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First Public Kiss

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It was the night before the event at London's Somerset House for the National Osteoporosis Society, it would be the first event that Camilla would host and Charles would also be there to support her and she was very nervous. At the moment she was in bed ready for the night, but she could not find sleep and when the phone rang she was glad for the distraction.

"Hello darling" - Charles said happily to his love. He had called Camilla to make sure everything was ready and most importantly to make sure she was feeling fine. He could not wait to see her tomorrow, he was so proud of her for hosting this event and for the hard work she was putting in as a patron in her charity.

"Hi darling" - Camilla was glad Charles had called, his voice and his words could always calm her.

"How are you feeling? Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"Everything is ready, but I am a bit nervous" - Camilla confessed.

"Don't darling. Everything will go absolutely smoothly, you are going to be perfect. Don't worry" - Charles tried to reassure her.

"I am just nervous because of all the cameras, I know they are going to watch every move we will make and I just want the event to be perfect" - Camilla bit her lips while confessing her fears to Charles.

"It will be. Just don't look and think about the cameras" - Charles paused for a moment and then continued.

"Oh darling, how I would love to be there with you right now to make you relax and help you" - he wished he could take her into his arms and kissed her nervousness away.

"Darling, I was thinking, how should we greeted each other, should I curtesy to you?" - Camilla asked timidly. She was used to curtesy to Charles, she always had to when they were with other people, but now that they were a couple she did not know how to act or what was appropriate.

"What? Of course not, you are my partner, my darling and you'll never have to curtesy to me ever again" - Charles was shocked by her question.

"I think we should just keep it simple, a kiss on the cheek maybe?" - Charles would have loved to greet her how he desired and show the whole world how much he loved her, but he knew Camilla was not comfortable to show affection in public and it was too soon for that anyway, people had still not accepted them as a couple.

"A kiss? The press would love it, everyone is going to talk about it if we kiss" - Camilla laughed, she did not want even more attention.

"I don't care. It's going to happen anyway sooner or later and I think is better if our first kiss is on camera because we decided it than if they took some stolen picture we wouldn't have like to share" - Camilla nodded, Charles was right. At least they would have control of the situation.

"You are right darling. I love you" - Camilla blew a kiss on the phone.

"I love you too, my love. Now sleep, because tomorrow will be a big day and you need to rest. Goodnight" - Charles blew a kiss and smiled.

"Goodnight. See you tomorrow" - the couple hanged up the phone.

The next day just before the start of the event Camilla was really nervous. She was playing with her dress and with her hair and her daughter Laura looked at her worried.

"Are you ok mummy?"

"I'm fine, just a bit nervous" - Camilla smiled at her daughter trying to reassure her.

"You are going to be amazing and the event will be perfect" - Laura hugged her mother.

"It's just... all these cameras are freaking me out. They are going to watch Charles and me during the event. I don't want to embarrass him or do something that will attract the attention of the press" - Camilla wanted Charles to be proud of her and most of all she did not want to make him look bad, she loved him and wanted everything to go smoothly because it will mean another step in the right direction for their relationship.

"Don't worry, we are all here for you" - Laura said smiling.

The event had just started and Camilla saw Charles and Queen Raina walking towards her, she had to smile, Charles looked so handsome and he was smiling reassuringly to her. They then kissed each other on the cheek and from the corner of their eyes they could see the flashes of the cameras going crazy. They smiled at each other and Camilla hoped that the next morning the papers would talk about the event and not about their kiss, she hoped they did not take that many photos of them, but she knew they would make the front page of every magazine, so she hoped that at least the headlines would be positive.

The event was proceeding without any problems, everyone was enjoying themself and Camilla was glad she had Charles there to support her and she had to admit that once she kissed Charles on the cheek all her nervousness went away and she could finally relax and enjoyed the event she had organized with such commitment. Charles could not stop looking at his love and smiling at her, he was so proud of Camilla and proud of all the good work she was doing and he could not do anything but staring at her because she looked absolutely beautiful in that purple dress and he loved her so much.

The day after the event Charles and Camilla met at Highgrove. When Camilla arrived Charles went to greet her and gave her a big and deep kiss, he was so happy to see her and this time without any camera he could kiss as he wanted and wished to do.

"You were absolutely amazing yesterday. I am so proud of you and I love you so much" - Charles kissed Camilla, and for a while they forgot they were still outside the house and just enjoyed each other.

"I love you too darling" - Camilla smiled and the two went inside the house and into the living room where they sat on the sofa.

"Every paper is talking about us, you know?" - Charles smiled and kissed Camilla on her neck.

"Mm, I don't want to know anything about it" - Camilla kissed Charles deeply and smiled.

"All good headline, darling. And how could they not? You looked absolutely stunning yesterday. I couldn't take my eyes off of you" - Charles kissed Camilla again, placed his hand on her bottom and she smiled in the kiss. She felt so loved and adored with Charles, he was always so affectionate and loving.

"Think if we had kissed on lips" - they both laughed.

"Oh, your family would have loved that" - Charles smiled and kissed Camilla's cheek.

"I don't care what they think. I love you so much darling" - they kissed again until Camilla broke the kiss and started to unbutton Charles' shirt.

"You said you like what I was wearing yesterday and I thought maybe you would like to see what I am wearing now under my clothes, it matches the dress" - Camilla said alluring and Charles looked at her with lust, nodding vigorously.

Charles started to unbutton her blouse and kissed her passionately, when he saw her purple bra he groaned and took her breasts in his hands. He then took her in his arms and carried her to his bedroom where they start a very long and passionate day.