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Levi’s half-curled up at the head of the bed when he returns, propped against the wall. He’s balancing a book on his knee, pulled up against his chest; he’s wearing linen pants, and one of Erwin’s shirts, only partly buttoned, sleeves pushed impatiently up to his elbows. His hair is still damp, hanging in curtains across his brow, and one leg is spread out in front of him, bare toes absently curling the way they do when he’s deep in thought. He only spares Erwin half a glance when he enters through the door – something like impassive disregard. Look at you, he seems to be saying, back late again.

“Well, you could have come,” Erwin replies, to an unsaid statement.

“Tch,” is all Levi says to that. He’s sulking, Erwin thinks. He turns away as he pulls off his coat to hide his smile.

“Good book?” He asks, dropping his coat on its hook. He palms off his dress shoes with his toe. Levi doesn’t see. If he had, he would have snapped at him, creasing the leather like that, stretching the laces, and does he know how much they cost? He turns the key in the door’s lock. His rooms are private, but still. He wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

“Not really,” Levi says, distractedly, but he’s careful as he turns the pages, licking the tip of his finger.

“Is it something I’d like?”

The corners of his lips twitch. “Depends, I suppose.”

“On?” Erwin loosens his tie.

“What sort of mood you’re in,” Levi tells him, absently.

“You didn’t steal it from my shelves, then,” Erwin surmises.

“Erwin,” Levi drawls, bored, “how could ever suggest such a thing,” he sighs, eyes trailing the page. “I didn’t, actually. Hange lent it to me.”

Erwin frowns. “Hange? It’s not about titans, is it?”

“No,” Levi continues, and Erwin gets the sense he really is trying to hide a smile, “not about titans. At least, not the kind we fight.” His eyes flick upwards, seem to examine him, briefly, as if taking him in. And then he turns back to his book, like it’s more important than Erwin.

“Well,” Erwin says, pretending to be unbothered. He pours himself two fingers of whiskey from the half-drunk bottle on top of his dresser. “I suppose it’s a good thing, you keeping yourself entertained while you’re waiting for me to come home.”

He leaves that statement there, lets it ignite. Levi does not respond, but his eyes narrow, and while they’re still staring at the pages, they’re no longer reading.

“I mean to say,” Erwin continues, swilling his drink around it’s glass, “it’s nice that you have hobbies. I wouldn’t want you to get lonely without me,” he says, pointedly, and downs his glass, sets it on the bedside table.

Levi is glaring up at him, unimpressed. “You smell like booze,” he says.

“Sorry. Is that a problem?”

“Depends,” Levi shrugs, and he is sulking, Erwin thinks, fondly. Poor boy. “Where you got the drinks, who gave them to you, how much…”

“Aw,” Erwin says, and he reaches down to pinch one of Levi’s cheeks, “please don’t tell me you’ve been sitting here all night worrying on my account.”

“Worrying?” Levi scoffs. He smacks Erwin’s hand away. “Ah, of course – it’s such a dangerous line of work, drinking champagne and letting pretty women drape themselves all over you, how ever will I thank you for your noble service – “

“Some pretty men,” Erwin corrects, leaning down, their faces almost touching. “And I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

Levi glares. He snaps his teeth at the tip of Erwin’s nose, then curls back against the wall, drawing his knees to his chest.

“Brat,” Erwin tells him fondly, pulling away.

“Slut,” Levi replies, licking his thumb and turning the page.

Erwin barks a laugh. Like wheezy dog’s, as Levi has been kind enough to tell him before. He pulls off his belt and hangs it, lazily, on the end of the bed, pushes down his pants and leaves them on a pile on the floor, just to provoke a reaction. Levi is scowling at him, again. “You really do glare so very well, Levi,” Erwin tells him earnestly. He flops down on the mattress, his head near Levi’s hips, pillowing his head on his arms.

“I should call Mike up here and have him tell me just how drunk you are,” Levi mutters.

“Oh, Levi,” Erwin sighs, “surely you don’t think I really let all those people touch me.”

“I don’t think you let anyone do anything,” Levi says, pointedly. It’s such a shame he’s feeling high-strung tonight. Erwin had hoped he’d be all soft and easy when he returned, had envisioned it on the ride back, the things he would do with Levi’s willing, pliable body. He might just have to fuck it into him instead.

Erwin absently grips his ankle, thumb stroking the little divot. Levi does not kick him away: a small victory. “Tell me about your book,” he suggests, a peace offering.

Levi clears his throat. “You really don’t want to know,” he says.


“When do I ever read non-fiction?” Levi scoffs. “Plagues and castles and the history of – of the bricks they used to build the walls – “

“It was a history of brick-laying,” Erwin corrects, “and really, it’s fascinating, when you look at it from the perspective of sheer human ingenuity – “

“Erwin,” Levi interrupts, and he’s let the book drop face-down against his chest, “are you trying to put me to sleep? Because this is how you put me to sleep.”

“Ah,” Erwin agrees, sheepish. “I’ll just have to think of something to – wake you up.” He lets his thumb stroke a little higher, just a patch of skin on Levi’s leg beneath the loose linen pants. “Tell me about it. What’s the title?”

“The title?” Levi repeats, with a look of faint amusement. He flips the book to squint at the spine. “A Soldier’s Promise,” he reads.

Erwin frowns. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oh really?” Levi asks. “Tch. That’s a shame,” he says, pointedly.

“So, what’s the plot?” Erwin presses.

Levi tips his head to the side, rests his ear against his shoulder. “Well, it’s about a soldier,” he begins.


“Makes a promise,” he finishes, and then he actually smiles, unable or unwilling to pretend to hide it.

“Yes, well that’s as characteristically blunt as I’ve come to expect of you, Levi,” Erwin drawls. “What’s his promise?”

“It’s not really from his perspective,” Levi says. “It’s written from his lover’s.”

“His lover?” Erwin exclaims. “Did I hit my head? Perhaps I drank too much. My Levi, reading romance – “

“Romance,” Levi winces, slightly, “yeah, that’s one word for it.”

“So, there’s a soldier, who makes a promise,” Erwin prompts. “And?”

“He’s going away,” Levi explains, “to fight in – The War. Don’t ask me which war, it’s just – a war,” he says, waving his hand, “and before he leaves, they have the most – earth-shattering sex – “

Erwin snorts, drapes his cheek against Levi’s calve, his nose rucking up against his pants. “Don’t take this the wrong way,” he says, “but I didn’t really think this was your sort of thing.”

“Well I’m not the man in this scenario, Erwin,” Levi tells him solemnly. “I have an imagination, you know.”

“Very well. Continue, then,” Erwin sighs, with an air of false antipathy.

“So, her soldier makes her a promise that he’ll – well, I wasn’t really paying attention,” he admits, “that he’ll kill lots of people, or something like that, in her honour. And this just gets her really hot for it – “

“As you would,” Erwin interjects, seriously.

“Quite,” Levi agrees, solemnly, “so, they do some more incredibly aggressive, animalistic fucking – “

“Understandably,” Erwin agrees.

“And then he fucks off to The War, and she’s left alone in this huge castle, just wiling away her days. There are a few scenes of gratuitous self-pleasure, which I skip, obviously, because that doesn’t really do anything for me – “

“Obviously,” Erwin intones.

“And then, she catches the eye of the gardener,” Levi sighs, almost wistfully. “And he’s this great strapping – dark stranger, with a secret past and arms that could carry the clouds – “

“What, is that a direct quote?” Erwin asks, feeling compelled to look in a mirror.

“And he spends a few chapters just bending her over in inconvenient places, a desk, the kitchen, the floor, ahorse, anywhere but the bed, really,” Levi considers, absently, “until suddenly, out of nowhere, her Love returns.”

“From The War,” Erwin surmises.

“And catches them in the awful, disgusting, steamy act,” Levi says, shaking his head. “Tch. Filth.”


“And, that’s it,” Levi tells him. “But I still have some chapters left. I’m hoping for a three-way reconciliation, or maybe an oily wrestle to the death. I never did like love-triangles,” he muses.

“I’m so very sorry to have disturbed your reading,” Erwin says. “And you say Hange gave it to you?”

“Between you and me, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s being doing the rounds,” Levi admits, and it does look very battered.

“Is this something I should be concerned about?”

“No, Commander,” Levi teases. He knocks his foot against Erwin’s head. “I can vouch, personally, that there’s nothing heretical here. Sinful, yes. Abnormal, probably. A crime against humanity – “

“Alright I get it,” Erwin grouses, pushing Levi’s heel off his head. “I hope you dream sweet dreams about your gardener, Levi, and that he’s as tall, dark, and handsome and you’ve hoped.”

“Tch, aw,” Levi simpers, “are you jealous?”

“No,” Erwin lies. “It’s not my fault I don’t have a secret past or ‘arms that could carry clouds’ – “

“Huh. You have other benefits, I suppose.”


Levi shrugs a shoulder like he couldn’t care less. “I don’t know,” he says, “just… other benefits.”

“Like?” Erwin presses, letting his lips scrape Levi’s ankle, the little divot.

He sighs, lies back against the headboard. “I don’t really like big broody men,” he decides. “You know the type. Angst-ridden — “

“I’m not angst-ridden?” Erwin laughs. He pushes Levi’s pants further up his leg, exposes the soft skin behind his knee and tastes that, too.

“Not really. Not with me, at least,” Levi tells him. “And, I like blonds.”

“Ah,” Erwin says, happily, “that’s good to know, Levi.” He realises he’s losing the battle with Levi’s pants; the linen has no more give. He crawls up the bed situates himself between Levi’s thighs, the leg he had kissed slung over his shoulder. “Tell me more,” he orders, his fingers tugging at the loose draw-string of Levi’s pants.

“More,” Levi says, like he’s trying not to be distracted. “Hmm. You want me to compliment you, Erwin?”

“Not necessarily,” Erwin answers. He brushes his thumbs against Levi’s hipbones, the place where his shirt is hanging, loosely. “I want to know my benefits. I imagine some of them will hurt my feelings.”

“You think?” Levi asks, with a smiling voice. “Yeah, I suppose. Like the heinous truth,” he sighs dramatically, voice affected, back of his hand pressed to his brow.

“Which is?” Erwin asks, licking his lower lip. He inches Levi’s pants lower on his hips, exposing the trail of black hair from pelvis to navel.

“Oh I’m only here for the money, Erwin,” Levi tells him, and Erwin snorts.

“That’s a bit high-risk, low-reward, no?”

“I thought you liked a gamble.”

“Well, of course,” Erwin agrees, and he presses his nose against Levi’s lower stomach, lifts his eyes to regard him, splayed out and hair mussed. No, it’s not enough, he thinks, he’s still far too articulate. “It’s just, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not a particularly wealthy man.”

“Wealthy in other ways, Erwin,” and he gasps, slightly, when Erwin’s parts the draw-string on his pants to expose his cock. “Like, uh — it’s the long-con.”

“The long-con?” Erwin asks, amused. He nuzzles him, smelling all like fresh soap and mint. “Explain that to me,” he says, indulgently.

“Hmm, it’s — my secret plan,” he breathes, and with Erwin’s hands on his hips, he’s going all pliable beneath them, thighs falling open, book braced, forgotten, on his chest. “All along, you see, I’ve been using you…”

“Using me?” Erwin tsks. “Not nice, Levi.”

Levi rolls his hips upwards, slightly, the wet head of his cock smearing Erwin’s chin. Erwin kisses it, and gets to hear whatever thought Levi had been about to express fizzle out his mouth. “Uh,” he says, rubbing his hand against his hair, “yeah. I’m not known for niceness, really.”

“I don’t know about that,” Erwin murmurs, moving past his hips, up his stomach with his lips. “You seem real nice to me right now, Levi. Very nice. Very sweet.”

“Sweet,” Levi seems to agree. His hair has fallen in his eyes.

Erwin crawls up his body. He slides his hand against his chest, spreads his fingers. “Like here,” he continues. “Look at this,” he says, reverently, twitching the shirt back to expose his nipple, peeking past the fabric. He presses it with his thumb, watching it redden, watching it swell to full hardness. “Very sweet indeed.”

Levi presses his chin to his shoulder, the tip of his nose flushed. All of him flushes so easily. What a rare thing, that only Erwin gets to see it. He strokes Levi there, just his thumb against his nipple, sensitive, teasing. Levi doesn’t protest. He arches his back, as if in supplication. Take it, he’s saying, it’s yours.

“Good boy, hmm?” Erwin simpers, and Levi snorts, his eyes falling closed.

“Creep,” he mutters, but there’s no animosity behind it.

“You’ve already done such a pretty job waiting up for me like this,” Erwin says, and the words feel clumsy in his mouth because of the drink, “sitting up in bed all clean and patient – “

“I’m always clean and patient.”

“Waiting for me to get home,” Erwin continues, “even if you were a brat about it.” He pops one of the few buttons against Levi’s stomach to bare more skin. “I wish you were like this all the time,” he sighs, like he’s so very put-upon, “just tucked up all safe and warm — “

“Hmm, maybe you should take it up with my Commander,” Levi murmurs.

“I’ll have to talk to him tomorrow,” Erwin agrees, and it’s less fun, the reality of it, tomorrow, when he will be Commander again and Levi his Captain. “That’s my long-con,” Erwin decides.

“What is?” Levi asks, lifting his head, brow furrowed.

“You,” Erwin says, simply. “In this bed. You know, Levi, I think it’s the thing I’ve been working toward all this time — “

“Shut up,” Levi mumbles, but he folds one of his hands fondly in Erwin’s hair, absently cards his fingers into the stiffened locks, scratching at the wax with his nails.

Erwin presses a kiss to his nipple. That wins him a sigh. “Oh and look,” he exclaims, gently nudging the fabric over Levi’s chest, “the other one’s decided to say hello, too.”

“Please don’t talk about my nipples like they’re people,” Levi grumbles.

Erwin laughs. “You know,” he says, “this is my fault, really.”

“This?” Levi gestures lazily with his free hand. “What, exactly?”

“I should have just kept you as my bed warmer the first day I met you,” Erwin sighs. “What do you think? Would you have said yes?”

Levi seems to be giving it genuine thought. He exhales through his lips, blowing his bangs up his brow. “Well,” he says, “when you put it that way…”

“Go on,” Erwin teases, “tell me.”

Levi examines him with quiet, thoughtful eyes. “Hold on,” he says, “I’m just imagining our meeting going a very different way — “


“Mmm,” Levi sighs, and settles back against the pillows. He pushes his hand down between the gap of their bodies, cups himself, shivering pleasantly. “Maybe you use me, all rough like, in one of those shitty back-alleys. Or bent over a barrel,” he breathes, working his cock-head with his thumb. “And I’m just — so in awe, Commander,” he flutters his lashes, mockingly, “oh, you big brute from the Survey Corps, taking little ol’ me — “

“Don’t,” Erwin warns, because his own cock is twitching, trapped against the mattress.

“And you say, ‘Levi, there’s only one duty for an ass this tight —‘ “

“You’re incorrigible, you know that?”

“‘You simply must serve humanity, yes’,” he says in his best approximation of Erwin’s voice, low and commandeering, “on your back, on your knees, on all fours, if the fancy strikes you — ‘“

“Is this what you do when I’m away? Sit and fantasise?”

Levi whacks the side of Erwin’s head with his palm. “Hold on, would you? I’m not finished.” Erwin can hear him working his cock. “And maybe I say something like, ‘oh Commander Erwin, Sir. Let me lend you my strength,’” he gasps salaciously. “And you carry me straight to your quarters, all tied up on your horse — “

“Is that how it went in A Solider’s Promise?”

“Ah, maybe,” Levi admits, guiltily. “And you tie me in that bed and ravish me all night long. And in the days, I fuck about, cleaning your office, fixing your clothes — “

“What a good little concubine you are,” Erwin snorts against his skin.

“And at night, after you’ve — I don’t know, killed titans, rode hard,” he waves his hands like he can’t be bothered to elucidate, “you come home and find me all tucked up and sleepy — “

“Goddamn, Levi.”

“Or maybe I’m ass-up and waiting — “

Erwin grips his wrist to stop his quickening gasps. “Not yet,” he warns him.

Levi watches him from beneath half-lidded eyes, cheeks pink. “And I suppose, I let you just wreck me,” he sighs. “I wonder if I beg for it,” he muses, like it’s not within his control to give that to Erwin now, tonight. “I bet I can’t walk straight for days afterwards. ‘Oh, Commander,’” he mocks again, “‘I hope I’ve served you admirably’.”

“And then you try to kill me,” Erwin reminds him.

“And then I try to kill you,” Levi agrees. “Although hearing all that — you’d deserve it, don’t you think?”

Erwin snorts, nose to Levi’s sternum. “Probably,” he says. “I sound like an awful brute, don’t I?”

“Mmm,” Levi says, but Erwin thinks it’s fond, his hand lightly brushing Erwin’s hair off his brow. “You are an awful brute, Erwin.”

“Is that so?” Erwin takes Levi’s chin between his thumb and forefinger. He watches his face, Levi’s eyes heavy-lidded, mouth open invitingly. He kisses him, like that, until he manages to provoke a soft moan, to steal it from between his lips.

“Erwin,” Levi sighs, when he pulls away, almost sounds content. He rubs a palm against his chest, then lets two delicate fingers pinch at his own nipple, shivers. “Erwin,” he says again, and rolls up his hips so Erwin can slide his pants down his legs, watch them splay open for him again.

“Waiting for me to get home,” Erwin says, kissing down his stomach. “All curled up in bed like that, so patient – “

“Impatient,” Levi tells him, nocking a heel over Erwin’s shoulders.

“Mmm,” Erwin agrees. “Well. Then I shouldn’t keep you waiting any longer, should I?” He breathes, against his skin. Each thumb pulls at the fat of Levi’s ass, gently prises it open, the soft furled skin of his hole twitching against it. Levi shivers.

“Don’t,” he breathes. Don’t what? Tease? Levi should be more specific.

Erwin blows against him, just a warm stream of air. “Tsk,” he mutters, and presses a gentle kiss to his perineum; he tastes like soap. “You’re winking at me.”

Levi’s heel his shoulder-blade hard enough to wring an ‘oof’ out of him but he doesn’t otherwise protest. He seems preoccupied, teasing his own nipples like that, cock bouncing slightly against his stomach. Erwin dips his nose between the crease of his cheeks, rubs the flat of his tongue against his hole in one broad stroke. Levi makes an angry-sounding whimper, thick at the back of his throat, like he’s annoyed at his body’s betrayal.

“Easy, Levi,” Erwin reminds him, because he’s gone all tight, tense and thrumming beneath Erwin’s careful hands. He’ll just have to loosen him up again.

He rubs his tongue against Levi again, and again, gets him wet, nice and sloppy with it, until that tight little ring of muscle starts to loosen despite himself, enough that he can just slip the tip of his tongue inside. Erwin likes this, has always liked it – the indecency of it, he thinks, but more than that, the sounds he can pull from Levi’s throat, embarrassed little whimpers, like he’s helpless to the pleasure it brings, being fucked open by Erwin’s tongue. Levi’s skin is clammy. He’s starting to taste salty. “Look at you,” Erwin tsks, wrapping his arms around Levi’s thighs. He can pin him like this – those legs are powerful, but compared to Erwin’s they’re so small. “All squirmy like that, poor boy.”

“Hurry up,” Levi urges him, reaches down a hand to grip a fistful of Erwin’s hair, “s-s-sadist,” he shivers.

Erwin doesn’t disagree. He peels apart Levi’s cheeks again, spits on his hole and watches it run down his skin, mark the bedsheets. He’s pliable enough now that his thumbs can gently prise him open, not wide, just enough to look inside, pretty and pink.

Erwin kisses him there, hungrily, and hears Levi stuff his hand in his mouth, the fingers in his hair tightening to the point of pain. “Ask me,” Erwin demands, pulling back. “Take that fist out your mouth and ask me, like a man.”

“Ask you?” Levi slurs, lifting his head and looking down between his legs. “To fuck me?” He shifts apart his thighs – how far could he go, Erwin wonders, he truly is so very flexible – “Alright,” he says, “fuck me, then,” and he pushes up onto his elbows, a challenge.

Erwin releases his legs, slides an arm up Levi’s chest, pins him back to the bed. He takes his cock in his mouth, strips it of its precome. Levi cries out, a lovely, breathy exhale. Erwin slides up his chest, takes his chin in his grip, kisses him. He slips Levi’s sticky sweet spend into his own mouth, makes him taste it, lick it off his own lips.

“Where’s the grease?” Erwin whispers, into his ear.

Levi blinks up at him, like he’s forgotten its existence. “Shit,” he breathes. “Cabinet. Second drawer down.”

Erwin smirks. “And why are you telling me?” He asks, and presses a light kiss to the red tip of Levi’s nose. “Good bedwarmers would be prepared for this kind of thing, no?” He peels off Levi’s frame, sits back on his heels. “Go on, then,” he prompts, jerking his chin.

Levi blinks at him, then down at himself, and finally his thoughts seem to catch up. He swings his legs off the bed and buffs some of the spit still on his chin, slides to his feet and crouches by the cabinet. Erwin is fairly content to watch him, propped up on his elbow, trying to keep his smile off his face when Levi slips onto his knees, rooting around the drawer for the tin.

He could be cruel, Erwin thinks, he could string it out, and tease him. Make him beg, or make him do any manner of things. He’s pushed it before. Levi will crawl, if he’s hot enough for it. He’ll ride your thigh like a badly behaved puppy. Erwin absently reaches for the book, left discarded on its side, absently thumbs at the pages. “Lady Gretchen,” he reads out loud, “had been of such foul disposition, and her crimes so severe, that Lord Stefan was simply left with no alternative,” he declares. “You will bend yourself over my knee,” Erwin reads with delight, “and I will tan your ass with my palm, and then you will walk through the square so all shall know your shame – “

Levi makes an irritated noise. “Well now you’ve spoiled it,” he says, twisting round, grease held in his palm. “What happens to the gardener, Hans?”

Erwin leafs back through some pages, winces. “Oh, I’m very sorry, Levi,” he says without much sincerity. “I’m afraid your poor gardener ends up skewered on the end of Lord Stefan’s sword.”

“Is that euphemism?” Levi asks, hopefully, climbing back onto the bed, trying to snatch the book out of Erwin’s grip.

“Sadly not,” Erwin says, without much sadness. It’s what Hans deserves, he thinks, for being tall dark and brooding, when Erwin is – decisively none of that. “But his memory shall live on,” Erwin sighs, pushing Levi’s head face down on the pillows, passing his arm between his legs, forearm brushing up against his cock as he lifts him bodily like that, split over his arm and lowers him onto his knees. “So long as you don’t think of him while I’m fucking you, that is.”

Levi shivers. He likes it when Erwin manhandles him. It makes him feel small, he’d admitted, once. Not small in the literal sense – more like an animal, kept safe by its owner. Erwin reaps the rewards: Levi burrows his head in against the sheets, puts a nice arch in his spine, the bare soles of his feet pointed up at the ceiling. Erwin settles one broad thigh between his legs as he smears grease on his fingers, rocks it up against him, listens to his sweet little moans, muffled by the sheets. “Easy,” he soothes, rubbing his palm against the small of his back in circles. Levi is still nice and loose – it’s no trouble at all to prepare him with one finger, two, split him on them, then add a third for good measure.

Oh, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. He gets all agitated, rutting against Erwin’s knee, although the angle isn’t right for him so he keeps fucking his hips back to stop himself from sliding down Erwin’s leg. “Tsk, needy boy,” Erwin says, and he digs around inside him, provokes a sharp aborted cry, then presses the pads of his fingers against the sensitive bump inside him. He could make him come like this, easily – it wouldn’t even take long, Erwin thinks, clinically. He’d squirt all over the bedsheets, rutting against Erwin, held open by his fingers.

Yes, held open, Erwin thinks, as he slowly withdraws. He pulls himself out, works himself thoughtfully with his fist as Levi just leaks over the sheets. “What do you want?” He asks him, bracing a gentle hand on his hip.

“Goddamn,” Levi croaks, “c’mon, Erwin. Get inside me.”

Erwin pushes up onto his knees, lines up their hip. “Inside where?” He asks, and it’s not teasing.

Levi chokes. He buries his head into the pillow, sheets rucked up beneath his hands.

Erwin sighs. He reaches low, grips the back of Levi’s head, pulls him out of the bed like a recalcitrant puppy, scruffed at the nape. “Go on,” he urges him, gently, thumb stroking into the back of his head, even as he holds his hair tight enough to tear. “Tell me, specifically. You know I like details, Levi. You know I like things to be oh-so precise.”

Levi just shivers like that, and although Erwin can’t see his face, he can imagine the look of half-blissed embarrassment. Levi adjusts his knees, slightly, drives his chest deeper into the sheets, like he thinks the overt submission will get him out of having to say the words.

“Tsk,” Erwin mutters, pulls him back further, arching him like a bow ready to spring. “Or perhaps I should just put you over my lap,” he warns, “and make your ass red enough to compensate? Would you prefer that, Levi? If I tanned you and put you to bed undone?” Erwin’s lips twitch. “Well,” he says, “the bed would certainly be warm, at least.”

“C’mon, Ervy,” Levi croaks. “Don’t make me.”

Erwin gently strokes his hip. “But Levi, you know it’s better when you do,” he croons. “It’s better when you say it, you know that.” They’ve been through his before.

Levi shudders, and Erwin tightens his fingers in his hair, pulls him back like a bridled horse. “Erwin,” he says, sharply, then gasps. “Erwin,” he breathes. “Put it inside me. Put your – “ he chokes, “put your fucking cock inside me, please.”

Erwin rewards the admittance with a loosening of his fingers, but it’s not quite there. “Where, Levi?” He asks him, softly. “Come, now. Shh,” he soothes, stroking his hip, the curve of his ass. “It’s just words. Let me hear them, sweetheart.”

“In my – in my hole,” Levi wrings out, gasping. His voice sounds like the tethered end of a rope. “Put your cock in my hole, please. My – my filthy hole, please,” he rasps, all raw, giving Erwin more than he asked for. When Erwin releases his hair, his head drops, shoulders shaking as he wraps his hands in the sheets, hides his face. Erwin doesn’t need to see it to know it’ll be flushed, all of him is flushed, from toe to ear.

“Thank you, Levi,” Erwin says, genuinely, as he pushes in. They both groan, in unison. “Thank you,” Erwin says again, and starts to rock into him, all that sweet tightness, all that heat. He bends forward, lifts both their hips, hand pressed to Levi’s lower stomach to tip him further up into Erwin’s thrusts, “my sweetheart,” he croons, braces his hands on either side of Levi’s head, “my good boy,” he says, nuzzling his nose against the sweaty hair by Levi’s temple, “my beautiful little bedwarmer,” he whispers into his ear.

Levi is small enough that like this, he completely covered by Erwin’s bulk. Erwin could do whatever he wanted – Levi would let him. Oh, he’d never be able to take him if Levi had it in his mind not to allow it; but having Levi like this, all desperate and needy and pliable for something he lets only Erwin see, a side not a single other person, not those lords, not the merchants, not the soldiers from Garrison who sometimes try their luck in bars, gets to see. “Beautiful,” Erwin says again. “Aren’t you a beautiful man, Levi, my beautiful man.”

Levi lifts his head, teeth dug into his lip to stop the moans, but making little noises all the same with every thrust. “Mmm-hmm,” he nods, deliriously, presses his ear to his shoulder to give Erwin access to his throat. “Yeah, Ervy, just for you.”

Erwin groans, fucks harder, deeper. Levi cries out. He’s angled his hips are far as his body will allow him, Erwin mounting down on him, letting gravity pull him through. “This is how I would’ve took you,” he grunts, “over that damn barrel – “

Levi moans, softly, clenching tight around him, rewarding Erwin’s words.

“And you would’ve – you would’ve made the same noises you’re making now, Levi. Made them loud and clear, let them all hear you – “

“Just yours,” Levi sighs, and he stretches his hands out along the bed until the tips scratch the headboard, like a cat stretching it’s back after a long snooze in the sun. It must be infinitely satisfying, or change something about the angle of Erwin inside him, because his cries take on a more strained quality. “Oh, Goddamn,” he can’t seem to stop himself from saying, “shit, Erwin!”

“Like that?” Erwin presses. “You like it like this?”

Levi doesn’t answer. He’s trapped in rapture, cheek pressed into the pillow, cheek tipped down to his shoulder, exposing his face, eyes half-lidded. The flush on his cheeks. The dried come on his lips. The sweat on his brow, the trail of a tear from his inner eye. “Erwin,” he sighs, and shuts his eyes, lets Erwin rock into his body, use him. “I’m gonna – it’s gonna – “

“You going to come, sweetheart?” Erwin presses a kiss to his temple, lowers his chest against his back. “You going to come for me? Make yourself all messy,” he tells him, nose to Levi’s damp hair. “I’ll feel it. You’ll tighten around me, Levi, won’t be able to stop yourself. Go on. Come for me. Tell me. Talk to me.”

“I’m going to come,” Levi whispers, strangely calm. “Mmm, Erwin, I can feel it. It’s so – “ his eyelashes flutter open, shut again, “it’s so slow,” he croons. “It’s so – oh, oh,” he’s gasping. “Erwin, it’s – it’s – I’m – “

Levi’s moans reach a gentle crescendo, all panted breath with a hint of croak behind them. Erwin kisses him, fucks his tongue inside, lets him taste himself again. Levi’s tears tickle his cheeks, involuntary. He feels what Levi means by slow – his peak seems to be endless, leaving him rocking back against Erwin, exhausted.

Erwin pulls out, watches the mess that follows him. Levi hates mess, truly he does, but Erwin loves to make him messy. He digs both thumbs into Levi’s hole, spreads it wide, holds him open. He watches himself trickle out with a quiet fascination, Levi twitching, whimpering. “Please,” he says, spent.

Erwin spits into him, watches it disappear into Levi’s hole. “God,” Erwin croaks, kisses him there, sucks it from him. Levi’s cries have lost their urgency. They’re sleepy, pliant. Erwin is wringing pleasure from him that he should not have energy left to give.

“Did you come, Ervy?” Levi asks, disorientated. “Do you need help?”

“Shh,” Erwin soothes, licking his precome from his lips, smearing it with his hands. “No, Levi, you just lie there, sweetheart. You’ll let me take care of it, yes?”

“Yeah,” Levi sighs, and he settles back down, splits his thighs so wide his limp cock skims the sheets. “Use me, go on. It’s okay.”

Erwin slips back inside him, wet and warm and well-fucked, but he’s not finished. He cards his broad hand – bigger than Levi’s head, even – back into his hair, pulls him up and settles him on his lap. “This,” Erwin groans, “this is a bedwarmer, Levi. This is what you’d be, hmm?” He fucks up into him, grips his hips. Levi’s head has settled back on against his shoulder, he’s peppering little kisses along Erwin’s jaw, straining his chin upwards to reach him. “And you’re beautiful like this,” he tells him. “Look at you,” he grunts, thrusts upwards, viciously. “You fit me so well, Levi. Like a glove.”

Levi makes a choked sound, lifts his legs in the air. His hand is searching for something between them, pats down beneath his balls, finds the place where he and Erwin meet, where Erwin is sliding inside him, like it’s where he belongs. “Oh,” he sighs, like he’s surprised to find it. “Ervy, you’re so fuckin’ – you’re so fuckin’ big – “

“That’s right,” Erwin says, into his ear. “And you take it, every time. Go on,” he prompts him, even as Levi rattles apart. Erwin hooks his arms around the backs of his knees, holds him open, lets him explore. “Feel it,” he orders. “Tell me what it feels like.”

Levi’s toes curl, his limp cock jumping with each thrust. “I don’t know how – how to explain it,” he says, “if you’ve never damn felt it, Erwin.”

“Tsk,” Erwin mutters, and the answer frustrates him, it’s not what he wants to hear. He stills his hips. “Maybe I won’t finish yet,” he tells him. “Maybe I figure, you’re going to do what good bedwarmers do, Captain, and you’re going to keep me inside you until I decide otherwise. How about that, hmm?”

Erwin flicks some of Levi’s hair off his brow, gently. He blows cool air over his steaming face.

“No,” Levi croaks, but it’s an achy sort of ‘no’, his eyebrows pulled upwards. “No, Erwin, please.”


“Please fuck me,” Levi tries, lifting his arms, wrapping them round the back of Erwin’s head, carding his fingers in his hair. “C’mon, please. I want you to come, Ervy.”

Erwin dips his head, nips at his ear. “But you’re so tight,” he whispers there. “And warm. You’ve got such a perfect little hole, Captain – “

“Erwin!” He cries.

“Although, it’ll be getting loose now, won’t it?” Erwin releases one of his legs just to feel him out. He could pass his finger in there, if he wanted. He could stuff Levi full. He could put his whole fist in, with enough patience, with enough resolve –

“It’s like – a backwards shit,” Levi tells him, shivering, as Erwin rings that sensitive skin with his finger. “That’s what it feels like. Happy?” He rasps, stubbornly.

“A backwards shit,” Erwin laughs. “That’s a funny thing to call your Commander, Levi.”

Levi laughs, although it’s a sloppy kind of giggle, the kind only Erwin is capable of eliciting. Just for that, Erwin allows it – he starts to rock his hips upwards again, panting. He groans, softly, shuts his eyes. “Oh, Levi,” he sighs, fucks into him like it’s all he’s there for. “Good boy. Beautiful boy. Just mine, hmm?” He nestles his nose into the crown of his head, smells the fresh soap, the sweat. “Speak for me,” he asks, pleads. “Go on. Speak for me, Levi, tell me what I need to – “ Erwin’s breath stutters, a roll of pleasure hooking him behind the navel when Levi tightens, toes curling in the air, “ – to hear, sweetheart.”

“Mmm,” Levi sighs, voice nice and croaky, well-fucked, like he should always sound, content and sleepy. He rubs his lips up against Erwin’s jaw. “I’m your bedwarmer, Commander,” he slurs for him. “That’s what I am, all for you.”

“Yeah,” Erwin agrees, his nails digging into the soft skin behind Levi’s knees. Every thrust knocks Levi further up his chest. “Yes, Levi, tell me that.”

“Shh,” Levi soothes, stroking his hand back through Erwin’s hair, scratching lightly at his nape. “In here, out there – I’m made for you,” he says, happily. He moans, sensitive, overwrought. “You fit me so perfectly – “

“This hole belongs to me,” Erwin grunts, “no one else.”

Levi shivers. “And you work so hard,” he tells him, “you fight so hard, and you – never stop, ever. So I keep your bed warm for you, Erwin, that’s what I’ll do. It’ll be just for us – this is just for us, no one will ever touch it – “

“Levi,” Erwin chokes.

“And you’re so big,” he finishes, dazed, “you fill me up so good, Erwin,” he whimpers, squirming on Erwin’s lap, too sensitive, overworked. “You can use me,” he gasps, with each thrust, each one more desperate, scattering, losing their rhythm, “whenever you need me, Ervy, I’m right here. Right here for – for you, and right here for… for me,” he breathes.

Erwin comes. He holds Levi to it, makes him take it, fills him up, filthy-like. He’s sticky with it, inside him. Erwin can’t fix himself to move, though; he just sits there, chin slumped against Levi’s shoulder, his clever little hands still stroking through the back of his hair. “Shh,” Levi is saying, absently. “Shh, Erwin.”

Erwin lets his eyes slip closed. Shh, he hears, so gentle. Who is Levi ever gentle with, but for him? Erwin must be something special, he thinks, if only because he alone has won Levi’s affection. “Levi,” he mumbles, draws his forearm across the smaller man’s collarbones, presses lazy kisses to his throat.

Levi catches his lips instead, head tipped upwards. He stares up at him with something like – adoration, Erwin thinks. He only knows because he sees it reflected in his own face when he looks into Levi’s eyes. So he kisses him, gives him the warmth that he craves. I adore you, he thinks, and takes it slow, just to hear Levi’s pleased burr of contentment. He thinks it’s a reward for his compliance, no doubt.

Achingly, Erwin slips out of him. His hips are tight – he’s not as young as he used to be, not near as flexible as Levi. “Tch,” Levi groans, “look at the mess you’ve made.” He cups himself between his legs, tries to stop it from trickling past his fingers.

Erwin grips his wrist. “Leave it,” he orders.

Levi pulls back his hands to stare at his fingers, coated in stringy spend. “I’m so loose,” he slurs. “You’re going to ruin me.”

“Mmph,” Erwin says indulgently, licking some of the sweat from Levi’s neck. “We’ll leave it a few weeks, if you want.”

“No,” Levi says, sullenly, extraditing himself in a tangle of limbs, dripping across the bed. “That’s not what I want,” he sulks, flopping down atop the sheets. “Ruining me,” he laments, “I had standards, before I met you – “

Erwin hides his smile. “Come on now, Levi,” he says tiredly, “not this again.”

“Tch, bedwarmer,” he mutters, curling up on his side, “you’ve put – worms in my head, is what you’ve done – “

“Is that what Lady Stefan says when Lord – “ Erwin waves his hand, “ – Horsecock fucks her? Or is the gardener, I forget – “

Levi reaches back, tugs Erwin down stubbornly, starts about wrapping Erwin’s arms around him, tucking himself back against his chest. “You weren’t even listening,” he says, dismayed, “it’s Lady Gretchen, Stefan’s her husband – “

“And the gardener is Hans,” Erwin says with narrowed eyes, imagining running him through with his blades in his mind’s-eye, all six-foot-three of him, his – dark hair rolling off with his head. “I can be mysterious,” he mutters, petulantly, squeezing Levi’s waist, threading their legs together.

“Mmph,” Levi agrees, not-so coherently. “Blanket, please,” he orders.

Erwin obliges, goes to battle trying to pull the sheet over the pair of them. Levi steals it in the night. He claims he doesn’t, but he does, Erwin knows it.

Levi absently raises his hand, pats along the side of Erwin’s head, fondly, the way you would pat a dog. “Of course you’re mysterious,” he assures him. “You would make a – a shitty gardener, though,” Levi sighs. “Which is probably a good thing,” he continues, and his words are slurred with the sleep that’s overtaking him, “because I hate – I hate dirt, and you’re allergic to the damn… damn grass,” he yawns.

Erwin doesn’t tease him any longer. Poor Levi, waiting all night for him like that. Erwin kisses him again, just at the temple. Levi curls himself around Erwin’s arms, sighs happily, tucks his cheek against the crook of Erwin’s shoulder. Their legs are tangled, they smell of each other’s sweat, and their bed is plenty warm.