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Little!Reader BTS Requests Pt. 3

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REQUESTS ARE OPEN FROM NOW, 5/3/21 00:00 UNTIL 5/8/21 00:00.

I have 4 more requests from the last batch of requests that will be posted during this week that requests are open and directly after, then I will begin working on these new requests.

A quick reminder of the rules:

No sexual age play, messing/scat/poop, vomiting, suicide/suicide attempts, double penetration, breathplay, pet play, female-recieving anal sex, gender-bend BTS/BP/TXT (male reader or !trans reader/nb reader is fine to request), ABO, fantasy/magic/religious AUs.

Requests must be BTS or !Reader focused. I do not write BP or TxT-centric stories.

I will not include any fandoms outside of BTS, BP, TXT.


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You shook your head, pushing your plate away from you. "I don't want it," you complained. "I'm not hungry."

"You haven't eaten all day," Jimin shot back. "You need to eat."

"But I'm not hungry!" You tried again, slamming your fist on the table. "You can't make me!"

"Y/n," Yoongi said sternly. "Eat your food or you'll be punished. No TV for a week."

"No!" You crossed your arms over your chest.

"No phone, either," Namjoon threatened.

"I don't care!"

"You aren't leaving this table until you finish your food," Jungkook finally told you.

You felt tears welling up in your eyes; you knew the boys were serious. Your lower lip trembled as you begged them, "please. I don't want to eat. Please!"

Taehyung softened the slightest bit, reaching out to squeeze your shoulder. "Would you like something else to eat? We'll make you something different as long as you aren't being bratty."

You sniffled and shook your head, wiping your nose on your sleeve. "I don't wanna eat anything. Please don't make me."

Seokjin sighed and pushed your plate back towards you. "You need to eat, honey, I'm sorry."

When you still refused to touch your chopsticks, Hoseok shook his head at you. "We'll sit here all night, young lady. Your choice."

You ended up choking down the food through tears, with Taehyung rubbing your back and Seokjin wiping your tears. You whimpered when the meal was finally through, running up the stairs and slamming your bedroom door.

"I hate you! You're all so mean!"

It wasn't until the next day that Yoongi pulled you aside, into his bedroom. "You know," he said quietly, picking at his nails. "I struggle with it, too."

"With what, oppa?" You asked gently.

"With eating."

Your words caught in your throat, and you felt tears springing into your eyes. "I don't know what you're-"

"You do," Yoongi said simply, taking you by the wrist and pulling you to sit next to him. "It wasn't about being a brat yesterday. I could tell that you were struggling with something inside your head."

You finally nodded, swallowing your tears. "I wasn't trying to be a brat."

"I know," Yoongi murmured, fingers lacing with yours. "Can we make a deal?"

You stared at him blankly, shrugging.

"We get better together," Yoongi proposed. "When you eat, I eat. When you don't, I don't."

You swallowed thickly. "If I relapse?" You whispered.

"Then I will, too," he answered simply.


"I care about you," Yoongi whispered. "So, so much. And I know you care about me. I want us to both get better, together."

"I don't want you to relapse," you whispered brokenly.

"Then we both won't," Yoongi promised. He let go of your hand in favor of holding out his pinky to you. "Deal?"

You took his pinky with yours, hand shaking, and nodded. "We'll both get better, oppa."

And sure enough, you did.

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Taehyung huffed, leaning forward and complaining, "can we please just pick something already?"

Jimin snorted, scrolling through the PornHub search results at an even slower pace. "Why, baby? Feeling impatient?"

Taehyung groaned, bouncing his legs in succession. "I've been holding it all day, please."

Jimin finally clicked on another video, only to be met with Seokjin's disapproving tut. "Min, you know I don't like fake boobs."

Jungkook chimed in, "and I don't like that style pubic hair."

Namjoon shook his head, grabbing the remote from Jimin. "Every single video, someone has a problem with. Can't we just agree on something?"

"Yeah, before I piss myself," Taehyung whined.

Yoongi smiled at him, rubbing his hand over his thigh soothingly. "Just hold it a little longer, jagi. Unless you'd rather come get my lap nice and wet?"

Taehyung opened his mouth to protest, but then Namjoon clicked on another video.

"I don't like the angle," you protested.

"I don't like his haircut," Hoseok added.

"Oh my god," Taehyung whimpered, grinding himself down onto the couch. "If someone doesn't touch me in five fucking seconds, this couch is going to be covered in piss."

"What if," Seokjin suggested. "We just make our own porno, hmm? Since we can't seem to agree on anything."

"That's a good idea," Jungkook chimed in.

"Maybe we can pair off and each fuck around with something different," Jimin said.

Yoongi was the first to nod, grabbing Seokjin's hand. "Wanna show you my tongue technology, hyung."

"I want to record you begging Daddy to be touched," Jungkook teased you.

"I'm good at making girls squirt," Hoseok mused. "Maybe I'll make you squirt, too, Tae," he added with a grin.

"I wanna spank you, Min," Namjoon whispered, brushing back Jimin's hair. "Wanna spank you while you make me come."

As Seokjin set up his phone camera, Hoseok was already pulling Taehyung's clothes off him impatiently. "Wouldn't want these to get soaked, hmm?" He teased as he undid his jeans, making Taehyung blush bright red.

"You gonna be good for me, Min? Gonna take all your spankings?" Namjoon asked.

Jimin nodded eagerly, reaching for Namjoon's pants. "Can I suck you while you spank me?"

Namjoon ran his fingers through Jimin's hair and nodded. "Of course you can, jagiya."

Jungkook was already kissing down your neck, sucking a bruise into the junction between your throat and collarbone. "Daddy's gonna make you feel so good, baby."

"Please, Daddy," you whined.

Once Seokjin had his phone set up to record, Yoongi pulled him over near Namjoon and Jimin. "So you can spank Jiminie, too," he explained softly as the smack of Namjoon's hand against Jimin's bare bottom cracked through the air.

"What a good idea, Yoongs," Seokjin praised him, delivering his own smack to Jimin's ass as Yoongi tugged down his pants.

"H-hyung," Taehyung whined, rocking his hips back against Hoseok's fingers. "I have to go so bad."

Hoseok smirked and pumped his fingers even harder, relishing in the way Taehyung shuddered, tensing and trying to hold in his piss. "Gonna make a mess on the floor? Can't hold it for hyung?"

Taehyung shook his head adamantly, reaching down to give himself a squeeze. "Go-gonna hold it for you, hyung."

"You're so wet, baby girl," Jungkook murmured as he teased you with his tongue, licking kitten-like around your clit. But never quite on it.

"Please, Daddy," you whined. "Da-"

"Daddy! Harder!"

You all were shocked at the sound of Jimin's voice, broken and begging as Seokjin and Namjoon took turns smacking his ass. His voice was muffled from Namjoon's cock in his mouth, but you heard him clearly.

"Oh, fuck," Namjoon groaned. "Gonna make me cum calling me that, Min."

"Want you to cum, Daddy," he moaned around his cock. "Please spank me more, Daddy," he added, directing his gaze at Seokjin.

"Jesus," Seokjin groaned, tangling his fingers in Yoongi's hair as he slapped Jimin's ass with his other hand. "Yoongi, your mouth feels so good, baby. You feel so good."

"Want you to cum, too, hyung. With Joonie," Yoongi mumbled around his cock.

"Fuck; can't hold it, Tae?" Hoseok asked as a spurt of piss dribbled onto the floor. "Gonna squirt for me?"

Taehyung trembled as another spurt escaped, jetting onto the hardwood floor. He whimpered out a quiet, "please, hyung. Have to go."

"No one's stopping you, darling," Hoseok teased him.

"Please," you begged as you watched Taehyung struggle, Jungkook's tongue finally, finally circling you where you needed it. "Fuck me, Daddy. Need you inside."

"Ask me nicely, kitten," he murmured into your folds.

"Please fuck me. Pretty please, Daddy."

Jungkook smirked and crawled out from between your legs just as Seokjin started moaning, his hands fisting Yoongi's hair.

"Yoongi, baby, get off, I'm gonna-"

But Yoongi only sucked harder, cheeks hollowing as he sank down even further to push Seokjin over the edge.

"Shit," Seokjin gasped, hips twitching as he came down Yoongi's throat. "You did so good, Yoongs."

Jimin whimpered, wiggling his forgotten ass until Namjoon chuckled and spanked him again. "I'm close, too, Min. Can you make Daddy cum?"

Jimin nodded with a mewl, doubling his efforts as Namjoon started wailing on his ass, hands leaving red marks in their wake.

"G-gonna cum,, too, Daddy," he whined brokenly.

"Hobi-hyung," Taehyung had tears running down his cheeks by then, dribbles falling from his dick into the tiny puddle underneath him. "Please. Please, please, please."

Hoseok added a third finger and started kissing up Taehyung's spine. "Go ahead, Taehyungie. Squirt for me. Make a big mess."

Taehyung shuddered as he let go, a torrent spraying from his cock onto the floor. Hoseok continued pumping his ass through it, his free hand reaching around to massage his bladder.

"Oh, babe, there's so much. There we go. Let it all out."

Taehyung whimpered as he emptied himself, legs shaking as the puddle grew bigger and bigger.

"Daddy," you gasped with each sharp thrust of Jungkook's hips. "Gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."

"I didn't give you permission for that, though, did I?"

You shook your head, desperately trying to hold back. "Please, need it. Please, Daddy."

As soon as Namjoon came down Jimin's throat, he pulled out of his mouth roughly and shoved him towards Yoongi.

"You're both so hard," he purred. "Look how badly you need to cum."

"Go ahead, make each other cum," Seokjin purred as he and Namjoon began to spank Jimin again.

Obediently, Yoongi wrapped his hands around both their cocks so they could grind against each other and his hands, creating a delicious friction.

"Harder," Taehyung was begging, Hoseok's dick buried deep in his ass. "Gonna make me cum, hyung."

"Yeah?" Hoseok asked, canting his hips faster. "Gonna squirt again for hyung?"

"Go ahead, babe," Jungkook finally gave you permission. "Let's cum together. Wanna cum with Daddy?"

Your body decided for you as Jungkook spilled deep inside, your own muscles twitching as you came from the sensation.

"Daddy… so good…"

"M'cumming," Jimin whimpered, resting his head on Yoongi's shoulder. "Please, don't stop."

"Cumming, too," Yoongi gritted out as his cock throbbed, spilling all over his hands and their cocks.

Jimin followed seconds after, still getting his ass slapped by Namjoon and Seokjin.

Finally, Taehyung gasped, adding his cum to the mess he had made on the floor. As soon as he sagged against the floor, Hoseok pulled out and painted his back white, panting the whole time.

Lazily, Seokjin grabbed his phone and turned the recording off. "That was wild," he said with a smile.

"So good," Jimin murmured. He was tangled in Yoongi and Namjoon's arms, being cuddled and pet gently by them both.

From Jungkook's lap, you added, "I really enjoyed it."

"You okay, Tae?" Hoseok asked, kissing his cheek and moving him out of his mess.

Taehyung nodded, yawning. "Bath, please."

"You small, honey?" Seokjin asked gently.

Taehyung shook his head, leaning against Hoseok. "Might be soon, though. M'sleepy and fuzzy."

Namjoon chuckled and suggested, "I think we could all use a bath or a shower. Then we'll order some dinner. How does that sound?"

Jungkook smiled and kissed your hair. "Sounds perfect, hyung."

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I forgot to close requests last night as I was at my bachelorette party. But I am remembering now! I usually don't drink but I am a bit hungover and have to go to work, so I'm gonna try and rest a bit and will go through all the requests and comments that were left yesterday and overnight as soon as I am able to. Thank you for submitting such great requests!

Chapter Text

"Dada, no!" You screeched and covered your eyes, hiding from the screen as Namjoon fumbled to turn the TV off.

"Honey, I'm so sorry-"

"Baby, don't cry-"

The boys all tried to smother you with affection as soon as the TV went blank, but you were still very scared and it was overwhelming.

"No, no, no!" You whined and pulled away from them and ran across the room, eyeing the staircase. You didn't want to feel overwhelmed anymore, you just wanted to be alone.

Before you could change your mind, you were running upstairs and locking yourself in the bathroom. Your breathing evened out a bit once you were away from the scary TV and the overwhelmed feeling. You curled up in the bathtub, the cool feeling of the tile against your skin calming you even more.

"Baby girl," Yoongi called out, knocking softly. "Can you let us in, please?"

You didn't answer, curling further into yourself.

"Angel," Taehyung tried next. "We miss you, hmm?"

"We want to see our little girl," Hoseok added; you could tell he was pouting by the sound of his voice.

"No," you managed, voice trembling.

"Lovie," Jungkook's voice was a bit firmer. "You need to open the door."

"There's no locking doors when you're little and you know that," Seokjin added.

"No!" You still argued.

"Young lady," Jimin said, and uh oh, you must be in trouble. "If you make us go get the key, you're going to be in big, big trouble."

You stood on doe legs and climbed out of the tub, barely able to keep your balance. "Daddies," you mumbled, fingers shoved in your mouth as you toddled to the door.

"Yes, pretty, we're right here," Namjoon cooed. "You just need to open the door."

"Twouble?" You asked.

"You won't be in trouble if you let us in," Taehyung assured you.

You fiddled with the handle with your now-spit covered hand, only managing to slide the handle a tiny bit.

"Open," you mumbled.

"You need to unlock it first, honey," Yoongi reminded you. "Can you do that for us?"

You tried the handle again, letting out a frustrated whine when it still didn't open. "Open!" You demanded it again.

"I think she's too little to open it, hyung," Jimin was mumbling.

"Sweetie pie," Seokjin cooed gently. "Can you do what Da says? Can Da help you open the door?"

"Open, Da!" You agreed.

"Good girl," he praised you. Do you see that little circle with a line on it? It should be sticking out of the door handle."

"Yes, Da!"

"I need you to pinch it with your fingers and turn it to the side. Go ahead, baby."

You reached out and tried to do as you were told, but the little circle wouldn't turn! You huffed, getting annoyed.

Someone tried the door handle again, realizing that it was still locked.

"Lovie, try turning it the other way," Hoseok suggested.

You did as you were told, gasping as you heard the lock click. You did it!

"Open, Da!" You giggled.

Within seconds, the door flew open and Namjoon pulled you into his arms. "There's our girl," he murmured. "We were so lonely without you."

Yoongi pet your hair and added, "no more locking doors, doll. Okay? That was very dangerous."

"Dane-ber-us," you agreed as Jungkook kissed your cheek.

Hoseok chuckled and nodded. "We're so sorry we scared you with the TV, sweetie. And we didn't mean to overwhelm you after."

You nodded, unable to repeat all the big words your Baba was using. Gently, Taehyung prodded at your lips with a pacifier.

"No sucking on your fingers, angel," he chided you.

When the boys carried you back downstairs, there was a much nicer movie on the TV.

"Nemo!" You giggled, splaying out over the boys on the couch.

"That's right!" Seokjin said. "Only nice movies for our sweet baby girl."

"Nice moobie!" She repeated.

"We love you, sweetheart," Jimin reminded you, pulling you close and kissing your hair.

"Lub you…"

You stayed very very small for the rest of the afternoon, suckling on your pacifier and watching lovely movies while cuddling your daddies close.

Chapter Text

"You have to eat, baby. You need lots of energy to play with all your friends, hmm?" Taehyung tried to guide your fork back to your mouth, only to have you turn your face away.

"Don't wanna play with them," you argued. "Don't wanna go."

"Well, you made plans to hang out with everyone today," Namjoon reminded you. "It wouldn't be very nice to cancel."

"Don't care," you grumbled.

Jungkook had enough, and he grabbed the fork from Taehyung. "You're going to eat your pancakes, and then we're going to get you dressed. It isn't up for discussion."

"Mean, rotten Daddy," you huffed, kicking your feet and crossing your arms as Jungkook fed you.

Jungkook gave you a stern look, but let your attitude slide for the time being.

Upstairs in your room, every outfit that Jungkook picked out for you, you found a problem with.

"That's ugly."

"That one's itchy."

"I don't like green anymore."

"It's too cold for that."

Jungkook finally sighed and told you, "you can pick out what you would like to wear, then." He gestured at your dresser. "There you go, honey."

You shook your head. "No wanna wear anything. Wanna stay home and stay in my jammies."

"We already discussed this, little one. You can't bail on your friends. Now, pick out an outfit or I'll pick one out for you. It's up to you."

"Stupid, meanie, dumb Daddy!" You screeched, stomping your foot.

Jungkook's jaw twitched as he reached for you, and that's when you realized uh oh, you had crossed the line. Calmly, Jungkook laid you over his knees and started spanking you.

"You're getting spanked for not cooperating all morning and for talking back to me. You will not call your daddies names, that isn't nice."

You whimpered as Jungkook finally stopped spanking you, pulling you into his lap and trying to comfort you. But you didn't want his mean, stupid Daddy cuddles! He was the big jerk that spanked you, after all. So you pulled away with a huff and a puff and started pulling on your clothes.

When you arrived at the park, after an awkward, silent car ride, Jungkook pointed at the giant spider web rope in the center of the park, and the two tall, tall slides.

"You're too little to go on those, baby, okay? Only go on the smaller jungle gyms or you might get hurt."

You only shrugged noncommittally.

"Can Daddy have a hug?" He asked quietly. "Can we make up now?"

You shook your head and stalked away from him, over to your friends.

"Y/n!" Haru greeted you. "We playing tag."

"Go ahead," you huffed. "No wanna play."

"Wanna play something else?" Hanabi offered. "We can play on the slides!"

You shook your head, your eyes training on the spider web ropes. After glancing at Jungkook and confirming that he was distracted talking to the other caregivers, you smiled.

"No slides. I'm gonna climb that!"

"B-but-" Soobin tried to protest, but you ignored him and walked over to the web.

You thought you were a big girl, and you started climbing the big rope structure to spite your stupid, mean Daddy. However, a few rungs up, your left foot got caught as you tried to climb up to the next level. Your right foot missed its mark, and in your panic, you let go of the ropes and went crashing down to the ground.


Jungkook's head shot up at the sound of his baby calling for him, rushing to his feet at the sight of you sobbing, clutching your knee as your friends gathered around you.

"That's why you shouldn't have-" Jungkook trailed off as he got closer, his heart clenching as he watched you cry. "Baby," he mumbled, pulling you into his arms. "Let Daddy see."

Hesitantly, you exposed your scraped knee, and Jungkook wasted no time leaning down and pressing a barrage of kisses to it. "All better, my love. Daddy kissed it all better, hmm?"

"M'sorry, Daddy," you whispered, clinging to his shirt desperately. "Sorry for climbing when you told me no an' sorry for bein' a brat an' sorry for calling you names!"

"You're forgiven, angel," Jungkook cooed, wiping away each of your years gently. "It's okay, honey, I accept your apology."

"Home," you croaked in his arms. "Please."

"We'll go home, sweetheart. Daddy will take you home."

By the time you had said goodbye to your friends (after apologizing to them as well) and driven home, you had calmed down and your boo boos didn't hurt anymore.

"Wan' 'pologize to Dada an' Tou-san, too."

"Of course, little love," Jungkook murmured, kissing your cheek as he kicked the door shut behind you.

He carried you into the living room, where Namjoon and Taehyung were cuddled close on the couch.

"Home so soon?" Namjoon asked with raised eyebrows, assuming you had been acting up.

Jungkook nodded. "Baby took a tumble off the rope climb. Daddy kissed it all better though, yeah?"

You nodded. "I sorry, Dada. I sorry, Tou-san. Wasn't nice this morning."

"Thank you for apologizing, darling," Taehyung murmured, holding his arms out for you. You ended up sandwiched in between their embrace, cozy.

"What a nice thing to do, apologizing like that," Namjoon cooed. "Such a good girl."

"M'good?" You asked.

"The best." Namjoon punctuated the statement with a firm kiss to your cheek.

"We love you so much, princess," Jungkook told you from the other couch.

"Love daddies too," you murmured. "Love you all lots."

And for the rest of the afternoon, you cuddled with your daddies and watched movies, eating lots of snacks. Your bratty behavior was forgotten; you were your daddies good little girl once again.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's lower lip trembled as he tried to make it through the dance, his movements stiff as an ache throbbed in his shoulder. He messed up, tears welling up in his eyes, but he tried to press on. Tried to stay a big boy, and shove down the pain. Shove down his emotions.

"Stop!" Hoseok shouted, and the choreographer obediently stopped the music. "Hyung, you keep messing that part up."

Yoongi shrunk away from him, the pain in his shoulder feeling worse by the second. He whimpered as he clutched it with his hand, willing the pain away.

"Your shoulder," Jungkook rushed to him. "Is it acting up again? Did you overdo it, hyung?"

Yoongi broke at Jungkook's concern, tears slipping down his cheeks as he nodded. "Too much, Daddy," he cried. "Danced too much!"

"Oh, kitten," Namjoon cooed. "It's okay, daddies will make it all better."

Yoongi winced as Taehyung picked him up, trying his best to be mindful of Yoongi's healing injury. "We're gonna take you right home, love," he promised. "We'll get you feeling better in no time."

But that wasn't the case. Even after having pain medicine and applying both ice and heat to Yoongi's shoulder, the boy was still in pain.

"Da," he whined. "Hurts."

"I know, buttercup," Seokjin murmured, rocking Yoongi in his lap. "I'm so sorry we didn't notice sooner, baby."

"What can we do to distract you, honey?" Jimin asked. "Do you want to play with your toys?"

Yoongi shook his head. "Can't play."

"Okay, sweetie. What about a movie?" Hoseok asked.

Yoongi shrugged, the movement making his face crumple again. "Ouch!" Tears started falling down his cheeks again.

"Oh, Yoongs," Namjoon sighed, holding out his arms. "Come here, my brave boy."

"Not brave," Yoongi cried, burying his face in Namjoon's neck. "Hurts, hurts!"

"I know, baby," Jungkook said sadly. "We would do anything to make it all go away."

"Dada," Yoongi whined, nuzzling impossibly closer. "Please, please."

"What do you need, prince? Dada will do anything for his baby boy."

"Hugs," Yoongi whimpered.

Namjoon pulled him closer (he had been cuddling him extra carefully so that he wouldn't cause the little more pain). "How's that, little one?"

"B-bettaw," Yoongi whispered. "Still hurts."

"Look at the TV, pumpkin!" Taehyung cooed. "It's Sagwa, your favorite!"

Yoongi shook his head, crying harder against Namjoon's skin.

"Are you tired, little love?" Jimin asked. "Why don't we try and get some sleep?"

Yoongi didn't answer at all, so Hoseok reached out for him. "I'll take him upstairs."

But upstairs, Yoongi just continued to cry.

"Little one, I hate seeing you like this." Hoseok's own emotions were getting the best of him, a few tears leaking down his cheeks. "Baba hates seeing his baby hurting."

"No cry, Baba," Yoongi wailed.

By then, you had gotten home, and rushed into Yoongi's room at the sound of the crying.

"Oh, Yoongi, love. And oppa!" You rushed over to them and started giving Yoongi kisses while you thumbed away Hoseok's tears. "It's okay. Everything's okay."

"Oh, hyung." Jimin had followed you into the room, and he snuggled up to Hoseok to try and comfort him. "Don't get upset."

By then, all the boys had gathered into the room. They each tried their best to comfort Yoongi (Hoseok had calmed down after a good cry), giving him lots of hugs and kisses.

"We love you so much, Yoongichi," Seokjin told him. "I know we can't make the ouchies go away, but we'll always be here to comfort you, yes?"

Yoongi nodded. "Comfowt, Da."

"That's right, smart boy," Taehyung praised him. "We're here to comfort our kitten."

Eventually, Yoongi did fall asleep. He looked much more peaceful, and you were all grateful that he managed to get some rest and spend a few hours out of pain. In the morning when he was big, however? You all scolded him gently for overworking himself after such a big surgery. And, a bit begrudgingly, he let you baby him while he was big, too.

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Chapter Text

"You did good today, Hobi," the choreographer smiled at him, but Hoseok knew it wasn't real.

He had fucked up. Over and over again, the same move. How could he help the other boys, being a good dance leader, when he couldn't even get it right? He kicked the wall in frustration before deciding to head home.

The dorm seemed empty; quiet. Your toys were strewn about in the living room, a clear sign that someone had been little recently. Hoseok toed off his shoes and stared longingly at a coloring book.

Grown ups colored to relax, didn't they? They even marketed adult coloring books. Surely coloring in a child's book would be relaxing, just the same.

The room seemed much bigger as he sat down with the coloring book, beginning to color in a butterfly purple. He felt his chest tighten with anxiety, and he reached for something to comfort him. The nearest object was a pink panda stuffie, and he relaxed with it in his arms.

Before he knew it, Hoseok had finished his butterfly picture! With one hand pressing his thumb to his mouth and the other holding a green crayon, he pouted. Was anyone going to tell him that he colored well?

"Hyung, I didn't know you were…"

Once Namjoon's vision shifted from Hoseok's sneakers to the boy himself, his face softened. He knelt down next to Hoseok without hesitation, pointing at the picture.

"Did you color this in all by yourself?"

Hoseok nodded, still sucking on his thumb.

"Wow!" Namjoon ruffled his hair and grinned. "It's so pretty, Hobi, you did such a good job!"

Hoseok looked at him with doe eyes, beaming. "Hobi good?"

"Of course," Namjoon cooed. "Hobi is so, so good." Namjoon reached over and grabbed a blue pacifier from the coffee table, pressing it to Hoseok's lips. "How about this instead of your thumb, baby?"

Hoseok opened for it without question, humming as he sucked.

"Is that okay?" Namjoon ask softy. "Can I take care of you? Call you nice things and play with you?"

Hoseok nodded, crashing against Namjoon for a hug. "Wan' you to take care of me. Wan' play an' get nice things."

Namjoon squeezed him tight and kissed the top of his head. "You can have whatever you want, darling. You're just so sweet. Do you like hugs and kisses, little one?"

Hoseok grinned. "Yes, please, Dada." Hoseok blushed and asked, "s'okay? Can call you Dada?"

Namjoon pressed another kiss to his hair. "You can call me whatever you're comfortable with, my dear. Now, what do you want to play, hmm?"

Hoseok crawled out of Namjoon's embrace and grabbed a nearby action figure. "Play heroes with Dada!"

Namjoon was absolutely smitten with little Hoseok. All afternoon they played action figures and robots and Legos, until Hoseok was tuckered out, half asleep in Namjoon's lap.

"You're so cute, Hobi. You sleepy, baby boy?" He asked, brushing back his hair.

"Mm…" Hoseok gave a weak squeeze and nodded. "Sleepy. Wan' sleep."

"I'll tuck you in, little love, don't you worry."

Hoseok was asleep before his head hit the pillow, safe and comfortable in Namjoon's arms. In fact, he couldn't even remember what he had been stressed about before. His Dada had made everything all better, and Hoseok knew that he always would.

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"Random question to the people who read these kind of fics: are you a little or cg or do you just like these kind of fics? Genuinely curious because it just occurred to me that not everyone reading this is probably a little or cg and I wondered how many actually are."

Chapter Text

Jungkook rubbed Taehyung's back in slow circles, shushing the baby when he would start to whimper.

"My little prince, the medicine isn't working?"

Taehyung shook his head sadly, tears brimming in his eyes. "W-wanted to have fun day a-alone wiff Daddy… too sick though."

"Oh, love," Jungkook thumbed his tears away with his free hand before kissing each of his cheeks. "I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, but Daddy is grateful to have alone time with you no matter what. You know that?"

Taehyung sniffled, managing a small nod. "E-even if my nose is boogery?"

Jungkook chuckled and reached over to the end table for a tissue. "Even then," he promised, holding the tissue to Taehyung's nose. "Blow," he instructed.

Taehyung did, but even after using up three tissues, his nose was still stuffed. He whimpered and buried his face in Jungkook's neck.

"Feel gross."

Jungkook pressed the back of his hand to Taehyung's flushed face, making sure that his fever wasn't creeping dangerously higher. He kissed the little's hair and rocked him softly.

"Try and sleep, baby boy, hmm?"

But Taehyung just couldn't get comfy, even in his daddy's arms. He shifted and grumbled and whimpered, clutching the back of Jungkook's shirt.

"Throat hurts, Daddy."

Jungkook nodded. "I'll make you some special tea, how about that?"

Taehyung pouted. "Lemons and honey?" He asked.

Jungkook nodded. "I know it tastes icky, lovie, but it will help."

Taehyung clung to Jungkook as he carried him into the kitchen, setting the kettle on.

"What else can Daddy do for TaeTae, hmm?" He asked, bouncing his baby.

Taehyung shrugged and mumbled, "m'cold."

"Let's get you in a warmer onesie, then, hmm?"

Upstairs, Taehyung whined when he was set on the bed all alone for Jungkook to dig through his dresser.

"Daddy, gotta pee."

"You're wearing a diaper, sweetie," Jungkook reminded him. "Go ahead and Daddy will change you."

In addition to a warmer, footed onesie, Jungkook also took out changing supplies. He rubbed Taehyung's belly for a few moments before reaching for his onesie snaps.

"You finished, baby bear?"

Taehyung nodded and shut his eyes as his Daddy gently changed him. He was even colder now, all exposed, and he felt sleepy.

"All done, my little love," Jungkook cooed as he zipped up the pajamas. "Are you warmer now?"

Taehyung nodded sleepily. "Wan' nap," he said with a yawn. "Throat hurts."

"Daddy's making you tea, remember? It'll help your throat and then maybe you can sleep."

Jungkook added lots and lots of honey to try and mask the taste of the lemon. Thankfully, Taehyung drank his bottle down without complaint, snuggled in Jungkook's arms.

"There we go," Jungkook murmured, popping the empty bottle from his mouth. Taehyung's eyes were already closed. "You get some rest, little bear."

For their next day alone, Taehyung hoped he would be feeling better. But it warmed him inside and out to know that his Daddy would always be there to take care of him, sick or not.

Chapter Text


Jungkook took his thumb out from between his teeth, where he had been biting at the calloused skin. "Hyung?" He croaked.

"You stressed?" Seokjin asked gently, reaching out to ruffle his hair.

Jungkook nodded hesitantly, leaning into the touch. "Kinda."

"Why don't you relax?" Hoseok asked. "Be little for us, hmm?"

"Daddies would love to take care of you," Jimin added sweetly.

Jungkook turned a bright shade of red at that, shaking his head. "Dunno if I can."

"Why not?" Yoongi asked, brow furrowing.

Jungkook shrugged. "M'embarrassed," he admitted softly. "I'm supposed to be a daddy, not-"

"Oh, Kook-ah, that's just not true," Taehyung said gently. "We all need to relax sometimes. Doesn't make us any less of a caregiver when we're big."

Jungkook shrugged again, almost despondent. His thumb was back in his mouth, probably near bleeding. Seokjin gingerly moved it away, instead holding Jungkook's hand in his lap.

"Can we help you?" Namjoon asked. "Maybe you can relax and be little if we ease you into it."

Jungkook trembled slightly; the thought of being a baby in front of his hyungs was terrifying when big. But, he really, really needed to relax. So he found himself nodding.

"Sweet boy," Seokjin cooed, pulling Jungkook into his lap. "Come here, hmm? Let Da cuddle you."

The cuddles felt really, really good… but he couldn't relax into them.

The kisses Hoseok pressed to his cheeks didn't make him giggle.

The cartoons Yoongi put on seemed silly.

The juice Taehyung gave him in a sippy cup was too sweet, and the cup felt too small in his hands.

The pacifier Namjoon stuck in his mouth was immediately spat out with shame.

When Jimin tried to dress him in comfy, little clothes, Jungkook refused.

He was even more on edge than when he'd first gotten home.

"Hyungs, I… it isn't working." He was so frustrated, he almost began to cry. "I'm just gonna go to bed, okay?"

"Jungkookie," Taehyung pouted, but he let Jungkook go. They all did.

In his room, Jungkook cried quietly by himself before falling into a fitful sleep.

Namjoon woke up to the sound of distant crying, and his caregiver instincts had him jumping out of bed immediately to see who had slipped and needed help.

"Kook-ah? Why are you crying?"

It didn't take more than five seconds after turning on the light to see that the boy had finally slipped. He was clutching a pillow tight like a makeshift stuffie, bawling loudly.

"Oh, baby boy, shh." Namjoon joined him on the bed after picking up a stuffed rabbit from the floor. He gently replaced the pillow in Jungkook's arms with it and pulled him into his arms the best he could with the blankets in the way. "Love, what happened? Did you have a nightmare?"

Jungkook shook his head.

"No?" Namjoon asked. "Were you afraid because you woke up alone? Was it too dark?"

He shook his head again and started crying even louder.

"What's going on?" Jimin asked from the doorway, rubbing his eyes.

"I don't know," Namjoon admitted. "I heard him crying and woke up, but he won't tell me why."

"Baby," Jimin tried to coax an answer out of him. "If you don't tell daddies what's wrong, how can we fix it?"

Jungkook hiccupped on a sob and blurted out, "wet! M'sorry. Didn't mean to."

Namjoon breathed a sigh of relief and kissed Jungkook's head. "Oh, prince, is that all? You don't have to apologize. It's okay, sweetheart."

"Just an accident," Jimin affirmed, ruffling his hair. "Can daddies help you clean up? You'll feel better when you're warm and dry, I bet."

Jungkook glanced between them nervously.

"It's okay, Jungkookie," Namjoon encouraged him. "We don't mind. But if you aren't comfy with that and you want to clean up by yourself, or have us wake up Tou-san, that's okay, too."

Jungkook shook his head. "Koo want Dada and Appa."

Jimin looked like he might actually die from how cute the maknae was.

It took some coaxing to get Jungkook into the bathroom, and even more coaxing to keep him from crying as Jimin gently cleaned him up.

"I'm gonna put a pull-up on you, darling," Jimin explained as he slid it up his legs. "Just in case you have to go again, alright?"

Jungkook looked about ready to burst into tears again before Namjoon distracted him by asking, "do you want to come sleep with Dada tonight?"

In the morning, the night was a bit of a blur to Jungkook. He woke up feeling small, smelling his Dada close to him. He nuzzled closer before realizing that he had to pee. That was when the events of the night started coming back to him.

He had to be a big boy! How could he let his da- his hyungs baby him last night?! He was a big boy. He was a daddy, not a baby!

"Where are you going, Kookie?" Namjoon asked, arms pulling him closer as he tried to crawl out of bed. "Are you big?"

He wasn't. As much as he wanted to convince himself that he was big, he was feeling absolutely tiny. He whimpered, trying to wiggle away.


Right. Seokjin had already been in Namjoon's bed already last night, so Jungkook had been sandwiched between his Da and Dada all night.

"I'm peeing," he all but wailed.

Namjoon let out a soft chuckle and kissed his hair. "That's fine, baby, just go. You're wearing a pull-up."

"Not a baby!" Jungkook argued, but the fact that he was still steadily wetting his pull-up proved otherwise. "Koo gotta be big!"

Seokjin pulled him close and assured him, "but you are a baby. Our sweet, precious little baby. Our adorable little maknae."

"You don't have to be big," Namjoon promised him, kissing his cheek. "You can be as little as you want."

Jungkook shook his head at that, though, nibbling on his lower lip.

Seokjin sighed and brushed back his hair. "How about we go see Tou-san and he can get you cleaned up, hmm?"

Jungkook didn't protest when Seokjin picked him right up. It felt really, really nice to be carried, actually.

"Sorry to interrupt," Seokjin chuckled. Tou-san and Papa had been kissing when they walked in; it made Jungkook blush.

"Are you little, Jungkook-ah?" Taehyung asked excitedly. "Come here," he cooed. "Come to Tou-san!"

Jungkook whimpered as Taehyung held him close, bouncing him. Yoongi ruffled his hair and pressed so, so many kisses to his cheeks.

"Our sweet little angel needs a change and some reassurance. I was thinking his Tou-san and Papa could help?" Seokjin explained.

Yoongi reached out and rubbed Jungkook's back, nodding. "Let's get you changed, sweetie."

Jungkook whimpered when Taehyung inevitably set him down, so Yoongi ended up having to change him while Taehyung cuddled and kissed him on the bed.

"Jungkookie," Yoongi tickled his tummy. "You're such a tiny baby," he told him. "So small and cute. We love you so much."

Jungkook looked at Taehyung to see if he agreed.

Taehyung nodded and kissed his baby's forehead. "We love taking care of you. We will always love taking care of you."

From the doorway, another voice. "Is our little Jungkookie feeling down?" Hoseok asked. "We can't have that, now, can we?"

Hoseok curled up on the other side of Jungkook, peppering kisses to his hair. When Jungkook began to whine, Yoongi pulling down his wet pull-up, his daddies shushed him.

"Shh, love, it's okay," Yoongi soothed him as he wiped him down. "You're just a baby. Papa's going to put a diaper on you, alright?"

Jungkook whined again and Taehyung assured him, "it's okay. Our Jungkookie is just a tiny little boy and we don't mind. Let us take care of you, okay?"

Jungkook didn't realize that he had become nonverbal until Hoseok kissed his cheek and murmured, "such a quiet little thing. Hasn't said a word since I've seen him."

It had been much longer than that though, hadn't it? Jungkook's mind turned to putty as Yoongi snapped a onesie on him, as Taehyung carried him downstairs. All his daddies seemed to think that him being little was okay. They all wanted to take turns feeding him.

When he got messy, hands and face covered in oatmeal, his daddies cooed at him, saying what a messy little baby he was, and cleaned him right up.

Jungkook got so many kisses, all over his whole face! Everyone wanted to play toys with him. He felt fuzzy. All he knew was that his mind felt empty and his heart felt full, spilling over with his daddies love.

Maybe, Jungkook didn't have to be big after all. His daddies all clearly thought he was the sweetest little baby in the world.

Chapter Text

"Can we go, can we go?"

Hoseok raised his eyebrows. "You're excited to go to the doctor, little one?"

You nodded. "Wanna see Dr. Kim!"

Taehyung ruffled your hair and asked, "do you wanna be a doctor just like her when you grow up, baby?"

You shook your head. "Dr. Kim is the best doctor, right?"

"She sure is, doll," Yoongi agreed. "You look up to her?"

You shrugged. Is that what you were feeling? "I think so! My tummy feels funny when I see her. And my chest gets all tingly."

Seokjin smirked. "Oh yeah? What else, honey?"

"Uhmmmm… I like when she laughs. She's really pretty when she smiles."

Jungkook pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek. "Do you feel that way when you're big, too, love?"

You shook your head. "Still think she's nice though, when I'm big."

Jungkook breathed a sigh of relief at that, and Jimin asked, "do you think you have a little crush on Dr. Kim?"

You turned pink up to your ears and shook your head. "Uh uh! Crushes yucky! Baby doesn't have any crushes on nobody!"

Namjoon snickered and pulled you into his lap. "Oh, no?" He asked, tickling your sides. "Not even your daddies? You don't wanna kiss us anymore?"

You squealed and wiggled in his arms, trying to escape. "W-wanna kiss daddies!"

Taehyung grabbed you next, continuing the tickle attack. "Oh, yeah? Sounds like baby has a crush on her daddies, then, too!"

You managed to get away from his wandering hands, only to be grabbed by Yoongi, next. Instead of tickling you, though, he started kissing your cheeks.

"Such a cute little baby!" He cooed. "It's okay to have crushes on us and Dr. Kim. You're so adorable."

Jungkook smooched your lips and your forehead before adding, "such an innocent little angel."

You giggled at all the kisses, shaking your head. "Daddies, stop it! Gonna be late to see Dr. Kim!"

"You're right, sweetheart," Seokjin humored you. "Let's get ready."

And if you were quiet and shy, with red cheeks, for the entire doctor visit? Well, your daddies were nice enough not to mention it.

Chapter Text

When the boys got home from filming their Vlive, you were still in tears on the couch.

"Baby, we're home~"

But Jimin's sing-song ceased immediately when they saw the state you were in, curled up on the couch, sobbing.

"Oh, sweetheart," Jungkook immediately knew the cause of your tears and pulled you into his lap. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking; I never wanted you to know, ARMY to know, I-"

"That's bad, Daddy!" You screeched, clinging to him.

"I already gave Daddy a very stern talking-to, little one," Namjoon admitted. "So let's not make him feel worse, okay?"

You sniffled, looking up to see that Jungkook had red-rimmed eyes, the same as your own. "Daddy, we didn't notice. Didn't help. Why didn't Daddy ask for help?"

"It's hard, baby," Yoongi soothed you. "Isn't it?"

You nodded, fingers curling against Jungkook's shirt. "But Daddy-"

"Honey, Daddy really-"

Jungkook shook his head, cutting Taehyung off. "It's okay, sweetheart. You can tell Daddy how you're feeling."

Your lip trembled as you told him, "kn-know it's not Daddy's fault. But… What if… what if an ARMY said that? That they didn't eat for that long?"

Jungkook averted his eyes. "I would tell them that they need to eat, to be healthy."

"What if it was me, or Appa?"

Jungkook bit back tears. "I'm sorry, love. I haven't been a good role model for you, or Appa, or ARMY-"

You cut him off with a soft kiss. "It's not that, Daddy," you explained. "It's just that, the way you feel about us? That's how we feel about you."

Jungkook pulled you in tight and kissed the top of your head. "Sejin is going to get me help, baby. Okay? I'm gonna get better for you, and Appa, and all your other daddies. For ARMY, okay?"

"Daddy?" You placed a hand on each of his cheeks. "I love your cheeks. And I love you. I want you to be healthy."

Hoseok, quietly: "You gave me the best of me, so you'll give you the best of you."

You smiled and kissed Jungkook's lips. "So show me."

Jungkook kissed you back and promised, "I'll show you."

Chapter Text

"Hanabi, guess what!"


"My friend Hwan is coming to play with us! He's really nice."

Hanabi shrunk up as she always did at the promise of meeting new people; it was always an internal diatribe of, will they like me? Will they accept me?.

"Promise he's nice?" She asked.

You nodded. "Promise," you whispered, linking your pinkies. With a sly grin you added, "I think you'll really, really like him."

It had all been a part of the plan; you all but rubbed your hands together as your scheme fell into place. Hwan and Hanabi were playing together on the playground, and you were all but forgotten. But instead of feeling left out, you felt your chest swell with the sound of Hanabi's laughter as Hwan tickled her ribs.

"You planned this, didn't you?" Hoseok asked you.

You only shrugged.

"So that's why you wanted Hwan to join us so bad," Jimin chuckled.

"I just thought they would get along really good! Oppa doesn't have a little, and Hanabi doesn't have a Daddy…"

Seokjin kissed your head and assured you, "you did a nice thing, little matchmaker."

They grew more and more comfortable around each other, every time that you would hang out. Soon enough, Hanabi was sitting on Hwans lap during movies, playing with his hair. When it was naptime, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. It wasn't long before she was seeing him without you, the middleman, there.

"You… got these for me?" She asked, staring at the pile of toys and stuffies and clothes on Hwan's coffee table, on one of their many recent visits.

Hwan nodded. "I thought… in case you slip… that we should have stuff here for you."

Hanabi turned pink up to her ears. "Th-thank you, oppa," she murmured, running her fingers over a stuffed animal. "Uhm, but… I probably. Should tell you things," she mumbled. "Before you decide if you wanna get involved with me or not."

Hwan patted the spot next to him on the couch and assured her, "there's nothing you could ever say that would make me not want to get involved with you." Hanabi joined him on the leather sofa. "But, do your worst."

Hanabi managed a small smile and started fiddling with a hole in her jeans. "Uhm… I don't know if you are looking for a girlfriend as well as a little, but. If you are, I don't think I'm what you're looking for."

Hwan asked, "why's that?"

"You won't want to have sex with me," she blurted out.

"Well, it's a bit soon for that," Hwan murmured, reaching for her hand and threading their fingers together. "But I promise you, if and when that time comes, I will want to do whatever you'll allow me to, Hanabi."

She shook her head, inadvertently squeezing Hwan's fingers. "I don't have the right parts," she tried again.

Hwan shrugged. "Well, I'm looking for a girlfriend and a little, not shopping around for a new car. So I'm sure your parts are just fine, hon."

Frustrated, Hanabi groaned. "I have a dick, oppa!"

Hwan squeezed her hand gently. "I know," he answered calmly. "When y/n grilled me for an hour about whether I was bisexual or pan and then immediately insisted that I meet you, well… I kind of put two and two together."

Hanabi completely deflated at that, almost near tears. "You're not just saying that though? So you won't hurt my feelings?"

Hwan shook his head, letting go of Hanabi's hand in favor of wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "You're perfect just the way you are. I don't want to rush things, if you aren't ready. I just want you to know that I'm here for you, little or big. And I am very much interested in any type of relationship that you are open to."

It took some time, for that trust to flourish. For Hanabi to be really, truly comfortable with Hwan. With him seeing her as she was, both little and big. But soon enough? Hanabi could hardly remember her life without him.

"Daddy, look, I…" Hanabi clapped her hand over her mouth, looking down at the picture she'd wanted to show Hwan.

Hwan, however, knelt down and kissed her temple. "Show Daddy, sweetheart. What did you draw, hmm?"

"I drew us," she whispered, pointing. "Us when I'm big, on a date. And then us when I'm little, at the park."

Hwan smiled and pulled her into his lap. "It's beautiful, baby. It's going right on the fridge! Daddy wants to see it all the time."

Hanabi giggled and leaned back against him. She wasn't careful, or cautious. She didn't worry about what he may or may not feel on her body. She didn't have to. Because Hwan never acted like she was any different from any other girl.

"You're silly, Daddy."

Hwan shook his head and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "No, princess. I'm just really, really happy to hear you call me that."

And she meant it when she replied, "I'm really, really happy, too."

Chapter Text

"Hi, noonas, it's good to-"

The four girls pushed right past Jungkook and into the dorm, however.

"Where's the baby?" Jisoo asked the boys.


Lisa cut Seokjin off with a huff. "We just went on Vlive and told everyone that anyone who has a problem with Yoongi and her dating now have a problem with us, too!"

"Nobody is mean to our princess and gets away with it!" Jennie added.

You came barreling into the room, right into Rose's arms, asking, "mean it, unnies? Said that?"

Jisoo nodded. "We sure did. And we tweeted about it, too!"

"No one makes you cry and gets away with it," Rose said, hugging you close. "Anybody messes with you again and you tell unnies right away, okay?"

You giggled and nodded. "Unnies my protectors?"

"We sure are, darling," Lisa told you, ruffling your hair.

"You got a new number, right, baby girl?" Jennie asked, stealing you from Rose. "All new accounts?"

You nodded. "Grandpa and Sejin-oppa helped me!"

Jisoo smiled and kissed your cheek. "I'm glad, baby. And guess what! A lot of people are really, really happy for you. Anyone who isn't just isn't a true ARMY and you don't have to worry about them."

You nodded in agreement. "No worry! Unnies protect me from the haters!"

The girls finally seemed to realize all the boys gawking at your display, and blushed at their rude entrance.

"Uhm, hi," Rose chuckled nervously. "It's good to see you."

"Sorry for barging in like that," Lisa apologized sheepishly.

Yoongi only grinned and said, "as long as you're standing up for our little girl, you can barge in any time you want."

Chapter Text

Yoongi trembled, pulling the blanket closer around himself as the shadows danced along the walls of the camper. Why had big him wanted to sleep out here all alone? It was lonely, and scary, and dark!

Whimpering, Yoongi reached a hand down between his legs, glancing at the dark, spooky hallway that led to the little camper toilet. The bathroom was right there, but what if a monster attacked him on his way there?

He had gone to sleep big last night, glad to have the whole camper to himself. But now? He wished his mommy or daddies were here to help him. Maybe he could go to the main house and wake someone up to take him potty inside, and then he could go back to bed with one of his caregivers instead of feeling all alone.

The grass was cold and wet with morning dew under his feet, and Yoongi sped across it for three reasons. The first was that it felt gross under his feet. The second was that he really, really needed to go potty. The third? Well, what if the monsters followed him out of the camper and chased him across the lawn?!

Yoongi was nearly leaking into his pants by the time he reached the glass door, one hand clutching between his legs as he danced in place, struggling to open the door with his other hand.

"Daddies," he whimpered, banging loudly on the first door he came to inside. "Potty, please! 'Mergency!"

But it was already too late. His tummy twisted up and he felt himself peeing down his leg, which brought tears to his eyes. Hoseok and Taehyung threw the door open just as Yoongi's pee started splattering on the floor, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Sorry, m'sorry! T-tried to hold it. Didn't mean to have a accident!"

Hoseok sleepily kissed his head while Taehyung pulled him close, assuring him, "baby, it's not your fault. It's okay. Please don't cry."

"What happened, sweetheart?" Hoseok asked as Taehyung carried Yoongi into the bathroom. "Why didn't you go potty in the camper?"

Fresh tears welled up in Yoongi's eyes; what if his daddies thought he was a stupid baby for being scared? He shook his head.

"You can tell us, bub," Taehyung encouraged him as he stripped off his wet pants and underwear. "We'll never be mad at you for having an accident, love, you know that."

"Was dark and scary," Yoongi finally explained. "W-wanted daddies to take me but I was all alone! Thought I could hold it…"

Hoseok wiped away Yoongi's tears as Taehyung cleaned him up with a warm washcloth. "Little love," Hoseok cooed. "It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to have accidents. That's what your daddies are here for; to make your fears go away and to clean up any accidents, yeah?"

Instead of reaching for the fresh pair of pants and underwear that Hoseok had thoughtfully grabbed, Taehyung kissed Yoongi's belly button to make him giggle.

"Would you like a diaper, honey bear?"

Yoongi blushed, glancing at his Baba for affirmation.

"It's okay, buddy," Hoseok assured him, hugging him gently. "You're just a little baby; you can wear a diaper."

Finally, Yoongi nodded, and Taehyung skillfully taped the diaper on without making him lie down on the cold floor. Soon he was dressed in a pair of his Baba's warm sweatpants.

"Do you wanna play a bit before we go back to sleep?" Taehyung offered. "We brought Emil and some legos with us."

Yoongi's eyes lit up at the mention of his stuffed moose. "Emil?"

"Yes, buttercup. I bet he misses you!" Hoseok scooped him up in his arms and kissed his temple. "Let's go get him."

Well, by the time Yoongi was feeling better and ready for sleep, the sun had finally come up and the other boys were slowly filtering into the room. Hoseok, Taehyung, and Yoongi were all yawning, and… all three of them would sure nap good later on.

Chapter Text

"You'll ruin your eyes like that," you chided Taehyung. "Come on, take a break from that computer, babe."

Taehyung shook his head, running his fingers through his hair. "Have to finish this song, noona."

"Won't take a break for noona?" You asked. You carefully plucked his glasses from his face and asked, "what about for Mommy?"

Taehyung outright whined at that, trying to squirm away from the arms you wrapped gently around him. "D-don't! I have to finish this."

"Taehyungie, listen to me." You brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead. "You're working too hard and you're going to burn yourself out. You need to relax, sweetheart. Mommy always knows best, don't I?"

Taehyung squirmed in his chair, sucking his lower lip into his mouth. "But…"

"But what, my love?" You asked, cupping his cheek. "I can tell you're needing it. You need to be a tiny little baby for Mommy."

Taehyung reached his arms up at that, asking, "i-if I'm little do I get hugs?"

You chuckled and hugged him close, kissing his head. "All the hugs you could ever want, baby boy."

"And more kisses?"

You smooched his cheek to prove a point. "Do you want to watch a movie? How about Brother Bear?"

Taehyung nodded, bouncing in place. "Movie night with Mommy!"

Since Jungkook was out with his 97 liner friends that evening, you set up in front of his giant gaming TV.

"Are you comfy, love bug?"

Taehyung nodded, his mop of hair hitting you in the face as he did so. One arm clutched a dog stuffie to his chest and the other held a bowl of popcorn. You were feeding him bite by bite as the movie played.

"Love this movie, Mommy."

"I know, prince. It's so good, isn't it?"

He nodded again, snuggling against you. "You're my Mommy bear," he told you.

You laughed softly and booped his nose. "And you're my Baby bear."

Taehyung suddenly got quiet, remembering what happened to the Mommy bear in the movie. "You won't leave me, right, Mommy?"

You used your fingers to tilt his chin, kissing a line down his face; his forehead, the tip of his nose, his lips. "Sweet boy, I will never, ever, ever leave you."

Taehyung giggled and kissed you back. "I never leave you either, Mommy. I love you."

"And I love you, little one."

Chapter Text

You gaped at the boys, trembling with anticipation. "You want to… what?"

"Baby you," Jimin explained again. "We want to make you our little baby."

You bit the inside of your mouth. "But… I'm an adult. I'm older than some of you, even!"

Jungkook shrugged. "That doesn't matter. We just want you to let us do what we want to you. Dress you up and feed you and play with you…"

You didn't really know what the day would entail, but you found yourself remembering that if it was really that bad… well, you could always just use your safeword. So you found yourself nodding.

"One more thing," Hoseok added darkly. "We want you to fight us every step of the way."

You smirked. "As if I wouldn't?" The boys knew you liked playing hard to get in every situation. And being treated like an infant? That wasn't up your alley at all.

"I know our little girl isn't talking back," Seokjin hummed.

You gasped at him. "I-"

"In fact," Taehyung interrupted you. "Little babies don't talk much at all, do they?"

You huffed, opening your mouth to protest. But instead, a rubber teat was shoved inside, and you tried to squirm away. Instead of "what the fuck" it came out more like "whthahuh?"

Yoongi chuckled and pinched your cheek. "Let's go, pumpkin. Daddies are going to put you in some nice, comfy clothes now."

Daddies? That was not a part of the plan.

You tried to speak again, an obscenity falling from your lips, but Yoongi smacked your bottom as he carried you up the stairs.

"Little babies like you better not use any bad words. Do you want to be punished?"

You burned bright red at the spanking and his belittling words.

"Good little girls keep their paci in their mouth and do what their daddies say. Do you understand, princess?" Namjoon asked.

You nodded, not wanting anymore spanks.

"Good, pretty girl," Jimin cooed as Yoongi laid you on the bed. "I'm glad you understand."

You wanted to be good to avoid anymore punishment, but then… you saw what Seokjin pulled out of the closet.

"No!" You screeched. "No way! Don't you dare!"

"Does our little one need another spanking?" Jungkook purred sweetly.

"You can only use nice words, doll," Jimin reminded you.

You fought the boys as they undressed you, terribly embarrassed. But the embarrassment was accompanied by another feeling. Something warm and safe coiling inside you, at the thought of them making you their little baby.

"Pl-please, no," you whimpered once you were fully undressed. You were becoming accustomed to the way the pacifier muffled your speech. "Not the diaper."

Taehyung simply kissed your nose and told you, "we just don't want any accidents, baby."

You all but growled, "I'm not going to piss in a diaper!"

Seokjin gasped, flipping you over and spanking your bare bottom. "I thought you were going to speak nicely to your daddies, little girl. We don't use naughty words!"

The spanking stung enough that your eyes watered, and you sniffled as Hoseok taped up the diaper, covering you up.

"Oh, baby doll," Namjoon cooed. "If you would just speak nicely like your daddies taught you to, then you wouldn't get spankies."

"Ni-nicely?" You asked as Jungkook pulled a onesie over your head, snapping it between your legs.

"Yes, nicely," Yoongi explained. "You call us Daddy and you ask nicely for what you want like a good little girl. Can you do that?"

You nodded. You could be a good girl, couldn't you?

Jimin cleared his throat, giving you a pointed look. "Yes, Daddies," you hummed.

"Such a good girl," Seokjin praised you, picking you up and kissing your cheek. "Let's go downstairs and play, hmm?"

Downstairs, Jimin held you in his lap and bounced you while the other boys put on cartoons for you. They dangled silly baby toys in front of your face, but you rejected all of them. You weren't a baby!

"Cutie pie, I made you a snack!" Namjoon announced, presenting you with none other than a babies bottle.

You shook your head and tried to squirm out of Jungkook's arms, who you had recently been deposited into.

"I know our little girl isn't throwing a tantrum over her bottle," Taehyung chirped, his tone warning.

"I'm not a baby," you argued.

"Yes you are," Jungkook told you, popping the pacifier from your mouth and replacing it with the nipple of the bottle.

"Little babies need to drink their bottle and take a nap," Seokjin quipped.

"Do as your Daddies tell you," Hoseok added.

So you drank down every drop of the bottle, and surprisingly, you felt your eyes growing droopy after. You fell asleep right there on the couch.

You awoke to a sharp pang in your bladder, and you whimpered. Maybe you shouldn't have drank the whole bottle, after all.

"Our little princess is finally awake!" Hoseok cooed, pinching your cheeks.

You ignored him and stood up, trying to make your way to the bathroom.

"And just where does our little baby think she's going, hmm?" Jimin asked, catching you by the wrist.

"To the bathroom," you blushed.

"I don't think that's how little girls ask to go potty," Yoongi teased you.

You blushed even redder, debating not playing their games at all. But you really, really needed to go and you didn't have time to argue with them.

"I'm going potty, Daddies," you whispered, barely audible.

You gasped as Seokjin scooped you up in his arms, carrying you away from the bathroom.

"Tiny babies like you don't use the potty, silly. That's what your diaper is for!"

You adamantly shook your head, trying to squirm out of his arms. The jostling had already put too much pressure on your bladder, and you didn't think you could hold it much longer.

"N-no, bathroom. Please!"

"Using the toilet is only for grown ups," Jungkook tutted. "Listen to your Daddies, princess."

You tried to fight away from Seokjin, tears leaking down your cheeks, but it was useless. You peed in your diaper, and of course, Seokjin felt it expanding on his lap.

"Oh, good girl!" He praised you as you relaxed, letting it happen.

"Did our little baby go pee-pee in her diaper?" Taehyung chimed in. "Such a good girl for us!"

If being seen in a diaper was bad, then being seen in a wet diaper was even worse. You whimpered as Hoseok wiped you down with baby wipes.

"Oh, little angel, no need to cry," Jimin murmured, kissing your hair. "You're just a baby, you did exactly what we wanted."

You don't know what came over you as you sucked on your soother, tilting your head to Jimin. "Good girl?" You asked softly.

Namjoon was over the moon at your response. "Yes, baby! You're the best girl. You did so good for us!"

"Just a little baby," Yoongi cooed, picking you back up.

Since when were you dressed again? You felt comfy in a clean, dry diaper and your onesie. You felt floaty… safe. Safe enough to poke Jungkook's cheek and point to the toys on the floor.


"Of course we'll play with you, little one!" Seokjin exclaimed.

"Such a good girl, being so small for us," Taehyung added.

You didn't protest when Namjoon fed you baby food. It tasted really yummy and was easy to eat.

You loved cuddling Jimin on the couch, his hugs were the best.

Taehyung playing blocks with you was really fun!

All the movies you watched with Yoongi made you giggle.

Hoseok changed your diaper whenever you had an accident; you didn't have to worry about being wet.

Seokjin gave you a bath after dinner and made you feel squeaky clean!

Finally, Jungkook gave you another bottle before tucking you into bed.

"I'm so glad you slipped for us, darling," he murmured.

But you were already half asleep… and you knew that come tomorrow, you wouldn't regret a single thing.

Chapter Text

Jimin pouted, his coloring book abandoned on the table as he trotted over to where you were lying on the couch.

"Mommy no play today?" He asked cutely.

You shook your head, reaching out to ruffle his hair. "Mommy doesn't feel very good today, Minnie. I'm sorry, baby."

Jimin looked ready to burst into tears. "Mommy sick?! Hospital?!"

You chuckled and pulled him close, gathering him into your arms on the couch. "I'm not sick, lovie. Don't worry. Mommy has cramps from her period. I'll be okay."

Jimin pouted, twisting in your arms to give you a proper hug. "Can Minnie help?"

You kissed his forehead, assuring him, "Minnie is a little baby and doesn't have to worry about anything but playing, okay?"

Jimin was adamant, however, "I'm a big boy! I'm! I'm… five!"

You bit back a laugh, nodding. "Oh, you are a big boy," you agreed. "My grown up little man."

Jimin giggled and kissed your cheek. "How can Minnie help, Mommy?"

"Maybe you can go ask one of your daddies for a hot water bottle. Can you do that, baby boy?"

Jimin was happy to run to Seokjin and ask for the aforementioned item, carrying it back to you carefully after his Da filled it up.

"Here, Mommy!" He grinned as you placed it on your tummy. "All better now?"

You grimaced as you attempted to smile. "All better, prince. Thank you so so so much!" You managed to kiss his lips before shooing him away. "You go play now, alright, bub?"

But Jimin knew when his Mommy was lying. He ran to Jungkook next, asking, "how can I get rid of Mommy's cramps?"

Jungkook pinched his cheek and suggested, "how about some pain medicine, hmm?"

He handed Jimin two ibuprofen and the little carefully brought it into the living room with him.

"Mommy, gots you medicine."

You melted at what a little sweetheart he was being. "Oh, honey, thank you." You swallowed the pills quickly. "You didn't have to bring me anything, little one."

But Jimin argued, "wanted to. Wanna help Mommy feel better."

He asked Yoongi and Taehyung, next, "how can I make Mommy's cramps better? Gave her hot water bottle and medicine."

Taehyung suggested, "maybe a hot drink."

"I'll make you some tea to bring her," Yoongi offered.

Yoongi carried the tea in beside Jimin, not wanting the baby to burn himself.

"Mommy, Papa made you tea!"

Yoongi shook his head, though. "It was Minnie's idea," he lied. "I just didn't want him carrying the hot cup."

You took a sip and told Jimin, "it's so good, angel. Thank you so much."

Lastly, Jimin went to Namjoon and Hoseok. "Daddies, how can I make Mommy feel better? Gave her hot water bottle and medicine and tea for her cramps."

"Well, baby, what makes you feel better when you're unwell?" Hoseok asked gently.

"Mm…" Jimin thought about it for a moment. "Cuddles!"

Namjoon smiled and ruffled his hair. "That's a great idea, buddy. Why don't you give Mommy some cuddles?"

Jimin barged back into the living room, where you had finished your tea. He wasted no time wiggling onto the couch and wrapping his arms around you tight.

"Can we cuddle, Mommy? Cuddles make me feel better when I'm sick."

You kissed Jimin's head and pulled him close. "You've done so much for me already, love. Are you sure you don't want to play?"

Jimin shook his head. "Wanna make Mommy feel better."

"You are, darling," you assured him, kissing his nose. "You took such good care of Mommy today. Thank you, baby boy."

Jimin smiled and kissed your lips. "Cuddles helping?"

You kissed him back, nodding. "Your cuddles are the best medicine in the whole world."

Chapter Text

"I'm home!" Yoongi announced, kicking off his shoes. "Where's my baby girl?"

You gasped from your bedroom, all but abandoning your toys to barrel down the stairs.

"Papa, Papa! Was your video good? Did other daddies go? What did you wear? Did they-"

You skidded to a stop upon seeing a big, scary line going down half your Papa's face! As Yoongi's face furrowed with confusion, yours crumpled into tears.

"Papa, you're hurt!"

Yoongi rushed towards you, gathering you into his arms. "Sweetheart, no, I'm not hurt. I promise. It's just makeup from the video. The makeup noonas did such a good job, hmm?"

You sniffled, looking up again only to burst back into tears. Even if your Papa wasn't hurt, he still looked like he was!

"How about we wash it off now, little one? Want to come with me?"

You nodded, wiping away the last of your tears as Yoongi carried you into the bathroom. He set you on the counter, pulling out a pack of makeup remover wipes. He started humming as he scrubbed away part of the fake scar.

"Look at that, my love. Comes right off!"

You examined his skin where the line had begun disappearing, finally nodding. "It's just makeup," you agreed.

"That's right, pretty. Want to help me?" He asked, handing you a wipe.

You giggled at the faces Yoongi made as you helped him scrub his face. Sure enough, the whole scar came right off!

"M'glad you not hurt," you mumbled shyly, clinging to him.

Yoongi pressed a kiss to your cheek as he lifted you off the counter. "What a sweet little bug you are."

You giggled as Yoongi carried you out to the couch, where he held you in his lap. "M'not a bug!" You argued.

Yoongi nuzzled against your neck and pressed a kiss there. "You're my little ladybug! My beautiful little butterfly. My giggly grasshopper."

You squealed, shaking your head. "Not a bug! Bugs gross."

"Well," Yoongi finally sighed. "Then I guess you don't want to watch A Bug's Life, since bugs are so gross."

You pouted and shook your head. "Wanna watch."

Yoongi smooched your cheek and reached for the remote. "Okay, lovely, I'll put it on."

"Next time we go to Disney," you mumbled, "we do It's Tough to be a Bug?"

"Of course, princess," he assured you. "As many times as you want."

Chapter Text

You twirled a lock of your hair around your finger, yawning. Legs swinging as you sat in your chair, your head started to nod forward, almost hitting the table a few times.

"Little one, is it time for bed?" Namjoon asked gently.

You tucked your hair behind your ears before changing your mind and twirling it again. "Tiwed," you agreed.

"Okay, baby bear," Namjoon cooed. "Do you want Dada to carry you?"

"Carry," you managed, gently pulling at your hair.

Namjoon kissed your cheek as he picked you up, gently removing your hand from your hair. "Don't pull, baby, you'll get boo-boos."

"No want," you agreed, head resting on Namjoon's shoulder as he carried you upstairs, bouncing slightly with every step he took.

"My poor sleepy girl," he cooed as you reached your room. "Gonna fall right asleep for Dada, aren't you?"

You wanted to. You were so exhausted, fiddling with your hair and answering Namjoon in no more than a few words. But as comfy and cozy as you were in bed with him, you just couldn't sleep.

"Dada, touch," you mumbled, squirming as you tried to get comfortable.

"Touch where, doll?" Namjoon asked. "I'm holding you, yeah?"

You shook your head and pointed down. "Touchies, please."

"Your tummy?"

Namjoon moved his hand down to your tummy.

"China," you corrected him.

You took his hand and moved it down lower, sliding it beneath the waistline of your panties.

"Honey, I don't think-"

You whined when Namjoon tried to pull his hand away, guiding him to cup your mound gently.

"No move," you told him. "Just touch. No grown up. 'Kay?"

Namjoon sighed and nodded. "If you're sure, sweetie. If you think it'll help."

But it was clear that it was helping, considering the way your breathing was starting to even out. Namjoon relaxed into the feeling, too, after the shock of it had worn off. If it helped his baby sleep, well, who was he to argue?

"Goodnight, my little love," he murmured, kissing your hair.

"Nigh', Dada."

Chapter Text

"It's not here, Baba," you wailed.

Hoseok sighed, shaking his head. "Lovie, we've turned the whole apartment upside down. I don't think it's here."

"Then where is it?" You screeched, fresh tears leaking down your cheeks. "It was here yesterday!"

Hoseok thought for a moment. "The cleaning lady came this morning," he pondered. "Maybe… since it was old and dirty and doesn't have a match… maybe she… threw it out?"

Instead of the tears that he expected, the suggestion actually brought a smile to your face.

"If she was here today, that means it can still be in the dumpster, right, Baba?!"

Hoseok immediately regretted opening his mouth. "Baby, we can't go digging in the dumpster…"

"Please," you begged, eyes glossing over again. "It's lucky and if I lose it we're all gonna have bad luck forever! Please, please, please!"

Hoseok was absolutely not going to dig through a dirty, stinky dumpster. He was an idol, a multimillionaire, a-

"Here, baby, I found our garbage bag!"

Hoseok held it up like a trophy as he pulled it from the dumpster.

"I'll take a look, okay?"

You peered over his shoulder as he started to dig through the trash bag. Paper towels, banana peels, socks with holes in them… coffee grinds, a plastic water bottle, a pair of disposable chopsticks. A shopping bag, some tissues-

"There it is!"

Sure enough, Hoseok pulled out your tattered, red Converse sneaker. It was filthy and had holes in it, and it was missing its partner, but you just knew how lucky it was.

"We're gonna wash it before you can have it back, honey," Hoseok told you, holding the shoe away from his body as if it might bite him.

You grinned and wrapped your arms around Hoseok's waist, absolutely beaming. "Thank you, Baba. I know you didn't wanna dig in the dumpster."

Hoseok smiled and kissed the top of your head, careful not to touch you with his hands. "Of course, angel. I'll do anything to make you smile."

Chapter Text

"Breakfast is almost done, little bear," Seokjin cooed. "Do you want to join your other daddies at the table?"

Seokjin hauled you with him over to the fridge, as you were wrapped around his right leg, using his foot as a seat and giggling like mad every time he would carry you across the room with him as he cooked.

"Nooooo," you giggled. "Wanna stay with Da."

"My little koala, hmm?" Seokjin asked, pouring milk into your sippy cup.

"Like Koya!" You agreed.

Seokjin chuckled and hauled you out into the dining room, setting your sippy at your place. "Okay, my love, you need to sit down now."

You shook your head. "Don't wanna, Da."

Seokjin raised his eyebrow at that. "I know my little baby isn't talking back."

You quickly shook your head, detaching yourself from Seokjin's leg. "M'not! I sit down, see?"

Jimin, seated next to you, pressed a kiss to your hair. "That's our good girl."

"I'm a good girl!" You agreed, munching on some pancakes.

"Would you like some help, honey?" Yoongi offered from the other side of you.

But you shook your head and showed him how well you could eat all on your own. "I'm a big girl," you told him.

"Oh yeah?" Hoseok asked with a smile. "How big, hmm?"

You thought for a moment, finger pressed to your chin. "Four!"

"Wow," Taehyung murmured. "You certainly are a big girl."

After breakfast, you wanted to play with everything. Paints with Jungkook and Namjoon, dolls with Jimin, legos with Taehyung and Seokjin, and slime with Hoseok and Yoongi!

However, you got a lot of paint and slime all over yourself instead of where it was meant to be.

"It's bath time for this messy little girl!" Namjoon announced, scooping you up.

"Not messy!" You argued half-heartedly.

"You are the messiest little artist I've ever seen," Taehyung told you.

In the bath, Namjoon scrubbed the paint and slime from your skin while Taehyung shampooed it from your hair.

"Baths, baths, I love baths!" You sang, splashing around in the bubbly water.

"Our silly little bean," Taehyung cooed.

After your bath, it was time for lunch. And after lunch, it was time for your nap.

"Do you want me to stay with you, little flower?" Hoseok asked as he tucked you in.

You looked up at him hopefully and asked, "just till I fall asleep, please?"

Hoseok cuddled you close and kissed your cheek. "Of course, princess. Sleep well, darling."

When you woke up from your nap, you wanted to play paints again!

"You can't play paints again, lovey," Jimin explained. "You already got very messy and we had to give you a bath, yeah?"

You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest. "I'll be careful! Please, daddies!"

"Your daddies said no," Yoongi told you firmly. "You'd better uncross those arms and drop the attitude, young lady."

You did, once Jungkook and Seokjin brought out your tea set and offered to have a giant tea party!

Your party was huge. There was you, and all your daddies, and Usagi, a d Yeontan, and your purple elephant, and your dollies, and your superheroes…

After dinner, you watched Tangled.

"The lights, the lights!" You shouted in awe as you watched the lanterns swim across the sky, illuminating Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in their boat. "Love the lights…"

Taehyung chuckled as you yawned, ruffling your hair. "I think it's time for bed after the movie, sweetie."

You shook your head. "M'not sleepy."

Jungkook pressed a kiss to your head and promised, "I'll read you a story."

Tucked into bed with you, Jungkook held you close as he read you the story of I Love You Forever.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always."

Jungkook realized that your breathing had evened out; you were fast asleep. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and finished either way.

"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Chapter Text

"Papa?" You asked softly, creeping into his room.

"It's late, sweetie," Yoongi mumbled, but he reached out for you just the same.

Jungkook and Namjoon, seated on Yoongi's bed, watched as he pulled you into his lap and kissed your hair. Noticing dried tear tracks on your cheeks, Yoongi thumbed at the skin there and sighed.

"What's wrong, little love?"

He didn't get an answer, so he started rubbing your back. Jungkook and Namjoon looked on with furrowed brows, but were content to let Yoongi handle it unless he asked for help.

"Please, baby," Yoongi whispered. "Can you tell Papa what's going on?"

You looked up at him, smiling softly as your hand came up to trace patterns on his collarbone. "I'm proud of you."

Yoongi chuckled nervously and ran his fingers through your hair. "What do you mean, hmm?"

"Was listening to your Agust D music, Papa," you explained, barely audible. "Was listening to The Last." You cupped his cheeks with both your hands and told him, "I'm really, really proud of you."


Yoongi tried to pull away, to turn his head away, but your little hands didn't let him. You kissed his nose succinctly.

"Papa was really sad but got better. Papa did so, so good," you murmured. "You make me so proud, Papa," you croaked. "I know that if Papa can be strong and get better, I can, too."

A few tears snuck past Yoongi's defenses, trailing over your hands. You still didn't move them, didn't let Yoongi look away.

"That means a lot to me, baby," he managed, voice breaking.

Namjoon and Jungkook finally stepped in, knowing that Yoongi needed even more reassurance. Jungkook clung to his side, face buried in his neck, and Namjoon started to massage his scalp.

"We're all so proud of you, hyung," Namjoon told him.

"We love you so much, hyung," Jungkook added.

"I'm sorry," Yoongi mumbled, sniffling back his tears. "Trying… not to cry…"

"It's okay to cry, Papa," you assured him.

Namjoon was quick to agree, "it's alright, hyung. We've got you."

The dam broke when Yoongi started babbling, tears flowing freely, "I'm grateful that you all stood by me when I was in my darkest place, and that you helped me get to where I am now."

"Oh, hyung," Jungkook chuckled softly. "Don't you see? You got here on your own. Don't take away your credit."

Yoongi laughed at that, just barely, his tears slowing down. "I love you," he whispered to the three of you.

"Kisses, Papa?" You asked.

Yoongi leaned in and kissed your lips when you let go of his cheeks. "Thank you, baby girl. Papa appreciates you so much."

Jungkook, not the least bit teasing, lifted his head from Yoongi's neck. "Hyung, kiss?"

Yoongi scoffed slightly, but still pressed his lips to Jungkook's in a succinct touch. "Good, Kookie?"

Jungkook only hummed in response.

"And me, hyung?" Namjoon was definitely teasing, just enough to get Yoongi to crack a smile.

"Come here, brat," Yoongi pulled him in for a kiss and whispered, "thanks, Joon-ah."

"We love you, Papa," you murmured, finally resting your head on his shoulder. After all, it was late.

"Sleep, my little angel," Yoongi cooed softly.

"Wan' sleep with Papa an' Dada an' Daddy."

And so you all ended up absolutely squashed together on Yoongi's bed, limbs tangled and lips leaving soft kisses everywhere they could reach.

Chapter Text

Jimin raked his eyes over the boxes of cereal as you clasped his hand, following his eyes.

“Which one would you like, doll?” He asked.

You looked up at the shelves, which suddenly seemed to be overfilled and towering over you. There were so many options. What if you picked the wrong one? What if your daddies didn’t like your choice? You whined, burying yourself in Jimin’s bicep.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” He asked, petting your hair gently.

“You pick,” you whined.

“Are there too many options, lovie?” Hoseok asked. “Is that it?”

You nodded, and Namjoon tried to remedy the situation by picking up two boxes and holding them out to you. “Here, baby, would you like to choose between these two?”

You shook your head, tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t want to choose at all! The aisle suddenly felt small, like the shelves were closing in on you.

“Darling, it’s alright,” Jungkook cooed, swooping down quickly to pick you up. “Not today, then, hmm? Today we let daddies decide.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” Jimin apologized, reaching out to stroke your cheek. “Appa won’t make you choose, okay? Our little baby doesn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“You want Daddy to carry you?” Jungkook whispered close to your ear, ignoring the stares he got from other people as he carried you down the aisle.

You nodded. “Please, Daddy.”

“Of course, my brave girl.”

Jungkook kept you in his arms, bouncing you and kissing your hair through the entire store, and all your other daddies made your choices for you. You didn’t have to worry about whether you wanted strawberry or blueberry yogurt; your daddies decided. You didn’t have to pick a design on your fruit snacks; your daddies were happy to get both characters so you could choose at home.

“Such a good girl for us,” Jungkook murmured as he held you in his arms at the register, your other daddies loading the food onto the checkout belt and paying.

“You were so brave today, little love,” Yoongi told you in the car.

“We’re so proud of you, little one,” Taehyung added.

You blushed and snuggled against Seokjin, who you were in the back seat with. He kissed the top of your head.

“Daddies not mad at me for not choosing?”

“No, baby,” Hoseok assured you. “Of course we aren’t.”

“We can try again another time, how about that?” Jimin placated you. “You did so good today, angel.”

You believed your daddies; they didn’t mind choosing for you when it felt like you couldn’t. They never minded taking care of you and keeping you feeling safe, no matter what that entailed.

Chapter Text

Yoongi didn’t need much coaxing to join you in being little when he trudged through the door. He was exhausted, his head pounding and his boy aching from a long day sitting at his desk, unable to stretch his limbs and staring at a screen until his eyes went dry.

“Hyung, you’re home!” Jimin frowned at the sight of his hyung, hugging himself around the middle and trying to shrink into his sweatshirt. “You look exhausted,” he murmured, reaching out to pull him into a hug.

Yoongi was helpless not to sink into it. He clung to his Ap-

Oh. He hadn’t even needed any coaxing, as Jimin thought he would.

“Why are you crying, baby boy?” He asked gently.

“Sleepy,” Yoongi whined, rubbing his eyes.

“Sissy is about to have a bath. Let’s get you clean, too, and then you can sleep. How does that sound?”

Jimin didn’t wait for a response, lifting Yoongi up and carrying him upstairs.

“Y/n, look who’s here for bathtime!” Jimin cooed as he set Yoongi down on the counter.

“Yoonie! Wanna play duckies?”

Yoongi didn’t answer, just starting to suck on his fingers as Jimin undressed him. The bath was already filled up, the warm water filled with bath toys.

“I’m a big girl,” you announced. “I can get nakey by myself!”

Yoongi was placed in the bath first, and you climbed in after him. When you started splashing around, Jimin set a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Let’s be nice and gentle, okay? Yoongi is very sleepy, and I think he’s feeling littler than you.”

Yoongi stared at you and Jimin blankly, letting out a yawn. The water was really warm; warm enough that it made his belly feel hot and stretched and full. It took Yoongi a moment to realize that he hadn’t peed all day, too busy writing his music.

You played with your duckies (careful not to splash Yoongi), while Jimin cleaned your skin with a washcloth. Yoongi whined quietly, trying to find the words to tell his Appa that he needed to go potty. But he was just too little, too sleepy, and-

“Ewwww, Yoonie’s peeing in the bath!” you shrieked, curling away from him in the water.

When Jimin looked down, sure enough, he could see a faint yellow billowing from Yoongi’s privates and diluting into the water. He saw Yoongi’s eyes filling with tears at your outburst, and he was quick to give Yoongi a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s okay, honey. Just a little accident. Don’t cry.”

Yoongi sniffled, looking at where you were still curled up on the other side of the bath, looking at him like he was a bad boy.

“Little girl,” Jimin was somehow gentle but firm at the same time. “It was an accident. Yoongi is very little and sleepy. Do we get upset about accidents?”

You shrugged, averting your eyes. Jimin wasn’t going to let you off the hook so easily, though.

“Do daddies get mad at you when you have an accident?” He prompted. “Do we say ew?”

You blushed and shook your head. “No, Appa.”

“What do you say to Yoongi, then?”

You shuffled closer to him in the water, wrapping your arms around him. “M’sorry, Yoonie. Was a accident. You’re not ew.”

Yoongi yawned and leaned into the touch, his head falling onto your shoulder. You promptly giggled and told Jimin, “Yoonie is really sleepy!”

“He sure is, baby girl. Let’s finish cleaning up so we can go cuddle in bed, hmm?”

Soon enough, Jimin had you both in fluffy pajamas (and Yoongi in a diaper, just in case). He curled up between you in bed, keeping both his babies close. Yoongi was clearly fighting sleep, his hand reaching for yours and his pacifier bobbing in his mouth.

“Yoonie can sleep,” you told him gently, squeezing his hand in yours.

He yawned, pacifier almost falling from his lips.

“How about I sing for my babies?” Jimin offered. “Maybe that will help.”

“Yes please, Appa!” You gasped, wriggling closer with excitement.

“What do you want me to sing, hmm?”

You were both surprised to hear Yoongi, as little and tired as he was, speak up. “Sew-a-nip-a-lee.”

Jimin looked at him, trying to decipher what he’d meant. But you giggled and easily translated, “Sew-an-dipity, Appa.”

Close enough. Jimin smiled, pulling you both even closer, as he began to sing:

All this is no coincidence, just, just by my feeling. The whole world is different from yesterday, just, just with your joy...

Chapter Text

Jimin whined, trying to ignore the gnawing in his gut that came from his third day in a row without food. His vision was swimming, so he leaned back against the wall and took another sip of water.

"Jimin, hey, are you alright?"

Jimin nodded and plastered a small smile on his face, trying not to worry you, or his hyungs, who were now all zeroed in on him. Jungkook and Taehyung looked on with faces etched in worry.

"I'm okay, noona. Sorry. Just tired."

"You look really weak, Jiminie," Seokjin treaded carefully. "Are you feeling sick? Have you been working too hard?"

Jimin huffed out a forced laugh. "Just tired, hyung. A little stressed."

He knew he was supposed to tell someone, to tell you, when he was having trouble eating… but he wanted to deal with it on his own. He didn't want to bother anyone.

"Come here, hmm?"

Before Jimin could protest, Jungkook was pulling him close and kissing his hair.

"It's okay," Namjoon cooed, catching on and rubbing Jimin's back. "We're here. You can relax now, yeah?"

Yoongi leaned in and kissed his cheek. "We want you to feel better, sweetheart."

Jimin deflated in Jungkook's arms, melting at the soft words. "S'okay?"

"Of course it's okay, love," you assured him. "We want to take care of you."

"Okay," Jimin murmured, hiding his face in Jungkook's neck, cheeks reddening.

"Such a little cutie," Hoseok cooed. "Can Baba get you dressed in something more comfy while Tou-san makes you something yummy to eat?"

At the mention of food, Jimin stiffened. "Not hungry," he mumbled.

Namjoon furrowed his brow. "No? But you skipped lunch, Minnie."

Jimin fidgeted with his hands and ignored the accusation. "Paci, please?" He asked you, looking up at you with doe eyes.

"Of course, little one." You grabbed a pacifier with a ducky on it and slid it between his waiting lips. "There you go, prince."

"What if Da makes you your favorite, hmm?" Seokjin offered. "Grilled cheese with the special cheese, hmm?"

The special cheese was Muenster cheese, which the littles took to calling "monster cheese".

Jimin wriggled and shrugged, holding out his hands. He was very uncomfortable in his scratchy jeans. "Please, daddies. Comfy! Please."

"Sure, baby, let's go get you dressed," Namjoon stepped in before Hoseok had the chance to, scooping him up from Jungkook's lap.

"I wanted to dress him," Hoseok complained half-heartedly. You snooze, you lose.

Namjoon was even gentler than usual with Jimin, laying him down and pressing soft kisses to his tummy.

"Do you want a pull up, or undies?" He asked.

"Pull up," Jimin said, pacifier bobbing.

Namjoon hummed and rubbed his tummy soothingly, pulling the training pants up his legs before following with his softest sweatpants. He dressed Jimin in a comfy giraffe shirt before carrying him back downstairs, where a "monster cheese" sandwich was waiting at the table.

"Wow, doesn't that look yummy?" Jungkook prompted him, smiling.

But Jimin shook his head as he was set on Hoseok's lap. "No hungry."

His stomach, however, chose that moment to growl, filling his middle with an absolute ache.

"It sounds like your tummy disagrees, baby," Yoongi said gently. "You love special grilled cheese. What's wrong, honey?"

It smelled really, really good. Jimin's mouth nearly watered looking at it as Hoseok cut it up into small pieces for him.

"Sweetheart," Taehyung reached out and squeezed Jimin's arm. "Do you need to tell your daddies anything?"

Jimin's lower lip trembled under his Tou-san's caring gaze. He blurted out, "m'hungry, daddies. No eat in three days, Mommy."

A collective silence fell among the seven grown ups, until Seokjin scooted his chair closer to Hoseok and Jimin. Gently, he lifted a piece of sandwich to the baby's lips.

"Eat for us, baby boy. You did so well telling us that you needed help."

He looked up at you as he accepted the bite, chewing carefully. He knew that he had promised to come to you, but he hadn't.

You blew him a kiss and told him reassuringly, "I know how hard it is, baby. It's okay. We're all gonna cuddle you after you eat, how's that?"

You and the boys all took turns feeding Jimin bites of his sandwich. You all wanted a part in showing Jimin that it was okay, that you all wanted him to eat. By the time he was finished, he lolled his head back against Hoseok's shoulder. Yoongi gave him his pacifier back, and he sighed contently around it.

"M'in trouble?" He asked.

Jungkook shook his head. "You aren't in trouble, pumpkin. It's not your fault."

"Still get cuddles?" He asked, even quieter.

"Of course our baby gets cuddles!" Namjoon gasped.

"All the cuddles he could ever want!" Seokjin added.

In the living room, Jimin got passed around like a hot potato onto everyone's laps. Everyone wanted to show him just how loved he was.

"I sorry for not telling you," Jimin apologized after he had been in everyone's arms at least once.

"That's okay, love," Hoseok soothed him. "You'll try to tell us if it happens again, won't you?"

Jimin nodded.

"Our good boy," you praised him, ruffling his hair. "So brave for us."

"You did such a good job eating for us," Taehyung added. "Mommy and daddies love when your tummy is nice and full."

"We want you to be healthy," Yoongi explained.

Jimin nodded, understanding despite his headspace. "Mommy and daddies help."

"That's right, baby," you agreed. "Mommy and daddies will always help."

Chapter Text

“Hey Miss Marie Kondo, would you like some help?” Hoseok teased lightly, running his fingers through your hair as you scrubbed the bathroom counter.

You shook your head and explained, “I wanna do it.”

“Yeah?” Hoseok squeezed your shoulder and asked, “are you anxious? Is cleaning helping?”

You shrugged. “It has to be perfect. Can… Can I do all the rooms? Please?”

Hoseok nodded, rubbing the small of your back. “Of course, if that’s what you need to do. But if you need help, or cuddles, or anything at all, promise you’ll let one of us know?”

You nodded, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “I’ll tell you, oppa.”

Most of the boys’ rooms were relatively tidy already, but they weren’t the right kind of tidy. Jungkook’s video games were on the shelf, but not in alphabetical order. Taehyung’s plushies were lined up all wrong on his bed. Jimin’s clothes weren’t folded, just shoved in his dresser drawers. In every room, you found something to fix.

Yoongi’s room, however, was more than just untidy. It was dirty. You scowled at a sticky puddle on his desk, probably soda or an energy drink spill, and went to pour some cleaning product on a rag to scrub it off. However, when reaching for the bottle, your arm accidentally knocked it over, letting orange liquid spill all over one of Yoongi’s notebooks.

“Oh no,” you gasped, grabbing the bottle and sitting it upright. “Oh no, oh no. Please be empty…”

But the notebook wasn’t empty. Upon opening it, you found messy lyrics scribbled on the pages, most of which were now soaked, making the ink bleed out and the words illegible.

“Didn’t mean it,” you whimpered, sinking to the floor with the book in your hands. You curled up and started sobbing, head buried in your knees. “Didn’t mean it, Papa.”

You weren’t sure how long you sat there crying, but soon enough, there were gentle hands pulling your face out of hiding.

“What happened?” Yoongi asked softly, trying not to startle you. “Are you panicking? Why didn’t you come get one of u-”

“Papa, I’m so sorry!” You blurted out, shoving the ruined notebook at him. “Didn’t mean to! Was trying to clean, and it spilled!”

Yoongi flipped through the notebook for a moment before tossing it aside and pulling you into his arms. “Sweetheart, it’s alright. It was an accident. Papa isn’t mad, I promise.”

“Ruined your songs,” you whimpered, clinging to his shirt.

“I don’t care about the songs,” Yoongi assured you, kissing your forehead. “I care about you, baby, okay?” He wiped away your tears with his thumb. “It’s all okay, I promise. I’m not upset with you. I just need you to breathe for me, love.”

“M’trying,” you told him brokenly.

“I know, and you’re doing so, so well,” he murmured, pulling you fully into his lap. “You’re such a good girl. Made the whole house so perfect.”

You clung to him, shaking your head. “Messed up.”

“It was only an accident,” Yoongi told you again. “You didn’t mean to. It’s okay, darling. Everything’s okay.”

It took many hugs, kisses, and reassurances before you had calmed down, breathing evenly in Yoongi’s arms as your tears slowed to a stop.

“Papa… we finish cleaning together?”

Yoongi kissed the top of your head. “Yes, sweetie. If you still need to clean, Papa will help you.”

“Thank you,” you murmured, kissing his cheek.

“I love you, angel,” he cooed. “Love you so much.”

“I love you, Papa,” you responded, glad that your Papa had forgiven your mistake.

Chapter Text

You tried your best to remember how your daddies had taught you, but even in your older headspace, you felt clumsier. The shaving cream you spread on your face to help remove the newly-formed stubble was messy, and the razor shook in your hand.

You managed your right cheek fine, but once you got to your mustache?


You whimpered and nearly dropped the razor as a trickle of blood dripped down onto your lip.

"Everything okay in there, bub?"

"Mm…" you opened the door just a crack, enough for Taehyung to see your face.

He chuckled at your state and gently wiped the trickle of blood with his thumb. "Can I help you finish up, love?"

You nodded slowly, relinquishing the razor to Taehyung. "I know how to do it, Tou-san," you argued softly as he started finishing up your mustache for you.

"I know you do," he agreed, moving on to your left cheek. "But it's still pretty new for you, and it takes practice. I don't mind helping, sweet boy."

"Thank you, Tou-san," you whispered shyly as he finished up.

It was only a few days later that you decided maybe you were having trouble because of your shaving products. Your daddies faces always looked smooth and nice when they were freshly shaved, not full of nicks. So you helped yourself to Hoseok's shaving cream, razor, and aftershave.

"You could have just asked, honey bear," Hoseok's voice came from behind you, startling you. Thankfully, you were rinsing the razor at that moment, so you didn't suffer another nick.

You looked down, ashamed. "I thought… maybe your stuff was better than mine. I keep hurting myself."

Hoseok wrapped his arms around you from behind, chin resting on your shoulder. "That's okay, handsome. Just let me know next time, okay?" He waited a beat after you nodded before adding, "want me to teach you?"

You brightened at that and nodded sheepishly. "I don't think it's my stuff… I'm still messing up with yours."

Hoseok kissed the side of your face not currently slathered in shaving cream, assuring you, "you aren't messing up, baby. You just need practice. Let me show you, hmm?"

It didn't take long for the other boys to get wind of Taehyung and Hoseok giving their precious boy shaving lessons without them. And suddenly, they were all giving you shaving products and advice.

"You know, I haven't been shaving for too long, either," Jungkook told you with a smile. "I know what it's like. But hyungs helped me, and now I can help you, too."

Jimin offered to do sheet masks with you, to help smooth out your skin.

"No," he argued when you insisted they were for girls. "Yoongi-hyung and I do them all the time. Are we girls?"

Namjoon showed you his techniques for shaving, chiding you for using too much shaving cream.

"You won't get as close of a shave if you use too much."

Yoongi was quieter about it, simply leaving his favorite razors and aftershave on your bed for you.

"You're welcome, sweetie," he told you when you thanked him for it.

The most enthusiastic, however, was Seokjin. When he found out about your shaving lessons, he grabbed you and pulled you into the bathroom.

"You know," he said conversationally as he patted shaving cream on your face. "I taught almost all the boys here how to shave."

"You did?"

He smiled and kissed your nose before smearing shaving cream onto it playfully, only to wipe it away a moment later.

"I sure did. And now it's your turn, baby boy. Da will show you everything you need to know."

When he was done with his shaving lesson, he turned to show you yourself in the mirror.

"Look at this handsome boy, hmm?" He asked, kissing your cheek. "You're doing so well, and I'm so proud of you."

And you knew immediately that he wasn't just talking about the shaving, but about coming out, talking to your doctor, starting testosterone. He was talking about all of it.

"Thank you, Da," you murmured, twisting in his arms for a hug.

He pulled you close, ruffling your hair. "I love you, my sneaky little boy."

You giggled and pressed a kiss to his neck. "I love you, Da."

Chapter Text

You were sitting closer to him than usual, and he resisted the urge to shift away. Your thigh kept brushing his, your hand reaching out to squeeze his bicep while you pointed at exciting parts of the movie.

"Oppa," you asked after a little bit. "Mm… can we cuddle while we watch?"

The other boys cuddled you, all the time. Yoongi had seen it, and you seemed to love it just as much as they did. However, it was different for Yoongi. Even after knowing his bandmates for so long, being so close with them, cuddling was still hard for him. He could only really appreciate it when he was really sleepy or mentally drained.

Yoongi cleared his throat and shrugged, awkwardly holding his arm out to you. "Yeah, sure. If you want to, sweetie."

That was another thing that was new to him; the pet names. But he seemed to be getting the hang of it.

You eagerly curled against his side, legs flung over his lap and arms wrapped around his torso.

"Mm…" you nuzzled against his shirt. "Oppa smells nice."

Yoongi blushed and held you carefully. "Thanks, baby. Let's watch the movie, okay?"

He kept his arm around you for the rest of the movie, trying to keep his body relaxed instead of stiff as a board. He wasn't sure if he succeeded.


Yoongi woke up to a gentle tug on his blankets, and he rolled over sleepily.

"Hey. You okay?"

You rubbed your eyes and pouted. "Had a bad dream… can… can I sleep here?"

Yoongi scooted over to make room, holding up the blankets for you to crawl underneath. "Of course, honey. Come sleep with me and I'll keep you safe."

After a few moments, Yoongi heard your voice, soft and shaky. "Oppa, I know you don't like it… but can we cuddle?"

Yoongi all but burned with shame. "Sweetheart, it's not that I don't like it," he explained, pulling you closer. He tangled your limbs together, kissing your forehead. That was another new thing; the kissing. "It's just… you know how when you try something new, and you haven't done it a lot, you have to get used to it?"

You nodded against him, clutching his shirt. "Like when I started being little around everybody… we all had to get used to it."

"Exactly," Yoongi murmured. "Such a smart girl. Cuddles are kind of like that for oppa. I never cuddled a lot, before. I do like it, sweetheart. It's just going to take some time, okay?"

You nodded. "Do you promise?" You asked, impossibly smaller. "I don't wanna ask you to do something if you don't like it." Nearly inaudible, "oppa is allowed to say no to things."

"Baby," Yoongi pulled you closer, rubbing your back. "I promise. I wanna get more comfortable cuddling you. I wanna cuddle you all the time, okay?"

And he did.

As if to prove a point, and to expose himself to it more and more, he started pulling you into his lap during movies. Snuggling you during your naps. Wrapping his arm around you during long car rides.

And soon enough, he felt warm at your touches. He felt empty when you weren't in his arms. He wanted to keep you close, always.

"Oppa," you murmured one day, resting on his lap in the studio. "I can tell you like to cuddle now."

Yoongi flushed red; thinking it was one thing, hearing it out loud? That was another.

"Don't tease me, honey," he chuckled, hiding his face in your shoulder.

You giggled and shook your head. "Not teasing, I promise. But oppa?"

Yoongi tilted his head, urging you to continue.

"We can cuddle anytime you want," you told him. "For me, or for you."

Yoongi didn't reply, just holding you closer.

Chapter Text

“Three,” you whimpered, wriggling on Hoseok’s lap. He spanked you again, and you called out, “four!”





The spanking stopped. You twisted in Hoseok’s lap, trying to look up at him.

“Baba? Supposed to get ten.”

Hoseok let out a soft sob that had you scrambling up to hug him, pulling him close as he whimpered.

“Baba! Why crying? What’s wrong?”

Yoongi reached out and squeezed his shoulder, letting him know that he was right there. The other boys, however, were frozen in shock for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok whimpered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Hyung, what happened?” Taehyung finally asked gently, moving to the other side of you and rubbing his back. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m hurting her,” Hoseok sobbed, hiding his face in his hands. “I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“Oh, Hob-ah,” Seokjin breathed. “That just isn’t true.”

“Hyung, you were punishing her,” Jungkook assured him. “It’s okay; we all do it. She consented to spankings, yeah?”

You nodded, squeezing Hoseok around his middle. “Baba, spankings are supposed to hurt a little bit. ‘Cause they teach me not to be bad.”

Hoseok finally looked up at you, eyes red and puffy from crying. “But… I-it hurts you, baby. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

You smiled and cupped his cheeks. “Baba was doing his job,” you assured him.

Namjoon nodded in agreement. “That’s your role as he caregiver, hyung. To punish her when she needs correction. You didn’t do anything wrong, okay?”

Hoseok looked at you and the other boys with watery eyes, tears clearly still ready to spill. “Promise?”

You giggled and held out your pinky to him. “Pinky promise, Baba.”

Hoseok linked your pinkies and squeezed, sighing softly. “Thank you, baby girl. I just… I don’t know why I acted like that; I’m sorry.”

Jimin smiled gently at Hoseok, shaking his head. “No more apologies, hyung, okay? You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s okay to be overwhelmed.”

“You did such a good job telling us how you were feeling,” Yoongi added. “And stopping when you needed to stop.”

“Your comfort is just as important as the baby’s,” Taehyung said with a nod.

“Thank you all,” Hoseok said with a sigh. He bounced you in his lap and asked you, “do you think it’s okay if we don’t finish your punishment today, sweetheart?”

You grinned and nodded. “Mhm! No more spankies, Baba!”

Hoseok kissed your cheek and patted you off his lap. “Smart girl,” he murmured. “Now go and give your Da a hug and say sorry for hiding his keys, okay?”

You gladly careened into Seokjin for a hug, apologizing and kissing his cheek.

“Good girl,” Seokjin told you.

And Hoseok, for his part, let the other boys fawn all over him for the rest of the afternoon, making sure he was content. He knew that he was safe, and he was glad that he was always able to express his emotions and talk about his feelings.

Chapter Text

“Mommy, nooooo,” Yoongi whined, covering his face with his hands.

You sighed, hands pausing in the process of untaping his diaper. “Sweetheart,” you soothed him. “It’s alright, it’ll just be cold for a second and then you’ll be all done.”

Yoongi shook his head though, moving his hands to cover his privates when you finally got the diaper off. “No look,” he whimpered.

“Ah,” you murmured, rubbing his belly. “Is my baby feeling shy; is that it?”

Yoongi looked at you with tearful, wide eyes and nodded.

“It’s okay, Yoongs,” you cooed. “Mommy just needs to clean you; it’ll be so quick, I promise.”

But Yoongi still cried through the change, only calming down once he was fully covered again.

And that’s how every diaper change went after that.

Yoongi would cry, squirm, try to cover himself up.

“Baby boy,” you cooed one day, pulling his hands away. “Can you hold onto Mister Cat for me?” You placed the stuffie in his hands. “He’s so lonely; he needs Yoongi to hold him, okay?”

Even with the stuffie in his hands, he still cried, tried to close his legs together so that you couldn’t see.

That is, until you leaned down and blew a raspberry on his tummy.

“Mommy!” he squeaked, his tears turning to giggles instantly.

“Oh, does my baby like raspberries?” You asked, blowing a few more around his belly button.

He giggled and squealed, wriggling around on the changing mat. He didn’t even notice as you wiped him down and taped on a fresh diaper, too busy focusing on the tickling feeling on his tummy.

Kisses seemed to work just as well as raspberries. Yoongi loved when his Mommy left loud, wet smooches all over his belly and cheeks while getting changed. He didn’t cry a single tear.

“Yoongi, baby, look at these pretty keys!”

Another tactic you learned was to dangle his set of plastic, pastel keys over his head while you changed him one-handed. He was so busy reaching for the pretty keys that he didn’t even mind that it took you longer to change him one-handed.

“You’re such a good boy,” you told him after every change, pulling him close and kissing his cheeks.

“Good?” He asked, cheeks turning pink.

“The best,” you informed him, tickling his tummy. “Let’s go play, now, okay?”

Chapter Text

You huffed and locked your phone, sad that none of your girl friends were able to hang out. You just wanted to do makeovers, to do hair and play with eyeshadow. Preferably, with another little. But everyone seemed to be busy.

"Koo," you ventured back into the living room, where Jungkook was coloring. "Play with me?"

Jungkook grinned and nodded. "Dinosaurs?" He asked. "Coloring? Legos?"

You pouted and shook your head. "Wanna do makeovers, Kookie, pwease? Hair and makeup?"

Jungkook whined and shook his head. "I don't wanna play that!" He argued. "Wanna play legos or superheros…"

You pouted but managed to nod, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. "Okay, Koo. Let's play what you wanna play."

Jungkook frowned; it was clear that his sissy was upset and he didn't like that. He certainly didn't want to play hair and makeup… but he would do anything to get rid of your teary eyes.

"Maybe you do my hair… then we play dinosaurs?"

You grinned and nodded, clapping your hands together. "R-really?! Promise you don't mind?!"

Jungkook smiled and shook his head. "Koo no mind."

It really wasn't so bad, letting you tie up his hair in uneven pigtails, held together with colorful scrunchies. He even let you put butterfly clips and flower pins in his hair, showing him in the mirror after.

He grinned at his reflection and offered, "I do sissy hair now?"

"No wanna play dinosaurs?" You asked quietly. You wanted to make sure that Jungkook was having fun, too.

Jungkook shrugged. "Maybe later. Wanna do sissy hair first."

Jungkook tied your hair into a sloppy braid, strands falling out everywhere. He gave you butterfly and flower clips just like him, and even sprayed some of your glitter hairspray into your hair.

"Pretty, Koo!" You exclaimed when he showed you in the mirror.

Jungkook smiled proudly and started digging through your makeup bin. "What's this?" He asked, holding up an eyelash curler.

"Makes your eyelashes long and pretty!" You explained. "Want me to show you?"

Jungkook nodded and you helped to curl his eyelashes, showing him after. Jungkook ended up curling yours too, and then you broke into the eyeshadow and lipstick.

"Sissy, we so pretty!" Jungkook gasped as you admired yourselves in the mirror.

"Koo did good job," you said, kissing his cheek. "Thank you for playing with me."

Jungkook grinned and returned the kiss, asking, "we play legos now?"

You nodded, running to grab the lego bin from the closet. "Let's build a dinosaur!"

Jungkook was quick to agree, "dinosaur! We make dinosaur pretty like us?"

You nodded, dumping out the bin of legos onto the floor. "He be pretty, too, Koo!"

And sure enough, the two prettiest babies made a very, very pretty dinosaur.

Chapter Text

Yoongi reached out and started carding his fingers through your hair, causing you to close your eyes and tilt your head back.

"You haven't said a word since you got home," he murmured. "Do you want to tell oppa about your day?"

You shrugged, following it up by shaking your head. "It was a bad day," you managed.

Yoongi hummed and shifted closer, wrapping his free arm around you. "You just wanna forget about it, hmm?"

You nodded, head drifting to his shoulder as he started massaging your scalp gently. He leaned in and kissed your temple.

"It's over now," he assured you. "You're home and you're safe; you can relax now. Let Papa take care of you, yeah?"

You whined, feeling so stressed from your day that a few gentle words and touches would be all you needed to slip. Yoongi calling himself "Papa" nearly pushed you right over the edge.

"You trust me?" He asked, brushing your hair back. "Trust Papa to help his baby relax and forget?"

You whimpered, nodding. You soared off the edge deeper than you intended, hands clutching his shirt and bringing it to your mouth to suck on.

Yoongi chuckled and tugged his shirt away, booping your nose. "Silly baby, shirts are for wearing, not eating."

You pouted at that, making grabby hands at his shirt again.

"What do you need, my love? Can you use your big girl words for Papa?"

You shook your head.

"That's okay," Yoongi murmured, kissing your temple. "Do you want my shirt off, sweetheart?" He offered.

You nodded, making grabby hands again and causing him to chuckle.

"How about we get you into some comfy jammies first?" He suggested, picking at your work clothes.

You hadn't even realized you were wearing such scratchy, tight, uncomfortable clothes! Your Papa was so smart, always knowing what you needed. He carried you upstairs to your bedroom, where you spotted one of your squishmallows on the bed and made grabby hands at it.

"There you go, princess," Yoongi cooed as he handed it to you.

You squeezed it tight, giggling as Yoongi undressed you. He picked out your blue, flowery pajamas; one of your favorite sets. Once you were dressed in a diaper and your jammies (also fuzzy socks), Yoongi pulled you close.

"Wanna go back downstairs, or stay here?"

You didn't answer with words, simply tugging at Yoongi's shirt again.

He chuckled and kissed your forehead. "We'll stay here, then, sweetie."

He tugged off his shirt and leaned back against the headboard, pulling you close and settling. You nuzzled against his chest, asking for silent permission.

"Go ahead, baby," Yoongi encouraged you. He tipped his head back and carded his fingers through your hair, relaxing.

He sighed as you latched on, clearly content with you sucking on him. He rubbed your back and played with your hair as you nursed on him, enjoying it just as much as you did.

"You're such a good girl," he murmured.

You hummed around him, suckling in languid rhythm, enjoying the way your Papa's heart beat loud and steady in your ear.

"I love you, honey," he said, voice even groggier.

It was then that you realized; he was so relaxed, that he was falling asleep with you. You were glad that you were able to make your Papa feel just as safe as he made you feel.

Chapter Text

You knew you weren't awake.

This had happened before, usually when the temperature was a bit too hot and you were burrowed under the covers.

It was watching you from the corner, but you couldn't move. You could feel the weight of its stare pressing on your chest, and you were gasping for air.

Your whole body felt like lead; you couldn't move a muscle.

In your half-dream, you were screaming for the boys, but in reality, you were still and quiet. You were trapped under the creature's gaze, half awake and half asleep, terrified. But you were unable to scream for help.

Move a finger, or a toe. Just one tiny movement. Anything to help pull you out.

But you couldn't. You gasped for air, or thought that you did, but you must have been breathing fine in reality.

Finally, the terrifying spell was broken, and you were thrust into full awareness with a loud gasp, bolting upright in bed.

"Daddies, please, daddies!"

Taehyung, groggy from sleep, pulled you into his arms. "Nightmare, baby?"

You shook your head. "Wa-was awake and asleep at the same time. Man in the corner was wa-watching me."

On the other side of you, Hoseok had woken from the commotion. "Oh, honey, the sleep paralysis again?"

You nodded, your head beginning to ache. You shut your eyes, trying to make it go away by pressing your hand to your forehead.

"What's wrong, angel?" Taehyung asked, turning on the lamp nearby to examine you. "Does your head hurt?"

You nodded.

"Is it a migraine?" Hoseok asked, impossibly soft.

You nodded again.

"Let's get you some medicine and take a nice bath, how about that?" Taehyung suggested. He frowned, rubbing your back. "You're shaking, my love."

"Still scared," you explained.

"You're safe now, princess," Hoseok assured you. "Awake, and safe. Daddies won't let anything happen to you, I promise."

Hoseok carried you to the bathroom and Taehyung started filling up the tub. Hoseok undressed you and tied your hair into a bun so that it wouldn't get wet.

"How about some bath salt instead of bubbles, baby?" Taehyung suggested. "It'll help your head."

Soon enough, you were sinking into a warm bath smelling of peppermint.

"Such a good girl," Taehyung cooed.

"What's going on?" Namjoon came wandering into the bathroom, eyes squinting under the lights. Jungkook was trailing behind him.

"She had sleep paralysis," Hoseok explained. "She's really worn out and has a headache."

Jungkook pushed past Namjoon to kneel beside the tub, starting to massage your scalp with his hands. "Want something to eat, love? Daddy will make you something."

You nodded slowly.

"You stay, Kook, I'll make her something," another voice offered. You hadn't even noticed as Jimin crept into the room. Belatedly, you realized that Yoongi and Seokjin were also trying to squeeze through the doorway, but the bathroom was packed full.

"What would you like to eat, sweetheart?" Seokjin asked.

"Uhm…" You shrugged. "Mac and cheese? Is it… too late at night?"

Yoongi smiled at you. "It's not too late, honey. You can have whatever you want."

You blushed and murmured, "mac and cheese, please."

You weren't sure who had ended up going to make your food; your eyes had fluttered shut. Jungkook was still massaging your scalp, and the potent smell of peppermint filled your nose with each breath. Someone was rubbing your chest, right near your clavicle.

"Thank you, daddies," you whispered.

"No need to thank us, lovie," Taehyung assured you. "We're always here for our baby girl."

It was Jimin who lifted you from the tub when Namjoon and Seokjin called out that your mac and cheese was ready. He wrapped you in a fluffy towel (had someone put it in the dryer to warm it up? It felt like it). He dried you off carefully before helping you step into a new pair of pajamas.

"Let's go lay down and eat," Yoongi lifted you up and kissed your temple. Somewhere along the trip back to bed, Hoseok undid your bun so that your hair fell loose around your shoulders.

You didn't have to touch the fork even once. Your daddies each took turns feeding you bites until you were full, pushing the bowl away.

"Thank you, daddies," you yawned.

"Close your eyes, buttercup," Namjoon instructed you, guiding your head to his shoulder.

Beside him, Jimin started playing with your hair. And then, you heard Yoongi's soothing, deep voice.

"There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid. He was fat and bunchy, as a rabbit should be; his coat was spotted brown and white…"

You were asleep before the little boy came down with his fever, and the velveteen rabbit came alive.

Chapter Text

There are plenty of sounds that you were sure you weren't supposed to hear coming from your dentist's mouth, and a puzzled "huh" was certainly one of them.

"Is something wrong?" Namjoon asked on your behalf as you clutched your stuffie closer to your chest.

"Well," the dentist scratched his chin. "Her teeth seem to be shifting out in the front. She's developing an overbite. We often see this with kids who have all their teeth and are still reliant on a pacifer."

Namjoon cleared his throat. The dentist obviously knew you were a little already; the boys had been clear about that. "She does use her pacifier quite a lot."

"I would suggest," he said, snapping his gloves off and tossing them away, "that you limit her time with it or remove it from the dynamic all together. Her teeth will become crooked from it and she may eventually need braces."

You clamped and hand over your mouth and shook your head. "No braces again!"

The dentist chuckled and patted your head. "Then we need to make sure you don't use your pacifier too much, okay, little one?"

You pouted, but nodded your head. The dentist knew best, after all, didn't he?

Your fear of braces, however, went right out the window once the boys began refusing you your pacifier.

"Please," you begged Seokjin. "Want my paci, please!"

"Honey," Taehyung rubbed your back. "Don't you remember what the dentist said? You don't want to hurt your teeth, do you?"

"Want my paci!" You wailed, kicking your legs and feet.

"Here, baby," Jimin cooed.

You looked up, expecting to be given your paci, but instead, Jimin had a hard candy in his hand.

"Want paci," you tried again.

"My little princess doesn't want yummy candy?" He asked.

You tried the candy, and it tasted good and sweet. But sucking on it wasn't the same as sucking on your soother. It was too small, and it hurt your teeth when you nibbled on it. Plus, it kept sliding to the back of your mouth and almost making you choke!

"No want," you cried, spitting it out into Hoseok's hand.

He cringed, but threw it into the trash bin anyway and washed his hands.

"Daddy, paci, please," you whimpered.

Jungkook looked ready to cave, eyes drifting over to your pacifier, before Yoongi stepped in.

"Love, you can't have it. Here, try your chewy."

You shoved the "chewy" in your mouth; a sensory toy made for weaning babies off their soothers. But it just wasn't the same. You threw the chewy aside, ready to burst into tears.

"What if we just cut down on how long she can use it for at once?" Namjoon blurted out. "I can't stand seeing her like this."

Hoseok was quick to agree. "Only a couple hours a day. How does that sound, sweetie?"

You were quick to nod, making grabby hands for your pacifier.

Taehyung popped it into your mouth and cooed, "there we go, cupcake."

You sucked, leaning back against Seokjin and sighing. It felt so good to have your pacifier back; you weren't even worried about braces. You trusted your daddies to make sure you didn't use it too much, so you could tell the dentist how good you did the next time you went back.

Chapter Text

You knew something was wrong the second you sat down at the table. As usual, the boys had their food and you had your own plate of "safe" foods. Seokjin knew what you could and couldn't eat (though sometimes it changed), and he made sure to only give you foods that you could eat. After all, if the "safe" food touched "unsafe" food on your plate, you wouldn't be able to eat.

For some reason, the smell of the boys' meals was making you feel sick. Normally, you could eat at the table with everyone. But today was a worse-than-usual day.

"Oppa," you tugged on Yoongi's sleeve. "I have to go eat in the other room."

"Do you want me to carry your plate for you?" Jungkook offered, overhearing.

You shook your head. "I can do it, Kookie."

"I'll come join you after I eat, okay?" Jimin asked as you stood, grabbing your plate with shaking hands.

Your own food, however, set you off as well. You took a bite once you were settled on the couch, and the texture was just wrong. It tasted weird. You immediately spit it back out, the smell of your own food suddenly making you gag.

"Jagi, hey, what's wrong?" Hoseok was at your side in a second; he must have heard your distress from the other room.

"Bad," you whispered, your breath coming in short spurts. "Gonna throw up."

"Shh, no, you're okay," Taehyung tried to calm you by rubbing your back as Seokjin grabbed a tin of mints from the coffee table and offered you one.

"There you go," Jimin soothed you as you sucked on it. "You're gonna be okay. Focus on breathing."

Yoongi was quick to take the food out of the room, knowing that the smells set you off. Jungkook lit a candle.

"Daddies, they aren't safe," you wailed once the gagging stopped. "The foods aren't safe."

"Sometimes the safe foods change, hmm, baby?" Namjoon asked. "It's okay; we'll find new safe foods."

"You're okay, sweetheart," Yoongi murmured.

"Daddies," you whined, making grabby hands.

Jimin pulled you into his lap and kissed your hair. "We're right here, baby girl."

You gagged again, and Yoongi grabbed your tin of mints. "Have another one, darling."

You whimpered and gagged quietly in Jimin's lap as he rocked you. The other boys all took turns rubbing your back and kissing your hair. Namjoon held your hand through it all, letting you squeeze as hard as you needed to when a wave of nausea would wash over you.

"You're safe, my love," Jungkook murmured, rubbing your shoulders.

"S-sorry for freaking out," you croaked.

Yoongi kissed your temple and assured you, "there's nothing to be sorry for, my dear. We're here for you, always."

"You can't control it," Seokjin added. "We would never be upset with you for this."

"You're such a good girl," Jimin whispered close, for only you to hear. "Our perfect little baby."

"Daddies eat dinner?" You asked suddenly, remembering.

Namjoon shrugged and waved you off. "Don't you worry about us, sweetie. We'll eat later. For now, can we cuddle and watch a nice movie?"

And for the rest of the evening you moved from lap to lap, getting all the cuddles and kisses you could ever want.

Chapter Text

Thump, thump. Thump, thump.

It was louder than usual; faster. Your heart seemed to be pounding in your chest. Your throat was constricting and you struggled to suck in a gulp of air. The walls were drawing closer, closer…

You couldn't remember what you'd been dreaming about, but the fear was there, loud and clear. You trembled and wanted nothing more than to call out for your daddies and have them stop the panic, but your voice was paralyzed by fear.

I'm not here, I'm somewhere else. I'm floating, floating…

"Sweetheart, you slept a long time!"

Jimin seemed cheery as he came into your room with Yoongi close by. You wanted to verbalize what was happening, but you were too deep in panic to do so. You just gasped for air, trying to make it stop.

"Baby, what's going on?" Yoongi realized as soon as he touched you that something was wrong.

And then, you managed to tell them what was happening without speaking. Three taps on Yoongi's arm had him pulling you into his lap immediately, rocking you close.

"She's tapping me, Jimin. She's using her safeword."

"Honey, we're here with you. You're safe," Jimin said.

"You need to stay here with us, okay? Focus on us," Yoongi added.

"Look at me, doll." When you did, Jimin praised you and smiled. "Good girl. There we go. You try to breathe with Papa, okay?"

You nodded to show that you understood and tried your best to match Yoongi's slow and steady breathing. It was hard to hear over the blood rushing in your ears.

"Your heart is beating really fast, baby," Yoongi murmured, his hand rubbing soothing circles on your chest. "I need you to bear down, okay? Like you have to poop. It'll help make your heart beat slower."

Where Yoongi learned that, you didn't know, but you listened to him. Breathe in, bear down, breathe out.

"You're doing so well, my love," Jimin assured you as he brushed stray tears from your cheeks. "Our brave little warrior."

Jimin's expression was soft and showed no fear. If your Appa wasn't afraid, there must not be anything to be afraid of, right? Your breathing evened out as the boys guided you through another round of breathing and bearing down.

"Can you talk, my precious girl?" Yoongi asked you after a few moments of quietly breathing together. "There's no rush; it's okay if you can't."

"Can," you managed.

"We've got you," Jimin murmured, weaseling his way into the embrace. "What happened, sweetheart?"

"Anxiety," you whispered. "Flashback."

"You aren't there anymore," Yoongi told you. "You're here with your Papa and your Appa and you are so, so loved and safe."

"We'll protect you, darling," Jimin agreed, squeezing you. "Such a brave girl. Such a smart, brave, wonderful girl for using her taps when she couldn't safeword."

"We're so proud of you, doll," Yoongi whispered against your scalp.

"Good girl?" You asked, soaking up every warm touch of their embrace.

"So good," Jimin said. "You're the best girl."

"The best," Yoongi echoed. "We love you much, cupcake."

"I love you, daddies." You leaned against Yoongi and shut your eyes, drinking in the comforting moment. "Daddies always make it better."

"And baby," Jimin murmured, kissing your cheek. "I promise you, we always will."

Chapter Text

"Sejin-oppa put your favorite juice in here, baby!" Taehyung gasped as he opened up the break room fridge. "Isn't that so nice of him?"

You grinned as Taehyung popped the straw into the juice box for you, nodding. "Oppa is the bestest."

Taehyung was in the process of ruffling your hair when you heard a sudden sound, right outside the break room door. Billows of smoke started to float under the door, making you want to cough.

"Tou-san, what was-"

"Shit," Taehyung mumbled as the fire alarms began blaring loudly, the sprinklers in the break room going off. "Baby, we have to get out of here-"

"Tou-san!" You saw the beam on the ceiling loosening from a crash that came from the next floor before Taehyung could. "Watch out!"

The last thing you remembered was dropping your juice box and charging at Taehyung, trying to shove him out of the way.

When you woke up, it no longer smelled like smoke. It smelled like rubbing alcohol and plastic. You cracked your eyes open, searching for Taehyung, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Tou-san!" You shouted, just in time for loving hands to guide you back down onto the stretcher.

"Darling, darling, shh," Seokjin soothed you, brushing back your hair. "You lay down for me, okay?"

"Where's Tou-san?" You croaked. "Other daddies?"

"Tou-san is in another ambulance being looked at," Seokjin explained. "He's alright, and so are all your other daddies. There was a fire, but everyone got out okay, yeah?"

You nodded, processing the information. "Something fell on Tou-san," you remembered.

Seokjin shook his head. "It fell on you, doll, because you pushed him out of the way." He pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek. "My brave, reckless little girl."

"We alone, Da?" You asked, glancing to the ambulance door, which was shut.

He nodded. "The EMTs already looked us both over; we're good as new, love."

"If… if we alone…" You reached over and tugged at his shirt. "Can I nurse, please?"

Seokjin didn't hesitate to pull his shirt off and settle you into his lap. "Of course, sweetheart. Whatever you need."

As you sucked on him, the familiar motion and smell of him soothing you, he played with your hair and rubbed your back.

"You're such a good girl," he cooed. "So sweet and brave and perfect."

You hummed around him, making him chuckle.

"That tickles a bit," he told you, leaning down to kiss your head. "I'm so glad everyone is alright. I was worried when you didn't wake up right away."

"M'okay, Da," you slurred around his nipple.

"I know, and I'm so glad," he whispered. "Everyone is safe and sound; that's all we could ever ask for."

"Staff?" You asked, thinking of all the other people who worked in the building.

"Not a single injury," Seokjin assured you. "Everyone got checked out in an ambulance before being sent home."

You popped off his chest and asked, "we go home, too, Da?"

He nodded and tucked a lock of hair behind your ear. "We'll all go home, yeah? You just say the word."

You glanced around at the empty ambulance, and snuggled back against Seokjin. "Maybe… just a little longer alone with you, Da," you murmured, wanting to savor it.

He smiled against your scalp and assured you, "I would love that, doll."

Chapter Text

I'm considering abandoning this work and just starting a new request thread work. 🤔 I have 65 requests still sitting, which is a bit overwhelming to be honest. Maybe accepting just a certain amount of requests at a time would be better? I don't know. I'm probably not in the right state of mind to be making any rash decisions, though.

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After sleeping on it, I'm not going to abandon the thread. What's the point if the end goal is creating a new thread of the same content? That was a silly idea on my part. I'm going to go through the list of requests and anything that is a repeat will not be written. I'm changing the rules a bit for the next round of requests and leaving them open for a shorter amount of time. Once I see that a lot have been submitted, I will close them, rather than having it time-based.

Chapter Text

"Whatcha doing, little one?" You asked, crouching down with him behind the kitchen island.

"Shh!" He hissed, holding a finger to his lips. "I'm hiding, Mommy."

"Hiding, hmm?" You noticed that Jungkook was crouched in perfect view to watch Taehyung, who was eating his lunch in the dining room.

"Hiding," he said.

"Does Tou-san know that he's supposed to be finding you, darling?"

Jungkook scrunched up his nose and shook his head. "I'm hiding so he doesn't find me, Mommy!"

Before you could ask him why he was hiding, Taehyung rose with his empty plate and padded into the kitchen to put it in the sink. Upon spotting you both behind the island, he smiled.

"What are you guys doing down there, huh?"

Jungkook let out what could only be described as a squeak, darting away from Taehyung and instead hiding behind the doorway, poking his head out every few seconds. His cheeks were flushed pink.

"Are we playing tag?" Taehyung asked, clearly confused.

You shrugged and asked Jungkook, "are we playing a game with Tou-san, baby?"

Jungkook shook his head and beckoned you over to him. When you were close enough, he cupped his hands around your ear and whispered, "wanna play with Mommy but still watch Tou-san."

You raised your eyebrows at that. "Does Tou-san want to come watch a movie with us?"

Taehyung, albeit just as confused as you, followed you into the living room. When he tried to sit on the other side of Jungkook, however, the boy squirmed and hid his blushing face behind his hands.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Taehyung asked, rubbing his shoulders. "Did Tou-san do something to upset you?"

Jungkook shook his head, lowering his hands to reveal his red cheeks. "Tou-san is really close," he whispered.

"You don't want Tou-san close?" You asked, bewildered.

Jungkook whined, kicking his feet. "Want him close but then my heart feels funny!" He complained.

A smile twitched at your lips as you shared a look with Taehyung over the little's head. "Yeah? And what about your tummy? Does it feel funny too?"

Jungkook nodded, glad that you seemed to understand! "And… and! I feel all hot! All over!"

Taehyung suddenly tackled Jungkook into a hug, smooching his baby's cheeks. "And what about now, Jungkookie, hmm?"

Jungkook yelped, face turning the color of a tomato. "Tou-san!" He squealed.

"Do you have a crush on Tou-san, pumpkin?" You asked. "Is that it?"

Jungkook wriggled in Taehyung's arms for a moment before finally settling down. He was old enough, at seven or so, to know what a crush was. He considered it for a few seconds before nodding.

"Tou-san makes me wanna get kisses."

Taehyung made a point of kissing Jungkook's cheeks again. "There you go, baby boy."

But Jungkook complained, "real kisses!"

You chuckled and shook your head. "Tou-san will give you all the real kisses you want when you're a big boy, my love."

Taehyung nodded and agreed, "so many that you'll be sick of them."

Jungkook giggled, nuzzling against Taehyung's chest.

"You're so cute when you're shy, Kookie," you couldn't help but tease him.

And Jungkook, of course, grew tomato-cheeks once again.

Chapter Text

“Oppa, I wanna go home together,” you said as you flopped onto the futon in his studio.

“Mm, okay, jagi.” He only glanced up for a moment, watching as you laid back against the couch, sipping your water. “I have a bit more work to do.”

“It’s okay, oppa, I’ll wait.”

He worked in relative silence, only the hum of the computer, the clicking of the mouse and keys, and you quietly opening your water bottle. You didn’t grow impatient or try to talk as he worked, knowing that it would only distract him.

The only time you spoke was after you tossed your empty water bottle into the trash can. “I’m going to go to the bathroom,” you told him.

“Don’t,” he stopped you with one word, his voice causing you to sink back onto the couch.


He shook his head and reached into the mini fridge next to him, producing another bottle of water and offering it to you. “You can wait until we get home, can’t you?”

You blushed beneath his sadistic grin, but nodded. You took the bottle and cracked it open, taking a few long swallows.

“Good girl,” he murmured, turning back to his work. “You’ll finish it before I’m done with my work, won’t you?”

Of course, you did. You had pre-negotiated scenes like this before, and you knew that if you really needed to, Yoongi would let you go. Soon enough, the second bottle was empty and joined the first one in the trash.

“Oppa,” you called out softly. “I finished it.”

“Good, babe,” he replied, still clicking away, uninterested.

“Are you almost done?” You tried again, knees knocking together.

Your squirming got his attention, and he turned to grin at you. He shrugged and asked, “have somewhere to be?”

“I have to pee, oppa,” you grumbled. It was embarrassing to admit, but it also made your core melt, knowing he was going to deny you.

“You can wait until we get home, love,” he said simply. And then, he was focused back on his computer.

By the time he finally closed out of the program he had open, you were squirming on the couch and rocking in place, trying to find a comfortable position that didn’t irritate the inflated balloon in your middle.

“Ready to go home?” He asked with a teasing grin, and you shot up so quickly that you had to twist your legs together from the shift of gravity.

“Ready, oppa,” you squeaked.

He took your hand and led you out of the studio, down the hall to the parking garage. When you passed the bathrooms, he smiled and tugged you inside.


“I have to pee,” he told you with a sick smile.

You groaned and jerked your head towards the closed door. “Can’t I wait outside?”

Yoongi pouted as he stood in front of the toilet, hands hovering near the hem of his sweats. “I’ll be really lonely if you leave, jagi.”

You huffed and stepped away from the door, biting your lower lip. “Okay,” you conceded.

Watching him pee was absolute torture. You wriggled around, dancing in place as the sound of his piss hitting the toilet water made your bladder tremble. He sighed with relief, making you nothing but jealous as his stream faded into a trickle.

“Jagi,” he said, all serious after washing his hands, “can you wait until we get home? What’s your color?”

You nuzzled into his neck as he pulled you against him. “Green,” you told him. “You’ll drive fast, won’t you?” You added with a smirk.

The seatbelt dug right into your bladder, and you squirmed on Yoongi’s leather seat. After pulling out to the street, Yoongi kept one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your thigh, stroking and squeezing in silent encouragement. Your bladder pulsed with excitement as you pulled into the parking garage.

“I have to go so bad,” you groaned in the elevator, trying your best not to dance in place.

“Almost there, jagi,” he encouraged you, rubbing the small of your back.

But in the dorm, when you tried to rush to the nearest bathroom, Yoongi grabbed your wrist. “Come to my room, babe. You’ve waited this long already, I think you can wait a bit more.”

“But oppa-”



In his room, Yoongi patiently stripped the blankets and sheets off his bed, leaving nothing but the waterproof protector on.

“Love watching you squirm,” he chuckled against your lips, pulling you in for a kiss.

“I can tell,” you grinned, grinding your hips down onto his very obvious erection when he pulled you into his lap. “Off,” you mumbled, tugging at his t-shirt.

Once his chest was bare, he slid his hands up your shirt, squeezing your breasts with a groan. “Can we have sex?” He asked against your lips.

“Mm.. pee, first?” You bargained.

“During,” he shot back. “Not until I say so, okay?”

It was much harder to hold it in with the added pressure of his cock inside you. On your hands and knees, he thrust into you, hitting your bladder with each rock of his hips.

“Oppa, oppa, fuck...”

“What, baby?” He asked with faux concern, kissing down your spine as he thrust again. “Feels good?”

“Feels good, but…”

“But what?” he asked, thrusting in shallowly. “Gotta tell oppa what you need, yeah?”

You didn’t want to admit it to him again, but every time his cock pressed deep inside you, it felt like you were going to spill all over the bed.

“I have to pee, oppa, please.”

“Love when you beg,” he huffed, biting your earlobe. “Wanna hear more of it, then maybe you can go.”

“Please, oppa,” you whined, clenching every muscle to keep from spilling. “I have to go so bad, I can’t hold it anymore. Please, oppa, let me-”

“Go,” he finished for you, his hand snaking around to your lower stomach and pushing.


You were helpless to stop the gush that started between your legs, splattering onto the protective cover and puddling around your knees.

“Fuck, jagi, so good,” Yoongi groaned, thrusting slowly as you relieved yourself.

“Feel so good,” you replied, moaning as Yoongi massaged your belly, helping you along.

“You did so good for me,” Yoongi praised you, kissing the back of your neck. “Had to go so bad, didn’t you?”

Your stream had finally weakened to a dribble, and Yoongi wasted no time fucking into you harder. “Oppa, please,” you begged him some more.

“Okay, baby, I’ve got you,” he murmured, moving his hand from your stomach to your clit, rubbing and pinching.

“Can I cum, oppa?”

“Yeah, jagi, of course. Did so good. Want you to cum for me.”

You came with a gasp and a shudder, and Yoongi fucked you through it, his fingers working your clit. Before you could reach oversensitivity, he pulled out of you and came on your butt, painting both your cheeks with white ropes as he moaned.

“Jagi,” he pulled you into his lap after wiping you down. “You did so good. Thank you.” He pressed kiss after kiss to your scalp. “Did you enjoy it?”

You nodded and kissed his cheek. “Felt really good to wait for you, oppa.”

“Do you want a bath or a shower?” He asked, rubbing your back.


Yoongi carried you into the bathroom and started filling up the tub, sprinkling nice-smelling bath salts into the water. He helped you step inside, kissing your lips.

“I’m going to clean up the bed and then I’ll come join you, okay?”

“Okay, oppa,” you smiled back at him.

You must have dozed off right in the water, because the next thing you knew, Yoongi’s solid body was behind you, holding you up. Your head was resting on his shoulder, and he was rubbing your stomach, kissing your hair.

“Good morning, jagi,” he teased you.

“You wore me out,” you protested.

He chuckled and nuzzled his nose into your hair. “I love you.”

“I love you, oppa.”

Chapter Text

“You were supposed to clock back in five minutes ago.”

You rose your aching head from your desk, your uneaten lunch still sitting beside you. You bit back a groan and nodded to your co-worker.

“I’m sorry, I’ll clock back in right now.”

Your co-worker only shrugged as she walked away. “Wish we could all get away with acting so lazy.”

Your lip trembled as you shakily clocked back in on your computer. Your head was pounding and your chest felt as if it were home to a stack of bricks. You had been fighting off this cold for days now, and it seemed to be getting worse instead of better. You kept falling asleep at your desk, sometimes… not even during your breaks.

You coughed into your arm as you answered the phone, trying to concentrate on the conversation you were having with the client on the other end. But your vision was blurry, your head muddled, and you just couldn’t retain anything he was saying.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, can I call you back?”

You didn’t wait for a response before hanging up the phone and burying your face in your arms. You would shut your eyes for just a moment, then you would get back to work…

“Oh no, is she okay?”

“She’s burning up, hyung!”

“We have to get her home!”

The voices all muddled together, as familiar as they were. You moaned as you were lifted into strong arms, realizing as you blinked your eyes open that it was Hoseok’s neck you were nuzzling into.

“Baba,” you croaked.

“Baby girl,” he murmured as a few hands rubbed your back, and others brushed back your hair. “Why didn’t you tell us you were feeling sick, hmm?”

You coughed, trying to cover your mouth with your hand, but not really succeeding. “Dunno… didn’t wanna bother anybody… keep falling asleep at work.”

“We go so worried when you didn’t come home, love,” Jungkook told you. “We’re going to take good care of you now, honey, don’t you worry.”

You shook your head as Hoseok placed you in the backseat of a van. “M’not worried,” you yawned. “Daddies will make me all better…”

When you woke again, you were tucked into bed. A diaper was snug around your center, and the pajamas you were in were the softest you owned. A cold compress cooled your forehead while soft hands rubbed your chest and played with your hair.

“Am I home, daddies?” you asked.

“Yes, darling,” Seokjin told you. “You’re home with your daddies now. Everything’s okay.”

“It’s hot,” you complained.

“We gave you medicine, sweetie,” Jimin explained. “It should help with the fever soon.”

Despite the fact that you were hot, you found yourself shivering.

“Open your mouth, princess,” Yoongi directed you.

When you did, warm chicken broth filled your mouth. You swallowed it eagerly; you were suddenly very hungry. You ate all the soup that was offered to you before snuggling against Taehyung, who was cuddled next to you.

“Sleep, little one,” he said, kissing your head. “You need to rest.”

Your daddies took such good care of you while you were ill. Once your fever had broken and you were moved to the couch to watch TV, you couldn’t even remember why you were so hesitant to tell them that you felt sick in the first place.

“Thank you for making me all better, daddies,” you told them as you snuggled close.

“Always, pumpkin,” Namjoon promised. “We’ll always nurse you back to health, whenever you need us to.”

You giggled at that. “Daddies nurses?”

Seokjin nodded. “Just for you, my little love.”

Chapter Text

"Ew, Tou-san, why you drinking that?"

You wrinkled your nose at the smell of the coffee from Taehyung's mug, turning your face away.

Taehyung offered you a weak smile and explained, "I'm just really tired, baby."

You pouted and poked his cheek. "Not smiling for real, either. Tou-san sad?"

Taehyung tried his best to smile "for real" for you, cupping your cheek with the hand not clutching his coffee mug. "I'm okay, lovely."

"Be little with me?" You asked. "Tou-san feel better if he little."

Taehyung shook his head, putting his coffee on the end table. "Not today, princess. Baby, do you remember how Tou-san feels sick sometimes? Because of the epilepsy?"

You thought for a moment. "Yeah!" You told him. "Tou-san has to fight the big bad epiwepsy monster!"

Taehyung chuckled and ruffled your hair. "Sometimes when the epilepsy monster is coming, it makes Tou-san feel yucky for a few days. So don't worry about me, sweets, okay? It will pass."

"Tou-san fight the monster! Fight all the monsters!" You cheered him on, still not understanding.

Taehyung sighed and seemed to let it go, moving from the couch onto the floor.

"We play?" You asked.

Taehyung shook his head and started moving everything away from him; the coffee table, your toys. Everything but the soft blanket and pillows on the rug.

"Cuddles!" You chirped, laying down with him and snuggling close.

Taehyung tried to speak, to warn you, but his mouth opened and no sound emerged. You pulled away as you felt him trembling.

"Tou-san okay?"

You screeched as he began to seize, eyes rolling back and mouth parting.

"Tou-san," you whimpered. "Epiwepsy monster."

You didn't understand his epilepsy much in your young headspace, but you remembered the most important rule: always get a grown up if the epilepsy monster comes. You kissed Taehyung's head before running upstairs to find Jungkook.

"Baby?" Taehyung slurred a bit as he came to, scanning the room for you. He panicked for a moment, hoping that he was okay, that you were okay, and-

"Babe, lie back down."

Jungkook was at Taehyung's side in a second, guiding his head onto a pillow. "Kook."

"There you go," Jungkook cooed, kissing his head. "You're okay; I'm here now."

"Where is-"

"Got you a blankie, Tou-san," you said, skipping into the room with your favorite blanket. "In case you cold."

"Oh, sweetheart." Taehyung took the blanket and held it like a stuffed animal. "Thank you so much."

"Cuddles?" You asked. "Make Tou-san all better?"

Taehyung nodded, and Jungkook helped him to shimmy up onto the couch. He nested himself in Jungkook's arms and smiled when you took your place in his lap. With your blanket draped over the three of you, you were all snug and cozy.

"Thank you for getting Daddy, little one," Taehyung said, kissing your head. "You were so brave."

But you only shook your head and told him, "Tou-san is the brave one, for fighting the epiwepsy monster!"

Chapter Text

You hummed to yourself, carefully coloring in your sea animal coloring book and trying to stay inside the lines. Pink and purple sea turtles, shimmery green dolphins, and a rainbow shark. Your picture looked so, so pretty, and you couldn't wait to finish it and show your daddies.

But suddenly, your chest felt funny. Like your heart was beating at the wrong time; too hard and too fast. You could feel it in your throat, and it made you want to cough.

Your heart started racing, and you didn't know if it was from you working yourself up or not. Your blue crayon fell to the ground and you began to tremble, tears leaking down your cheeks.

"Baby girl!" Jimin was at your side in a second, and Yoongi followed suit to join you on your other side. "What happened? Why are you crying?"

"Chest hurts!" You whimpered, clutching your hand to the offending area.

"What?" Yoongi looked panicked. "What kind of pain? How bad, baby? Does anything else hurt?"

"Hyung," Jimin stopped him gently, pulling you into his lap. "One question at a time," he said when you started crying harder.

"I'm sorry, lovely," Yoongi apologized, kissing your cheek. "What does the pain feel like? Is it tight and pinchy?"

You shook your head. "Ju-just feels really hard. Like somebody's banging on my heart!"

"Hmm," Jimin pressed a kiss to your hair. "What else, baby?"

"Heart going boom, boom, boom! Really fast! It's going into my throat!"

Yoongi glanced at the table, where your empty starbucks cup from when you were big that morning sat. He scanned the label and sighed.

"Four shots of espresso is a lot, baby doll," he said. "You had that this morning in your coffee."

"You did, didn't you?" Jimin asked. "Does this happen sometimes when you're big?"

You thought back and suddenly realized that it did! Sometimes too much coffee made your chest feel yucky.

You nodded. "Happens sometimes, Appa."

Yoongi sighed, clearly relieved. "I think it's from the coffee, darling. Papa will get you some water, okay? It will help."

While Yoongi went to the kitchen, Jimin moved you from the floor to the couch. When Yoongi returned with a sippy of water, he cuddled you, too. You almost forgot about your heart squished between your two daddies, sipping on water out of your pretty cup.

"M'gonna be okay, daddies?"

Yoongi kissed your head. "Of course you are, love."

"It will go away with time," Jimin explained. "And your daddies will be here to cuddle you and kiss you until it does, okay?"

You hummed as Yoongi started rubbing your back, nodding in response. "Love cuddles and kisses."

Jimin smiled and smooched your cheek. "Our perfect little princess can have all the cuddles and kisses she wants," he declared.

You giggled at that, your heart forgotten. You kissed Yoongi's nose and then Jimin's ear, making them both laugh. You were glad your daddies thought you were funny!

"Feel warm and safe," you told them, snuggling against Jimin and tugging Yoongi closer.

You wanted to feel every inch of them, match your breathing with them, smell their cologne, and feel their warmth. And that was how you stayed for the rest of the afternoon, even long after your palpitations had stopped. After all, Jimin and Yoongi never could deny their baby.

Chapter Text

"Da, Da!" You screeched as you barreled towards the door. "Glad you home! Wanna play an' watch movies and…"

You trailed off when you noticed Seokjin lingering in the doorway of the living room, pulling his shirt sleeves down over his hands. There were unshed tears in his eyes, and he couldn't seem to stay still.


"Hyung," Namjoon stepped ahead of you, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "You okay? What's going on?"

Seokjin's lower lip wobbled as he whined, "I couldn't sing well today. Everyone hated it, th-they thought it was bad, they… I was b-bad."

Namjoon seemed to realize what was happening before you did. He led Seokjin over to the couch, pulling him right into his lap and kissing his hair.

"You are never, ever bad, darling. We all have our off days, yeah?"

You quickly caught on to Namjoon's use of pet names instead of "hyungs" and you added, "bet you sounded good, Jinnie. Your voice always pretty."

He shook his head. "Hated me. Hated me!"

"No one hates you, my love," Namjoon soothed him, rubbing his back. "No one could ever hate my wonderful, talented little Jinnie."

"Little?" Seokjin asked, which almost seemed silly, considering he was trying to suck on Namjoon's fingers while he asked.

Namjoon chuckled and nodded. "Positively tiny," he cooed. "Why don't we get you in comfier clothes?"

"Little?" Seokjin repeated, as if he hadn't heard Namjoon the first time. Now he was sucking on his own fingers, saliva dripping down his hand.

"That's yucky, Jinnie!" You scolded him. "Sissy get you paci!"

While you trotted off to find one, Namjoon patted Seokjin's bum to get him to stand. "Let's go upstairs, bud."

Seokjin, however, couldn't seem to find his balance. He nearly fell to the floor, being caught by Namjoon at the last minute. He whined, frustrated with himself and his wobbly legs.

"Oh, sweetie, Dada's sorry. You're much too little to walk, come here." He lifted Seokjin into his arms and kissed his cheek. "Dada will carry you like the perfect little baby you are."

"Found one, Dada!" You called out as Namjoon laid Seokjin on his bed.

"In here, little love!" He answered.

"Jinnie, what would you like to wear, prince?"

Seokjin didn't seem to hear him. He was giggling and reaching for a nearby RJ stuffie. You stuck his pacifier in his mouth when you entered the room and then grabbed the stuffie, moving it closer to him.

"Here, Jinnie!"

Seokjin cooed and giggled, holding the stuffie close as his pacifier bobbed. Namjoon kissed his forehead and asked you, "I think Jinnie is too little to decide what to wear, princess. Can you pick for him?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" You jumped at the opportunity to dress your brother up!

Namjoon diapered Seokjin while you picked out a pair of soft baby blue sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt for him.

"Oh, thank you, sweetheart. You're such a good helper!"

You giggled as Namjoon dressed the squirmy baby in his clothes. "Like helping! Like taking care of baby Jinnie!"

"Such a good big sister. What do you say we give him a bottle and watch a movie?"

"Can I pick the movie? Please?" You asked as Namjoon picked Seokjin up, bouncing him as you followed them down the stairs.

"Of course, doll. I'll go make his bottle, okay? You keep an eye on him."

Seokjin liked sitting on the couch with you. He snuggled close and watched you put on a movie he'd never seen before; Raya and the Last Dragon.

"It has dragons, Jinnie! You'll like it!"

Seokjin giggled in response, poking your nose.

"Is baby Jinnie giving boops?" You asked in that silly voice your daddies always used with you. "I'm gonna boop you, too!"

You did, and it made him dissolve into another fit of giggles.

"Can I kiss your nose, Jinnie?" You asked.

He nodded, sticking his neck out, clearly excited for his kiss. When you kissed him, he squealed and tugged on your arm, pointing to his nose again.

"Another kissie?" You asked, and he nodded.

Namjoon cooed when he came into the room, watching you give your brother kisses. "My sweet little babies are giving kisses? So cute!"

"Asked him if he wanted kissie first, Dada!"

Namjoon patted your head. "What a good girl, making sure he was comfortable with kisses. I'm so proud of you."

"Can I help give bottle?" You asked, glancing at the bottle of milk.

Namjoon nodded and sat on the other side of Seokjin, handing you the bottle. "Sissy is going to help you, okay, baby boy?"

Seokjin babbled and spat out his pacifier, pouting at you for his milk. You giggled and moved closer, snuggling him as you guided the nipple to his mouth.

"Is it yummy, darling?" Namjoon asked, ruffling his hair.

Seokjin smiled around the bottle, resting his head on your shoulder as his eyes fluttered shut.

"Is Jinnie sleepy, Dada?"

"I think so, baby girl. He had a long day."

You hummed and pressed a kiss to Seokjin's hair. "You can nap on sissy," you told him. "Want Jinnie to feel all better."

Namjoon smiled and kissed your forehead. "You're doing such a good job helping him feel better, my love."

You grinned up at him, neither of you noticing that Seokjin had stopped sucking on his bottle. Sure enough, he had fallen asleep on his sissy's shoulder, feeling so, so loved by her and Dada.

Chapter Text

"Love, you need to keep your mouth closed so that we can get your temperature," Hoseok sighed, trying once again to use the oral thermometer.

"Honey," Taehyung frowned when you spit it out once again. "We need to get your temperature, and if you don't let us do that with your mouth, you aren't going to like how we have to do it."

Namjoon's eyes widened. "Tae, we can't…"

"She's burning up," Yoongi argued. "We need to see how high her temperature is."

You whined and fussed some more, feeling so, so gross from your fever but being unable to express it due to how small you were feeling.

"I know, lovely," Jungkook murmured. "I know you aren't feeling well. He tried to pull your head onto his lap to rest, but you slapped him away.

"Little one, stop hitting," Seokjin told you.

When Jimin tried to hold a cool compress to your head, you slapped him away, too, your fingernails scratching his arm.

"Ouch!" He huffed, dropping the compress.

"Can you get her mittens, please?" Namjoon asked Yoongi. "We need to care for her but we can't keep getting scratched."

Needless to say, the boys didn't attempt to get a rectal temperature until after you had your mittens on. Jungkook held your head in his lap and pet your hair while Yoongi and Hoseok pulled your pants and diaper down.

"Your tushie is going to feel a little funny for a second, sweetheart," Seokjin warned you.

Taehyung knelt in front of you and started making silly faces to distract you from the discomfort. You barely noticed as the boys pressed the soft, flexible probe into you, properly greased with lube first, of course.

"All done, baby!" Jimin cooed. "You did so well."

"We need to get her some medicine right away," Hoseok said as he cleaned off the thermometer. "She's really sick."

You pouted. You knew you were sick, and you loved cuddles, but you felt so sweaty and gross from the fever that you even cried when the boys cuddled and kissed you.

Now Seokjin was the one pressing the cold compress to your head as you snuggled in Taehyung's lap. You kept wriggling around and whimpering, unable to get comfortable.

"You need to take some medication, little bear," Jimin told you, holding out a medicine cup that looked gooey and icky. "It will make you feel better."

You whined, trying to swat them away, but it was hard with your mittens on.

"There we go," Yoongi cooed as he coaxed your mouth open. Jimin poured the medicine in a second later, and you whined at the taste.

"Swallow it, honey," Namjoon instructed you. "Then you can wash it down with some yummy juice."

Sure enough, as soon as you gulped down the medicine, Jungkook held a sippy cup to your lips. "Good girl," he praised you.

"No like," you whimpered, the first words you had said in a while.

"I know you don't like the medicine, love," Yoongi sympathized.

You shook your head. "Sick."

"No one likes being sick, angel," Seokjin cooed. "But you're being such a brave little baby for us. We're so proud of you."

"Good girl?"

"Yes, princess, you're such a good girl," Jimin assured you.

"And what would our good girl like to do, hmm?" Namjoon asked.

"Mm… cuddles and movie, p'ease…"

You were feeling tired from all the talking, slipping back into a smaller headspace.

"Of course, darling." Hoseok kissed your head as you got transferred into his lap.

You lost count of how many movies you watched that day. The boys kept you entertained, fed, and changed. They had to take your temperature a few times, and they made sure that you took your medicine to keep your fever down.

"Your fever is going down, baby," Yoongi murmured after dinner. "How are you feeling?"

You were still too little to answer, but the boys had removed your mittens since you had stopped trying to hit them when they cared for you.

Jungkook chuckled and ruffled your hair. "I think our little princess is feeling much better."

Chapter Text

"Of course it's okay, oppa," you murmured against his lips. "I've already done that with Kook, yeah?"

Yoongi blushed and nodded. "He said it was really good, but… there's something else too, jagi."

"You can tell me," you spoke into the soft pillows of his lips. "You can tell me anything, oppa."

"I kind of… wanna call you something while we do it. You know how you… call Jungkook Daddy?"

You hummed and brushed back his hair.

"Can I call you Mommy? Is that too weird?"

You pulled him in for another heated kiss and assured him, "it isn't weird. That sounds really hot, actually."

"You're not just saying that?" Yoongi asked.

"No, baby," you whispered. "Mommy wants to fuck you, okay?"

Yoongi whined at the words, and you smirked at the effect they had on him. "C-can I go down on you?" He asked. "To get you ready?"

"I think we should get you ready, hmm?"

Yoongi shook his head. "I'm already opened up," he mumbled. "Me and Jungkookie did it a little while ago…"

You kissed down his neck slowly. "Such a horny boy, hmm? Kookie's cock wasn't enough?"

He shook his head. "Need Mommy's, too."

You pulled him closer, until your naked bodies were flush against each other. "Okay, you can get Mommy ready then, alright?"

Yoongi was amazing with his tongue; that was no secret. You moaned as he ate you out, set on pleasuring his Mommy.

"Babe," you warned him. "Mommy's gonna cum if you don't stop."

Yoongi kissed your clit gently and told you, "want Mommy to cum."

Yoongi swirled his tongue over your clit, suckling gently and that was what pushed you over the edge. You came with his mouth suctioning you, back arching.

"That was so good," you praised him, sitting up and pulling him in for a kiss. "Can Mommy take care of her good boy now?"

He nodded, eager as ever as you retrieved the strap on from under the bed. It was much more rudimentary than Jungkook's, no vibrating features or piece that fit inside you.

"We can ask Jungkook for his," Yoongi suggested as you started putting it on. "So you can cum too."

You shook your head as you tightened the final buckle. "Mommy already came, baby. Now it's your turn, okay?"

Yoongi blushed and nodded, "o-okay."

You popped open the bottle of lube and rubbed some on your fingers, moving down to his hole.

"Mommy, I'm open! Please! Want your cock."

You circled your fingers around his opening, concerned at the slight lilt in his voice. "Yoongi, baby, are you big right now? You need to tell me the truth."

He nodded, blushing even redder. "I'm big, promise… just… subspace."

You smirked. It was so easy to get him pliant for you. "Let Mommy check and make sure you're opened up enough." Yoongi's ass swallowed two fingers easily, and you slid in a third. "I didn't wanna hurt you, baby."

"Ready," Yoongi mumbled, cock hard and leaking across his belly. "Please."

You pulled your fingers out and coated the fake cock with lube, lining yourself up. "Here you go, babe," you cooed, pushing inside. You were met with no resistance from how stretched he was. "You just relax and let me take care of you."

"More, Mommy," he mumbled, trying to rock his hips.

You chuckled and obliged him, leaning down for a kiss as you started to fuck into him. He moaned into it, hands steadying on your waist as pleasure ripped through him.

"Does that feel good, babe? Like when Mommy fucks you into the mattress?"

Yoongi panted, sweat beading on his forehead. "Please, please touch me. Wanna cum."

"So quick for Mommy, aren't you? Do I make you feel that good, hmm?" You teased him, reaching for his cock.

He gasped and writhed under the touch, hips chasing your hand and mouth hanging open.

"Faster, Mommy, please!" He fisted the bedsheets, pupils blown. "I'm so close…"

"You can cum," you whispered, stroking him faster, twisting your wrist near the tip. "There you go, baby," you cooed as he spilled all over your hand and his stomach, ass clenching around the strap on so hard that you could feel it tugging.

"Mommy, too much," he whimpered, squirming away from your hand in oversensitivity.

"Okay, babe," you murmured, carefully sliding out of him.

By the time you got the strap on off, Yoongi's eyes were closed.

"We have to shower and clean up," you murmured, cupping his cheek. "You can't fall asleep yet."

"But m'sleepy," he slurred, blinking up at you.

You smiled and nodded. "I know, sweetheart," you tested the waters. "Would you like a bath instead? Mommy will wash you."

He nodded, letting you help him up off the bed. "M'small now, Mommy," he told you.

"I can tell, honey. Mommy will take care of you, don't worry."

He yawned as you filled up the tub. "Mommy takes care of me when m'big and when m'little," he said.

"That's right, my love. Here, step in."

Yoongi was practically falling asleep as you bathed him, taking care to scrub the dried fluids off his tummy and wipe all the sweat from his body.

"Can I have my paci an' Glenda for bed?"

You nodded as you rinsed his hair of shampoo. "Of course, baby," you told him, knowing his stuffed goose was on the floor in his room. "I'm sure she misses her sweet little Yoongi."

Yoongi giggled as you dried him with a fluffy towel, and absolutely squealed when you kissed his nose.

"Let's find you some comfy pajamas, honey."

"Chimmy?" He asked.

You found a pacifier in his bedside table and stuck it in his mouth, handing him Glenda from the floor. "You want your Chimmy jammies, darling? Of course."

You dressed Yoongi carefully, having to lift his limbs yourself as he was falling asleep again already. Soon he was dressed in his cute Chimmy pajamas and tucked under the covers.

"Stay, Mommy," he requested.

"I wouldn't dream of leaving," you assured him, snuggling against his side and kissing his hair. "Mommy's right here, prince, you can go to sleep."

You chuckled when Yoongi nuzzled against your arm, pacifier digging into your bicep as he made a smooching noise behind it. You knew that it was meant as a kiss from your baby, and you cuddled him even closer.

Chapter Text

"You know what, Joon, why don't you just do it yourself, then!"

You all looked up as Yoongi and Namjoon stormed into the dorm, slamming the door behind them.

"We're supposed to do it together, hyung. The producers said so!"

Yoongi slammed his hand against the wall. "Then why don't you stop fucking it up?" He hissed.

"Fuck you, hyung! You know it sounded better after I changed it!"

"It did not!"

Their screaming echoed all the way up the stairs, until they both slammed their bedroom doors shut in a final act of defiance.

"Well," Taehyung spoke up. "Should we go talk to them?"

Seokjin shook his head. "I think we should give them time to work it out on their own."

"I'm sure they'll be fine," Hoseok agreed. "They always end up compromising eventually."

Eventually seemed to be a longer time than even Hoseok imagined. Any time Yoongi and Namjoon were in the same room, they either ignored each other or cursed at each other. You were all sure, however, that they would be able to work it out.

"We'll be back soon, hyungs!" Jungkook called out behind him as the two of you left for the grocery store.

It wasn’t too long after that when Yoongi toddled out of his room and into the living room, wanting to watch cartoons. He didn’t know where his Mommy or daddies were, so he didn’t have his paci or his stuffie. Instead, he held a fluffy throw blanket to his chest and tried to fumble with the remote.

Namjoon came downstairs to get a drink while Yoongi was still trying to figure out how to change the channel on the TV. He scoffed at Yoongi and said, “gonna fuck up the TV like you fucked up our track?”

Namjoon didn’t realize that Yoongi was little until he was opening the fridge, and a loud sob came from the living room. He rushed back out and found Yoongi sobbing into the throw blanket, rocking back and forth.

“Hyung, I… Why are you crying?”

“D-didn’t break the TV, promise! Not bad!” Yoongi wailed.

Namjoon joined Yoongi on the couch, trying to quiet him. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were little!” He felt tears welling up in his own eyes. “I didn’t mean to… please… no cry, Yoonie!”

Yoongi only cried harder, even as Namjoon tried to hug him. “Joonie mean, said bad words to Yoonie!”

“Sowwy, Yoonie.” Namjoon cried.

They both clung to each other, sobbing on the couch. And that’s exactly how you and Jungkook found them ten minutes later.

“Little ones!” You gasped, dropping the groceries to the floor in favor of hugging your babies. “What happened, hmm?”

Namjoon bawled, clinging to his Mommy as Jungkook pulled Yoongi into his lap. “Joonie mean to Yoonie! Didn’t know he little… then… then Joonie little too!”

“Oh, baby, it’s okay,” Jungkook murmured. “You’re both just two tiny babies, you didn’t mean it. It’s alright.”

“You’re okay, darlings,” you assured them. “Mommy and Daddy are here; there’s no need to cry anymore.”

“No wanna fight wiff Joonie no more,” Yoongi whimpered.

“No more fight,” Namjoon agreed.

You watched fondly as your little boys hugged each other tight, giving cheek kisses.

“What good boys,” Jungkook praised them. “Making up so nicely.”

Noticing Yoongi sucking his thumb, you asked, “would you like your pacis, little ones? And some toys?”

Soon enough, the little babies were sucking on their pacis and cuddling their stuffies close, tucked between their Mommy and Daddy.

The other boys would have been thrilled enough that Namjoon and Yoongi had made up, but the boys were still little the next day, albeit a bit older. And they had somehow turned the cuteness up a notch, refusing to leave each other’s side for even a second and calling each other pet names like their Mommy and daddies always did.

“Baby, eat you waffles,” Yoongi told Namjoon at breakfast, patting his head.

“Eat you waffles, too, darling!” He answered.

“What do our little boys want to watch?” Hoseok asked them after breakfast, when they had moved into the living room.

“Whatever you want, prince,” Namjoon told Yoongi.

“Noooo, whatever you want, sweetheart!”

They cuddled each other close, kissing each others lips and cheeks and foreheads all through the movie and playing nicely with their toys.

“Does Yoonie’s baby need a nap?” Yoongi asked when Namjoon yawned.

He nodded and tugged on Yoongi’s arm. “Nap too, honey.”

“I can’t stand it,” Jimin confessed once they were tucked into Yoongi’s bed. “They’re too cute; I’m going to fucking die.”

“My heart is gonna explode,” Seokjin added. “Please tell me someone was recording them.”

Taehyung held up his phone with a smirk. “Got it.”

So while they were sleeping, you all watched a replay of your little boys taking care of each other, helping each other drink from their sippies and calling each other the most precious names.

“Think they’ll be okay when they’re big, now?” You asked.

“They better be,” Hoseok said. “Because if they aren’t, we have the most embarrassing videos to blackmail them with.”

Chapter Text

You rolled your eyes at the screen. "Come on, this movie is so lame!"

Jimin quirked his eyebrow and said, "Hobi-hyung picked it out, noona. It was his night to decide. Don't make him feel bad about it."

"It's not like anyone complained when you wanted to watch Twilight for the millionth time last week," Namjoon added.

"But… it's a good movie," you defended. "You're just too stupid to realize it!"

Taehyung snorted. "Sure it's a good movie, if you're a twelve-year old girl."

"It's such a dumb movie," Seokjin added with a laugh.

You pouted, lower lip starting to waver. "I like that movie, Da!" You shouted, tears streaking down your face. "You're mean!"

The boys were all stunned as you stormed from the room.

"What the fuck was that?" Jungkook asked.

"Did she slip from the argument?" Yoongi suggested.

"I'll go talk to her," Taehyung offered.

Upstairs, he knocked on your door.

"Go away!" You shouted.

"No, honey, I want to apologize to you." Taehyung tried the door, but it was locked. "Hey, no locking doors when you're little."

"I'm not little!" You huffed.

"Then why did you call Jin-hyung Da instead of oppa?"

You finally cracked the door open, revealing your tear-stained cheeks. "Because… I'm not little… but I'm not big, either."

"No?" Taehyung inched his way into the room, wrapping his arms around you. "Can you tell Tou-san what you mean?"

You shrugged. "I'm not a grown-up, but I'm not a baby, either. I'm… older."

"How old, love?" Taehyung asked, kissing your head.

You thought about it for a moment. "Fourteen?"

"Ah, you aren't a baby at all. But still not a grown-up, either." Taehyung smoothed your hair down and pressed a kiss to your forehead. "I'm sorry we were mean to you, angel. We didn't know that you weren't big."

You shook your head. "I should have told you."

Taehyung patted your back. "Would you like to go downstairs again? I'm sure Baba will pick a different movie for his precious girl."

You blushed and nodded. "Not Twilight, though."

"We'll watch that, if you want," Taehyung argued as he led you back downstairs.

"Is everything okay?" Jimin asked as you sat between Taehyung and Seokjin.

"I'm not big but I'm not little, either," you blurted out.

Namjoon smiled at you gently and asked, "so, you're in the middle?"

Taehyung nodded for you. "Fourteen."

"I'm sorry I made fun of your movie, Baba," you apologized.

"And I'm sorry that we made fun of yours, darling," Seokjin countered.

"How about we watch something else?" Hoseok offered.

"Deadpool?" You asked.

Jungkook wagged his finger at you. "That's rated R, young lady. Absolutely not."

You pouted but countered, "Batman?"

"I think we can manage that," Yoongi agreed, reaching over to ruffle your hair.

And maybe, just maybe, as you all watched the movie… the boys were all researching middle space to be sure that they knew how to care for you, no matter how little, big, or in the middle you were.

Chapter Text

"Papa?" You crawled into bed with Yoongi, trying to wiggle closer to him. "M'not feeling good, an' daddies said you not, either."

Yoongi rolled over, cracking open his tired eyes and brushing back your hair. "You feel sick, baby?" He asked.

You shook your head. "Sad."

Yoongi nodded and pulled you against his chest. "Papa is sad, too."

"Knock knock," Jimin said as he entered the room. "I brought you some food."

Hoseok was with him, and they were each carrying a sandwich.

"I'm not hungry," Yoongi mumbled.

"Not hungry," you agreed.

"You both need to eat, my loves," Jimin argued. He and Hoseok joined you on the bed.

"Come on," Hoseok hoisted you to sit up as Jimin did the same to Yoongi. "We'll help you eat, yeah?"

Yoongi kept you close as the boys fed you your sandwiches. It was less tiring than doing it yourself, but it still took a lot out of you.

"Just one more bite?" Hoseok tried to get you to keep eating, but after eating half your sandwich, you didn't want anymore.

"I'm done, Jimin-ah," Yoongi agreed. He had eaten a bit more than you had. "Thank you."

Hoseok made a big show of tucking you both back into bed, kissing you both on the forehead.

"Promise that you'll call for someone if you need anything?" Jimin asked.

You both agreed, and as soon as you were left alone again, you grabbed Yoongi's hand. He watched as you separated his thumb from the rest of his fingers, guiding it to your mouth.

"Do you want your paci?" Yoongi asked as you sucked his thumb.

You shook your head.

"It's yucky, baby," Yoongi told you. "Germs."

"Want to taste Papa," you mumbled. "Don't want paci. Please."

Yoongi relented, resting his head against yours. "Okay, sweetheart," he agreed.

You must have fallen asleep at some point, and when you woke up, Yoongi's thumb was no longer in your mouth. You panicked for a moment finding the bed empty, but then Yoongi came out of the ensuite.

"Do you need to go?" He asked.

When you shook your head, he joined you back in bed.

"We sleep again, Papa?" You asked.

Instead of Yoongi answering, you heard Seokjin's voice. "How about a shower first?"

You shook your head just as fast as Yoongi did as Seokjin and Taehyung came into the room.

"Come on, we'll help you," Taehyung cooed.

"I don't want to, and I don't need help," Yoongi grumbled.

"You do need help, Yoongi-ah," Seokjin said gently. "How about a bath instead?"

Your eyes brightened a bit at that, and Yoongi must have noticed it. "Okay," he agreed. "We can take a bath."

Taehyung slowly undressed you as the tub filled, while Yoongi undressed himself. Seokjin helped him once he got the water to the perfect temperature, much to Yoongi's annoyance.

"Hush, Yoongi-ah. Let hyung help you."

In the bath, you and Yoongi sat across from each other. He offered you a soft smile as Taehyung cleaned you, and it took hardly any convincing for him to let Seokjin clean him, too, right down to washing his hair.

"Thank you for helping us," Yoongi mumbled as the boys helped to dress you both in clean pajamas.

"Hyung," Taehyung murmured. "We will always help you. That's what we're here for."

You and Yoongi curled up on the bed together once more, sleeping the day away until Jimin woke you with dinner. And then? You slept some more.

"How are you doing?" Jungkook asked as he and Namjoon crept into the room around dusk. "Do you need anything?"

"Cuddles?" You asked, even though you and Yoongi were already tangled together.

Namjoon curled up behind you and Jungkook behind Yoongi, bracketing you both in between them.

"We love you," Namjoon whispered.

"We love you, too," Yoongi answered for you both.

"Dada," you mumbled. "Can I have your hand?"

Namjoon, for his part, didn't pull away when you started sucking on his middle and index finger.

"She's been wanting her daddies hands instead of her paci," Yoongi explained.

"That's fine," Namjoon replied. "My baby can have whatever she needs."

"And hyung?" Jungkook asked, kissing Yoongi's cheek. "So can you."

Chapter Text

"Can we go to the park, Mommy?"

"And ice cream? Can we have ice cream?"

"I wanna go on an adventure!"

"Wilderness explorers!

"I wanna do arts and crafts!"

Taehyung and Jimin were talking so fast that you could barely whip your head from one to the other without getting whiplash.

"Little ones, take a deep breath for me, okay? Mommy will take you to the park and for ice cream, but you have to promise to behave. Do you promise?"

Jimin and Taehyung looked up with the most innocent, sparkling eyes as they answered, "promise, Mommy!"

At the park, you had to warn the boys to be careful. They were running around like wild animals, chasing each other and climbing on everything. When Jimin came to you for a juice box, you saw that he was somehow covered in dirt and mulch.

"Jiminie! What happened?"

"Uhhh, I fell and got dirties."

You rolled your eyes fondly. "I can see that."

"Mommy!" Taehyung came running over, unable to stay still. "Potty!"

"What did Mommy tell you about waiting until you're doing a potty dance, hmm?"

"Sowwy, Mommy. Was having fun playing."

"Come on, Jiminie, you come too," you cooed. "I need to get you washed up."

Washing Jimin up with wet paper towels was not as easy as you'd hoped, but at least his clothes were spared of any damage.

"Wilderness explorers?" Jimin asked when you left the bathroom, pointing towards the short trail that went through the woods.

"Wanna explore, Mommy!" Taehyung chimed in.

"Yes, my loves," you assured them. "Let's explore and then we'll get ice cream!"

The boys picked flowers and insisted on putting them in your hair, and chased each other all along the dirt path. You spent the entire walk making sure they didn't get hurt.

"Jiminie, don't go off the path, please!"

"Taehyung, don't touch those plants!"

"Boys, watch out! There are rocks on the trail and you don't want to trip!"

Looking after two little boys with endless energy was exhausting. However, you had promised them ice cream, so to the ice cream truck you went.

"Oh, sweetheart, you're getting chocolate all over your face," you chided Taehyung, trying to wipe his mouth.

"Me too, Mommy!" Jimin pointed at his own face, which was indeed covered in red ice pop.

"You look like the Joker," you grumbled as you wiped his cheeks.

"Can we do crafts?" Taehyung asked when you got home, jumping up and down.

"Yeah!" Jimin chimed in. "With glitter!"

"No glitter," you argued. "Mommy is really tired, how about we color for a bit? Have some nice quiet time?"

Taehyung sat down and went right to coloring as you laid on the couch, but Jimin came over to you. "We too much for Mommy today?" He asked, seeming guilty.

You cupped his cheeks and gave him a quick peck. "Absolutely not! My baby boys weren't too much. Mommy loves taking care of you."

Jimin's frame visibly relaxed at that, and he asked, "can I cuddle you, Mommy? Tired from the park."

Well, once Taehyung saw his brother curled up with you, he wanted snuggles, too!

The other boys came home to find you all passed out on the couch in a tangle of arms and legs. It was hard to separate you to carry you to bed, but they managed.

"Mm… where are the boys?" You mumbled, waking up in Namjoon's arms.

"They're going to bed, jagi. You need to sleep, too."

You yawned, nuzzling into Namjoon's neck. "Did we fall asleep?"

Namjoon chuckled. "You sure did. They must have worn you out, hmm?"

But you were already asleep again, unable to respond.

Chapter Text

If the tan rubber band contrasting against the silver spout of the sink wasn't a clue enough for Seokjin, the way you and Yoongi were hiding behind the kitchen door and giggling certainly was. He looked down at his shirt, sighing. Changing out of his favorite shirt was a small price to pay to keep his little ones smiling.

"Ah, my babies got me again!" He squealed as he got sprayed with the water, pretending to fumble while turning the tap back off.

"Got you, Da!" You screeched, careening into the room with Yoongi behind you.

"We tricked you!" He added.

Seokjin patted both your heads before tugging his soaked shirt over his head. "You sure did! My little ones are just so sneaky!"

"Baba's room, remember?" Yoongi whispered to you as you heard Hoseok walking up the stairs.

"Yeah, we gotta follow him!"

Sure enough, Hoseok ignored the way one of his sweatshirts was draped over the seat of his desk chair and sat right down. You and Yoongi burst into giggles as he sat down on the whoopie cushion, while Hoseok rolled his eyes fondly at the two of you.

"Well, excuse me!" He said, pulling the toy out from under him. "I suppose the two of you would have nothing to do with this, yeah?"

Yoongi shook his head. "Uh uh, Baba. Not us!"

"Not us," you echoed.

"Oh little ones," Jungkook called from the kitchen. "Why is all our food staring at me?"

Right! You and Yoongi had forgotten about that one! When you got down to the kitchen, Jungkook and Jimin were making dinner, where you had attached googly eyes to every single item in the fridge.

"We were being silly, Daddy!" You explained.

"You sure were," Jimin agreed, plucking the eyeballs off an onion to start chopping it up. "Our little goofballs."


You and Yoongi rushed into the living room, where Namjoon had discovered the fake spider you'd placed on the TV remote.

"Dada, you see the spider?" Yoongi asked.

He chuckled, holding up the offending object. "You scared me, little ones!"

Taehyung, however, didn't fall for any of your pranks. In fact, he seemed to be smiling way too much as he told you and Yoongi to get ready for bed that night.

"Tou-san!" You giggled and held up the pair of Minion boxers and Yoongi's Baby Shark pajamas. "These are Yoongi's, not mine!"

Seconds later, Yoongi came in holding your princess panties and Raya pajamas. "These not mine!" He giggled.

Taehyung gasped and shrugged. "Silly me! I must have gotten all mixed up!"

You both shrieked with laughter as Taehyung helped you into your pajamas, giving you kisses and tickles all the while.

"Goodnight, my little pranksters," he cooed after tucking you in.

"Night night, Tou-san," you echoed, snuggling each other close.

Chapter Text

"I told you to stop fucking calling me! I have nothing to say to you!"

Even with their headphones on, mixing a track they were working on, Namjoon and Jungkook were able to hear Taehyung's shouting.

"I'm done! I'm blocking you! Get all the new numbers you want, I'll get a new number too!"

Taehyung threw the phone on the bed just as Namjoon and Jungkook entered his bedroom. Their hearts broke at the frustrated tears that gathered in Taehyung's eyes.

"Babe, what happened?" Jungkook asked, approaching him slowly.

"Get out, Jungkook! I handled it, okay?" Taehyung was pacing back and forth, both fists clenched.

"But you don't have to handle everything on your own, Tae-ah," Namjoon told him. "That's what we're here for, hmm?"

Taehyung shrugged. "It's stupid. I don't need help."

Jungkook finally risked placing a hand on Taehyung's shoulder and squeezing. "But we want to help, Taehyungie. We love you, and we just want to help."

Taehyung melted as Namjoon wrapped his arms around his waist, guiding him to the bed. "My ex keeps calling me. And when I block him, he gets a new number to call me again."

"That must be really frustrating, baby," Namjoon rubbed his back. "We should get you a new phone number, too, then."

Jungkook nodded, kissing Taehyung's head. "We won't let him keep harassing you, love. We'll protect you."

Taehyung squirmed, liking the idea of his da-

His boyfriends protecting him.

As if reading his mind, Namjoon leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Do you want to be little, Tae? We can get you all tucked into bed and cuddle you to sleep."

The prospect of cuddling his daddies was just too good for Taehyung to pass up! He nodded, already trying to untangle himself from his shirt.

"Wanna cuddle and sleep, daddies, please!"

Jungkook chuckled and helped Taehyung out of his clothes while Namjoon found him a pair of comfy pajamas.

"You look as snug as a bug in a rug!" Namjoon cooed, booping Taehyung's nose once he was all dressed.

Taehyung giggled and shook his head. "M'not a bug, Dada! I'm a boy!"

"The sweetest boy we know," Jungkook agreed as he tucked the covers up around Taehyung.

Jungkook and Namjoon laid on either side of Taehyung, keeping him warm and safe bracketed between them.

"Goodnight, darling," Jungkook murmured, kissing his head.

Namjoon followed up with a kiss on his forehead, sighing. "We love you so, so much."

Chapter Text

"Oh, my princess, we're so glad you're home!"

Seokjin was the first one to wrap you into a tight hug when you walked through the door.

"We missed you so much," Jimin said, joining the hug.

"We're going to take such good care of you," Namjoon added.

After not slipping for weeks during your treatment, it was easy for you to let go and let the boys take control. You knew that your daddies would take care of you. However, you also knew that they would be following the same program at home that you had in the facility, to make sure you didn't slip back into old habits.

"Let's get you changed and eat some lunch, sweetheart," Hoseok cooed. "You can sit on Da's lap, yeah?"

Your lip trembled, but you clung to Hoseok as you were passed off to him. Hoseok didn't ask how little you were feeling; he took it upon himself to diaper you and clip a pacifier to your onesie. That in itself was enough to get you into a much smaller headspace.

Hoseok gave you lots of kisses on the way back downstairs, and then he set you on Seokjin's lap at the table.

"How little is my baby, hmm?" He asked, bouncing you in his lap. "Do you want Da to feed you?"

You shook your head. You wanted to show the boys how much better you had gotten, and that you could feed yourself!

"What a good girl," Taehyung cooed as you ate a spoonful of rice.

"You're eating so well for us," Jungkook added.

You managed to eat almost all of your meal, and the boys were over the moon.

You didn't fight Seokjin when it was time for your bottle, either. You hummed and shut your eyes as he fed it to you, rocking you in his lap on the couch.

"We're so, so proud of you, my love," he murmured. "You've come so far for us, hmm?"

You made a sound of approval from around your bottle, doing happy wiggles in his lap.

"Such a little cutie," he cooed.

At dinner, you sat on Yoongi's lap. He and Seokjin fed you, because you were feeling too little to feed yourself.

"Thank you for being such a brave girl," Yoongi murmured, kissing your hair.

"You're so amazing, darling," Seokjin agreed.

"Our little fighter," Jimin said with a smile.

You blushed, hiding your face in Yoongi's chest.

"Ah, ah," Yoongi tutted. "Da has another bite for his precious girl."

You came out of hiding to accept the bite, turning even redder when the boys all started clapping for you.

"You finished your whole meal, angel!" Namjoon gasped. "What a good job!"

"Do you want a treat for being a member of the clean plate club?" Seokjin asked. "I'll put a sticker on your reward chart!"

You were brimming with pride as Seokjin stuck a fruit sticker on your reward chart, the ones that had been bought especially for when you finished your whole meal.

"You're going to get a reward soon, my love," Taehyung promised. "I just know it."

With all your daddies encouragement and how they helped you? Well, you were certain that you would, too.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was fussy before, during, and after his changes. Before? Understandable; the poor boy was wet and uncomfortable. During? Well, perhaps he was embarrassed. But after? It had you stumped why he was still fussing even after you and Jimin had changed him.

"Lovie, why are you wiggling?" You asked, cupping his cheek. "Do you need to go again?"

Yoongi blushed and shook his head, but he pointed down at his crotch anyway. "Feels funny!"

"Hmm," Jimin laid him back down and started to pull his sweats down. "Maybe the diaper is too tight, or your pee-pee is in an uncomfy position. Let Appa check."

However, when Jimin untaped the diaper, you found that Yoongi was hard. He whined when he was exposed, canting his hips up into nothing.

"Oh, sweetie," you murmured. "We're sorry, you must be really uncomfy."

Yoongi nodded, whimpering as Jimin taped the diaper back up. "Appa, no!" He whined, rocking his hips. "Diapie makes it feel funnier."

"Ah, is that it?" Jimin shimmied his pants back up and pulled the little boy into his lap. "Baby, you just have to get used to it. Did it get big because Mommy changed you?"

He nodded. "Felt good," he mumbled sheepishly. "L-like how the diapie feels but… want Mommy to touch."

You shook your head. "No, honey. Mommy can only touch you when you need to be changed. You're just a little boy, and little boys can't make those decisions."

"But… but want Mommy to touch!" He pouted at Jimin. "Or Appa! Appa touch?"

Jimin shook his head and kissed the top of Yoongi's. "I'm sorry, baby. I know you're uncomfy, but Mommy and Appa won't touch unless big Yoongi tells us it's okay first."

Yoongi whined, kicking his feet for a moment, but eventually settled down. However, his arousal during changes did not.

"I'll be quick, baby boy, I'm sorry," Jungkook frowned, trying to clean Yoongi's privates even though he had gotten hard during his change.

"Please, Daddy!" Yoongi whined. He even tried to rock his hips into Jungkook's hand, and Namjoon had to gently hold his hips down.

"Yoongi, let's sing a song, prince!" Taehyung cooed. "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round! The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town!"

Songs seemed to work! Yoongi was giggling instead of whining as Jungkook cleaned him up, his erection flagging. So, every change after that became a concert for little Yoongi!

Nursery rhymes, radio hits, even holiday carols! You all would start singing when you changed your little boy to keep him comfortable. And of course, you all made sure to reassure him that it was perfectly okay.

"Daddies, Mommy," Yoongi announced after a change. "I'm glad diapie change is fun again!"

And you were all glad, too.

Chapter Text

"Eek!" You tried to squirm away from Namjoon's tickling hands, which were currently tormenting your ribs. "Stop it!" You giggled. "Stop it, Daddy!"

You gasped at your slip-up, but Namjoon only smiled. "It's alright, sweetie. I mix up names all the time, hmm? I call Jungkook Taehyung at least once a week."

But you sniffled, shaking your head. "I'm a bad girl! Called Dada Daddy! I gonna be in so much trouble!"

"Love, you aren't-"

But you were already running off to find Jungkook, tears in your eyes.

"Little one!" Jungkook pulled you into his lap as you careened into his bedroom. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

You only sobbed harder. "Was bad, Daddy! Really bad! I love you so much, Daddy, please don't be mad!"

"Princess, shh," Jungkook tried to soothe you, brushing away your tears. "Tell Daddy what happened, can you do that?"

You nodded with one final sniffle. "Called Dada Daddy by accident."

Jungkook smiled and kissed your cheek. "Goodness me!" He exclaimed. "And here I thought my little girl did something really, really bad instead of getting a little mixed up!"

You pouted. "Was bad, Daddy."

Jungkook nuzzled his nose against your cheek. "You weren't bad, darling. It was just an accident. Daddy and Dada sound very similar; it's easy to get mixed up."

"No mad?" You confirmed, feeling yourself slipping even further at his comfort.

"I'm not mad, baby girl," he assured you, beginning to rock you in his lap. "Daddy isn't mad at all."

You tried to answer him, but it came out as incoherent babbles.

Jungkook grinned and kissed your cheek. "Tell me more, lovely."

You tried again, but only managed to babble some more nonsense.

"So cute," Jungkook cooed. "Oh, baby girl!" He was quick to grab your head as your neck control seemed to falter, turning you into a bobble head. He gently cradled your head and pressed it to his shoulder. "There we go, my sweet."

"Everything okay in here?" Namjoon asked, creeping into the room.

Jungkook nodded. "Such a little baby," he mused. "Can't even speak or hold up her head."

Namjoon came closer, intending on giving you a kiss, but you accidentally scratched his arm when your hand fell to your side; you just couldn't manage to keep it up any longer.

"Such a tiny baby," Namjoon readily agreed. "Will the baby wear some pretty mittens for her Dada and Daddy?"

You answered, or you thought you did, but it was only babbles that made your daddies chuckle. Soon, there were kitten-print mittens over your hands. They were so, so pretty! You could look at them for hours. When you brought one to your mouth to suck, however, Jungkook quickly stuck a pacifier in your mouth.

"There we go," Jungkook cooed. "Such a good little baby."

"Our precious little girl," Namjoon added, sitting close enough to Jungkook to join the cuddle.

You babbled out that you loved your daddies, and you thought they were good, too.

"Yes, baby," Namjoon answered, booping your nose. "Whatever you say."

Chapter Text

"You like that, hmm?" Namjoon taunted, smacking your ass even harder. "Like when we make your ass bruise?"

With your mouth occupied by Yoongi's cock, you weren't able to answer. He ran his fingers through your hair as you sucked him, something flickering in his eyes as Namjoon slapped your ass again. It was almost as if he knew before you.

Namjoon was rocking into you between smacking, and you knew that your ass must be red, if not purple, by then. Tears smarted in your eyes; the pain was getting really, really bad.

You wanted to call out your safeword, but you were bracketed between the boys and unable to pull off Yoongi's cock. You whimpered when Yoongi came down your throat, the sudden action making you tremor.

Yoongi yanked himself out of your mouth the second he felt three taps on his thigh. "Joon," he said. "Stop. She's tapping me."

"Jagi," Namjoon pulled out of you and started rubbing your back. "Hey, are you alright?"

You nodded, wiping away your tears. "I'm sorry, I… it hurt too much. It was too much."

"You don't have to apologize, baby," Yoongi assured you. "It's okay, come here."

In their arms, however, with your legs tangled… you could still feel Namjoon's hardness against your thigh. And it made you feel nothing but guilty.

"You didn't get to cum," you blurted out. "I'm so sorry."

"Shh, jagi," Namjoon kissed your hair, trying to angle himself so you wouldn't feel his erection. "Your comfort is the most important thing. I don't care about cumming."

"Don't worry about that," Yoongi agreed, kissing your cheek. "We just want to make sure you're okay, my love."

You sniffled and shook your head. "I wanna finish you, oppa, please," you begged Namjoon.

You could see the boys exchanging uneasy glances over your head. Finally, Yoongi shook his head.

"I don't think that's a good idea, jagi," he finally said.

"Please," you begged again. "I'm so sorry, I want to make sure he finishes."

Yoongi said, "I'll take care of him, baby, don't worry."

Fresh tears gathered in your eyes. "I want to! Please, oppa."

Finally, Namjoon gave you a quick squeeze. "What if I go on your boobs? Is that okay, baby?"

You pouted. "But then I'm not doing anyth-"

Yoongi cut you off with a kiss. "We want you to relax. Joon is still getting off, isn't he? He wants to use your pretty tits, and then we'll all clean up in a nice bath. Does that sound good?"

You nodded. "You're sure you don't want me to do anything?" You asked Namjoon. "I can blow you, or-"

Namjoon cut you off the same way Yoongi had. "Lie down, jagi. I'm gonna be really quick, okay?"

While Namjoon jerked himself over your boobs, occasionally bobbing the head against your nipples, Yoongi kept your head in his lap. He played with your hair and rubbed your back, whispering soft encouragements to you.

"You're so good, baby. You're doing so well. We can stop at anytime if you change your mind. Don't be afraid to tell us, love."

You didn't tell them to stop; you didn't want to. You felt relaxed and loved as Namjoon spilled all over your boobs, wiping you with a discarded shirt just after.

"Jagi," he murmured. "Can we wash you?"

Namjoon carried you into the bathroom with the biggest tub, and Yoongi made sure to add epsom salts as he filled the tub, to soothe your sore skin.

"We're so glad you used your safe word when you needed to, y/n," Yoongi murmured as the three of you sank into the warm water. "It makes us so proud."

Namjoon kissed your earlobe. "We want you to be comfortable, always. We want to make sure you're enjoying what we're doing."

"Can we wash you up, babe?" Yoongi asked, and you nodded.

"Can I wash you, too?"

Namjoon nodded as he ran a soapy washcloth over your back. "Of course, if you want to."

The bath was filled with soft kisses and loving touches shared between the three of you. You felt warm, not just from the bath, but from their touches and reassurances.

"I love you," you told them. "Thank you for always taking care of me."

Namjoon chuckled and glanced at where you were gently scrubbing Yoongi's torso. "Jagi, you you always take care of us, too."

Chapter Text

"Hobi, you need to tell us what you want, baby," Yoongi sighed, his patience wearing thin. "We're tired and we want to get you to bed."

Hoseok just looked up at his Papa, trying to grab the pretty rings hanging from the bill of his baseball cap.

"Little one, I don't know why you're acting like such a brat," Namjoon added. "Papa just told you how tired we are, can you please just cooperate?"

Hoseok reached out for Namjoon, wanting to be picked up.

"No," Jimin stepped in. "Tell Dada what you want for dinner and then he'll pick you up."

Hoseok didn't like that idea. He whined, kicking his feet on the floor.

"Oh, and now you're going to throw a tantrum?" Jungkook barked.

"I've had enough of this," Taehyung grabbed Hoseok and brought him over his knee. "You have three seconds to apologize to your daddies, or you'll get a spanking and a time out."

Hoseok started to cry. He didn't want spankies or a time out! He just wanted his daddies to decide everything for him and cuddle him and give him kisses! Hoseok didn't hear the countdown, but he sure felt every smack Taehyung landed on his bum.

"Are you done being a brat?" Seokjin asked. "Are you ready to apologize?"

Hoseok stared down at the ground.

"Okay then," Namjoon took his hand and led him to the corner. "You can sit in time out, then."

The boys all mulled around making dinner, until they heard sobbing from the other room.

"Hobi?" Yoongi poked his head in to find the little curled up in the time out corner, rocking in place. He rushed to his side, but Hoseok pulled away from his Papa, curling even further into himself.

"What's going on?" Jungkook asked.

"Don't touch him," Yoongi murmured. "He doesn't want to be touched.

Jungkook respected his distance and asked, "sweetie, what's wrong? Tell your daddies."

It only made Hoseok cry even harder because he couldn't tell his daddies! He was too little, and his daddies were the reason he was crying!

"Should we… call y/n?" Namjoon suggested. "She usually knows what to do when…"

As if you heard them, you chose that moment to come through the front door. You immediately rushed into the living room at the sound of Hoseok's crying, dropping to your knees in front of him.

"Don't touch him, he-"

But despite Taehyung's warning, Hoseok let out a relieved sob upon seeing you and crawled right into your arms. He managed to find his voice, babbling a little chant:

"Mama, Mama, Mama!"

"Yes, honey, Mommy's right here. Shh, no need to cry."

You kissed the top of the little's head as you rocked him in your lap before glaring daggers at the boys.

"What did you do to him?"

"I… we…" Jimin didn't have an explanation.

"We spanked him and put him in time out," Seokjin explained.

"What did he do?" You asked, still rubbing Hoseok's back. Thankfully, his tears had turned to nothing more than sniffles.

"He was being a brat," Jungkook told you. "Not answering us and kicking his feet. Kinda throwing a tantrum."

You pulled Hoseok even closer to you, protective. "You idiots. How many times has someone been in babyspace by now?! And you didn't realize that's why he wasn't talking?!"

The boys looked at each other, clearly guilty. "Noona," Jimin murmured, "I'm really sorry. We're all tired and we just didn't realize…"

You huffed, watching as Hoseok squirmed, picking at his diaper through his pants. "He's been sitting here crying, wet, abandoned for how long? Being tired isn't an excuse!"

"Jagi, we're sorry-"

"Enough, oppa," you hissed at Seokjin. You stood, clumsily pulling Hoseok up with you. "We're going to my room. Don't bother us; I need to get my baby changed and into bed."

Hoseok could barely stumble up the stairs with you; he was really, really little. How could the boys not have noticed?

"My poor baby," you whispered as you laid him on the bed. "Mommy's so sorry she wasn't here."

You frowned at the diaper rash you found on Hoseok's body, rubbing cream on it to soothe him.

"You're such a good boy. My good little angel," you cooed as you taped on a new diaper.

He babbled, reaching up to boop your nose. You laughed and booped him right back.

"You'll sleep here with Mommy tonight, and then tomorrow, your daddies are going to apologize and we'll fix this, yeah?"

You fell asleep with Hoseok latched onto your nipple, sucking and soothing himself to sleep.

"I don't wanna," Hoseok mumbled, hovering outside the dining room.

You brushed back his hair and kissed his cheek. "I'm sure they're going to apologize, oppa. They must feel terrible."

Hoseok sighed and shrugged. His stomach chose that moment to growl, betraying him.

"Come on, let's go. You didn't have dinner last night."

As soon as Hoseok walked into the room, all the other boys burst into a chorus of apologies.

"I'm so sorry, hyung."

"We were wrong."

"We'll do anything to make it up to you."

Hoseok squirmed in his seat. "It's okay, I just… I was so upset, and I wanted to tell you, but I was too little to say it. I just… I couldn't even say my safeword."

"Oh, Hob-ah," Yoongi murmured, beginning to rub his back. "I'm sorry. We were awful. We can never apologize enough."

"I'm so sorry, hyung," Taehyung sniffled, tears leaking down his face. "I h-hurt you when you were just trying to communicate. I'm sorry."

"Taehyungie, don't cry," Hoseok soothed from across the table. "I forgive you, please don't cry."

"You shouldn't be comforting us," Seokjin argued. "We're the ones that hurt you."

"I just… don't want it to happen again," Hoseok mumbled.

"And it won't," you cast a pointed look at the boys. "Oppa, do you think you can tap someone three times, no matter how little you are?"

Hoseok squirmed under the way you took control so easily. He nodded, hands fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. You noticed the behavior immediately and smiled.

"It's okay," you encouraged him. "You can be little, darling, you're safe here."

"Practice?" Hoseok asked shyly.

"You want to practice?" Namjoon asked. "Of course, sweetheart. Can you show us what you do if you need to safeword but you can't speak?"

Hoseok nodded, reaching out and tapping Yoongi's arm three times. Yoongi broke into a smile and pulled him into a tight hug.

"That's our smart boy! You did so well."

Hoseok blushed prettily at his Papa's encouragement. "I'm good?"

"You're the best, my love," Jimin agreed.

Taehyung noticed his untouched plate of eggs and his full mug of coffee. "I'll bet our baby would like some waffles with ice cream and a nice sippy cup of juice instead of this boring grown up breakfast, hmm?"

Hoseok lit up, nodding. "Please, Tou-san!"

"Such good manners," Jungkook praised him.

"I'll go make you a plate, lovely," you said, kissing his head. "You'll be okay with your daddies?" Of course, you didn't want to leave him alone with them if he was still feeling unsure.

But, Hoseok was already climbing into Namjoon's lap and giggling. "Okay, Mommy!"

Hoseok was absolutely spoiled for the rest of the day. Sweets, cuddles, games. The boys even made a blanket fort in the living room, making a huge mess out of the room.

But it was all worth it to let their baby know how loved he was.

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Chapter Text

You woke up to the sound of a heated argument coming from… the bathroom? With a yawn, you stumbled closer to the sound, eyes widening at the sight in front of you.

"Appa, no! I don't sit! I'm a big boy!"

Seokjin didn't look like much of a big boy with the way he was dancing in place, one hand clutching the front of his llama-print underwear.

"Prince, please just sit down," Jimin begged. "I don't want you to make a mess."

You cleared your throat, making both boys turn to look at you. "Jimin-ah, I think we might have an even bigger mess if you don't let him stand up."

Jimin sighed, defeated, and nodded. "Fine, Jinnie, you don't have to sit, but let me-"

It was too late; Seokjin was already pulling down his cute llamas-wearing-hats briefs and peeing… on the floor, the toilet seat, and then finally… in the actual toilet.

Jimin was helping Seokjin clean up his mess when you felt a tug on your shirt.

"Hey, baby." You kissed Yoongi on the head as he hugged you.

He was dressed in a t-shirt and his Kumamon undies; the boys had evidently decided that potty training would go smoother if the little ones had less clothing to wrangle out of.

Yoongi only whined, burying his face in your chest.

"Baby, are you okay? Do you-"

Jimin must have realized before you did as he was helping Seokjin wash his hands. "Yoongi! The potty is right there!"

You pulled away just as Yoongi's pee started puddling under his feet, making a mess on the floor.

"Yoongi, love, why didn't you say you had to go?"

He only shrugged, whimpering. "Kuma got wet!"

The chaos had attracted the attention of the other boys, who glanced between you and Yoongi and Jimin and Seokjin warily.

"What happened?" Namjoon finally asked.

"Come here, sweetheart," Taehyung cooed to Yoongi. "Let's get you nice and dry and then we can talk."

Seokjin seemed content to color at the kitchen table while Taehyung changed Yoongi, humming to himself.

"You did so well, going in the potty," Jungkook praised Seokjin, kissing the top of his head. "We're very proud of you."

When Yoongi came back downstairs in Taehyung's arms, he blushed bright red.

"Don't you want to color, bud?" Hoseok asked, patting the seat between him and Seokjin.

Yoongi nodded, and Taehyung set him down. "Sowwy for accident," he mumbled.

"Can you tell us why you had an accident, prince?" You probed. "Why didn't you tell Mommy you had to go?"

Yoongi shrugged, coloring in his picture.

"Yoonie tell Jinnie why?" Seokjin asked the other little.

Yoongi didn't seem to have any problem telling his brother. He leaned in and cupped both hands over Seokjin's ear, whispering.

"Yoonie shy about asking," Seokjin announced. "Tried to tell Mommy but got scared!"

"Aw, bub, you don't have to be shy or scared!" Jungkook told him. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, okay?"

You should have realized this might happen; Yoongi had been very shy about having his diaper changed at first. So of course the little would be shy about going potty, too.

"Can you tell Seokjinnie when you need to go?" You asked. "Then he can tell Mommy or daddies, hmm?"

Yoongi squirmed, turning red again. He nodded. "Can tell Jinnie."

"Good boy," Jimin cooed. "You're both doing so well; we're so proud of you."

Seokjin had no problems asking to use the bathroom, however… he did have a problem asking before it was too late. He gasped while he was playing dolls with Yoongi, grabbing himself between the legs.

"Baba," he whimpered to his nearest daddy. "Potty, please."

Hoseok tried to help him up and lead him to the bathroom, but it was too late. Seokjin let out an embarrassed whimper as he had an accident in the hallway, beginning to sniffle.

Jungkook, who had followed them into the hall, started rubbing Seokjin's back. "It's okay, sweetie. Just an accident. Try and tell us sooner next time, okay?"

While Seokjin was being changed, however, Yoongi didn't have his brother and he really needed to go potty. He glanced around, biting his lip. Was Seokjin going to be back soon?

"Yoongi," Namjoon called out as the little started to rock in place. "Do you have to pee?"

Yoongi blushed again, but managed to nod. "No wanna go alone!" He whimpered.

"No, of course, our little baby doesn't have to go alone!" Jimin cooed.

"Come on, love, Mommy will take you," you offered your hand, helping your squirmy baby up.

Yoongi, luckily, had no qualms about sitting down to pee. You all but applauded when he peed in the potty, kissing his cheeks as you helped him wash his hands.

"You did so well, darling!"

Yoongi blushed again, but was clearly glad to be praised.

The boys, as the days went on, were getting better at telling someone when they needed to pee. Their aim was improving, and even Yoongi's shyness. While he wouldn't outright tell his caregivers he needed to go, he had gotten in the habit of tugging on someone's arm and pointing towards the bathroom, and that was good enough. However, it was more common for him to whisper to Seokjin and have him announce, "Yoongi has to go potty!".


Yoongi woke up one night to Seokjin shaking him.

"Yoonie, I gotta go potty. Don't wanna go alone!"

Yoongi trailed after Seokjin in the dark hallway, realizing that he needed to go, as well.

"Jinnie… I gotta go, too."

Seokjin flicked on the bathroom light and assured him, "I'll help, Yoonie! Don't worry."

Well, Seokjin stood up to pee, and Yoongi was in the habit of sitting down. When Seokjin lifted the seat and tugged Yoongi over, he got shy.

"Come on, we go together," Seokjin said, pulling his pajama bottoms down.

Yoongi followed suit, but his aim wasn't practised like Seokjin's. Some got on the toilet seat, and some even splashed onto the floor at their feet!

"Sowwy, Jinnie," he mumbled when they finished.

"S'okay, Yoonie!" Seokjin kissed Yoongi's head; that always made him feel better when he was sad.

Sure enough, Yoongi smiled and they washed their hands before going back to bed. You and the boys couldn't even complain when you woke up to a mess in the bathroom; at least they didn't have an accident in their bed!

The boys had become potty trained for the most part by the end of the week. Their accidents were sparse, and the messes were practically nonexistent. However, Yoongi really surprised you with the progress he had made.

As you all watched Finding Dory together, he blurted out, "hafta go potty!"

Hoseok grinned. "My brave boy!"

You were all so proud that Yoongi felt safe enough to announce what he needed out loud.

When Seokjin and Yoongi were big again, however, they had both become shy.

"We're sorry we were so much trouble," Seokjin laughed nervously.

Yoongi rubbed the back of his own neck with a nod. "That must have been a hassle."

"Ah, hyungs, we didn't mind at all!" Taehyung assured them.

"You were so cute," Hoseok added, making his eldest hyungs turn pink.

"Hobi!" Yoongi scolded him.

"What?" Jimin cut in. "Yoongi-hyung, you were so cute, getting all shy about needing to go."

"Wait!" Jungkook gasped. "Is this why you're always so squirmy at foreign award shows? Are you embarrassed to ask for the bathroom?"

"Jungkook, shut up!" Yoongi was as red as a tomato, playfully swatting you away as you hugged him.

"Oppa, it's okay!" You cooed. "We'll work on it when you're big, too!"

"Yeah," Seokjin added to the teasing. "You can ask hyung to go potty every day, okay?"

"And it's okay if you need company!" Jimin added, wiggling his eyebrows.

Yoongi laughed, still red up to his ears. "You're all so embarrassing. But really, thank you for taking such good care of us. For helping us."

"Always, hyungs," Hoseok promised. "Anything you need."

Chapter Text

"Jinnie! Joonie is here to play, isn't that great?"

Namjoon, instead of becoming a bubbly ball of excitement as you and Hoseok had assumed, squirmed and blushed when Seokjin sat next to him.

"Hi, Jinnie."

Seokjin turned just as pink as he stole a glance at the other boy. "Hi, Joonie. I play?"

Namjoon nodded a bit too eagerly. "What Jinnie wanna play?"

"Uhm," Seokjin fidgeted, hands twisting in his lap. "Wanna play what Joonie wanna play."

Namjoon glanced at the blocks he'd been playing with all morning. "But… Joonie wanna play what Jinnie wanna play."

"Uhm…" Seokjin shyly pointed to the action figures on the floor. "Can we play heroes?"

Namjoon nodded and reached for the toys at the same time as Seokjin did. When they both grabbed the Batman figure, hands touching, they looked away from each other, both dropping the toy.

"You can have it!" They both squeaked simultaneously.

Oh. You and Hoseok exchanged sly smiles over their heads. How cute.

"Do you boys want a snack?" You asked.

They looked up from their playing, and Namjoon shook his head. "I no hungry."

Seokjin readily agreed, "me either! Tummy feels funny."

Hoseok furrowed his brow. "Your tummy hurts, lovie?"

Seokjin shook his head. "Feels fluttery! Like, uhm… like there's a bunch of butterflies inside!"

Namjoon gasped and nodded. "Me too! I have butterflies in my belly too!"

You smirked. "Is that so? And when did these butterflies start? When you woke up?"

Seokjin shook his head. "Nuh uh… started when I came downstairs."

"And Joonie?" Hoseok asked. "What about your butterflies?"

Namjoon shrugged. "When Jinnie came downstairs."

"Ah," you murmured. "So it only started when our cute little boys saw each other, hmm?"

Seokjin blushed again. "M'not cute…"

Namjoon reached out for his hand, but still avoided meeting the other little's gaze. "I think you cute, Jinnie."

Seokjin fidgeted, shrugging. "Mean it?"

Namjoon nodded. "Mhm."

"I think you cute, too, Joonie."

Namjoon turned the color of a tomato. "Can we keep holding hands?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah," Seokjin murmured. "Like it a lot."

Maybe, just maybe, as the boys continued playing one-handed so they could hold each other's hands… you took a video and send it in the group chat.

And of course, all the other caregivers were just as smitten with your blushing, bashful babies as you and Hoseok were.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

“Mango, I’ll find you, don’t worry!”

You dug under your bed for your stuffed hamster, but instead, your hand grasped something that was certainly not fluffy. You pulled the object out, feeling the smooth, purple silicone under your fingers. Well, it was kind of soft, after all, but in a rubbery way.


There were buttons on it. One turned it on, and it started to vibrate! It felt funny when you touched your fingers to the end with the round piece on it. The other buttons made the vibrations stronger, or changed the pattern. You didn’t know what you were supposed to do with the object, so you went to your daddies to find out!

“Baba, what’s this?”

Hoseok’s eyes turned into saucers at the sight of the toy, and his knee-jerk response was, “what is that indeed?”

You frowned. “You don’t know either?”

Well, that was one way to plead the fifth. Hoseok nodded. “I’m sorry, baby. I don’t. Why don’t you ask one of your other daddies?”

You knocked on Yoongi’s door, finding him and Jungkook working on something on the computer. “Daddies, what’s this? I asked Baba but he said he doesn’t know, either.”

“Holy shit.” Jungkook breathed, and Yoongi elbowed him in the ribs. He quickly cleared his throat and tried to recover. “It’s uh… a massager! For your back!”

Yoongi rolled his eyes as you turned it on, pressing it to your back. When you spoke, your voice rumbled from the force of the toy. “This doesn’t feel right, Daddy!”

“Baby, here.” Yoongi grabbed the vibrator and turned it off. “Listen, it’s… a toy, honey.”

You cocked your head to the side. “Then how do I play with it?”

Jungkook snickered, and Yoongi flashed him the middle finger behind his back, where you couldn’t see. “Uh, only grown-ups can play with it,” he explained. “It’s… a grown-up toy, not for little girls. So Papa will keep it here until you’re big, okay?”

Well, when you were big, you were thoroughly embarrassed. You sheepishly knocked on Yoongi’s door, where he and Jungkook were still working on their track, even two days later.

“Ah, oppa. I’m sorry.”

Yoongi smirked. “For what? Hiding your cute little toy from us all this time?”

Jungkook chimed in, “yeah, noona. How come you never showed it to us?”

You turned the color of a tomato, fidgeting in place. “I… it isn’t! You guys go away a lot, you know!” You blurted out.

Yoongi chuckled and moved over to the bed, where Jungkook was already sitting. “Why don’t you come show us how you use it, baby?”

You blushed and shook your head. “Oppa! That’s so… embarrassing.”

Jungkook shook his head, already palming the front of his sweats. “Wanna watch you use it, noona. Wanna watch how you get off when we aren’t here.”

You hesitantly moved over to the bed, where Jungkook started kissing you to ease the tension.

“What if we show you, too?” Yoongi compromised. “Then you won’t feel so embarrassed, hmm?”

And that’s how you all ended up naked, tangled together as Jungkook and Yoongi stroked themselves slowly. You held the vibrator in your hands, but didn’t make a move to use it.

“It’s okay, jagi,” Yoongi assured you. “We want to see.”

“But, it…”

“What?” Jungkook asked, pecking your lips. “What’s wrong, baby?”

You blushed red, fiddling with the toy. “It always makes me cum really, really quick.”

Yoongi snorted. "That's good, jagi. We wanna see how quickly you fall apart."

"Go ahead," Jungkook agreed, kissing your neck. You watched as he and Yoongi both started jerking themselves faster.

You turned the vibrator on, blushing again at how loud it was. It took encouragement for you to actually use it, though- that encouragement being Yoongi's hand over yours, guiding it to your clit.

"Fuck," you moaned the second it touched you. The boys hadn't been away in a long time, and you were no longer used to the toy's power.

"Yes, baby, there you go," Jungkook groaned in your ear. "Make yourself feel good. Make yourself cum."

Even on the lowest setting, you were already writhing from the vibrations. "Oppa," you whimpered. "Kookie."

"Yes, jagi, doing so well," Yoongi croaked, clearly trying to stave off his own orgasm.

When Jungkook took his free hand and started playing with one of your nipples, you couldn't take it anymore. You came hard, gasping and trembling as the toy amplified your orgasm. Blissed out completely, you barely noticed the boys cumming, too.

"Do you need to be cleaned up?" Jungkook asked.

You hadn't noticed the boys wiping their hands and stomachs of cum, either. You nodded, letting Jungkook wipe between your legs with a clean cloth, relaxing into the touch. Relaxing a bit too much, perhaps. By the time the boys bracketed you between their arms, you were little.

"That was so hot, jagi," Yoongi murmured, kissing your hair.

You could still see the vibrator sitting on the end table. Now that you knew what it was for, you had an important question!

"Papa, why that feels good on my privates but not yours and Daddy's? Is it cause we have different privates?"

Jungkook nearly choked, clearly surprised that you had slipped. He moved from where he was pressed against you, naked, and started pulling on his clothes.

"Yeah, it's cause we have different privates, baby," Yoongi answered simply. Before dressing himself, he grabbed your clothes from the floor. "Let's get you dressed, love."

After the three of you were dressed, the boys hoped that was the end of your curiosity with the vibrator.

However, when Yoongi and Hoseok were watching you the next day, you blurted out,

"Baba, why doesn't vibraties feel good on daddies pee-pees?"

Yoongi looked ready to crawl into a hole.

"Hyung?" Hoseok squeaked.

"Little one, no more talking about that, please," Yoongi managed.

"Why?" You whined. "I wanna know!"

"Little girls don't need to know that," Hoseok croaked.

The boys were in for a long week.

Chapter Text

"Oh, princess, don't you look so cute in your new shorts?"

You pouted at Namjoon, crossing your arms over your chest and shaking your head. They were cute, very cute. They were bright pink and had an outer layer of pretty lace that was fun to poke your pinky finger into. But they just weren't comfy.

You pulled at the shorts, trying to get them off. "No want! Off!" You demanded.

"But sweetness," Jungkook murmured. "You look so cute. Daddies bought these shorts because we thought you would look so pretty in them!"

Yoongi chimed in, "and your shirt matches it, baby! The hearts are pink just like your shorts."

You huffed, kicking your legs. But when you did that, it only made the problem you were having even worse. So you gave up, defeated, and stopped trying to yank off the shorts.

Unfortunately, ignoring the problem instead of telling your daddies just gave you an even bigger problem when you were big. You huffed as you all sat on the couch watching a movie, rubbing at your thighs and trying to keep your sweatpants from irritating the rash you had gotten from wearing the shorts.

"Jagi, you okay?" Hoseok asked, watching you squirm.

You nodded, pulling the fabric away from your thighs. "I'm fine."

Seokjin raised an eyebrow. "You don't look fine. Are you too warm?"

You finally shook your head. "You remember those pinky lacey shorts you gave me when I was little?" When the boys nodded, you continued. "Uh, my legs were a little too chubby for them. They kept chafing and now I have a rash."

"Oh, noona!" Jungkook pulled you into a hug. "We're so sorry! We thought you were just being fussy."

"We didn't know they were hurting you," Yoongi added. "We're sorry."

"Can we help? Is there a rash?"

You nodded, fiddling with the hem of your sweats. "Do you want to see?"

Namjoon nodded. "As long as that's okay."

You pulled your sweats down to your knees, and the boys gasped at the red, itchy rash on your thighs.

"Noona, we're so sorry," Taehyung murmured. "I'm gonna go get you some ointment!"

While he was gone, Hoseok pulled you close and rubbed your back. "You poor thing. We'll make it all better, okay?"

You nodded, you knew that the boys always would fix their mistakes, whether you were big or little.

"Got it!" Taehyung came bounding back into the room with ointment, which he handed to you.

"Can I massage it on for you, jagi?" Seokjin asked. "Or would you rather do it yourself?"

You blushed; you weren't little, after all, and the rash was on your thighs. But you finally whispered, "could you do it, please?"

Seokjin took his time rubbing the lotion in, massaging your muscles while he did so. You leaned back against Hoseok and Jungkook as he did, eyes shutting as your rash became less itchy and painful.

"There we go," Seokjin finally said. He helped you shimmy your pants back up. "Is that better?"

You nodded. "Much better, oppa."

"We'll get you new shorts, how about that?" Jimin offered. "Ones that won't hurt you."

You ended up cuddling close to all the boys as you browsed the internet, and of course… you ended up with way more than just one pair of shorts. The boys were always spoiling you, little or big.

Chapter Text

You didn't nap for as long as you would have if the boys were home. You woke up after only an hour; your body knew that Grandpa and Sejin were downstairs waiting to play, and you couldn't wait another second to get back to your game!

"Paci…" It had fallen out of your mouth as you napped in Taehyung's bed (you had insisted on sleeping in one of your daddies beds, because the sheets always smelled like them).

The pacifier wasn't tangled in the sheets, so you knelt down to check the floor and under the bed. Your pacifier wasn't under the bed… but you found something even better!

You giggled as you stuck the unicorn horn onto Taehyung's dresser, his nightstand, and the door. It was such a pretty pastel rainbow color… and if ot stuck to everything else… shouldn't it stick to you, too?

"You're up already, little one? Oh, ah-"

Sejin cut himself off with a laugh as Bang raised his head, taking a look at you. "Oh, darling," Bang asked, "where did you find that, hmm?"

"Under Tou-san's bed!" You trotted over to them as if you had hooves. "I'm a unicorn, see?"

"Oh, we sure do, princess," Sejin cooed. "Are you sure you don't want to find another toy to play with?"

You shook your head, giggling when the unicorn horn swayed with you. "No, oppa, I wanna be a unicorn!"

Bang and Sejin tried their best to ignore the sex toy hanging from your forehead as you played, waiting for your daddies to come home.

"Baby girl!" Yoongi called out an hour later. "We're home. Where are-"

"Yoongi-ah!" Sejin grinned and patted his back when Yoongi saw you playing on the floor, the dildo still on your head. "Where's Taehyung?"

The boys all filtered into the room, and Taehyung looked ready to crawl under the floorboards and hide when he saw you.

"Tou-san, I found your unicorn horn!" You announced.

Jungkook snorted. "Honey, that's not yours. Can Tou-san have it back, please?"

You pouted. "But daddies always say sharing is nice!"

Bang nodded. "Sharing is very nice," he agreed. "But you played unicorn all afternoon, hmm? Now you have to share with Tou-san."

Taehyung sheepishly took the toy from you when you held it out to him, making the mistake of locking eyes with Sejin.

"You know what else is really nice?" He asked.

Taehyung fidgeted. "What, hyung?"

Sejin patted him on the back and deadpanned, "locking up certain things we might not want little ones to find."

Well, either way, you were glad you had found the pretty pastel unicorn horn! Why Taehyung was so embarrassed by it, you didn't know.

Chapter Text

You sucked in a sharp breath at the notification that lit up your phone. You had almost forgotten, as you seemed to every year. The first year had seemed the longest, and now, at ten?

You ran your fingers over the scars on your wrists, not taking the time to uncover the ones on your ribs, stomach, hips, and thighs. You knew they were there, and that was enough.

"Mom," you had told her after the first five years. "It's been five years, isn't that good?"

You had just wanted her to acknowledge you, to acknowledge how well you had done. But she had brushed you off. What if the boys did the same?

No; of course they wouldn't. They celebrated all your victories, small and large. They celebrated each other. And that enough had you ambling down the hall to the living room, where some of the boys were watching TV as the others cooked dinner in the kitchen.

"Hey, jagi," Hoseok murmured, mindlessly playing with your hair as you sat down.


"You okay, noona?" Jimin was always quick to pick up on your anxieties.

"I, well… today's an important day for me," you mumbled.

Namjoon smiled at you. "I know we didn't forget your birthday," he joked. "So what is it, hmm?"

Will they think it's silly?

"I, uh… you know how I told you I used to hurt myself?"

The boys nodded, and Hoseok began to rub your back to encourage you on.

"Today has been ten years since I have," you murmured, fiddling with your hands.

"Oh, y/n," Hoseok squeezed your shoulder. "That's a very important day. We're so proud of you."

"Ten years is a long time," Jimin added. "We need to celebrate!"

Namjoon was quick to agree, "you've been so brave. So amazing, jagi. We're so proud."

You didn't think the boys would actually celebrate, but they proved you wrong. While the other boys were all cooking dinner, you didn't notice Jimin sending a text and Jungkook slipping out the front door. Unbeknownst to you, he was back before dinner.

"Y/n," Seokjin said as you all finished eating. "We're all so incredibly proud of you."

You blushed. "Thank you."

"It's a special day," Taehyung added as Yoongi slipped from the room. "We're so glad you shared it with us, so we can celebrate with you every year."

"Celebrate?" You echoed. You gasped as Yoongi came back with a cake, setting it in the middle of the table. "Oppa, you didn't have to-"

"But it's important," Jimin argued. "All the progress you've made is important."

On the cake, written in purple icing were the words "congratulations y/n. We love you". Your eyes watered at how much thought they put into today.

"Thank you," you whispered. "Thank you for celebrating with me."

Jungkook grabbed your hand under the table. "No, noona. Thank you for giving us a reason to celebrate."

Chapter Text

Yoongi whined, rocking in place. He didn't know why it was happening again! His Mommy and daddies had fixed his changes so that his pee-pee didn't feel funny, but the diapers still felt really nice against it, and they couldn't help that.

"You okay, love?" Hoseok asked, brushing back his hair.

Yoongi shook his head. "Pee-pee," he mumbled, grinding down onto the couch.

"You can go, sweetheart," Taehyung reminded him. "You have your diaper on."

Yoongi whimpered. That wasn't the problem! "No have to go!" He corrected, hugging a throw pillow to his chest. "M-my pee-pee is big again."

"Oh, honey," you cooed. "I'm sorry. Let's try and play with your stuffies. Get your mind off of it."

Yoongi tried his best to play with his stuffies on the floor with you and Seokjin, but he just felt too hot and squirmy. When he accidently rubbed his stuffie against the front of his diaper, he gasped. It felt really, really good! He started to hump the toy before he could stop himself.

"Yoongi!" Jungkook gasped. "Baby, you can't…"

"Let's go give you some alone time, prince," Namjoon suggested.

"No!" Yoongi screeched, dropping the stuffie like it was burning him. Tears welled up in his eyes immediately. "Don't wanna be alone! Please! Scared without Mommy and daddies! Won't touch no more!"

"Oh, honey, please don't cry." Seokjin pulled him into his lap and began to rock him and rub his back. "It's okay, you're alright. We're right here."

"I'm sorry," Yoongi whimpered. "Sorry, Da!"

"You don't need to apologize, bub," Jimin soothed him. "It's not your fault."

Unfortunately, once Yoongi had calmed down enough, he realized how nice Seokjin's thigh felt against his diapered crotch. He started grinding down before he even realized it.

"Yoongs, no, you can't do that," Seokjin moved him from his lap, and panicked when Yoongi almost burst back into tears.

"Bub, no, you don't have to cry," you intervened. "Here." You gave him his stuffie back, glancing at the boys for confirmation.

They all slowly nodded, and Hoseok whispered, "we won't leave, sweetie. You can use your stuffie, okay? We'll be right here."

You all made a point not to look at Yoongi as he did as he was told, letting out little whines and moans all the while.

"I… I'm finished," he murmured after some time.

"Okay, prince," Taehyung brushed back his hair, pouting at Yoongi's red cheeks. "Let's get you changed, yeah?"

Yoongi blushed as Taehyung changed him out of his diaper. He shyly whispered, "I'm sorry for being bad. Mad at me?"

"Oh, love, no one is mad at you!" Jimin assured him.

"We just need to have a talk when you're big, honey. But you aren't bad and we aren't mad at our pretty boy, okay?"

Yoongi fidgeted with his hands in his lap when the time for the talk came, anxious now that he was big.

"It's okay, Yoongi-ah," Seokjin encouraged him. "We just need to know how you want us to handle things like that when you're little. If things have changed and you would like us to help you with those kinds of things… we just need to hear it from big you, first."

Yoongi sucked in a deep breath and let it out with a shudder. "Do you think it would be gross?"

"Oppa, no," you told him. "No one thinks it's gross. I can't speak for anyone else, but I would have no problem with participating in those kinds of things. But I promise you, no one would ever judge you or think that you're gross, even if they don't want to be involved."

Your encouragement seemed to be all Yoongi needed to blurt out, "I want it. I… I've been wanting it, I was just afraid to bring it up because I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable."

"I'm not uncomfortable," Jungkook spoke up. "Actually, I'm… interested."

Namjoon cleared his throat. "I'm comfortable with it. What about everyone else? Is anyone uncomfortable with the idea?"

Everyone began shaking their heads.

Yoongi breathed out a sigh of relief. "You aren't just saying that, right?" He asked.

"No, hyung," Taehyung assured him. "We love you, and we wouldn't lie to you."

And so the next time Yoongi was little and diapered, beginning to hump a throw pillow… no one stopped him.

"Prince," Jimin called out. "Would Appa's thigh feel nicer than a pillow, hmm?"

You all watched with bated breath as Yoongi ambled over to Jimin, giggling when he pulled the little into his lap and kissed his cheeks.

"Go ahead, baby boy," Jimin encouraged him. "You can stop at any time if you don't like it, okay?"

Yoongi rocked himself on Jimin's thigh at first, just testing the waters. But soon, he was full-on humping Jimin's leg while he smothered his baby in soft kisses and encouraging words.

"Appa," Yoongi moaned after a while. "Appa, touch?"

Jimin pressed his hand to the front of Yoongi's diaper and squeezed. "Want Appa to touch, lovie?"

Yoongi nodded. "Inside diapie. Please."

Jimin gladly obliged, and Jungkook moaned when he untaped one side of Yoongi's diaper, slipping his hand inside.

"So hot," Jungkook mumbled. Taehyung was palming himself through his sweats, and Namjoon couldn't look away from Jimin and Yoongi.

You watched in awe as Jimin stroked Yoongi, who was whining and rocking into the touch.

"Appa, Appa, please!"

"What, darling?" Jimin asked, stroking him faster and kissing his ear. "Tell Appa what you need."

"Don't s-stop, please."

"I won't, little one, don't worry," Jimin cooed as Yoongi fell apart beneath his touch. "That's it, baby. Such a good boy. Making a mess in your diapie for Appa."

Yoongi was a flushed mess by the time he was finished, swatting Jimin's hand away from his oversensitive cock.

"How was that, sweetheart?" Seokjin asked, pupils blown.

Yoongi whined, shy now that he realized everyone was staring at him. "Felt really good," he mumbled.

"Do you need a new diaper now, honey?" Hoseok asked.

When Yoongi nodded, Hoseok laid him down and tossed the old diaper aside. "You did so, so well, angel," he cooed as he gently wiped him down. "So amazing."

Once he was cozy in a clean diaper, Yoongi made grabby hands at all his caregivers. "Cuddles?"

"Oh, sweetie pie, of course," Namjoon cooed.

You covered the floor with pillows and blankets so that you could all snuggle Yoongi, who promptly fell asleep. As he snored softly, you all came to a conclusion:

You all definitely wanted to experience that again.

Chapter Text

I will be slow updating (if I am able to at all) for a bit.

As you may know, I work on the covid unit at a hospital and it is a stressful job, at best. Cases have quadrupled over the past month and most of our travel staff has ended their contracts, leaving us severely short staffed.

My house is a mess and I'm just planning on drowning myself in an mmo before I have a damn mental breakdown (again).

I apologize, I know you are looking forward to the new requests, but I will get to them as soon as I can.

Chapter Text

You practically tore your scrubs from your body, balling them up as you stood in the doorway, as you always did. Your shoes had been taken off outside and were in a large plastic bag, even though you had worn booties over them at work and wiped them down before wearing them home; you couldn't be too safe, after all.

You carried your scrubs to the washing machine nude, which the boys were used to. What they weren't used to, however, was you crying while doing it.

"Jagi?" Yoongi poked his head around the corner, Jungkook and Taehyung following close behind. "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Taehyung reached out to touch you, but you recoiled from the touch. "I haven't showered," you explained, slamming the washing machine lid. "I haven't showered, and I'm covered in covid, and c-diff, and ESBL, and who knows what else," you whimpered. "I don't want to get you sick."

"Let's shower, then, noona," Jungkook said softly. He motioned you towards the bathroom. "You get in the shower and we'll be right on the other side of the curtain for you to tell us what happened."

The hot water mixed with your tears until you couldn't tell which fluids were which. Once you had washed yourself and your hair, you finally allowed Jungkook to join you in the shower; once all the germs were surely down the drain.

"Jagi, we're here for you," Yoongi told you from the other side of the curtain as Jungkook gently conditioned your hair.

"That young patient died," you croaked after a moment, falling apart in Jungkook's arms. "W-we sent him up to CCU yesterday but he…"

"Noona, I'm sorry," Jungkook murmured.

"Maybe if I had seen the call bell and sent someone in sooner…"

"No," Yoongi pulled back the curtain to look you in the eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong. You have too many patients ringing at once to keep track of and you're doing the best you can, y/n."

Jungkook nodded, kissing your forehead. "You're doing amazing."

Taehyung crept behind Yoongi with a fluffy towel in his hands. "We're so proud of you for all that you do."

When you stepped out of the shower, Taehyung wrapped you up in the fuzzy towel and Yoongi pulled you into his arms as you began to sob again.

"I need to be better. Everyone else at work handles even more stress than me just fine, and I… I crumble."

"You don't always have to be so strong, noona," Taehyung soothed you.

"It's okay to feel what you need to," Yoongi murmured, rubbing your back as sobs wracked your frame.

"It's okay to be overwhelmed," Jungkook sighed. "What you do at work is important, too, noona."

"I'm sorry," you wailed. "I'm sorry, I'm so tired. Tired, daddies."

"Oh, sweetheart," Taehyung murmured.

Jungkook ruffled your hair. "Let's get you into your pajamas and then we can cuddle, okay?"

The boys picked out your coziest pajamas for you and laid you on the couch. With your head in Jungkook's lap, he smoothed down your hair and Yoongi rubbed your back. Taehyung would occasionally reach over and squeeze your hand, letting you know that he was there, too.

"I'm tired," you repeated as Moana played softly.

"I know, love," Yoongi murmured. "You can sleep. Your daddies are right here."

You sniffled, shifting to get comfier. Work and crying had worn you out, and soon, your breathing had evened out.

"Kook, is she asleep?" Taehyung asked.

Jungkook nodded, patting his shoulder. "Come here, baby."

Taehyung rested his head on Jungkook's shoulder. His bare hand played with Taehyung's hair and his tattooed one played with yours as you slept. When Jungkook leaned over and kissed Taehyung's head, Yoongi stood up.

"I'm gonna head to bed. You two behave, okay?"

The younger boys chuckled in response.

"Goodnight, hyung," Taehyung murmured. "Love you."

Yoongi froze for a moment before replying, "love you too, guys."

Chapter Text


You smirked, watching Yoongi squeeze himself through his onesie, clearly trying to get some friction against the padding of his diaper.

"Are you excited, baby?" You asked. "You touching?"

Yoongi nodded, glad that he didn't have to hide it. He felt so, so good knowing that he could do this in front of his Mommy and daddies, and he didn't have to be alone.

"Feels good, Mommy," he moaned.

You chuckled and reached over to pat his head. "That's good, sweetheart. I want you to feel good."

Eventually, Yoongi managed to come from touching through the diaper alone, moaning softly as he squeezed it to milk himself.

"Pretty boy," you murmured once he was done. "Let's get you cleaned up."


Jungkook was still so very shy about his needs when little, especially his sexual ones.

Everyone could always tell when he was horny; he would start to squirm, and when someone asked if he needed to go potty, he would shake his head and blush bright red.

Slowly, he would drift further away, into the corner of the room. While he didn't want to be alone to touch himself, he was also shy about people seeing!

When Jimin looked over, he rolled his eyes. Jungkook was at the very corner of the couch, hiding behind a blanket. But with the motions going on underneath the blanket, it wasn't very hard to tell what he was doing.

"Jungkookie, baby, don't bite your lip," Jimin chided when he noticed the action. "You'll make yourself bleed."

Jungkook did as he was told, but ended up letting out little whimpers that turned his cheeks red.

"It's okay, love," Jimin cooed. "Appa likes to hear his little angel."

And maybe, by the time Jungkook writhed under the blanket, head thrown back as he came… Jimin was hard, too.


Taehyung was the very opposite of shy. He had no qualms about reaching down into his pants no matter who was there, now that he was allowed.

"Daddies," he moaned, openly rocking his hips into his own touch.

"We're here, bub," Seokjin cooed, pupils blown. "Keep going, baby boy."

"Wanna make cummies," he mumbled, groaning.

"Go ahead, honey," Yoongi was practically moaning, himself.

"I-" Taehyung cut himself off, hips stilling. "I a-am."

His daddies and Mommy always enjoyed watching him, and he loved to put on a show.


Jimin, on the other hand, had the most interesting habit. He would get so, so horny when he needed to pee. At first, it started out as him getting excited by touching himself to hold it when he needed to go. But then? He became excited just from needing to go.

"You have to pee, Minnie?" Hoseok asked as his baby started grinding down on one of his stuffies.

Jimin nodded, moaning as he humped the toy. "W-wanna cum first, though," he whimpered.

"Go ahead, sweetheart," Hoseok cooed. "Hump your stuffie until you cum and then Baba will take you potty."

They had done this many times before, but this time… Jimin had held it in too long. He froze with a whine as he started to pee his pants, the urine soaking his lap before spreading down onto his stuffie. He sniffled, looking away. His daddies were going to be so mad!

But instead of being angry, his Baba asked, "oh, baby boy, did you pee before you could cum? My poor little darling."

Jimin whimpered and nodded; he was still hard and straining against his soaked underwear. "Didn't mean to, Baba."

"Of course not," Hoseok agreed. "Just an accident, love. Can my little one finish up and then I'll run you a bath, yeah?"

The permission was all Jimin needed to start grinding onto his soaked stuffie. He came quickly, the wetness of his clothes giving him delicious friction.

"Such a good boy, Minnie," Hoseok praised him when he came. "Baba will give you a bath and do the laundry, okay?"

Jimin was glad he didn't get in trouble for his accident, especially since it felt so good.

Chapter Text

"It smells like mangos out here," Jungkook said, sitting down next to you with a smirk. "I'm sure you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, hmm?"

You sheepishly shoved your vape back in your pocket, but unfortunately, you had to let out that puff of mango-scented smoke eventually.

"Don't tell anyone?" You asked as you did.

Jungkook shook his head. "I won't." He added, softer, "but vaping isn't good for you. You know that, don't you?"


"Have you seen y/n?"

You heard Taehyung's voice from inside the dorm, and Jungkook pulled open the balcony door to call out, "they're out here with me."

When Taehyung came out and joined you on the balcony, however, Jungkook left the two of you alone.

"I overheard," Taehyung admitted.

"Yeah?" You asked, trying to gauge his opinion on it.

He nodded. "Can I try?"

You pulled the vape from your pocket and held it out to him. "If you want to."

He studied it for a moment before holding it to his lips and breathing in… and he promptly launched into a terrible coughing fit.

"Taehyung-ah!" You grabbed the vape and started rubbing his back. "Are you okay?"

Taehyung finally caught his breath and nodded. "I, uh… don't think I'm gonna try that again."

Jimin caught you vaping in an empty studio room at corporate, wiggling his eyebrows mischievously.

"Can I join you?"

Unlike Taehyung, he managed to breathe in the vapor (now cotton candy flavored) without a problem.

"You're bad," you teased him.

"Then what exactly does that make you?" He smirked.

"Badder," you giggled.

"The baddest," Jimin agreed.

Hoseok, on the other hand, was not as calm about it when your vape fell out of your pocket as he hugged you.

"Why do you have this?" He asked, picking it up.

"I, uh… just like to taste the flavors sometimes," you mumbled.

"Sometimes?" He asked.

You nodded.

"I know my sweet y/n is going to stop doing this now, right? Because they know this isn't good for them."

You blushed and nodded. "I'll, uh… I won't use it as much."

"Good," he quipped, handing you the vape. "Because if I see you with it again, I'm telling Namjoon."

Eventually, however, Namjoon found out anyway.

"Give me that!" He demanded when he caught you vaping in your room, the scent of strawberry still lingering in the air.

"What? No! I'm not giving it to you."

"I know my darling y/n isn't being a brat right now. Unless they want a spanking?"

"I'm big!" You barked. "You can't just-"

"Are you using your safeword?" Namjoon asked as he grabbed you and took you over his knee.

You grumbled out a "no", because that was much better than admitting that him spanking you while big was definitely more of a funishment than a punishment.

Instead of Yoongi finding you out, you found him out. One day you barged into his studio to hang out, catching him in the act.

"Are you vaping right now?" You asked him.

He fumbled, throwing the device down on his desk. "I-I've mostly quit!" He stammered. "Just… once and a while, it helps me calm down."

You shook your head, producing your own vape and brandishing it to him. "You don't have to explain anything to me," you assured him.

And so Yoongi's studio became a place you could sneak away to vape together.

Seokjin, surprisingly, didn't go into I'm the oldest and it's my job to look out for you mode when he caught you vaping in your car in the parking garage. Instead, he slid into the passenger seat and grinned.

"You and Yoongi just think you're so slick, hmm?"

You coughed, shaking your head. "Yoongi didn't-"

"And Jimin," Seokjin continued. "I know everything, y/n. You kids can't hide anything from me."

"You want to confiscate it?" You asked, rolling your eyes.

Seokjin plucked it from your hands, but he didn't tuck it away. Instead, he held it to his lips and breathed in before placing the vape in your cupholder.

"Oh, blueberry. Good choice," he murmured before slipping back out of the car, leaving you dumbfounded.

Chapter Text

He didn't know why his noona and his hyungs hadn't stopped him.

Sure, they had all expressed their concern for his well-being;

Jungkook, don't work too hard.

Are you sure you don't want to be little?

Make sure you're eating properly.

Please don't overwork yourself, Kookie.

But in the end, they let him leave and go to corporate to use the studio for the fourth day in a row, though they knew we would stay late into the night again.

Truthfully, he couldn't handle watching over Namjoon and Taehyung tonight. They were little, and he just couldn't bring himself to get into Daddy mode. So, he ran.

He wasn't getting much practicing done. It was almost two in the morning, and his phone had died hours ago, so he had nothing to even play the tracks on and dance to. So he sat against the wall, head buried in his knees, and he began to weep.

"Jeon Jungkook!"

"Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Why aren't you answering your phone!"

Jungkook burst into a fresh wave of tears at his Appa and Papa's scolding. He had upset them! He was bad! He tried to apologize, to explain to them, but nothing intelligible came out.

"Oh, Jungkookie," Jimin murmured, joining him on the floor. "Are you little, baby?"

Jungkook managed to nod, waiting for more scolding, to be told what a bad boy he was.

"Sweetheart, don't cry," Yoongi whispered, reaching out and cupping Jungkook's cheek. "I'm sorry, darling, we didn't mean to shout at you."

"We were just so worried about our little bun," Jimin explained, rocking Jungkook in his lap.

"How long was our little baby upset all alone?" Yoongi asked. "Appa and Papa should have come sooner."

Jungkook was exhausted; from overworking, not sleeping, resisting being little, and finally… from crying for so long. He managed to speak, whimpering.

"Koo sweepy."

Yoongi tutted and pressed a kiss to Jungkook's forehead. "Of course our baby Koo is sleepy. Let's get you home and into bed."

Yoongi carried Jungkook to the car with some difficulty, and Jimin carried him to the dorm from the parking garage. Jungkook was lucid, barely awake as his daddies dressed him in fuzzy pajamas.

"Drink this for me, sweetheart?" Jimin asked, pressing a bottle to his lips.

Jungkook wanted to sleep, but Yoongi leaned down and kissed his hair. "You haven't been eating, have you, prince? Please, have a little bit?"

So Jungkook let Jimin guide the bottle of sweet milk to his lips.

The next morning, Jungkook woke up to soft kisses on his nose from Seokjin. He giggled, reaching up and poking his cheek.

"Da," he cooed.

"Good morning, angel," Seokjin answered. "Mommy has cereal for you downstairs."

"Lucky charms?" Jungkook asked hopefully.

Seokjin nodded. "That's right, my smart boy!"

Once Jungkook saw you at the table, he wriggled out of Seokjin's arms and plopped himself into your lap.

"Well good morning, Koo-bear," you cooed.

"Mommy," he murmured. "Wanna sit with Mommy."

"Anything for my precious boy," you assured him.

After breakfast, Jungkook insisted on cuddling with his Da again. Then, he tugged your arm and pulled you onto the couch with them.

"Snuggles," he said shyly.

"We'll give you all the snuggles you want, my love," you promised him with a kiss.

"Mm," Jungkook hummed, resting his head on Seokjin's shoulder. "Snuggles make Koo feel better."

Seokjin asked gently, "have you not been feeling well, Jungkookie?"

Jungkook shook his head. "Keep having bad thoughts."

You pressed another kiss to his head. "Do you want to tell Mommy and Da about the bad thoughts, honey? Maybe we can help."

Jungkook played with his hands for a moment before nodding. "Been thinking that… there's too much to do."

"You're feeling overwhelmed, darling?" Seokjin asked.

Jungkook screwed up his face, not knowing what that big word meant.

You chuckled and booped his nose. "Do you feel like you have too much you have to do every day, and you don't have any time to relax?"

Jungkook nodded. That was exactly how he felt!

"That's why… I went away when you an' brothers were little… was too much."

"Ah," Seokjin nodded. "Jungkookie, I think you're just all out of spoons!"

Jungkook balked at him. "Spoons? For cereal?"

Seokjin shook his head. "Every day when you wake up, you have a certain amount of energy. Not just physical energy, but mental. You can think of this energy as spoons, all lined up in a drawer."

Jungkook nodded, eyes wide. His Da sounded really smart!

"Well," Seokjin said, "throughout the day, you use up your spoons. Maybe dance practice uses five spoons, and a photo shoot uses three. Taking care of someone when they're little might use some. Doing chores. Even just having to talk to people, to socialize and be nice. All of these things use up your spoons."

You caught on by the point, nodding. "And sometimes, Jungkookie, you might use up all your spoons by the end of the day, even if you still have things to do."

Jungkook nodded vigorously. "That's what it is! I-I no have spoons! Not for days…"

Seokjin kissed his forehead. "My sweetheart, that's okay. You need to take time to relax and do things that give you spoons instead of taking them away. Like, being little. That helps give you spoons, yeah?"

Jungkook giggled. "Think so, Da! I feel like I have lots of spoons."

"Well then," you chirped. "With all those spoons, I guess you could use one to eat some ice cream. What do you think?"

"Ice cream, ice cream!"

When Seokjin left to get the ice cream from the fridge, you pulled Jungkook close.

"Whenever you feel like you're low on spoons, honey, you can tell one of us. We'll never let you go through things alone."

Jungkook sighed and nodded. "Mommy gives Koo spoons?"

You nodded and kissed his cheek. "Mommy will loan you all the spoons she has to give."

Chapter Text

You giggled as you slid down the slide for the millionth time, asking for the billionth time, "Daddy! We have the whollllleeeee house to us at home?"

Jungkook smiled and nodded, helping you climb up the rock wall. "That's right. I get my baby all to myself today."

You raced down the slide again and into Jungkook's waiting arms. "Can we have ice cream?"

Jungkook swatted your butt playfully as you climbed up the rope ladder. "Sure can, honey." He checked his watch as you slid down the tube slide. "Last time, baby doll. It's getting late and we need to head home."

Well, you didn't like the sound of that! You were having so much fun at the park and wanted to play more!

"No," you argued, arms crossed over your chest. "No home yet! I wanna stay."

Jungkook's jaw twitched as he reminded you, "we're in public, little girl. You'd better stop it right now."

But instead of stopping, you stomped your foot and said even louder, "no! You better stop it! Meanie Daddy!"

Jungkook glanced around the park, grateful that it was nearly empty. "If you don't stop this tantrum right now, you won't get ice cream when we get home."

You stuck your tongue out at him, which probably wasn't the best idea. He grabbed your arm, not hard enough to hurt, and started pulling you to the car.

"Mean, evil, rotten!" You complained as he buckled you into the backseat.

The whole ride home, you kicked the back of Jungkook's seat and wailed.

"I want ice cream! Daddy is so mean!"

Jungkook held your hand tight as you took the elevator upstairs, not saying a single word.

"Daddy?" You asked as he unlocked the apartment.

"You are in a lot of trouble, little one," he told you. He sat down on the couch and patted his knee.

"But Daddy-"

"Now," he said, and you scrambled over his knee.

He was really, really mad. He pulled up your skirt and pulled down your panties. That meant he really wanted you to get a good spanking.

You squeaked as the first slap landed on your bare bottom, and whimpered when the second followed right after.

Sometime between the sixth and seventh spanks, you felt something hard against your lower tummy. It took a moment for you to realize what it was, but when you did, you moaned.

"Are you enjoying this?" Jungkook asked incredulously, spanking you against both your cheeks.

"Y-you are," you whimpered.

Jungkook froze, pulling you up into his lap. "Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" He cut himself off as he went to pull your panties back on, smirking at a stain of your slick on his pants. "What do we have here, hmm?" He asked.

You blushed and looked away. "Uhm… felt Daddy's pee-pee and… it f-felt nice."

Jungkook rubbed your lower back soothingly. "You made a little mess on Daddy's pants. Daddy should clean you up, yeah?"

Your eyes widened and you nodded.

Jungkook set you down on the couch on your back and crawled between your legs, rubbing your thighs. "Daddy's going to use his mouth to clean you, is that okay?"

You gasped, nodding. Daddy's mouth would feel good, wouldn't it? And then you would be all clean!

"What's your color, sweetheart?" Jungkook asked, just to be sure.

"Green," you answered without hesitation.

"Okay, princess," he murmured before ducking under your skirt.

You whimpered as his tongue lapped at you, making you want to squirm. Daddy's mouth was so warm and soft! His tongue kept touching you in a way that made butterflies grow in your tummy.

"Daddy," you moaned. "Feels good!"

"Good, baby," he breathed against your damp center. "Daddy wants you to feel good."

"Daddy," you whimpered after a while, remembering how his pee-pee had been hard. "Want Daddy to feel good, too."

Jungkook sucked on you one last time before looking up at you. "Yeah, honey? What do you want Daddy to do?"

You blushed; it was embarrassing to say out loud!

"Come on, pretty," Jungkook cooed, rubbing you down there with his thumb.

You immediately writhed under his touch. "W-want Daddy's pee-pee."

"Where, darling?" He asked. He had to be sure.

You shyly pointed down to where Jungkook's hand was still under your skirt.

"Yeah?" He asked. "You want Daddy inside you, angel?"

After you nodded, Jungkook was quick to shimmy out of his pants and give his red, hard member a few strokes.

"You have to tell Daddy if it hurts, or if you don't like it, or if you want to stop. Okay?"

You nodded. "Yes, Daddy," you managed. "Please," you added as he coated himself in your fluids, teasing your entrance.

You gasped when he finally pushed inside, and his hands rubbed soothing circles on your belly.

"Still okay, sweetheart?"

"Yes, Daddy. Feel full."

Jungkook kissed your lips, starting to rock his hips. "How's this, princess?"

"Feels good, Daddy," you whimpered against his lips.

He slipped his tongue into your mouth, thrusting faster. You moaned around the organ, gripping Jungkook's shoulders when he reached down to start rubbing you.

"You okay, sweetie?" He asked.

You nodded. "Faster, Daddy, please. Gonna… gonna…"

"Gonna cum, little one? Are you gonna cum for Daddy?"

You gasped, doing exactly as he said and cumming around him, shuddering under his touch. "Daddy, too," you moaned.

Jungkook stilled inside you, cumming with a groan. "So good, baby girl. So good for me."

"Was good?" You asked as he pulled out.

"Yes, sweetheart, you were so good," Jungkook assured you, kissing your lips as he pulled out.

Jungkook carefully pulled your panties back up and pulled you into his arms.

"Daddy, I'm sorry for being a brat before."

Jungkook kissed the top of your head. "It's okay, love. You took your punishment so well, and then we had fun, didn't we?"

You nodded. "Liked it, Daddy," you mumbled, bashful.

"Daddy liked it, too, baby girl," he cooed. "Would you like some ice cream now?"

"Before dinner?" You asked, wide-eyed.

Jungkook chuckled and gave you a squeeze. "Yes, my darling. Before dinner."

Chapter Text

"Mommy and daddies working hard," Taehyung observed as he and Jimin poked around the house.

Jimin nodded. "Been working hard all day," he agreed.

Suddenly, Taehyung broke into a grin. "Minnie, we big boys, right? Can work hard too?"

Jimin bit his lip, looking unsure. "Uhm, I not very big," he admitted.

Taehyung puffed out his chest and patted Jimin's head. "That's okay. I'm your big brother so I'll watch out for you. I have an idea that will make Mommy and daddies really happy!"

"Wanna make them happy!" Jimin squeaked.

Soon enough, Taehyung and Jimin were in the kitchen together. Taehyung made sure to give Jimin the easiest jobs, like pouring water into the pot and taking out the bowls and cups. He didn't want his brother getting hurt.

Taehyung poured the ramen into the boiling water and poured the drinks into the cups himself. Just as he was showing Jimin how good he was at draining the noodles, Hoseok poked his head into the kitchen.

"Little ones! Why didn't you ask for help?"

"It's okay, Baba!" Jimin assured him. "Taehyungie is a big boy and did all the dane-ber-us jobs!"

Taehyung nodded proudly. "Baba, get other daddies and Mommy and sit at the table so we can be your waiters!"

Hoseok finally chuckled and asked, "did you remember to turn off the stove?"

"Yes!" Taehyung said proudly.

"Okay, darlings. I'll go get everyone seated at the table, then."

Taehyung giggled and started to fill the bowls Jimin set out with ramen. When his brother reached for a bowl, he quickly pulled him away.

"It's too hot, Minnie! We gots to use pot holders!"

So Taehyung showed Jimin how to use the pot holders to carefully pick up a bowl, then followed him out to the dining room carrying his own bowl. All their daddies and Mommy grinned when they saw their cute little waiters.

"Sir," Taehyung set his bowl in front of Namjoon. "I'm the waiter and I have your ramen that you ordered!"

"Wow," Namjoon gasped. "That looks so good, sweetie, thank you."

Jimin set his bowl down in front of Jungkook and tried, "Daddy sir! Ramen you order!"

Jungkook chuckled and booped Jimin's nose. "Thank you, Minnie. It looks delicious."

When Taehyung and Jimin returned with two more bowls, they placed them down in front of you and Seokjin.

"Wow," Seokjin cooed. "My little chefs!"

"It smells amazing!" You told them.

The next two bowls got placed in front of Yoongi and Hoseok.

"So proud of you, babies," Yoongi smiled.

"Such big boys," Hoseok added with a wink.

Finally, Taehyung and Jimin carried their own bowls out to the table and sat down.

"Is it yummy?" Taehyung asked. "It's our weekly special!"

You chuckled and told them, "it's so good, you'll have to move it to the regular menu!"

Jimin's eyes lit up. "I filled up the pot with water!" He announced.

"You're the best pot-filler, love," Namjoon told him.

"Thank you for dinner, little ones," you said. "We're so, so grateful that you were thinking of us."

"The best little chefs," Seokjin added.

Taehyung and Jimin were absolutely beaming under the praise, glad that they made their Mommy and daddies so happy.

Chapter Text

"Jeez, hyung," Namjoon watched as Yoongi went in on a bag of chips. "Comeback is soon, you know."

Jungkook nodded, thoughtlessly adding, "you remember antis making those McChicken jokes? We don't want that again."

Yoongi dropped the bag of chips onto the table like it had burned him, nodding. "You're right," he agreed, voice taut and quiet.

Seokjin seemed to be the only one that noticed how glassy Yoongi's eyes got, and he reached for his shoulder.

"You okay, Yoongi-ah?" He asked.

Yoongi forced himself to nod, pulling away from Seokjin's hand. "I need the bathroom," he mumbled.

What he did in there, the boys didn't know, but he didn't come back as the others finished lunch.

"Hyung!" Jungkook was sweaty from practice, with Taehyung tucked against his side. "Want to get lamb skewers?"

Yoongi shook his head, immediately thinking of his conversation with the other members at lunch the previous day. He hadn't had a bite of food since then.

"No, you guys go. I'm not hungry."

Jimin, overhearing, cut in. "But hyung, you didn't eat dinner last night, or breakfast this morning."

"You need to eat, hyung," Hoseok agreed.

"What for?" Yoongi snapped. "So people think I look fat at comeback and start making jokes again?"

Namjoon froze. "Oh, hyung, we-"

"I puked up the chips, so you don't have to worry about it, okay?" Yoongi had tears in his eyes. "I never… even when I eat a lot, I don't… I don't keep it in, so don't worry, I won't get fat again."

Again. The word hung in the air like a fog.

"Hyung, no, that isn't healthy," Jungkook scrambled.

"That's bulimia," Taehyung said bluntly. "How long have you been doing this, hyung?"

Yoongi shrugged. "Since my shoulder operation. I really let myself go and got into bad eating habits… I didn't want to disappoint ARMY and look so fat again."

"Yoognichi, you were never, ever fat," Seokjin told him.

"I'm sorry," Jungkook whispered. "I'm really sorry about what I said yesterday."

"So am I, hyung," Namjoon said, just as quietly. "We didn't mean it, we-"

"You didn't know," Yoongi answered, just as quietly. "It's okay."

"We didn't know you were struggling," Hoseok agreed.

"But that doesn't excuse our behavior," Jimin added. "We're all sorry, hyung. We thought you guys were just poking fun, but it's never okay to poke fun like that."

"Guys," Yoongi all but whined. "It's really okay."

"It's not," Taehyung disagreed. "We love you, hyung. We want you to be happy and healthy, and to eat what you like without worrying about your weight. Okay?"

"Come on, hyung," Jungkook held out his hand. "We're getting lamb skewers. All of us. My treat."

Yoongi stood with Jungkook's help, only to be swarmed into an unexpected group hug. The warmth, the comfort… being so tired from practice and so hungry from not eating… it pushed him right into littlespace.

"Daddies, you're silly," he giggled.

Namjoon grinned, picking Yoongi up and holding him at his hip. "No, our little Yoongi is the silly one!" He argued.

Hoseok reached out and booped his nose, making him giggle even louder. "Let's go fill that tummy and then go home and watch a nice movie, hmm?"

As Namjoon carried Yoongi out to the car, the little one listing all the movies he wanted to watch, Taehyung sighed with relief.

"I'm glad he slipped," he whispered to Seokjin. "I was definitely not going to let him use the bathroom by himself after lunch, and now he won't fight us on it."

Seokjin reached out and gave Taehyung's shoulder a squeeze. "He's going to be alright, Taehyungie." The younger relaxed under the touch. "I promise."

Chapter Text

When you rocked your hips forward, you felt Yoongi's cock against yours. Backwards? Namjoon's pressing against your ass. You moaned around Yoongi's tongue in your heated kiss, gasping when Namjoon wrapped his hands around to tease your sensitive nipples.

"Hyungs," you whined, breaking the kiss. "More. Please."

"Gotta tell us what you what, y/n," Namjoon cooed in your ear.

"Want you to touch," you mumbled to Yoongi.

"With my hand?" Yoongi asked against your lips. "My mouth?" He punctuated the second question by licking your lips.

You shook your head, suddenly bashful. "Your… your cock," you whispered. "Can you put it…"

"Against your cock?" Yoongi asked, never hesitating.

You nodded shyly.

"Of course, handsome," Yoongi murmured. "Wanna feel your cock against mine."

As Namjoon kissed up your neck and Yoongi slotted his cock against yours, you mumbled, "will it… feel okay for you?"

"Yes," Yoongi breathed out, groaning. "Your cock feels so good, babe. Love it."

You relaxed at the words, letting yourself truly believe them. "Hyung," you whined at Namjoon. "Want you inside."

"Yeah?" Namjoon asked. "Want me to open you up?"

You shook your head, reaching back to guide his cock to where you were leaking slick. "Here," you whispered.

"Okay, baby," Namjoon murmured. "Front hole, then."

You groaned as Namjoon slipped inside you, your hips shuddering against Yoongi's.

"So sexy," Yoongi whispered in your ear. "Our sexy man. Our perfect jagi. We love you so much."

"Hyungs wanna make you cum," Namjoon groaned, picking up the pace with his thrusts.

"Wanna cum," you whined. "Want hyungs to cum, too, though."

"You're gonna make me cum, babe," Yoongi assured you. "Your cock feels so good."

"Mean it?" You asked, but Yoongi only answered by spilling all over both your cocks. You gasped, riding out his high by grinding against him.

"Hyung," Namjoon, not to be forgotten, picked up the pace. "Clean up your mess."

Yoongi smirked and knelt between your legs. "Is it okay, y/n? Can I suck your cock?"

You nodded, already so close. "Please, hyung."

Yoongi started lapping up his own mess, while Namjoon focused on hitting your spot.

"Hyungs, hyungs, I'm gonna-"

"Yes, jagi," Namjoon groaned. "Cum for your hyungs. Want you to feel so good."

As you came into Yoongi's mouth, you felt Namjoon gasp in your ear, stilling inside you.

"So good," he groaned. "Fuck, so good."

"Good?" You managed as he pulled out.

Yoongi nodded, kissing your lips so that you tasted both him and yourself. "You did so good. You're so sexy. So handsome. You were amazing."

"Can we clean you up?" Namjoon asked.

You nodded with a chuckle. "We're all kinda messy."

"That's because you make us fall apart, y/n," Namjoon said as he led you to the bathroom. "Always make us feel so good."

While the tub was being filled, you suddenly became self-conscious, standing there naked. You crossed your arms over your chest and turned away to hide your front from them.

"Why are you getting shy, baby?" Yoongi asked.

"Because," you blurted out. "My boobs-"

"No," Namjoon firmly corrected. "Your chest. Your sexy chest, and your sweet, sensitive nipples." He pulled your arms from you, exposing you. "You're so handsome. We love your body just the way it is."

Yoongi nodded, cutting off the tap now that the tub was filled. "We do," he agreed. "You are the sexiest man alive, just how you are."

In the bath, you leaned back against Yoongi as Namjoon washed your body, showing it the love and tenderness that you rarely could, yourself.

"We love you," he repeated as Yoongi rubbed shampoo into your hair.

"We love you," Yoongi echoed. "Your hyungs love you so much. You're so perfect."

"Hyungs," you whined, embarrassed. But still, you couldn't help the warmth their words made bloom in your chest. "I love you, too. I love you so much."

Chapter Text

"Daddies," Jungkook croaked, sinking to the floor in the green room. "Daddies, messed it up."

"Bun, you didn't mess anything up," Namjoon cooed. "Not a thing. I promise."

"The dance," he wheezed, still out of breath from their concert. "Messed up the dance."

"No one even noticed, my love," Jimin tried to soothe him. "Come on now, let your daddies get you in some comfy clothes."

The boys were all so happy to take their little boy back to the hotel;

Papa, can we watch Dory?

Of course, Koo.

And eat popcorn?

Anything you want, darling.

When Jungkook woke up the next morning, however, he was still little.

"Guess what, prince?" Taehyung cooed as he dressed Jungkook in a pull up and some sweat pants to cover it. "We get to go on a plane today!"

"Plane?" He asked, sucking his pacifier.

"Uh huh," Seokjin ruffled his hair. "We're going home."

The boys were extra cautious about paparazzi at the airport, even more so than usual. Poor Jungkook seemed overwhelmed until Hoseok flung his arm around his shoulders, leading him towards their gate.

"You're doing so well, Jungkookie," he murmured. "We're almost there."

"I have to go potty, Baba," he replied.

"Almost there," Hoseok repeated, squeezing his shoulder.

"Dada," Jungkook tugged on Namjoon's arm as they boarded the private jet. "I really need to go potty."

"I'll take you in a moment, sweetheart, we just have to put our bags away."

But Namjoon forgot about Jungkook's problem while trying to make sure everyone had their belongings, so Jungkook ended up bursting into tears, running to his Papa.

"I had an accident, Papa," he whimpered.

"Don't cry, honey," Yoongi wiped away his tears. "Papa will get you changed."

Changing Jungkook in the tiny airplane bathroom, however, wasn't as easy as expected. They took a long time, and the pilot seemed annoyed by the time they emerged and got back to their seats on the jet.

"Da," Jungkook whined, kicking his legs. "I'm hungry."

"I'll get you something after we take off, darling. We can't stand up right now."

By the time they reached altitude, however, Jungkook was already sleeping with his face pressed against the window. He had been looking down at the earth disappearing through the clouds.

It was very, very unusual for Jungkook to stay little for more than a day. Once Day Three came around, the boys were starting to get concerned.

"You're still little, baby boy?" Jimin asked. "Wow!"

Jungkook fidgeted and asked, "it's okay? Don't have to be big?"

Taehyung shook his head and assured him, "you can be little for as long as you need to, pretty."

Instead of getting bigger, Jungkook got even smaller! He started refusing to eat anything but soft foods, only drinking from a bottle. He never asked to go to the bathroom, just going in his pull ups until his caregivers put him back in diapers. His words were becoming few and far between.

"Jungkookie, look!" Yoongi bounced Jungkook in his lap, trying to entice him with a video game that Taehyung was playing. "If you were a big boy, you could play with Taehyung. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Jungkook just grabbed Yoongi's fingers and started sucking on them.

"I made cookies!" Seokjin held one out to Jungkook later in the afternoon, hoping the treat would entice him to eat solid food.

Jungkook stared at the cookie curiously, but never spit out his pacifier or tried to grab it.

"Sweetheart," Namjoon kissed him and cuddled him close in bed. "You've been little a long time, hmm? Just a tiny baby."

Jungkook babbled in response, but it was nothing that Namjoon could decipher.

The boys did their best to care for him even with their schedules; dance practices, vocal recordings… eventually, it came time for a photoshoot.

"Jungkookie, I'm sorry," Taehyung pleaded. "But you really need to be big, just for a few hours."

Jungkook didn't seem to understand. Even after his caregivers dressed him in big boy clothes and made him eat real food for breakfast, not a toy or stuffie in sight, Jungkook was still in babyspace.

"Hyung, I don't think we can-"

The boys all turned their heads to wear Jungkook was sitting as liquid splattered from his chair onto the floor.

Seokjin sighed. "I thought it would bring him out if he wasn't wearing a diaper," he explained.

"We have to cancel," Namjoon said firmly. Picking up a sniffling Jungkook and kissing his cheek. "We aren't going to get him to be big and we can't take him like this."

In the end, the boys stopped trying to help Jungkook be big. After all, it wasn't often that they got to spend time with their little bunny, so they made the most of it.

"Oh, Jungkookie, you're so smart, baby!" Hoseok grinned as Jungkook started stacking blocks on the floor.

"Which one is purple, baby, can you show Appa?"

Jungkook gurgled and pointed at the correct block.

"So smart!" Yoongi applauded. "The smartest little bun in the world!"

"I love your cuddles, honey," Taehyung murmured, pulling the little boy closer to him as they watched a movie. "You're the best snuggler."

Jungkook giggled and said the first word he'd managed in a week: "Lub!"

Taehyung smiled and booped his nose. "That's right, angel. Love."

Jungkook pointed at Taehyung and repeated, "lub!"

Taehyung got the message and pressed a kiss to Jungkook's forehead. "I love you too, my little baby bun."

Chapter Text

"Why aren't you eating the noodles, hyung?" Hoseok asked as he took another bite.

Jungkook glanced at Seokjin's plate, which just had a lonely chicken breast on it. Everyone else's plate was piled high with noodles, meat, and vegetables.

"Yeah, the dinner is good, hyung!" He chirped. "Why won't you eat any?"

Seokjin shook his head and started to meticulously cut up his chicken. "I'm just eating lean proteins for now, guys. I'll have some noodles on my cheat day."

Yoongi frowned at his hyung. "But hyung, you won't go overboard, right?"

Seokjin smiled and shook his head. "Of course not, Yoongi-ah. Don't you worry."

But maybe Yoongi and the others should have worried. Seokjin's diet only got more and more strict. He just wanted to be slim and sexy like Jungkook, or lanky like Taehyung. Why wasn't he built like Namjoon and Hoseok? Strong. Or tiny and cute like you, Yoongi, and Jimin.

When he was little, he didn't feel like he should be. It was really hard for even Jungkook, Namjoon, and Taehyung to pick him up. Hoseok barely could, and Yoongi and Jimin couldn't at all. You and all the other littles were easier to carry.

"No have to carry me," Seokjin pulled away when Taehyung tried to pick him up. "Can walk."

Taehyung frowned. "You don't want Tou-san to carry you, sweetie?"

That wasn't it at all; he wanted to be carried. He just wasn't built for it.

"Can walk," he repeated.

Seokjin pouted at the mac and cheese on his plate during lunch. "Can I have chicken instead?" He asked.

"You want chicken nuggets, baby?" You asked him. "Sure, we'll make you some."

But Seokjin shook his head. "Just regular chicken. The plain kind."

"Love, what's going on?" Yoongi asked. "That's boring grown-up food."

Seokjin felt his lower lip wobbling. "N-need to eat boring grown up food so that I don't get any bigger!" He blurted out.

"Bigger?" Hoseok asked softly. "Honey, you aren't too big at all."

Seokjin sniffled and shook his head. "D-don't look good like daddies when m'big. And I'm n-not small and cute when I'm little like Mommy is."

"Oh, prince, that's just not true," Jimin cooed. "You're our sweet little boy; you're the perfect size."

Seokjin whined, "Appa and Papa can't pick me up because I'm too big! Probably hurt other daddies when they pick me up…"

Namjoon was having none of that. He rushed over and scooped Seokjin right up, kissing his cheeks. "You aren't hurting Dada at all, my love."

"Jinnie, baby," Jungkook called out. "Do you think you would be able to talk to someone about these feelings your having?"

"Talk?" Seokjin asked, resting his head on Namjoon's shoulder.

"Maybe to my therapist?" Jimin suggested. "She might be able to help you work through those feelings."

You nodded. "Appa's therapist is very, very nice, sweetheart."

Seokjin nodded. "Can talk," he agreed.

"Baby boy," Yoongi asked. "Would you please try and eat some of your mac and cheese? Or did you want us to make you something else?"

Seokjin eyed the mac and cheese; it looked really yummy. "Want that, please," he said, pointing.

"Come here," Yoongi held out his arms to him. "Sit on my lap and let me feed you."

Seokjin whined as Namjoon lowered him into Yoongi's lap. "Too big, Papa," he argued, squirming.

Yoongi bounced him and smooched his cheek. "You aren't too big, my darling. You're just the perfect size."

When all his daddies and his Mommy nodded in agreement, Seokjin blushed.

"We love you, prince," Hoseok murmured. "We're so proud of you for telling us what was bothering you."

"We're always here for you, precious," Taehyung added.

"You can tell Mommy and daddies anything," Jungkook told him.

Seokjin chewed a bite of yummy mac and cheese that Yoongi offered him before answering, "thank you. I love you."

Yoongi smiled and scooped up another spoonful of mac and cheese. "Open up, my perfect little boy."

Chapter Text

You ran your hands over the soft surface of the squishmallow, giving it a squeeze.

Big or little, it was definitely soft and huggable.

It was cute and cuddly.

But… you were big. You couldn't buy stuffies when you were big, could you?

"Would you like it?" Hoseok asked, hands on your waist.

You gasped, blushing. "Is it okay?" You asked.

Hoseok kissed your cheek and assured you, "of course. Anything for my little girl."

Oh. Well, if he was already under the assumption that you were little… it wouldn't hurt to let him think that, would it?

"Thank you, Baba," you murmured, hugging the stuffie close to your chest.

There were many things you wanted to do both big and little, even if they were typically "little" things to do. But since Hoseok had believed you when you faked it… the other boys would, too!

"Op… Daddies, can I give you makeovers, please?"

Namjoon smiled and nodded. "Sure, doll. Come and do Dada's makeup first."

"Daddies… can we sleep in the same bed tonight?"

"Daddies, can I have chicken nuggets for dinner?"

"Daddies, could I have a forehead kiss?"

You thought you were being slick, but the boys were secretly smirking to each other, noticing little cues that you were just pretending.

Your voice didn't have its typical "little" lilt, or perhaps you mumbled a curse under your breath moments before. You often forgot to call them "daddies" instead of oppa or by their name. You would still want to watch the big girl movie while you cuddled, and wear your big girl clothes. The boys weren't as naive as you thought.

"Papa, could I sit on your lap?"

"Jagi," Yoongi pulled you into his lap. "You don't have to pretend that you're little."

You blushed crimson, hanging your head. "I'm not-"

"We've all noticed, noona," Jimin said.

"You don't need to pretend to be little," Seokjin smiled at you.

"But… sometimes I want to do things I like when I'm little, even if I'm big."

"And that's perfectly okay," Jungkook assured you.

"You can buy stuffies even when you're big," Hoseok told you.

"And do our makeup," Namjoon added.

"You can have cuddles, and kisses, and cute foods," Taehyung sighed. "You don't have to be little for that, noona."

You finally relaxed against Yoongi. "You mean it?"

"We mean it, y/n," Hoseok nodded. "You never have to pretend with us. You never have to feel embarrassed."

You nuzzled against Yoongi's neck, asking, "does that mean I can have dinosaurs nuggets for dinner?"

Namjoon chuckled. "Of course you can, jagi."

Chapter Text

You dug your hand into your box of hair accessories, staring down at Yoongi's already decorated head.

You had managed to slip a pretty headband on his head; it was pink and glittery.

He had a few butterfly clips of all colors scattered about, and one little section was braided (barely, his hair wasn't quite long enough).

Yoongi's eyes blinked open as you were adding a few little bows of white and orange, mumbling in confusion.

"Baby girl?"

You giggled, reaching down for your blue mirror covered with sea creature stickers.

"Gave you a hairdo, Papa," you told him.

Yoongi checked out your work in the mirror, breaking into a smile. He chuckled, reaching up for a hair clip to remove it, but stopped as you spoke again.

"Do you like it, Papa? I made your hair pretty."

He quickly dropped his hand and nodded. "I love it, darling," he assured you.

He moved down from the couch to the floor, to give you better access to his hair. "Go ahead, baby, keep going."

You giggled and squealed as you reached in and pulled out more hair accessories from your bin.

"We can do another headband," you told him. "And some glitter spray, and more clips, and a ponytail, and…"

Yoongi was content to let you put as many hair accessories in his hair as you could possibly fit, leaning his head back and shutting his eyes.

"Done," you finally announced.

Yoongi took the mirror from you again, looking over every headband, clip, ribbon, scrunchie, and flower in his hair.

"Thank you for doing my hair so pretty, love," he murmured, patting his lap. "Come here."

You crawled into his lap, giggling when he kissed your cheeks loudly.

"I did good?" You asked. "Papa likes it?"

Yoongi nodded, bouncing you. "You did so, so good, doll. Papa loves it."

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When Yoongi woke up in tears, the boys knew it was going to be one of those days. They had been up most of the night with the poor baby, who just hadn't been sleeping well lately.

"Little darling, don't cry," Namjoon shushed him and picked him up, gently rocking him. "It's alright, your Dada's here."

Yoongi was too little to tell his daddies what was wrong, just as he had been the night before. Namjoon kissed his forehead and started to wipe away his tears.

"I know, sweetheart," Namjoon murmured. "Let's get you changed and then we can go downstairs and you can use your swing! Wouldn't you like that?"

Even the promise of his favorite swing wasn't enough to soothe Yoongi during his change. The poor boy was already overwhelmed, and the change would only make it worse. Namjoon made sure to only put on the dim light, knowing that anything bright would send Yoongi into another round of tears.

"You're doing so well for me, baby boy," he cooed even as Yoongi squirmed and fussed, trying to get away from the yucky feeling of the baby wipes on his skin. "Almost done, sweetheart," Namjoon promised.

Yoongi had calmed significantly once he was warm and dry; his morning diaper change tended to set him off. But once Namjoon put him in his baby swing downstairs, he giggled and bounced as if it had never even happened.

"I think Baba and Mommy are making breakfast," Jungkook announced with a smile, coming in from the kitchen.

"Breakfast!" Jimin shrieked, and Seokjin followed close behind.

The two older boys ran around the living room, shouting and stomping with the excitement of breakfast. But poor Yoongi put his hands over his ears, his bouncing ceasing. He let out an ear-piercing scream.

"Boys," Taehyung scolded Jimin and Seokjin lightly. "We need to use our indoor voices. You're scaring Yoongi."

Seokjin stopped running and looked at where Yoongi was whimpering in his swing, lips trembling.

"Yoonie, we sorry," he said.

Jimin knelt down next to his brother and said, "we didn't mean to be loud. Won't do it again, okay?"

Yoongi nodded, lip still quivering.

"Does Yoonie want hugs?" Seokjin asked.

Yoongi thought about it for a moment; sometimes, physical touch was too overwhelming for him. But finally, he nodded and held out his arms.

"Sorry, Yoonie," Seokjin apologized again as they hugged.

Jimin hugged him next, kissing the top of his head. "Sorry, Yoonie," he echoed.


Yoongi pouted at the sound of your voice, knowing that meant he would have to get out of his swing to eat at the table.

"Aw, don't make a sour face, little one," Jungkook cooed as he lifted him from his swing. "You can sit on Daddy's lap to eat and you'll be back in your swing in no time."

Yoongi brightened at that, snuggling against his Daddy as they sat down. All the grown ups, as well as Jimin and Seokjin, had pancakes to eat. Yoongi, though, feeling too little and ever sensitive with foods, had some yummy fruit and toast cut into little bits.

"Open up, here comes the choo choo train!" Hoseok cooed.

He and you both helped Jungkook feed Yoongi through the meal so that he could eat, too.

Yoongi was such a good boy all day, even when he fussed over things. It wasn't his fault that he got overwhelmed, so you and the boys always did the best you could to keep him comfortable. Sometimes, though, you just didn't know how to help him.

"Shh, shh, my love," Hoseok carried Yoongi out of the room so that he wouldn't wake up Jimin and Seokjin, kissing his hair.

"Again?" You asked, frowning. You reached out and ruffled Yoongi's hair. "Poor baby."

"Does he need a change?" Taehyung asked, yawning as he followed you into your room.

Hoseok shook his head. "I checked."

"Is our little baby too warm? Too cold?" You asked.

Yoongi whined when Taehyung held his hands to his face, seeing if he felt warm or cold.

"I don't think it's that," Hoseok mumbled, settling on the bed. "Why don't you let him nurse?" He suggested.

You tried to get Yoongi to latch onto you, but he shoved you away. You gasped as his fingernails accidentally scratched your breast, quickly covering back up.

"Let's not do that," you chuckled.

"What can we do for you, darling?" Taehyung asked, kissing Yoongi's hair. "Hush little darling, don't you cry," he sang softly.

Yoongi settled at the singsong tone immediately, looking up at Taehyung with glassy eyes.

"Does our baby like when Tou-san sings?" You asked.

Taehyung smiled when Yoongi nodded, and softly began again, "hush little baby, don't you cry, Tou-san's gonna sing you a lullaby."

Yoongi rested his head against your shoulder, eyes fluttering shut.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word, Mommy's gonna buy you a mockingbird," Taehyung continued. "And if that mockingbird don't sing, Baba's gonna buy you a diamond ring."

Yoongi was snoring softly, finally fast asleep, before Taehyung finished singing to him. You all looked down at your baby, glad that he was able to get some rest. You all hoped tomorrow would be a better day for him, with lots of smiles.

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Upcoming chapters

Just_a_bored_author: "Can you do one where MC is feeling 3/4 and she throws a tantrum and Jungkook puts her on the stairs for a timeout but she decides to just walk upstairs quietly to go to a room to play with dolls and stuff. When Jungkook finds out she is upstairs he decides to put her in the corner. But even then she finds a way to play with the toys. So when Jungkook finds that out he decides to talk to her and then she confesses that her thoughts get yucky when she is alone so she distracts herself with playing. Jungkook understands but still thinks she needs a punishment so he decides on no tv shows for the rest of the day but it doesn’t really matter because she gets a lot of attention from Jungkook and the other boys when they come home. (And like no mention of spanking please :))"


a_min: "If I can request one more maybe both Jungkook and reader are little, with Jungkook being older and kinda taking care of her, and they are being babysat by Sejin and Bang PD while Yoongi is in the studio, but then reader gets hurt and while trying to make it better Jungkook gets hurt and they end up having to go to Yoongi a studio to feel better and a bunch of comfort basically lol"


☆The_CEO_of_Oh_No: "Reader is bi, and little jungkook has been insecure that she won't be satisfied with only guys. So his solution is to eat her tf out while little. She makes sure he's certain he wants to because "mommy's rough". He secretly likes it that way. She pulls his hair, really forces his face in there and tells him how to make it feel even better, and then after, he tells her about his insecurity while she cleans him. But the cleaning and insecurity isn't the maaaaain part. Wink wonk."


mimikookie: "In the soop setting. In the early morning when the daddies are asleep, Baby sneakily went and played with the rc boat, but it drifted far away. She got scared that they would scold her so she went on the boat to retrieve it. Near the rc boat, she tried to reach for it but fell off the boat. Though she was wearing life jacket. But when she tried to climb back up the boat, it was very difficult and she just got tired. She started crying and wailing for her daddies. JK and someone saw her and went on another boat to save her. She definitely got scolded but more fluff and cuddles please 💜"


☆SolarBunny: "So while rereading the previous works I wanted to request this while reading the one where Jin is eating Jks ass and he says he likes feeling shy(? I don't quite remember the word but yeah), so maybe JK wants to be more submissive with some of the hyungs or all including reader (you can choose) and he wants to be a bit humiliated by them and half way through he slips, and even tho I'm assuming they'll have talked about this new dynamic before, they still ask if lil kookie wants to continue and continue from there (maybe include some omo from kookies side so they can be meanies to him for a bit) and after that just lots of aftercare and kisses."


Bts_is_life3: "And could you write one where Reader comes back from a long day of work every single of her muscles are aching and tense. And when the boys see her state they immediately lift her up and take care of her:
-jimin and jungkook gives her a bath (maybe she could slip during this time)
- then yoongi would put cream and oil on her body while giving her a massage
- then Taehyung could dry and brush her hair
- namjoon and hobi would dress her in her pj
- and jin would basically put her in bed and maybe nurse reader and giving her a bottle and all the boys cuddle with them and end up falling asleep on her bed"


☆thegreeneyedgirl: "I was wondering if you could do one where the reader isn’t little but is just in a very submissive frame of mind. Like she’s just having a really hard time making decisions for herself and it’s kind of a subspace kind of “floaty feeling,” i don’t know if that makes sense. It doesn’t necessarily need to be sexual but maybe you could play around with it?"


DTownSeesaw: "Mc asking yoongi and jungkook to brush her hair and do a little braid then dress her up like a doll :)"


mikrokosmini: "Hiii I just love little JK so I was wondering if you could maybe do one where he has a bit of a freak out when he has an accident and needs his pull-up changed? He's very shy and embarrassed (especially around his Dada who he idolizes), at first not admitting he's wet and breaking into tears when he's found out, and needing buckets of reassurance from all of his caregivers afterwards 🥺🥺👉🏼👈🏼"


StrawberrieOats: "MC tags along to a shoot at night which is outdoors and it’s really freezing since it’s winter. For a while they just kind of sit somewhere shaking and shivering until one of the boys notices. Basically MC just spend the shoot getting passed from person to person between takes, sitting in people laps and getting wrapped up in others jackets and things to keep warm. All the members feature. Maybe Namjoon is wearing a massive coat big enough to wrap himself and MC in. Maybe they also have a few takes which include all the members so while no one can keep MC warm they just leave them with way too many jackets and coats to keep warm. Also MC uses they / them in this please."


ForUs: "Little reader is a trans guy and just being little, diapers and diaper changes. He is being fussy about diaper changes since he is insecure, so when he is wet, he doesn’t say anything and it results in a rash and then a lot of love and reassurance from the boys, that no matter what he is their little boy."


☆YujA_ks: "And if it isn't too much to ask for a second I would like a Namjoon and Jin focused omorashi situation. I would like to see them have expected yet unavoidable pee accidents while being out in public or in semi public situation. Then one of them slips and is the baby of the group (with reassurance and praises that he did good) while the other gets quite aroused by the newfound situation and asks for a hand(job) to anyone that isn't too busy with the little."


Melisa182003: "so, Hobi has been little and like super clingy to his mommy for the past week, one day she has to go do smt last minute early morning so Hobi (waking up little again) cries for her, but Jimin comforts him, they cuddle all morning and Hobi nurses on him? Then they both fall asleep, and MC wakes them up for a snack when she gets back home, gives them both lots of sweet kisses 🥺🥺🥺🥺"


MelonsAndWine: "Okay so MC and her friends are hanging out at a coffee shop or smth while they're big, and one of them (either Haru of Chul) accidentally slips into little space. So then MC and the other friend have to play as caretakers until the true caretaker comes to collect them. And then when she gets home idk she's a little freaked out but also proud of herself and the boys are too. Oh, and she slips into little space once she gets home because of the stress/excitement?"


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Hoseok stirred, whining when he realized his giraffe stuffie had fallen from his arms while he slept.

"Mommy…" He reached out for you, wanting to ask you to find his stuffie, but found the spot next to him on the bed was empty. "M-mommy?!"

Jimin came stumbling in to find a very upset little, crying hard and rubbing his eyes.

"Mommy, Mommy!"

"Baby boy, shh," Jimin climbed into bed with him and pulled him close. "Mommy had to go in to work for a quick meeting, but she'll be back soon, okay?"

Hoseok didn't know what soon was, but he did know that it wasn't now.

"Want Mommy now!" He whimpered.

"I know, my love," Jimin cooed, kissing his forehead. "I'm sorry. You'll just have to settle for Appa until she gets back, hmm?"

Hoseok sniffled and buried his face in Jimin's neck. "Love Appa, too. Just miss Mommy." He certainly didn't want Jimin to think he didn't like him!

"Of course, my sweet; I understand," Jimin murmured. He pulled Hoseok's face from the crook of his neck and hummed. "How can Appa help his little baby, hmm?"

Hoseok thought about it for a moment before replying, "we cuddle? And… can I…" Hoseok trailed off, hands gently squeezing Jimin's pecks.

"You want to nurse, lovie?" When Hoseok nodded, cheeks pink, Jimin kissed his nose. "Don't be embarrassed, sweetheart."

Hoseok whined when Jimin pulled back enough to inch his shirt up, but hummed contently once he was pulled close again, cheek resting on Jimin's chest.

"S'okay?" He asked.

"Of course, prince. Go ahead."

Hoseok loved sucking on his Appa, and soon realized just how sleepy he was from waking up so early! He managed to fall back asleep, even without his Mommy there.

You smiled at the scene in front of you when you walked into the room; Hoseok and Jimin were tangled together, and Jimin's thumb had somehow made its way into his mouth. You set the bowl of popcorn on the end table before sitting down, rubbing both the boys backs to wake them.

"Time to get up, sleepyheads."

"Mommy?" Hoseok yawned and started explaining, "woke up really sad without you, then Appa made it all be-" Hoseok giggled when he saw Jimin's thumb in his mouth as he blinked his eyes open. "Minnie's little now, too!"

"That's right, darling," you cooed, brushing back his hair as Jimin finally woke up, thumb still being abused. "I think some popcorn would taste better than your thumb, little one," you chided gently.

"Popcorn?" Both the boys squealed, suddenly much more awake.

"Mhm," you hummed. "And any movie my little boys want to watch."

Jimin didn't hesitate a moment before asking, "Pokémon?"

Hoseok nodded eagerly. "Please, Mommy! The first one!"

Jimin nodded vigorously. "With Mewtwo!"

"And Mew!" Hoseok added.

"Can Mommy have a kiss first?" You asked cheekily.

Hoseok giggled and nodded, pressing his lips to yours. Jimin pursed his lips and waited, wanting you to kiss him yourself. When you did, he smiled and did a "happy wiggle".

"Sweet boys," you murmured as you got comfy between them, putting on the movie.

You handed them the popcorn, but the boys still wanted their Mommy's kisses instead. Hoseok tapped his lips and Jimin kept his pursed.

"Do my precious angels need more kisses?" You asked.

When they nodded, you attacked them both with so, so many kisses. Their lips, cheeks, foreheads. You even kissed the tips of their noses and the lobes of their ears. By the time you were finished, both littles were a giggling mess.

"We love you, Mommy," Jimin said as the movie began.

"And I love you, my darling boys," you easily replied.

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"That looks pretty uncomfortable, Kookie," Yoongi purred, gently running his finger down Jungkook's hard dick. "Bet you wish hyungs would help you with it, hmm?"

Jungkook pouted, thighs pressing together, though he wasn't even sure which kind of relief he was hoping for at this point.

"Have to pee, hyung. And I really wanna cum."

"You have to be patient," Namjoon chided. "And the longer you keep begging so pathetically, the longer you're going to have to wait."

"But hyungs!"

"Shut up," Yoongi told him. "You asked for this."

Jungkook nodded, legs twisting together as a wave of what was definitely his first problem crashing over him. He wanted to reach down and grab himself, but he knew better. When Namjoon started kissing down his neck, he shuddered.

"Mm… hyung…"

"Does that feel nice, Kookie?" Yoongi purred.

Jungkook moaned in response, knees knocking together as his bladder pulsated. "Hyungs, I really need to go."

"You should be embarrassed," Namjoon sighed, pulling his mouth from Jungkook's neck. "Begging for a piss, begging for hyungs to make you cum."

Jungkook started feeling even fuzzier than subspace, a familiar comfort washing over him as Yoongi teased his hands over his thighs.

"Please touch, Papa," he whimpered.

"Oh, Kookie," Yoongi murmured, reassuringly squeezing his hip. "Are you feeling little?"

Jungkook nodded. "Koo have to potty. Wanna cum."

"Do you want to stop, sweetheart?" Namjoon asked. "We'll take you potty and help you cum, if you want."

Jungkook shook his head, pouting and stomping his foot. "No wanna stop! Just… want daddies to touch."

"Sure, baby, we'll touch you," Yoongi cooed.

His daddies had gotten much nicer and softer with him since he slipped. Jungkook gasped as Yoongi's hand finally wrapped around him, stroking slowly.

"Feels good," he moaned.

"Yeah?" Yoongi asked. "Why don't you get on your knees and make Dada feel good, too?"

Jungkook let Yoongi lead him down to the floor, going with him, hand still stroking slowly. Namjoon lined his cock up with Jungkook's mouth, gently cupping his cheek.

"Is this okay, sweetie?"

Jungkook nodded. "Wanna suck Dada."

Yoongi's hand and Namjoon's dick had made Jungkook forget about the discomfort in his bladder for a little bit, but soon, he was wiggling under Yoongi's touch.

"You getting close, honey?" Yoongi asked.

Jungkook blushed and pulled off Namjoon long enough to say, "potty."

"Ah," Namjoon gasped as Jungkook went back to work on his cock. "I forgot; our poor baby has to pee, doesn't he?"

"Is our little boy going to have an accident?" Yoongi teased him.

Jungkook whimpered, the words alone making him tremble as a spurt leaked out.

Namjoon carded his fingers through his hair, hips stuttering. "Are you going to cum or pee, Jungkookie? I bet you don't even know."

He didn't. He felt so much building up inside him, as if he might explode. He was leaking steadily by the time Namjoon pulled out of his mouth, choosing to finish on his chest instead.

Despite the pee leaking down his shaft, Jungkook felt something else warm and sticky hitting his ass. It was only then that he realized Yoongi had been touching himself with his free hand.

"Daddies," he whimpered as he came from their pleasure. "M'cumming."

"Good boy," Namjoon dropped to his knees in front of Jungkook as soon as he finished and started kissing his cheeks. "There we go, baby boy. Good job."

As soon as he was done cumming, Jungkook couldn't hold in his pee anymore. He started to go full force onto the floor, cheeks reddening.

"S-sorry, daddies."

Yoongi hugged him close from behind and whispered, "don't apologize, angel. You did so well. Having such a cute little accident for your daddies."

Jungkook relaxed against Yoongi as Namjoon brushed back his hair, pressing kisses to his pink cheeks.

"Poor baby," he cooed. "You really had to go."

It only made Jungkook blush even more as he finished up, barely resisting the urge to hide his face.

"Let's get you cleaned up in a nice bubble bath," Yoongi suggested, kissing his earlobe. "How does that sound?"

"Koo likes baths," Jungkook said with a yawn.

Namjoon carried Jungkook into the bathroom and Yoongi filled up the tub, making sure to add Jungkook's favorite bath bomb and lots of bubbles.

"There we go," Yoongi murmured as the three of them settled into the water together. "Isn't that nice?"

Jungkook nodded. "Daddies made Koo feel good."

Namjoon squeezed Jungkook against him and kissed his head. "You made daddies feel really good, too, baby."

Jungkook lit up at that, proud of himself. Then he leaned forward, pursing his lips at Yoongi. Yoongi chuckled and kissed him, ruffling his hair. After, he yawned and leaned back against Namjoon.

"Did we tucker you out, love?" Yoongi asked.

But Jungkook didn't reply, eyes already fluttering shut.

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"Oh, it's a cat!" You cooed. "It's so cute."

Chul grinned and looked down at his latte, nodding. "Which one did you get?"

"A flower," you said, showing him. "Haru?"

"I got a pumpkin, since it's nearly fall."

"They're so talented here," you marveled.

It seemed like a shame to take a sip and ruin your latte design, but the three of you did, not wanting your coffee to get cold.

Haru and you noticed that after Chul took a sip, he wrinkled his nose and set the cup down.

"Does it taste okay?" Haru asked him.

He nodded. "It's okay," he mumbled, his hands disappearing into the sleeves of his sweater. He started chewing on his lip, eyes darting around the cafe.

"Hey," you reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright, Chul?"

His lower lip started to tremble, eyes getting glassy. "I'm slipping," he mumbled.

"Oh," Haru breathed. "Oh, it's okay. You're okay!"

Haru looked panicked, so you tried to take control and comfort Chul.

"What do you need, sweetie? How can we help?"

"Want my Daddy," Chul whimpered.

"I'm texting him right now, baby, don't worry," Haru assured him, showing him her phone.

Chul wriggled in his seat, still staring down at his latte.

"That's too yucky and bitter for such a little boy," you said. "Do you want a hot chocolate instead?"

That sealed the deal. Chul's eyes brightened, all traces of tears gone at the promise of a yummy drink.

"Yes please, noona!"

You smiled and gave his shoulder a squeeze. "I'll be right back, cutie pie."

You were used to taking care of the boys when they were little, but seeing Chul little while you were big was odd. Whenever the three of you were together, you were either all big or all little. But you and Haru still tried your best to be caregivers to him until Neil could come and get him.

"You're a messy baby," Haru teased him when he dribbled hot cocoa down his chin, wiping him with a napkin.

Chul giggled. "Sowwy, noona."

"It's okay," she cooed, booping his nose. "You're adorable."

To entertain the little, you played patty cake with him and Haru let him use a coloring app on her phone. By the time Neil came to get Chul, you were both exhausted from the impromptu babysitting, however.

"You both look pretty sleepy, yourselves," Neil mused as he kissed Chul hello. "How about I take you both home, as well?"

It must have been his caregiver instincts; he could tell you and Haru were on the verge of slipping before even you could! And by the time he had dropped Haru off at home, you had indeed started giggling and singing songs with Chul in the backseat.

"I'll walk you upstairs, doll," Neil said. "I want to talk to your daddies for a moment."

You pouted as Neil took your hand with one of his, and Chul's with the other. "I'm in trouble?"

Neil shook his head. "Just the opposite, little one! I want to tell your daddies what a good job you did taking care of Chul!"

You absolutely beamed with pride at that; you had been a great babysitter, hadn't you?

You and Chul got to play with your toy cars while your daddies all talked, but soon enough, you were hugging him goodbye.

"Little one, you did so good today," Namjoon pulled you into his lap as soon as they had gone.

"I was a good babysitter!" You agreed. You fiddled with your thumbs. "It was a little weird, though."

"Weird?" Yoongi asked.

You nodded. "Just wasn't expecting it, and I never took care of Chul before so I didn't know what to do."

"You and Haru did a great job, baby," Jungkook assured you.

Taehyung nodded. "You were so brave."

"Is that why you slipped, love?" Seokjin asked. "Because it surprised you a little bit?"

You squirmed and nodded. "Surprised," you agreed.

"We're so, so proud of you," Hoseok murmured, leaning over to kiss your hair.

"You don't have to worry about big girl things anymore, darling," Jimin promised you. "Daddies are right here, and we'll take care of you."

You smiled, getting comfy and leaning back against Namjoon. "Can we have nap time?"

Yoongi chuckled. "Babysitting wore you out, huh?"

You giggled back. "Yeah, Papa."

"Let's go take a nap, my love," Namjoon stood with you in his arms.

So you took a well-deserved nap in your Dada's arms, waking to play with your daddies all afternoon.

Chapter Text

You shivered, watching as Jimin and Taehyung threw snowballs at each other, cameras clicking away at the scene. You shoved your hands deeper in your pockets, shuddering as another chilling wind whipped through the air. You knew they were shooting for their winter package, but couldn't they have just built a fake snowy set?!

"Little one, are you cold?" Yoongi moved closer to you, and you nodded.

"It's really cold," you said, trying not to whine.

"Come here, sweetie," Hoseok cooed, pulling you into his lap. "Daddies will warm you up."

You hummed, snuggling against Hoseok as Yoongi pulled his beanie from his head and plopped it onto yours, instead. Following suit, Seokjin removed his scarf and wrapped it around your neck.

"Better, darling?" Namjoon asked.

"Hoseok-ssi, we need you and Yoongi-ssi to come do a shot with Taehyung-ssi," a staff member called out.

"Come here, baby," Namjoon opened up his huge jacket and wrapped you up in it with him, kissing the top of your head. "I'll keep you warm, love."

"Are they cold?" Jimin asked as he came back to where everyone who wasn't posing was waiting.

"Cold, Appa," you answered before your daddies could.

"Poor dear." He wasted no time pulling off his mittens and carefully pulling them over your hands. "There you go, sweetheart."

"Namjoon-ssi, let's do a few with you and Seokjin-ssi."

Jungkook pulled you into his lap as Namjoon and Seokjin stood, Namjoom asking, "can you take them?"

Jungkook kissed your wind-bitten cheeks. "We'll be done soon, and then we can get hot cocoa, okay?"

You brightened at that, nodding. "With marshmallows?"

"All the marshmallows you could want, chilly little bean," Taehyung cooed as he finally got a break from photos.

Jungkook passed you onto Taehyung's lap for a while, until the staff called for group photos.

"Honey, we'll be back before you know it, okay?" Seokjin murmured.

Your lower lip wobbled, but only for a moment. Yoongi slid off his jacket, wrapping it around you. Seeing this, your other daddies all started pulling off their coats, leaving you under a giant pile of coats, all warm from their bodies.

"We'll be back in a flash," Hoseok promised.

If your daddies were cold taking the pictures without their winter coats, they didn't show it. They smiled and threw snow at each other, hugging and play-fighting for the camera.

"I believe we promised a certain little frost monster some hot cocoa," Namjoon teased once they were done shooting.

You giggled. "I'm not a monster!" You squeaked.

"No?" Jimin asked, picking you up and swinging you around. "I guess you're a little icicle, then!"

"Come on, hyung," Jungkook tugged his arm. "It's cold, let's get them to the car and turn the heat on."

But you were already warm, even out in the snowy air. Your daddies always made sure that you were warm and safe.

Chapter Text

You huffed, shutting your closet door and instead starting to dig through your dresser drawers.

No, that wasn't right, either.

Finally, you ended up going downstairs in your pajamas, where the boys were making breakfast.

"Can you help me get dressed?" You asked no one in particular.

Jimin glanced up from his phone. "You're little, baby?"

You shook your head. "I'm not, I just… feel funny. I can't decide what to wear."

"No?" Seokjin asked. "You feel kinda floaty, jagi?"

You nodded. "Yeah. Like… kinda like subspace."

Jungkook cleared his throat. "We can take care of you, even if you're big. As long as that's okay."

"Please?" You asked. "I don't want to make any decisions. I don't want to have to think."

"You don't have to," Yoongi stood up and started rubbing your back. "We'll take care of everything, okay?"

"You don't have to worry about a thing, noona," Taehyung added. "You let us decide for you."

"Let's go get you dressed," Hoseok stood and took your hand, leading you from the room.

He held your hand all the way up to your room, where he sat you down on the bed. "You sit here and oppa will find you something to wear, alright?"

The way the boys took control so easily, even with you being big, made you feel even floatier; safe.

"I'll dress you," Hoseok said, laying the leggings and flowery shirt he picked out on the bed.

You stood up, letting Hoseok dress you. You stepped out of your pants when prompted, lifted your arms when he asked you to.

Downstairs, there was a plate of food set at your seat. You didn't care what was on it; you were just glad that you didn't have to decide for yourself.

"I'll get you some coffee and juice," Namjoon offered as you sat down.

"Here," Jimin scooped some fruit onto your plate with your pancakes.

"We're going to go out after breakfast," Taehyung said. "Shopping."

You nodded, eating slowly, trusting that the boys would plan the day and you wouldn't have to worry about it.

"Hobi and Joon have to record something with me," Yoongi explained. "But everyone else is going, so you'll be in good hands."

You knew that you would. Before leaving, Yoongi took you upstairs to brush your teeth. Namjoon followed close behind and brushed your hair when he was done.

"Thank you," you murmured as they led you back downstairs.

"Say bye to your oppas," Seokjin suggested. "We're going to leave now."

You gave each member of the rapline a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and then Jimin took your hand, leading you to the door.

"You're okay with going out, noona?" He asked.

"Yeah," you said as Jungkook helped you with your shoes. "I don't mind where we go. Just wanna be together."

Taehyung smiled and kissed your cheek. "Let's go, then."

The boys insisted that you hold one of their hands as you walked through the streets, and you zoned out for the most part. When you reached for a door handle, Jungkook grabbed it first.

"Wait for us to open the door for you, okay?" Seokjin instructed you.

You blushed, feeling even floatier as you walked through the door, Jimin's hand holding yours.

"You don't have to lift a finger," Taehyung promised you.

The boys bought some things for themselves and for you; you didn't pay much attention to what they were. You just held their hands and browsed at items, glad to be with them.

"I'm going to the bathroom," you told Jungkook, waiting for him to let go of your hand.

"I'll walk you there, noona," he said, still holding on tight.

Jungkook waited on a nearby bench for you, and you loved how safe it made you feel.

"Thank you for taking care of me," you mumbled as you got back into the car.

"We love taking care of you," Jimin assured you. "Little or big. Okay?"

"I appreciate it," you replied.

You were sitting between Taehyung and Seokjin, with Taehyung's hand on your thigh and Seokjin's arm around you. You relaxed against the seat, shutting your eyes. You knew that you were safe; the boys wouldn't let you float away. And you couldn't be happier.

Chapter Text

"How was your-"

Jimin didn't need to finish his question; the second he saw you, he knew that you'd had a rough day.

"What happened, jagi?" Namjoon asked.

"I feel like shit," you mumbled, kicking off your shoes.

"Do you feel sick?" Taehyung asked.

You shook your head. "Sore. My whole body just aches. I have a huge knot in my shoulders."

"I'll rub your shoulders," Yoongi offered. "Get that knot right out."

"But first," Jungkook said, "how about a nice, warm bath?"

"You don't mind?" You asked.

Jimin reached out to you and took your hand. "Of course not. Come on, me and Jungkookie will get the tub ready for you."

The boys put soothing salts in the water, and you relaxed in the warmth. The room smelled like lavender, making you a bit sleepy. Before you knew it, as Jimin was wetting your hair to wash it, you were slipping.

"Can I be little?" You asked.

"We would love to see our little girl," Jungkook encouraged you.

"Thank you, daddies," you mumbled.

"Is the warm water helping your boo boos, sweetie?" Jimin asked as he washed your body.

"Mhm," you hummed. "A little."

"Papa will give you a nice massage after this," Jungkook promised. "Our baby will feel all better before she knows it!"

Before your massage, though, the boys sat you on the bed wrapped in a fluffy towel for Taehyung to dry your hair.

"Relax, sweet girl," he murmured.

He kept the hair dryer on low, carefully working the comb through your hair as he dried it.

"Tou-san's got you. Going to make your hair nice and soft."

You leaned back against him as he worked through your hair, relaxing just as he said.

"Up or down?" He asked once your hair was dry.

"Down," you answered. "Thank you, Tou-san."

Yoongi laid you down on your tummy on the bed, moving the towel down to cover your lower half as he started to rub lotion on your back.

"Tell Papa if it hurts, okay? I don't want to hurt my baby."

"Will tell, Papa," you said.

Yoongi expertly worked the knots out of your muscles, and he even rubbed lotion on your arms and legs. You smelled so sweet and fresh when he was done, covered in baby lotion.

"We picked out pajamas for you, love," Hoseok came in with Namjoon, holding up your footie pajamas.

You smiled. They were one of your favorite pairs, purple and printed with cute little sloths.

"You sleepy, little one?" Namjoon asked as he and Hoseok guided your limbs where they were meant to be.

You nodded. "M'sleepy."

Hoseok zipped you up and booped your nose. "You're all ready for bed now, doll."

"How about a bottle first?" Seokjin held up your bottle, filled with warm milk.

You nodded, making grabby hands at him. "Please, Da."

Chuckling, Seokjin settled himself in bed with you in his arms. All your other daddies snuggled close as he fed you the warm, sweet milk. But still, you didn't fall asleep.

"Nippie?" You asked cutely once your bottle was empty.

"Of course, princess." Seokjin didn't hesitate to pull his shirt up, guiding you down to his chest.

That was much better. You were exhausted, and the comfort of sucking on Seokjin finally caused you to drift off, surrounded in all your daddies warm embrace.

Chapter Text


Jungkook's head was in your lap, but he wasn't resting. He was nuzzling, trying to press his face between your thighs.

"Mommy, please."

"Please what, baby?" You asked, running your fingers through his hair. "I can't understand you when you mumble, darling."

Jungkook brought his face from your clothed crotch in a huff, cheeks tinting pink. "Wanna kiss Mommy," he settled on. Remembering his manners, he added, "please."

You nodded and pursed your lips for him, but he shook his head.

"Wanna kiss Mommy there," he clarified, pointing shyly between your legs.

You raised your eyebrows. "Are you sure, sweetheart? Mommy's really rough when she gets kisses there."

Jungkook nodded, cheeks tinting pink. "Want Mommy to be rough."

"Is that so?" You asked, eyebrows raised.

Jungkook nodded, sliding down on the bed so that he was between your legs. "Want to, Mommy, please."

"You have to tell me if Mommy gets too rough, sweetie. Do you promise?"

Jungkook nodded, hands already at the waistband of your shorts. "Promise, Mommy."

Your little boy wasted no time nuzzling you just as he had before, this time with no fabric between his face and your center. Impatient, you tugged on his hair, a little warning. You grinned when he moaned at the contact.

"Don't tease Mommy, little one. It isn't nice."

Jungkook moaned again as you tugged at his strands, licking over your clit like a little kitten. He made little circles with his tongue, cute and unsure.

"Where's my messy baby, hmm?" You asked. "I've seen my little baby be so sloppy with his tongue before."

Jungkook got the hint, wrapping his lips around you and sucking. He let saliva seep from his mouth, making the slide even easier as he circled you with his tongue.

"Fuck," you moaned, tugging at his hair again and pressing him harder against you. "There we go, baby boy, just like that."

Encouraged by your praise, Jungkook let go even more. He lapped at your entrance, moaning at the taste of your pleasure. He sucked hard on your clit, making your thighs clench around his head.

"Kookie, baby, you're gonna make Mommy cum."

Jungkook whimpered, the sound vibrating against your clit. He doubled his efforts, and soon enough, your body was shuddering with the force of your orgasm, hand fisting Jungkook's hair.

"Mommy," he asked when he pulled away, face a mess of saliva and your slick. "Did I do good?"

"Oh, honey," you cooed, pulling him close. "You did wonderful. So good for Mommy. Made Mommy feel so nice."

He grinned at that, wriggling happily when you kissed his head.

"Mommy's going to get baby wipes for your face, okay? I'll be back in just a second."

Jungkook waited patiently as you pulled on your shorts and dashed into the ensuite, returning with the wipes.

"There we go," you murmured, wiping his face clean.

"Mommy?" Jungkook asked, quieter. "Does Koo make Mommy feel as good as a girl would?"

"What?" You asked, cupping his cheek. "What do you mean, love?"

Jungkook looked away. "Know that Mommy likes boys and girls. If Koo makes Mommy feel as good as a girl would, she won't leave and find a girl, right?"

"Oh, darling boy." You pulled Jungkook close in your lap, kissing both his cheeks. "Mommy would never, ever leave you. I promise. Mommy is so happy with you and your daddies. I could never need anything else."

Jungkook relaxed against you, nuzzling into your neck. "I think I knew that," Jungkook admitted. "Just needed to hear Mommy say it."

"Little one, was Mommy too rough with you? You didn't do anything you didn't want to, did you?"

Jungkook shook his head. "Really, really liked it, Mommy. Liked it so much. And m'glad I was as good as a girl."

You kissed his head, squeezing him tight. "Jungkookie, you're my perfect, special boy, and Mommy loves you so much. There's nothing to be insecure about."

Jungkook smiled and kissed your cheek. "I know, Mommy."

Chapter Text

"What are you working on, pumpkin?" Jimin asked, kneeling down to look at Jungkook's work.

Jungkook proudly held up his half-finished coloring page, of a family of puppies playing outside their doghouse.

"Puppies!" He said. "See?"

"I see, prince," Jimin ruffled his hair. "You're doing such a good job. Appa can't wait to see it finished!"

Jungkook squirmed, placing his book back on the table. "I finish it for you, Appa!"

He was going to take a break and ask one of his daddies to take him potty before finishing, but it seemed like his Appa really wanted to see his finished picture! Jungkook had needed to pee for a while, but surely he could hold it until he was done. He thought he was a big boy, after all.

Jungkook hummed to himself, coloring in another one of the puppies pink. So far, he had a green one and a blue one. He thought he would make the last two pink and purple.

As he continued coloring, it was getting harder for Jungkook to concentrate. He was trying his best, but he couldn't help but wiggle and clench his thighs as he colored in the next puppy, this one purple.

He gasped as he felt himself pee a little, the wetness indicator on his pull-up getting cold against him. He was sure that the little spot where he had gone was not devoid of the cute little butterflies that the training pants were printed with.

He panicked, looking up at his daddies. "Daddies-" he began, but it was too late. The crayon he was holding dropped from his hand as he lost control, soaking his pull-up completely.

"Hey, sweetie, why are you crying?" Taehyung knelt down and started rubbing his back.

He hadn't realized that he was crying, but now he was embarrassed and afraid to tell his daddies that he had an accident. He started sobbing, nearly hyperventilating, as Namjoon joined them on the floor and pulled him close.

"Kookie, baby," he rocked him slowly, murmuring into his hair. "Daddies are right here, it's okay. What happened, hmm?"

Jungkook just continued to wail, his embarrassment growing now that his Dada, who he idolized so much, was going to find out what a little baby he was!

"You need to breathe, darling," Hoseok cooed. "Big, deep breaths."

"You're okay, Jungkookie," Yoongi called out. "Everything is okay."

Jungkook shook his head as his tears died down, whimpering as Taehyung wiped the last of them away.

"Can you tell us what made you so upset, sweetheart?" Seokjin asked.

Jungkook stubbornly shook his head.

"Is it because you had an accident, honey?" Namjoon asked softly.

Jungkook blushed and shook his head. "No! Didn't have a accident!"

Namjoon sighed. "Little one, you're on my lap. I can feel your pull-up, sweetie."

Jungkook looked ready to burst into tears again until Jimin assured him, "it's okay, baby. You don't need to feel embarrassed. You know that, right?"

Jungkook sniffled and shrugged. "D-don't want daddies to be mad or think I'm a b-baby."

"No one is mad at you, prince," Hoseok assured him. "Not one bit, okay?"

Jungkook still looked skeptical.

"No one thinks you're a baby," Yoongi added. "No in the way you think. You're our baby. Our cute, precious little boy."

"Accidents happen," Namjoon kissed the top of his head. "That's why you have the pull-up, lovie. It's perfectly okay."

"Can we get you changed, sweetie?" Taehyung asked, gentle as ever. "We don't want you to sit in a wet pull-up and get a rash."

Jungkook turned red again, squirming in Namjoon's lap. "D-don't want Dada to see," he mumbled.

"Why's that, Kookie?" Namjoon asked, afraid that he'd done something wrong.

"Cause Dada is really cool," Jungkook admitted.

Seokjin smiled at that, amused. "You're right," he agreed. "Dada is super cool. How about your lame old Da helps you get changed, baby? Is that okay?"

Jungkook finally giggled at that, nodding. "Da is cool too, just not cool like Dada."

The other boys raised their eyebrows at that, but didn't argue. Seokjin lifted Jungkook from Namjoon's lap, kissing his cheek.

"Let's go, prince. We'll be back before you know it."

Once Seokjin carried Jungkook back to the living room a few minutes later, he looked much more calm.

"Jungkookie," Namjoon joined him on the floor again as he started coloring. "You never have to be embarrassed or shy around any of your daddies, okay? We're here to help you and take care of you."

"Dada not mad Koo had a accident?"

"No, baby boy. Dada isn't mad at all." He leaned over and kissed Jungkook's forehead. "And since Dada is the coolest, you'll have to believe what he says, yeah?"

Jungkook giggled, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Namjoon's cheek. "Believe you, Dada."

Chapter Text

"Papa, Daddy."

You wobbled into the room, pink hairbrush with a crown printed on it in your hand.

"You please brushies?"

Jungkook smiled, patting his lap. "Our little girl wants daddies to do her hair?"

"Mhm," you hummed, climbing into his lap. "Can daddies do braid?"

"Sure can, sweetheart," Yoongi answered, helping Jungkook gather your hair to brush it. "Would you like one braid or two?"

"Two!" You said as Jungkook began brushing. "One from Daddy and one from Papa!"

"What a good idea, princess," Jungkook cooed, kissing the top of your head.

Jungkook brushed out any knots and then separated your hair in half. He took one side and Yoongi took the other, both carefully braiding your hair into cute little pigtails. They finished off the braids with the light blue hairbands that were on the brushes handle.

"There you go, doll," Yoongi pressed a kiss to your cheek. "All done."

"I daddies doll?" You asked, face lighting up. "Daddies dress me up?"

Jungkook chuckled and nodded. "We would love to dress up our little girl."

Since you got to sit on Jungkook's lap while they did your hair, Yoongi insisted on carrying you upstairs. He pressed endless kisses to your cheeks as he did, making you squeal and giggle.

"Does our princess want a dress?" Jungkook asked, rifling through your closet as Yoongi bounced you in his lap on the bed.

"Yes please!"

"What color?" Yoongi asked. "Blue to match your hairbands?"

You shook your head. "Purple!"

Jungkook found one of your purple dresses in the closet, holding it up. "So pretty," he said.

"Shoes too?" You asked.

"Of course," Yoongi set you down to go look through your shoes. "Papa knows the perfect ones."

As Jungkook dressed you in your purple dress (complete with tiny white flowers all over it), Yoongi brought over a pair of your cute white sandals.

"Now we can see your pretty painted toes," he cooed, booping your pink toenails as he strapped on each sandal.

"How's that, doll?" Jungkook asked. "You're our pretty little princess."

You giggled and nodded. "Thank you, daddies. I'm your doll an' your princess."

Yoongi spun you around, making your dress fan out and swish back onto your legs. "That's right," he told you. "Our perfect little princess."

Chapter Text

"Where are you going, hyung?"

Namjoon bounced in place, gesturing down the hall. "Bathroom, Kook."

Jungkook pouted, opening his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Seokjin. "I have to go, too. I'll come with you."

Yoongi seemed to catch on, tilting his head. "I thought the two of you were asking permission to use the bathroom today," he tutted.

Namjoon huffed and shrugged. "Hyung, that was when we thought we were just going to hang out at home… now we have a meeting…"

Seokjin nodded in agreement.

"It won't be a long meeting," Taehyung chimed in.

"Would you be okay with holding it a little longer for us?" Hoseok asked, hands rubbing Seokjin's shoulders.

The two men in question glanced at each other, seeming to have a silent conversation.

"We can wait," Namjoon finally said.

"Thank you," Jimin leaned up to kiss Namjoon's nose. "If it gets too bad during the meeting, you just get up and go, okay?"

Jungkook nodded in agreement. "Only wait as long as you want to."

The meeting wasn't very long, as promised, however the other boys took it upon themselves to try and fill Namjoon and Seokjin up even more during it. Despite having their own cups of coffee to sip on, they ended up drinking more.

"This isn't sweet enough for me," Taehyung whispered to Seokjin, sliding his half-full cup over to him. "Why don't you finish it, hyung?"

Jimin, noticing Taehyung's plan, moved his own coffee over to Namjoon. "Here you go," he murmured. "I'm done; you finish it."

By the end of the meeting, Namjoon was visibly bouncing in his seat and Seokjin was hunched over, breathing heavily.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi asked gently once the staff members had left the conference room.

Namjoon moaned and shook his head. "I don't know if I can stand up," he admitted.

"The lounge is just down the hall," Jungkook encouraged him. "You can do it, hyung."

Seokjin seemed to be having more trouble than Namjoon. He shuffled down the hall, trying to hide himself behind Hoseok, his hand buried in his crotch.

"I can't," Seokjin croaked as they neared the door to the lounge. "I really can't hold it."

"We're right here, hyung, come on," Jimin tried to lead him through the door, but everyone could hear the hissing as he did so.

As soon as he stepped foot into the lounge, the bathroom still across the room, they heard his pee splattering to the floor.

"Oh, hyung," Hoseok mumbled, eyes wide.

Namjoon seemed to be forgotten in the midst of Seokjin's accident. No one had noticed that his bouncing and leg-crossing had turned into more of a potty dance that happened when he was little. It wasn't until he whimpered and started having an accident that the other boys turned to look at him.

"Oh, hyung," Jungkook echoed Hoseok, reaching out to him.

"Daddies," Namjoon whined. "Couldn't hold it. Sowwy."

"Oh, sweetheart, it's okay," Yoongi assured him. "It was daddies' fault for not realizing."

"It's alright, good boy," Seokjin reached out and patted Namjoon's head. "Da had an accident too."

As the other boys all hugged and kissed Namjoon, assuring him that everything was okay, only Taehyung seemed to realize that Seokjin was squirming for a different reason.

"You wanna go somewhere more private?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows when he saw the erection straining against Seokjin's pants.

Seokjin nodded eagerly, cheeks tinting pink. "Will you touch me, Tae? I didn't expect to piss myself, but… it felt really good."

The two of them managed to slip from the room and across the hall into an empty recording studio. After locking the door behind them, Taehyung wasted no time cupping Seokjin through his soaked pants.

"Pissing yourself felt that good, hmm, hyung?"

Seokjin nodded, letting out a moan. "So good, Taehyungie. And watching Joon?" He groaned. "Please, Tae."

"Shh," the younger murmured. "I've got you. I'm gonna take care of you."

It didn't take long after sliding his hand into Seokjin's rapidly cooling pants for him to make another mess in them, cumming into his underwear as Taehyung milked him through it.

"Filthy," Taehyung mumbled, kissing Seokjin's cheek. "Let's hope there's a change of clothes somewhere."

Sure enough, when they got back to the lounge, Namjoon was dressed in a dry pair of sweatpants, sitting on Jungkook's lap.

"Where did you two go?" Hoseok asked, eyebrows raised.

Taehyung grinned. "I was just giving hyung a hand with something," he explained coyly.

Yoongi groaned, shaking his head.

"Here," Hoseok tossed Seokjin a pair of basketball shorts. "They might be a little tight, but they should be fine until we get home."

Seokjin nodded. "Thanks, Hob-ah. And, even if the plan wasn't to get to that point originally… pissing myself actually felt really good."

"Apparently," Jungkook said dryly, glancing between him and Taehyung.

Taehyung burst into giggles, kissing Seokjin's cheek. "Are you okay, Namjoonie?" He asked, approaching the little.

Namjoon nodded, squealing when Taehyung started playing patty cake with him. "Daddies cleaned me! Feel better now."

"That's very nice, prince," Taehyung said, booping his nose.

Seokjin and Taehyung thought they had gotten away without Namjoon realizing what had happened, until the little blurted out, "Tou-san, your finger smells like pee!"

He wasn't sure who turned redder; him or Seokjin. And all the other boys face-palmed, groaning simultaneously,



Chapter Text

"We just have to talk to a few of the staff members in the other room for a couple minutes, little ones," Bang promised, patting you and Jungkook on the head.

"You be a good girl and listen to your big brother, okay?" Sejin told you.

Jungkook puffed out his chest, glad to take care of you and protect you when you were feeling littler than him. All morning, even with Bang and Sejin watching over the two of you for Yoongi, Jungkook still kept an eye out for you.

"I'll watch sissy!" He announced.

Sejin smiled and pinched his cheek. "That's my big boy," he cooed. "We'll be back before you know it."

Feeling smaller than Jungkook, you were also growing bored more easily. You had already spent all morning in Bang's office, and the few toys you and Jungkook had brought with you were old news. So, you started exploring Bang's desk.

"Sissy, careful! That's Grandpa's!"

But Jungkook wasn't quick enough to grab the glass paperweight from you, and it slipped from your hands in your surprise.

"Koo!" You wailed as it broke against your foot, thankfully covered in a thick shoe. It protected you from the shattering glass, but not the pain of the impact. "Koo! Boo boo!"

Jungkook rushed over, trying to hug the pain away. "It's okay, sissy! Koo's here. I make it better."

He knelt down to brush the glass from your shoes, trying to be a big boy and help his little sister. But a sharp piece grazed one of his fingers, and he started to whimper at the sight of blood.

"Koo has boo boo, too?"

Jungkook nodded, trying to be brave and not cry. "Boo boo," he answered, lip trembling.

"Koo, blood!" You gasped, pointing at the tiny sliver of blood.

Jungkook finally started crying, too, just as Bang and Sejin returned.

"Little ones!" Sejin grabbed you and pulled you away from the mess while Bang did the same with Jungkook. "What happened, darlings?"

You wailed as Sejin rocked you. "Broke Grandpa's desk toy! M'sorry! Was my fault!"

"Honey, I don't care about the toy," Bang explained. "Are you two okay? Are you hurt?"

You pointed at your foot. "Fell on my foot and gave me boo boo! Then Koo try to help and he got a boo boo!"

Jungkook held up his bleeding finger for Bang to see. "Boo boo," he agreed.

"Oh, sweetheart, you're okay. It's nothing that a pretty band aid won't fix!" Sejin explained.

"Let me see your foot, pumpkin," Bang reached for you, but you recoiled.

"Want Papa," you wailed, bursting into tears again.

"Papa," Jungkook echoed, more tears slipping down his cheeks. "Please!"

Normally, Yoongi wouldn't have been happy to be disturbed in his studio. But the second he saw you and Jungkook with teary eyes, he reached for you both.

"What happened, babies? Why are you crying?"

With you in Yoongi's arms and Jungkook clinging to his side, Bang and Sejin explained the situation.

"Ah," Yoongi kissed Jungkook's head. "Papa will fix you both up, okay?"

He thanked Bang and Sejin for watching you all morning, but told them he could take it from here.

"Let's sit you both down, okay?"

He set you together on the couch, where you held onto Jungkook's uninjured hand.

"Can I see your finger, Kookie?"

When the little held it out, Yoongi nodded. "Don't you worry, little bear. Doctor Papa is on the case."

Yoongi blew onto the cut when he cleaned it with alcohol, so that Jungkook wouldn't feel the sting. Then he wrapped it up in a pretty pink band aid, and Jungkook was all smiles again.

"Sissy," he said. "You gotta let Doctor Papa see your boo boo, too."

You had been hesitant to let Bang and Sejin look, but your Papa had taken care of Jungkook's boo boo really well. You nodded, letting Yoongi slip off your shoe and sock.

"Just a little bruise, darling," he cooed. "Here."

He took out an ice pack that activated when you crushed it up, setting it on your foot.

"How's that?"

"All better, Papa," you giggled.

"That's Doctor Papa to you!" He said, tickling your sides. He pressed a firm kiss to your cheek, and then Jungkook's. "I'm so glad my little angels are okay."

"Was brave?" Jungkook asked.

Yoongi nodded. "You were both so, so brave, and Kookie? You were the best big brother. Thank you for trying to help when sissy was hurt."

You leaned up and kissed Jungkook's cheek. "Thank you, Koo. Sowwy you got boo boo."

Jungkook blushed and shook his head, squeezing your hand. "Sissy is worth getting a boo boo for."

"My sweet babies," Yoongi murmured.

He joined you on the couch, pulling you both close. And that's where you stayed, safe and cozy with your Papa, for the rest of the afternoon.

Chapter Text

"But Daddy, I want candy!"

Jungkook sighed and pointed at your plate, still full of all your vegetables. "Little girl, we've been over this. If you don't finish your veggies, you don't get dessert."

"Candy!" You screeched, banging your hands on the table. "Candy, candy, candy!"

"If you keep that up, you're getting a time out," Jungkook told you calmly before taking a bite of his own dinner.

"Candy!" You screeched one last time, hitting the table so hard that the cutlery jumped.

"Alright, then, baby." Jungkook stood and led you from your own seat. "You're going to sit in time out while Daddy finishes his dinner."

You squirmed when Jungkook left you alone on the stairs. You didn't like it. It was so quiet; you couldn't even hear any sound from Jungkook since he was a few rooms away. You started feeling really icky inside, your thoughts getting too loud.

When Jungkook came to get you from time out, you weren't on the steps. He followed the soft sound of your voice up to your room, where you were sitting on the floor with a doll in each hand.

"You were supposed to stay in time out until Daddy got back, weren't you?"

You pouted, dropping your dolls. "Sorry, Daddy."

"Come on, up," he coaxed you. Gently, he led you to the corner of the room. "You stand right here and face the wall."

You didn't expect Jungkook to leave you alone again, but he did. He needed to clean up from dinner, after all. The second you were left alone, your skin began to prickle.

"And Judy, you'll never leave Herb alone, will you? No, Herb needs you to stay."

You were acting out another scene with your dolls when Jungkook came back upstairs.

"Honey, I told you to stay in the corner. Why won't you listen to me?"

A pang of guilt spread in your chest. Jungkook looked tired, and you knew that he was just trying to do his job and correct your behavior.

"Makes me feel yucky when I get left alone," you admitted softly. "But if I play, then the bad voices get quieter."

"Sweetheart," Jungkook murmured, patting his lap. "Come here."

You climbed on Jungkook's lap on the bed, relaxing as he rocked you and kissed your cheeks.

"You should have told Daddy, baby. I don't want my baby to feel yucky, ever. Okay?"

You nodded, squeezing him around the middle. "M'sorry."

"No apologies, my love," Jungkook cooed. "Daddy won't put you in time out alone, okay? But there's no TV for the rest of the night, for not eating your vegetables. Does that sound fair?"

You nodded. "Fair, Daddy."

You didn't even think about watching TV for the rest of the night. Jungkook played dolls with you until the other boys got home, and then they joined in, too. You got to take turns sitting in everyone's lap and getting lots and lots of kisses.

"Mmm… didn't hear any bad voices all night, daddies," you yawned as they tucked you into bed later on.

"Good, doll," Yoongi replied. "We never want our baby girl to have yucky thoughts."

"Never ever," Jimin agreed.

"Goodnight, little bug," Seokjin booped your nose.

Another yawn escaped you; you were really, really sleepy. "Goodnight, daddies."

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If requesting something NSFW, you must clearly specify if each of the characters involved (including reader) will be big or in littlespace.

I will not write:

Fandoms other than BTS
Suicide/suicide attempts
Double penetration
NonCon, DubCon, CNC
Pet play/Hybrids/ABO
Female-recieving anal sex/play
Gender-bend BTS (male/trans/non binary reader is fine to request)
Any AUs
Medical conditions EXCEPT FOR: common mental illnesses and general minor injuries/illness.

Please do not be offended if your request doesn't get written. These are basic things I do not write, but occasionally I stumble across other things that make me uncomfy to write, or it's something I've written time and time again and might just need a break from it. It is nothing against you or your request, I promise. 💜

When requests close, I will make a post of all the prompts I will be writing for the upcoming chapters (in no particular order).

Chapter Text

The boys knew all too well that you were insecure about diaper changes. Between the crying, the squirming, the trying to cover yourself; it was a wonder that you didn't work yourself into a panic.

You had been wet for some time, but you were trying to hide it for as long as you could. Of course, the boys checked on you often, after you had waited so long that you needed to pee again and your diaper overflowed- they had learned their lesson since then.

You felt itchy and sore down there, the wet diaper irritating your skin. It was hard not to squirm, but you forced yourself not to, or else your daddies would know you needed a change.

"Hey, bub," Namjoon joined you on the floor where you were playing with your blocks. "You need anything?"

You shook your head just a little too quickly, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows from the couch.

"You've had a lot of juice, baby," Yoongi pointed out. "Did you go potty yet?"

You shook your head hard, squirming away from Hoseok when he joined you and Namjoon.

Jungkook sighed. "Can our handsome boy let Baba check his diaper, please? We don't want you to get a rash."

You knew that you already had a rash; the boys didn't realize that you had peed nearly an hour ago. But you finally relented and nodded, and Hoseok reached down and felt that the diaper was, in fact, wet.

"We have to change you, love," he murmured. "I know you don't like it, but we'll be so quick and you'll feel so much better after!"

Your lip wobbled and you shook your head. "No! No want daddies to see."

Jimin started rubbing your back, trying to soothe you. "Daddies have seen before, though, haven't we? And we still love our little boy."

"You're our perfect little boy no matter what's between your legs, remember?" Seokjin asked.

You shrugged. Your daddies always told you that, but sometimes it was hard to believe them. You didn't like what was there.

"Please, sweetheart," Namjoon tried again. "We don't want our little boy to be uncomfy."

You sniffled, but let Taehyung guide you to lie down. "There we go," he cooed. "Such a good boy."

Hoseok frowned when he saw the rash you'd developed. "Honey, you can't keep waiting this long to tell us. You have boo boos."

You whined as he cleaned you up; it hurt from the rash and you hated being touched down there.

"I know, handsome," Yoongi murmured, brushing back your hair. "You're doing so well for us, little one. Being so brave."

Once you had rash cream on your boo boos, the stinging and itching stopped. You were pliant as the boys taped on a fresh diaper and pulled your pants back up.

"We're so proud of you, bub," Jungkook told you. "You did such a good job!"

Jimin pulled you into his lap, kissing your cheeks. "Our perfect boy," he cooed. "The best boy."

You giggled at that, and the boys were glad to have you smiling again instead of upset. Your daddies always knew how to make changes as painless as possible, and you were grateful for that.

Chapter Text

You giggled, creeping down the hall on your tiptoes to avoid waking up your daddies. It was early, and you knew they had all been up late the night before after you had gone to bed.

You wanted to play outside so that you wouldn't wake anyone up. So you went down to the lake, making sure to put on a life vest just as your daddies always told you to anytime you were on the docks. You started playing with the RC boat, zooming it around on the water and making cool designs with its wake.

"Uh oh."

The morning breeze had changed the current of the lake, and the boat was drifting away. So far away, in fact, that the remote wasn't able to control it anymore. Your daddies would be so mad if you lost their boat!

You walked along the dock until you were close to the boat. There was a rowboat tied to the dock, and you were sure that if you got on it, you could reach the RC boat. So you climbed on, leaning out and trying to grab the boat.


Uh oh, now you were going to be in even bigger trouble! You grabbed the side of the boat as you fell into the water, trying to pull yourself up. The boat was wet, and so were your hands, so you just couldn't! You tried and tried, but you couldn't grip the side of the boat to pull yourself back in.

Taehyung had joined Jungkook in the boathouse to cuddle the night before, and they woke with a start to the distant sound of you calling for all your daddies.

"Daddies! Da! Papa! Baba! Dada! Help! Appa! Tou-san! Daddy! Please help!"

"Kook, get up!"

Jungkook was half asleep as Taehyung dragged him outside. However, once he saw you in the water, he was wide awake.

"Y/n!" He shouted, the both of them running down to the boat. "Hold on, baby, daddies are coming!"

You were shivering when Jungkook and Taehyung climbed onto the boat, pulling you out of the water. The boys hugged you close, even though their pajamas became soaked in the process.

"Baby girl," Taehyung looked ready to cry when they pulled away. "You scared us half to death."

You sniffled and pointed to the RC boat, which had drifted even further away. "Was playing and it went too far away. Didn't wanna get in trouble for losing it."

Your teeth chattered when you spoke, and Taehyung pulled you back into his arms. "Let's get you dried off and into some warm clothes. You're freezing, sweetheart."

You were still shivering once the boys got you into the boathouse, stripping you down in Jungkook's room after throwing a shirt over the camera in there.

"This is why you need to bring one of your daddies with you when you go near the water," Jungkook scolded you as he dried you off with a towel.

"It's dangerous, baby. You could have gotten really hurt," Taehyung added.

"I'm sorry, daddies," you mumbled. "Didn't wanna wake anyone up because it was early."

"I know, baby," Jungkook kissed your forehead. "But it doesn't matter if it's early, daddies always care about your safety first."

"We're just glad you're alright, baby doll," Taehyung cooed.

The boys dressed you in a pair of sweatpants that belonged to Taehyung, too loose even when they pulled the drawstring as tight as it could go. Then you put on one of Jungkook's big, cozy sweatshirts.

"All better now, sweetie?" Jungkook asked, bracketing you between him and Taehyung on the bed.

You nodded, snuggling closer. "Warm and safe, daddies."

"We'll always keep you safe, love," Taehyung promised. "You're our precious little girl."

"Our perfect baby," Jungkook added.

"I love you, daddies," you murmured, suddenly sleepy.

"We love you, princess," Taehyung whispered, kissing your forehead.

"Get some sleep," Jungkook suggested, kissing your hair.

You were already snoring softly.

Chapter Text

"Could you do a chapter where little Namjoon becomes so stressed lately and he starts nursing on the members when it's time to nap? Like, the first time it happens with Papa Yoongi, then Tou-san and Mommy and so on and so forth. They start noticing that Joonie tries to nurse every time he wants to sleep and decide to ask big Namjoon about it. Namjoon explains that little him just feels really safe and cared for when he's nursing so he got kinda addicted to it, and they assure him that it's okay. It ends with Joonie nursing on his Da and all his daddies and mommy are beside them, they all whisper sweet praises and strokes Joonie's hair."


"Hobi and joon dominating Taehyung, they're all big tho. Taehyung acting all needy, namseok make him suck them off and then fuck him one after another, and some aftercare at the end? Namjoon carries him to a bath and they cuddle?"


"Seokjin is little and he's super jealous because he wants mommy to be just his, but its like he's very jealous of his daddies, and doesn't want them to kiss or hold her or cuddle her and stuff like that, keeps saying "my mommy" and crying whenever someone tries to explain that this needs to be stopped. Then they sit the boy down after a few times it happened and he explains how he thinks that mommy loves the other boys more because they're smaller? you wrote one similar to this where he was insecure about how tall and broad he is, so then all daddies and mommy comfort him and it would be really sweet at the end"


"For the other, I'd love to see more of baby space Jimin; like, just lots of comfort, and nursing, and babying, maybe with Yoongi as primary caregiver."


"I’d love to see one where the reader gets injured in littlespace but she gets scared as she got injured because she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing so she hides from the boys because she doesn’t want to get into trouble and doesn’t respond when they start searching for her - perhaps she leaves behind evidence that she got injured like shattered glass or blood or something. Also when they do eventually find her - I’d like a little bit of angst where she still refuses to show them where her injury is and they have to reassure her that they aren’t mad at her and slowly coax her to show them where she got hurt so they can help her get better"


"so let’s say reader is little and has to go potty (and needs help), but there’s no family bathroom and they can’t take her into the men’s room cus it’s busy. what will they do then? they’re far from home so they can’t take her home, and she’s not wearing any diaper. maybe she just pees her pants? lmao or they find some alternative? always been wondering this👀"


"joon is home alone with baby reader and big jin but he has to briefly leave, like getting called by bang pd or sejin or something. well, everything’s been going fine except for the fact that jin’s been holding back his own headspace to take care of reader but when an accident happens (say, he drops a bowl of those baby puffs or spills milk all over the floor) that’s all it takes for him to slip and so he drops to the floor crying (more so from the shock) and babbling for dada and this makes reader panic and cry too and when joon comes back he’s greeted with two crying babies and a mess on the floor (which he isn’t mad abt btw)😭but joon gives lil jinnie a stern yet loving reminder that they always have to say when they’re feeling little and to not hide it because it leads to things like this. and overall fluff with joon n his babies <3"


"Could you do something where the reader is little and she accidentally lets it slip that an older man touched her when she was young and it's her to have some body dysmorphia and they (maybe hobi and yoongi centered) all comfort her. Then when she is big the ask her about it comfort her again. The amount of detail when she lets it slip when little/tells them when big can be extremely minimal or have some detail it's totally up to you and what you're comfortable writing."


"Little trans reader is horny and goes to one of the boys for help, they preferably have sex and little Mc, thinking he is about to come actually has an accident and even though he wants the orgasm, he feels so small and embarrassed, because this wasn’t a planned wetting."


"So, Tae finds new bed sheets in the dryer every day or so while Y/N finds out that their pull up stock decreased quite a bit in the last few days while none of them had been little. They end up discussing it with each other but when they find out that it's not the other they plan on finding which one of their boyfriends is hiding that he needs help.

Yoongi is known to have bed wetting problems while little but he also started to have trouble when big.
When Tae and Y/N find him in his wet sheets one morning they think he is little and wake him up gently but Yoongi is big and he feels very embarrassed about his accident so they reassure him. Somehow Tae manages to let out something along the line of "but you know Hyung, it's not as if we won't find you hot anymore, we're both really into piss and we know you are too, we all are ..." but Yoongi still feels self conscious about his problem and asks the two to wait before telling anyone about his problem.

Later, Tae sneaks into Yoongi's room to sleep knowing they'll both wake up wet in the morning. When they wake up they are drenched and he gets all hard so he wakes Yoongi and they kinda have sex on the spot (bottom Tae please). Yoongi feels better about himself because he sees that he is desirable no matter what. After that he slips into little space but asked Tae if he can keep his "peepee burried in the hole".
They enjoy their moment and then fall asleep so someone else (Hoseok maybe) comes to wake them and finds them naked in the wet bed. So Yoongi feels courageous enough to talk about it to the others."


"Reader had a tough Day and Just wants comfort. She slips and gets cuddles and nursing all Day."


"Could you please write one where reader is little and gets her period and tries to deal with it herself but it goes wrong. And maybe one of the other little members is strangely curious. And the big Jungkookie comes to save the day despite his nervousness."


"All the daddies brought baby out for a shopping trip at the new mall that was so huge. The boys separated while Jimin Taehyung and JK were with baby. Then they were looking at some menswear and got distracted and let go of her hand. And, like the previous episode at the zoo, she easily got distracted with a mickey mouse mascot who was taking pictures with some kids and she wanted one too. She pulled one of her daddy's sleeve but he was preoccupied with his own shopping and dismissed her. She didn't want to lose sight of mickey so she followed him and timidly went to say Hi. After talking with mickey for a bit, she realised that she's lost her daddies in the crowd! Then she started crying and saying she wants her daddies. Mickey feels a bit odd seeing a grown woman cry, but nevertheless helped bring her to the concierge counter and they made an announcement like how lost kids had, describing what she wore etc. 😆 And immediately ALL her daddies came from all around to find her there. Fluffy fluff 💜"


"Reader is sick and needs to take pills, but everytime someone gives it to her, she gags and coughs and spits it all up. Saliva gets everywhere and she cries. They wait for her to be big to take them, but she's stressed about it so that never happens."


"Reader is in the shop with yoongi and little jungkook where there's Halloween decorations everywhere. She's really quiet and pale in the face. Usually she likes Halloween but when she's little, it's scary for her. Especially the thought of vampires and zombies being on the streets in a few days. Little jungkook thinks vampires and zombies are cool and enjoys holding her hand and finding her something halloweeny but cute like.. pumpkin slippers or a stuffed black cat."


"Taehyung being in middle space and being a kind brother to little mc, who wants to play videogames with him even though she's not very good at them."


"totally no pressure if you don’t want to but could you do one where the boys are at an interview and they get a call and one (or more) have to leave because mc needs them? like maybe she’s hurt or is having an anxiety attack? maybe with some protective/worried namjoon?"


"So this one is about little Hobi and Namjoon and JK. I just want a fluffy OT7 chapter where the littlest above experience snow for the first time and make snowmen and have a snowball fight and have fun. They wake up and it’s snowing outside and they are really exited (maybe one for them wakes up big but slips instantly seeing the snow) and just want to go outside and all the cgs struggle to get them in enough layers and jackets because it’s snowing and I want to go outside now! Maybe JK accidentally gets hit a bit too hard with a snowball (not badly though) but he is really little and starts crying but everyone is there to give him cuddles and kisses to make it better. And maybe yoongi gives the littles all a warm bath together afterwards and takes a fluffy cuddly nap together with them because building snowmen is tiring."


"So during Jungkooks birthday live stream he kept saying last song but he kept singing more for us even though he was yawning and seemed really tired so I thought of a chapter that happens just after that. Jungkook finally turns off the live stream and one of the members (maybe hobi) come in to tell him he is leaving to go home and that he should come too. Jungkook is really tired and slips really far so he gets his paci and is carried to the car and gets lots of cuddles on the way home and praised because he did a good job. Maybe they take a bath together and then cuddle up in Hobis bed to go to sleep (maybe Jimin is there too since he and hobi share a room). Lots of fluff and reminding kookie that he is the best boy!"


"Smut. MC has been having trouble orgasming later because she's stress/anxious, so she asks Yoongi and Namjoon to guide her through it while she is in little space. So they can "teach" her how to do it and take care of her."


"This was is kinda weird lol and you don't have to do it. But what about little MC being into... Scent? Like the way one of them smells makes her feel safe or relaxed or something like that? It can be as smutty as you want, or not at all and totally Innocent."


"Can you do a chapter where reader has ADHD and just has a bad week because she was out of meds but forgets to order new ones (just in a loophole because she needs the meds to remember to order the meds) she doesn’t tell the boys, because it’s just something small. (They remind her but she tells them that she is a big girl who takes them herself).

Her room is just a mess, she constantly forgets stuff. While cuddling she just can’t sit still, she can’t sleep during naps and at night. The only way the boys knew was because she has a sensory overload, she just went mute and has headaches and stuff. (That’s what I have) she goes into baby space, and they want to give her the meds but can’t find them so they order new ones, and one of them finally puts the pieces together. They just cuddle until she has her meds again."


"How about one where they all go to the park with Hanabi and Hwan and have a picnic. While mc and Hanabi are playing on the playground Hanabi tells mc all about how much she likes being with him and how kind he is. Meanwhile back at the picnic blanket Hwan is gushing to the boys about how much he loves being with Hanabi big and little. So essentially just two people being in love and telling other people. Then Hanabi falls or something and gets scared, Hwan to the rescue. He is so quick to calm her and make her feel better."


"In the soop setting. It was their first morning, no one was awake yet except for her. The kitchen in the upper house is a mess with all the food on the counter and the fridge. MC is Big but OCD strikes. She starts to rearrange the things and food but there's too many and nowhere to put them so she felt herself starting to have a panic attack. Yoongi walks in from the rv where he slept and saw MC crying, calms her down enough to talk and explain and eventually helped her sort the kitchen out."


"stemming from the chapter where minnie took care of reader during her period. Can you do one where not only minnie, but also taetae both witness their mommy having back cramps. Like they're both play with each other at first and then they see their mommy coming into the livingroom with a painful look on her face and holding her belly. and minnie (having seen this before) tells tae not to worry (as taetae started to get scared that his mommy was hurt) and is all ready to help his mommy again, but tae also wants to help and they both get a competitive and even though mommy told them they didn't have to compete against one another (daddies tell them this too as they had to ask for their help with certain things), but they do so anyways, somewhere along the line taetae gets hurt trying to rush along side minnie to give snacks to their mommy, and minnie gasp really loud, as he heard tae hit the floor and when he turns back he sees tae wailing and then he starts to cry, feeling bad. And he rushes to tae and tell him he's so so sorry. One (or more) of the daddies rush in to see what happened, mommy too, and reader and daddies comfort them both, telling them sternly that this is why the shouldn't have been rushing and being competitive. And then the boys cuddle mommy and watch a movie in the couch, they are fall asleep together."

"a smut chapter with the rapline: a chapter where namjoon & reader are getting busy and reader is really loud no matter how much joon tells her to be quiet (so she doesn't wake any on the other boys), he even puts his hand over her mouth, but still she's loud and then yoongi and hobi end up hearing from another room and then they walk in - stopping joon and reader dead in their tracks - and hobi makes a comment of "You're not as quiet as you might think you are, Jagi" as he and yoongi are walking toward the bed and then yoongi says "maybe this will quieten her better" with a teasing smirk as he pulls himself out and guides himself towards readers mouth and all she can do is moan and take it namjoon let's out a moan of "fuck" as he watches and then smut smut smut with the rapline! cuddles after (everyone is big, btw)"


"My birthday was yesterday and it wasn't a very great day unfortunately :/, so can I request one where reader comes home from work (maybe on her birthday, it doesn't really have to be) and she's had a very stressful and complicated day (where things didn't go as planned) and she thinks the house is empty once she's inside (and it is, just not completely) so she just sighs sadly cause she was hoping for some comfort, then she just takes her shoes off not bothering with changing her clothes and just goes to bed tired and hungry, but to tired to eat. And meanwhile, yoongi and kook thought they heard a door so they go out to inspect and eventually find reader in bed, crying, and they of course quickly try to find out whats wrong and she explains (whatever happened at work or what didn't go right for the day) and they comfort her causing her to slip (maybe 2-4) and they help her bathe and eat and then cuddles to sleep, telling her how much they love her."

Chapter Text

Jungkook yawned as he shut down his computer, resting his chin in his hands. He was really, really sleepy, but he hadn't wanted to log off. He wanted to stay talking to ARMY and singing with them; he wanted to share his birthday with them. Now, though? He debated curling up on the couch in Yoongi's studio instead of driving all the way home.

"Kook, I'm heading home. Do you want to-" Hoseok smiled at Jungkook's tired eyes and pouty lips, knowing immediately that he wouldn't need much coaxing to slip. "You're so sleepy, aren't you, baby?"

Jungkook nodded, making grabby hands to be picked up. "Wanted to stay up with ARMY," he mumbled.

"I know, sweets. And I'm sure they were very, very happy to spend time with you." Hoseok kissed Jungkook's head, digging through his desk drawers. "Do you have a paci in here, sweetheart?"

Jungkook nodded, pointing to a drawer. He looked down at Hoseok's shirt, which he had unknowingly been chewing on. "Sowwy, Baba."

Hoseok chuckled and probed Jungkook's mouth with the pacifier. "It's alright, my love. Do you want to go home? I'll give you a bath and then you can sleep in Baba's bed."

Jungkook nodded, wiggling to get more comfortable in Hoseok's arms. "Wan' bath with Baba. Wan' sleep with Baba."

"Anything for my birthday boy," Hoseok cooed, carrying him out to the parking garage.

As the driver started them home, Hoseok pulled Jungkook close, kissing his hair. "Try and stay awake until we get home, okay, love?"

Jungkook yawned and nodded. "I stay 'wake, Baba. I'm a big boy."

Hoseok booped his nose. "Of course you are, sweetheart," he agreed. "Such a big boy."

Jungkook snuggled close and giggled.

"And such a good boy, too, hmm? My Jungkookie is just so amazing."

"Babaaaaa," Jungkook whined, embarrassed.

Hoseok chuckled and smooched his cheeks. "I'm sorry, good boy. Don't be embarrassed."

"M'not," Jungkook mumbled, pressing a pacifier'd kiss to Hoseok's neck.

Hoseok carried Jungkook upstairs once they got home, bouncing him at his hip and letting him press the buttons on the elevator.

"Do you want bubbles, darling?" Hoseok asked as he filled the tub in the bathroom.

Jungkook nodded. "Pwease, Baba."

Hoseok poured in a capful of strawberry scented bubbles and then undressed Jungkook, lowering him into the warm water.

"There you go, honey. Warm enough?"

Jungkook nodded. "Baba too. Pwease?"

How could Hoseok deny such a sweet little baby? He undressed and joined Jungkook in the water, holding him close.

"Better, Kookie?"

"Mhm," Jungkook was getting sleepy again, his head lolling back against Hoseok's shoulder.

"Let me wash you up and then you can sleep, baby," Hoseok cooed.

Jungkook mumbled behind his pacifier, unintelligible.

Hoseok kissed his hair and wet a washcloth, soaping it up. "We'll be tucked into bed before you even know it, pumpkin."

"Bed," Jungkook echoed as Hoseok washed him.

Soon enough, Hoseok was wrapping Jungkook up in a fluffy towel and wrapping one around his own waist.

"Let's get you all cozy for bed," Hoseok cooed as he carried the little into his bedroom.

Jimin was still awake, and smiled at the sight of them. "Hey, baby. Did you have a bath with your Baba?"

Jungkook nodded, whining when Hoseok set him down on the bed.

"I just have to get you clothes, baby, I'll be right back," Hoseok explained.

"You get yourself dressed, hyung," Jimin started rifling through their dresser. "I'll get Kookie ready for bed."

"Thanks, Jiminie."

Jungkook was pliant, yawning as Jimin diapered him and pulled one of Hoseok's oversized shirts over his head.

"How's that, prince? You like wearing Baba's clothes?"

Jungkook giggled and nodded. "Baba clothes."

"Smart boy," Jimin murmured.

Hoseok, in his own pajamas, laid down and snuggled Jungkook close. "There's room for one more," he told Jimin.

Jimin didn't hesitate at all to climb under the covers with them, and Jungkook was happy to be snuggled up between his daddies.

When he yawned again, Hoseok kissed his cheek. "You can sleep, now, baby. You're such a good boy."

"Our special little birthday boy," Jimin added, kissing his forehead.

"More cake?" Jungkook asked sleepily.

Hoseok chuckled. "Yes, sweetie, you can have more cake tomorrow."

"Happy birthday, Kookie," Jimin murmured. "We love you so much."

Chapter Text

You felt like you had been shopping forever. Store after store, all spaced out miles apart in single parking lots. The boys just couldn't seem to find whatever they were looking for, and in addition to becoming impatient, you had also needed to pee for the past three stores.

"Dada," you whined, tugging on his sleeve. "Have to go potty."

Namjoon glanced at the maknae line, who were all preoccupied with their phones. "Can one of you take her? I'm looking for a certain model of this…"

"Come on, princess," Taehyung took your hand. "Tou-san will take you."

When you got to the bathrooms, however, there wasn't a family one. Taehyung rubbed between your shoulder blades and gently led you towards the ladies room.

"Honey, can you be a big girl and go by yourself? Tou-san will wait right here for you."

You shook your head, lower lip wobbling. "Need help," you whispered. "Big and scary in there. Strangers!"

Taehyung sighed, glancing at the men's room. Determining that too many people were coming in and out, he asked hopefully, "can you hold it? We can go somewhere with a family restroom after this."

You didn't want Taehyung to be mad at you, but you had been holding it for a long time already! You blushed and nodded, deciding to try and be a big girl. "Can hold it."

"Good girl," Taehyung patted your head, pleased with your answer. "Let's go tell your other daddies to hurry up, hmm?"

You nodded, biting your lip as he led you back to the others. You barely heard him explaining the situation, trying your best not to squirm and look like a baby. Hoseok, though, seemed to notice.

"Why don't we go wait in the car, sweetie? It'll be better if you sit down."

You believed Hoseok, but once you were out in the car, you realized that sitting down wasn't better at all. You whimpered, trying to be a big girl, but you were potty dancing in your seat.

"I'm sorry, honey," Hoseok murmured. "They're just checking out and then we'll leave, okay?"

You finally blurted out, teary-eyed, "t-told Tou-san I could hold it but I can't!"

Hoseok looked from you down to the fabric car seat, opening his door. "It's okay, come here, baby."

"But Baba-"

"It's alright, just come here."

Hoseok helped you from the car, opening the passenger door along with the back door and situating you between them. He stood in front of you, blocking you.

"You're wearing a skirt, doll," he said. "Just squat down and go, it's okay."

You didn't want to pee in a parking lot, even if no one could see you, but you knew you couldn't wait to drive to another store. You weakly mumbled something about your panties, but frantically did as Hoseok told you when you leaked down your leg.

"It's okay, honey," he kept reassuring you. "You're okay."

You were sniffling by the time you finished, terribly embarrassed, but Hoseok would have none of it. He kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back.

"I peed in my panties," you whimpered.

"It's okay," Hoseok repeated. "Appa is buying you panties and bringing out an extra shopping bag for the wet ones, okay? Don't you worry."

"M'sorry I couldn't wait," you added as you saw the rest of your daddies approaching.

"It's not your fault, baby," Hoseok promised. "You're just a little girl. It's okay."

Hoseok blocked the view once more as Seokjin wiped you down with baby wipes and helped you into your new panties.

"There you go, sweetie," Seokjin buckled you up in the car after, squeezing your hand. "Daddies are sorry for not paying attention."

"We should have made sure you went when we were somewhere with a family bathroom," Yoongi added.

"It wasn't your fault, love, okay?" Jungkook patted your head.

You sighed with relief, glad your daddies weren't angry with you. "Okay, daddies. But not daddies fault either, okay?"

Jimin nodded, ruffling your hair. "That's right, doll. No one's fault. Just an accident."

Chapter Text

"Jiminie, are you getting up soon?"

Yoongi didn't expect much of an answer considering that Jimin had stayed up late the night before, but instead, he got more than he bargained for.


Yoongi grinned, opening the door and finding Jimin on the bed, all giggles as he waved at Yoongi.

"Hi, baby," Yoongi cooed. "Papa's here."

He brushed back Jimin's hair, kissing his forehead. Jimin leaned into the touch, rolling around on the bed and sucking his fingers.

"Such a tiny little thing, hmm?" Yoongi asked, fishing in the drawer for a pacifier. "Here you go, sweets."

Jimin sucked happily, but pointed at Yoongi's chest.

"Later, my love. For now, let's get you in a diaper and have some breakfast. I don't want my sweet baby to be uncomfy and hungry!"

Jimin was the best boy for his change, and Yoongi switched out his shirt and sweats for a cute ducky onesie in the process.

"You look so cute, bub," Yoongi grinned mischievously and then started gobbling over Jimin's clothed belly. "I could just eat you up!"

Jimin squealed and squirmed; his Papa was being so silly! He wanted to say that Papa was supposed to eat breakfast, not him! He was too little, though, so he just writhed around and laughed.

"Let's go get some breakfast, sweetheart," Yoongi smiled when he finally pulled away, lifting Jimin up. "You can nurse on Papa after, okay?"

Jimin loved the idea of nursing on his Papa, so he babbled as Yoongi carried him downstairs and set him at the table.

"Minnie, you stay right here while Papa gets you breakfast, okay?" Yoongi handed Jimin a plush toy alligator and kissed his nose.

Jimin didn't know how long Yoongi was gone for; he was having so much fun hugging his alligator and talking to him! And when Yoongi came back, he had yummy eggs with him.

"Upsie daisy," Yoongi pulled Jimin onto his lap to eat. "Let Papa feed you, baby," Yoongi chuckled when Jimin started feeding himself with his hands, pacifier falling right to the floor.

Jimin shook his head and pointed at Yoongi's plate of eggs and his mug of coffee. "Papa," he said confidently.

"Oh, my sweet Minnie wants Papa to eat, too?" When Jimin nodded, Yoongi ruffled his hair. "Such a caring little angel I have. Papa will eat too, but I don't mind feeding you first, darling. Papa likes feeding you."

Jimin looked at him, hesitant for only a moment before dropping his hands back down.

"There we go," Yoongi cooed, spooning some eggs into Jimin's mouth. "My good boy. Are they yummy?"

Jimin nodded, babbling between bites. Yoongi, for his part, nodded and responded as if he understood what the baby was saying.

"Do you want to nurse while Papa eats?" Yoongi asked once Jimin was done.

Jimin nodded, making grabby hands at Yoongi's shirt. Yoongi was glad to offer his nipple to Jimin while he ate. He loved the feeling of his baby sucking on him; it made him feel so close to him. He ate slowly and took his time with his coffee to prolong it.

"Papa's all done, sweetie," Yoongi said after a while. "Do you want to cuddle and watch a movie?"

Jimin nodded, popping off Yoongi's nipple and grabbing at the crotch of his onesie.

"Did you go pee-pee?" Yoongi asked. "Papa will change you first."

Jimin was feeling so small that he didn't even blush at the baby talk, just nodding. Soon enough, he was on the couch with his Papa, snuggled close.

Yoongi booped his nose and told him, "I love when you're so small, little one. I love taking care of you."

Jimin gurgled in response, nuzzling against Yoongi.

"Such a sweet boy." Yoongi pointed at the TV. "Do you like Elsa, baby? Is she your favorite?"

Jimin nodded at that, looking very serious for such an adorable little baby. He started babbling, hand gestures and all, and Yoongi played along.

"Oh, really?"

"Tell me more, sweetheart."

"You're right!"

"Of course, darling!"

Eventually, Jimin settled down again, head against Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi kissed his hair and shifted him even closer to give him a squeeze.

"I love you, baby boy."

And when Jimin leaned up to press a messy kiss to Yoongi's cheek, he knew that it meant "I love you, too".

Chapter Text

"Jagi, shh," Namjoon stilled inside you, making you whine from the loss of movement. "You're being so fucking loud."

You whimpered as he began moving again, pleasure shooting up your spine. How were you supposed to be quiet when him fucking you into next week felt so good?

"Can't help it," you moaned. "You feel so good."

Namjoon leaned in, trying to quiet you with his mouth on yours, but your noises of pleasure managed to breach the seal of your lips.

"Jagi," Namjoon groaned. "Are you trying to let everyone hear you?"

You shook your head, trying once more to muffle your noises, but it didn't work. When Namjoon hit that spot inside you, you gasped loudly.

"Here," Namjoon pressed his hand against your mouth, stifling your voice somewhat but not fully. Your moans still vibrated against his palm, whimpers filling the room.

"Knock, knock."

You both froze at Yoongi's voice in the doorway.

"Oh, are we interrupting?" He asked. However, the fact that he was straining against his jeans showed that he knew exactly what the two of you were doing before coming into the room.

"You're not as quiet as you think, jagi," Hoseok purred. "We could hear you all the way from my room."

"Sorry," you mumbled, cheeks tinting pink. "Oppa just feels so good, and I can't help it."

Yoongi smirked, hands fiddling with his zipper as he strode across the room. "Joon, your hand wasn't enough to keep her quiet, but I think my cock will shut her up."

Yoongi straddled you in front of Namjoon, probing your mouth with his cock. He didn't shove himself right inside, waiting for you to open up for him, making sure you wanted it.

"Oh, fuck," Namjoon groaned, beginning to rock his hips again. "Look so good with your mouth stuffed with cock, baby. You know that?"

Hoseok made his way behind Namjoon, teasing his nipples and kissing up his neck. One hand worked his cock out of his pants, and he started stroking himself.

"Much better," Yoongi sighed as he fucked your mouth. "So quiet now. Just needed oppa, hmm?"

You moaned around him, frantically nodding. Namjoon was close, fucking into you rapidly, and you were close to the edge, as well.

Hoseok seemed to notice, chuckling as he bit down on Namjoon's shoulder. "Gonna cum, jagi?"

You nodded, tears smarting in your eyes from the force of the orgasm that overtook you. You gagged around Yoongi's cock as you came, unable to help yourself.

"Shit," Namjoon pulled out and turned to Hoseok, pulling him against his body. "Are you close, hyung?"

Hoseok nodded, wrapping his hand around both their cocks and stroking. "I'm close, Joonie," he mumbled against the younger's lips.

"Will you swallow for me, babe?" Yoongi asked, his breathing getting quick as his hips stuttered.

You swallowed down Yoongi's cum as Namjoon and Hoseok spilled all over each other, panting against each other's lips. You moaned at the sight as Yoongi pulled out, immediately leaning down to kiss your cheeks.

"Are you okay?" He asked, brushing back your hair.

You nodded. "Liked it, oppa."

Yoongi glanced at Namjoon and Hoseok, both a proper mess, and grabbed Namjoon's shirt from the floor. "Here," he tossed it to them.

While Namjoon and Hoseok were cleaning up and pulling on their clothes, Yoongi dressed you in yours. He kissed your lips, brushing your noses together.

"Thank you, jagi," Namjoon kissed your hair as he laid down.

"You looked so good, baby," Hoseok added, cuddling your other side.

"Felt really nice," you yawned. "Can we take a nap?"

Namjoon chuckled and nodded. "Whatever you want, jagi."

"We'll cuddle you until you fall asleep," Yoongi promised.

Your eyes fluttered shut to their soft touches, warm cuddles, and quiet kisses.

Chapter Text

"Daddies said you my oppa today," you said, climbing onto the couch next to Taehyung.

He was absorbed in his video game, but still reached out to ruffle your hair. "Mhm," he hummed, thumbs racing over the buttons. "You wanna hang out with me?"

You nodded, inching closer to him. "Can I sit on your lap an' watch you play?"

Taehyung paused the game and patted his lap. "Yeah, come here."

He squeezed you when you climbed onto his lap, kissing your hair. You wiggled around to get comfy before leaning back against him, watching him play.

"I'm glad you wanna cuddle," Taehyung mumbled shyly, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.

You wrapped your arms around him and kissed his cheek. "Love cuddles."

Taehyung smiled. "Me too, baby."

"Mmm, oppa?" You pointed at the screen. "What's that?"

"That's crimson nirnroot," he explained.

"Why does it sing?"

Taehyung chuckled. "I dunno. It lights up and sings so you can find it, I guess."

You giggled at that, pointing again. "What's what?"

"That's a falmer," he said. "They used to be called the snow elves."

"Elves?" You asked, bouncing in his lap. "Like Christmas elves?"

Taehyung shook his head, pausing the game. "No, it's a type of character in the game. The snow elves all went blind from being underground for so long. So now they can hear really well, instead."

"Oh," you murmured. "Can I play? I wanna get the singing mirnroot, too!"

"Nirnroot," he corrected you. "Do you want to kill the falmer for me? They're bad guys."

You nodded. "I can do it!"

Taehyung patiently showed you the controls and how to attack before handing you the controller. You clumsily guided your character to the falmer, trying to kill them.

"Look, oppa! I got one!"

He nodded, clapping his hands. "Sweetie, get the other one, or else-"

"Uh oh!" You pouted. "I died, oppa!"

Taehyung kissed your cheek and restarted from the last save. "Let me turn the difficulty down for you."

"Mmkay," you mumbled.

"Here, try it now," Taehyung gave you the controller back, resting his hands on your waist. "You can do it!"

This time, you did kill the falmer! You gasped, bouncing up and down and pointing at the screen.

"Look, look! I killed them!"

Taehyung grinned. "You did so good! Do you wanna play some more?"

You nodded, then paused. "Daddies always say to take turns," you said, handing the controller to him.

Taehyung nodded. "We can take turns," he agreed. "Daddies will be really proud of us."

Little did either of you know, your daddies were watching the whole scene from the entryway, grinning like mad. Their babies were so cute and sweet to each other, and they loved seeing the bond you had with your big brother.

Chapter Text

"You okay, little one?" You asked, kissing the top of Seokjin's head.

He had been clinging to you all morning on the couch, snuggled close while he watched cartoons. His pacifier bobbed as he nodded, entranced by the screen.

"Here, jagi," Yoongi thrust a coffee mug into your hands, and you instinctively leaned in to kiss his lips as he did so. "Thought you might-"

"No!" Seokjin suddenly shrieked, moving so fast that he almost spilled your coffee. "Don't kiss my mommy!"

Yoongi stared, frozen in shock. When he finally recovered, he shook his head. "What's wrong, Jinnie? Why don't you want me to kiss Mommy?"

Seokjin huffed and clung to you, burying his face in your neck. "My Mommy! Not Papa's Mommy!"

Namjoon's lip quirked. "No, sweetheart. Mommy isn't yours. Mommy is her own person, and you don't tell her what she can and can't do," he explained.

You brushed away the tears that gathered on Seokjin's cheeks at the scolding. "Shh, don't cry, baby. Mommy isn't leaving, okay? No one is trying to steal away your Mommy."

The maknae line hadn't gotten the memo about Seokjin's possessive behavior, however. At dinner, Jungkook hugged you from behind on the way to his seat and Taehyung kissed the top of your head. Jimin, however, committed the worst offense, tickling your ribs as he kissed up your neck.

"STOP IT!" Seokjin screamed, slamming his fists against the table. "GET AWAY FROM MY MOMMY!"

"Seokjin!" Hoseok looked ready to haul the little right into time out. "What has gotten into you?"

"My mommy," he whimpered. "My mommy, my mommy!"

"Honey," you tried to soothe him, rubbing his back. "Remember our talk this morning? Mommy doesn't belong to anyone. You need to understand that."

Taehyung knelt down beside Seokjin, rubbing his thighs. "Hey, can you look at me, bud?"

Seokjin, snot and tears dripping down his face, looked up at Taehyung.

"There we go," Taehyung cooed, wiping the little's face with his sleeve. "Good boy. Let's take some deep breaths, okay?"

Once Seokjin had settled down, Taehyung sat back down and you took over. You coaxed Seokjin closer to you, kissing his forehead.

"I need you to use your big boy words and tell us what's going on, darling," you explained. "What's got you so upset when your daddies show Mommy affection, hmm?"

"Affection?" Seokjin slurred.

"Hugs and kisses," Yoongi explained.

Seokjin squirmed in his seat, shrugging. "Mommy likes daddies af-afection better than mine."

"Sweetheart, no," you murmured. "Why would you think a thing like that? Mommy loves Jinnie's hugs and kisses." To prove a point, you hugged him tighter.

Seokjin shook his head. "Daddies are better at being little than me, and… and Mommy likes them better when we're all big, too! Everybody gives better hugs and kisses than Jinnie."

"Oh, sweetheart," Jimin cooed, remembering. "Are you feeling self-conscious again?"

Seokjin looked at him, puzzled.

"Do you feel like you aren't good at being a little?" Hoseok rephrased.

Seokjin nodded sullenly. "M'too big. Not small like daddies."

"I disagree." Jungkook stood suddenly, grabbing Seokjin and picking him up.

"Daddy, no!" Seokjin whined. "Too big!"

"No," Jungkook argued, swinging Seokjin around. "I think my little baby is the perfect size. I love picking you up, honey."

"You'll get hurt," Seokjin mumbled.

"I could do this all day," Jungkook bragged.

"But then I wouldn't get to!" Namjoon complained. He shoved his way over and grabbed Seokjin for himself. "My sweet baby," he cooed. "Dada wants to carry you, too."

"Dadaaaaa," he whined.

Namjoon eventually transferred him into Jimin's lap, who bounced him and kissed his cheeks.

"Baby boy," you cupped his cheek. "Mommy and your daddies all love you so, so much. We think you're the perfect size and we adore your hugs and kisses. Do you believe us?"

Seokjin looked around at all his daddies, who were looking at him with fond understanding. His Mommy's hand on his cheek, the way Jimin left soft kisses on his neck and shoulders.

He nodded, finally smiling for the first time that day. "I believe you."

And he meant it.

Chapter Text

"Again?" Taehyung threw the bedsheets, wet and smelling of fabric softener, into the dryer.

"Again what?" You asked, poking your head around the corner.

Taehyung gestured vaguely at the dryer as he started running it. "I don't know who keeps washing their sheets every other day, but they could at least switch them over to the dryer!"

"Huh," you hummed, finger to your chin, tapping.

"What?' He asked. "Are they yours?"

You shook your head. "No, but that's really weird. Especially considering that Jimin was little for the first time in weeks yesterday- and no one else has been little, either… but when I went to change him into a pull up, there were hardly any left."

Taehyung raised his eyebrows. "Do you think someone has been pissing the bed when big?"

You nodded. "If they were slipping and hiding it from us, I don't think they would have the sense to do the laundry."

"That's true," Taehyung agreed. "And we would notice their change in behavior."

"Exactly." You started to help Taehyung load his clothes into the washer. "Let's keep an eye out, okay? I want to help. I don't want whoever it is to deal with this alone."

Taehyung leaned over and kissed your forehead. "We'll find out, noona."

As it turned out, the two of you didn't have to try very hard to figure out who the culprit was.

"Yoongi, sweetheart," you tried to wake him gently, Taehyung brushing back his hair.

"Wake up, honey, let's get you cleaned up."

But when Yoongi woke up, he wasn't little. He was mortified. He shrunk into himself, pulling away from Taehyung.

"St-stop it," he mumbled. "I'm big. I'll take care of it. Just get out."

"Oppa," you respected his distance, though you wanted to reach out and hug him. "Has it been happening a lot?"

Yoongi shrugged, glancing between you and Taehyung. "Kind of," he finally sighed.

"That's okay, hyung," Taehyung made another point of contact, rubbing Yoongi's shoulders. This time, Yoongi let him. "You didn't have to hide it from us. We want to help, okay?"

Yoongi chewed on his lower lip. "It's embarrassing," he mumbled.

"You don't have to be embarrassed," you assured him, kissing his cheek.

Taehyung cleared his throat and mentioned, "we don't think of you any differently, hyung. We're both into piss, and we know you are, too… so it's not like we don't find you sexy, still."

"Tae," Yoongi whined, ears turning pink to match his cheeks.

"He's right," you agreed. "We still think you're attractive, oppa."

Gently, Taehyung pecked Yoongi's lips. "Can we help you clean up, hyung? We'll wash the sheets, okay?"

"Just… don't tell anyone else, alright?" Yoongi mumbled. "Even if you two don't think it's something to be embarrassed about, I don't want anyone else to know, yet. Okay?"

"We won't, oppa," you assured him, kissing him. "We promise."

Taehyung kept his promise, however, he still felt the need to show his hyung that he was loved and sexy no matter what. So one night, after chugging a bottle of water, he snuck into Yoongi's bed in the middle of the night.

As predicted, Yoongi wet the bed while he slept, and Taehyung woke up to warm, soaked sheets. He immediately got hard, moaning and pulling Yoongi closer.

"Fuck, hyung. This feels even better than I imagined."


"Shh, hyungie." Taehyung grinded against Yoongi's ass, letting him feel how turned on he was. "This is so hot. Fuck; so warm."

"You mean it?" Yoongi asked shyly.

Taehyung nodded, the pressure in his own bladder making itself know. "I have to go, too," he whispered. "Really bad. C-can I go here, or should I…"

Yoongi rolled over so that they were face, pulling Taehyung close. "Go here. Wanna feel it. Please."

They both groaned in unison as Taehyung relieved himself, drenching them both in a fresh wave of urine. Yoongi got hard at the contact, grinding against the stream seeping from Taehyung's crotch.

"Hyung," Taehyung whimpered as he stopped peeing. "Want you inside me, please."

Yoongi nodded, quick to scramble for Taehyung's soaked pants. "Yeah, TaeTae, let me open you up."

Taehyung shook his head. "Already opened myself up last night. Knew we'd wake up soaked. Knew I'd want you to fuck me."

"Shit," Yoongi mumbled, letting Taehyung help him out of his own clothes.

He lubed himself up with some from his bedside table, lining himself up. Taehyung was warm and wet inside, swallowing him easily.

"You feel really good," Taehyung whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

"I'm gonna be quick, I'm sorry," Yoongi sputtered. "I just-"

"I am, too," Taehyung panted, rocking forward to meet Yoongi's thrusts. "Waking up covered in your piss was so fucking sexy, hyung. I could have cum just grinding against you."

"Tae," Yoongi groaned, quickening his pace.

"Yeah, hyung," Taehyung moaned, sucking a bruise onto Yoongi's neck. "You're gonna make me cum. Don't even have to touch me. You're so sexy; making me feel so fucking good."

Yoongi spilled inside Taehyung as the younger came between them, white ropes shooting up both their bellies. Taehyung kept Yoongi close as he sighed with relief, making no move to pull out of him.

"That felt so good," Taehyung groaned. "Did you like it?"

Yoongi nodded, suddenly looking shy again. "Felt good. Felt good, Tou-san."

Taehyung smiled and kissed Yoongi's forehead. "Want Tou-san to clean you up, baby boy?"

Yoongi shook his head before resting it against Taehyung's shoulder. "Wanna keep my pee-pee inside. Feels nice and warm."

Taehyung chuckled and kissed the top of his head. "Of course, my love. Whatever you want."

Somehow, the two of them managed to fall back asleep on the wet sheets, cuddled close with Yoongi's soft cock buried inside Taehyung.

"Looks like someone had a little accident, hmm?"

Yoongi and Taehyung woke to Hoseok's voice, gently teasing them from the doorway. Yoongi had slipped out of Taehyung while they slept, and he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"I had an accident while I was asleep, Baba." He yawned. "Then Tou-san did too, but on purpose."

"Is that so?" Hoseok glanced at Taehyung, who nodded.

"I was big when I peed," Yoongi announced, looking down at his lap.

Hoseok immediately understood, stepping closer and ruffling Yoongi's hair. "Were you?" He asked. "That's perfectly okay. Accidents happen, even to grown ups."

Yoongi made eye contact again, then looked at Taehyung for help.

"Do you want to talk to your daddies, sweetheart?" Taehyung asked gently.

Yoongi nodded. "Wanna tell them about peeing the bed when I'm big."

"That's very brave of you, love bug," Taehyung encouraged him.

Hoseok reached down and picked up the little boy, kissing his cheek. "Let's get you and Tou-san all cleaned up first, okay? Then we can talk."

And Yoongi, for his part, knew that he was ready for the conversation. His daddies- his boyfriends- loved him no matter what, and he had nothing to be embarrassed about, little or big.

Chapter Text

"It's naptime, little one," Yoongi murmured, stroking Namjoon's hair.

The little pouted at his caregivers, but the puppy dog eyes didn't work.

"You have to nap, sweetie," you coaxed him. "You'll be tired and cranky later if you don't."

Namjoon reached for Yoongi shyly. "Can I nurse, Papa?"

Yoongi nodded, helping Namjoon up. "Of course you can. Papa would love that, honey."

Namjoon found it easy to fall asleep when his Papa's nipple was in his mouth, despite the stress he had over falling asleep before.

So the next time he wanted to sleep, well… he knew exactly how.

"Tou-san? I wanna nap."

Taehyung smiled and patted his bum towards the bedroom. "Go ahead, darling. Do you want me to tuck you in?"

Namjoon nodded, and then added, "and nurse?"

Taehyung ruffled his hair. "Sure, baby boy."

Before bedtime, he whimpered as you tucked him in. "Mommy, wanna nurse."

You curled up next to him in bed. "Of course, love. Go ahead."

Namjoon slept soundly after nursing on you.

The boys and you all took notice of Namjoon's new habit. Jungkook, when Namjoon shyly started pushing up his shirt. Hoseok, when Namjoon snuck into his room before bed and wanted to suckle. And Jimin, when Namjoon refused his nap until Jimin brought up nursing.

"Joon-ah," Seokjin was gentle when the seven of you decided to bring it up to big Namjoon. "We've noticed you've become really reliant on nursing lately."

Namjoon turned pink, averting his eyes.

"It's okay," Jimin cooed. "We just want to understand. Is there anything you want to talk about, hyung?"

Namjoon hid his hands in his sleeves, making sweater paws. "I just… I've been really stressed lately, and nursing makes me feel really safe and loved when I'm little."

"That's okay, hyung," Jungkook murmured. "Nothing wrong with that."

"I guess I kind of… rely on it to sleep, now. It's hard to fall asleep without nursing."

Yoongi flashed him a smile. "That's alright, Joon. Don't be embarrassed, okay? We like it just as much as you do."

He flapped his sweater paws before shoving them under his thighs to stop himself from doing it again. "You mean it?"

"Yes," you assured him. "Of course we do."

"Hey," Hoseok reached out and started rubbing Namjoon's back. "Do you want to be little? It's alright, you can."

Namjoon started chewing on his lower lip. "Have to stay big to talk, right?"

Taehyung shook his head. "You can relax, sweetheart. We don't have to talk anymore."

Jimin added, "you did so well telling us what was going on, baby. Such a good boy for us."

Namjoon preened at the praise, wiggling. "Good?"

"The best," Yoongi cooed.

"You look sleepy, love," Seokjin pulled Namjoon into his lap when we yawned. "Come here, come suck on Da."

"S'okay?" Namjoon asked, tracing patterns on Seokjin's shirt with his finger.

"Yes, honey, I want you to."

While Namjoon nursed on Seokjin, everyone else gathered close and took turns petting his hair, giving him kisses, and whispering soft praises in his ear.

Namjoon had never felt so safe and loved. His caregivers' affection wrapped him up like a warm blanket, and before he knew it, his eyes were fluttering shut.

Chapter Text

Namjoon knew that something was terribly wrong when a member of the staff stepped into view off screen, waving to get his attention.

He pointed at himself, mouthing, "now?" and her frantic nodding had him standing up out of his seat and rushing off stage.


"Y/N called Sejin and he called me. You need to go home, Namjoon-ssi. She's really upset."

"What happened?" Namjoon was aware that all the boys had their eyes on him, that the interview had reached a standstill.

"I'm not sure if it's anxiety, but Sejin said she really needs someone there. He would go himself, but he's out of the city."

"I'm going," Namjoon said. "Thank you, noona. Can you pull one of the other guys to explain to everyone? I need to get home to her right now."

The whole care ride home (though only fifteen minutes), Namjoon bounced his leg restlessly and stared out the window, counting the seconds until the building came into view.

"Baby girl?" He threw the door open after typing in the passcode, not bothering to take off his shoes or jacket. "Dada's home, sweetheart, where are you?"

You didn't answer, but he heard a weak sniffle from the kitchen. When he rushed inside, he found you on the floor with your knees to your chest, crying, and the counters a mess with a half-cooked meal.

"Baby, hey," he scooped you into his arms, kissing your hair. "It's okay. Everything's alright."

"Dada," you wailed, over and over again.

"I'm here, darling." He tried to keep his voice calm even though he wanted nothing more than to make his little girl all better. "Everything is okay. You're safe. Dada is here to keep you safe."

"Was bad, was bad!"

"Shh, shh. You aren't bad, my love. Let's take some deep breaths and then you can tell me what happened, okay?"

You managed a few shaky breaths with Namjoon's guidance. He rubbed your back through them, rocking you in his lap.

"There we go, sweetheart. You're doing amazing."

You sniffled and pointed up at the messy counters. "I-I was big and tried to cook dinner, but I messed it up," you explained.

"That's okay, doll, everyone makes mistakes sometimes."

You shook your head. "Wanted to surprise daddies with a yummy dinner but I did it wrong and now all the food is ruined and there's a big mess!"

Namjoon kissed your hair. "Deep breaths, angel," he reminded you. "It was so sweet of you to think of us, but it's okay that it didn't work out. We've all messed up cooking before. Daddies have ruined meals too, and that's okay. You got overwhelmed by everything, hmm?"

"Left daddies a big mess," you reminded him.

"Daddies will clean it up," Namjoon cooed. "Don't you worry about that one bit."

"I'm sorry, Dada," you mumbled.

"You have nothing to be sorry for." He shifted you in his lap so that you were facing him, and started thumbing away the last of your tears. "How about we go pick up something yummy for dinner, and we can eat with your other daddies when they get home?"

"Something yummy?" You asked.

He nodded. "Anything my baby wants."

Despite your cooking fiasco, it all ended up okay. You and Namjoon picked up Thai food and ate together with your daddies when they got home. Then, you cleaned up the kitchen as a team. Everything didn't seem so overwhelming anymore, with your daddies to help you through it.

Chapter Text

You moaned, hands over your tummy as you tried to make the yucky feeling go away. Taehyung noticed immediately, reaching out for you.

"Tummy hurts?" He asked.

You nodded. It was half an hour ago that it had started, and you had quickly rushed to the bathroom. You managed to get your cup inserted without much of a problem, but it felt kinda funny. You knew you weren't supposed to be able to feel it inside you, but you did.

"Sissy sick?"

You shook your head. "M'not sick, TaeTae."

Taehyung cocked his head, pointing at your pants. "But you're bleeding."

Your lip trembled as you looked down, realizing that the cup had in fact been in wrong. There was a red stain on your baby blue joggers.

"TaeTae," you whimpered. "P-put my cup in wrong."

"Cup?" Taehyung asked.

"To catch the blood."

Taehyung leaned in closer, looking at the stain. "I help sissy! I put the catchy cup in!"

"Mm…" you squirmed, more blood leaking out. "It… goes in my privates, though," you mumbled.

"What goes in your privates?" Jungkook looked ready to stop the conversation he walked in on.

You blushed and pointed at the stain on your pants. "Cup!" You blurted out. "Didn't put it in right. TaeTae gonna help me."

Jungkook quickly shook his head. "No, sweetie, TaeTae is little, too. Do you… do you need Daddy to help?"

You nodded, knowing that Jungkook was a little weird about period things. You avoided his eyes.

"It's alright, baby girl," he assured you. "Daddy doesn't mind at all."

Taehyung piped up, "Daddy gonna put the cup in sissy's privates? To catch the blood."

Jungkook sighed. "Yeah, Taehyungie."

"Can I come?" He asked innocently.

"I don't know if…"

"Please, Daddy?" You chimed in. "Want Taehyungie to hold my hand cause blood is scary!"

Jungkook chewed on his lip for a moment before responding. "Okay, honey, you can come. Can you go get your sissy new panties and pants and bring them to the bathroom?"

While Taehyung was rushing upstairs like a good helper, Jungkook took you into the bathroom and stripped you of your clothes.

"Sweetheart, I've looked into using cups before because I know you use them, but it might take Daddy a few tries, alright?"

You nodded. "Trust you, Daddy."

"Gots undies and pants!" Taehyung announced, barrelling into the room.

"Good boy," Jungkook cooed. "Thank you, love. Can you hold sissy's hand while I get the cup out?"

Taehyung nodded, slipping his hand into yours and squeezing. "It's okay, sissy," he assured you. "Taehyungie is here."

You shut your eyes as Jungkook had you squat so he could remove the cup. You didn't like to see all the blood. Taehyung, however, seemed fascinated.

"That's a lot," he mumbled.

"Shh, honey. Don't scare your sister, please," Jungkook chided him as he rinsed your cup in the sink.

"Sorry, Daddy," Taehyung chirped.

Jungkook wiped you down with a warm washcloth before probing you with the cup, folded into a "u" shape.

"Daddy! Disappeared inside her!" Taehyung gasped, amazed.

"That's right, darling. Sweetie, does it feel right?"

You shook your head. The cup was still folded inside you; it hadn't opened up.

"Daddy will try again," he cooed.

He removed the cup, rinsed it, and started over. This time, it opened up inside you and then you couldn't feel it anymore!

"It's in, Daddy!" You announced, opening your eyes.

"Good job, Daddy!" Taehyung said sweetly.

Jungkook chuckled and helped you into your clean panties and leggings. "There we go, babies. All better."

You clutched your stomach with your free hand, and Taehyung was quick to notice.

"Not all better!" He argued. "Her tummy hurts."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jungkook murmured. "Daddy will get some medicine, okay? Be a good boy and take your sister to the living room."

Jungkook was thrilled to find Taehyung snuggling you on the couch when he came in with the medication, his hand on your belly.

"Take this, lovely," he instructed.

You did, before leaning your head against your brother. "Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Taehyungie."

Jungkook smiled and patted your heads. "I am so lucky to have such sweet little babies."

And truly, he was.

Chapter Text

"Bathtime, baby girl," Hoseok bounced you in his lap.

"Do you want a bath bomb, or bubbles?" Yoongi asked.

You squirmed in Hoseok's lap, shaking your head. "Wanna go by myself, please," you mumbled.

Hoseok brushed back your hair as Jungkook asked, "why, honey? We've given you lots of baths. You love bathtime."

You shrugged. "Don't wanna be naked."

"Are you feeling shy?" Seokjin asked.

You shook your head.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Yoongi noticed you tearing up, and started to panic. "Tell daddies what's wrong."

You sniffled and said, "don't want you to see privates. They're bad and gross and ugly."

Jimin tilted his head. "Why would you think that, darling? That's not true at all."

"Do you need help shaving?" Hoseok asked. "Is that it?"

You whined, shaking your head. "Always bad," you explained. "Bad since he touched there."

"Who touched you, love?" Namjoon asked.

You shrugged. "Bad man."

"When?" Yoongi asked, quickly looking like he was ready to pummel someone on your behalf.

"Long, long time ago," you said.

"How old were you?" Hoseok asked.

"Mm… seven?"

"We're so sorry that happened to you, sweetheart," Jungkook said. "But you need to know that what happened doesn't make you bad or gross or ugly in any way, alright?"

Hoseok kissed your head and pulled you close. "No part of our baby is any of those things. Okay?"

"Promise?" You asked. "Won't think I'm gross at bathtime?"

Yoongi shook his head. "We promise, doll. Can we show you? Would you like a bath?"

You considered it for a moment before nodding. "Papa and Baba give me a bath?"

"Of course, my love," Hoseok picked you up. "Let's go."

The boys were extra soft and sweet with you while they undressed you, making sure to go slow and look for any signs of distress. You showed none, thankfully, and they let you have both a bath bomb and bubbles.

"Are you okay, honey?" Hoseok asked as he washed your body. "Would you rather daddies not touch you?"

"Don't mind when daddies touch me," you assured him. "Know daddies won't touch me when I don't want it."

Yoongi ruffled your hair. "That's right, baby. We would never, ever hurt our little girl."

"I know," you smiled at them. "Daddies would never hurt me. Just didn't want daddies to think I was gross."

"You aren't gross, my love," Hoseok assured you.

"Do you want to talk about it, sweetheart?" Yoongi asked.

You thought about it for a moment and then shook your head. "Maybe when I'm big," you decided.

"That's perfectly okay," Hoseok murmured. "We're here to talk whenever you want to, baby."

The boys waited until you brought it up, once you were big. They didn't pressure you at all, letting you bring it up on your own time.

"Is it okay if we talk about it now?" You asked after you had all watched a movie together, cuddled up on the couch.

Of course, the boys all nodded, not needing to ask what "it" was.

"If you're ready, jagi," Namjoon said.

Jimin rubbed your back as you began to talk, your shoulder resting on Hoseok's shoulder.

"I was at summer camp, and one of the counselors took me into a store room and told me he wanted to show me something cool," you nearly winced at the words.

Yoongi brushed back your hair, but no one interrupted your train of thought.

"I don't… really want to go into detail. He didn't rape me, but he… touched me, and made me touch him."

"We're here, jagi," Hoseok murmured, kissing your head. "It's okay."

"Sometimes I feel really gross because of it," you admitted. "I feel like my body was… tainted by him, I guess."

"Oh, noona," Jungkook murmured.

"I think… I think that's all I want to say right now."

"Of course," Hoseok said. "We're always here if you want to say anything else, alright?"

"Jagi, want to know something?" Yoongi asked, stealing you from Jimin and Hoseok pulling you close to him.

You nodded. "Yeah, oppa."

"Every seven years, the cells in your body are destroyed and replaced with new ones. Your skin, your organs. Everything." Yoongi nuzzled into your hair, pausing for a moment and breathing in. "There are parts of you, my jagi, that he has never touched."

He would never know the relief those words gave you. But you tried to show him, by nuzzling closer and kissing his neck.

"Thank you, oppa."

Chapter Text

"Mmm…" you nuzzled against Jimin's neck, inhaling deeply. Immediately, you relaxed, and Jimin seemed to notice.

He chuckled and kissed your head. "You're so relaxed, baby. I'm glad."

"You smell good, Appa."

He stroked your hair and told you, "you smell good too, love."

You shook your head. "No, you really smell good, Appa! Like… lavender. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly."

Jimin nuzzled his nose into your hair. "Makes you feel safe, sweetie?"

You nodded against him.

"Good," he murmured. "Always want to make my baby feel safe."

You noticed after that, anytime Jimin would wear that certain cologne, he would make sure to snuggle you close.

"Does the smell still relax you, honey?"

You nodded, nuzzling against Jimin's shirt. "Smells like lavender and like Appa."

"Like Appa?" He asked, slightly amused.

"Uh huh," you said. "Appa smells like Appa when he doesn't wear cologne."

"I bet Appa smells yucky without cologne," Jimin teased.

You shook your head. "Nuh uh," you argued. "Appa smells like skin, but… nice skin. Just smells like… Appa," you sighed, unable to explain.

"I understand, baby," Jimin assured you, rubbing your back. "And I'm so glad my little girl feels safe and relaxed with me."

You hid your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply. You were glad that you could cuddle him, safe and warm, smelling the familiar scent of your Appa.

Chapter Text

"Wow, babies, look at all this!" Yoongi gestured at the store decorations, some of which had you shrinking back towards the door. "We're all ready for spoopy season!"

"Spoopy season!" Jungkook echoed.

He ran right up to a doghouse with a foot stamp in front of it and stomped on it. To his delight, a big scary animatronic dog jumped out of the house, barking loudly.

"Cool!" Jungkook said, but you had a much different reaction.

You hid yourself against Yoongi's side, shrieking. "No, no! Scary! Don't like!"

Yoongi rubbed your back and tried to soothe you, whispering softly in your ear as the dog decoration, thankfully, stopped. Jungkook didn't need to be told not to stomp on any of the other interactive decorations. Not the clown or the zombie. Instead he came over and took your hand.

"I'm sorry, sissy," he murmured. "Koo didn't mean to scare you."

You sniffled, peeking out at your brother. "S'okay," you mumbled. "Don't wanna look at the Halloween stuff no more."

Jungkook noticed the kid's section of the store was decorated with much more age-appropriate decorations. He pointed over at the Charlie Brown pumpkins and little black cats.

"Wanna look over there?" He asked.

You peeked over at the costumes and decorations, determining that they weren't scary. "Hold my hand, Koo?" You asked, not wanting to let go.

Jungkook nodded and squeezed your hand. "Hold hands."

"Papa?" You asked, finally extracting yourself from his side. "Hold hands?"

Yoongi took your hand and told you, "I'm sorry you got scared, little love. Let's go look at some nicer decorations, hmm?"

In the kids section there were lawn blow ups, costumes, and cute housewares. Jungkook giggled and held up a witches hat, placing it on Yoongi's head.

"Me too, me too!" You jumped up and down.

For you, Jungkook chose cat ears. For himself, he chose a clown wig. Then he spotted a giant black cat stuffie on the shelf.

"Sissy, look! Black cat like you!"

You let go of Yoongi's hand to rush towards it with Jungkook. You both squealed and pointed.

"Papa, look!"

"Would you like it, little ones? Let's get it."

"Really, Papa?" You hugged him tight. "Thank you."

"Sissy, look!" Jungkook showed you funny orange slippers that looked like pumpkins.

"Let's get those, too," Yoongi decided. "One pair for each of us, so we can match."

"Wanna match with Papa!" Jungkook exclaimed.

You were glad that you found a way to celebrate spoopy season even if you didn't quite like scares when you were little. Your Papa and your Kookie always found a way for you to have fun.

Chapter Text

"M'tired, Appa," you whispered, hovering in his bedroom doorway. "Can't fall asleep."

Jimin hummed and held out his arms for you, which you gladly crashed into. "My poor little girl," he murmured. "Appa's here. I'll help you, lovely."

You pouted, nuzzling into Jimin's neck. "Appa can help?"

Jimin kissed your temple and nodded. "Sometimes Appa has trouble sleeping, too. I have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Magic tricks?" You asked, pulling your face out from hiding. You were sleepy and groggy, but you still wanted to see Appa's magic!

Jimin chuckled. "That's right, baby. Magic tricks. First, can you tell Appa what's got you so stressed? You were big when you went to sleep, and I know my precious girl only slips like this when she's very upset."

You nodded. "Big me couldn't sleep because work was bad and icky and made me feel sad… and then when I couldn't sleep I got more sad… wanted daddies…"

Jimin kissed your cheek and brushed back your hair. "Thank you for using your big girl words, sweetheart. Appa's so proud of you."

You blushed under the praise, already relaxing at his ministrations.

"My wonderful princess," Jimin cooed, adjusting you to lie down with him. "I'm so sorry you had a bad day. But it's over now. You're safe with Appa, okay? Appa will make sure the big bad work yuckies can't get you."

You smiled, knowing that Jimin would keep his word. "Trust you, Appa."

Jimin pulled you closer and motioned to his shirt. "Do you want to nurse, my love? Will that help?"

You nodded, and soon enough, you had Jimin's nipple in your mouth. You sucked methodically as your cheek rested on Jimin's chest, his heartbeat loud and steady in your ear.

"Good girl," Jimin rubbed your back as you sucked on him, soothing you. "You're doing so well. I love you so much, doll."

"Lub yew, 'pa," you mumbled around his flesh.

He chuckled and started to pet your hair. "Appa's going to be right here. We're going to cuddle all night, darling. You can rest. Appa's got you."

You were resting; gently drifting to sleep so easily with your Appa when it had been impossible when you were alone. Jimin kept whispering sweet nothings to you as you fell asleep, lulling you into the sweetest dreams.

The last thing you could hear fully was, "my brave little girl.". And you knew that it was true.

Chapter Text

"How could it get so messy in just one night?"

You bit your lip, trying to clean up as quickly and quietly as you could. You knew all the boys, sans Yoongi in the camper and Jungkook in the boathouse, were still trying to sleep in. But you had woken up early, anxious being in a new place, and the huge mess in the kitchen set you off.

Half-empty ramen bowls got dumped in the trash, the dishes put into the sink. Empty beer bottles and soda cans collected and put into the recycling bin. Counters scrubbed of sauce and stains.

But there were so many bowls and cups that the sink soon became overfilled. The recycling can was overflowing, as well, and so was the trash can. You didn't even know where the outdoor cans were here, or how to use the dishwasher. You stared at the giant mess still on the counters, beginning to tear up.

Your heart pounded loud in your ears, tears finally spilling over as you began to shake on the spot. It was too much. You wanted to wave a magic wand and have it all disappear.

"Jagi?" Yoongi looked sleepy when he walked into the room, but jolted awake as soon as he saw your tears. "Hey, hey," he cooed, rushing to you. "What's wrong? What happened?"

You gestured vaguely around you at the mess of a kitchen, wailing, "I can't clean it!"

"Shh, shh," Yoongi pulled you close, rubbing your back. "Close your eyes and listen to oppa. Can you do that?"

You nodded, obeying him and closing your eyes.

"Good, that's it. Everything's okay. I know this seems overwhelming right now, but oppa's going to help you. You don't have to do everything on your own, y/n."

His voice was soft and soothing, his touches like a warm blanket on your body. You sunk into him, nodding again.

"You're okay, jagi," he murmured. "We're going to make everything better. We're a team, yeah?"

You sniffled, wiping the last of your tears away as you pulled from his embrace. "I'm sorry, oppa," you mumbled.

Yoongi shook his head, kissing your cheek. "You have nothing to apologize for. Oppa understands." He gently led you over to the overflowing trash and recycling. "I'll take the trash, you follow me out with the recycling, okay?"

Yoongi helped you clean the whole kitchen, even hand washing the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher with you. He made sure to continue to offer you praises and warm touches while you cleaned together, knowing that you were still on edge.

"Isn't that better, jagi?" He asked once the kitchen was sparkling once more.

You sighed with relief, looking around at the tidy room. "I feel better now, oppa."

"Good," he murmured, kissing your temple. "Oppa is going to make sure no one leaves a mess like that again. I hate seeing you so out of sorts, hon."

You blushed and nodded. "I can't help it."

Yoongi pulled you into another hug and assured you, "I know, y/n. And it's alright. That's why oppa wants to help. We'll all do our part so that you don't get overwhelmed, okay?"

You pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Thank you, oppa," you nuzzled into his neck. "I appreciate it."

"And we appreciate you, jagi."

Chapter Text

"Daddies? Need help, please."

Namjoon paused where he was tracing patterns on Yoongi's stomach, the older's head on his shoulder.

"Sure, baby."

"What's up, pumpkin?" Yoongi asked, patting the bed for you to join them.

You crawled onto the bed, into Yoongi's open arms. Namjoon pressed a kiss to your forehead, which made you smile.

"Mm… big me been really… ank-fis?"

"Anxious?" Namjoon asked.

You nodded. "Uh huh. Uhm… so I thought it would work when I'm little… but I don't know how…"

"Thought what would work, lovie?" Yoongi asked, head tilting in confusion.

You blushed; it was a little embarrassing to tell your daddies what you were having trouble with. You squirmed and lowered your voice considerably.

"Making it feel good… when I touch my privates."

"Ah," Namjoon hummed, rubbing your back. "Our baby is having trouble orgasming, is that it?"


Yoongi chuckled. "Orgasming. Cumming. Feeling really, really good when daddies touch you or you touch yourself."

You nodded eagerly, embarrassment fading. "Can't feel really good. Too stressed."

"You need daddies help?" Namjoon asked. "How can we help you, sweetheart?"

"Want you to show me how to make it feel good," you announced.

"Do you want us to make you feel good, or do you want us to show you how to do it on your own?" Yoongi ventured.

"Both," you whispered.

"Okay, honey," Namjoon agreed. "We can do that."

"Now?" You asked shyly. "Please?"

Yoongi chuckled. "Such an eager little girl. When's the last time you came, hmm?"

You blushed. "Couple weeks ago, I think."

"Poor baby," Namjoon cooed. He pulled you into his lap, so that you were between his legs, back pressed to front. "We'll have to fix that, won't we?"

Yoongi crawled between your legs, fingers looping into the hem of your skirt. "You'll tell us if you want to stop, okay? That's very important."

You nodded. "I'll tell, promise!" You were squirming with anticipation; you wanted your daddies to touch you so badly!

Yoongi chuckled, pulling down your skirt so you were in nothing but your My Little Pony undies. "So cute," Yoongi cooed, running his fingers over them.

You shuddered when he brushed your clit, whimpering. "Papa, please."

"Is Papa teasing you?" Namjoon asked, moving his own hand between your legs. "So mean," he tutted, winking at Yoongi over your head. "Let Dada fix it."

You moaned when Namjoon started rubbing you through your underwear, squirming under his touch and wanting more immediately.

"More, Dada, please," you complained.

"Poor little girl," Yoongi murmured. "So desperate for your daddies." But he still pulled down your undies, so that Namjoon could touch you for real.

"How's that, sweetheart?" He asked. "Here, why don't you try?"

Namjoon guided your own hand down, placing his over yours and showing you how to rub yourself. It felt good, but you liked it better when your Dada touched.

"Want Dada an' Papa," you complained.

"Of course, lovie," Namjoon kissed your temple and replaced your hand with his own. "Let daddies make you cum."

"Can I put my fingers inside, honey? Would you like that?" Yoongi asked, his nimble fingers hovering near your wet entrance.

You nodded brokenly, pressing your head back against Namjoon's shoulder.

"Shh," Yoongi soothed you, pressing a finger inside. "You're so wet, baby. Dada's making you feel so good, yeah?" He easily slid in a second digit.

You nodded, whining as Yoongi began to curl his fingers, pumping them inside you. It felt like Namjoon and Yoongi's fingers were one, both hitting the same spot inside you from the inside and the out.

"Dada," you whimpered, biting your lip. "Papa."

Yoongi could see your face, whereas Namjoon couldn't. "Sweetie, you look so wrecked. Are you close? You're doing so good for your daddies."

You nodded, hips twitching into both of their touches without your permission.

"It's okay, little one," Namjoon whispered, hot breath on your ear. "You can cum. Go ahead, pretty."

You came on command for him and Yoongi, moaning and burying your face in Namjoon's neck as you did. They both worked you through it, rubbing you and fucking you with their fingers until you were whining from overstimulation.

"Was that nice, princess?" Yoongi asked as he pulled your panties back on.

Namjoon worked on your skirt as you nodded breathlessly. "Daddies helped," you mumbled.

"We're glad we could help," Namjoon chuckled, kissing your cheek.

You yawned, leaning back against Namjoon and shutting your eyes. However, you felt his hardness against you when you did. "Dada, I help you now?"

Yoongi leaned in and kissed your lips. "You're too sleepy for that, doll. How about you take a nap and let Papa help Dada?"

You yawned again, but still tried to protest, "Papa sure? Baby can help…"

Namjoon kissed your hair and moved you out of his lap, easing you under the covers. "We want you to sleep, darling. You've been stressed lately and you need your rest."

"Don't you worry about a thing," Yoongi added, brushing back your hair.

You struggled against your heavy eyelids, but your exhaustion won out. "Thank you, daddies."

"You're very welcome, little love."

Chapter Text

"It's red, Da!" You shook the red crayon in front of him.

"That's right, pretty," he cooed, patting your head.

"And what color is this one, doll?" Namjoon asked, holding up a blue crayon.

Seokjin didn't really hear your response. He was focused on Namjoon's voice, how soft and soothing it was. He wished Namjoon was talking to him like that, too.

"It's time for me to go," Seokjin was brought back to earth by Namjoon standing up. "I'll be back soon, baby."

Seokjin watched longingly as he kissed your head. Right. The meeting. That's why he had been trying to stay big all day; he didn't want Namjoon to worry about getting a babysitter for the meeting.

"How long will you be?" Seokjin asked, voice small. If he could just hold out until Namjoon got back, then he could be little for the rest of the afternoon.

Namjoon didn't seem to notice his demeanor and quickly hugged Seokjin. "Not too long, hyung. I know you must be tired. You can rest when I get back, okay? Nap or watch TV or something."

Namjoon must have thought he was just tired, but he was absolutely aching to be little with you. But Seokjin put on a brave face and joined you on the floor as Namjoon left.

"Can I see your pretty picture, sweetheart?"

You held up the picture of two cats, colored in red and pink, for Seokjin to see.

Seokjin grinned and ruffled your hair. "It's so nice, my little artist. Da's so proud of you!"

You squealed and wrapped your arms around Seokjin. He pulled you into his lap and kissed your hair, nuzzling against your scalp.

"You need anything, pumpkin?"

You nodded. "Hun'gy, Da."

Seokjin rubbed your back for a moment longer before patting your butt to get you to stand. "Let's go get you a snack, then, sweetie."

Seokjin held your hand and led you into the kitchen, where he took out a light blue Frozen bowl printed with the characters on it. He took out your strawberry Gerber puffs, but he hadn't set the bowl steady on the counter. Being too close to the edge, the puffs caused the bowl to tip over, making a loud scary noise and a big mess on the floor!


Seokjin didn't realize that he had sunk to the floor until you poked him, voice wobbling.

"Da is okay?"

Seokjin shook his head and let out a wail. "Dada!" He screamed. "Want Dada!"

You sunk down to the floor along with Seokjin, upset that he was upset. Before he knew it, you were crying, too! The two of you sat on the floor, surrounded by strawberry puffs and crying for your Dada.

"Dada, Dada!"


Namjoon's voice was worried as he came careening into the kitchen. "Oh, my loves, what happened?"

Seokjin whimpered as Namjoon tugged you both close, smothering the two of you in kisses. You clung to him, calming down immediately, but Seokjin continued to cry.

"Sweetheart, hey," Namjoon wiped away his tears and kissed his nose. "Tell Dada what happened. Did you slip and then try to make a snack?"

Seokjin shook his head. "Sl-slipped 'cause dropped the puffs, Dada! Didn't mean too! I sorry!"

"Mess," you added quietly.

"Shh, shh," Namjoon rubbed Seokjin's back as he looked close to tears again. "Dada doesn't care about the mess. Dada just cares that his babies aren't hurt."

Seokjin sniffled and tugged on Namjoon's sleeve. "But Dada, was bad. Wasn't supposed to slip!"

Namjoon frowned, brushing back Seokjin's hair. "Why not, honey?"

"Wanted to be little but knew Dada was gonna leave… so I tried to be big, but I couldn't!"

Namjoon shushed him again, rubbing his back until he quieted. "It's alright, darling. Dada isn't upset. But Jinnie, my love, you need to tell a grown up if you feel like you're going to slip. Dada wouldn't have been mad, I promise."

"But the meeting," Seokjin whined.

"Meetings aren't for little boys to worry about," Namjoon told him. "You always need to tell Dada if you need to slip. I will always work something out, okay? It's dangerous for two little babies to be home all alone, hmm?"

Seokjin nodded. "I sorry, Dada."

"It's alright, prince," Namjoon kissed his forehead, and then yours. "No more apologies, pumpkin. Dada's home now and I'm going to take care of my little angels."

"Puffs?" You asked, poking your head out with a pout.

Namjoon chuckled and nodded. "You two go put on a cartoon, okay? Wait nicely on the couch and Dada will bring you both puffs."

Namjoon stealthily cleaned up the mess and then brought two bowls of puffs into the living room for his babies. He cooed when he found the two of you on the couch, holding hands.

"Here you go, sweets." He joined you on the couch, making sure you both got your snacks settled on your laps. "Oh, Luca? That's a good one."

"Like Luca," Seokjin agreed, shoving some puffs in his mouth.

"Luca a good sea people!" You added.

"A very good sea people," Namjoon played along.

"Dada?" Seokjin asked after a while.

Namjoon reached out and ruffled his hair. "What's up, baby?"

Seokjin got a little shy and looked back at the TV instead of his Dada. "I tell you if I wanna be little next time."

Namjoon smiled and leaned in to kiss his cheek, and whisper for just the two of them to hear, "that's my good boy."

Chapter Text

"Minnie, look, we put the tigers in here! And the elephants here!"

Jimin nodded, placing the proper animals in the enclosures he and Taehyung had built out of Legos and Lincoln Logs. "What about the bears, TaeTae?"

"Minnie picks," he hummed.

"What are my babies up to, hmm?"

When Taehyung looked up to answer you, he gasped. Your hand was over your belly and you were hunched as you crawled onto the couch.

"Mommy!" He immediately started tearing up. "Mommy hurt?"

But Jimin was quick to comfort Taehyung before you even got the chance to. He grabbed his hand and squeezed. "Mommy's not hurt, TaeTae. Mommy gets tummy ouchies sometimes," he explained, proud of remembering. "From her period."

You nodded, reaching out for Taehyung. "Mommy's okay, sweetie. Don't you worry, okay?"

The kiss you placed on his cheek made him feel better, so he nodded. "Can TaeTae make Mommy better?"

Jimin said, "I know how! I always help Mommy feel better."

"I wanna help too!" Taehyung pouted.

"Why don't you go back to playing, loves?" You cooed. "Mommy wants to watch you."

Jimin shook his head, adamant about helping. "Wanna get Mommy medicine, and uhm, tea! And chocolate! And cuddles!"

"I help too!" Taehyung pouted again. "TaeTae wanna help too!"

Hearing the commotion from the other room, Namjoon poked his head in. "Little ones, you can both help Mommy. You don't need to fight about it, okay? Come with Dada and we'll find some medicine and a hot water bottle."

Namjoon found ibuprofen for Jimin to give you while Jungkook filled up a hot water bottle and handed it to Taehyung.

"Medicine helps more," Jimin said as he and Taehyung rushed back to the living room.

Taehyung's lip trembled. "Nuh uh! Hot water bottle helps too!"

"They both help," Yoongi affirmed, overhearing. "It isn't a competition, yeah?"

"Yes, Papa," they chorused, not believing him.

"Thank you, little ones," you cooed as they entered the room. "These will both make me feel so much better."

Jimin preened when you kissed his hair, and Taehyung leaned in for his own kiss.

"Mommy want snackies?" Taehyung asked. "We got lots!"

"You don't have to-"

"We want to, Mommy!" Jimin cut you off. "Mommy needs… chocolate snacks! I'll go get them!"

"No!" Taehyung screeched, running after him. "Was my idea! I get them!"

"I'm faster!" Jimin argued. "I get them!"

"Boys, no running in the house or you-"

Seokjin's voice was cut off with a thud and a screech as Taehyung slipped and fell, and Jimin stopped in his tracks.

"TaeTae!" He rushed to Taehyung's side just as he started to cry, wailing loudly. "Tae, m'sorry. Didn't mean it. Didn't want you to get hurt."

"Babies, this is why we don't run in the house," Seokjin sighed, rubbing Taehyung's back.

"Sweetheart," Hoseok cooed, slipping onto the floor with the boys. "Don't cry, it's okay."

Taehyung sniffled. "Just wanted to make Mommy feel better."

"You both did such a good job helping Mommy," you told them, entering the room with the hot water bottle pressed to your belly. "But you don't need to fight, okay? It isn't a competition. Mommy loves both her boys, and you were both such a big help."

"I sorry, Mommy," Jimin mumbled. "Sorry, Taehyungie."

Taehyung leaned over and kissed Jimin's cheek. "S'okay. I'm sorry, too."

"Know what Mommy would really like?" You asked. "Her two favorite boys cuddling and a nice movie. Do you think you could help me with that?"

The boys both lit up immediately. "Yes, Mommy!" They shouted.

So you ended up curled under a huge, fluffy blanket with each boy on either side of you, snuggled close. You let them pick out a movie (Tangled), and gave them lots of kisses while you watched.

"Mommy okay?" Taehyung asked after a while.

You nodded. "Mommy has her two best boys here snuggling! What could be wrong, hmm?"

Jimin and Taehyung giggled, sneak attacking you and kissing both your cheeks at the same time.

"We love you, Mommy."

"And Mommy loves you."

Chapter Text

"Hyungs," Taehyung whined, squirming under Hoseok's gentle touch and Namjoon's sharp gaze. "Please."

"Taehyungie," Hoseok murmured against Taehyung's neck, pressing a wet kiss behind his ear. "You need to learn some patience."

"I agree," Namjoon hummed, cupping Taehyung's chin and forcing his gaze up. "Need to learn to wait your turn."

"But hyungs, I want-"

"Shh," Hoseok bit down on his neck, not hard enough to leave a mark. "Listen to hyung. Here's what we're gonna do, needy boy."

Taehyung whined again as Hoseok's hand traveled down his bare chest, pinching his nipples.

"You're gonna suck Joon's cock. Then you're gonna suck my cock. And then we'll fuck you, baby."

Taehyung whimpered, shaking his head. "Wa-wanna get fucked now," he complained.

Namjoon ignored him, lightly smacking his cheek with his hard cock. "So fucking needy," he mumbled. "Quicker you start, quicker you get fucked."

Hoseok took pity on Taehyung, sliding a lubed finger between his cheeks as he choked on Namjoon's dick. He whined, rocking his ass into the teasing touch, needing more.

"You look so desperate to be fucked," Namjoon cooed, fucking Taehyung's mouth. "Look so good with your mouth stuffed full."

Once Hoseok had two fingers inside Taehyung, Namjoon pulled out of his mouth. "I'm gonna finish opening you up while you suck off hyung. Yeah?"

Taehyung nodded, looking fucked out already. Saliva and precome stained his lips and cheeks, and he gasped as his hyungs switched spots, Namjoon immediately beginning to finger him.

"There we go, Taehyungie," Hoseok cooed as he slid his cock into his waiting mouth. "We're gonna make you feel good real soon, okay?"

Taehyung wanted to say that they already were, that he could probably cum from just Namjoon's fingers, but he couldn't speak around Hoseok's dick. He just nodded, whining desperately as Namjoon brushed his prostate.

"There you go, Tae," he cooed, slipping his fingers out. "All ready for hyungs cocks."

Hoseok pulled out and Namjoon gently guided Taehyung to lie down, his head on his chest. "Hyung's gonna fuck you now," Namjoon murmured into his scalp, kissing his hair. "You were so patient."

Taehyung moaned when Hoseok pushed inside, filling him right up. "Hyung, yes!" He groaned. "Please."

"Being needy again, are we?" Namjoon teased him, nibbling on his earlobe.

"Don't touch yourself," Hoseok demanded as he started to thrust his hips. "Hyung's so close from your pretty little mouth. Hyung's gonna cum first."

"Wanna cum too," Taehyung whimpered weakly.

"You will," Namjoon promised him, sucking his neck. "You'll cum with Joonie-hyung's cock in your ass, already filled up with Hobi-hyung's cum. How does that sound?"

Apparently, it sounded good to both Taehyung and Hoseok, because they both moaned, and Hoseok came, face buried in Taehyung's neck.

"I'm gonna pull out, now, Taehyungie," Hoseok cooed. "Keep it all in for Joon, okay?"

Taehyung nodded frantically, clenching and lifting his hips to keep Hoseok's cum inside him while he and Namjoon switched positions.

"Fuck, baby, so wet," Namjoon groaned as he easily pushed inside. "Oh, you feel so good."

"I wanna cum," Taehyung whimpered as Namjoon picked up the pace. "Please, I wanna cum."

Hoseok shushed him, reaching around to touch his neglected cock. "You're gonna cum," he chided him. "Hush now."

"Made hyungs feel so good," Namjoon praised him, leaning down for a messy kiss. "Want you to feel good, too, Tae."

"Hyung's cocks feel good," Taehyung gasped, rocking his hips. "Hobi-hyung's cum feels so good!"

"Fuck, Taehyung," Namjoon groaned.

Hoseok chuckled in Taehyung's ear. "Look what a mess you're making out of your hyung, hmm?"

"He's a mess, too," Namjoon huffed out, pinching Taehyung's nipple and making his back arch. "Cum for me, Taehyungie. Wanna… wanna feel you come."

Taehyung whimpered into Hoseok's chest as he did as he was told, tightening around Namjoon and causing his own orgasm. He shuddered from overstimulation as Namjoon pulled out, his and Hoseok's fluids leaking out of him.

Hoseok chuckled and brushed back Taehyung's hair. "I think you could use a bath."

Taehyung nodded sleepily, but made no move to get up.

Namjoon picked him up, kissing his cheek. "Hyung will carry you," he murmured.

"Thank you," Taehyung gladly burrowed his face in Namjoon's neck.

Hoseok ran the bath and they both washed Taehyung with nice-smelling soap. Once he was clean, Taehyung leaned back against Hoseok in the water as Namjoon massaged his legs.

"You need anything, Tae?" Namjoon asked gently.

Taehyung shook his head, but tugged Namjoon closer. "Just cuddles."

"That can be arranged," Namjoon said, kissing Taehyung's forehead.

"Thank you," Hoseok murmured in his ear. "For letting us have fun with you."

Taehyung giggled. "I had fun, too. Lots of fun."

Chapter Text

You shut the door quietly behind you, taking in the silence of the house. It was dark aside from the city lights shining through the windows, casting patterns onto the wall. You sighed, taking off your shoes, and tried to creep upstairs as quietly as you could.

You stomach growled, and your work clothes were uncomfortable and probably dirty, but you were just too tired to deal with any of that. You curled up on your bed, the tears you'd been holding in all day finally coming.

Meanwhile, Yoongi crept from his room with Jungkook close behind him. They had been working on a song together when you had gotten home.

"I could swear I heard the door," Jungkook hummed after finding the living room and kitchen to be empty.

"Let's check her room," Yoongi suggested, taking Jungkook's hand and pulling him back upstairs.

How they found you in your room broke their hearts. You were curled up on your bed, crying into your pillow and clutching your blankets to your chest.

"Noona, what's wrong?" Jungkook was at your side in a second, brushing back your hair.

"We're here, jagi," Yoongi murmured, rubbing your back. "It's okay."

You started crying even harder, breaking at their concern. "I had a really bad day at work," you explained.

"It's over now, jagi," Yoongi whispered into your hair, pulling you close. "You're home now. We've got you."

You sobbed, shaking your head. "Came home and it was d-dark and q-quiet! I thought everyone was gone."

"Oh, noona, we're sorry," Jungkook kissed your wet cheeks. "We weren't sure if we heard you come in or not. We're sorry we didn't come to you."

"What do you need, jagi?" Yoongi asked. "What can we do to make it better?"

You shook your head and whimpered. "Tired. Just wanna sleep."

"Let us at least get you into pajamas, noona," Jungkook argued.

You tried to protest, but your stomach chose that moment to growl again.

"And get you something to eat," Yoongi added, kissing the back of your neck. "Please. We wanna make sure you go to bed feeling comfortable, okay?"

"Comfy," you finally agreed, sniffling up the last of your tears.

"Yeah," Jungkook agreed, kissing your forehead as he wiped away the last of your tears. "We want our baby to be comfy."

You were already on the verge of slipping from their comfort, but Jungkook's words pushed you over the edge. You nuzzled against him, whining softly.

"It's alright," Yoongi whispered close to your ear. "Papa's gonna give you a bath while Daddy heats you up some food. How does that sound?"

You shook your head, though. "Want Papa and Daddy."

"Shh, sweetheart," Jungkook cooed. "We'll both stay with you, don't worry."

"We'll give you a bath together, okay, love?" Yoongi asked. "Then we'll both feed you some dinner, baby girl."

"Does that sound good?" Jungkook asked.

When you nodded, Jungkook picked you up and carried you into the bathroom. While he undressed you, Yoongi filled the tub with warm water and lots of bubbles.

"There we go, sweets," Jungkook lowered you into the water. "We'll have you squeaky clean in no time."

You managed a small smile at that as Yoongi began to soap your body, massaging your tired muscles as he did.

Jungkook wet your hair, massaging in shampoo and rinsing it expertly, not getting a single drop near your eyes.

"Sweet baby," Yoongi murmured, cupping your cheek.

The boys wrapped you up in a big fluffy towel, and Yoongi carried you back into your bedroom.

"Our baby needs the coziest jammies we have," Yoongi announced, setting you on the bed. "And fuzzy socks. And her sherpa."

Jungkook rifled through your closet, finding all the aforementioned items, while Yoongi fastened you into a pull up.

"Just in case," he said, booping your nose when you pouted. "We don't want an uncomfy baby, remember?"

Once you were dressed in fuzzy socks, soft Stitch pajamas, and a light pink sherpa, Yoongi carried you down into the kitchen.

"I bet my baby would like something yummy, hmm?" Jungkook asked, rifling through the cabinets and fridge.

"Yummy pwease," you agreed, resting your head against Yoongi's shoulder where he held you in his lap at the table.

"Daddy will make you something yummy, princess," Yoongi murmured against your scalp, leaving a kiss there.

You dozed in Yoongi's arms while Jungkook made you food, only waking when your daddies gently prodded you.

"Eat, darling," Jungkook coaxed a bite of grilled cheese to your lips. "Then we can cuddle and sleep, okay?"

Yoongi and Jungkook patiently fed you bites of the sandwich and gave you sips of apple juice until both were gone.

"Good girl," Yoongi murmured against your cheek. "Let's get you into bed."

"Is it my turn to carry her now, hyung?" Jungkook asked pitifully. "You had her on your lap while she ate."

"Here, baby," Yoongi passed you off with a kiss to your lips. "Daddy's going to carry you up to bed now."

"Cuddle?" You yawned as you made your way upstairs.

"Lots of cuddles," Yoongi assured you.

You felt warm and safe snuggled between them in bed. They both cuddled you close, giving you so, so many kisses.

"We love you so much, doll," Jungkook whispered.

"We hope you're feeling a little better now," Yoongi added.

You sighed happily, humming out, "better, daddies. Love you lots an' lots."

You fell asleep with a smile on your face.

Chapter Text

Your heart clenched as you watched Jimin pick up the spoon for the second time, this time fiddling with it before placing it back down.

"Come on, baby," you muttered to the computer screen.

If you were noticing Jimin's behavior, you knew that ARMY was, too. When Jimin picked up the spoon for the third time, this time actually swirling it around in the soup for a moment, your heart jumped with hope.

Just a few bites, Jiminie. Come on.

But he placed the spoon back down, shaking. He had tears in his eyes, and you could tell how badly he was hurting even through a screen.

The second they ended the live, you slammed your laptop shut and went down into the kitchen, beginning to make soup.

It wasn't long before the boys came home, boisterous and loud. You had soup simmering on the stove, and Seokjin kissed your head as he passed by you.

"We already ate, jagi, but thank you."

You hummed, locking eyes with Jimin. "I know, I saw," you said. "Why don't you go upstairs, oppas? I want to talk to Jiminie."

Jungkook and Taehyung seemed to realize that though you didn't say so, they were also supposed to head upstairs. Jimin refused to make eye contact with you, looking down at the floor as the others filtered out of the room.

"Hey," you murmured, going in for a hug. "It's okay, Jimin-ah, let's-"

"No," he pulled away from you, still shaking. "I'm not going to eat and you can't make me, so just cut it out."


"No," he barked, leaning against the counter. It looked like he was holding himself up, clearly tired and weak. "Just leave me alone. I'm fine."

"You aren't fine," you whispered. "You're shaking. You kept trying to eat, I saw you. You looked like you wanted to cry."

Jimin snapped, slamming his hand down onto the counter so hard that you jumped from the sound. "I do want to cry, noona! I wanted to eat! I'm shaking, I'm sweating, I-"

"I know," you whispered, drawing in close again. "I know. Noona's here, okay?" This time, Jimin didn't pull away when you started rubbing his back. "Sit down for me," you murmured, leading him to the counter seats. "Sit down and breathe for me, yeah?"

Jimin burst into tears, shaking even harder. "Make it stop," he sobbed. "Make it stop, noona, please."

"Jiminie…" you hugged him tight, kissing his hair. "Let noona help you. You have to let me. I know it's hard, baby, but you have to do what noona says."

Finally, Jimin nodded weakly against your shoulder. "I'm sorry for yelling, noona."

"Shh," you soothed him, kissing his damp cheek. "I understand. You didn't mean it, Jiminie."

Jimin visibly flinched when you brought over a bowl of soup, averting his eyes. "I can't-"

You scooped up a tiny spoonful and held it to his lips. "Come on, just a little bit. For noona."

Jimin hesitantly opened his lips, slowly chewing and swallowing.

"There we go," you murmured. "Thank you, Jimin-ah."

You fed him another spoonful, which he took without complaint.

By the time half the bowl was gone, Jimin had stopped shaking. He sagged against you, shaking his head.

"No more, please. Not right now."

You kissed his temple. "Okay, Jiminie. You ate so well for me. I'm proud of you."

Jimin only shrugged in response.

"Here; come with noona."

You lead Jimin by the hand upstairs, into a bathroom. You wet a cloth with warm water and carefully clean his tear-stained face before kissing his lips.

"There we go. That's much better, hmm?"

"Everything alright?"

You whipped around to find Namjoon in the hallway, peeking in through the open door.

"Everything’s okay, hyung," Jimin answered. "Noona, uhm… fed me some soup."

Namjoon sighed with relief at that. "Good, Jimin-ah. I'm glad you ate something." Quieter, he added, "we've been worried about you."

Jimin looked down at the floor, guilty for upsetting the other boys. "I'm sorry. I'm going to try to eat more regularly. I know it upsets you all, I just… it's hard."

You rubbed his back as he spoke, and Namjoon stepped into the room to rub his shoulders. "It's okay, it isn't your fault. I'm sorry we didn't notice sooner."

"I noticed, hyung," Jungkook appeared out of nowhere, stepping into the room. "I noticed, but I didn't want to draw more attention to you, since we were on camera…"

"It's okay, Jungkookie," Jimin murmured. "I appreciate that. More attention would have upset me."

Jungkook weaseled his way into the mix, hugging Jimin. A gasp resounded in the bathroom as Hoseok stepped inside.

"We're having a group hug and no one came to get me?" He accused, joining in.

Jimin chuckled as Hoseok kissed the top of his head.

"Hey!" Jimin yelled out suddenly. "Tae, hyungs! Come here!"

Taehyung came careening in first, wasting no time joining the hug. The space was cramped by the time Yoongi and Seokjin shuffled in, settling into the embrace.

"It's gonna be okay, Jiminie," Yoongi whispered.

"We've got you," Taehyung added.

And Jimin knew that he would be okay, that his friends, his family, would never let him slip through the cracks.

Chapter Text

"Oh, princess," Taehyung cooed, rubbing your back through your coughing fit. "I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky, my love."

You whimpered, which tickled your throat again, sending you into another wave now coughing.

"Baby, hey," Hoseok, hat and shoes still on, knelt down with a shopping bag in his hand. "I got you medicine, okay? You just have to take these pills and you'll feel better real soon."

Your lip wobbled as Seokjin took the bag from him, reading the directions on the box before dispensing two pills.

"Can't swallow them, Da," you mumbled.

"They didn't have this medicine in liquid for grown ups, sweetie," Namjoon, who had gone to the store with Hoseok, explained. "You're going to have to be a brave girl and try for us, alright?"

You didn't want to be a brave girl! The pills that Seokjin poured into Yoongi's hand looked really big and scary.

"One at a time, doll," Yoongi coaxed you.

"Here's some yummy juice to take it with," Jungkook added, handing you your sippy cup.

You put one of the big pills in your mouth, trying to swallow it down, but you started choking and gagging immediately. Yoongi held out his hand while Seokjin pounded you on the back, and you spat the yucky, saliva-covered pill right back into Yoongi's hand.

"Okay," Jimin hummed. "How about you try to take it with some ice cream, love? Doesn't that sound yummy?"

Well, when you choked on the pill in a spoonful of ice cream, you ended up with pink, strawberry spit running down your chin, and tears streaming down your face.

"What about applesauce?" Taehyung suggested. "Like they do with old people in the hospital."

Applesauce yielded the same result, except you coughed so hard that you sprayed applesauce onto Hoseok's shirt, which made you burst into tears.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"

"Shh, it's alright," Hoseok soothed you, petting your hair. "Don't get worked up, sweetie, it'll make your coughing worse."

"We'll just have to wait until she's big," Namjoon decided. "Do you think you can take them when you're big, honey?"

You nodded, squirming in place. "Don't know when I'll be big, though," you whispered.

"Don't worry," Jungkook murmured. "It'll happen eventually, and then you can have medicine and feel better, hmm?"

Well it didn't happen. You were so stressed out about trying to be big, so sick from not having the medicine, that you felt even littler! Your daddies started to worry as your cough got stronger, the fits that had you gasping for air more frequent.

"I'm gonna go back to the pharmacy," Yoongi finally said. "To see if there's anything else that can help her. I can't stand to watch her suffer like this."

"I'll come, too, hyung," Jungkook offered.

"It's alright, darling," Seokjin soothed you as you coughed again, throat sore from all of it. "Daddies will figure something out."

Sure enough, your daddies figured something out! Yoongi and Jungkook rushed inside when they got home, smiling. Yoongi had another bag from the store in his hands.

"We talked to the pharmacist, baby," Jungkook told you breathlessly. "They have a children's dose in liquid."

"She told us how much for you to take, so that it will be the same as an adult dose," Yoongi added. "You don't have to take those big, scary pills, sweetheart!"

That was the best news you had heard all day! Your daddies quickly poured the measurement that the pharmacist had written down into the little cup, and you drank it right down. It even tasted like bubblegum!

"There we go," Hoseok kissed your head. "Our little one will be feeling better in no time."

"Better, Baba," you echoed.

"That's right," Jungkook cooed.

"T'ank you Papa an' Daddy," you mumbled.

Yoongi smiled and cupped your cheek. "Anything for you, flower."

"Anything," Jungkook agreed.

Being sick was yucky, but it was a lot more bearable with the right medicine and your daddies cuddles.

Chapter Text

"Look, look! A new slide, Hanabi!"

"It's big!" She gasped, following you up the stairs.

"Hanabi scared?" You asked. "Want to get oppa so he can make it better?"

Hanabi blushed and shook her head. "M'not scared. Looks fun. Daddy would help if I was, though."

"Oppa always helps?"

Hanabi nodded, pausing near the slide. "Sometimes I have nightmares and he makes me feel better after. And he never makes me feel bad 'bout anything. He teaches me lots of stuff…"

You grinned, taking Hanabi's hand into yours. "Knew Hwan-oppa would be a good daddy."

Hanabi grinned back and squeezed your hand. "I love him lots."

Meanwhile, on a picnic blanket, Hwan was sprawled out with the boys.

"Things have been going well for the two of you?" Namjoon asked.

Hwan nodded. "Not just well… amazing. I didn't realize how lonely I was before her until now. I can't imagine life without her."

Jimin patted his back, nodding. "Having a little is really fulfilling."

"When she's big, too," Hwan murmured. "I love spending time with her. I love being with her."

"I'm glad things worked out," Yoongi said.

"She deserved a good daddy," Taehyung agreed. "And you deserved a good little."

Hwan was quick to pipe up, "she was so nervous at first, I felt so bad and didn't want to-"


Hwan startled at the sound of Hanabi's cry, followed quickly by you calling out, "oppa! Daddies!"

All the boys rushed over to the playground, where Hanabi sat in the mulch at the bottom of the new slide, clutching her ankle.

"Pretty girl, what happened?" Hwan was quick to rush to her, kneeling down to examine her ankle.

"T-twisted my ankle, Daddy," she whimpered. "Hurts."

"Let Daddy see." Hwan remained calm, looking at her ankle and prodding it gently. "Sweetheart, it isn't broken. I think a kiss will fix it right up!"

Hanabi sniffled on the last of her tears, looking up at him. "Kissies?"

Hwan leaned down, pulling her ankle to his lips and smooching her skin until she was a giggling mess. "See?" He said, pulling her into a hug. "All better now, baby girl."

Hanabi nodded, hugging Hwan back. "Thank you, Daddy. Was scared."

Hwan pulled back and booped her nose. "And what does Daddy always say about being scared?"

Hanabi thought for a moment. "To tell Daddy if I'm scared so he can fix it."

"Exactly," Hwan nodded. "You got Daddy because you were scared; you were such a good girl!"

Seokjin smirked, ruffling Hanabi's hair as Hwan helped her to stand up. "Know what good girls get?" He asked.

"What?" You and Hanabi asked, knowing that you were both very good girls.

"Ice cream!" Hwan chuckled, pointing over to the ice cream truck in the parking lot.

You were all happy to see Hanabi sitting comfortably in Hwan's lap later on, eating her ice cream as he wiped her face and tickled her sides. They really were the perfect pair.

Chapter Text


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Chapter Text

"Daddies, snow! Daddies, Daddies!"

Jungkook stirred at the sound of Hoseok's shouting, too little to understand what could have him so excited when Jungkook just wanted to sleep.

"Ah, Hobi, Jungkookie is sleeping," Yoongi scolded him. "Use your inside voice, please."

Jungkook heard Taehyung and Namjoon's voices next, but he couldn't decipher what they were saying. Now, however, he was very, very awake. He was hungry and needed to be changed. So he started whining, hoping his daddies would hear him.

"Aish, Hobi, baby," Namjoon sighed as he and Taehyung pushed open Jungkook's door. "You woke up your brother."

"Sorry, Dada, just excited about the snow!"

Jungkook didn't hear Namjoon's response, but was glad when Taehyung came over and tickled his tummy.

"Good morning, Koo-bear. It's snowing today!"

Jungkook was just a little baby, so he just babbled in response as Taehyung changed his diaper and then dressed him in a cute onesie and sweatpants.

"Let's go see your brother, okay, good boy?" Taehyung lifted him up easily and kissed his forehead before carrying him downstairs.

Namjoon, however, had apparently slipped from all the snow excitement in the short time they had been upstairs. He stood at the window with Hoseok, their noses pressed against the glass, fogging it up.

"Look, Tou-san, snow!"

Taehyung chuckled and patted his head. "Does the snow make you happy, little ones?"

"Yeah!" Hoseok answered. "We wanna build a snowman!"

Of course, that set Namjoon off, and he began to sing, "DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? COME ON LET'S GO AND PLAY!"


Jungkook giggled and clapped his hands together, loving his brothers singing one of his favorite songs.

Yoongi rolled his eyes fondly, ushering the boys over to the kitchen table. "We'll go play outside after you eat breakfast, okay? You need energy to build a snowman!"

"And make snow angels," Seokjin added as Taehyung sat down with Jungkook.

Jungkook wasn't entirely sure what playing in the snow consisted of in his young headspace, but Namjoon and Hoseok's excitement was contagious. All three boys ate breakfast super duper fast so they could play outside!

"Okay, Joonie, Hobi, go potty before we get you dressed!" Jimin called after them as they rushed up the stairs. "We have to bundle you up!"

Seokjin took Jungkook to dress him while the other boys handled the older two. Soon enough, all three of them were in layers of sweats, sweaters, jackets, hats, mittens, and boots.

"Help us make a snowman, Koo!" Namjoon and Hoseok went rushing right outside, beginning to roll snow into balls and push them around.

Jungkook tried to make a snowball of his own, with Jimin's help. "We'll make the head, Jungkookie," he told him. "It's the small one that goes on top!"

Jungkook liked that idea, and had lots of fun pushing his snowball around with his Appa. He soon grew bored, however, and dropped down to make snow angels with his Papa instead.

"It's done, daddies, look!" Hoseok pointed at the snowman, which he and Namjoon had poked holes into for eyes, nose, and a mouth.

"Wow!" Seokjin exclaimed. "My babies did such a good job!"

"Want to make snow angels now, my little snow angels?" Taehyung asked.

Namjoon and Jimin had other plans, however. They started throwing snowballs at each other and their daddies, having great fun!

"Got you, Papa!"

"Hit you, Da!"

"Got you, To-" Hoseok gasped, realizing his snowball hit Jungkook, not Taehyung. "Sorry, Kookie!"

Jungkook, started but not hurt, burst right into tears. "Owie!" He wailed.

"Oh, sweetie, it's okay," Jimin cooed, pulling him close. "You're okay, baby."

Jungkook continued to cry, even as Yoongi and Seokjin hugged him, too. He only settled after a few minutes of cuddles and cold-lipped kisses.

"I didn't mean to hit you, Kookie," Hoseok apologized again once he was calm. "I'm sorry." He accompanied his apology with a kiss to Jungkook's head, which the youngest smiled at.

"I think it's about time we go inside before my babies turn into little Popsicles!" Taehyung announced. "And it's almost naptime."

"Cold!" Namjoon agreed, shivering as the grown ups led all the littles inside.

"How about a nice warm bath?" Yoongi suggested.

He managed to get all three littles into the big tub together, filled with tons of bubbles and toys.

"Did you have a good day, my loves?" He asked as he carefully washed each of the boys.

"Had lots of fun, Papa!" Namjoon chirped.

"Love the snow!" Hoseok added.

Jungkook, too little to talk much anyway, just yawned.

Yoongi chuckled and said, "let's get you boys down for your nap, hmm? Building a snowman is tiring work."

"Tiring," Hoseok mimicked, yawning as Yoongi helped them all out of the tub.

Namjoon and Hoseok were big boys and dressed themselves in the jammies that Yoongi set out for them while he changed Jungkook. Soon enough, the four of them were snuggled up in bed together with lots of blankets and stuffies.

"Are you warm now, my little babies?"

Namjoon hummed sleepily and nodded. "Warm."

"Good," Yoongi murmured, yawning, as well. "I'm glad my babies are nice and comfy."

The little boys all giggled to themselves when their Papa was the one to fall asleep first, but then they followed close behind.

Chapter Text

"NSFW little!reader x daddykook
Like the Hobi chapter. JK made baby squirt with his mouth and she panicked and apologised but he comforted her saying she's doing good. And they continue and JK lets her be on top. But then she's really about to pee, and JK gets turned on and lets her (omo). Then fluff fluff where they bathed together and clean up the dirty sheets."


"Reader sees the interview where the boys are all saying how much they miss performing and it breaks Reader’s heart, so she hatches a plan!!! They have an online concert coming up that they have mixed feelings about (glad to be performing, but really wishes it could be with an audience) but they’ve been working on it really hard anyway. She recruits grandpa Bang and Sejin oppa to help.
(This next part is the part I don’t have any idea about, work your story-telling mojo like the boss you are and bibity-bobity-boo it so it makes sense…)
She gathers a bunch of COVID-safe ARMYs (I don’t know I just made that up, maybe they are all vaccinated or something? Idk. it’s fiction, just go with it), or maybe all the Hybe workers or their families or something, idk…
ANYway, when the guys go to perform, they see the crowd filled ARMYs (safely), and they are just over the moon [inserts fictional scene with mucho feels here]. Then they just have a really awesome, moving concert where they randomly cry a lot. And then later at home when they find out all the work she did for them, they just become 7 big ole sexy crybabies and puppy pile her for giving them the BEST. PRESENT. EVER.
IDK. Work your magic!"


"I'd love to see either MC or any of the guys realize that being tickled excites them sexually. Like, I know someone requested a follow-up to the first chapter of the second book, with the tickling; it can go along with that, or be its own chapter. Like, maybe when baby gets one of the guys that she didn't tickle in that chapter, one of them realizes that he actually likes it. Or, when he tries to get revenge, MC likes it and either the guy or MC keep trying to get the others to tickle them throughout the day. The others notice and playfully tease the guy/MC about it and it comes out that they enjoy it. That can lead to some sexy times, with either little or big MC/BTS member."


"Baby gets fascinated with her daddy's eyebrow piercing and keeps getting up to his face to admire it. But she's scared to get the same on her face so daddy brought her to get her ears pierced instead and she's still over the moon."


"Could I request one where big reader (trans) is out alone And needs to go to the bathroom, and gets misgendered and not let in to the male bathrooms. he has a breakdown about it and calls one of the guys. When they finally come to get him he slips and since he had to pee and is now little he has an accident. They take him home and bathe him and reassure him and just fluff."


"please can I request one where big reader has been listening to a lot of Yoongi's music and his "yeah, Suga" before he raps makes her feel so shy and squirmy and she can't look at him properly because she feels so shy and a lil turned on. And when she's big she wants to cling to him but she's getting all shy when he speaks to her. Like maybe its to the point where even when she's little she acts like she's intimidated and it really worries him because she clearly wants to cling to him and have nothing but his attention and have him do everything but she's so shy and quiet around him.
Maybe he he finds her up late at night when she's little and he whispers to her and she gets so squirmy and shy and he gently coaxes it out of her that its his voice that makes her shy and maybe he notices how turned on she is and he goes down on her? Thank you so much!! "


"If you have time do you think you can one where maybe the reader is really excited about something whether that be a new stuffie they got or a new fact they learn and they want to share it with everyone so they excitedly share about it but maybe a staff member that’s against littlespace or something tells them to just shut up and stop pretend in front of the boys and they get really protective over and go off on the staff member for making them feel insecure or invalid? Just protective boys! Thank you so much!"


"Can I request Yoongi who takes Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin to a swimming pool? Yoongi is not little but the other three are. While there, he teaches the littles it's okay to just pee in the pool because it's too much of a hassle to get them all out when one of them has to go. Maybe some of them already do it out of convenience and he has to teach the other(s)? And maybe he justifies it because "you're little, and it's okay for littles to pee in the water" but at the same time he does it himself too because he really can't be bothered."


"Trans Male Little Y/N with Little Yoongi and Taehyung (just slightly older than him in headspace) wonders why his peepee isn't like theirs when they take a bath together (without caregiver around). Like he asks why his doesn't work the same as theirs and gets especially curious when Yoongi pees in the bath and Tae gets hard from it.
Y/N kinda gets as jealous as he gets interested and starts grabbing their privates -with consent- to inspect why none of them are the same (like one of the cis boys is cut and not the other)
Then it could either stay innocent with a daddy stepping in and explaining why they are different and telling Y/N that he still is as much of a little boy as his hyungs and answering curious questions about his own anatomy.
Y/N gets a little too adventurous with his grabbing and showing his body and how different it works (like asking the others to touch him and demonstrating how he pees) and maybe the daddy catch them up while they are "trying to understand" by demonstrating on their own and it has already gotten a little out of hand and so the caregiver decides it's fine to let them be after asking them if they all are comfortable with the situation."


"jimin and taehyung in middle space (like fifteen) watching TV with little reader, and she's talking about christmas coming up. One of the boys spoils that santa isnt real to get her to stop talking over their show which makes her sad and confused, and the other is upset that he would say that to her."


"NSFW Big Jungkook is aheming little reader in reverse cowgirl holding her legs up and wide while he sits, and when he hears someone else come along, its big Hoseok, and he tells him to eat her out while he does it. And scene."


"could you do one where mc runs up to one of the guys in the middle of a fan sign? like she was supposed to stay in the back with sejin or someone but she gets excited and escapes? maybe the boys have to come up with an explanation or they just let her sit on their lap for the rest of the time? and then there’s some stuff on social media the next wondering who the mystery girl is."


"so this was a while ago but in chapter 191 of the first fic of the series yoongi told mc that if she felt like self-harming she should call them even if the boys are on tour. do you think you could write one where shes really struggling while they’re on tour and calls them?"


"So, Yoongi, Taehyung and MC are all at home alone, the rest of the members are busy recording songs and practising dance. Yoongi is big while MC and Taehyung are little, with MC being around nine while Tae is five. Suddenly Tae has a bad seizure (just worse than normal, but not severe enough to need to call an ambulance). When he wakes up he gets scared and starts crying hard, so Yoongi and little MC try their best to comfort him and make him feel safe again."


"she has innocent crushes on joon and jin while little. things like wanting to hold their hands, preferring to have them change her and feed her, tasks like that. feeling shy yet happy in their presence, constantly hugging them, calling their names and blushing whenever they would call her cute. and when they figure out what she’s feeling, they lightheartedly tease her for it which makes her even more embarrassed.
but then she sees one or both of them changing and it makes her feel funny inside her diaper. she doesn’t know what to do with this feeling, only knowing that it feels good. so (reader is little, joon and jin are big) they help their baby out, teasing her for touching herself while thinking of her da and dada. can be as freaky or vanilla, as lengthy or short as you want"


"another one is a little bit more fluffy lmao. lil jinnie has been acting up the whole day. breaking rules, throwing tantrums, giving all the caregivers a hard time, including hurting little reader’s feelings (she’s been feeling slightly younger than him so maybe he picks on her for age). it gets to the point where they call joon (who’s out) and he’s not happy. the phone call with little jin is brief, but hearing dada’s serious tone is enough to scare him into behaving, especially since he knows dada’s coming home soon and he will *not* be happy with him. anyways when joon gets home, the others awkwardly feel the tension between them as he brings jinnie into another room for a punishment (u can choose) and hear jinnie sobbing from how sorry he is, and he was acting up because he missed his dada since he hasn’t been home. he knew that wasn’t the way to get attention, but he just felt like acting up because he was just feeling mad in general. but he comes out sniffling, apologizing to the rest of the group and reader. (everyone is big except jinnie and reader)"


"NSFW with Yoongi and Big Reader but like they both had really bad days filled with lots of stress so they decide to have sex, and I mean like really steamy sex, and at the end maybe Yoongi ends up becoming little afterward and Reader takes care of him with baths and cuddles at the end <3"


"I hope it would be okay to do this, but Reader is a big fan of Coldplay so when Chris Martin (The singer of Coldplay) comes to Korea to record "My Universe" with BTS, Reader who is little like stumbles into the room where they're all working she was looking for one of her daddies (I feel like if she came in being like "Da!" it would be so cute) and Reader almost ends up leaving but Chris is like no it's fine come sit next to me. And he just like plays with her while they're working, and Reader is shy because she's around one of her favorite artists and it's just a bunch of fluff with all of them together. And maybe Chris at the end also gives her a gift and compliments Reader, which makes Reader really happy and she also really likes "My Universe"! I would love to see this but if you don't want to write it, it's completely okay!"


"I'm thinking some angst?? like the one in part 1 of the series where she ran away to Busan to Jimin when the boys were really mean to her?? but maybe it's centered around someone else. Maybe idk Taehyung and Jimin have a fight, which is very rare for them, but then the other boys kinda side with Jimin and Taehyung is isolated from everyone. And one day MC gets back from work and Taehyung isn't anywhere and the others don't even know he's missing. MC ends up at his personal apartment, and Taehyung is little and just crying hysterically, so some mommy/Tae moments. And then when they get back, Taehyung takes a while to start trusting the others again. But maybe it'd be irrational for all of them to side with Jimin, so maybe just idk Jungkook does? (that would hurt Tae even more because him and jk have been through so much over the years). And the other boys decide to just let the maknaes solve it by themselves but things degenerate. But they do make up after a couple of days and then fluff with Taehyung and all of his daddies and mommy"


"Maybe mc sees her little friends being potty trained and wants to give it a go, it starts off well but she starts to miss the comfort of a diaper so she keeps having accidents. Maybe some frustrated angst from Namjoon and Jungkook because they don’t understand why she’s having so many accidents. Fluff at the end when mc finally talks to them about wanting to wear diapers again."


"reader is big and notices jimin and namjoon stressed out and spoils them rotten with cuddles and kisses and all their favorite snacks!! all fluff"


"can it be like one where reader has a silly joke collection and like they wont stop telling jokes"


"I remember reader was always shy in the beginning of her relationship with the boys when little, and they were all new to littlespace, and i remember one chapter where you wrote yoongi liking cuddling when it came to reader or realozes he did like it and also how the boys were all learning littlespace and yoongi being the most uh ig "shy" about it. i was wondering if you could write one where reader is like maybe about 2-4 and she's suuuper clingy that day and she was following everyone around except yoongi, until she got bored of following the other boys around andshe really wants to know and be around her yoongi oppa even tho she was a bit hesitant. and yoongi's isn't used to all the affection and things, but she starts to follow him around everywhere and he's like "why are you following me?" And she'll say "cause I like you" and then that continues through the remainder of the day where yoongi is doing something such as eating and reader will have the exact same food but eats yoongi's and hes like "why? You have your own?" And she's like "but I like you" lol thats her big excuse, she sleep in his bed for a nap, sit on his lap when she has the whooooole couch and a part where she's just staring at him in adoration and he tell her to stop, but her big excuse is, for the whole day, to why she does everything, is "but I like you" lol. Also laughs from the other boys as they watch the baby bug yoongi all day long. Maybe reader apologizes the next day when she's big but yoongi says its fine that he enjoyed yesterday and glad she was determined to get closer to him and get him out of his shell :D"


"Okay so maybe Jimin starts having wet dreams in little space and wants to explore the sexual side of being little more. Maybe it starts with grinding on his stuffies and progressing the members thighs, etc. maybe we can get a small snippet with each member?"

Chapter Text

You whimpered as you sat on Taehyung's lap, his thigh pressing right against your most sensitive spots. Normally, you wouldn't take much notice, but you were feeling aroused already. So when you started grinding down against his leg, Taehyung grabbed your waist and moaned.

"Is my baby boy feeling horny, hmm?"

You blushed, a bit shy about your needs, but eventually nodded. "Horny, Tou-san," you whispered.

Taehyung smiled against your cheek as he kissed it, chuckling softly. "Tou-san can help you with that, if you want, handsome."

You whined, squirming in his lap and trying to get more friction. "Please," you whispered.

"Gotta tell Tou-san what you need, baby," Taehyung started kissing down your neck. His hand splaying over your belly and rubbing soothing circles. "Use your big boy words."

"Want Tou-san inside," you mumbled.

"Mm," Taehyung nibbled your ear. "Tou-san would like that very much. Front hole or back hole, sweetheart?"

You considered it for a moment, but you wanted Taehyung inside you quick. There was a pressure growing in your belly that you knew his pee-pee would fix, and your front was already wet and ready.

"Front," you whispered. "Ready for you, Tou-san."

Taehyung laughed softly, flipping you so that you were lying on the bed with him hovering on top of you. "Impatient little boy," he teased. "Shirt on or off?"

You bit your lower lip and told him, "on?"

Taehyung kissed your lips and assured you, "that's fine, little bear. I just want my little boy to be comfy."

He was slow and careful as he pulled down your pants, kissing you teasingly through your boxer briefs. After a frustrated huff from you, however, he pulled those off, too.

"Impatient," he murmured again as he worked off his own shirt and pants.

"Not impatient," you argued. "I'm a good boy!"

Taehyung breathed heavily in your ear as he pressed inside, readily agreeing, "yes, baby, you're such a good boy. The best."

You moaned at Taehyung's length inside you, whimpering as he began to rock his hips. The pressure got more intense with him inside, and you knew that you were going to orgasm very quickly.

"Tou-san," you whimpered. "Feels really good."

"Good, baby," Taehyung murmured, kissing you. "Wanna make my baby boy feel good. Wanna make him cum."

You whimpered, the pressure in your belly growing unbearable. "Gonna cum," you whispered.

But instead of cumming, you felt a gush between your legs and the pressure inside you starting to dissipate as the sheets around you became soaked.

"Oh no!" You whimpered, hiding your face in your hands. "No, no, no!"

"Sweetheart," Taehyung cooed, pulling you closer and continuing to thrust, pushing more pee out of you. "It's okay, shh, keep going."

You couldn't have stopped if you tried. Once your bladder started emptying, it was hopeless to try and stop it. You started to cry just as Taehyung came prematurely, too turned on by your sudden accident.

"Baby boy, shh," he gathered you into his arms and started kissing away your tears. "Please don't cry, honey, it was just an accident."

You sniffled, clutching Taehyung's shoulders and shaking your head. "Didn't know I needed to potty!" You whined. "Didn't mean to have a accident! M'not a baby!"

"Oh, prince, of course you aren't," Taehyung soothed you, kissing your face all over. "Tou-san isn't mad at all. Tou-san liked it so much, baby boy. Don't be embarrassed."

You whimpered, hips wiggling on their own accord.

"Do you still need to go?" Taehyung asked, rubbing your belly. "It's okay, you can finish up, sweetheart."

You shook your head and mumbled, cheeks red, "didn't cum."

"Ah," Taehyung murmured, kissing your tummy. "Tou-san left you hanging, didn't he?" He kissed your soft tummy again, tickling it after just to hear you giggle. "Can I suck my baby's pretty cock and make it up to him?"

You blushed and protested, "but it's dirty… went pee-pee…"

"Tou-san doesn't mind, sweetie," he huffed out, breathing right over where you were damp and aching. "You going pee-pee made Tou-san cum so fast, baby. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Tou-san loved it."

"S'okay?" You asked, squirming with every breath Taehyung huffed out over you.

"Yes, handsome," Taehyung murmured. "Tell Tou-san if you want to stop, okay? Want my baby boy to be comfy."

You didn't want him to stop. All your shame and embarrassment was immediately forgotten as Taehyung's mouth touched you, sucking you into his mouth and sloppily using his tongue. Another pressure built up inside you, and this time, you knew that you wouldn't pee, so you relaxed.

Taehyung moaned as you came, stroking your thighs lovingly to ground you as you whimpered and called out his name. When you whined and shuddered, spent, he pulled off and licked his lips.

"My good boy," he whispered. "Tou-san's going to give you a nice bath and clean you right up."

"Bed?" You asked, looking down at the mess you'd made.

Taehyung nodded. "Tou-san will clean the bed, don't you worry. You did so good, baby bear. Did it feel good?"

As much as your accident had embarrassed you, it also made you feel kind of nice. Smaller, humiliated, helpless. So you nodded, a blush crawling up your cheeks.

Taehyung smirked and leaned in to pick you up and carry you into the bathroom. "My sweet little boy," he cooed. "Too small to even know he has to potty. Tou-san will just have to put you back in diapers."

And though you hid your face in your hands, well… you were secretly pleased with the idea.

Chapter Text

You huffed as you rifled through your clothes, looking for a specific sweater to wear. Your room was an absolute mess, beyond repair, and you couldn't find anything when you needed it.

You really wanted your blue and green striped sweater, but you got distracted looking for it and decided to wear your pastel yellow one with little hearts instead. You made a mental note that you should clean up your room at some point, but you knew it was just overwhelming.

You made another mental note to order your meds, which probably would have prevented your spiral in the first place. But you were already so long without them that you couldn't remember to order them, and you didn't want to ask your daddies for help. You were a big girl and big girls could remember their own medications!

"Baby doll, did you remember to sweep the kitchen?"

You bit your lip, shaking your head. "M'sorry, Appa. I'll do it now."

"Sweetheart, you're really fidgety," Namjoon started rubbing your back, cuddled close on the couch. "Is everything okay?"

You nodded, trying and failing to still your wiggling, the tapping of your fingers and bouncing of your legs. "I'm okay, Dada."

The boys all knew your behavior when your ADHD was giving you trouble, but Hoseok still asked, "do you have to go potty?"

You shook your head.

Finally, quieter, Jungkook asked, "have you been taking your medication, honey?"

You whined at that, even more of a sore subject than usual. "I'm a big girl!" You argued.

"We know, baby, we just…"

Seokjin shook his head at Taehyung, effectively making him trail off. He sighed and offered you a smile.

"Okay, baby. I'm sorry. We know you're a big girl."

You just weren't able to sleep. Not at night, not at naptime. You would stay awake, thoughts racing and fingers tapping on the blankets.

"Sweetie," Yoongi mumbled, groggily pulling you closer. "Why aren't you asleep?"

You shrugged.

"You gotta tell Papa, honey," he murmured. "How can daddies help if we don't know what's wrong?"

You managed to fall back asleep after a while, but not for very long. You woke to the bright sun, your overwhelmingly messy room, and the sounds of the morning city rush from the window. Your head immediately started to throb.

"Sweetness, why are you crying?"

You were crying so loud, even as Yoongi tried to comfort you, that it woke up all the boys.

"Princess," Jimin cooed. "It's okay, daddies are here. Can you tell us what's wrong?"

You only cried harder, unable to speak. Your fingers tapped and you couldn't stay still, wiggling in Yoongi's arms.

"Oh, doll, you need your medication, don't you?" Namjoon murmured. "Where is it?"

But you were too little to answer, fingers shoved into your mouth as you cried.

"Oh, love, we'll find them for you," Hoseok promised.

But what the boys found instead was an empty bottle with a refill reminder taped to it. A refill reminder for over a week ago.

"Oh, precious, we're going to fill your script," Taehyung told you. "Poor thing. Why didn't you tell daddies?"

By then, you had been dressed in a diaper and onesie, and were sucking on a pacifier while cuddling on Jimin's lap. Your tears had been reduced to sniffles; you had run out of tears.

"Let's go to the pharmacy," Jungkook said, tugging on Seokjin's arm. "Hurry, hyung."

While they were gone, the others boys managed to coax you into eating some yogurt so they could give you Tylenol. It helped your headache slightly, but you still felt overwhelmed.

After a while, you were left alone in the living room with Hoseok, who snuggled you close. You wanted to ask where your other daddies were, but you just managed some garbles, "daddies" being the only intelligible word.

"Your other daddies?" Hoseok asked. "Da and Daddy went to the pharmacy, remember? Your other daddies are in your room, tidying up."

Your lip started to tremble at that, feeling guilty even in your small headspace that they were cleaning up after you.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Hoseok brushed your noses together and assured you, "daddies want to help you. You're overwhelmed, baby, and that's alright. Daddies want to help you when you're overwhelmed, to get you back on track."

Neither of you noticed that Jungkook and Seokjin had crept into the room, looking fondly on the scene. Seokjin knelt down with your prescription bag in his hand.

"Baba's right," he told you as Jungkook brushed back your hair. "Your daddies want you to know that you can come to us for help."

"Needing help doesn't make you any less of a big girl," Jungkook told you. "Even big girls need help sometimes, and that's okay."

Once the Adderall hit your system, you felt much better. Your thoughts stopped racing, and you were able to relax in your daddies arms in your nice, clean room. And you knew that your daddies would check up on you and help you keep it that way. After all, big girls needed help sometimes, too.

Chapter Text

You whimpered, pulling your hand to your chest and looking at the absolute carnage around you. A pile of glass, some sprinkled with blood from your hand. You cried more from fear than pain, knowing that you weren't supposed to run inside the house, especially not near the china cabinet. Now the boy's irreplaceable glass award was broken, and you knew you were in for it.

When Jimin and Yoongi saw the mess, however, they absolutely panicked.

"Hyung, there's blood," Jimin croaked, looking pale.

"Baby girl!" Yoongi called out, eyes darting around the room. "Where are you?"

"What's going on in here?" Namjoon entered the room, and upon seeing the mess, immediately blurted out, "I didn't do it."

"We're the only ones home other than y/n," Jimin gritted out. "She's hurt, she's bleeding, what if she-"

"Y/n!" Namjoon shouted, rushing out of the room. "Baby, please answer us!"

The boys started searching every room of the house, but you didn't answer their calls.

"Sweetheart, you're not in trouble, please come out!"

"We're so worried about you, doll, please!"

"Daddies need to fix your boo-boo, honey!"

"Hyung," Namjoon wavered, "what if she passed out somewhere or-"

He paused as they heard a sniffle coming from Taehyung's vacant bedroom. The boys all rushed in, following the sniffles to Taehyung's desk, where you were crouched underneath.

"Oh, baby, thank goodness," Yoongi breathed. "We were so worried."

"Are you hurt?" Jimin asked, looking at where you clutched your injured hand to your chest. "Let daddies see."

You shook your head, curling even further into yourself to hide the injury. "No! Didn't mean it!"

"Sweetheart," Namjoon reached out and ruffled your hair. "You aren't in trouble, I promise."

"No!" You wailed again, sobbing even harder. "Broke daddies award!"

"Fuck the award," Yoongi said suddenly, causing you to gasp.

"Bad word!" You accused, momentarily forgetting your fear and pain.

Yoongi nodded, all seriousness. "See? Papa broke a rule, too. We're even now. So please, love, let us fix your boo-boo. You aren't in trouble."

"Come on out, beautiful," Namjoon whispered. "It's okay."

"We were so scared, darling," Jimin added. "We're so relieved that we found you. Please let us see."

You finally crawled out from your hiding place, and Yoongi wasted no time pulling you into his lap. He kissed your head over and over, rocking you in his lap.

"My baby," he murmured.

"Can Dada see?" Namjoon asked, reaching for your hand.

You shut your eyes as you held out the offending limb, not wanting to see the injury. Namjoon gently looked your hand over, and Jimin leaned in to kiss your cheek.

"No glass in the cut," Namjoon announced. "And it doesn't look like it needs stitches."

"Thank goodness," Yoongi breathed.

Jimin rushed from the room for a few moments, returning with the first aid kit. "Here, let's fix you right up, princess."

The spray that Jimin put on your cut stung, but Yoongi and Namjoon kissed you through the pain, telling you what a brave girl you were. Soon enough, you had a bandage wrapped around your hand.

"All better, my sweet," Jimin whispered.

You were glad that your daddies weren't mad at you, and you relished in all their soft touches and cuddles. But still, you felt bad.

"I'm sorry for breaking the rules and breaking your award, daddies."

"Thank you for apologizing, honey," Yoongi murmured. "Daddies know that you didn't mean it, and we forgive you."

"We love you, baby," Namjoon added. "We're so glad that you're alright."

"We were so worried," Jimin sighed, cupping your cheek. "We never want our baby to be hurting and afraid."

You managed a watery smile. "I love you, daddies. Won't hide from you ever again!"

Yoongi tickled your sides, making you squirm in his lap. "Thank you, pretty. Daddies never want their little girl to hide from them."

Chapter Text

You should have went with Yoongi and Hoseok to look at electronics, or Namjoon and Seokjin to look at housewares. The maknae line, who you had chosen to split off with, were looking at boring old men's clothes. You were sick of skinny jeans and suits and bomber jackets. You wanted to look at toys and games!

You huffed as the boys looked through piles of polo shirts, ready to complain that you were bored. But then, you saw something out of the corner of your eye. Mickey Mouse himself was walking through the mall, waving to everyone as he went.

You gasped, yanking on Jimin's sleeve. "Appa! Mickey Mouse! I wanna go see."

Jimin ignored you, mumbling something that sounded like "in a minute, baby."

You huffed, watching as Mickey walked further away, stopping to take pictures with some kids. You didn't want him to leave before you got to say hi! You would only be gone for a second, you were sure.


He waved at you as you approached him, running at full speed.

"Huh-huh! Be careful. You don't want to fall and slip!"

You giggled and waved back shyly. "Hi," you whispered.

You really wanted your daddies to take a picture of you with Mickey! But when you looked back to where they had been… they were gone. Immediately, tears welled up in your eyes.

"Lost my daddies," you whimpered.

Mickey dropped the act at your crying and gently led you away from the crowd. "Are you alright?"

You shook your head. "Want my daddies," you cried.

Mickey took your hand in his big, costumed one and started leading you through the mall. "Don't worry! We'll find your… daddies."

Mickey took you up to the concierge counter in the middle of the mall, where he took off his helmet and explained to the clerk that you were lost and needed to find who you'd come to the mall with. Vague, but helpful. The clerk ended up making an announcement over the loud speaker.

"Would the party here with a young lady wearing a white skirt, pink top, and purple converse sneakers please come to the concierge desk?"

He announced your eye and hair color, as well as your name. Mickey was nice enough to wait with you until your daddies appeared from all directions, all looking equally terrified.

"Baby girl," Hoseok scooped you into his arms.

"That announcement scared me half to death," Seokjin was panting, as was Namjoon.

"Honey, I'm so, so sorry!" Jimin pressed kiss after kiss to your face. "I didn't mean to ignore you."

"You three lost her," Namjoon barked. "What is wrong with you?!"

The maknae line shrunk back, looking down at the floor.

"We're sorry, hyung," Jungkook finally said. "We should have paid better attention…"

"Yeah, you should have," Yoongi hissed. "Look, she's been crying!"

"Baby, we're sorry," Taehyung murmured, carding his fingers through your hair. "Daddies are here now. We won't lose sight of you again, I promise."

You sniffled and offered, "was kinda my fault. Shouldn't have left without daddies."

Hoseok sighed and kissed your hair. "I think daddies and baby made some mistakes," he said. "But everything's okay now. You're here and you're safe."

"Huh-huh!" You hadn't realized Mickey had been there, helmet back on, watching the whole scene. "A happy ending! Would you like a picture?"

Instead of a picture of just you and Mickey, the concierge clerk took one of you and all your daddies together. You printed it out when you got home that night, taping it to your bedframe to see anytime you liked.

Chapter Text

You huffed, glancing at the restrooms in the store. You tried your best not to use public restrooms, especially if you were out alone instead of with the other boys. But you'd neglected to pee before you went out to shop, and the iced coffee you'd had was really irritating your bladder. So, you made your way over to the men's room.

"Wrong bathroom, darling," a man at a urinal said the moment you stepped inside.

You started to tremble slightly, remembering different outcomes from previous experiences. None of them ended well.

"I'm not in the wrong bathroom," you said.

"Ladies room is across the hall," he said, zipping up. "Or did you not notice the urinals?"

You blushed, but still tried to stand your ground. "I'm a guy. I just need to use the bathroom. Leave me alone."

By then, another guy had come out of one of the stalls, and he looked you up and down. "You're not a guy," he said. "So get the fuck out of here."

Your anxiety became more of an issue than your bladder, your heart pounding inside your chest. You flew from the bathroom and right out of the store, blindly pulling your phone from your pocket as you reached the parking lot.

"Hyung," you croaked into the phone when Yoongi picked up. "Please come get me."

"Okay," he said evenly. "Taehyung, Kookie, and I will come right now." He paused a moment, taking in your rapid breathing. "Did something happen?"

You felt tears gathering in your eyes, and you swallowed down a sob. "Ye-yeah," you whispered. "Uhm, can you hurry?"

You heard Taehyung's voice next; Yoongi had clearly put the phone on speaker. "We're getting in the car, hyung. Can you tell us what happened?"

Your breathing got even faster, anxiety prickling in your chest. "I… I wanted to use the bathroom, and…"

"Breathe," Jungkook instructed you. "It's alright, hyung. We're here."

"Did someone hurt you?" Taehyung asked.

"No!" You quickly said. "They just… they said I didn't belong in the men's room, and I was starting to panic, so I left."

The other boys all knew that you avoided public restrooms at all costs, especially when alone, so you weren't surprised by Yoongi's offer.

"Okay, we'll be there soon, and we'll go inside with you so that-"

"No!" You protested. "I don't want to go back in." The tears in your eyes finally started leaking down your cheeks at the mere thought of having to enter the store again. "Please," you whimpered. "Don't make me."

"Shh, hyungie," Jungkook soothed you. "We aren't going to make you go back in if you don't want to. We'll take you right home."

Once your tears started, you just couldn't stop them. You sobbed, settling down on the curb in an attempt to quell your bladder's discomfort. Why couldn't you just be accepted? Why was everything so hard?

"We're here," Yoongi told you. "Pulling into the parking lot right now. You're safe, y/n."

You hung up the phone as they pulled up, and the second they rushed from the car, you dropped.

"Daddies," you wailed. "Scary. Scared."

Taehyung pulled you up from the ground in a sudden motion, hugging you. "You're safe now, baby boy. We're right here."

The boys all joined in the hug, and you didn't realize that you'd lost control of your bladder when you stood until you were wet to the knees. You gasped, trying to pull away.

"Daddies, no! I'm having an accident!"

"It's okay, little one," Jungkook soothed you, kissing the top of your head. "You're okay. Daddies are blocking you; no one can see."

You continued to helplessly wet yourself, whimpering as your pee started to splatter onto the concrete.

"Shh, sweetheart, it's okay," Yoongi murmured.

"Could have waited if I s-stayed big!"

"I'm sure you could have," Taehyung agreed. "But daddies love to see our little boy, and it isn't your fault."

"Just an accident," Jungkook assured you. "You really needed to go, honey, it's okay."

You sniffled, deciding that your daddies wouldn't lie to you. If they said it was okay, then it must be. You squirmed, uncomfortable in your rapidly cooling jeans.

"Let's get you home, lovely," Yoongi suggested. "Your other daddies will draw a bath for you, yeah?"

You let yourself be led into the backseat, asking, "bubbles?"

Taehyung chuckled. "Anything you want, darling boy."

Someone must have texted the other boys during the car ride home, because Namjoon was waiting at the door when you arrived home.

"Hey, handsome," he cooed, picking you up carefully. "Daddies are going to take good care of you, okay?"

"You'll get wet, Dada," you argued, though you remained limp in his arms.

"I don't mind," Namjoon kissed your head. "I just need my baby boy to know how loved he is."

"M'loved?" You asked as he set you down on the bathroom counter. Hoseok was adding bubbles into the water in the tub.

"You're so, so loved, precious boy," Hoseok assured you.

Namjoon undressed you carefully, peeling off your wet jeans and boxers. Then he lowered you into the warm water, ruffling your hair.

"M'sorry for peeing my pants," you whispered as Namjoon cleaned you with a soapy washcloth.

"You don't need to apologize, honey," Hoseok assured you. "It wasn't your fault."

"Little boys have accidents sometimes," Namjoon reasoned.

"Tried to go potty at the store," you whispered.

"We heard," Hoseok said gently. "Do you want to talk to daddies about it?"

You shook your head quickly. "Just… I wouldn't have had a accident if the meanies let me in!"

"We know, baby boy," Namjoon cooed. "You did so good, no one's upset with you."

Seokjin and Jimin seemed to think the same thing as they dried you off and dressed you after your bath.

"Our perfect little one," Jimin kissed your belly as he pulled up your underwear and pants. "We love our little boy so much."

"Even if I still look like a girl?"

Seokjin's face was serious as he pulled your shirt over your head. "Sweetheart, you do not look like a girl." He kissed your forehead firmly. "Some ignorant people just have a very narrow view of what male or female looks like."

"And that isn't a you problem," Jimin added. "That's a them problem." He stroked your cheek and told you, "people say we look like girls all the time, don't they? And we're cis."

"So don't you let what those mean men said to you upset you, or make you think that you're not passing," Seokjin continued, kissing your cheek. "You're our perfect, precious boy, little and big."

"M'just like daddies?" You asked, heart swelling.

"Just like daddies," Jimin assured you.

You believed them, knowing that they would never lie to you. You let yourself be coddled by them for the rest of the afternoon, accepting their praise and letting it fill you up, making you whole again. Who cared what a couple of jerks at the store thought, when you had seven daddies who loved and accepted you just as you were?

Chapter Text

You sighed, playing with Jungkook's eyebrow piercing yet again. You loved to wiggle it around, to unscrew the little balls on each end and then twist them back into place. You loved to run your fingers over the little bump that the barbel made under his skin.

"You glad Daddy got his eyebrow done for real?" Jungkook asked, kissing your temple.

"Uh huh," you murmured. "Like it a lot. It's cooler than the sticky ones."

Jungkook chuckled at that. "It's pretty cool, baby."

"I love it," you breathed, reaching up to play with it some more. "Would… would I look pretty with one, Daddy?"

Jungkook began playing with your hair. "You could never not look pretty, doll. You're the prettiest little girl in the entire world."

You giggled and blushed at that, hiding your face in his neck. "How did they do it?"

Jungkook lifted your face from his neck and kissed your cheek. Then he reached up for your eyebrow and poked it twice, once above and once below.

"First they take a marker and put a little dot where each of the holes go." He reached up and gently pinched your skin between his fingers. "They put on a little plastic clamp with an opening in it to keep your skin like this." Jungkook let go.

"What then, Daddy?"

Jungkook sighed and told you, "then they take a needle and put it through. After that, they put the barbel in and put the little balls on to keep it in place."

You paled slightly, squirming in his lap. "That sounds really scary and ouchie."

Jungkook kissed your cheek and assured you, "my little girl doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to."

You pouted. "But I want a piercing like Daddy!" You argued.

Jungkook hummed, "yeah?" He gently started rubbing one of your earlobes. "How about an ear piercing, doll? Want to get your ears pierced like Daddy?"

You looked at the pretty little silver hoops hanging from Jungkook's ears. "Is it scary, too? Big needle?"

Jungkook shook his head. "They put the earring right into your ear with a little gun. It's just a quick pinch. Want Daddy to show you?"

You nodded, still hesitant. "O-okay, Daddy."

Jungkook fingered your earlobe again, this time pinching you quickly, using his fingernails. It hurt, but not enough to make you cry. You were a big girl, after all.

"That's it?" You asked.

He nodded. "It's that quick. The actual piercing might hurt a tiny bit more, though."

"I want my ears pierced, Daddy," you told him. "Please."

Jungkook took you to his tattoo and piercing studio, where the artist arranged for another employee to be there in order to pierce both your ears at once. It was the same artist who had done Jungkook's and your tattoos, and you were happy to see him and his nice co-worker.

"Getting an ear piercing, are we, little one?" He asked as he and the nice lady loaded up the piercing guns with the earrings.

You nodded, reaching out for Jungkook's hand. "Is it gonna hurt?"

The woman assured you, "it's a quick pinch. It'll be over before you know it."

You waited as they marked your ears where the holes would go before lining up the guns. "Wait!" You squeaked. "You gotta count down!"

The man chuckled and assured you, "we will. You make sure you take a deep breath, and let it out when we say '3', okay?"

You hummed in agreement, squeezing Jungkook's hand. "O-okay, oppa."

"Daddy's got you," Jungkook murmured. "Keep squeezing my hand, baby."

The lady started counting, and you squeezed your eyes shut. "One, two, three!"

You gasped, breathing out at the sudden pressure and sharp pinch in your ears. But then, the guns were pulled away and a mirror was held in front of your face.

"How's that?" Jungkook's artist asked.

You grinned at the tiny gold balls on your ears. "I match Daddy!" You squealed.

"You were so brave," the woman told you.


Jungkook nodded. "And brave girls get ice cream," he told you.

Your eyes lit up. Pretty earrings and a treat? You were over the moon!

"Yay!" You shouted. "Thank you, oppa! Thank you, unnie! Love my earrings!"

They both patted you on the head and wished you well. You jumped up from your chair, pulling on Jungkook's arm.

"Ice cream, Daddy! Everyone can see that we match!"

Jungkook grinned and scooped you up into his arms. He kissed your nose and told you, "that's right, baby. You and Daddy match. Does that make you happy?"

You nodded. "Super happy."

Chapter Text

You giggled as your daddies practiced their dance, eagerly showing anyone who would look your new stuffie.

It was a giant, pink unicorn after all, with a gold horn and gold paws. You thought it was the coolest thing, and wanted to show all the staff in the room since your daddies had seen it already!

"Oppa! Did you see my new stuffie?"

The staff member smiled at you and said, "I sure did! What's it's name?"

You thought for a moment. You hadn't thought of a name yet. "Mm… oppa names it!"

The staff member's grin only widened. "What an honor! Hmm, it looks like a Charlie to me."

You gasped and nodded. That was the perfect name! "Thank you, oppa! Charlie is perfect!"

You ran up to another staff member and tugged on her shirt. "Unnie, did you meet Charlie?"

She shook her head. "I haven't!" She held out her hand and shook the stuffie's hoof. "It's very nice to meet you, Charlie."

You burst into giggles, loving that she played along. You went up to another staff member, whom you didn't know very well.

"Oppa! This is Charlie. Want to say hello?"

The man scoffed at you and turned away. "Quit acting like a kid and leave me alone."

Your heart sank and you clutched Charlie closer to your chest. "You're mean," you whispered.

"And you pretending to be a kid is fucking annoying! Maybe everyone else will play along, but I'm not going to. Go bother someone else!"

The boys, who had overheard and stopped dancing, were at your side as you burst into tears. Seokjin gathered you into his arms and started to rock you, trying to calm you down.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Yoongi snapped at the staff member.

He balked, opening his mouth to retort, but was cut off by Taehyung.

"You will not ever disrespect our baby girl like that again."

The staff member glowered and said, "I don't work for you. I work for Big Hit."

"Not for much longer," Namjoon shrugged, storming out of the practice room.

While Seokjin rocked you, Jimin tried to soothe you by kissing your cheeks, and Hoseok rubbed your back. Jungkook took a step towards the man who had made you cry.

"You're lucky I don't smack that smirk right off your face," he hissed.

He rolled his eyes. "I'm not afraid of you."

When Namjoon came back into the room, Sejin by his side, you had finally stopped crying.

"This is him," Namjoon said, pointing.

"Sejin-ssi, I-"

"You can gather your things and leave," Sejin quipped, all business. "If you don't show respect for our idols and their families, then you will not work for us."

The (former) staff member sputtered, trying in vain to defend himself. "I just-"

"Want me to call security to escort him, hyung?" Seokjin offered.

Sejin shook his head. "I'll escort him out myself."

You all breathed a sigh of relief as Sejin ushered him out of the room. You nuzzled against Seokjin and inhaled deeply.

"Glad he's gone, daddies. He's mean."

Hoseok nodded. "That's right, baby. He was very mean and he said untrue things. So our baby should forget everything he said, yes?"

You nodded slowly. "I'm not annoying, right?" You confirmed.

"Oh, baby doll, of course you aren't." Jimin held out his hands for you and squeezed you tight. "You are never, ever annoying."

"We love you so much, sweetie," Namjoon added. "You're never a bother."

You didn't need much coaxing to believe your daddies. After all, the other staff members had all loved meeting Charlie! One had even named him.

"Trust you, daddies," you murmured as Jimin set you down.

Jungkook brushed back your hair and pointed at the nice staff member who had shook Charlie's hoof. "Why don't you go sit with unnie while daddies dance? She'll be nice to you."

Sure enough, your kind unnie not only played with you and Charlie, but even took you for a snack from the vending machine and to thank Sejin for making the mean man go away.

Your daddies were right; you knew that you weren't a bother.

Chapter Text

Seokjin had managed to evade your first round of tickles, but he wasn't so lucky when you decided that the tickle monster would strike again! He watched as you tickled Jimin until he had tears in his eyes from laughing, then moved onto him with wandering hands.

"Ah, baby, don't-"

But your cold little hands were already traveling along his torso, making him squirm. He gasped, laughing at the ticklish sensation before he started feeling heat pooling in his groin.

Was he peeing? it was embarrassing enough when Yoongi had that one time, but him? Seokjin tried to wriggle away, surprised that his pants were dry. Dry… and straining against his erection.

"Hyung!" Jimin gasped when he saw.

Seokjin quickly shoved you away, cheeks getting red as your final seconds of tickling caused a moan to erupt in his throat. Finally, you stopped your attack, confused.

"Da?" You asked, tilting your head.

Seokjin tried to cover up his boner, but you had already seen. You moved closer, hands hovering near his crotch.

"Da likes tickles?"

Seokjin turned even redder, shaking his head and getting ready to deny it. Jimin moved closer, trailing his hands up Seokjin's back until they reached his shoulders.

"It's alright, hyung," he mumbled. "No need to be embarrassed."

"It's embarrassing," Seokjin mumbled.

You shook your head, hands inching closer to the source of his discomfort. "Appa and I can help," you whispered.

"Yeah, hyung," Jimin murmured, trailing his fingers up to Seokjin's neck and tickling his skin in the barest touch. "Me and baby girl want to help you. Make you feel good."

Seokjin exhaled at the contact, subconsciously leaning into Jimin's touch. "Jiminie, please… don't tease me."

"I'm not teasing, hyungie," Jimin breathed. In a sudden motion, he started tickling Seokjin under his arms. "I love seeing you so excited."

"Can I please touch, Da?" You asked.

Seokjin let out a heavy breath, wriggling under Jimin's fingers. "Yeah, baby… as long as you're comfy with touching."

You smiled and went for his zipper, assuring him, "I'm comfy. Wanted to make sure Da was comfy, too."

"Such a sweet girl," Jimin crooned. "Asking permission to make her Da feel good." His fingers traveled even lower, tickling his belly. "You like this, hyung?"

Seokjin moaned, hips writhing as you finally freed him from the confines of his pants. "Like it, Jiminie. Like it."

"Can I taste, Da?" You asked, when touching his throbbing member with your hand just wasn't enough.

Seokjin nodded, whining brokenly. "If you want, sweetheart."

Jimin, seeing that Seokjin was more than sufficiently aroused, stopped tickling and instead used a hand to pump the length of his cock that wouldn't fit in your mouth. He stroked with the rhythm of your mouth, his free hand lightly running up and down Seokjin's side, just enough to tickle him lightly.

"Jimin," Seokjin tilted his head, licking his lips. "Please."

Jimin wasted no time giving him an open-mouthed kiss, sloppy and filled with tongue. Seokjin's dick throbbed in your mouth, and Jimin started pumping his hand faster.

"Fuck," Seokjin pulled from the kiss with a gasp. "I'm gonna cum, baby," he fisted your hair with his hand, hips twitching as he came down your throat.

"So good," Jimin breathed. He brushed back your hair when you pulled off Seokjin's cock. "You okay, doll?"

You nodded. "Swallowed it all, daddies!"

Seokjin pulled you into his lap and kissed your hair. "Such a good girl for us," he murmured.

"You were good, too, hyung," Jimin breathed, kissing Seokjin's cheek. "Loved watching you fall apart."

Seokjin sighed, head lolling back against Jimin's shoulder. "I didn't know I was into that," he admitted.

Jimin chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows. "Well, I'm glad we found out, hyung."

Chapter Text

"Minnie-oppa, what are you gonna ask Santa for for Christmas?"

Taehyung huffed, turning the TV up a few notches in volume. "Y/n, shh! We're watching a show!"

You pouted, tugging on Jimin's arm and asking at a lower tone, "do you think he'll bring me a new playhouse if I ask?"

Jimin sighed, nodding. "I'm sure he will, baby. Can you please stop talking so we can watch our show?"

You tried to be quiet, but it was hard when you were so excited about the upcoming holiday! You swung your feet and found yourself talking again.

"Last year, Santa got me a telescope. Remember, oppas?"

"Y/n, please," Jimin groaned.

"Sorry!" You mumbled. "I'm just excited for Santa Claus! I'm gonna bake cookies for him and leave out a carrot for Rudolph and-"

"Santa isn't even real!" Taehyung snapped. "Will you just be quiet?"

Jimin gasped, leaning over and shoving Taehyung as your lower lip trembled. "Why would you say that to her?! She's so much littler than us!"

Taehyung huffed, sputtering. "I just… we were trying to watch the show!"

"Minnie-oppa, is Santa real?" You asked, unshed tears shining in your eyes.

Jimin pulled you into his lap and kissed your hair. "Yeah, he's real," he whispered. "He brought you that telescope, didn't he?"

Taehyung glanced at the two of you, seeing that you were staring at him with wide eyes. "I'm sorry," he finally said. "I didn't mean it. I was just trying to watch the show, I didn't mean to upset you."

"Tae-oppa believes in Santa?" You whispered. "If you don't, he won't bring you any presents."

Taehyung nodded, reaching out and squeezing your hand. "I believe in him," he assured you. "I was just being silly before. He'll bring you a playhouse, sweetie."

Jimin softened at Taehyung's turnaround, bouncing you. "See, honey? Everything's okay. Santa's going to come." Then he glanced at Taehyung. "I'm sorry for shoving you."

Taehyung shrugged. "I deserved it. I was kinda a meanie."

You giggled. "TaeTae-oppa was a silly meanie!"

Taehyung grinned and tickled your sides. "Now you're being a meanie!"

"Oppa, stop!" You squealed. When he did, you shyly crawled onto his lap. "Cuddles? Promise I won't talk during your show."

Taehyung squeezed you into a hug. "Why don't we watch something else? Something we all like?"

Jimin snuggled in close, getting comfortable. "I like that idea."

So the three of you watched Elf together, a movie age appropriate for you, but also interesting enough for Jimin and Taehyung, being older.

"I'm really, really sorry," Taehyung whispered in your ear.

You leaned up and kissed his cheek, assuring him, "I forgive you, oppa." Then, you added cheekily, "Santa might put you on the naughty list, though."

Chapter Text

"Bad day, oppa?" You asked, leaning your head on his shoulder.

He deposited a kiss to the top of your head and sighed. "Yeah, jagi. What about you? Did you have an okay day?"

You shook your head, nosing against his neck. "Horrible. I'm stressed."

Yoongi sighed, hand running up and down your side. He nuzzled into your hair and mumbled, "me too." He paused only a moment before asking, "wanna fuck?"

You chuckled at his brashness, your hand slipping under his shirt to rest on his abs, fingers splaying over his warm skin. "Yeah, oppa. Let's forget about all the stress."

"That's right, baby," he breathed, hands finding your waist and pulling you into his lap. "We're gonna forget."

You sighed as he kissed down your neck, wet presses of his lips against your sensitive skin. Heat pooled in your belly, your hands coming up to thread into his hair.

His hands slipped up your shirt, skillfully tugging the material over your head to give him access to your torso. "Beautiful," he groaned, teasing your nipples with his tongue.

"Oppa," you huffed. "You too."

"Undress me, jagi," he murmured, pulling back enough for you to do so.

You leaned in for a kiss first, hands pulling his shirt up and over his head as you disconnected. You shimmied off his lap and between his legs, kissing down his stomach slowly.

"Jagi," he whispered, fingers coming to tangle in your hair.

"Be patient, oppa," you chided as you unzipped his jeans. "I wanna take my time."

Yoongi moaned when you kissed up his shaft, finally taking him into your mouth. He huffed out little breaths, fingers tightening in your hair as you bobbed your head.

"Feels so good, jagi," he groaned. "Let me return the favor."

You made a point to help him out of his pants and underwear fully before letting him lay you down, kissing your lips and licking into your mouth as he slid down your pants and underwear.

"You're so wet already," he whispered, ducking between your legs and getting to work.

"Shit," you gasped, placing your hands over his where they rested on your thighs, keeping you spread open for him. "Mm…"

Yoongi chuckled against your clit, sucking it into his mouth and making your writhe under his touch. One of his hands left your thigh to press two fingers inside, judging that you were ready for him.

"How do you want me, oppa?" You asked.

"On your back," he purred, leaning down to hover over you. He brushed your hair from your eyes. "I wanna see you. Wanna kiss you."

He did so, as he pressed inside of you. Tongue sliding into your mouth, you moaned as he slowly pulled back out, only to thrust back in agonizingly slow.

"Oppa," you whined.

Yoongi kept his slow pace, nibbling on your neck. "I wanna take my time, too," he explained, grinding down so that his public bone pressed against your clit.

You moaned into his mouth at the contact as he kissed you again, open-mouthed. One hand cupped your cheek while the other played with your nipples, rolling them until they were hard under his fingers.

"Oppa," you whispered, kissing along his jawline. "I love you."

"I love you, jagi," he replied easily, kissing your cheek gently. "I love you so much."

You trailed your hands up his chest, brushing his own nipples and making him groan softly. Finally, he started thrusting faster. When you reached down to touch yourself, he moved your hand away.

"Let oppa touch you, jagi," he whispered, his voice gruff in your ear.

You moaned as he did, skillful fingers rubbing circles as he rocked his hips. When he bit down on your earlobe, you cried out, back arching.

"You like that, baby?" He asked.

"Yes," you breathed, gasping when he did it again.

"Good," he breathed, fucking into you harder, his free hand grasping your waist to hold you in place. "I want you to cum for me, jagi."

"Harder," you managed, gut coiling. "Please, oppa."

He obliged you, his thrusting getting rougher, his fingers pressing harder against your clit, and it pushed you right over the edge.

"Oppa," you gasped as you came. "Fuck, don't stop."

He didn't stop, keeping up the pace until your body went limp beneath him. Then he pulled out, tugging himself once, twice, before cumming on your chest.

"Shit, jagi," he groaned.

You giggled as he wiped you with a discarded shirt. "I share the sentiment."

He laid down, curling against you with his head on your chest. His breathing evened out after some time, and you thought he had fallen asleep.

"We should shower and get dressed," you said, nudging him.

To your surprise, he whined, "don't like showers, Mommy. Want a bath."

You chuckled and kissed his head. "A bath, then, little one." You patted his butt, urging him up. "Mommy will wash you."

Yoongi took your hand even though it was a short walk to the ensuite, and hopped from foot to foot, playing with some of his bath toys on the counter while you filled the tub.

"Yoongi, go pee-pee before you get in the bath," you told him.

"Mommy helps?"

You nodded, shutting off the tap. "Mommy can help, baby."

Yoongi shyly pointed down at himself as he stood in front of the toilet. "Please?" He asked shyly.

Your hand hovered, and you made sure, "you want Mommy to help you aim?"

When he nodded, you did as he asked, and he leaned back against you. "Such a good boy, asking Mommy for what you want," you praised him as he finished up.

Yoongi took just a few toys into the bath, pouting until you joined him in the warm water. You booped his nose as he played, watching him contentedly. You would let him have his fun while you washed yourself, then you would wash him.

Yoongi was the silliest baby, ticklish as you ran the soapy washcloth over his skin. He slid around and wriggled, giggling the whole time. When you washed his hair, though, he settled down and relaxed into your soothing touches. He loved the warm water when you rinsed his hair.

"Mommy," he murmured, cuddling up to you in the water. "I love you lots."

"And I love you lots, sweetie," you assured him, kissing his hair. Quietly, you added, "are you feeling better now, prince?"

Yoongi nodded. "Feel all better. Is Mommy better, too?"

You gave him a squeeze and nodded. "Mommy feels much, much better. And it's all thanks to my sweet little Yoongi!"

He giggled at that, pressing a wet kiss to your cheek. "Silly," he said.

"I learned it from you," you teased him, kissing his damp hair.

He rested his head on your shoulder, breathing out slowly. "Will you read me a bedtime story?"

You smiled and tickled under his chin. "Of course, my little love. Anything for you."

Chapter Text

Your heart clenched, pounding steadily on. It was an ache, a tingle. Your hands shook where they sat folded in your lap. If you kept them there, holding on to each other… they couldn’t cause you any harm.

As if they had a mind of their own.

But they didn’t. It was your own mind that controlled them. Your own broken, sour mind that-

No. You weren’t supposed to let it get out of control. You were supposed to have it under control. You were better now, weren’t you?

But it came in waves. And they weren’t waves you knew how to ride out. They were fucking tsunamis.

“Hey, jagi, what’s up?”

He sounded half asleep. He probably was. You didn’t even know where he was, much less what time it was. You quickly regretted ever calling.

“Sorry, you’re sleeping! I just wanted to say goodnight, oppa, I’ll call back tomorrow-”

“No.” he sounded wide awake now. “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Your voice is shaking. You’re lying,” Yoongi said simply. “I don’t want you to lie to me. If something’s wrong, then I’m glad you called me. I told you to, didn’t I?”

His voice was calm, soothing. Like honey dripping in your ears. “Yes,” you managed. “You told me to.”

Your phone pinged, and you pulled it away from your ear. Yoongi was requesting to change the call from audio only to video, as well.

“Oh, jagi,” he murmured when you accepted. “I’m here. Oppa’s right here. Have you been crying?”

You nodded slowly. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing wrong with crying,” Yoongi had bedroom hair and tired eyes, but he still smiled at you. “It’s okay to cry.”

“What time is it by you?” You asked, voice small.

Yoongi shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. Tell oppa what’s wrong?”

You sucked in a shaky breath. “I just… was feeling down. That’s all.”

“I don’t think that’s all,” he whispered. “You don’t have to hold back with me, baby. It’s just me.”

You sniffled, that aching in your chest coming back full force. “I’m depressed. It’s bad. I… I needed to talk to you. I didn’t wanna be alone.”

“I’m glad you called me, jagi,” Yoongi whispered. “You did so good. Thank you.”

You shook your head. “I’m not good. I’m gonna relapse, and be a huge fucking disappointment-”

“Even if you did relapse, you wouldn’t be a disappointment,” Yoongi murmured. “We would help you. We don’t want you hurting, ever. But if you relapsed, we would help you, baby.”

“I… I haven’t, yet.”

“Good,” Yoongi soothed you. “You called oppa first. That makes me so proud.” Yoongi looked at you for a moment, lip trembling. “I love you so much, jagi.”

“I love you,” you answered brokenly.

“I want to reach right through the phone and wipe away your tears,” he breathed. “Pull you into my lap and squeeze you tight. Kiss you everywhere. Show you how much you mean to me.”

You sniffled, wiping your eyes. “Oppa…”

“I wouldn’t let you out of my sight, baby,” he told you. “I would keep you safe, even from yourself. I wish I was there with you.”

Your lip wobbled as you looked at the phone, where Yoongi looked on the verge of crying, himself. “You are here, oppa. You’re here.”

“Is it enough, jagi? For now?”

You nodded.

“I wanna keep you safe,” he repeated, almost to himself. “I’m right here, baby. We’ll stay on the phone all night if you want to.”

You shook your head. “You need your rest, oppa. The concerts…”

“Jagi, I would get on a plane right now and say fuck it to the concerts if I thought you needed me to,” he said. “You know that, right?”

You didn’t doubt him, not for a second. “I know, oppa. But you don’t have to.”

Yoongi bit his lip. “Do you promise?”

“I promise, oppa.”

It was true. You were feeling a bit better with Yoongi there with you. Even if you couldn’t touch him, just seeing him and hearing his voice was enough to talk you off the ledge. You leaned back against the pillows, settling under the blankets.

“Lie down, oppa.”

“You wanna go to sleep together?” he asked gently, lying down in his hotel bed.

You nodded. “We both need to get some sleep.”

Yoongi watched as you closed your eyes, then began to sing softly, “People change, like you have. Living a life in the world, there’s nothing that lasts forever; Everything is just a happening that passes by.”

Chapter Text

"Aren't the two of you just the cutest?" You teased.

Jimin glanced up from where he and Namjoon were intertwined on the couch, his head on Namjoon's shoulder.

"Had a bad day, noona," he mumbled.

"It fucking sucked," Namjoon added, all but pouting.

You joined them on the couch, kissing Jimin's hair and then Namjoon's cheek. "How can I help, hmm? I wanna make you feel better."

Jimin shrugged, and Namjoon answered, "I dunno."

You huffed, shaking your head. "Fine, then."

The boys thought that since you left in a huff, that you would leave them alone to their misery. But instead, you came back with your arms full.

A giant, fluffy blanket. Bottles of soda. Popcorn, chips, and cookies. The boys looked up when you walked in, and Namjoon sighed.

"Jagi, you don't have to-"

"Shh, oppa." You pressed a firm kiss to his lips. "I want to help. I'm not going to let the two of you suffer alone, got it?"

You got settled between them on the couch, draping the blanket over the three of you. Jimin curled against your side, resting his head on your shoulder as he had been laying on Namjoon. Namjoon buried his face in your neck, kissing you there.

"Thank you," he mumbled.

"We appreciate it," Jimin added.

"Hush," you demanded, popping open two bottles of soda and handing one to each of them. You opened a bag of chips and held one to Jimin's lips. "Let me take care of you."

You fed them both, not letting them lift a finger. Soon enough, they seemed much more relaxed; cheeky, even.

"Can I have a cookie, noona?"

You smiled and held one to his lips. "There we go. Do you need more soda?"

"Me too, please," Namjoon said.

"Of course, oppa. Here you go."

You watched through all their favorite movies, pressing kisses everywhere you could reach and taking turns giving them back massages.

By the end of the afternoon, both boys were falling asleep. Jimin, with his head in your lap. Namjoon, with his head on your shoulder.

"Thank you for helping us, jagi," Namjoon murmured. "Feel much better now."

"Me too," Jimin added. "Thanks, noona."

You smiled and ran your fingers through Jimin's hair, kissing Namjoon's head. "I can't stand to see my favorite boys upset or stressed. I always want to help."

Chapter Text

"Daddy, look."

You lifted the blanket on your bed, pointing underneath to where Usagi was curled up against your leg.

Jungkook chuckled. "She's keeping you company, hmm?"

You nodded, placing the blanket back over her. "Company, Daddy."

"My little girl didn't eat much dinner today. You've been very quiet. I haven't seen you smile in days." Jungkook paused, fiddling with a lock of your hair. "Is everything okay?"

Your first instinct was to lie and tell him that yes, everything was fine. But you couldn't lie to Jungkook; he would see right through you. Especially when your lower lip began to tremble.

"Oh, sweetheart," Jungkook breathed. "Come here." He pulled you into his lap, careful not to disturb the cat in her nest. "Talk to Daddy, hmm?"

"I'm bad, Daddy," you whispered, feeling numb as he rocked you.

"Why would you say that, baby?" Jungkook asked, kissing your hair. "Why do you think you're bad?"

You shrugged. "Didn't go to work this weekend 'cause… couldn't do it. Called in and lied about being sick."

Jungkook hummed. "Why couldn't you do it, love?"

You fiddled with his earrings mindlessly. "It's hard. Loud and busy and scary there… and even when I'm home… don't feel good."

"Do you feel overwhelmed?"

You nodded. "And scared, and sad, and…"

"And?" Jungkook prompted you, rubbing your back.

"And I don't like myself. I don't like myself, Daddy."

"You didn't lie about being sick, my sweet," Jungkook assured you. "Being mentally or emotionally unwell is just as valid as being physically unwell. Don't you ever let anyone tell you differently."

You shrugged in response.

"I'm sorry that you don't like yourself, baby," he whispered. "But I want you to know that I like you very, very much. I love you. And I wish you could love yourself."

Quietly, you started mumbling Reflection, "I wish I could love myself…"

Jungkook kissed your forehead and propped your head onto his shoulder. You sighed.

"Haven't been doing my chores. Can't even leave the house. Just play games or watch TV…"

"It's okay to rest, y/n. It's alright. We'll keep you afloat," Jungkool promised.

"Feels like I'm drowning."

"I've got you, love. Daddy's here. You're not alone in this."

You pointed at your head and told him, "I'm alone in here."

Jungkook frowned, but nodded. "I know, baby. I'm so sorry. I wish I could make the bad thoughts go away."

"They always come back," you murmured, defeated.

Jungkook squeezed you tighter. "It will pass, sweetie. I promise."

"But then it will come back," you repeated.

"And I'll be right here to weather it with you, darling."

You threaded your fingers together with Jungkook's, sighing. "I think if I was normal, I could do good things."

"Oh, angel," Jungkook whispered. "You'll do great things regardless."

You wanted to believe him, but those voices in your mind always seemed to win.

"Everything," Jungkook murmured into your hair, "is going to be okay."

Chapter Text



Jimin wasn't sure what he was rocking into, but it felt really good. He pressed his crotch against it again, moaning. His tummy felt funny. Full and warm. He groaned, trying to get more friction. The pressure was too much, and he suddenly felt himself spurting into his underwear.

"Minnie, baby," Jungkook's voice shook him from his dream. "Wake up."

Jimin squirmed awake, whining, his privates feeling very, very uncomfortable. He finally realized what he'd been humping in his sleep; his teddy bear. He blushed, hiding his face from Jungkook.


"What's wrong, sweetie?" Jungkook tried to pull him closer, but Jimin squirmed away. "Jiminie?" Jungkook pulled back immediately. "Did Daddy do something wrong?"

Jimin shook his head quickly. "N-no! Minnie is embarrassed…"

"Why are you embarrassed, love?" Jungkook asked, tentatively brushing back Jimin's hair. "Can you tell Daddy what's going on?"

Jimin turned even redder, squirming. "Hafta get changed…"

"Did you have an accident, baby? That's okay, don't be embarr-"

"Didn't have an accident, Daddy," he mumbled. Slowly, he pulled back the blanket and moved his teddy bear, letting Jungkook see the small wet patch on his pajama pants.

"Ah," Jungkook hummed, kissing Jimin's forehead. "Did my baby have a wet dream?"

"Wet dream?" He asked, cocking his head.

Jungkook nodded. "Were you having a dream that made your pee-pee feel nice?"

Jimin tried to remember the dream itself, but he could only remember the feelings. "I think so, Daddy," he finally said.

"That's nothing to be embarrassed about, darling." Jungkook brushed their noses together and assured Jimin, "Daddy will help you clean up, okay? But remember that none of your daddies have a problem with you being horny when you're little, okay?"

Jimin blushed again, but the seed had been planted in his mind.


Jimin looked up at Seokjin from the floor, rocking in place.


"Yeah, baby?" Seokjin gave him a once-over and asked, "do you need to potty?"

Jimin shook his head quickly, grabbing his stuffed cat and covering his crotch with it. "No potty… wanna use my stuffie."

"Use your…" Seokjin smiled when he realized what the boy meant. "Ah. You can use it, sweetie, it's alright."

"Da says it's okay?" Jimin asked.

Seokjin nodded. "Da says it's okay," he affirmed. "Do you want Da to stay, or go?"

"Stay," Jimin whispered. "Please."

"Of course, sweetheart," Seokjin cooed. Then, lowering his voice, "go ahead, baby. Let Da see how nice you make yourself feel."

Jimin turned pink in the cheeks as he started humping his stuffie, hips gyrating quickly. He bit his lip and moaned softly, the pressure in his belly building quickly.

"Good job, Jiminie," Seokjin praised him. "Doing so well."

"Gonna make a mess," he mumbled.

"That's alright," Seokjin assured him. "Da will clean you up. Go ahead and make a mess in your undies, love."

Jimin did, with one last thrust against his stuffie. He gasped, hips stilling as he came into his underwear for his Da. Once he was finished, he looked up at Seokjin for reassurance.

"You did so well, honey," Seokjin smiled at him. "Looked so nice."

And that was all Jimin needed to hear.


Jimin squirmed in Taehyung's lap, trying to get comfy. No matter what way he positioned himself, the ache in his belly just wouldn't go away.

He felt tingly between his legs, his cock hard and straining against his underwear. He could feel Taehyung's dick, though soft, against his butt as he sat. And it was only making him harder, leaking precum into his undies.

"Tou-san," he whispered nervously.

"Yeah, sweetie?" Taehyung trailed his fingers up Jimin's bicep mindlessly, rubbing his skin. When he got no reply, he asked, "what's up, bub?"

Jimin wanted to tell him, but he was feeling shy. Maybe showing him would be easier. He grinded down against Taehyung's thigh, letting him feel for himself.

"Oh," Taehyung whispered close to Jimin's ear. "Are you horny, sweetheart?"

Jimin nodded.

"How can Tou-san help?" He asked sweetly. "I need you to tell me what you want, darling."

Jimin blushed, but managed a quiet, "wanna do this," as he grinded down again. He could feel Taehyung growing bigger against his butt at the action.

"Go ahead, Jiminie," Taehyung encouraged him. "You can ride my thigh, sweetie."

Jimin whined, grinding down again and again. He could feel Taehyung stiffening to full mast, and he started to grind back against him, as well.

"Does it feel good, baby?" Taehyung asked, wet and heavy in Jimin's ear.

Jimin nodded frantically, using his hands to brace himself on Taehyung's knees as he picked up the pace.

"You're making Tou-san feel good, too, sweetheart," Taehyung pressed a kiss to Jimin's earlobe. "Such a good boy."

"More, Tou-san," Jimin babbled.

"More what, little one?"

Jimin turned even redder, wanting more praise. "More talking."

"Ah," Taehyung chuckled. "My sweet little baby likes when Tou-san praises him, is that it?" Taehyung rested his hands on Jimin's sides. "You're doing so well, precious. I'm so proud of you for telling Tou-san what you want."

Jimin was getting close, humping Taehyung's thigh erratically.

"You're such a good boy," Taehyung breathed. "Such a beautiful, cute little baby. I want you to cum for me, Jiminie."

Jimin pushed himself over the edge at Taehyung's words, moaning as he came against his thigh. He panted as he came down from him high, still feeling Taehyung hard against him.

"Tou-san's turn?"

Taehyung gently booped Jimin's nose. "I don't want you to do too much too soon, my love. Next time, okay? For now, let's get you all cleaned up."


Jimin knew that Yoongi could feel it. They were cuddled so close, legs intertwined. Jimin blushed at the thought, searching Yoongi's face for any signs of disgust. Instead, Yoongi smiled at him and cupped his cheek.

"It's okay, baby," he whispered. "Papa didn't want to say anything and make you uncomfortable."

Jimin started chewing on his lower lip. "Papa not uncomfy?" He asked.

Yoongi shook his head. "I'm not uncomfy, sweetheart, but thank you for asking." He started playing with Jimin's hair. "Do you want to touch, Jiminie? Or do you want to wait until it goes away?"

Jimin wiggled against Yoongi. "Wanna touch… if Papa doesn't mind."

"I don't mind, love," he whispered. "As long as you're okay with it, prince. I don't ever want my little one to be uncomfortable."

Jimin sighed. "Uncomfy because my pee-pee is hard," he complained.

Yoongi chuckled and brushed back his hair. "Why don't you take care of it, then, little one?"

Jimin moved away from Yoongi just enough to shove his hand down his pants, beginning to tug on his cock. He whimpered at the feeling, so used to humping through his clothes instead of using his hands.

"How's that feel, sweetheart?" Yoongi asked, voice thick.

"Good," Jimin breathed. "Can… Can I take it out, Papa?"

"Yeah, baby, of course," Yoongi whispered.

Jimin tugged his pants and underwear down enough for his dick to spring free, immediately beginning to stroke it again. His eyes fluttered shut, hips chasing his hand on their own accord.

"You look so good like this, Jiminie," Yoongi murmured. "Can I kiss your pretty forehead?"

Jimin managed a nod and a quiet, "please, Papa."

Yoongi pressed his lips to Jimin's forehead in a gentle touch, and Jimin keened in response.

"Thank you, Papa," Jimin mewled. "Love kisses."

Yoongi smiled and began pressing more kisses to Jimin's face; his cheeks, nose, and jaw. Jimin whimpered as he went for his forehead again, spilling onto the bed sheets between them.

"There we go," Yoongi cooed as he came down from his high. "Did you like that, prince?"

Jimin nodded enthusiastically. "Felt really good, Papa."

Yoongi smiled, helping Jimin tuck himself away with tender care. "Good, my love. I'm glad."


Jimin had gotten comfortable pleasuring himself in front of his daddies; he didn't think twice about it now. But something was gnawing at him; the fact that when he did, his daddies always got excited too. They were always polite enough to forgo their own pleasure, though, as to not make Jimin uncomfortable.

But Jimin decided that he wanted to see.

"Dada," Jimin glanced over at him from the other side of the couch. "If I touch my pee-pee… will you touch yours, too?"

Namjoon seemed surprised by the question at first, but his raised eyebrows and open mouth soon morphed into bright eyes and an eager smile.

"Of course, baby, if you want me to."

Jimin, having already been horny all afternoon, was already tugging at his cock through his pants. "Want you to, Dada."

He kept his eyes on Namjoon as they both released their cocks, beginning to stroke themselves to full hardness. He liked looking at his Dada.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Namjoon asked after a few moments of silent masturbating.

Jimin nodded. "Like watching you."

Namjoon smiled, hips bucking into his hand. "I like watching you too, little one. It's turning Dada on so much."

"Mean it?" Jimin asked, overjoyed. He gasped at his own touch, cock twitching. "Makes me feel good…"

Namjoon nodded, his own movements becoming more erratic. "I mean it, sweetheart. You look so good. Gonna make Dada cum."

"Jiminie is gonna cum, too," he breathed out.

"Good boy," Namjoon moaned when Jimin began spurting all over his hand. His own orgasm followed just after, caused by the sight of his baby falling apart. "So good, baby. You're so good."

Jimin smiled lazily, giggling when Namjoon grabbed tissues to clean them both up. He was meticulous, making sure the both of them were nice and clean.

"I liked it, Dada," Jimin told him, leaning up to kiss his lips.

Namjoon smiled into the touch. "I liked it, too, baby boy.


Jimin was far from shy about his needs as of late. He knew that he was safe and loved, and his daddies didn't mind him getting off around them, or even getting off with him.

But as he grinded down on Hoseok's thigh, moaning at the friction, he ached for more.

"Baba," he whimpered. "Would… would you help me?"

Hoseok kissed Jimin's cheek, one hand coming up to brush back his hair. "Of course, sweetheart. Can you use your big boy words and tell me how I can help?"

Jimin shyly tugged his pants down, letting his cock spring free. "If… if you're comfy… will you touch me?"

Hoseok's pupils visibly widened at that, and he pressed an even firmer kiss to Jimin's cheek. "Yes, baby. I'd love to touch you."

Jimin moaned loudly the second Hoseok's hand wrapped around him. It felt so much better than his own hand. He leaned back against Hoseok's chest and whimpered against his neck, writhing.

"Does it feel okay, Jiminie? Tell Baba if it's too much."

Jimin shook his head, more moans falling from his lips. "Feels good, Baba. Your hand feels better than mine."

Hoseok chuckled at that, kissing Jimin's head. "Does it? I'm glad, sweetie. Want you to feel good."

"Gonna be quick," Jimin said shyly, breathing heavily against Hoseok's neck.

"That's okay, prince," Hoseok cooed. "Little boys cum nice and quick when their daddies touch them. Nothing wrong with that."

The words went straight to Jimin's groin, and he started rocking his hips up into Hoseok's touch.

"Baba," he gasped as his dick throbbed. "I'm cumming," he moaned.

Hoseok stroked him through it, kissing his cheek and head. He slowed to a stop once Jimin was spent, limp in his arms.

"You okay, sweetie?" He asked, nuzzling Jimin's cheek with his nose.

"Baba," Jimin croaked. "Better than okay."

Chapter Text

"Papa, look! Tae can do a handstand!" Jungkook squeaked, pointing. He and Jimin clapped their hands for Taehyung as he came back up for air, smiling proudly.

"Wow, good job, baby," Yoongi said, being sure to look up from his book long enough for Taehyung to see.

"I can spin in my tube!" Jimin announced, doing so for Yoongi.

"Very nice, bub. All my little boys are so talented," he cooed.

"Aren't you hot in the sun, Papa?" Taehyung asked. "Come swim with us!"

"Yeah!" Jungkook chimed in. "Swim!"

"Please, Papa?" Jimin added with a pout.

"Yeah, babies, I'll come in." Yoongi set his book down and waded waist-deep into the water, making his babies squeal with delight.

"Papa," Jungkook tugged on his arm as Taehyung and Jimin had a sword fight with pool noodles. "I gotta go pee-pee."

Yoongi knew that he couldn't leave the other two alone in the pool to take Jungkook inside to the lobby to pee. So he would have to wrassle all three boys out of the pool, not just now, but every time one of them had to pee. That just wouldn't do.

"You can pee in the water, sweetie," he said. "It's okay."

Jungkook seemed scandalized by that, exclaiming, "Papa, that's not allowed!"

Yoongi justified himself quickly, "there's chemicals in the water to keep it clean, Jungkookie, it's fine."

"But Da always says not to!" Jungkook said.

"Well, Da isn't here, is he?" Yoongi asked.

"I already went pee in the water," Taehyung announced, unbothered.

"Ewwww," Jimin shouted in response.

"See?" Yoongi patted Jungkook on the back. "Taehyungie does it, too."

"But it's against the rules, Papa!" Jimin argued.

"No it isn't," Yoongi sighed. "You're just little boys so it's okay! The rules are just for grown-ups."

"So I can go pee-pee in the water, too?" Jimin asked.

Yoongi nodded. "Of course, bub." He rolled his eyes when he noticed Jungkook bobbing up and down. "It's alright, sweetheart," he cooed. "You can go."

"Yeah, just go, Koo!" Taehyung encouraged him.

They could all tell the moment that Jungkook did. He froze, bunny nose scrunching up and eyes closed as he peed into the water. Taehyung and Jimin carried on playing, unbothered. Yoongi made sure to rub Jungkook's back when he opened his eyes, though.

"Good job, baby boy. All better now, see?"

"I'm gonna pee in the water again, too!" Taehyung announced, momentarily pausing his sword fight with Jimin to do so.

Jimin, not to be left out, announced, "me, too!"

Jungkook giggled at his brothers, feeling much better now that he wasn't the only one who peed.

Little did any of the boys know that Yoongi decided to pee, too. After all, it would be pointless to teach the boys to pee in the pool only to have to drag them all out when he needed to go. So, he relaxed, peeing into the water with them.

What Seokjin didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Chapter Text

"Daddy," you moaned at the stretch as Jungkook pulled your legs open wider.

"Is this okay, baby?" Jungkook asked as you bounced up and down on his cock. "Daddy wants to get a better look at your pretty butt."

You blushed at that, whining again. "Embarrassing, Daddy," you mumbled.

"It's not embarrassing, my love," he murmured, rubbing your back before moving both hands back to your thighs. "You're so good, ba-"

He froze for a moment as he heard footsteps in the hall, realizing that the door was cracked open. He only calmed down once he saw Hoseok poke his head in, eyes widening at the sight.

"Hyung?" He asked, confirming his state of mind. "Keep bouncing, baby, it's alright," he assured you.

You did as you were told, making eye contact with Hoseok and moaning at the way Jungkook filled you up.

"Is she little?" Hoseok breathed, stepping into the room slowly.

Jungkook nodded, groaning as he thrusted up to meet your body. "Yeah. Looks so good riding my cock, doesn't she?"

Hoseok smiled, answering Jungkook while looking at you, instead. "She looks so good. Such a good girl."

"Baba," you whimpered, embarrassed again.

Jungkook squeezed your thighs, grounding you. "How would you like it if Baba uses his mouth on you while you ride Daddy? Do you want that, baby girl?"

You moaned at the prospect, nodding frantically. You knew that your daddies mouths felt really good, and would make you feel even better than you already did.

"Words, doll," Hoseok encouraged you as he moved over to the bed. "Want to make sure it's okay, sweetheart."

You blushed bright pink as you mumbled, "want your mouth please, Baba."

Hoseok smirked, leaning over and cupping your cheek. He pulled you in for a kiss before slowly trailing his lips lower as you bounced. A kiss to your jaw, your neck, your collarbone. Wet lips touching each of your nipples before moving down to your stomach, and finally, between your legs.

“Daddy, Baba!”

You couldn’t help but cry out as he began to eat you out, his mouth and Jungkook’s cock feeling so good that it was almost overwhelming.

“Does Baba’s mouth feel nice, my love?” Jungkook asked, once again twitching his hips up to meet your bouncing.

“Yes,” you moaned. “Feels good. Daddy’s pee-pee feels good.”

“My sweet girl,” Jungkook moaned. “You’re so good, baby.”

Hoseok was lapping at your greedily, and you noticed that one of his hands had unbuttoned his jeans in order to pull out his cock. He stroked himself as he ate you out, and the fact that him tasting you made him want to touch himself turned you on even more.

“I’m gonna cum,” you croaked.

“Daddy’s gonna cum too, sweetheart,” Jungkook answered. “Be a good girl and cum. Let Daddy and Baba feel you.”

The words sent you over the edge, and your hips twitched, hands coming up to fist at Hoseok’s hair and keep you steady. Jungkook stilled inside you, cumming with a loud moan.

“Baba, I wanna help you,” you immediately whispered when Jungkook pulled out of you.

“I’m close, baby,” he panted. “I just need-”

You knelt down before he could voice his desires, taking him into your mouth and starting to bob your head. It wasn’t long at all before he spilled into your mouth and you swallowed it all down.

“Thank you, honey,” Hoseok whispered. “Felt so good.”

“Baba and Daddy felt good, too,” you said with a blush.

“Come here, angel.”

When you crawled over to Jungkook, he pulled you close, kissing your hair. He held out his other arm to Hoseok, who gladly curled against Jungkook, as well.

“I love you,” Jungkook told you.

“I love you,” you both answered in unison.

Chapter Text

"Da!" You shoved open the studio door, rushing inside. "Da, can we-"

You froze, a blush crawling up your cheeks. Not only were all your daddies in the recording studio, but there was Chris. You knew he'd been here recording for the new song, but you didn't know he was in the building right now!

"Sorry," you mumbled in English, knowing you were going to be in huge trouble later. You started backing out of the room. Your daddies would have to make excuses for you again, and they would-

"Wait," Chris stopped you. "You don't have to leave."

You looked up, staring at him in silence. Your daddies all exchanged a look between one another as you shuffled in place. Finally, Chris patted the space next to him on the couch.

"You can come sit with me. Do you want to watch us work?"

You glanced at your daddies for affirmation. Namjoon repeated what Chris had said in Korean, just in case you hadn't understood. You took that as his permission and sat next to Chris on the couch.

Jungkook tried to explain, "that's y/n. She's our, uhm…"

"Your little?" Chris asked, unbothered. "She called you Da."

Yoongi nodded slowly. "Is that okay?" He asked.

Chris didn't answer, instead turning to you. "I have a tic tac toe app on my phone. Do you want to play?"

You broke into a smile, all worries melting away. "Yes, please!"

No one ended up getting much work done after that. Chris gave you his full attention, playing games with you and watching shows with you on his phone.

"Ah," he scowled when you beat him at Paper Toss again. "You're just too good at these games!"

You giggled and shook your head. "Oppa is letting me win!"

Chris cocked his head at you. "Oppa?"

"It's like… big brother," Jimin explained, struggling to explain in English.

Chris grinned. "That's cute," he said. "Will you come back after we finish recording tomorrow?" He asked. "We can play games again."

The following day, feeling less shy, you sat on Chris' lap as you played games and watched a movie together. The boys all watched on fondly until it was time to go get dinner. You all went to a restaurant with a private room to celebrate the song being recorded and Chris' last night in Korea.

"That's you, oppa," you pointed to the crayon drawing of Chris on your placemat.

"That's so good!" He cooed. He picked up a crayon and began to color. "I'll draw one of you."

Before you all parted ways at the end of the night, Chris reached into his pocket and pulled out a little velvet box.

"This is for you, little one. I had so much fun hanging out with you and I'm really glad we got to meet."

You opened the box, staring at the charm with awe.

"It's so pretty!" You gasped.

Chris smiled and ruffled your hair. "Looks like a little universe, right? You can put it on your bracelet."

You looked down at your pandora bracelet and shyly held your wrist up. "Can I wear it now, please?"

After Chris helped you attach the charm, he gave you a hug. "I'll see you next time, okay? You're a really smart and sweet girl. It's been an absolute pleasure."

After bidding goodbye to all the boys, Chris left to go back to his hotel. You stared down at the charm that was added to your bracelet, smiling.

"He was nice, daddies," you said.

Seokjin chuckled, glancing at where the guitar Chris had given him sat in a case at the table. "Very nice, baby girl."

Chapter Text

You walked behind Jungkook, matching his footsteps all through the house.

"One, two, one, two, I follow Koo!"

Jungkook turned around and grinned before scooping you up into his arms. "Are you a little shadow today?" He asked, tickling your sides. "You're following everyone around!"

You giggled and nodded. "I'm a shadow!" You yelped. "Wanna be around you because I like you lots."

All morning, you'd been following the boys around and clingy to them like a koala. You just wanted love and affection, and the boys were never shy about giving it.

Well, all the boys but one. You glanced over at Yoongi, who was grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge in the kitchen. So far, Yoongi was the only one you'd given any space to today.

Yoongi didn't react when you followed him from the kitchen to the dining room, or even when you followed him to the living room after. But once he finished his water and headed back to his bedroom with you at his heels, he paused in the hallway.

"Why are you following me?"

You shrugged, hoping he wasn't mad. "Because I like you."

Yoongi tilted his head in confusion. "You wanna play a game or something?"

You shook your head. "Just wanna be near you."

Yoongi gestured to his doorway, unbothered. "Come on, then," he prompted you when you didn't move.

You played with one of your stuffies in Yoongi's room while he worked on his computer until Hoseok came looking for you.

"It's naptime, baby girl," he told you.

"Wanna sleep in Yoongi-oppa's bed," you announced. "Can I?"

Hoseok glanced at Yoongi with a smirk. "As long as it's okay with him," he said.

Yoongi nodded. "Yeah, I don't mind." He paused for a moment, seemed to remember something, and then added, "make sure she goes pee first."

You blushed, knowing what he was implying, but didn't argue as Hoseok led you from the room.

Even though Yoongi's bed was cozy and smelled like him, you couldn't fall asleep. "Oppa? Will you lay down with me?"

Yoongi wordlessly moved from his desk to the bed, staying outside the covers and propping himself up on his elbow.

"What's the matter?" He whispered.

You giggled, hiding your face behind your stuffie. "Nothing. I just like you."

When you woke up from your nap, it was lunchtime. You grabbed Yoongi's hand during the walk to the dining room, leading him to the chair next to yours.

"Sit next to me, Yoongi-oppa!"

Seokjin laughed at Yoongi's expression as he got tugged over to his seat. "Well, aren't you two just the best of friends today!"

You nodded in agreement as you started eating your macaroni. "Best friends forever!"

Yoongi had the same macaroni as you, but yours was your own boring food. Yoongi's was Yoongi's food, so you figured it would taste better. You reached over and took a bite from his plate.

"What the-" he gaped at you, stunned, for a moment. "You have the same exact food on your plate, honey. Why are you eating mine?"

You took another bite and told him, "because I like you!"

Taehyung and Jimin burst into giggles, only composing themselves when Yoongi shot them a death glare.

After lunch, Yoongi sat on the couch. Even though the whole couch was empty, you weaseled your way into his lap. He sighed, picking up the remote.

"What do you want to watch?"


Yoongi put on Frozen, but you spent more time staring at him than the TV. Your oppa was just so handsome and you liked him a lot. He finally started blushing at how long your eyes were trained on him.

"Cut it out, watch the movie," he said with no bite.

"But I like you."

"So you have to stare at me?"

"Yeah. You're pretty."

Yoongi turned the color of a tomato. "Aish, don't say that!"

"Don't say what?" Namjoon asked, settling on the other side of the couch.


"That Yoongi-oppa's pretty."

Namjoon snorted. "So pretty, hyung," he teased.

Yoongi only groaned.

The next day, you knocked on his door. "Oppa? I'm big. Can I come in?"

He opened the door and looked you up and down. "You okay?"

You nodded. "I'm sorry for bugging you yesterday. I know you were probably hating your life and trying not to hurt my feelings. I promise I won't-"

"I didn't hate it," Yoongi deadpanned.

You glanced up, tilting your head.

"I'm glad you like me enough to try and get me out of my shell, you know?" He got quieter, shuffling his feet. "It's new for me and I just… I'm glad that you were setting the boundaries for me and showing me what to do. Okay?"

A wide grin spread over your face. "So what you're saying is-"


You wrapped your arms around him and squeezed. "What you're saying is that you like me too, oppa?"

Yoongi groaned, but returned your hug. "You're gonna be the death of me, kid."

Chapter Text

"Is it good, sissy?" Taehyung asked, pointing to his picture.

You smiled at his coloring page, a dog in a doghouse, and nodded. "It's really good," you told him.

He beamed, glancing over at your picture of a horse in a pasture. "Yours is good too," he said, slurring slightly.

"My sweet little artists," Yoongi cooed from the couch, where he was reading a book.

"Sissy," Taehyung's lip wobbled as he held up a blue crayon, which was down to just a stub. "Not pointy enough."

You took the crayon from him and located the sharpener on the back of the box. "I'll fix it for you, Taehyungie."

"Such a good big sister," Yoongi praised you.

You giggled, handing the crayon back to Taehyung, but wrinkled your brow when he didn't reach out for it.

"Here, Taehy-" You gasped as Taehyung's eyes rolled back and he crashed to the floor, beginning to seize.

"Oh, baby," Yoongi was on the floor with the two of you in a second. He rested Taehyung's head in his lap so it wasn't on the hard floor, and you began to push away the coffee table so Taehyung wouldn't get hurt.

"TaeTae," you whimpered when the seizing didn't stop.

"He's okay, sweetheart," Yoongi assured you. "Everything's alright."

Taehyung convulsed for a long time before his body finally stilled. When it did, you crouched down to him and kissed his forehead.

"We're here, TaeTae."

Yoongi rubbed your back as you spoke softly to him. But as Taehyung opened his eyes, he started to sob.

"Papa! Sissy! Scary!"

Yoongi gathered him into his arms and started to rock him. He was just relieved that Taehyung was awake and talking.

"Don't be afraid, my love. We're right here. You're safe."

You reached over and took his hand, squeezing. "Papa and sissy keep Taehyungie safe," you promised him.

Taehyung continued to cry, clutching the front of Yoongi's shirt with his free hand and squeezing yours with the other.

"We've got you, honey," Yoongi murmured into his hair. He kissed him and started rubbing his back. "My poor baby. I know it was scary, but it's over now."

You saw Taehyung's stuffed chameleon on the floor and picked it up, weaseling it into his arms. "Rango wants to hug you, too."

Taehyung's tears finally turned to sniffles, but he still made no move to leave Yoongi's lap or let go of your hand. "Thank you for protecting me," he whispered.

Yoongi kissed his temple and brushed back his hair. "Your Papa and your sissy will always be your protectors, TaeTae."

You nodded in agreement. "Always protect you."

"I'm sleepy now," Taehyung said with a yawn.

Yoongi managed to haul him up onto the couch, snuggling against him. You joined them, tangling your limbs together with Taehyung.

"Not scared anymore, right, TaeTae?" You asked.

He shook his head, squeezing Rango against him. "Not scared. Know I'm safe."

"That's right," Yoongi murmured, kissing his cheek. "You're safe, my love."

Chapter Text

It wasn't unusual, you supposed. You had seen ARMYs gush over Yoongi's rapping on forums and videos, namely ones sporting titles such as "what are some non-sexual sounds that turn you on".

But it felt different when it was you. Because you should have been used to his voice, first of all. Second, it wasn't his rapping that was turning you on. It was that moment in songs before he started rapping.

That whispered, sleepy bedroom voice. How gravelly it sounded. The exhale of his breath. Just one word, his stage name, and you were ready to buckle at the knees.


His half-asleep voice was the ultimate weapon, making you melt into a puddle.

"Yeah, oppa?"

"You never wanna cuddle me anymore," he whined, nuzzling against your neck. "Makes oppa so sad."

"I don't wanna make you sad," you mumbled.

You quickly realized that when he was kissing you, he couldn't talk, and you wouldn't become embarrassingly turned on just by the sound of his voice. You started using that to your advantage.

Even when you were little, his voice affected you. Especially when he was speaking soft and lovingly to you, all rough edges gone. Then there was his voice when he was being stern with you… that had your knees weak in seconds.

"Baby, why didn't you ask for help?"

Yoongi cleaned up your messy face, cutting the rest of your food up for you to avoid any more of it ending up on your skin.

You shrugged. He was making you squirm again, and your cheeks were turning pink.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Yoongi murmured, brushing back your hair.

You instinctively leaned into the touch, seeking out more. He started to rub your shoulders.

"Nothing," you responded.

"Mm… did Papa do something wrong?"

You shook your head.

"Then why are you blushing, baby girl?"

You groaned, hiding your face with your hands. "Papaaaa," you whined, before running upstairs.

Yoongi slipped into your room that night long after your bedtime, surprised to find you still awake.

"Princess," his voice vibrated in your ear as he snuggled behind you. "Why are you still awake?"

You squirmed at the sound of his voice, letting out a whine.

"Come on," Yoongi coaxed you. "Tell Papa what's got you so embarrassed lately, hmm?"

You shook your head. "Can't," you protested.

"Why not?" He pressed.

"Cause!" You whined, shifting towards him. You loved his cuddles so much, but you were torn with how funny his voice made you feel. "Cause it's your voice!"

Yoongi smirked, lowering his voice intentionally into a purr. "Is that it? My voice makes my little baby shy?"

You nodded, face getting hotter the more he talked.

"What else does my voice do to you, sweetheart?" He asked close to your ear. "Tell me."

You whimpered, squirming in his arms. "Makes my tummy feel like butterflies… and…"

"And?" Yoongi murmured, kissing your cheek.

"And…" you shyly pointed between your legs.

Yoongi slowly snaked his hand down, giving you ample time to push him away or protest. But you didn't. So he touched you through your pajama pants, feeling how easily the material slid over you from how wet you were.

"Oh," he breathed, rubbing you some more. "Papa's voice gets you nice and wet, hmm?"

You nodded, whining when he stopped touching you. "Don't stop, Papa," you begged.

Yoongi chuckled and brushed your noses together. "Baby," he whispered onto your lips. "Can Papa go down on you? Make you feel good with my mouth?"

You whined, nodding eagerly. "Please," you whispered.

Yoongi talked to you the whole time he undressed you, taking his time. He loved seeing the effect his voice had on you.

"You're so beautiful, baby."

"Papa loves you so much."

"So cute, blushing and squirming for me."

By the time he leaned down and started kissing your sensitive nub, you were dripping down onto the bed sheets.

"Such a good girl," Yoongi breathed against your damp center.

You groped for his hair, needing something to hold on to as he licked and sucked you. Your back was already arching, moans and whimpers spilling from your lips.

"You like that, baby? Papa's mouth isn't only good for talking, hmm?"

"Please," you begged him; for what, you didn't know.

He lapped at your entrance, licking up your juices before thrusting his tongue inside. You gasped, fingers tightening in his hair.

"That's it, doll," Yoongi groaned. "Pull Papa's hair while I make you cum."

You writhed beneath his flattened tongue as you came, letting out a high-pitched whine.

"My good girl."

Yoongi wasted no time kissing your lips gently as he pulled your pants back up.

"Did you like that, princess?"

You nodded. "Liked it a lot, Papa," you murmured.

"Papa liked it too," he whispered, kissing your hair. He followed it up with a yawn. "But I'm tired now."

You giggled and then yawned, too. "I'm tired too, Papa."

Yoongi pulled you close, limbs tangling with yours. There was his bedroom voice again, rumbling in your ear.

"Sleep, my precious little girl. Papa will be right here."

Chapter Text

"Hey, hey, Daddy!"

"Hmm?" Jungkook looked up from his video game. "What's up, baby?"

You giggled, glancing down at your book to remember. "What do you call an illegally parked frog?"

Jungkook raised his eyebrows. "Tell me, doll."

You blurted out, "toad!" Before bursting into a fit of giggles. "Get it, Daddy?"

Jungkook chuckled and fondly rolled his eyes. "You've clearly been hanging around your Da too much," he teased you.

You shook your head and held out your book for him to see. "No, I got a joke book at the store! Wanna tell everyone jokes."

And so, you did. Next, you found Seokjin in the kitchen.

"Da! What did the duck say after he bought lip balm?"

Seokjin answered, "put it on my bill?"

You huffed. "You already knew that one!" You complained. "How about… why are fish so smart?"

Seokjin smirked and shook his head. "I don't know, princess. Why?"

"Because they live in schools!"

You knocked on Taehyung's door and called out, "knock knock!"

Taehyung played along, "who's there?"


"Dozen who?" Taehyung asked, opening the door.

You grinned and asked, "dozen anyone wanna let me in?"

Yoongi was watching TV when you found him.

"Why did the picture go to prison?"

He pulled you into his lap and kissed your cheek. "Why, sweetie?"

"Because he was framed!"

Yoongi snorted and gave you a squeeze. "Goofball," he murmured.

Jimin was doing push-ups in his room. "Hey, love," he greeted you.

"Knock knock!" You called from the doorframe.

"Who's there?"


"Boo hoo?"

"Don't cry, Appa, it's just a joke!"

You squeaked and ran away from him as he tried to tickle you, laughing all the while.

"Baba! I have a joke for you."

"What is it, darling?" He asked, brushing back your hair.

"Why was the broom late?"

Hoseok humored you, scratching his chin. "I don't know, sweets. Why?"

"Because it over-swept!"

Finally, you found Namjoon in his room, reading a book.

"Dada! Joke time!"

"I'm ready, love," he closed his own book as you flipped through yours.

"What do you call a toothless bear?"


You giggled. "A gummy bear."

"Silly girl," Namjoon tossed his book aside with a laugh and pulled you close, hugging you. "You're a funny little thing, aren't you?"

You nodded. "Like making daddies laugh."

Namjoon kissed your head and assured you, "and we love laughing with you, sweetheart."

Chapter Text

"Dada, hold my hand?"

Namjoon chuckled and reached for your hand, squeezing. "We're just walking to the dining room, baby doll."

You nodded. "Still wanna hold Dada's hand, though," you mumbled.

"Want to sit with me, sweetheart?" Jungkook asked once you arrived at the dining room.

You shook your head, spotting Seokjin across the table. "Wanna sit with Da!"

Jungkook pouted, but Seokjin gladly pulled you into his lap and kissed your cheek. It made you blush, squirming in his lap.

"Aw, honey, why are you blushing?" Jimin teased you. "Is it from Da's kisses?"

You turned even redder and denied it, "no!"

But the boys could all tell that you were lying, especially when you asked shyly, "Dada and Da feed me?"

"Enamored with us today, aren't you, darling?" Namjoon asked as he fed you some of your dinner.

"Uhmamored?" You slurred.

"You like us a lot," Seokjin explained as he guided your sippy to your lips.

You nodded in agreement. "Like you a lot."

Namjoon pinched your cheek and told you, "you're so cute, sweetheart."

The boys all loved how prettily you blushed at the words.

Your little crushes on Seokjin and Namjoon only grew as the days went on. You were constantly hanging on one of them, or cuddling in their laps.

"Da, change?" You asked, tugging his arm.

"Yeah, baby," Seokjin lifted you up. "Let's go."

"Dada, movie?"

"Of course, doll," Namjoon agreed, settling on the couch with you.

The two men were happy to keep you smiling and blushing for them.

"Da, Dada!" You threw open Namjoon's bedroom door without much of a warning, freezing at what you saw.

Your daddies were in various stages of undress; Namjoon without his pants and Seokjin without his shirt. You stared at them, open-mouthed, as they finished dressing.

"You alright, baby?" Namjoon asked softly once they were both dressed. "We should have locked the door, I'm sorry."

You didn't think they should be sorry; you weren't put off by it. If anything, it made your diaper feel wet and warm, but you didn't pee. Your tummy felt like it was on fire, tingling close to your privates.

"Feel funny," you admitted shyly.

"Funny how?" Seokjin asked, but you were already slipping from the room.

"Uh… I come back later!"

Alone in your room, you rocked back and forth on the bed. Your diaper was slick with your fluids, and you moaned at the friction you got as you humped one of your pillows with it on.

"Da," you whimpered. "Dada."

When you slipped your hand into your diaper to touch for real, your body jolted with pleasure. You kept thinking about seeing your daddies changing, and it made that hot, tingling feeling come back.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" Namjoon was pushing the door open before you could answer. "You ran off so quickly, we-"

The boys outright moaned at the state they found you in, on the bed with your hand down your diaper, whimpering their names.

"Oh, baby girl," Seokjin cooed. "Is it okay if we come in? What's your color?"

You whimpered, blushing, but kept touching yourself. "Green," you blurted out.

They crept over to the bed, joining you on it. Namjoon began stroking your hair while Seokjin rubbed your back.

"You look so good like this, touching yourself just from seeing your daddies getting dressed," Namjoon whispered.

"So desperate for us, aren't you, love?" Seokjin added.

You nodded frantically, rocking your hips into your own touch. "Made me feel funny," you admitted. "Made my diapie get all wet."

"Can I feel?" Namjoon asked. "Is it okay if Dada feels your wet diaper, angel?"

You nodded, removing your own hand and whining as Namjoon slipped his inside.

"Ah," Namjoon huffed. "You're so wet, baby, but not from pee."

Seokjin leaned in and kissed your lips gently. "Do you want Dada to finish you, sweetie? Make you cum?"

You nodded, bucking your hips to try and grind on Namjoon's hand. "Wanna cum," daddies," you whined.

"Of course, baby girl," Namjoon cooed, beginning to rub you. "Dada will make you cum, don't worry."

"You like this, honey?" Seokjin asked, kissing down your neck. "Like Dada's hand down your diaper?"

You nodded, canting your hips as Namjoon rubbed you. "Feels better than my hand."

Namjoon chuckled, pressing harder against your sensitive nub. "You're such an innocent little baby," he murmured. "Just seeing your daddies changing got you so turned on."

You blushed at that, feeling your orgasm nearing. "Dada," you whimpered.

"Are you gonna cum for Dada?" Seokjin asked. "So quick for us."

You couldn't even be embarrassed as you clenched, hips stuttering against Namjoon's hand. You came into the diaper, your daddies names on your lips, as Seokjin kissed you through it.

"Daddies," you whimpered when it was over, and Namjoon pulled his hand away.

Seokjin kissed your cheek gently. "We're gonna change you now, honey."

You shook your head. "Have to pee first," you admitted with a blush.

Namjoon chuckled, rubbing your belly soothingly. "Go ahead, sweetheart. Don't be embarrassed."

After you got done using your diaper for its intended purpose, the boys changed you into a fresh one. You cuddled up between them on the bed, soaking up every kiss and praise they offered you.

"M'glad you didn't lock the door, Dada," you finally said.

Your daddies only laughed and tickled your sides.

Namjoon told you, "I'm glad too, my little love."

Chapter Text

"I'm bored, unnie," you complained to the staff member in charge of you.

She sighed and ruffled your hair. "I know," she agreed. "Just a little longer and your daddies will be back, okay?"

You peeked out to where they were all sitting in a row behind tables, signing autographs and playing with ARMY's hands. You huffed and threw yourself over the staff member's lap dramatically.

"Unnie, I'm so bored I could just die!"

She laughed and told you, "I'm not sure that's true, sweetie."

"Unnnnniiiieee," you tried again.

Finally, she asked you, "what can unnie do to make you less bored? Do you want me to see if I can find you a snack?"

You perked up at that, extracting yourself from her lap. "A snack like… candy?"

You were being mischievous and your unnie knew it, but she still played along. "I'll see what the vending machine has. You stay right here until I get back, okay?"

You nodded, flashing her a smile. "I will, unnie!"

But the second she was gone, you were terribly bored again. Even the promise of candy wasn't keeping you entertained.

You looked out again to your daddies. They looked like they were having a really fun time interacting with ARMYs. You wanted to have fun too! Making sure that no one was looking, you dashed out onto the stage.

Taehyung's eyes nearly popped out of his head as you came careening towards him. He reached out for you and grabbed you, whispering in your ear, "where did your unnie go?"

You shrugged. "To get me candy."

A fan came up in front of Taehyung, and he cast a helpless glance at the other boys.

"Y/n, come here," Yoongi finally beckoned you over.

He calmly pulled you into his lap and got you settled, not missing a beat in signing autographs.


"Shh," he murmured close to your ear. "You're allowed to stay on Papa's lap as long as you're quiet, yes? Sit nicely and behave."

You nodded, wanting to stay on Yoongi's lap for the rest of the fansign. Needless to say, the fans all asked Yoongi and the other boys who you were as they passed through. But they all pretended not to hear the question and changed the subject each time.

Yoongi bounced you in his lap as the fans came through, stroking your tummy under your shirt and whispering nice things between signing autographs and taking pictures. You were having much more fun than you were backstage.

"We're gonna have to come up with an excuse," Namjoon sighed once the last fan had filed out of the room.

"I'm so sorry!" The staff member that was supposed to be watching you came out, bowing. "I told her to wait while I got her a snack and when I came back-"

"Noona, don't worry," Jimin smiled at her. "We know what a sneaky little thing she can be, it wasn't your fault."

"Didn't mean to be bad, unnie," you apologized.

"It wasn't your fault," Seokjin said, pulling you from Yoongi's lap into his own. "You just wanted to see your daddies."

"Maybe we should just not say anything," Hoseok suggested. "No matter what we say, it will get twisted and some people won't believe it."

"That's true," Jungkook agreed. "People are going to think whatever they want, anyway."

"They're already starting on Twitter and Weverse," Yoongi confirmed.

"I think we shouldn't say anything," Namjoon agreed. "Just let it blow over."

You played with Seokjin's ear and asked, "daddies not mad?"

"We aren't mad at you, baby girl," Taehyung assured you.

"It's okay, my love," Hoseok added.

Glad that you weren't in trouble, your thoughts returned to more pressing matters. "Can I have my candy now?"

Even your unnie rolled her eyes at you.

"Aish," she complained half-heartedly, handing you a pack of skittles. "This kid."

You shared your candy with your daddies and unnie before leaving to go back home. If your daddies didn't care what people said on social media, then neither did you.

Chapter Text

You didn't know how the boys weren't crying. You were crying for them, watching the hurt flash over their faces as they had to talk about how much they missed performing, and that online concerts just weren't the same.

You clutched your stuffie close to your chest, wiping your tears as you turned off the interview. You didn't want to watch another second of it.

And then you got an idea; you knew exactly who to call.

"Sweetheart," Bang explained carefully as Sejin bounced you in his lap. "We know how much your daddies miss performing, but with the virus…"

"Please, Grandpa!" You begged. "I have an idea. Won't you listen, at least?"

Sejin patted your head. "Of course we'll listen, honey. We just can't make any promises."

You watched the online concert from home, shaking with anticipation. The boys had been in sour spirits when they left that morning, but you knew that once the concert began, they would cheer up. Your surprise would make them happy again!

You watched as the boys walked onto the stage, the spotlights already lit so they couldn't see the seats. That was all a part of the plan.

They opened with Permission to Dance, and as Namjoon began speaking into his microphone to thank everyone, that was when the crew revealed the secret.

Suddenly, the audience all lit up their ARMY bombs in the crowd, and the light crew turned on the overheads so that the boys could see.

The crowd wasn't huge, it was nowhere near as big as their pre-covid concerts. The audience were all six feet apart, with many empty seats between groups.

They had all shown proof of vaccination, were wearing masks, and had all gotten a negative covid swab within a 48 hours of the concert. They had signed a waiver stating that they hadn't travelled out of the region in the last two weeks.

It wasn't a huge audience, but it was enough that Namjoon stopped talking abruptly, pressing his hand to his mouth as he cried.

The other boys all followed suit, and soon, you and the audience were crying along with them.

"ARMY," Jungkook sobbed into his mic. "This is the best surprise. We're so happy to see you again."

They couldn't start their next song right away. They all kept crying when they tried to speak, much less sing.

Yoongi clung to Jimin, crying against his neck.

Hoseok squatted down near the edge of the stage, getting as close as he could to the crowd. "We missed you so much," he told them.

Eventually, they carried on with the show. But of course, the tears would come and go throughout the whole thing, for all of them. The crowd was crying, too.

After the concert ended, you waited at home, glad that your daddies would be happy after this show instead of sad. You waited in the living room, trying to stay awake, but you ended up nodding off.

"Sweet girl," Seokjin's teary voice woke you up. "Sejin told us what you did for us."

You smiled as you blinked open your eyes, humming at Taehyung's fingers in your hair and Namjoon's hand on your back.

"Wanted daddies to see ARMY again."

"That was the best surprise ever, baby, do you know that?" Yoongi asked.

"We're so grateful," Jungkook added.

Jimin pulled you into his arms, squeezing you while Hoseok kissed your hair.

"I'm glad daddies are happy after concerts again," you said. "I like when daddies are happy instead of sad." You reached up and started wiping away all the boys tears.

"Happy tears," Taehyung assured you. "I promise, baby."

You nodded, snuggling against your daddies as your sleepiness threatened to beat out your excitement.

"You can sleep, love," Jimin whispered. "Daddies will be right here."

"We love you so much, darling," Namjoon added.

"We'll be right here when you wake up," Hoseok murmured.

The last thing you heard before succumbing to sleep was Seokjin's voice reminding you, "you gave us the best present we could ever ask for, sweetheart. We will carry it in our hearts forever."

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Chapter Text

"You taste so good, baby," Jungkook murmured, laving his tongue between your legs. "Daddy can't get enough."

"Daddy," you whined, squirming underneath him.

You had been on edge for so long, and Jungkook just kept teasing you. Every time you would get close, he would pull his mouth away and start to nip and suck at your thighs instead.

"What, honey? Getting close?"

You whimpered, nodding. "Please, Daddy. Don't stop this time!"

Jungkook chuckled, taking pity on your begging. "I think I've teased my little girl enough. Daddy will let you cum, baby, go ahead."

Sure enough, Jungkook kept lapping at you past the point of no return, and you came. Your body trembled from the force of it, and you felt yourself gushing against Jungkook's mouth. But instead of pulling away, he licked it all up greedily.

"Fuck, baby, there you go," he moaned when he finally pulled away.

"Daddy," you whimpered when you saw the mess you'd made on the sheets. "I'm sorry."

Jungkook shook his head and started kissing up your neck. "Don't apologize, sweetheart. Daddy loves when you squirt. So glad I got to taste it."

You blushed prettily at his words, squirming underneath him. "Daddy," you whispered again.

"Do you want to stop, love?" Jungkook cupped your cheek. "Gotta tell Daddy what you want."

You shook your head. "Don't wanna stop. Want more."

"You wanna ride Daddy, my good girl?" He asked.

Soon enough, you were on top of him, stretched by his girth. You moaned as you bounced up and down, feeling pressure growing in your tummy again. But it wasn't another orgasm.

"Daddy," you stilled your bouncing and squirmed around his cock. "I… I have to pee."

"You won't pee, sweetie," he assured you. "You're gonna cum again."

You shook your head, feeling your full bladder sloshing around inside you as Jungkook started thrusting upwards.

"I really have to go, Daddy," you whined. "Please, I can't hold it."

"You don't have to, baby," he moaned, thrusting up erratically. "You can let go, princess. You can pee all over Daddy if you need to."

"But-" you gasped as you spurted onto his pelvis, unable to hold it. "I'm really gonna-"

"I know," Jungkook groaned as another trickle slipped out. "It's okay, Daddy wants it. I want you to pee all over me, baby girl. Please, sweetheart."

Your body didn't give you a choice as you started peeing all over him. You whimpered at the sudden sensation as Jungkook's eyes rolled back with pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum, princess," he moaned. "It feels so good, I'm gonna cum!"

By the time he pulled you off him and cradled you in his arms, the both of you, and the bed, were absolutely soaked.

"Made a mess," you panted.

"That's okay, my love," Jungkook kissed your head. "There's a mattress cover on, we just need to clean the sheets and have a nice bath together."

"Wanna have bath with Daddy," you mused.

"Such a good girl," Jungkook told you.

He lifted you from the bed and started tugging off the soaked sheets and the mattress cover, balling them up.

"Wait for me in the bathroom, princess. I'll be there in a second."

You did as you were told, taking out your favorite bubble bath while Jungkook put the laundry in. He started filling up the tub when he returned, hugging you close after.

"Daddy didn't push you too far, right?" He asked softly.

You shook your head. "Was embarrassing at first, but… I liked peeing on you, Daddy."

Jungkook chuckled as he turned off the tap. "Daddy liked it too. So, so much."

He lowered you both into the water, settling you against his chest and kissing your hair.

"My perfect baby girl," he murmured. "Always so good for me."

"Daddy's always good too," you said seriously.

Jungkook chuckled and kissed your cheek. "Get back in the pond, you silly goose."

You gestured to the water you were both soaking in. "I'm already in a pond, Daddy!"

Jungkook snorted at that, squeezing you tight. "I love you, silly girl."

You kissed his cheek and replied, "I love you too."

Chapter Text

"Kim Seokjin, if I have to tell you one more time to stop throwing your toys-"

Seokjin didn't listen to Yoongi's threat, choosing instead to stick out his tongue at his Papa.

"I like throwing them!" He said, defiantly throwing a dinosaur across the room.

"Little one, you are really pushing your luck," Jungkook told him through gritted teeth.

"Wittle one pushing wuck!" You repeated, not understanding but giggling at being like your Daddy.

Seokjin huffed at you. "Shut up! You're just a baby!"

Now that you understood. Your lip trembled for just a second before you promptly burst into tears.

"M'not a baby!" You sobbed as Hoseok scooped you into his arms to rock you.

"Seokjin!" Taehyung gasped. "That was a very mean thing to say!"

"You made your sister cry," Jimin added. "Now apologize."

Seokjin got mad at all your daddies comforting you and standing up for you. "No!" He shouted. "She is a baby! And… and… You're all big meanie-heads!"

He started throwing the couch cushions to the floor, making a big mess. He continued on with his tantrum as you stopped crying, and suddenly, he heard Namjoon's voice echo through the room.

"Kim Seokjin, you stop it this instant!"

Seokjin froze. Namjoon was supposed to come home soon, but not this soon! He panicked slightly until he realized that Yoongi was holding his cell phone out to him, now off speaker. He took the phone with a trembling hand, holding it to his ear.


"Dada is not very happy with you right now, little one. Your daddies told me you've been acting up all day."

"But I-"

"No buts. Dada is going to be home soon, and if you don't behave until I get there, you're going to get an even bigger punishment."

"Punish?" Seokjin asked.

"Yes, you're being punished. I love you and I'll see you soon, Jinnie. You behave until I get back."

Once Namjoon hung up, Seokjin handed the phone back to Yoongi.

"Are you going to be a good boy now?" Jungkook asked.

Seokjin nodded sullenly. "Yes, Daddy."

"Good," Hoseok quipped. "Are you ready to apologize to y/n and clean up this mess?"

Seokjin nodded and walked over to you, taking your hand. "I'm sorry for being mean," he whispered. "Didn't mean it."

His transgressions were already forgotten, and you reached up to him for a hug. "S'okay, Jinnie."

Jimin reached out and patted Seokjin's head. "That was a very good apology, sweetheart. Appa will help you clean up now, okay?"

By the time Jimin and Seokjin had finished picking up all the toys and couch cushions, the front door opened.

"Uh oh," Seokjin mumbled. "Dada, I-"

All the boys and you stayed out of Namjoon's way as he marched across the room, jaw twitching. The room was silent, and you couldn't cut the tension even with a knife.

"Come upstairs with me, little one," Namjoon said, holding out his hand.

Seokjin took it, palm sweating, but his Dada squeezed his hand to reassure him.


"You're going to write lines," Namjoon explained when they reached his room.

He took out a pad and pencil, placing them on his desk and pulling out the chair.

"Sit here and write 'I will listen to all my daddies' ten times."

Seokjin sat in the chair, doing as he was told.

"Finished, Dada."

Namjoon looked the page over before flipping to a new one.

"Now write 'I will not throw my toys' ten times."

Seokjin pouted, but got to work. By the end, his hand was beginning to cramp.

"Good job, baby," Namjoon soothed him as he flipped to a clean page. "Just twenty more. On this page, write 'I will be nice to y/n' ten times."

"My hand hurts," Seokjin complained.

Namjoon only needed to raise his eyebrow to get Seokjin to start writing.

Namjoon rubbed his back as he started the last ten lines, which were, "I will not throw couch cushions".

"There," Namjoon murmured, pulling Seokjin into a hug. "All done, Jinnie."

Seokjin sniffled and clung to Namjoon. "I'm sorry for being bad, Dada! I missed you!" He choked on a sob. "Missed Dada so I was bad because I wanted daddies attention!"

Namjoon kissed his head and told him, "I know you didn't mean it, baby. Dada knows, and he missed you too. I'm sorry you felt so yucky today, but this wasn't the way to get attention."

Seokjin sniffled and nodded. "I know, Dada."

Namjoon picked him up and bounced him. "No more tears, my love. Would you like to apologize to everyone now?"

Seokjin nodded, clinging to Namjoon as he carried him downstairs. Although you had all heard Seokjin's apologies echoing down the stairs, you were silent as he addressed you.

"I'm sorry for being bad. Missed Dada a lot and was feeling yucky."

"It's alright, Jinnie," Taehyung cooed. "We forgive you, sweetie."

"Wub Jinnie!" You squealed, giggling.

Seokjin gave you a watery smile as Namjoon kissed his cheek. "All better now, okay, prince?" He murmured. "Everything's okay."

Seokjin clung to Namjoon for the rest of the evening, and was a very well behaved little boy for all of his daddies.

Chapter Text

You giggled as Taehyung splashed you with water, something that certainly would not fly had one of your daddies been monitoring your bathtime. But, Namjoon had gotten an important phone call in the middle of the bath, so he had trusted you in the bath with Taehyung and Yoongi, who were feeling slightly older than you in headspace.

"Hyungie is silly," you complained.

"No, you are!" Yoongi giggled.

You glanced down at the water, where the bubbles were starting to fizzle away, revealing more of all three of your bodies. You looked at Taehyung's and Yoongi's privates, which were buoyant in the water, compared to your own.

"Your pee-pees float," you said, pointing.

"Uh huh," Taehyung said proudly, shifting his hips to make it move in the water. "It's like a pool noodle."

You looked down at yourself again, shrugging. "I don't have anything that floats," you complained.

Yoongi shrugged. "S'okay. Look, mine and TaeTae's aren't the same, either. We all look different."

Sure enough, Taehyung's tip looked like a mushroom head, and Yoongi's looked like it was hiding.

"Why?" You asked.

Taehyung shrugged. "I dunno."

"I need to go potty," Yoongi suddenly said, looking around the room. "When is Dada coming back?"

"He's been gone a long time," you said.

Yoongi whined and started to squirm, reaching down to pinch the head of his dick. "I have to go really bad."

"Go in the bath, Yoonie," Taehyung said. "It's okay."

Yoongi glanced at you, waiting for confirmation. You noticed that Taehyung's penis was getting fuller just at the mention of Yoongi peeing in the water.

"Go ahead," you agreed. "We won't tell Dada."

Yoongi let go of himself, sighing with relief as you and Taehyung watched him pee a pale yellow stream into the water. Taehyung whimpered, his penis fully erect, hand twitching towards Yoongi.

"Did your pee-pee get big because you like when hyungie pees?" You asked innocently.

Taehyung nodded. "Like it when he pees."

You pouted again as Yoongi finished up. "Mine doesn't get hard," you mumbled. "Hyungie, can I touch?" You asked Taehyung.

He nodded. "Feels funny when it gets big."

You hesitantly touched his length, eliciting a moan from Taehyung. Your eyes snapped up to his. "Does it hurt?"

Taehyung shook his head. "Feels good."

Yoongi, watching you touch Taehyung, got hard too. "Y/n," he whined. "Now mine is big too," he complained.

You giggled, abandoning Taehyung's penis to inspect Yoongi's. "Can I touch?"

Yoongi nodded. "See? It looks kinda like Taehyung's when it gets big. All the extra skin goes away."

"Yeah!" You agreed. "Looks like hyungies!"

"Uh oh, what's going on in here?" Namjoon came back into the bathroom and knelt beside the tub. "Why are you touching your brothers, baby?"

You blushed and moved your hand away. "Was just looking… hyungies said it was okay to touch, too."

Yoongi and Taehyung both nodded. "Told him he could touch," Taehyung agreed.

"He wanted to see why we all had different pee-pees," Yoongi explained.

Namjoon nodded slowly. "Taehyung is circumcised and Yoongi isn't," he said. "When Taehyung was born, the doctor took away the extra skin on his penis. Yoongi's doctor didn't."

You nodded, understanding. "Am I circumcised?" You asked.

"His pee-pee doesn't look like ours at all," Taehyung added.

Namjoon ruffled your hair. "You aren't circumcised or uncircumcised, baby boy. You were born with a different kind of pee-pee. It doesn't get circumcised."

"Because it's a vagina," you said somewhat sadly.

Namjoon sighed. "What's between your legs doesn't make you a boy, remember, darling? Your hyungies and your daddies don't think that you need a penis to be a boy."

"Y/n is a boy," Yoongi agreed, reaching for your hand in the water.

"We all have different pee-pees," Taehyung said. "We're all still boys."

You looked down at yourself again, moving away your skin to reveal your clit. "Is that where the pee comes from?"

Namjoon nodded, seeing an opportunity and running with it. "Mhm. And it gets swollen when you feel good, doesn't it? Just like a penis."

Yoongi reached for it before drawing his hand back. "Can I touch, y/n?"

You nodded. Yoongi looked at Namjoon for confirmation, receiving a hesitant nod. Then he reached out and touched you carefully.

"I think it's a penis," he announced. "It's just different, like mine and TaeTae's are different." He took your hand again, squeezing. "You're our little brother and you're not any different than us, okay?"

Taehyung took your other hand and assured you, "you're a boy and if anybody ever says you aren't then I'll beat them up for you, okay? Hyungie will punch them!"

Namjoon chuckled and decided it was time to step in again. "Okay, okay, calm down, love. It's so nice that you would stand up for your brother, but let's not get too violent, hmm?"

"I'd punch them too," Yoongi mumbled under his breath.

"I bet the water's getting cold," Namjoon changed the subject. "It's time to get into your pajamas, my little mer-men!"

You all giggled at that, and Yoongi blurted out, "it's not too cold, I peed in the water before!"

"Shh!" You hissed. "Hyungie, we weren't supposed to tell!"

"Yeah, Yoonie!" Taehyung complained.

Namjoon only rolled his eyes. "What did Dada say about peeing in the bath, little ones?"

"Not to," you all chorused.

"Uh huh," Namjoon hummed. "Come on, out. Let's get you dressed and then I think there are three cups of hot cocoa in the kitchen for three good little boys."

You all lit up at the idea of hot cocoa, scrambling to get out of the bath. You felt much better about your body after talking to your brothers and Dada. After all, everyone was different in one way or another. You weren't any less of a boy than them.

Chapter Text

"Y/n, when is Haru gonna find us? I have to go potty."

"Just go in your diapie!" You whispered to Chul.

"I don't use diapies anymore! Not even pull-ups. Daddy takes me potty now," Chul replied.

"Oh," you whispered just as the closet door swung open.

"Found you!" Haru shouted.

Chul jumped up and ran from the room, calling out, "Daddy! I need to go potty!"

Haru giggled at him and helped you stand up. "We should go potty too, so we don't have to stop playing again."

Haru didn't use diapers either? You blushed and nodded, not wanting her to know that you still did.

"Daddies," you said after your friends had left. You were snuggled on the couch watching a movie. "I don't wanna wear diapies anymore."

"No?" Taehyung asked. "Why not, baby? I thought you liked them."

You shook your head. "Haru and Chul go potty like big kids and I wanna too!"

"Okay, sweetheart," Seokjin cooed. "You don't have to wear diapers if you don't want to."

"You just have to remember to tell us when you need to go," Jimin reminded you.

You nodded. "I will, daddies!"

And for the next few days, you did. You didn't have a single accident. You were very good at telling your daddies when you needed to go, and waiting until they took you to the bathroom.

But then you started missing diapers. You missed the comfort of knowing that you didn't have to care about needing to pee. You wanted to be able to pee anytime you wanted.

You missed the feeling of the diaper, safe and secure around you. The padding and the way it made you waddle a little bit. It always helped you feel smaller.

But most of all, you missed changing time. You loved when your daddies changed your diaper. They were always so soft and sweet with you, telling you what a good girl you were.

And you knew that your daddies were happy that you were using the potty now. After all, they kept praising you for telling them you needed to go. So surely, they wouldn't want to put you back in diapers.

Not unless… you needed them again.

The first time you had an accident, you were playing with your blocks in the living room. You let go as soon as you needed to, just as you would have if you were wearing a diaper. But instead of being absorbed, your pants got soaked and you ended up sitting in a puddle.

"Oh, honey," Yoongi murmured, helping you stand up. "You didn't notice you had to go?"

If you said that you hadn't, you would get put back in diapers, right? So you shook your head.

"Didn't notice. Sorry, Papa."

Yoongi ruffled your hair as he began to undress you. "It's okay, baby. Just an accident. Try to tell someone when you need to go next time, okay?"

But you didn't. The next day, you peed yourself at the lunch table, looking down at the puddle you made under the chair.

"Oopsies," you said. "Sorry, daddies."

But again, your daddies were very understanding. Seokjin lifted you up from the table to get you cleaned up.

"You don't have to try and hold it just because we're at a meal, love," he reminded you. "You can go potty during meals if you need to."

But still, no diaper.

"Sweetheart, come on," Namjoon groaned when you had an accident on his studio couch. "Why didn't you tell Dada?"

You just shrugged and said, "didn't wanna bother you while you were working."

Namjoon wasn't the only one getting frustrated. When you had an accident at the park with Jungkook, he scrambled to tie his sweatshirt around your waist to hide the stain.

"Baby, what happened?" He asked. "You were doing so well and now you're having accidents all the time. Did you not want to stop playing to go pee?"

You shook your head. "I dunno, Daddy."

The final straw was when Namjoon asked you if you needed to pee before getting in the car, and you said no. You then proceeded to pee yourself five minutes into the car ride to the studio.

"Sweetheart, we really can't keep doing this," Jungkook sighed as he and Namjoon cleaned you up in the small bathroom. "If you aren't going to tell daddies when you need to pee, then you'll have to go back in diapers."

"Okay!" You agreed, much too eager.

Namjoon raised his eyebrows. "I thought you wanted to be a big girl."

You blushed, shuffling your feet. "Thought I wanted to be a big girl."

"And then..?" Jungkook didn't look angry, just worried.

"And then I missed wearing diapies!" You admitted. "Missed being changed."

"Oh, baby girl," Namjoon ruffled your hair. "Why didn't you just tell us you wanted to wear diapers again? You didn't have to go through all this."

You shrugged. "Thought daddies liked me using the potty and wouldn't want me to wear diapies again."

"Oh, doll," Jungkook kissed your cheek. "Daddies don't mind if you want to wear diapers, or pull-ups, or use the potty. We just want you to be happy and comfortable."

You sighed, relieved.

"We love changing you, sweetie. We've been missing changing time too," Namjoon told you.

You cuddled into Jungkook's arms when he offered them, pulling Namjoon with you. "Can I have a diapie now, please?" You asked.

"Yes, love, of course," Namjoon murmured.

"Sweet baby," Jungkook whispered onto your hair. "Thank you for telling us what you want."

Soon enough, you were diapered and in clean clothes, sitting in Taehyung's lap in the studio. Jungkook and Namjoon had informed the boys that you wanted to wear diapers again, and no one was upset with you.

"We're so proud of you, sweetheart," Hoseok cooed. "Thank you for letting daddies take care of you."

It was always that easy with them; they never made you feel like a burden for what you wanted.

Chapter Text

Taehyung glanced around the table, seeing the only seat available was next to Jimin. He stayed standing there for a moment before sweetly tugging on Yoongi's arm.

"Hyungie, can I sit here and you go sit over there?"

Yoongi looked from Taehyung to the empty seat and back again. "What's wrong with that seat?"

Taehyung glared at Jimin. "The seat is fine," he quipped. "What's wrong is who's sitting next to it."

Yoongi rolled his eyes, but still grabbed his plate and moved to the empty seat.

"Would the two of you care to tell us what's going on?" Namjoon asked.

Jimin shrugged. "Why don't you ask Taehyung? He started it."

"I did not!" Taehyung argued. "You did!"

"You borrowed my shirt and lost it! You have no respect for other people's belongings!"

"Okay," Seokjin cut in. "Let's not yell-"

"Tae, why don't you just buy him a new shirt?" Jungkook asked.

"He can't!" Jimin exploded. "They don't even make it anymore, and it was over two grand-"

"That's a lot of money," Jungkook agreed.

"Why are you siding with him?!" Taehyung shouted.

"Guys!" Namjoon slammed his hand on the table. "The two of you need to work this out on your own. We aren't getting involved."

"Speak for yourself," Jungkook shrugged. "I think Tae should pay hyung back for the shirt."

"I didn't even lose it!" Taehyung protested.

"You borrowed it last!" Jimin screamed.

Needless to say, the meal ended with Jimin storming from the table. Much to Taehyung's annoyance, Jungkook left with him.

But still, you decided to let the three of them work it out. The maknae line had argued before and worked it out on their own.

When you came home from work a few nights later, you found everyone in the room watching a movie. Everyone except for Taehyung.

"Where's Tae?" You asked.

"Oh…" Hoseok glanced around, just noticing that he wasn't with them. "I don't know. His room, maybe?"

"Who cares?" Jimin retorted. "Turn the movie up, I can't hear."

Taehyung wasn't in his room, though. He wasn't in any of the common rooms, the other boy's bedrooms, or the bathrooms. You searched the whole dorm but couldn't find him.

"I'm going to check the studio," you told the boys after you'd changed your clothes. "Not that anyone cares."

"I'm sure he's fine," Seokjin waved you off. "Let us know when you find him, okay?"

You called Taehyung on your way to the studio, but it went straight to voicemail. When you checked the building top to bottom, you grew even more worried. And then you remembered one last place that he could be.

"Taehyungie," you pounded your fist on the door to his personal apartment. "Are you here? Noona is getting really worried!"

You were about to consider calling Sejin when the door creaked open, revealing a very small-looking Taehyung with a tear-stained face.

"Oh, baby," you cooed, stepping inside and pulling him close. "Why are you crying? Why are you here all alone?"

Taehyung cried into your shoulder, body shaking from the force of his sobs. "Daddies don't love me anymore, Mommy!" He croaked. "They all ignore me and they think I lost Appa's shirt but I didn't and now Daddy hates me and I never wanna go back, never ever!"

"Breathe, baby boy," you soothed, rubbing his back. "You'll make yourself sick, crying like this. Mommy's here now and everything's going to be okay. Do you trust me?"

Taehyung nodded. "Tr-trust Mommy. But…"

"But what, darling?" You asked, leading him further into the house.

You locked the front door and helped him to his bedroom.

"But I sent Appa the money on Venmo and he st-still didn't ask me to watch the movie with everybody!"

You wiped away his tears, kissing his lips gently. "Mommy is going to fix it tomorrow, my love. Don't you worry your pretty head."

Taehyung sniffled, leaning against you as you laid him on the bed. "I'm glad Mommy came to find me."

"Mommy will always look for TaeTae," you promised him, booping his nose. "Now, do you have any stuffies here? Comfy clothes, a paci?"

Taehyung shrugged. "Have clothes an' a stuffie in the closet."

You kissed his forehead. "I'll go get them, lovie. We're going to sleep here tonight, okay?"

Taehyung nodded as you searched his closet, finding a teddy bear and a comfy pair of sweatpants.

"Here you go, darling," you said, handing him his bear. "Mommy's going to get you all comfy and cozy for the night."

Taehyung was pliant as you changed him, clinging to his bear. "Sleepover at TaeTae's house?"

You smiled and helped him under the covers, snuggling him close. "Sleepover at TaeTae's house," you agreed.

Once Taehyung had fallen asleep, however, you slipped from his bed and dialed Seokjin, asking to talk to everyone.

Jimin hadn't even looked at his phone all day, and hadn't known Taehyung had tried to send him money. Needless to say, he and Jungkook felt like shit.

"I'm sending the money back to him, noona," Jimin told you. "He didn't have to… ugh. I feel so bad. This was a stupid fight in the first place."

"We'll make it up to him tomorrow, noona, I promise," Jungkook added.

Taehyung clung to you when you returned to the dorm the next day, all but attached to your side as you led him into the living room.

"Taehyungie," Jimin called out softly. "I'm really, really sorry. I'm sorry about fighting in the first place over something so silly, and for being so mean to you while we were arguing. I'm sorry for ignoring you and making you feel bad. I didn't mean to hurt you, Tae. Big or little. I'm truly sorry."

Taehyung looked at Jimin, eyes wide. "I forgive you, Appa," he finally said.

"Can I give you a hug and a kiss?" Jimin asked, holding his arms out.

Taehyung shook his head and stayed clinging to you. "No thank you," he whispered. "Don't want to."

Jimin lowered his arms, trying his best not to look hurt. "Okay, baby. Not right now, then, if you aren't comfortable. Appa understands."

"I'm sorry for getting involved, TaeTae," Jungkook spoke next. "It wasn't my place to get in the middle of it and I'm sorry for upsetting you. I promise not to do something like that again."

Taehyung nodded slowly. "Forgive you, Daddy."

Jungkook didn't bother asking for a hug.

"Taehyungie, it was wrong for us to leave the three of you to work it out on your own," Namjoon said. "We're your hyungs when you're big, and it's our job to help you. We should have had a family meeting and talked it out together. We're all very sorry, sweetie."

Taehyung finally loosened his grip on you, just the slightest bit. "Forgive everyone," he whispered. "Should have… should have come downstairs and… talked to daddies instead of running away."

Hoseok shook his head. "No, baby. It wasn't your fault at all. You were hurt; we understand why you left. We're so, so sorry that we did that to you, honey."

Taehyung let go of you completely, taking a cautious step towards Hoseok. Hoseok smiled and held out his arms for him.

"It's alright, love," he murmured. "You can come to Baba if you want to."

Taehyung crashed into his arms, all hesitation lost. "Missed you, Baba. Missed your kisses."

Hoseok pressed a firm kiss to the top of his head to prove a point. "I missed you too, precious. We all did."

Taehyung slowly looked around the room before leaving Hoseok's lap. He went to Seokjin next, giving him a hug. Then Namjoon, where he also got a raspberry on his cheek. Next he plopped on Yoongi's lap, when his Papa whispered sweet apologies in his ear.

"Daddy," Taehyung squirmed off Yoongi's lap and stood in front of Jungkook.

"Yeah, baby," Jungkook murmured. "I'm here."

Taehyung crawled into his lap, resting his head on his shoulder. Jungkook hugged him close and kissed his hair, one hand rubbing his back.

"I love you, Taehyung. I'm really, really sorry."

Taehyung leaned up and kissed Jungkook's cheek. "I love you, Daddy."

Taehyung finally looked over to where Jimin was fighting off tears, his hands wringing together as he stared down at his lap. He wriggled off Jungkook and crawled over you to reach Jimin, poking his cheek.


Jimin looked up and couldn't stop the tears that started flowing as he looked at Taehyung. "I'm sorry, baby," he mumbled, wiping them away. "I'm so sorry."

Taehyung wrapped his arms around him, not speaking until Jimin returned the embrace. "It's okay, Appa. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes." He added quietly, "TaeTae made a mistake and lost your shirt."

Jimin sniffled and pulled Taehyung fully into his lap. "And Appa shouldn't care about a shirt. Taehyungie is so, so much more important than a stupid shirt. You know that, don't you?"

Taehyung pouted. "It was lots of money, and Taehyungie lost it, and-"

"I don't care," Jimin said, kissing Taehyung's cheek. "Forget the shirt, sweetheart. I will never risk our relationship over something so meaningless again."

Taehyung snuggled against Jimin, kissing the warm skin of his neck. "It's okay, Appa. Everything's okay, now."

Jimin chuckled and prodded Taehyung's side. "You sound more like a daddy than me," he teased.

Taehyung giggled, squirming under Jimin's wandering hands. "That's because TaeTae is really smart!"

"The smartest," Jimin agreed.

"I love you," Taehyung whispered. "Love you a lot, Appa. Big and little."

Jimin brushed his nose against Taehyung's. "And I love you, baby. So, so, so much. Big and little. You are so precious to me."

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Chapter Text

"Minnie, bring your lions over here, next to the elephants," Yoongi said, pointing.

Jimin scowled and shook his head. "I'm bored of this game," he complained. "We've been playing zoo all day!"

Yoongi shrugged. "What do you wanna play?"

"House!" Jimin pointed over at their play kitchen. "I wanna play house."

"Mmkay," Yoongi agreed, abandoning his elephants and crawling over to the play kitchen with Jimin. "How do we play?"

"Mm," Jimin picked up a toy frying pan and put some plastic hot dogs in it. "I'm cooking dinner and you just got home from work! So I'm making dinner for you. And we have to feed the baby!"

Yoongi picked up their baby doll and put her in the high chair. "The baby gets a bottle," he said, digging through the bin of plastic foods for one.

"Yoonie," Jimin whined, still stirring the hot dogs in the pan. "We're married so when you get home you have to kiss me hello!"

Yoongi blushed, finding the bottle and sticking it in the baby's mouth. "It's okay?" He asked.

Jimin nodded. "Welcome home, Yoonie!"

Yoongi giggled and kissed Jimin gently. "Thank you for cooking dinner and feeding the baby!"

Jimin blushed and went in for another kiss. "Thank you for working hard at work!"

Yoongi squirmed, pulling Jimin's hand away from the pan to hold onto it. "Can I have another kiss?" He asked. "Cause… cause we're married and I worked hard so it's okay!"

Jimin squeezed Yoongi's hand and leaned in, kissing Yoongi again. But this time, neither of them pulled away. They settled on the floor, lips moving sloppily over each other, uncoordinated.

"Kisses make me feel funny," Yoongi admitted when they finally stopped for air.

"Me too…" Jimin nuzzled Yoongi's cheek and asked, "does Yoonie wanna stop?"

Yoongi shook his head. "Does Minnie?"

Jimin shook his head, too.

When Jungkook walked in to check on his boys, he was surprised to find them tongue kissing on the floor, limbs tangled and hands clutching each other.

"Aw, are my babies having fun together?" He said with a smirk, settling on the couch.

Yoongi and Jimin blushed at being caught. They stopped kissing, but didn't pull apart.

"We… were playing house," Yoongi explained.

"I see," Jungkook hummed.

"And… we were playing daddies and since daddies are married and have a baby they can kiss!" Jimin added, out of breath from all the kissing.

"You don't have to stop, little ones. You can keep kissing if it feels good." Jungkook watched as they leaned in again, wet lips smacking against each other. "Is it okay if Daddy stays and watches you?"

"Want Daddy to stay," Yoongi moaned.

"Like Daddy watching," Jimin added.

Jungkook let out his own soft moan at that, leaning back and enjoying his boys making out with each other. Their hips started to grind against each other, searching for friction through their pants and pull-ups.

"You can touch each other, if you want to," Jungkook encouraged them.

Yoongi paused long enough to ask, "can I touch you, Minnie?"

Jimin nodded and moaned, "I touch you too?"

Jungkook bit back a moan as they shoved their hands down each other's pants and pull-ups, jerking each other off.

"Such good boys, asking each other first before touching. Does it feel good, babies?"

They whined as the pulled from the kiss long enough to answer.

"Feels good, Daddy," Jimin said.

"Like when Minnie touches," said Yoongi.

"You both look so good," Jungkook praised them as they started kissing again, all tongue and teeth. "Such pretty little boys, aren't you?"

Yoongi was grinding his hips erratically into Jimin's hand, his own hand moving faster inside Jimin's pants.

"Minnie," he whimpered.

"Yoonie?" Jimin didn't still his movements, but looked up with concern.

"Gonna make me cum," Yoongi whispered, cheeks heating.

"Gonna cum too," Jimin assured him. "Daddy," he moaned. "Yoonie's gonna make me cum!"

"You can cum, babies, it's okay," Jungkook cooed, pupils blown. "Daddy wants you to make each other cum."

Yoongi couldn't hold back anymore, a soft gasp leaving his lips as he came into his pull-up and all over Jimin's hand. Jimin came right after, his free hand coming up to clutch Yoongi's shoulder as he did. Then they went lax against each other, exhausted and satisfied.

Jungkook knelt down and looked them both over before kissing each of their foreheads. "Daddy is gonna go get you fresh pull-ups, okay? Can you give each other hugs while I'm gone?"

The boys hugged each other close, even kissing gently as Jungkook left the room.

"Yoonie okay?" Jimin asked.

Yoongi nodded. "Minnie okay?"

"I feel really good," Jimin said with a blush. He looked down at his lap and squirmed. "Sticky though."

"Daddy will clean us," Yoongi said with a yawn.

"I'm back, my good boys," Jungkook cooed. "Did you cuddle each other nicely?"

"Mhm," Jimin hummed as Jungkook laid them down to undress them. They were still hugging the best they could as Jungkook changed them.

"You look very sleepy, little ones. Is it time for a nap?"

"Nap please," Yoongi mumbled. "Wanna cuddle Minnie."

"Cuddles," Jimin agreed.

Soon enough, the boys were tucked into bed with Jungkook beside them. He stroked their hair and pressed kisses to their cheeks, glad that they had each other. They really were the sweetest little boys.

Chapter Text

"Daddy, look! It's raining in the book, too!"

Jungkook joined you on the floor, looking at the rainy day scene in your coloring book that matched the current situation outside.

"It sure is, doll. Do you want Daddy to color it in with you?"

You loved the idea of your daddy coloring with you! You gladly moved your crayon box closer to him, so that you could both reach it.

"Can we make the raindrops all different colors?" You asked.

Jungkook ruffled your hair and nodded. "Of course we can, sweetie. Rainbow raindrops for my princess!"

You giggled. "Rainbow raindrops, rainbow raindrops!" You repeated.

You were too little to stay inside the lines, so Jungkook made sure to color messy, too, so you wouldn't feel bad. Soon enough, your rainy day page was all filled in.

"Another one, Daddy!" You requested.

Jungkook humored you and colored two more pages with you. One was a cat playing with yarn, and the other was a barn with horses in it.

"Diapie?" You asked once you were bored of coloring, realizing that you were wet.

Jungkook carefully laid out your changing mat and guided you down onto it. He kissed your forehead before unzipping your footie and taking off your wet diaper.

"How about some warm milk and a cuddle?" Jungkook asked as he wiped you down with baby wipes. "We can watch a movie."

"Can we watch Home?" You asked as he taped on a new diaper.

"Whatever you want, princess," he cooed.

"I wanna watch home," you announced as he zipped up your footie. "Can I come into the out now?" You quoted the movie with a giggle.

Jungkook tickled your sides before lifting you onto the couch. He deposited one of your squishmallows into your lap and kissed your lips.

"Daddy's going to make your bottle now, I'll be right back, okay?"

You waited patiently on the couch for Jungkook, hugging your squishmallow close and humming to yourself.

"I have a warm bottle of milk here for my good little girl," Jungkook cooed when he returned.

He sat down on the couch and slid you into his lap, cradling you with one hand and guiding the bottle to your lips with the other. It was warm and sweet, making you feel happy and warm inside as it settled in your tummy.

Jungkook only moved his hand from your head for a moment; long enough to turn the movie on. You smiled at the screen, giggling at the funny parts even while drinking your milk.

"All done," Jungkook murmured once your bottle was empty. "Good job, baby girl."

You hummed as a response, eyes growing heavy as you watched the movie. Before you knew it, Jungkook was adjusting you both so that he was spooning you, holding you close against him as he yawned.

"I'm sleepy, honey," he said. "Are you sleepy too?"

You nodded. "Sweepy, Daddy."

Jungkook chuckled, enamored with your cute, half-asleep slurring. Soon, you were both sound asleep.

"Shh!" Jimin hissed when he and the other boys got home later, finding you and Jungkook curled up on the couch, fast asleep. "They're sleeping."

"Aish," Namjoon groaned. "So cute."

"They're both drooling," Yoongi chuckled.

"Look, she's holding his hand over her belly!" Taehyung gushed.

"Adorable," Seokjin cooed. "I can't take it!"

"I got a picture," Hoseok said slyly.

The boys quieted down after that, putting a fluffy blanket over you both to keep you warm as you slept safe in each other's arms.

Chapter Text

You trembled at the sight of blood when you wiped, tears immediately gathering in your eyes.

This doesn't happen to real boys, was the first thought that crossed your mind. 

Sniffling, you managed to stick a pad on your boxer briefs. You were fully crying by the time you got to your bedroom, not bothering with pants and curling up on your bed.

Your crying quickly turned to sobbing, but the other boys weren't home to hear it. The sobbing then progressed into your thumb finding its way to your mouth, and before you knew it, you were absolutely tiny.

Your daddies found you when they got home an hour later, dried tears on your cheeks and your thumb still being abused in your mouth.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" Seokjin asked.

Jimin noticed blood staining your underwear as they came closer, and quietly pointed it out to the other boys without saying a word.

Hoseok nodded and brushed your hair back as you started to cry again. "Oh, baby boy, don't cry," he whispered. "It's okay."

"Daddies are here now," Jungkook murmured. He fished a pacifier out of your bedside table and gently removed your thumb from your mouth. "Let's give your thumb a break, handsome."

Yoongi rubbed your back, waiting until your tears died down again to speak. "Can we put you in a diaper, honey? It will hold the blood better, and then you don't have to worry about going potty."

You knew that he was trying to distract you from the main reason they wanted to diaper you by making you think it was about the diaper's intended use. But the blood leaking onto your thighs felt really yucky, so you nodded.

"Diapie," you whispered, the first word you'd managed since the other boys got home.

"Good boy," Taehyung cooed, lifting you into his arms.

Namjoon laid out your changing mat and kissed your forehead when Taehyung placed you on it. "You're being such a brave boy," he murmured. "We're going to give you ice cream after we get you changed."

You whimpered as Seokjin maneuvered your underwear off, and almost began crying again once he started cleaning you up.

"We know, sweetie," Jungkook cooed gently, trying to distract you by playing with your hands. "It'll be over soon."

"Not supposed to bleed," you managed. "Boys don't bleed."

"That isn't true," Hoseok told you. "Some boys bleed and some boys don't."

"Daddies don't," you whined as Seokjin taped a diaper on you.

"No, daddies don't," Yoongi agreed. "But there are plenty of other boys in the world that do. It doesn't make you or them any less of a boy."

You shrugged, clinging to Jimin when he picked you up. He bounced you in his arms and kissed your nose. "Let's go get ice cream for our brave little boy."

"He needs cuddles, too, I think," Taehyung added as he pinched your cheek.

"Want ice cream and cuddles," you agreed.

"Good boy," Namjoon praised you. "Listening so well to your daddies and letting us help you. You're such a good boy, baby."

You snuggled on Hoseok's lap on the couch while Jungkook and Seokjin got you ice cream. Your other daddies all gave you hugs and kisses, which made you feel a little better.

"Baby boy, look what we have for you!"

You gasped at the sound of Jungkook's voice, eyes widening when you saw the bowl in Seokjin's hands. It wasn't just plain old ice cream; they had made you a sundae. There was chocolate sauce and whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries.

"Sundae!" You squealed.

"That's right," Seokjin cooed. "A yummy ice cream sundae for our best boy."

Taehyung took the pacifier from your lips and Namjoon began feeding you spoonfuls of the yummy ice cream. You bounced happily in Hoseok's lap while you ate.

"How was that, sweetie?" Yoongi asked when you were done.

"Yummy," you said. "Thank you, daddies."

You were transferred into Jungkook's lap after that, all your daddies snuggled close to give you hugs and kisses. Seokjin rubbed your back and Yoongi ran his fingers through your hair.

"You need anything, baby?" Namjoon asked.

You shook your head. "Just need my daddies," you sighed.

"We're right here," Jimin assured you. "We aren't going anywhere, love."

"You're our sweet, special little boy and we love you so much," Hoseok added.

"I love daddies too," you whispered. "Daddies make everything better."

And it was true; your daddies always managed to make everything okay.

Chapter Text

"I like this movie, Mommy," Namjoon slid his legs underneath him, entranced with the film.

You chuckled and ruffled his hair. "Mommy picked a good one?"

Namjoon nodded. "I like all the sword fights!"

You kissed his head, turning your attention back to the movie. "I'm glad, baby."

You hadn't seen the movie for yourself in a long time. Sure, it was rated R, but you thought it was for the violence and language. You thought that in middlespace, Namjoon was certainly old enough to watch it.

Until the forgotten sex scene came on.

"Oh, Joonie, Mommy's sorry!" You scrambled for the remote, apologies spewing from your lips. "I forgot about this part. I'll turn it off-"

"Mommy, wait," he said shyly. He reached out and tugged you back down to the couch. "I still wanna watch it." He avoided looking at you, eyes trained on the TV as he squirmed in place, cheeks red. "Can we finish watching it?"

You smiled at how flustered he was getting, how desperate he was to keep watching the scene. You sat back down and nodded.

"We can watch it if you want to, sweetheart."

Namjoon continued watching the movie, but you were too busy watching him. He squirmed and fidgeted as he watched, chewing on his thumb. The tent growing in his pants was painfully obvious, but you still sat back and watched your silly boy get more and more flustered.

"Mommy," he finally said, gripping your thigh with his hand. "Mommy, please-"

You didn't have a chance to acknowledge his pleas before his lips found yours, kissing you messy and needy.

"Oh, Joonie," you cooed when he stopped for air. His cheeks were pink and eyes wide, one hand between his legs, tugging himself through his pants. "Did the movie get you all hot and bothered?"

Namjoon turned even redder, but nodded. "Mommy, please," he begged.

You chuckled and gave him a chaste kiss, your fingers coming under his chin to tilt his face up. "Please what, honey? Mommy isn't a mind reader. Gotta tell me what you want."

Namjoon only whined and buried his face in your neck. "Wanna be a good boy for you," he mumbled.

You rubbed his back, the innocent touch alone making him shudder and grind his hips against his hand.

"Baby, you're always Mommy's good boy," you assured him. "So good for me." You paused a moment, kissing his hair. "And good boys use their big boy words for what they want, hmm? Tell Mommy what you want."

Namjoon whimpered, but relented. "Wanna do what he did," he finally said, pointing at the TV. "Wanna make you feel good like the girl in the movie."

You smiled and kissed his lips gently. "There we go," you cooed. "My good boy used his words to tell Mommy what he wants. I'm so proud of you."

"Please," Namjoon whispered desperately. "Please, Mommy."

"You can put your cock inside Mommy, pretty boy," you murmured. "But, I have one rule."

Namjoon, who was already reaching for his pants, froze. "I'll be a good boy," he promised. "I'll follow the rule!"

"I know you will, sweetheart," you cupped his cheek. "The rule is that you can't cum until you make Mommy cum. Do you think you can do that?"

Namjoon nodded eagerly. "Wanna make Mommy feel good! Wanna make Mommy cum!"

"Come here, baby," you cooed. When Namjoon reached for his pants again, you stopped him. "Don't you want to kiss, baby? Or are you too worked up and desperate, hmm?"

Namjoon blushed even redder, wanting to argue, but he really was desperate for you. So he chewed his lip and nodded his head, whining softly.

"It's okay, Joonie," you murmured.

You reached for your shirt and pulled it over your head. Namjoon moaned at the sight of your breasts, scrambling for his pants as you worked off yours.

"It's okay, baby," you encouraged him as you laid back longways on the couch. "Come make a mess outta Mommy."

Namjoon wasted no time settling between your legs and pushing inside. You were already wet from how aroused Namjoon was, dripping onto the couch knowing how badly he wanted you.

"Mommy," he gasped as he settled inside you. "Feels so good. Warm and wet."

"You like it, sweetie?" You cooed, rocking your hips and purposely squeezing your muscles to clench around him. "Come on, fuck Mommy. Don't you want to make Mommy cum?"

Namjoon whimpered as he started thrusting. He was obviously overwhelmed, so worked up, but that was all a part of your plan.

"Here, Joonie," you gently guided his hands to your breasts. "You wanna touch Mommy here?"

"Have to make Mommy cum," he whimpered, teasing your nipples. "Please, Mommy, it feels too good. I need… need to make you cum first."

You reached up and cupped Namjoon's cheek. "Don't worry about Mommy, baby boy," you told him. "You do what feels good and then you can take care of Mommy after. Does that sound okay, my good boy?"

"But the rule-"

"Mommy made the rule so she could watch you try to hold back," you admitted. "Love watching you slowly lose control, darling. You're so sweet, blushing and biting your poor little lips. Trying so hard not to cum already, aren't you?"

Namjoon groaned, glad to be pleasing you even if he was going to be quick. "Still good?" Namjoon asked. "Even if I cum?"

"You're so good, Joonie," you assured him. You were getting close, even without him touching you. You briefly wondered if you would end up cumming before him, anyway. "Always my good boy. Want you to fill me up, baby."

That pushed Namjoon over the edge. He moaned as he came inside you, hands tightening around your waist as he did. You moaned in tandem at the sensation.

"Gonna make you cum, Mommy," Namjoon pulled out of you after he caught his breath, dipping right between your legs.

"I'm gonna be quick, honey," you warned him. "I'm so close already from your cock."

Namjoon groaned against you at the words, licking and sucking with fervor. He squeezed your thighs with his hands, massaging your muscles.

"Yes, Joonie, my good boy," you moaned. "Use your fingers, baby, please."

Namjoon wasted no time sliding in two fingers, remembering to make a "come hither" motion that made you gasp.

"Honey, don't stop. Mommy's so close…"

Namjoon moaned at the same time as you when you came, clenching around his fingers and throbbing against his mouth. He licked and fingered you through it until you whimpered from oversensitivity.

"Did I do good?" Namjoon asked, face messy from your fluids as he knelt between your legs.

You pulled him close and wiped his face gently, thumbing your slick away. "You did so good, love. Made Mommy feel so good. Did you enjoy it, too?"

Namjoon nodded. "Being inside Mommy was so warm and nice. Tasting Mommy was amazing."

"You wanna get dressed, Joonie?" You asked, rubbing his back.

He shook his head. "Not yet. Like cuddling naked with Mommy."

You kissed the top of his head, realizing that the credits of the long-forgotten movie were rolling on the TV.

"Mommy likes it too, my good boy."

Chapter Text

"Look, daddies, look!"

Yoongi swung his racket to the ball and knocked it back across the court to you and Hoseok, who gently tried to help you hit it back. You didn't miss with Hoseok's hand guiding yours, and you yelped with glee.

"Did it, daddies!" You squealed. "Me an' Yoonie playing tennis!"

"You're both doing such a good job," Jungkook cooed.

Yoongi went to collect the forgotten ball and tried to hit it back to you, but instead he was too caught up in squeezing his thighs together and bouncing in place.

"Yoongi, baby," Namjoon gently took the ball and racket from his hands. "Let's go back to the house and go potty real quick."

Yoongi blushed and grabbed himself now that his hands were free. "Can I go out here?" He asked with a pout. "Can't hold it till we get to the house."

The house was a bit of a walk from the tennis court. Taehyung nodded and motioned towards the woods. "You can tinkle in the woods, sweetie, it's okay."

Namjoon led him over to the edge of the woods and helped him go, and that was how Yoongi decided that potties were boring, but peeing outside was kind of fun.

When you were all at the docks fishing that afternoon, he tugged on Jimin's arm and asked, "can I go potty here?" While pointing at a patch of grass.

Jimin shrugged, not wanting to drag him all the way inside just to pee. "Go ahead, honey."

You watched as Yoongi peed onto the grass, jealous. "I have to go too!" You whined.

"I'll take you inside, love," Seokjin offered.

You shook your head, pointing to where Yoongi was zipping up. "I wanna pee outside like Yoonie!"

"Alright, doll," Jungkook agreed.

He helped you to pull your shorts and underwear down and squat, and just like Yoongi, you thought peeing outside was super fun!

You and Yoongi refused to pee inside except at nighttime after that. The boys just shrugged it off as you or Yoongi randomly peeing while you were all outside became normal. Sometimes one of you would ask for help, and the boys would assist you.

You were eating hamburgers for dinner one night, which Taehyung and Seokjin had grilled on the fire outside. You all sat around at a picnic table eating, until you heard a trickling sound next to you that turned into a stream. When you looked under the table, Yoongi had tugged his shorts down and was peeing onto the grass.

The sound of his peeing made you realize that you had to go really bad, too. You scrambled to move your panties aside and scoot forward on the bench, peeing under your skirt into the grass.

"Babies," Namjoon cleared his throat once the two of you were finished. "You shouldn't pee at the table, that isn't nice."

Before you could ask why, Jimin grabbed your hands and Hoseok grabbed Yoongi's as you both reached for your food.

"Hand sanitizer, please!" Jimin requested.

Jungkook handed over a bottle; the boys had started taking some with them anytime you were outside for when you and Yoongi peed.

"Why can't we pee at the table?" Yoongi asked as your daddies sanitized your hands.

"It's not polite and it's unsanitary," Taehyung explained.

"But I had to go really bad!" Yoongi complained.

"Me too!" You added.

"I understand," Seokjin cut in. "But next time, you need to get up and pee a little further away, okay?"

"Yes, Da," you and Yoongi chorused.

"Good, little ones," Jimin sighed.

"In trouble?" Yoongi asked.

Jungkook shook his head. "You aren't in trouble, my loves. Just don't pee at the table next time, okay?"

"Okay!" You both agreed.

You both still peed outside for the rest of the trip, just not at the dinner table.

Chapter Text

"Hey, jagi," Hoseok met you at the door, helping you out of your coat.

You wanted to be strong and say hello back. You wanted to get on with the preparations you knew you had to make for going back to work and school. But as the other boys filed in to find you frozen in the foyer, you absolutely broke.

"Sorry," you mumbled, wiping your eyes. "I'm sorry. I thought I cried myself dry already."

"Noona, it's alright," Taehyung pulled you close, rubbing your back. "It's okay, you can cry."

You whimpered, barely able to return the hug. "I-I have to get all my stuff ready for work and school," you argued.

"No, you don't," Seokjin whispered. "You don't need to worry about that right now."

You started to outright sob as more of the boys joined into the hug, and you went limp in their arms.

"Don't wanna get in trouble," you whimpered.

Sensing your shift in mindset before even you, Jimin cooed, "no, sweetheart, you aren't going to get in trouble. Daddies will make sure of it."

"You take all the time you need, baby," Jungkook added.

You sniffled, squirming in your uncomfortable black dress. "Itchy, daddies."

Taehyung kissed your hair before lifting you into his arms. "Tou-san and Appa will change you, lovie. Then we'll come back downstairs and have a nice big cuddle with all your daddies. How does that sound?"

You hummed in agreement, weak and tired from the exhausting day, from all the crying, from the past week in general.

"I miss him," you whispered, barely audible.

"I know, angel," Jimin whispered, playing with your hair as Taehyung carried you upstairs. "I'm so sorry we can't bring him back."

"We're here, baby," Taehyung whispered, setting you on your bed on Jimin's lap. "You're not alone."

You sniffled again as Jimin began to undress you gently. Taehyung found you the softest, comfiest sweatsuit you owned and dressed you up in it.

"There we go," Jimin murmured, kissing your hair. "Are you nice and comfy, sweetie?"

You nodded. Taehyung leaned down and wiped the last of your tears away with his thumbs as he cupped your face in his big hands.

"You're such a brave little girl," he whispered. "Daddies are so very proud of you."

"We love you so much," Jimin added, standing up with you in his arms.

"I love you, Appa. I love you, Tou-san."

"Are you ready to go back downstairs, pretty girl?" Taehyung asked. "I bet your daddies have a nice surprise for you."

Your eyes widened and you perked up the slightest bit. "Surprise?"

"Yeah, baby," Jimin kissed your temple. "A surprise."

Sure enough, your daddies had moved all the couch cushions and pillows onto the floor, covering them with blankets and stuffies. Moana was playing softly on the TV, and there was a warm bottle of milk waiting for you.

"We want you to relax, doll," Namjoon whispered as all the boys cuddled you close.

"You don't need to worry about anything right now," Yoongi added. "Work and school do not come before your mental health."

You squirmed, but nodded. If your daddies said so, it must be true. But you still asked, "promise?"

"Yes," Taehyung breathed close to your ear. "You need time to heal. If you were sick, wouldn't you take off work and school to get better?"

You nodded slowly.

"This is just as important," Jungkook assured you. "We're going to take care of you, baby. Don't you worry about a thing."

Jimin brought the bottle of milk to your lips. "Have this, honey. You need something warm and yummy inside your tummy."

You latched onto the bottle and began drinking the warm milk, which you were sure the boys had put nutrition powder in. But all you tasted was the yummy milk and the sweet honey that they also added.

Jungkook started singing along to the movie softly, and you were soothed by the sound of his voice. All the boys pressed kisses wherever they could reach, and you stayed snuggled up between Taehyung and Jimin, with the others close enough to touch.

"All done, princess?" Jimin took the empty bottle from your lips and used his sleeve to wipe your mouth. "There we go, sweetheart."

Yoongi stuck a pacifier in your mouth, smiling at you. "There you go, little one."

Taehyung nuzzled your hair and kissed you. "We're here, baby girl. Everything's going to be okay."

And then, Jimin: "We're going to get through this together."

Chapter Text

"Goodnight, hyungs," Jungkook mumbled as he stumbled into his room.

He was so tired and stressed from three days of nonstop practice; he fell right into bed without taking his clothes off. He didn't plug in his dying phone, or even shower. He just crawled under the covers and finally succumbed to blissful sleep.

Jungkook woke up mid-morning to a strange, cold feeling. He grumbled, wanting to sleep even longer, before he realized what the feeling was. He had peed the bed.

Jungkook's lowered lip wobbled; he slipped instantly as soon as he realized that he had an accident. He tried to be a big boy and not cry as he called out for his daddies.

"Daddies! Koo little! Please help!"

Hoseok and Taehyung came rushing into the room, wasting no time trying to comfort their baby.

"Hi, sweetie, are you okay?" Hoseok asked. "You worried us."

"What do you need help with, precious?" Asked Taehyung.

Jungkook blushed and pointed at the wet sheets, covering his wet pants. "Had an accident."

Hoseok ruffled Jungkook's hair as he inspected the sheets. "That's okay, baby, we'll clean you right up."

Jungkook smiled, glad that he wasn't in trouble. "Didn't mean to worry you, daddies."

Taehyung hummed as he started pulling fresh clothes out for Jungkook, as well as baby wipes. "It's okay, Kook-ah. We're just glad you're alright." Taehyung paused, his hand hovering over the pile of diapers in the closet. "Can Tou-san clean you up and put you in a diaper, honey? That way we won't have any more accidents."

Jungkook nodded, giggling as he played with Hoseok's hands. "Diapie, Tou-san!" He repeated. "No more accidents!"

Taehyung booped his little one's nose and laid him down to change him.

Jungkook was happy to wear his diaper, but he soon discovered a little problem. He had some anxiety about actually using it. After a couple sippy cups of juice, he was bursting to pee, but locked up when he tried to relax and let go into the diaper.

"You okay, Kookie?" Yoongi asked, concerned as Jungkook began biting his lip.

Jungkook wanted to tell his Papa his dilemma, but he was a bit embarrassed. So he nodded, instead.

"Kookie okay, Papa."

A few minutes later, though, he was far from okay. He felt like his bladder was going to burst right there inside him. He had to pee so badly, he didn't even think he could make it to the potty!

"Da," he hissed, panicking as he stood up. "Dada," he whimpered helplessly.

"What's the matter, angel?" Namjoon asked. "Are you ok-"

Jungkook felt anxiety rising in his chest as he started to leak when he stood. He suddenly wasn't so sure about peeing in his diaper. He frantically tried to tug his pants down, tearing the diaper off with them. Facing the wall, he started peeing right onto it, cheeks burning.

"Jungkook!" Seokjin scolded him. "Put your diaper back on, please!"

Jungkook started crying as he peed onto the wall, making a big mess and a puddle on the floor. "Sorry, Da! Koo is sorry! Got scared to use the diapie!"

Namjoon waited until the little had finished peeing to gather him into a hug. "Sweetie, it's okay. Please don't cry."

"I'm sorry for scolding you, baby," Seokjin said, rubbing his back. "Da thought you were doing that on purpose to make a mess."

Jungkook shook his head. "Didn't mean to, Da! Koo so sorry."

Seokjin kissed the top of his head and assured him, "it's okay, sweetheart. No more apologies. Da understands."

Yoongi approached him, thumbing away his tears. The little shivered, still naked from the waist down.

"Let's go upstairs and get you changed, Kookie," he suggested. "Then you can have a nice nap."

Jungkook sighed against Namjoon, nodding. "Papa tuck me in?"

Yoongi smiled and took Jungkook's hand. "Of course I'll tuck you in, baby."

Yoongi led his half-naked baby upstairs and diapered him before settling him in bed. He kissed his forehead and pulled the blankets up to his chin.

"No one is mad at you. You know that, right, prince?"

Yoongi said it in such a soft, sweet tone that Jungkook had to believe him. He nodded, smacking his lips together and smooching, a silent request for another kiss.

Yoongi obliged and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight, Koo-bear. I'll see you soon."

"Nigh nigh, Papa."

Jungkook woke up to Jimin rubbing his back and humming quietly.

"Time to wake up, little one."

Jungkook cracked his eyes open, panicking when he felt the warm, swollen diaper against him. He must have peed in his sleep again.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Jimin asked. "You look like a deer in the headlights."

Jungkook blushed and looked down towards his crotch.

"Ah," Jimin reached down and felt the front of Jungkook's diaper. "Are you wet, love?"

But the innocent motion made a moan spill from Jungkook's lips as he felt the wet diaper against his crotch and Jimin's hand squeezing gently.

"Appa," he gasped.

Jimin smirked, but didn't make any move to feel Jungkook again. "Does it feel nice when Appa checks your diaper, baby?"

Jungkook turned a pretty shade of pink and nodded. "Makes my pee-pee feel funny."

"Do you want Appa to keep touching, darling? Show you how nice a wet diaper can feel against your pee-pee?"

Jungkook whined softly. "S'okay?"

"Of course it's okay," Jimin cooed. "As long as you want me to, Kookie. Appa wants to make sure you're comfy."

Jungkook nodded eagerly, rocking his hips into nothing. He was hard in his diaper just from one squeeze of Jimin's hand, and he was desperate for more.

"I'm comfy, Appa." Then, quieter, "please touch Koo again."

Jimin smiled and cupped the front of Jungkook's diaper again, beginning to rub up and down.

"How's that, baby boy?" Jimin asked softly. "Does that feel good?"

Jungkook nodded. "Warm," he murmured. "Wet."

Jimin squeezed the swollen diaper, making Jungkook moan. "That's right, baby. You were such a good boy for using your diaper. Now you get to see how nice it feels when you're wet."

Jungkook whimpered, breathing heavily as Jimin amped up his ministrations. "Good boy?"

Jimin kissed Jungkook's forehead. "You're such a good boy, Jungkookie."

Jungkook sighed happily, rocking into Jimin's hand. "I'm gonna make a mess, Appa," he whispered.

"Good, baby," Jimin breathed. "Appa's going to change you anyway. I want you to cum in your diaper, sweetheart."

Jungkook whined at that, grinding against Jimin's hand without any shame. "Please, Appa, please," he moaned desperately.

"Go ahead, baby," Jimin cooed. "Cum for Appa, it's okay."

Jungkook buried his face in Jimin's neck as he did, letting out strangled puffs of air as he came into his soaked diaper.

"There you go, little one," Jimin purred. "Good job, sweetie. Came so quickly for Appa."

Once Jungkook went limp in his arms, Jimin tilted his face up and kissed his nose.

"Liked that a lot, Appa," Jungkook whispered shyly.

Jimin chuckled. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby boy." He booped Jungkook's nose and started undressing him to change him. "A wet diaper feels nice, hmm? So you shouldn't be scared to use your diaper."

Jungkook nodded, pliant as Jimin cleaned him up. "Appa will let me cum in my diapie when I wet it?"

Jimin nodded. "Of course, darling. Anytime you want."

All reservations about peeing in his diaper gone, Jungkook sighed happily. "I'm gonna wet my diaper all the time then, Appa."

Seokjin would be happy to hear that his walls were safe.

Chapter Text

"Come here, jagi."

You glanced up from your phone at Yoongi, who was motioning you closer on the bed. You dropped your phone and moved closer, sighing when he tugged you against him.

"Wanna tell oppa what's bothering you?"

You sighed. "Am I that obvious?"

Yoongi shook his head and booped your nose. "I just know you, y/n. I can tell when something's wrong."

"I'm just exhausted. I'm too stressed out."

Yoongi hummed. "Burnout," he said. "I'm sorry, jagi. I know that makes you feel like shit."

You nodded and rested your head on his shoulder. "Even when I find some time to relax, like now…" you trailed off.

"What is it?" Yoongi asked, rubbing your back. "Tell oppa."

"I just can't. I can't…"

"You can't slip?" Yoongi finished for you.

You hummed. "Yeah. I can't slip," you sighed.

"I'm sorry," Yoongi whispered onto your scalp, kissing you there. "What if I try to help you slip? Do you think you could be little if I helped you?"

"Maybe," you replied. "We can try if… if you don't mind?"

Yoongi pulled back and kissed your forehead. "Of course I don't mind, baby," he murmured. "I love seeing my little girl."

You blushed at his words, hands clutching the front of his shirt. It was always a bit awkward at first, when the boys would try and get you to slip. The pet names and soft voices always made you blush and squirm.

"It's alright," Yoongi breathed, as if sensing your hesitation. "Relax, sweetheart. Papa's going to take good care of you."

Yoongi shifted over to your end table, producing a pacifier from it and probing your lips with it.

"Open up, honey," he prompted you. When you did as you were told and began to suck, he kissed your forehead again. "Don't you look so cute?"

"Papa," you finally whispered. "Wanna play."

Yoongi smiled. "We can play whatever you want to, doll."

Yoongi got on the floor with you to color in your coloring books. You lost your pacifier sometime during your coloring, and Yoongi didn't seem to realize as you sucked your thumb. You noticed that as he colored, he kept getting further and further outside the lines.

"Uhm," he squirmed as he finished up his second picture, blushing. "Sorry," he whispered. "I… I'm little now too."

You gently reached out and took Yoongi's hand. "S'okay," you said. "Want you to relax too."

Yoongi smiled back sheepishly. "We find a grown up? I'm sleepy…"

You held hands with Yoongi as you both toddled across the hall to Namjoon's room, knocking on the door.

"Hi, babies," he greeted you. "What's up?"

You announced, "Yoonie was big and helped me be little, and now he's little too."

"Sorry, Dada," Yoongi mumbled.

Namjoon leaned down and kissed Yoongi's cheek. "You have nothing to be sorry for, love. You can be little anytime you need to. Dada's so glad you came and found a grown up; good job, little ones!"

You tugged Namjoon's arm and said, "we're tired, Dada."

"Two sleepy little bears, hmm?" Namjoon asked. "How about a nice bath and then I'll tuck you into bed together?"

You both liked that idea. While Namjoon filled up the bathtub, you and Yoongi picked out a bath bomb to use.

"What about the mermaid one?" Yoongi asked, holding up a teal and pink one with little seashells in it.

You nodded. "It smells nice."

"Let Dada get you undressed," Namjoon cooed once the tub was filled.

Namjoon playfully tickled both your tummies after removing your shirts, then helped you step out of your pants and undies.

"We drop the bath bomb in together!" You announced as you settled in the warm water with Yoongi.

"Go ahead, loves, let's see it."

You and Yoongi both let go of the bath bomb, watching as it exploded into colors and seashells in the water.

"So pretty," Yoongi marveled.

"Smells good," you added.

"My babies are going to smell like the beach!" Namjoon chuckled. He held up a bottle of body wash and corrected himself, "well, the beach and berries."

"I like berries," Yoongi said.

Namjoon took his time washing each of you while you played together in the water, and then used orange-scented shampoo in your hair.

"You smell like little fruit baskets," Namjoon said as he lifted you both out of the tub and wrapped you up in fluffy towels.

You giggled at that, taking Yoongi's hand as Namjoon herded you into your bedroom.

"Undies?" Namjoon asked as he laid out pajamas for you both. "Pull-ups?"

You said, "pull-up!"

Yoongi blushed a bit and asked, "can I have a diapie? Don't like getting out of bed to go potty if I wake up. It's dark and scary."

Namjoon ruffled his damp hair. "Of course you can have a diaper, baby. You're such a good boy for telling Dada what you want."

You squeezed Yoongi's hand, a silent reminder that he didn't have to be embarrassed.

Soon enough, you were dressed in a Frozen nightgown and Yoongi was dressed in a white tee shirt and Paw Patrol pants.

"I wanna bring this one to bed," you announced, grabbing your stuffed bunny and jumping into bed.

"I bring this one!" Yoongi grabbed his cat and followed close behind.

"Goodnight, little ones," Namjoon leaned down and kissed each of your foreheads. "Sleep tight." He pulled the blankets up over you. "Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

You both giggled at that. "Silly Dada," you complained.

"I love you, babies," Namjoon whispered. "I'll be right across the hall, so call for me if you need anything."

"Love you, Dada," Yoongi yawned. "We will."

"Love you, Dada," you echoed.

Once you were alone with Yoongi in the glow of your nightlight, you kissed his cheek and snuggled close to him.

"We sleep like this?"

"Yeah," Yoongi agreed. "Wanna snuggle."

"Yoonie?" You asked softly.


You kissed his lips this time. "Thank you for helping me be little."

Yoongi hugged you close and said, "thank you for helping me, too."

Chapter Text

Taehyung knew that he should speak up. He was tired, running on empty, and he really needed a break. But more than that? He needed to be ready for the concert tomorrow. So he pushed on through the moves, still giving it his all as if it were the performance and not just a rehearsal.


Taehyung hadn’t even realized that he was careening to the floor, his ankle twisting and sending him flying, until Hoseok called out to him. He felt arms reaching for him to keep him from crashing down to the floor, but not before he landed hard on his leg and let out a pained cry.

“Taehyung-ssi,” the choreographer pushed the other boys out of the way to examine Taehyung’s leg. “Is it your knee? Your ankle?”

Taehyung shook his head, wincing as he moved his leg to show the choreographer his calf. “Here,” he managed, pointing.

“You’ll need to get it looked at in the ER,” the choreographer decided.

“But the rehearsal-”

Namjoon stepped in and cut Taehyung off, shaking his head. “The concert is tomorrow, and we aren’t risking you getting yourself injured even worse trying to dance tonight. Let’s go get you checked out and see what the doctor says, okay?”

Taehyung bounced his good leg the whole ride to the hospital, until Namjoon placed a gentle hand on his thigh and squeezed.

“It’s going to be okay, Taehyungie. Do you trust hyung?”

Taehyung nodded; of course he trusted Namjoon; his hyung, the leader of the group. If he said it would be okay, then Taehyung believed him.

But as soon as he was helped onto a stretcher and the doctor was examining his leg, the anxiety came back.

"Hyung?" He asked when the doctor left the room after having radiology tech take multiple scans of his leg. "I'm scared."

"It's okay, Tae," Namjoon moved onto the stretcher with Taehyung and hugged him. "Hyung's right here. There's no need to be afraid."

Taehyung sniffled, already knowing that whether something was broken or not, the doctor was going to advise him not to dance.

"ARMY will hate me if I can't dance, Dada!" He blurted out.

Namjoon pulled Taehyung into his lap, kissing his hair. "Shh, shh. That isn't true, little one. ARMY wants you to be healthy. No one wants you to dance if you're injured, baby."

Sure enough, the doctor advised Taehyung not to dance, and the managers all agreed: Taehyung would sit in a chair during the dances.

"It's okay, baby boy," Namjoon soothed him as he carried him out to the car.

He carried him under the pretense of his hurt leg, but really, he just wanted to hold his little boy and comfort him.

"Everything's going to be okay, love. You were such a brave boy," Namjoon praised him as they got driven home.

Taehyung, though big, was miserable during rehearsal the next day. He pouted when he was exiled to his chair while the other boys danced, voice shaky when he sang.

"I need to pull it together," he huffed when they were getting ready for the actual show. "I don't want to let ARMY see me like this."

"Hey, look at me."

Yoongi pulled Taehyung against him, forehead to forehead. "Did ARMY mind when I had to sit out for my shoulder?"

Taehyung shook his head. "No, hyung."

"Okay," Yoongi clapped Taehyung on the back before quickly kissing his lips. "So you get out there and sit on that chair like the fucking king you are, and you'll see that ARMY still worships you. You get your sexy ass out there and just wait. They'll love it, Taehyung-ah."

Taehyung did feel okay for most of the concert. For the songs without dance routines, he was able to get up and perform, which made him really happy. The boys all gave him encouraging looks and touches whenever they could, and made sure to include him even when he had to be seated.

But it all came crashing down when he got off stage at the end of the show, immediately beginning to sob.

"I tried my best," he wailed. "I tried to hold it together."

"You did so well," Jungkook assured him. "You did amazing, Taehyung."

Jimin hugged him close and started wiping away his tears. "No more tears, Tae-ah. You looked and sounded amazing out there."

"I'm sleepy," Taehyung admitted through tears. "I'm sleepy and these clothes are itchy!"

Seokjin gently lifted Taehyung into his arms, and the boy didn't fight him. He didn't realize that he had slipped until he was carried into the dressing room, his thumb in his mouth. If his Da was carrying him, he must be a baby, right? He relaxed and let himself be manhandled out of his scratchy concert clothes.

Taehyung played patty cake with Hoseok as they drove back home, pacifier bobbing against his lips. He was yawning by the time they pulled into the parking garage.

"Let me carry you, sweetie," Jungkook said, lifting him out of the car.

"Sleepy, Daddy," Taehyung said.

"We're going to get you all snuggled up in bed and give you a bottle, darling," Yoongi promised.

"Honey bottle?" Taehyung asked, eyes barely open as they got upstairs.

"We'll put honey in your bottle, precious," Namjoon assured him.

While the other boys got undressed and made Taehyung's bottle, Jimin and Jungkook put him in a diaper and a onesie for bed.

"Do you know how proud of you we are, baby?" Jimin asked as they snuggled into bed with Taehyung sandwiched between them.

"Proud?" Taehyung asked.

The other boys all filtered in wearing their pajamas and joined the others in bed. Seokjin had a bottle, which he pressed to Taehyung's lips after pulling out his pacifier.

"So proud," Hoseok said, ruffling his hair. "You did amazing, Taehyungie."

"You can relax now," Yoongi murmured.

"Relax, baby," Namjoon agreed.

"Drink your bottle and go to sleep," Jungkook whispered.

Seokjin kissed his forehead. "Daddies will be right here."

Chapter Text

As if it happening when they were home wasn't bad enough, now it was happening in public.

Jungkook huffed, trying to stop the blood from rushing south, but he still felt himself plumping up.

"Kook! Are you ready to start again, baby?" Jimin asked.

Jungkook glanced over to where Jimin, Hoseok, and Seokjin were waiting for him. He bit his lip, knowing that his boner would be visible in his sweats once he stood up. He tried to stand as gingerly as possible, tugging his shirt down over his crotch with his hands.

Hoseok furrowed his brow at the boy's hunched position. "Are you okay, bub? Are you hurt?"

Jungkook quickly shook his head, cheeks warming up at all the attention. How was he supposed to dance when they would all see his problem the second he moved his hands?

"Do you need to pee, sweetie?" Jimin asked next. "You can go. We'll wait for you to come back."

It was Seokjin who seemed to notice the actual problem, and he wasted no time coming over and pulling Jungkook close to him.

"You guys start," he told Hoseok and Jimin. "Be back in a second."

Jungkook was more than grateful as Seokjin led him over to the door, rubbing soothing circles on his back.

"Hyungie, my privates-"

He quickly kissed Jungkook's temple and gave him a little push.

"I know, Kookie. It's okay. Go to Joonie-hyung's studio, honey, and ask him for help. Can you be a good boy and do that for me?"

Jungkook nodded, stiffly walking down the hall to Namjoon's studio and knocking on the door. He hoped his hyung would be able to help him.

"Hyungie?" He called out.

"Come in, baby," Namjoon answered.

He spun around in his chair and found Jungkook standing in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot with a very obvious erection straining in his sweats.

"Come here, Kookie," he reached out for him with one hand, patting his lap with the other. "You wanna sit on hyung's lap?"

Jungkook awkwardly shuffled over, sitting down carefully so that Namjoon wouldn't feel his problem. But Namjoon paid no mind and cuddled him close, kissing his hair.

"It's nothing to be shy about," Namjoon finally said. "It's perfectly natural."

Jungkook blushed and hid his face in Namjoon's neck. "Jin-hyung said you could help."

Namjoon nodded and kissed Jungkook's cheek. "I can help if you want me to, love. Are you okay with that?"

Jungkook nodded, cheeks still flushed. "Help me please, hyungie?"

Namjoon carefully slid down Jungkook's sweats, leaving him straining in his boxers. There were already spots of precum where the grey fabric had turned charcoal.

"Can I pull these down too?" Namjoon asked, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear.

Jungkook nodded, blushing again when his erection sprang free. Namjoon petted his hair, kissing his ear.

"Touch, Kookie. It's okay."

Jungkook didn't know how to touch. He reached down and held himself with a couple fingers, as if he was aiming himself to pee.

"Like this, baby." Namjoon's hand covered his, closing all his fingers around the shaft. "Then you move it like this." Namjoon started to guide Jungkook's hand up and down his penis, eliciting a moan from him.

"Hyung," Jungkook gasped, taking control and moving his hand faster. "Hyungie," he whined.

"It feels nice, Jungkookie?" Namjoon asked, syrupy in Jungkook's ear. He slid his hands to Jungkook's waist and rubbed soothing circles on the boy's sides with his thumbs. "Do you want some lotion?"

Jungkook paused his motions, tilting his head. "Lotion?" Were his hands dry?

Namjoon chuckled, leaning over and rifling in his desk drawer. "Hold out your hand, darling."

Jungkook did as he was told, gasping when Namjoon squirted some lotion into his palm.

"Try it now, baby," Namjoon encouraged him.

"Ah," Jungkook nearly exploded right then and there as he started stroking himself again. "H-hyung," he whimpered.

"That feels better, doesn't it?" Namjoon asked, kissing behind his ear. When he had opened the drawer for the lotion, he had also stealthily slipped a box of tissues onto the desk.

"Hyungie, I think I'm gonna pee," Jungkook gasped, embarrassed.

"You're gonna cum, Kookie. It's okay," Namjoon soothed him. "Keep going; you're gonna feel so, so nice."

When Jungkook gasped, white ropes shooting from his tip, Namjoon cupped his hand underneath so that he wouldn't get his pants dirty. After all, he had to send the poor boy back to practice eventually.

"Hyung," Jungkook whimpered. His hand was covered in cum, and Namjoon quickly cleaned it and then his own. "Hyung, I feel better now."

Namjoon helped Jungkook to pull his pants and underwear back up, kissing his cheek. "Good, sweetheart. Hyung didn't want you dancing when you felt so uncomfy."

Jungkook snuggled against Namjoon, kissing his neck. "Do I have to do it alone if it happens again?"

Namjoon shook his head. "Of course not, love. You can always come to hyung if you need help, or even if you just want some company."

Jungkook kissed his neck again. "Thank you, hyungie." He paused for a moment. "Do I have to go back to practice now?"

Namjoon chuckled and shook his head. "Why don't you stay and snuggle hyung for a while? Practice can wait."

Jungkook preened. "I love your snuggles."

"And I love yours, Jungkookie." Namjoon kissed his head. "And I love you."

Jungkook hummed in agreement, settling against Namjoon. "I love you, Joonie-hyung."

Chapter Text

"It's bedtime, flower," Seokjin said, booping your nose.

You pouted, shaking your head. "I'm not tired!"

Seokjin looked you up and down, your hunched frame and drooping eyes. "That sounds like a fib to me."

You giggled and shook your head. "Not fibbing!" You protested. "I'm awake, I'm-" You cut yourself off with a yawn that you just couldn't hold back.

"Mhm," Seokjin hummed. He knelt in front of the couch and patted his own back. "Come on, darling. Da will gallop upstairs with you!"

You squealed and giggled as Seokjin bounded up the stairs, barely hearing Namjoon scolding him from the kitchen.

"Why are you riling them up before bed, hyung?"

You were breathless and giggling when Seokjin placed you down in the bathroom. He took out your toothbrush and got it ready for you.

"Do you want to brush, or do you want Da to help you?"

You didn't reach out for the brush, but opened your mouth obediently. "Gotta sing, Da! So we brush for enough time!"

"You're right," Seokjin agreed as he started to brush. Then he began singing in a silly voice, "this is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth! This is the way we brush our teeth, we do it every morning."

When he was done singing the song, he let you spit into the sink and then offered you a cup of water to rinse your mouth.

"Good job," he cooed. He pressed a warm, wet washcloth to your face to wash it. "Night cream, now," he said.

When he applied the moisturizer, he dabbed your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, punctuating each dab by saying, "boop!". Then he rubbed the cream in.

He brushed your hair carefully, making sure to get all the knots out before kissing the top of your head.

"Let's go pee-pee and then Da will change you into jammies."

You swung your legs when he sat you on the potty. "Can I wear my Cars jammies?" You asked.

"Of course you can." After you peed, he wiped you and cooed, "good job, baby. Let's wash our hands."

Knowing that you were changing out of your clothes anyway, Seokjin purposely splashed you with the soapy water as you both washed your hands, making you squeal and giggle.

"Hmm," Seokjin searched through your dresser, finally producing your Cars jammies. "Step out, honey," he said, kneeling down.

You balanced on his shoulders while he got your pajama bottoms on. After he helped you into your top, he swatted your behind to shoo you over to the bookshelf.

"What story would you like, kitten?"

"The troll!"

Seokjin got you all tucked into bed before joining you and cuddling you close.

There was once a troll who lived under a bridge. From time to time, he would reach up to someone crossing the bridge, pull them down to his cave, make them look after him and his home, and use his magic to make them stay!

One day he grabbed a girl who was more clever than the rest.

“You have to challenge me to your impossible task, and if I complete the task, you have to let me go,” said the girl. “The rules of magic say so.”

Every troll has one, but only one, impossible task he can set. If someone completes the task, he has to let them go.

“Here is a jar,” the troll said. “You must grow a pumpkin in the jar and bring it back to me at the end of the fall. But, the pumpkin must be in the jar, and the jar and pumpkin must be whole and undamaged.”

At the end of the fall, the girl came back and handed the troll his jar. It was the same jar he gave her; it was undamaged, and inside was a whole, intact pumpkin.

The troll was very angry, but a deal was a deal, and he had to let her go.

The girl told everyone in the village:

“If the troll catches you, ask for his impossible task. Take his jar, place it over a pumpkin flower, and tie it to the vine. The pumpkin will grow inside the jar, and just before it is big enough to break the jar open, cut the pumpkin from the vine; it will stop growing.”

And so, the troll was never again able to keep anyone captive to do his housework.

"She was smart, Da," you yawned.

"Very smart," Seokjin agreed. "And you, little one, are very smart and sleepy. Close your eyes."

When you did, Seokjin's quiet voice filled the room again, this time carrying a tune.

"I hold my breath and enter my ocean, I face beautiful yet sadly crying me; myself in the darkness."

He kissed your hair.

"I want to find you and tell you today, I want to get to know you even more, yeah."

He rubbed your back.

"Still, I remain with myself. My voice doesn't come out, I just circle around that dark place that I wanted to be lost in, I want to go there. I'll be there. Today again, I circle around you."

You were fast asleep before the second verse. When Seokjin stopped singing and looked up, he found Namjoon leaning in the door frame with a smile on his face.

"Are they asleep?" He whispered.

Seokjin nodded. "Out like a light."

They both looked at your sleeping form for a while longer, and then Seokjin slipped quietly from the bed. He tangled himself in Namjoon's arms right there in the doorway and gave him a kiss.

"We should get to bed, too."

Namjoon let Seokjin lead him down the hall by the hand. "We should, hyung."

Chapter Text

Jungkook bounced on his heels, not-so-patiently waiting for Taehyung to finish his conversion with Sejin.

It felt like they had been talking for hours, when really it had only been twenty minutes tops. But twenty minutes felt like a long time to Jungkook, who was too shy to tell Taehyung that he needed to pee with Sejin there.

His hyungie was really cool, and he didn't want to be embarrassed, after all. He decided to be a big boy and hold it until they stopped talking instead of interrupting. However, that had been ten minutes ago, and the conversation showed no signs of stopping.

Jungkook was trying really hard not to do a potty dance in front of them, but it was getting a lot harder to ignore his problem. He squatted down on the floor, grinding himself down on the heel of his shoe to help him hold it in.

The men didn't even glance over at him until he tried to stand up again, wobbling a bit and losing control long enough to leak into his undies. Uh oh, he didn't want to have an accident with Sejin there, either!

Jungkook shyly latched himself onto Taehyung's side, hiding his face in his shoulder. "Tou-san," he whispered desperately.

"We're almost done talking, Koo," Taehyung assured him, petting his hair.

Jungkook felt really bad for interrupting, he knew the grown ups must be having an important conversation. But then he started gushing into his undies, and he had to grab himself to stop the stream before his pants got wet.


Sejin and Taehyung finally looked Jungkook over, watching as he stomped from foot to foot with his hand between his legs.

"Ah, baby, why didn't you say something sooner?" Taehyung tried to move Jungkook towards the door, but he was frozen on the spot. If he moved, he was going to pee his pants.

"S-sorry, Tou-san," Jungkook whimpered as pee started snaking down his legs regardless.

Taehyung sighed, but rubbed Jungkook's back through his accident. Sejin cleared his throat awkwardly and shuffled to the door.

"I'll send a janitor in," he said. "Just worry about getting little Jungkookie cleaned up, yeah?"

Jungkook's lip trembled as he stared down at the puddle he had made.

"Don't cry, sweetheart," Taehyung soothed him. "I'm not upset with you."

"Didn't wanna interrupt you," he mumbled. "Tou-san was having a very important conversation."

Taehyung shook his head. "If it's an emergency, honey, I don't mind being interrupted."

"Was shy," Jungkook added, cheeks flushing.

"Ah," Taehyung hummed. "You didn't want to say you had to go in front of hyung?"

Jungkook shook his head. "It's embarrassing."

Taehyung leaned in close, looking around the room to make sure they were alone. "Wanna know a secret, baby boy?"

Jungkook nodded his head. He was good at keeping secrets!

"Everybody pees," Taehyung told him. "Even hyung."

Jungkook's eyes widened; he hadn't thought of that! "Hyungie doesn't think Koo is a baby if he can't wait?"

Taehyung shook his head, taking Jungkook's hand and gently leading him from the practice room. He stopped to scoop up his backpack on their way out. "Wanna know another secret, Jungkookie?"

Jungkook nodded again as Taehyung led him into the bathroom, locking them in the largest stall.

"Years and years ago, when we were trainees, Sejin-hyung used to pick Appa and Tou-san up from school sometimes, if Da couldn't."

Jungkook hummed as Taehyung helped him out of his shoes and socks.

"One day, we got stuck in really bad traffic after school, and hyung was really, really impatient for the cars to start moving again."

Taehyung peeled Jungkook's wet pants and underwear off, taking out a pack of baby wipes.

"When we finally got out of traffic, hyung pulled the car over and said, 'Jimin-ah, Tae-ah, I'm so sorry! I'm about to pee my pants!' And he ran inside a store to use their bathroom," Taehyung finished with a chuckle.

Jungkook giggled as Taehyung finished cleaning him up.

"He got back in the car after, apologizing, but we all had a laugh about it. The point is," Taehyung pulled a fresh pair of undies up Jungkook's legs, "even grown-ups have emergencies, and you don't have to be embarrassed, okay?"

Jungkook hummed as Taehyung slid a new pair of sweatpants on him. "Won't be embarrassed next time, Tou-san," he agreed. "Won't have an accident."

Taehyung placed Jungkook's wet clothes in a plastic bag before kissing his forehead. "That's my good boy."

"Knock knock!"

When Taehyung and Jungkook emerged from the stall, Sejin was entering the bathroom.

"Are you okay, Kookie?" He asked the little gently.

Jungkook nodded, no longer feeling embarrassed. "Tou-san told me a story that you almost peed your pants driving him home from school, so m'not embarrassed about having a 'mergency anymore."

Sejin turned a bit red in the cheeks, glancing at Taehyung. "Is that so?" He sighed. "Well, I'm just glad you're feeling better, sweetie. Tou-san is right. Having to pee is nothing to be embarrassed about. Hyung would never make you feel bad, okay?"

Jungkook nodded. "Okay, hyungie."

Taehyung ruffled Jungkook's hair and nudged him towards the door. "Hyung and I are gonna finish talking now, okay, baby? You can tell me if you need something, even if I'm talking. Don't be shy."

Jungkook, feeling much better, interrupted their conversation a few times for hugs and kisses from Taehyung. And of course, Taehyung was more than happy to indulge his baby.

Chapter Text

"Tell hyung what you want, baby," Yoongi drawled in Namjoon's ear.

Namjoon shuddered, knees getting rug burn where they dug into the carpet. "Want your cock in my mouth, hyung."

Yoongi chuckled, running his hands through Namjoon's hair. He tugged at the strands just slightly, but it was enough to make Namjoon moan.

"Love the sounds you make," Yoongi whispered, softer.

"Hyung?" Namjoon opened his eyes at the gentle lilt in Yoongi's voice that hadn't been there before.

Yoongi cleared his throat and tried again, shutting his own eyes. "Suck, Joon," he commanded, slipping his cock past Namjoon's waiting lips.

He groaned as Namjoon bobbed his head, trying to stay in control. Namjoon had asked to be dommed, and Yoongi was trying his best to do that for him. But he wasn't feeling dominant today. Not even his beautiful boyfriend on his knees below him, cock in his mouth and chin covered in spit, could make him feel like he was in control.

"Joonie," he whimpered, unable to stop the whine before it fell from his lips. He promptly blushed as Namjoon pulled off his cock.

"Hyung," he murmured. "Hey, look at me."

Yoongi did immediately, eager to obey his commands. Namjoon reached up and cupped his cheek.

"I can tell you aren't feeling it today," he whispered. "That's okay."

"I'm sorry, Joon, I'm trying, I just-"

Namjoon took control easily, leaning up until his lips met Yoongi's. "It's okay, Yoongi," he assured him. "Let me take control now. I don't mind at all."

"But you wanted-"

"Shh," Namjoon murmured, silencing him with a kiss once more. "Just relax. Let me taste you again."

Namjoon got back to work sucking Yoongi's cock, and this time, Yoongi relaxed into it. He moaned when Namjoon reached over and uncapped a bottle of lube, coating his fingers. He easily slipped a finger inside Yoongi, causing him to whimper.

"You taste so good, baby," Namjoon laved at his dick as he slipped in a second finger. "Always open up so nice for me. Your ass is so eager for my cock."

Yoongi moaned at the filthy words, rocking into Namjoon's fingers. "More, please."

"More what, sweetheart?" Namjoon crooned. "I'm not a mind reader."

Yoongi whimpered, cheeks heating up. "Please, Joon," he begged.

"Aw, are you too embarrassed to tell me what you want?" Namjoon kept thrusting those two fingers in and out, making Yoongi desperate.

"Another finger," Yoongi finally broke. "Please, Joonie, please."

Namjoon growled out, "good boy," before sliding in a third finger.

Yoongi threw his head back in pleasure, fucking himself down onto Namjoon's fingers.

"So good," he moaned.

"You look so good like this, Yoon," Namjoon purred. "Love getting you desperate for me."

"M'ready," Yoongi slurred. "Please. I'm open enough!"

Namjoon chuckled, thrusting his fingers one last time before pulling them out. "Impatient, aren't you?"

Yoongi nodded, clutching Namjoon's shoulders as he climbed onto the bed, coating his cock with lube. "Need you now," he croaked.

"I'm right here, baby," Namjoon whispered, capturing Yoongi's lips in a kiss as he pushed inside.

Yoongi moaned into his mouth, and Namjoon pressed kisses onto his jaw while he waited for Yoongi to adjust to his size.

"So good for me," he cooed. "You're so fucking good for me."

"Move," Yoongi breathed. "Move, Joon."

Namjoon chuckled, biting down on Yoongi's collarbone and warning him, "don't start being a brat, now."

But he still started thrusting, filling Yoongi up so well and stretching his walls. Yoongi moaned, gripping Namjoon's biceps and holding on for dear life and Namjoon slammed into him over and over again.

"Joonie," Yoongi whimpered.

"I'm here, baby," Namjoon kissed his forehead as he continued to thrust. "You're being so good for me."

"Wanna cum," Yoongi mumbled.

"I'm gonna make you cum, sweetheart," Namjoon reached between them and began pumping Yoongi's neglected cock.

"Joon!" Yoongi squirmed underneath him, writhing from all the stimulation. "Please, please, please."

"Please what, Yoongi?" Namjoon was struggling to hold off his own orgasm. "Ask me for permission."

"Please, can I cum?" Yoongi asked, whimpering.

Namjoon toyed with him for a moment, only answering him once he felt like he might cum first. "Cum for me, baby," he drawled.

Yoongi came instantly, white ropes shooting between them and pushing Namjoon over the edge. He spilled deep inside Yoongi, panting against his skin.

"Joonie," Yoongi curled against Namjoon as soon as he pulled out. "Cuddle me."

Namjoon chuckled, but obliged, pulling Yoongi close. "So demanding," he complained.

Yoongi mumbled something unintelligible, kissing Namjoon's peck.

"You don't wanna get cleaned up?" Namjoon asked gently.

Yoongi yawned. "Not yet. Wanna cuddle for a while."

"You're sleepy?" Namjoon asked.

Yoongi nodded. "You fucked me really good."

Namjoon kissed his temple. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, hyung."

"Joon, next time, I'll-"

"Shh," Namjoon quieted him with a kiss, tilting up his chin with his fingers. "I enjoyed it, too. I enjoyed it so much."

Yoongi sighed, clearly relieved. "Thank you," he whispered. "For everything."

Namjoon shook his head. "There's nothing to thank me for, hyung. I loved every second of it."

Chapter Text

Taehyung watched as Jimin sucked on Namjoon's nipple. His lower lip trembled, and he almost reached out for your own breast before he stopped himself.

He was a big boy, not a baby like Jimin. He was too old to nurse on you or Namjoon. He looked down at his lap, sure that you would both agree. So he didn't bother asking.

"It's your favorite, baby," Hoseok cooed as he set a plate of noodles in front of Taehyung for dinner. "Not spicy, okay?"

Taehyung had been trying to get more on Jimin's level all afternoon. His brother was feeling very small, but Taehyung was feeling around 4 or 5. He couldn't seem to push himself into a toddler or baby headspace. But he really, really wanted to nurse, and he felt like that was the only way.

"Yummy, Da!" Taehyung squealed as he dug into his food. Instead of using his chopsticks, he used his hands, making a big mess on himself and the table.

"Taehyung," Yoongi sighed, wiping off his hands. "Use your chopsticks, not your hands!"

Taehyung's lower lip wobbled. He wanted his daddies to help him, not scold him! He pulled away from Yoongi and picked up his chopsticks like a big boy.

The next day, Jungkook was little, as well. Just as little as Jimin was. They both sat on the floor with pacifiers in their mouths and the bulge of a diaper beneath their onesies. Taehyung looked around for a discarded pacifier that he could use, but found none.

"Minnie, share," Taehyung pulled the pacifier from Jimin's lips and stuck it into his own mouth.

"Mine!" Jimin burst into tears, making grabby hands for the soother. "Give!"

"Taehyung, that wasn't nice at all!" Namjoon gasped. "Give Jimin his paci back right now."

Taehyung didn't want to give up the soother, so he shook his head.

"You have three seconds to give Jimin his pacifier back," Seokjin warned him. "Unless you'd like a time out?"

Taehyung didn't want a time out! He just wanted to feel little enough to nurse. He pulled the pacifier from his lips and gave it back to Jimin, tears in his eyes.

Taehyung's heart broke as Jungkook and Jimin both nursed on his mommy and Dada throughout the day. He wanted that, too!

The next day, he tugged on your arm while you were changing Jungkook's diaper in the morning.

"Mommy, TaeTae have a diapie too?"

You patted his head and told him, "you're a big boy, aren't you, sweetheart? Jungkook and Jimin need diapers because they're very little."

Taehyung pouted.

"Do you want me to take you potty, baby?" You asked as you placed Jungkook back down to play. "Do you need to go?"

Taehyung shook his head. But instead of going back to playing, he squeezed his eyes closed and bit his lip, trying to make himself pee. It was difficult, but soon a wet spot appeared on his pants.

"Taehyung!" You gasped as he purposely emptied himself, soaking his pants. "I just said I would take you!"

After cleaning him up, you put him right into time out. "We're going to need to talk when you're out of time out, sweetie," you sighed. "You've been acting up lately."

Taehyung cried quietly as he stood in the corner. He had just wanted more love and attention. He wanted to feel littler so he wouldn't feel as shy asking to nurse. By the time Namjoon came to collect him from time out, he was still sniffling.

"Oh, love, come here."

Being pulled into Namjoon's strong embrace only made Taehyung cry harder. He wailed as Namjoon rocked him in his lap, pressing lots of kisses everywhere he could reach.

"Let it out, sweetheart," Namjoon encouraged him. "It's okay. Dada's here."

Once Taehyung had calmed down enough to speak, he whimpered, "sorry, Dada. Sorry for peeing my pants and taking Minnie's paci and eating with my hands!"

"Shh, baby boy." Namjoon wiped away Taehyung's tears methodically. "Can you tell Dada why you did those things, honey?"

Taehyung blushed. "Was trying to be littler."

Namjoon hummed, cupping Taehyung's cheek. "Why were you trying to be littler, bub? We love our baby no matter how old he's feeling."

Taehyung sniffled and said, "wasn't little enough to have Dada or Mommy's boobie. W-wanted to be littler so I could have boobie like Minnie and Koo…"

Namjoon squeezed Taehyung extra tight and kissed his cheek. "Baby, you can always nurse, even if you aren't as little as your brothers. We wouldn't say no to you, my love."

Taehyung rested his head on Namjoon's shoulder and asked, "promise?"

Namjoon reached down to link their pinkies. "I promise, darling." In one quick motion, he pulled himself and Taehyung up. "Let's go see Mommy now, and you can take turns nursing on us. How does that sound?"

In the living room, Jungkook was just crawling off your lap, where he had been nursing on you. Taehyung felt a little shy again, hoping you would feel the same way that Namjoon did.

"Hey, baby," you murmured. "Did you have a talk with Dada?"

Taehyung nodded.

"Taehyungie was trying to get our attention and make himself regress younger," Namjoon explained as he settled on the couch with Taehyung. "He thought he could only nurse on us if he was in babyspace, so he was trying to make himself feel littler."

Your face fell, and you reached out for Taehyung. "I'm so sorry, love," you murmured into his hair. "Mommy didn't mean to make you feel bad."

Taehyung shrugged and asked, "TaeTae can have boobie even if he's not a baby?"

You nodded. "Yes, baby, of course." You brushed back his hair and added, "and Mommy is sorry for not putting you in a diaper when you asked. You don't have to be a baby for nursing, or diapers, or a paci, or help eating. Okay, Taehyungie?"

Taehyung snuggled closer to you and whispered shyly, "can I have your boobie now, Mommy?"

How could you deny your precious boy?

You and Namjoon took turns letting Taehyung suck on you, and he nursed on and off all afternoon. He was well-behaved and much calmer now that his mommy and daddies understood what he wanted.

"We love you, honey," Namjoon whispered, kissing Taehyung's hair as he latched onto you again. "You're such a good boy."

"Our sweet baby," you cooed, carding your fingers through his hair.

Taehyung ended up falling asleep with you in his mouth, feeling safe and loved.

Chapter Text

Jungkook put down his game controller at the soft knock in the doorway, barely audible over his game. He smiled when he looked over to see Namjoon in the doorway, barely peeking his head in and clutching a squishmallow to his chest.

"Hi, baby," Jungkook cooed. "Come here."

Namjoon took a hesitant step into the room, glancing at the TV. Jungkook quickly shut his game off, tossing the controller aside.

"Come here, sweetie," he held his arms out to the little. "It's okay, don't be shy."

Namjoon finally crawled into Jungkook's lap, sighing happily as he got a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Not bothering Daddy?" He asked.

"No, you aren't bothering Daddy," Jungkook assured him. "I love spending time with my little Joonie."

Namjoon leaned up and shyly kissed Jungkook's cheek. "Play?"

"What do you want to play, honey?"

"Legos," Namjoon said.

They ended up on the floor of the living room, surrounded by legos. Jungkook pulled Namjoon to sit between his legs, helping him stack bricks together into structures.

"Spaceship, Daddy!" Namjoon showed Jungkook his creation.

"Wow, you did such a good job, darling!" Jungkook found a little astronaut lego person and handed it to Namjoon. "Here you go, precious. An astronaut for your spaceship."

Namjoon giggled, swinging the spaceship around in the air like it was flying. His tummy chose that moment to growl loudly.

"Is my little boy hungry?" Jungkook asked. "What would you like to eat?"

Namjoon thought for a moment before asking, "can I have peanut butter and jelly?"

Jungkook blew a raspberry on Namjoon's cheek and shuffled out from behind him to stand up. "Of course you can, my sweet."

"Wait!" Namjoon called out, stopping Jungkook from leaving the room and scrambling over to him. "Can I help, Daddy?"

Jungkook ruffled Namjoon's hair and took his hand. "Of course you can, bub," he cooed, leading him into the kitchen.

"Can you get out the bread while Daddy gets the peanut butter and jelly?" Jungkook asked.

Namjoon, eager to help, took the loaf of bread out of the bread box and started untwisting the twisty tie. Jungkook placed a plate on the counter before taking out the condiments along with a spoon and a knife.

"Good job, baby," Jungkook said as Namjoon laid out two slices of bread. "You can use the spoon to put jelly on one piece and I'll put peanut butter on the other."

"Can I smush them together?" Namjoon asked once both sides were spread.

Jungkook nodded, rubbing the small of his back. He chuckled at Namjoon's wide smile. "Good job, Joonie! That's the perfect sandwich. You did so well."

"I'm a big boy?" Namjoon asked as Jungkook cut the sandwich into triangles for him.

"Yes, you're Daddy's big boy."

Jungkook sat Namjoon at the counter with his sandwich and a sippy cup of juice while he washed the spoon and knife. When he was done, he hugged Namjoon from behind and kissed the top of his head.

"Is it good, lovie?"

"Good, Daddy!" Namjoon said with his mouth full.

Jungkook smooched his cheek. "Cutie."

When Namjoon was done eating, Jungkook wiped his face with a wet napkin carefully.

"Daddy?" He asked, suddenly shy.

"What's up, honey?" Jungkook brushed back his hair.

"I love you," Namjoon said quietly.

"I love you too, baby," Jungkook beamed. "Can Daddy have a kiss?"

Namjoon kissed Jungkook eagerly, giggling when he responded by tickling the little's sides.

"You're silly, Daddy!" Namjoon squealed.

"Uh uh, my Joonie is silly!" Jungkook protested.

Namjoon shook his head and then tackled Jungkook into a hug. "Wanna cuddle now. Can we cuddle?"

How could Jungkook deny such a sweet little boy? They curled up together on the couch, watching The Little Mermaid. Jungkook seized every opportunity to press kisses everywhere he could reach, and Namjoon nuzzled against his neck.

"I had the best day ever with Daddy," he murmured.

Jungkook ruffled his hair and told him, "Daddy had the best day with you too, Joonie-bear."

Chapter Text

A heart. A star. A tree.

You traced patterns in the fog of the window, watching as raindrops scattered through your creations.

A house. A cat. A dog.

"What are you still doing up, noona?"

Taehyung came and sat beside you at the bay window, wrapping you up in his arms.

"Couldn't sleep." You looked him over, knowing that he tended to struggle with sleep sometimes, too. "What about you?"

Taehyung shook his head. "I was just having a glass of water. You look so tired, noona. Why can't you sleep?"

You leaned back against him and shrugged. "I don't feel safe enough," you whispered.

He knew that you didn't mean in the dorm, where security was tight, or even the apartment building itself. He knew that you didn't feel safe inside your head.

"I'll help you to feel safe," he promised. "Let TaeTae help you relax, baby."

You whined softly at the words, burying your face in his shoulder. "You don't have to-"

"I want to," he cut you off, rubbing your back. "You were so good today, baby girl. Did so well, yeah? Got everything done that you needed to." He pulled your face from hiding to kiss your forehead. "And now, you can relax, okay?"

You nodded slowly, taking it all in.

Taehyung kissed both your cheeks. "You're safe," he whispered. "TaeTae will protect you from all the yucky thoughts. You're always safe here. No one will ever hurt you here."

You became more pliant in his arms, and he pulled you into his lap. "There we go, princess. Look at your pretty drawings! My talented little baby."

You blushed and shook your head.

"Shh…" Taehyung kissed your forehead. "You're so talented. So perfect. My sweet little angel deserves a good night's sleep."

"M'tired," you mumbled. "S'just hard…"

"I know, darling," Taehyung murmured. "I know it's hard. TaeTae is going to help. Can I carry you upstairs?"

When you nodded, he stood up with you in his arms and bounced you lightly. He kissed your hair and cheeks as he carried you upstairs, his strong arms locking around you. You snuggled against him, knowing that he would always protect you.

"Did you brush your teeth?" Taehyung asked you. "You hair? Did you go potty and wash your face?"

You nodded. "Did it all, TaeTae. Cause I wanted to sleep."

"Good girl," Taehyung cooed. He brought you into his room and laid you on the bed. "You did such a good job getting yourself ready for bed. I'm proud of you, baby."

"Cuddles," you requested quietly as Taehyung tucked you into bed.

"You'll have all the cuddles you could ever want, doll," Taehyung promised as he crawled into bed next to you. He pulled you close and started petting your hair. "Close your eyes for me, love."

You did as you were told, head against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat was soothing you just as well as his fingers carding through your hair.

"TaeTae," you whispered. "I love you."

"I love you, y/n," he replied, kissing the top of your head. "I love you so, so much."

He didn't stop there. He kept rubbing your back and petting your hair, but he also talked to you in that nice, soothing voice between giving you kisses.

"You are so precious, little one."

"TaeTae is right here."

"I'll protect you, you don't have to worry about a thing."

He was warm and safe; you knew that he would keep you safe. You didn't have to worry about a thing.

You trusted him implicitly, and it wasn't long until you fell asleep to his sweet words and butterfly kisses.

Chapter Text

"Perfect temperature," the nurse cooed. "98.6 on the dot. Blood pressure looks good…"

The nurse went on and on about your vitals as you squirmed in Namjoon's lap, chewing on your lower lip.

"You okay, baby?" Namjoon asked close to your ear.

Yoongi patted your thigh from his seat, thinking that you were nervous or restless.

You blushed and shook your head. "Hafta go potty real bad," you mumbled.

Namjoon patted your back and helped you to stand, tapping the nurse on the shoulder where she was typing in your vitals. "I'm sorry, we'll be right back. I'm going to take her to the restroom."

The nurse had other plans, however. She reached for a little clear cup with a blue lid and handed it to Namjoon.

"That's convenient," she said. "We need a urine sample from her. Just fill it up to the line, okay?"

"Okay, will do," Namjoon said, taking the cup. "Come on, love."

"No!" You rooted your feet to the floor, shaking your head. "Don't wanna go potty in the cup."

"Why not, sweetie?" Yoongi asked gently. "We'll help you so you don't make a mess, don't worry."

You bit your lip again, marching from foot to foot. You really needed to go, but you didn't want to go in the cup!

"It's yucky!" You yelped. "Yucky to give someone a cup of pee!"

"It's not yucky," the nurse explained gently. "It's my job, honey."

You whimpered, bending at the waist. "Please," you begged. "I have to go!"

Namjoon sighed and tried again to lead you from the room. "Come on, sweetheart. You need to give the sample. Papa and I will come with you."

On cue, Yoongi rose and tried to help lead you to the door. "It's okay, baby girl. Daddies are going to help you. Don't be embarrassed."

You were near tears as the boys managed to lead you from the exam room and into the restroom next to it.

"I can't," you whispered, twisting your legs together. "I can't go in the cup!"

"Shh, honey, you're getting all worked up," Namjoon soothed you. "You're okay."

As Namjoon helped you to pull down your pants and undies, you didn't notice Yoongi untwisting the lid of the specimen cup.

"I don't wanna give the cup to the nurse," you finally bargained, realizing that you weren't going to get out of this unscatched.

If you didn't pee in the cup, you were going to have an accident on the floor, and that was even more embarrassing!

"Daddies will give her the cup, hush, love," Yoongi soothed you.

In a gentle touch, Namjoon maneuvered you to sit down, and you couldn't help but start to pee. Yoongi held the cup into your stream and filled the cup to the line before pulling it away.

"There we go," Namjoon cooed as you finished up. "That wasn't so bad, hmm?"

Namjoon purposely blocked your view as Yoongi wiped the cup with a paper towel and then washed his hands.

You pouted when Namjoon wiped you, and again when he pulled up your underwear and pants.

"Why the sad face, love?" Yoongi asked. He was holding the specimen cup behind him so you couldn't see.

"Gross," you complained. "Don't want the nurse to see it."

"She sees plenty of pee every day, darling," Namjoon assured you. "You don't need to be embarrassed."

"Promise?" You whispered as Namjoon washed his hands.

"I promise, sweetie," he murmured.

You sighed as Namjoon helped you to wash your hands as well. "I guess we can give her the cup," you finally agreed.

Yoongi chuckled and patted your head. "That's my good girl. I'll bet if you're good for the rest of your exam, you'll get a lollipop too."

You gasped, grabbing Yoongi's hand and pulling him towards the door. "Hurry up, Papa! Wanna do the rest of the exam so I get my lolli!"

Namjoon rolled his eyes. "That was a quick turnaround. We should have offered her a lollipop right off the bat."

Chapter Text

You opened and closed your hand at your sippy cup, sitting just out of your reach on the end table.

Yoongi asked, "you're thirsty, bub?" And handed you the sippy. When you signed "thank you" to him, he smiled. "You're welcome.

"Kissie, Minnie!" Taehyung squealed as Jimin pecked his lips for the millionth time that morning.

Jimin giggled and nodded. "Kissies, Tae!"

Taehyung puckered his lips again, prompting Jimin to lean in and kiss him once more. You finished drinking your juice and put your cup on the coffee table.

"Y/n!" Jimin crawled over to you. "Kissie?"

You whined and shook your head, backing away from Jimin. As much as you liked the idea of getting a kiss, you didn't like that all your daddies and Taehyung were in the room. People watching you kiss made your tummy feel yucky.

Jimin pouted as he backed off, mumbling, "sorry, y/n. Won't kiss you if you don't wanna."

"Don't be upset, sweetie," Namjoon cooed, leaning down to rub Jimin's back. "Y/n is shy about kisses sometimes. You didn't do anything wrong."

"You were such a good boy for not giving him a kiss when he said no," Seokjin added.

"And you," Jungkook ruffled your hair, "were such a good boy for letting Minnie know you weren't comfortable."

"Minnie can give me another kiss!" Taehyung offered.

Jimin brightened at that and crawled back over to Taehyung to kiss him. You watched your brothers kiss again and again, your tummy feeling funny. But it wasn't an embarrassed funny like being kissed in public gave you. It was more eagerness and a little bit of jealousy. You wanted Jimin to kiss you so badly, you were just shy about everyone watching.

"Y/n, why aren't you playing with us anymore?" Taehyung pouted.

You shrugged, your eyes glued to Jimin's lips. Your hand subconsciously came up to touch your own lips, and Taehyung noticed immediately.

"Do you want Minnie and TaeTae to stop kissing?" He asked.

You quickly shook your head and whined. You didn't want your brothers to stop kissing! You kept staring at Jimin's lips, squirming in place.

"Do you want a kissie?" Taehyung asked quietly. "S'okay. Know you're shy, but Minnie can give you a kissie if you want."

Jimin glanced over hopefully as you glanced around the room at your daddies.

"Baby, I know talking is hard, but can you please tell us what you want? We just don't want you to be uncomfortable, love," Hoseok murmured.

You blushed and shook your head. You gestured around at your daddies and then Taehyung before clapping your hands over your eyes.

"Ah," Yoongi said gently. "You want Minnie to kiss you, but you don't want anyone to look? Is that it?"

You nodded eagerly, glad that your Papa understood what you meant!

"TaeTae, daddies!" Jimin groaned. "Close your eyes so I can give y/n a kissie! Then he won't be sad no more!"

Taehyung covered his eyes with his hands, and you watched as each of your daddies closed their eyes, as well. Jimin crawled over to you again and held your hand.

"Can I give you a kissie now?" He asked, just to be sure.

You nodded, shutting your eyes. Jimin kissed you softly and quickly, but it still left you blushing and gave you butterflies in your tummy. You smiled when he pulled away, glad to have gotten your kiss.

"Can TaeTae and daddies look now?" Jimin asked, squeezing your hand.

You nodded.

"TaeTae, daddies! Open your eyes! Gave y/n kissie."

"Good job, baby," Namjoon cooed. "You both did so well."

"Do you feel better now, baby?" Yoongi asked you, and you nodded, blushing some more.

"It's okay, don't be embarrassed," Jungkook encouraged you. "You were such a good boy, making sure we knew what you needed."

"And TaeTae was such a good boy for noticing," Hoseok added. "Isn't that right, bub?"

You nodded, signing "thank you" to Taehyung.

"Welcome!" He smiled, handing you a crayon. "Wanna color now?"

The rest of the afternoon, you didn't feel bad when your brothers kissed. And maybe, you even gestured for another kiss when you thought your daddies and Taehyung weren't looking. Of course, Jimin was happy to oblige.

Chapter Text

"Kookie," you mumbled, flopping onto his bed with your hand clutching your stomach. "I'm miserable."

Jungkook moved over from his desk, instinctively reaching out to feel your forehead with the back of his hand. You pulled away and shook your head.

"I'm not sick," you explained. "I have cramps and I just feel gross and tired."

Jungkook joined you on the bed, curling his body behind yours. "How can I help, noona?" He asked, rubbing the nape of your neck.

"Stay," you requested softly. "Cuddle me."

Jungkook pressed a kiss just below where his hand was massaging, reaching his free hand around to your stomach. He sought out the bloated skin between your hips, his warm hand coming to rest over it.

"Thank you," you murmured.

"Have you taken medicine?" Jungkook asked.

"Mhm," you hummed. "Still hurts really bad." You closed your eyes, relaxing into his soft touches. "Your hand is helping. Maybe it's a placebo."

Jungkook chuckled and pulled you impossibly closer, his breath tickling the back of your neck where his hand didn't reach. "I'll be your placebo for as long as you need."

You mumbled something unintelligible in response, shifting back further towards him. "You're warm," you finally said. "I'm comfy."

Jungkook nuzzled his nose into your hair, fanning his breath over your scalp. "I'm comfy, too. I love holding you like this, noona."

"I'm not keeping you from work?" You remembered that he was at his desk when you came in.

"Nope," he replied. "Work can wait; I have to nurse my sweet noona back to health."

You snorted and shook your head. "You're ridiculous."

"Shh," Jungkook kissed your hair, rubbing circles on your stomach and massaging your neck again. "Rest, okay? I want you to relax so you can feel better."

You hummed, "I might fall asleep if I relax too much."

Jungkook moved his hand in favor of nuzzling the back of your neck, kissing you there. "Let's nap, noona. We'll snuggle and sleep and maybe you'll feel better when we wake up."

You brought his free hand up to your lips to kiss the back of it. "Maybe."

You laid in silence for a few moments, just hearing each other's steady breathing. Then you reached down and placed your hand over his where it rested on your stomach, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"Thank you, Kook. I love you."

Jungkook smiled against the back of your neck and told you, "I love you too, noona."

Chapter Text

"What have you even been doing lately?"

You sighed, one hand twirling your hair while the other held your phone. You thought you were alone, your mother's voice echoing off the walls.

"You know, I'm really tired of you not telling me anything. I sacrificed so much for you and you can't even tell me what's going on in your life!"

"There just isn't much going on," you replied, trying to end the conversation.

"I'll bet there isn't," she snapped. "Why would there be? You're a fuck up and you have nothing going for you."

You couldn't help the tears that slipped down your cheeks as she carried on, her rant becoming no more than static in your ears. You gasped softly as Yoongi crept over to you; you hadn't been aware that he was even home, much less listening to your conversation.

He held out his hand for your phone, his other hand rubbing circles on your back as he joined you on the couch. Your hand shook as you handed it to him.

Yoongi gently took your phone and hung up on your mother mid-sentence before powering down the device itself.

"Jagi," he murmured, pulling you into his lap. "Don't you believe a word she said, okay?"

You sniffled, burying your face in his neck and beginning to cry freely. "It's hard not to."

"I know," he whispered, kissing your hair. "I know, baby. But you need to believe oppa instead of her. And oppa thinks that you're absolutely perfect."

"I'm not perfect," you argued.

"You are to me," he said, rubbing your back. "You're perfect to me, jagi. Perfect to all of us."

You hummed noncommittally.

"She uses her words to hurt and manipulate you when she doesn't get her way," Yoongi explained. "She lies in order to fuck with your emotions so she can try and control you again."

You nodded. "I… I know, but…"

"But what, babe?" He asked, cupping your cheek and pulling your face out of hiding.

"But it still hurts."

"I know, jagi," Yoongi brushed back your hair. "I'm here. I'm right here. Share the pain with me, okay?"

You did. You cried until your eyes ran dry, safe in Yoongi's arms. By the time the rest of the boys got home, Yoongi had texted them to explain what happened. They acted like they were planning on coming home early regardless, but you knew better.

"Hi, beautiful," Jimin greeted you with a kiss to your cheek.

"We missed you," Seokjin hummed.

"Can we cuddle?" Hoseok asked.

Once you were settled in Hoseok's lap with Taehyung rubbing your back and Namjoon playing with your hair, you sighed.

"We're here, noona," Taehyung told you. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

You shook your head. "Don't wanna."

Seokjin noticed your whiny voice and smiled at you gently. "You can slip, sweetheart," he encouraged you.

"Daddies will take care of you," Jungkook added.

"Daddies love me?" You asked quietly.

"Darling, we love you so, so much," Namjoon assured you.

"We think you're so perfect, baby," Taehyung whispered.

"I love daddies too," you whispered.

Hoseok kissed your hair. "Remember, honey, your daddies think you're so, so wonderful."

"Don't ever listen to anyone who disagrees," Yoongi added.

"Because they're wrong?" You asked.

"That's right, baby girl," Jimin smiled at you. "They are so very wrong."