back down at the floor in front of him repeatedly, wanting to see Katsuki’s face as he talks to him but still too nervous to not look at where he’s skating.

“Yeah, I can see that nerd. What’d I tell ya, huh?” Katsuki says, a smug grin taking over his face. See, he’s way better than that half-and-half bastard.

“Kacchan has to hold my hand now!” Deku demands.

“We’re already holding hands, dumbass.” Katsuki squeezes Deku’s hand to make his point.

“Well, yes, but no, actually. We need to hold hands while we skate with everybody. And you can’t pull me while we do it!” Deku snaps his head up to stare intently at Katsuki’s face while he makes his point, waiting for Katsuki’s verdict.

Katsuki is so fucking whipped.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, let’s go.” Katsuki turns, nudging Deku towards the outer edges of the rink.

“Yes!” Deku shouts, a wide grin taking over his face.

Katsuki lets Deku take the lead, watching as he steadily skates forwards until they’re following the direction of everybody else in the rink.

Deku skates right up to Tokoyami and Shouji, striking up a conversation with them both and keeping Katsuki’s hands firmly in his, occasionally looking at his feet. He's doing good, not tripping up once despite how he clings to Katsuki still. Katsuki’s content with just watching him talk, exchanging a quiet nod with Tokoyami - one of the few bastards in their class Katsuki can regularly tolerate - and taking comfort in the rise and fall of Deku’s voice.

Of course that's the when Dumbasses #1 and #2 sidle up to him and yank Katsuki from his happy place. When will God let him rest? Just for one day, specifically just one day with Deku; he deserves that shit, even if he has constant chest pains being around the dweeb.

“Hey, Bakugou,” Kaminari drawls.

He’s got a shit-eating grin on his face, and Katsuki is already tired of his presence.

“The fuck you want?” Katsuki asks, narrowing his eyes at the tone of voice.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” he says, putting his hands up and backing away a little. “Just wanted to catch up a little bit, see how you’re enjoying yourself this fine evening.”

He stuffs his hands into his jacket, trying for casualness and failing miserably. Before Katsuki can call him out, Dumbass #2 speaks up.

“Yeah, why’re you so tense, Blasty?” Ashido asks, a suspicious ass grin on her face while she skates backwards in front of him.

Katsuki really, really hopes she trips. And it gets recorded. And gets posted. And goes viral.

“I wasn’t until you fuckers showed up,” Katsuki grunts, tightening his hand over Deku’s. Deku squeezes back but keeps to his own conversation. The one time the shitty nerd's rambling could save him, and he's decided to be polite and not interrupt Katsuki's conversation. Absolutely fucking despicable.

“I’m hurt, Bakugou, real hurt. We’re your friends and yet you don’t want to spend time with us?” Kaminari simpers.

He keeps going, with absolutely no fear in his eyes, and Katsuki can feel the rage that had been absent when he was skating with Deku start to build in his chest. There are very few people on this god-forsaken planet that can rile Katsuki up quicker than Two-Brain-Cells over here, and the worst part is, the fucker knows it.

“Aw, are you mad you have to share Midoriya with everybody else now? You know, maybe I want to hold Midoriya’s hand and teach him how to skate,” Kaminari says, very bravely and with no hint of shame. "Maybe even get a kiss?"

He wiggles his eyebrows, slowly moving towards Deku. Too bad those will be his last words.

“Alright, Sparky, that’s it!” he yells, letting go of Deku and reaching with popping hands towards Kaminari's face.

He yelps, turning as quickly as possible to skate away from him and just narrowly dodging when Katsuki swipes at him.

“Ashido! Save me!” Kaminari yells, voice trembling in what Katsuki's sure is 100% homegrown idiocy.

Ashido laughs at him, shaking her head in denial.

“You brought this upon yourself, Kaminari. I am not involved in this,” she giggles, and inches closer to an unsuspecting Deku while Katsuki has his attention on Kaminari.

“Get back here so I can explode you!” Katsuki yells, chasing after and pushing aside whoever gets in his way. Kaminari zigzags across the entire rink, unashamedly using their fellow classmates as shields or obstacles for Katsuki to get tripped up by.

As he’s chasing Kaminari, he hears Deku yelp, a stuttered Ashido! squeaking out of him.

Katsuki quickly whips around and sees on the far side of the arena Ashido holding Deku in the position to dance, placing his hands on her waist as she wraps her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly.

Deku’s face is bright red and he’s staring straight at Katsuki, eyes wide and surprised. He abandons Kaminari without another thought, immediately switching gears and skating back to Deku.

“Hands off, Raccoon Eyes!” he yells, gaining speed with a few calculated bursts from his palms.

Ashido laughs, and tugs Deku closer to her, yelling, “Only if you can catch him, Bakugou!”

She pushes Deku towards the general direction of Sero, who latches onto Deku with his tape from the other side of the rink and brings him into the circle of his arms with a flourish, dipping him backwards in his arms like a princess.

Katsuki shouts in frustration, the blush on Deku’s face and Sero’s waggling eyebrows as he pretends to lean into Deku burning his blood.

“Wait, wait, Sero!” he hears Deku say, hands pressed on Sero’s chest to stop his descent.

“Hey, Midoriya,” he winks. “How ya doin’ tonight? You’re lookin’ a little lonely.”

Deku nervously laughs, face bright red as he looks everywhere but Sero’s leering face.

“Aha, I’m doing just fine, Sero. Kacchan has been taking care of me,” he weakly defends.

Katsuki is closing in on them both, teeth grit and reaching a hand out in front of him to snatch Deku away.

“Good to hear, wouldn’t want you upset or anything like that,” Sero says, genuinely smiling down at Deku. It quickly turns mischievous as he brings Deku back to a standing position. Using his tape, he carefully flings Deku away from him and straight into Kirishima’s hold, an echoing, “Call me later, shorty!” following him.

Katsuki smoothly changes direction and shouts, gunning after Kirishima like the hounds of hell were nipping at his heels.

“Hands off, Shitty Hair, or I swear to God I’m gonna-”

Katsuki doesn’t get to finish, Kirishima easily talking over Katsuki’s screech to address the wide-eyed, flushed Deku in his arms.

“Hey, Midoriya! Hold on, yeah?” he says, squatting and settling himself so he doesn’t slide on his skates as he quickly knocks Deku’s legs out from under him. He catches him in a bridal carry, standing up and grinning down at Deku. He squawks, opening and closing his mouth but failing to sound out any real words, staring up in shock at Kirishima.

“Kirishi- why are- you just-” Deku stammers, hands held limply in front of him while he tries to comprehend what’s happening.

“Wow, you’re packing a lot of muscle, huh? That’s so manly, bro!” Kirishima says, purposefully loud.

Deku squeaks, and Kirishima’s booming laughter at his response makes Katsuki’s blood rage with a frightening intensity. What the fuck did Kirishima think he was doing?!

Katsuki snarls and dodges around Ashido, pushing her to the side and avoiding her hands.

“Put Deku down, right now! I’m gonna kill you Shitty Hair if you don’t let him go!”

Kirishima, much like Sero, winks down at Deku, tightens his grip, then starts to move, skating and picking up speed even with Deku in his arms. Deku yelps and latches onto the lapels of Kirishima’s open jacket.

“Kirishima, what are you doing?! This isn’t safe!” he shouts.

“Don’t worry about it, bro, I would never drop you! You’re way too precious to me for that!”

Katsuki’s head explodes at Kirishima’s words, and he shoves Sero down, knocking him into Kaminari who had caught back up to them. They slam into each and fall into a heap on the floor, Sero laughing while Kaminari whines.

“Fucking precious to you?!

Kirishima ignores him, and keeps skating, circling back to where Tokoyami and Shouji had stayed when Ashido first took Deku.

“Heads up!” he calls, lifting Deku up and away from his body, but Deku’s clinging hands stop him from moving him very far.

The sight of Deku clinging to his best friend’s chest for safety twists something in Katsuki’s chest - it’s not fucking jealousy, shut the fuck up, even though Deku has only clinged to him since they were kids - but he doesn’t stop, determined to get to Deku before Kirishima pulls off whatever dumb shit he has planned.

“Kirishima!” Deku yells, pulling himself back into Kirishima’s hold.

“You trust me, right?” Kirishima asks Deku, looking down at him and shoving his face so close to Deku’s their noses are almost touching.

“Um-” Deku starts, blushing wildly at the close proximity, but Kirishima cuts him off.

“Great, then here you go, Shouji!” he yells and bodily throws Deku straight into the cradle of Shouji’s arms.

Deku screams as he’s tossed through the air and activates float right after the peak of his jump, slowing his momentum, but still crossing the rink.

Katsuki swears he has a heart attack, seeing Deku flung so easily like that and hearing him scream. He’s going to murder Kirishima as soon as he gets Deku back. The fuck did he think he was doing, throwing his fucking boyfriend across the goddamn rink?!

Shouji extends his arms to gently grab Deku from the air, bringing him down and onto his back, wrapping him up.

Deku’s face is still flushed, but he unconsciously relaxes into Shouji’s back once he realizes he’s no longer in the air. He looks frazzled, eyes darting everywhere, and jumps when Shouji places one of his many hands on Deku’s head.

“Are you okay?” Shouji asks, voice soft and sincere.

Katsuki doesn’t hear Deku’s response, focused on tackling Kirishima from behind.

“You just threw my fucking boyfriend!” Katsuki yells.

“I did no such thing! I carefully pushed him through the air and right into Shouji’s arms! Bro, you should already know I’d never hurt him!” Kirishima defends, eyes wide and innocent but his smile impish.

Kirishima squawks as he’s knocked to the ground and starts to fend off Katsuki’s grip. He fails, obviously, his defense feeble in comparison to the protective rage surging through Katsuki's veins.

“You threw Deku! Through the air! With nothing ready to catch him!” Katsuki grunts, wrapping his legs around Kirishima’s neck in a chokehold and yanking his arm up, making Kirishima wince at the stretch.

Kirishima doesn’t even look too winded, the fucking bastard.

“Bro, if you’re so worried about him, why aren’t you checking up on him? He looks kinda flustered right now,” Kirishima wheezes, attempting to distract him and save himself.

It works, as Katsuki whips his head to the side, looking for Deku. He tightens his grip around Kirishima’s wrist as he does so, making it so that Kirishima can’t escape even as he searches.

Deku has his hands covering his face as Shouji passes him into Dark Shadow’s hold. Tokoyami nods his head at Shouji, saying something, and Katsuki’s vision is filled with white, burning hot rage, tunneling on Deku’s shaking hands and red face.

He misses Deku's quiet laughter and his reassurances to both Tokoyami and Shouji that he was quite alright, so all he sees is Deku trembling.

Katsuki shoves Kirishima away with his legs, feeling vindictive satisfaction when one of the wheels on his skates rolls down Kirishima’s face – “Hey!” – and scrambles up on his feet, eyes locked onto where Dark Shadow holds Deku in a bridal carry much like Kirishima did.

“Oi, fuck nugget! Put him down!” he yells.

Tokoyami ignores him, even has the fucking cheek to turn around and skate away after making eye contact with Katsuki, Dark Shadow hovering behind him with Deku in his arms.

Deku drops his hands from his face and stares straight at Katsuki, eyes wide, and Katsuki can read the mouthed Kacchan on his lips.

Deku reaches for him, hands held out and slightly smiling, so Katsuki goes even faster, knocking into Shouji on his way with a muttered bitch under his breath.

Before he can reach Deku, the absolute worst possible thing that could have occurred happens: Shouto motherfucking Todoroki grabs Deku, sets him down in front of him, then puts his stupid fucking hands on him from behind.

There’s no fucking way that’s a coincidence, holding Deku like Katsuki did when he was teaching him to skate. He’s placed his hands on Deku’s waist and is leaning down to talk in his ear.

Katsuki has had enough of this bullshit, everybody needs to keep their disgusting hands to themselves and stop touching his boyfriend!

Deku freezes when he hears what Todoroki says, before relaxing infinitesimally.

(“Hello, Midoriya,” Todoroki says. “I hope I’m not making you too uncomfortable.”

He doesn’t move his hands from where they rest, high up on his waist and lower ribs, closer to Izuku’s armpits than his hips.

They're in the appropriate placement for grabbing a civilian from behind to lift them up for one reason or another and if Izuku wasn’t so bewildered he’d be laughing a little at how much their heroics training has literally made up most Todoroki’s social skills and awareness.

Izuku huffs out a breath instead, and keeps his eyes on the growling, speeding Kacchan headed straight towards him. He’s genuinely confused, if a little delighted, by everything that just happened, but seeing Kacchan so riled up makes him want to instinctively calm his boyfriend down.

He does trust all his friends though, so he makes no attempt to move away from Todoroki.

He doesn’t really think he can anyways; he’s too cold to move from the wind-chill generated from all the fast skating, and his knees are shaking too much to hold him steady from the adrenaline of being tossed and pushed and thrown between multiple people in quick succession.

Izuku ignores the heat in his cheeks from all the blatant flirting from Kacchan’s and his friends, though, determined to forget about all the faces that had been shoved in his.

He doesn’t think he can skate anymore, too thrown off to focus on it, which would be humorous if he weren’t so intent on the scowl twisting Katsuki’s face or Todoroki’s suddenly warming arm.

“I noticed you’re shivering. I hope you don’t mind,” Todoroki continues, genuine in his concern for his friend.

Izuku relaxes the faintest bit at the spreading heat, and notices that the rage pulling on Katsuki’s face has deepened at that exact moment. Huh, probably their classmates yelling things at him to rile him up. Kaminari is particularly persistent in that regard, shouting the things Shinsou is mumbling under his breath.

Izuku just really hopes he doesn't get thrown again, as fun as that was, unless it’s directly into Kacchan’s arms this time.)

Katsuki notices Uraraka trying to sneak up to grab Deku before he can get there, hoping to get her grubby anti-gravity hands on him and probably make him float out of Katsuki's reach, but he'll be damned if he lets Deku get away from him one more time.

With a loud crackle and a burst of light, he shoves a hand behind him and boosts himself with an explosion, snatching Deku into his own arm as he passes Todoroki by. He keeps up the momentum and heads directly towards one of the many exits of the rink. Todoroki better stay the fuck away.

He adjusts his arms around Deku, one hand gripping at his back and the other under his ass as Deku wraps his legs and arms around Katsuki, clutching close to Katsuki’s chest.

He can hear the odd clunking sound of Deku’s skates knocking together but ignores it as he gets closer to his goal. Deku is laughing in his ear, the soft sounds barely audible over the rushing of the wind as Katsuki skates, and he ignores that, too, focusing on the comforting weight of Deku finally in his arms instead.

He hears his shitty classmates shouting, the other fuckers who didn’t have a chance to play the stupid fucking game of Deku Keep Away yelling indignantly at Katsuki for stealing Deku away.

Katsuki doesn't give a shit; Deku is his, they can’t have him.

He slows down as he approaches the exit but keeps his hold tight on Deku, rubbing a hand down his back in an attempt to warm him. Deku’s cheek chills Katsuki’s neck from where he stuffed his face there, and the tiniest of shivers shake through his body, his arms and legs trembling from where they’re wrapped around Katsuki.

Katsuki grunts as he steps out of the rink, and heads towards the seating areas, away from that half-and-half bastard and all the brainless idiots that call themselves his friends.

Deku giggles breathlessly into his neck, the soft bursts of air tickling Katsuki’s skin.

“What’s so fucking funny nerd,” he grumbles, carefully walking to one of the tables, half-rolling and half-stepping with his skates.

“That was fun, even though it was a little scary,” Deku responds, lifting his head up a little so he can rub his cheek on Katsuki’s as he speaks.

“Tch, fun?”

"I'll admit I wasn't expecting to be thrown like that, but everyone was really careful with me!"

"Fucking Shitty Hair, can't believe he actually fucking threw you, stupid goddamn moron," he grumbles, trailing off as he shoves his face into Deku's neck and taking a moment to violently rub his forehead on his sweater.

"Hey, it's okay, I'm fine, Kacchan. We're all going to be heroes, right? So, I was safe the entire time," Deku soothes, reaching a hand up to smooth Katsuki's hair.

"I don't care," his voice muffled against Deku's shoulder. "Shouldn't have put their nasty hands on you, no one can."

"Oh really, and why's that?"

Katsuki can hear Deku rolling his eyes at him so he lifts his head back up, dislodging Deku's hand to stare at him.

"Because you're mine, stupid Deku," he claims.

"What, are you five, Kacchan? I'm pretty sure I'm my own person," he raises a brow.

Katsuki growls, annoyed at Deku's denial.

He reaches one of the tables, and sits down at the bench, keeping his back to the rink and settling Deku in his lap. He leans his back against the table, and pulls Deku with him, not once letting him go.

The sounds of their classmates skating and laughing have quieted down some, just faint sounds in the distance.

"You're my boyfriend, idiot. If anyone gets to hold you like that it should be me, and me only."

He pushes his forehead onto Deku's and grinds them together until Deku whines and shoves him off.

"Ow, okay, okay, I get it,” he pouts, rubbing his forehead.

“You’re just a big baby,” Deku says and Katsuki leans forward and shoves his forehead back onto Deku’s, viciously rubbing it against Deku and ignoring the tendrils of pain he feels.

“Hah?! You wanna say that again, dipshit?!” he yells, leaning down and biting Deku’s cheek.

He shrieks, shoving at Katsuki’s shoulders but Katsuki has his arms banded around Deku’s waist, keeping them pressed tightly together.

“Kacchan!” he laughs. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, you’re not a baby.”

Katsuki lets go, sloppily kissing the teeth marks before leaning back to look at Deku.

He sees Deku opening his mouth again, the red marks on his cheek and forehead glowing under the harsh fluorescent lights of the seating area. He already knows Deku’s going to say some dumb shit, the smile curling his lips giving him away.

“You’re not a baby, you’re a-”

Katsuki interrupts him, leaning forward and kissing Deku, a long, simple press of their lips to shut him up.

Deku’s eyes are still open, but his shoulders slump a little.

“You’re a-” Deku tries again when Katsuki backs off, only for Katsuki to lean in again, this time bringing his hands up from Deku’s waist to his face, holding his head there as he kisses him a little harder, a little longer.

Deku’s eyes are dazed and lidded when he pulls back this time, but he’s still semi-coherent. Katsuki will fix that.

“Kacchan, you-”

He grabs the back of Deku’s neck, pulls him in, and kisses him once more, prying his lips open with his own, and licking into his mouth.

Deku finally succumbs, humming against Katsuki, and slumping into his hold. Green eyes close, eyelashes fluttering, and he falls into Katsuki’s lips and tongue and warmth.

Katsuki closes his own eyes once he’s sure Deku has shut up, slowly tracing against Deku's tongue and exploring his mouth, hot gasps of air occasionally shared between them as they pull apart and come back over and over.

Katsuki leaves Deku’s mouth to trail briefly across his cheek and down his neck, leaving behind soft, wet kisses.

Deku sighs, content, and Katsuki comes back for one more chaste kiss, before leaning their foreheads together.

The sounds of Deku’s breathing and the warm press of his body settles the leftover anger and annoyance from earlier, the smallest spot of fear he felt seeing Deku in the air soothed with his presence in Katsuki's lap. The comfort of Deku safely in his arms outweighs everything else.

He wraps his arms around Deku’s back, hugging him, and relishes in the way Deku does the same.

Deku giggles from where his chin rests on Katsuki’s shoulders, and Katsuki grunts in question.

“Kacchan, I think our friends are trying to get your attention,” he nudges Katsuki.

Katsuki leans his head back and groans long-sufferingly, letting it hang above the table. Goddamnit, he can't get one moment of fucking peace.

Deku has a clear view of the rink over Katsuki’s shoulders, and Katsuki is more than content to keep it that way. He doesn’t need to turn around to know the dumbasses that stick to him like fungus are doing some weird shit.

Probably making faces at them like the children they are.

He can hear them calling out his and Deku’s names, voices high-pitched and mocking.

“They’re not my friends, they’re yours.”

“Sure, Kacchan. You’re not going to look?” Deku nudges his shoulder with his chin, still laughing.

“If I look, I’ll have to see their ugly faces. I only want to see one ugly face right now,” Katsuki says, resolutely staring forward.

“Kacchan!” Deku gasps, leaning back with a smile.

“I hate that you’re so sweet and still such a jerk,” he says.

Katsuki smirks, tightening his arms around Deku.

“You wanna show me how much you hate it, baby?” he leans in again, leering at Deku.

Deku shoves his face aside and laughs but leans down to quickly kiss Katsuki’s cheek.

Katsuki pulls Deku back in for a proper kiss and ignores the mocking fake kissing noises behind him.

But, the longer they kiss, the louder the mocking gets, until Katsuki’s eyebrow twitches, and he spins to the side with Deku still in his lap to glare at them.

Sero and Kaminari have their backs turned to them, their hands rubbing up and down their backs as they pretend to kiss someone. Kirishima has his face shoved up against the barrier - fucking nasty, what the hell? - and is disgustingly kissing it, his lips and nose smooshed against the glass.

Ashido is swooning into Jirou’s arms, her hand held up to her forehead as she dramatically sighs and Jirou helps her, holding her up with a smirk. Uraraka is laughing and breathing on the glass, drawing hearts in the fog as Todoroki stares at them like a fucking creep, eyes flat and unblinking. He looks like a dead fish, and Deku starts laughing when Katsuki grumbles the thought to him.

Katsuki growls, moving to put Deku down and ignores Deku’s continued laughter. He carefully sets Deku on the table as he stands up, kissing him on the head, and smirking when Deku lets him go.

Kirishima perks up once he notices Katsuki’s movement, but immediately shrinks back in fear at the feral smile on Katsuki’s face.

Sero and Kaminari are so caught up in their one-man kisses, they don’t notice their friends starting to inch away and ignore Jirou hissing at them to Shut up!

“Alright fuckers, who’s first?” he yells, skating back to the rink with smoking palms.

The shrieks of fear and laughter as they scatter echo in the air along with Deku’s cheerful, “Go get ‘em, Kacchan!” fuel Katsuki, his savage grin and smoking palms the last thing they’ll see.